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tv   Today  NBC  June 8, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on this concert friday morning, the 8th day of june, 2012. what a great way to kick off our weekend. you've been hearing the music from chris brown. and the crowd has actually become just absolutely wild. singing. in fact one m from the control room said this concert -- that -- anyway, the superstar has one more song coming up a little bit later. meantime i'm ann curry alongside lester holt who is in for matt this morning and al roker and savannah guthrie. >> everyone is checking out their video. >> i know. >> there you go, because all morning -- >> and as we were watching this
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concert, everyone's been having their iphones up taking all kinds of -- >> you're up close. >> very good. very good. >> anyway, so we're all -- meantime, though, coming up in this half hour. we've got a big hour, because "today's professionals" for the full hour. >> we're devoting the whole hour to "today's professionals." we can't get enough of star, donny and dr. nancy. we're going to talk about the hot topics of the day. wluing a story whether miss pennsylvania was right to say that the miss universe contest or miss usa contest was rigged. also miley cyrus got engaged at just 19. is that too young? we'll talk about that. also hit the road to give a life tile makeover to a divorced mother and all i have to tell you is that donny is handing out dating advice. >> whoa. >> look out world. >> everything was fine -- >> all right. >> in charge -- >> all right. >> and also taking questions from our crowd. so it's a full hour of "today' "
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professional professionals". >> so you've got to get to the top news stories of the morning. we've got natalie at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. startling new statistics today as the pentagon reports that nearly one service member commits suicide every day. 154 soldiers have committed suicide in the first 159 days of this year. that's 17% more than at the same time last year and more than the total number killed in action in afghanistan so far this year. wild weather, including tornadoes, destroyed at least five homes thursday in southeastern wyoming. several people were treated for minor injuries. powerful storms also pounded parts of crowd dough with hail. and an ominous funnel cloud developed near an outdoor graduation ceremony in new jersey forcing the new graduates and their guests to run for cover from the high winds and rain. six members of a prominent kansas family were killed thursday when their small plane crashed into the central florida swamp. officials say businessman ron bromage was flying with his wife
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and four children home from the bahamas when the plane went down. the basketball arena at kansas state university is named for his grandfather. federal health officials are racing to find the source of an e. coli outbreak in florida, georgia, louisiana and alabama. at least 11 cases have been linked to the outbreak, including the death of an infant in new orleans last week. however, officials are just beginning their investigation and they hope to identify the source of the contamination before the outbreak widens. another shot at a stolen dream for exonerated football hopeful brian banks. the 26-year-old had been jailed for years on a false rape conviction that was overturned last month. once a top college football prospect when he was back in high school, banks now has tryouts scheduled for six nfl teams, and an invite for the seattle seahawks mini camp. he says now he wants to earn enough money to support his mother, who sold her house and car to cover his legal expenses during his ordeal. and you can probably get away with wearing fabulous faux
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jewelry when you're married to the future king of england. kate the duchess of cambridge was dazzling in what appeared to be diamond and pearl earrings she wore at buckingham palace for the queen's jubilee. well now we have since learned they are reportedly high quality fakes. that cost about $75. we love that about her. of course she has access to the real deal, as well. four minutes after the hour. let's go out to al. the cleanup has begun. >> yes, it has. the crowds are still hanging around for "today's professionals." let's first show you what we've got for today. strong storms on the plains, into the upper midwest, and the northeast in new england. isolated tornadoes, damaging wind and hail and our friends down in florida continue to get socked with a monsoonal moisture. looking at a lot of rain anywhere from 3 to 5 inches from daytona beach, orlando, just to the north of miami.
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>> good morning. the sun is out. the forecast is good all over the state. mid 80's for highs with lots of su >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. now we are kicking off an hour, yes an hour, with our power players, "today's professionals." attorney and author star jones, ad executive donny deutsch and head and neck surgeon and nbc's chief medical editor, we may need a doctor, dr. nancy snyderman. >> speaking of doctors. the psychiatric team from bellevue is checking us out now. >> i've got a blood pressure cuff right over there. let's start with the hot topic.
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the miss usa controversy. miss pennsylvania was on our show this morning, exclusively, talking about why she stepped down basically relinquished her title of miss pennsylvania because she thinks the contest was rigged. first of all i know you all watched the interview. did you believe her story? >> she seemed to be very credible. however i'm waiting to see some evidence. it's one thing to make a claim. it's another thing to say that she saw something from a friend, or she heard something from a friend. that friend now denies it. if there is no factual empirical evidence to back up her claim she's really going to be in trouble in a defamation kind of lawsuit. >> could be clear, she said that she heard another contestant said they knew the five finalists before they had really even done the last 16. >> but that alleged contestant has now said that did not happen. there was no list. and so i'm not sure if she's got really a claim. >> donny, what do you think? >> i found her to be very, very engaging. and i want to give trump some branding advice. donald and i go back a long way. he's starting to feel like a
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bully. whether she's right or wrong to go after coming off the birther thing if i was donald i would just back away from this. >> he's threatening to sue her. >> he's been -- i've got to tell you donald and you hate me for this, you just gotta kind of move on from this thing. >> is her question -- >> are these things even relevant anymore? who gives a damn? it's a pageant? are they a relative of a bygone era? >> yes, yes, yes. >> -- really do get into pageants and girls use it for scholarship money. at least some pageants. i don't know about these particular pageants. it may be just beauty. >> by the way, i think -- >> it's not -- >> a lot of the -- >> a lot of elitism. >> a lot of the country likes this. >> that's what -- >> then guess what? then it's reality television and don't be surprised if it's rigged. >> by the way -- >> don't be surprised if it's rigged then if it's reality television. >> we've got a whole hour to get to. next topic, miley cyrus engaged. she's 19. she's going to marry her boyfriend of a few years liam
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hemsworth. nancy, is there any evidence that people who get married as youngsters have less success rate in marriage than older couples? >> yes. but every once in awhile there is the romeo and juliet effect. and this may be the perfect one. he is young -- he is stunningly handsome. that's all i can say. >> but is that really your analysis? >> yes. >> just about his looks? >> do i have to turn to donny to get a serious response? >> first of all, 19-year-olds, you're not -- you don't know what you're going to be like as a grown adult. the chances are so small. but the thing you have to look at, there are so many celebrities out there, jessica simpson who has a baby, that their only reason they exist in the consciousness now is not for their talent but what they're doing personally. >> you think miley cyrus is an example of that? >> sure. >> i can barely commit to a hairdo at 19, i can still not commit to it now. are you kidding me? >> the hairdo is yesterday. >> the chances are stacked against her because she's young and because they're doing this in these very public way. >> smart business move. >> i love the next story.
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ladies day at the french open. okay. one decided it should be ladies day there and let's show you how they celebrated. they turned the clay court pink for the occasion. they offered manicures, and massages. take a look. you know, one espn reporter, a female was aghast, she said, there were invitations for the fairer sex, and rsvps for women only. is this a nice gesture or is this kind of -- >> do see evert and navratilova on a pink court? >> however it's the color of breast cancer awareness. >> we do that here in this country. we always celebrate, or i should say highlight breast cancer awareness with pink. >> well we hijack october. >> i think there's a bigger issue here. it's interesting. the deutsch agency which is run by women now. they get offended, the ad agency came out with the 30 women in advertising. that keeps women in a box in a corner. every time we try to elevate women by saying the ten most powerful women in hollywood. aren't we keeping them down? >> do you think it's different
9:10 am
because it's french? >> i'm just saying, obvious eu pink is fine, but i think the larger fine is every time we try to elevate women are we actually setting them back and separating them? >> but if you did the top 50 people i'm only curious how many would be women? >> that's the point. that's what has to happen, that's their point. >> if it's going to be 50/50 in there then of course you don't need to separate. >> real quick, did it offend any of you to be referred to as ladies? >> i'd rather be called a broad. >> i was just going to say that. >> it doesn't bother me just don't call me the "b" word. the other word. >> right away. >> i got in trouble for using the word broad. >> i like being a broad. >> everyone wants to be a broad. >> genetic testing breakthrough. nancy, this one is probably for you. there's a new study that shows there could be a simple noninvasive test that is a blood sample from the pleg nantz mother, saliva from her man and would give a full genetic profile. what would you learn about the feetous? >> you might learn that i child has a severe genetic problem. it gives parents a chance do decide whether they're going to continue that pregnancy or not.
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this is the science of today. it is running fast into the future. and i think the future will be such that you'll find out that your child may have a genetic hit. you can fix that genetic problem, and improve your chance a child -- >> when will you know about this? >> well, it's out there now. >> obviously, i'm a pro-choice guy but at the end of the day what's stopping people, oh, my son is going to be blonde. you've got to do it -- >> i get the genetic engineering issue. but the reality is we've already jumped out of that with amniocentesis. the science is there. the problem is science goes faster than we have these societal questions. that's exactly why we should have the societal questions. >> do you think it raises ethical issues? if you have information that your child is going to have a genetic problem and then you're posed with the question of going forward with the pregnancy? >> i'm pro-science. i believe this is a great way to prevent diseases. >> i agree. >> and my only question is, legally, at what point will the courts step in and say no, this
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is too late in the gestation process? >> they won't. they won't. >> we'll see what's happening with the next presidency. >> not if you can save a life and prevent a disease. >> i agree. >> let's move on to somewhat interesting topic, cap and frown we're calling it. a mother was arrested at graduation because she cheered too loudly at her daughter's high school graduation. the woman, in south carolina, shannon cooper, says she was placed in handcuffs, walked through the middle of the ceremony in front of her daughter. >> i just have to tell you, i'm sorry that i didn't get arrested. because i could have. i was at three graduations over the past week. and we cheered as loudly as possible. the only reason why i didn't scream and hoot and holler in the last one, my nephew, because i was giving the commencement speech and it wouldn't have been appropriate. >> isn't that the point of graduation? >> yes. >> it's their day. >> at a time when we worry about kids not getting to college and not graduating. >> thank you. >> and not assimilating into society, you want to whoop it up, whoop it up. >> donny? >> it's ridiculous to arrest the woman. but i also do sometimes wonder,
9:13 am
i was at a graduation and certain kids get cheered louder because maybe the parents are louder. but clearly to arrest this woman. >> i mean enough already. >> and mess up that kid's graduation so forever she's got to tell people, you know my momma got arrested at my graduation. >> good story, though. >> all right. >> don't be arresting my momma at my graduation. >> why you got to move your head when you do that? >> you do it. >> i do not. >> you get to be together for the whole hour. >> two classy broads, star and nancy, thanks. all right the professionals are staying with us. they're going to go on the road and help one mom and give her a lifestyle makeover. donny is giving dating tips.
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here's a little something you'll find irresistible. cinnamon toast crunch, with a delicious cinnamon and sugar taste that's amazing. crave those crazy squares.™ back now with "today's professionals" and a much-deserved makeover for one busy mom. we turned to our pros to help one viewer in need of a lifestyle change. 33-year-old jennifer cobb is a working, single mom with two ages kids 6 and 7. divorced four years ago, she has been struggling to turn her life around. >> it's really been a whole-hearted effort for my children. because, you know, they're just the joys of my life. and i want to make sure that they have everything, so i put, you know, myself on the back burner. >> reporter: but putting herself on the back burner has left her feeling alone and underconfident. >> been a long road learning to be independent. i just haven't gotten back out there.
9:17 am
i do miss companionship completely. >> reporter: so we wanted to give jennifer a nudge and surprise her with a professionals pick me up. the professionals are here. >> hi. >> how are you? >> oh, my gosh, hi. >> first dr. nancy sat down with her to get a handle on her health, something jennifer acknowledges she's been neglecting for years. >> let's start with the basics. i'm a big believe that people should know their numbers like blood pressure. this is going to get tight on you for a second. listen to your heart for a second. okay? now i just want to see a pulse. one other number. this one -- >> oh, please. >> i'm going to measure your waist. >> oh, boy. >> nice thing is no high blood pressure. pulse is great. yes, your waist could lose a few inches. but this is actually the beginning of a new beginning. i say to women, putting yourself first is not selfish, it's self-preservational. >> next it was star's turn to discuss legal issues that have been holding jennifer back. >> so you are the one who is in total guardianship of these
9:18 am
children and responsible for their care and well-being? >> yes. >> you are someone who is a prime candidate for the things that everyone needs to have in their life. legally. a living will. an actual will. a powerful attorney. and a kids' protection plan. do you have any of these things? >> i don't. >> wow. we're going to need to have passports. we're going to need to have birth certificates and then you'll be legalny in a good place. >> okay. >> any questions? >> no. sounds good. >> and last, but certainly not least, donny stepped in with dating advice. are you concerned that you have two kids going out as a single mom? >> i am. i'm very guarded in that way. >> your kids don't think any differently. a mother is a beautiful, attractive thing. what are you look for? >> someone who wants to go out, who can talk, who shares the same interests as i do. i'm really big into sports. >> i'd like that you guess what, there's a place you can go that
9:19 am
you can "a," still be with your kids. "b," fish where the fish are. where there's tons of guys, 95% guys. and "c," do something you love. where would that be? >> yankee stadium. >> exactly. you should be going to sporting events all the time. because it's something you love. it's a family thing. and by the way a woman alone with two kids. you have a stadium full of 50,000 guys. let's go get them. >> let's go have dinner. >> right! >> well, star, donny and dr. danny are here along with jennifer. i know it's only been a couple of days since you had the pros come in and do an intervention. you feel like you're seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? >> it's just starting to show. i followed each one of their advices in the last few days, and i already feel that there's a change going on. >> starting to take charge? >> yeah. you know, there was a long road ahead of me and now it seems as though -- >> what's different so far? >> i did take your advice. >> about? >> i got a new outfit today that
9:20 am
accentuated different areas of my body. >> i love that color. >> and you're drinkling. you're glowing. >> we talked about confidence. and you just have this air about you now that's very appealing. >> thank you. >> if i could have your hair and makeup come to my house -- >> that's what we talked about. i brought your labwork with you. because i think it's really important for people to hold on to these things, so i'm going to hand this to you. you have fabulous cholesterol. the top number i marked, blood sugar. it's hovering at a prediabetic state. >> oh. >> but you're still within normal limits but you're just hovering. >> you know what? >> that chart and she's already doing it. she's writing down everything that she's eating. >> and have you started working on some of those legal documents? >> yes. i have started to put together a will. i've looked into that, and what the living will will go with it. >> the documents -- >> four documents that are important. >> especially for a single mom. >> a living will, an actual will, a power of attorney, most importantly the kid's protection
9:21 am
plan. god forbid something should happen to you we want to know what you'd like to have. >> we like her to be medically and legally safe. >> okay -- >> now -- >> dating advice from donna? >> i'm going to do a 30 second voice over, deutsch commercial. camera on her. this is a gorgeous, passionate, amazing mom, with a cool son there who loves baseball, has got it going on. where are they going to find you? >> new york sports fan mom. >> okay, i am telling you, go, this is an incredible, incredible woman. >> i'm going to intervene here and just say, by the way, get you started off on the right foot we're going to do a little something for you. first we're going to send you for a little pampering at the spa in waldorf-astoria towers. you can pretty yourself up and get ready for that hot date at yankee stadium because you and the kids including little jack here are going to a game. >> come on in, jack. >> give your mom a big hug. >> absolutely big hug.
9:22 am
>> how cool is his guy? >> keep it up. let us know. >> thank you so much. >> let us know. coming up, your turn to ask the pros, if they let you. first these messages. flo, and karen for a girls night out talking about activia. i tried it and my body felt so right, for a change. and then there's you... why should i try it? my system gets out of sorts but that comes with age, right? wouldn't you like to feel great? just because we're in that over 50... what does that mean? are we done? activia helps regulate your digestive system when eaten daily. these could be our best years yet. activia
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those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your
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dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning . plenty of sunshine. we are warming up with the. big area of high-pressure keeps the stormy weather out to the west and that will dominate the weather picture as we go into the weekend. a little warmer than yesterday.
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♪ ♪ for you i see >> get ready for racing pulses and beating hearts. >> that's lester. >> calm down. we're talking about bieber fever on the plaza. the 18-year-old global pop phenom justin bieber coming to the plaza one week from today. so come on down to the plaza, that is next friday, and become a believer. lester has long been a believer. >> oh, yeah are you kidding me? >> i thought -- >> this is just like, i think i want to but i'm in a suit. >> we're going to agree.
9:31 am
>> wow. >> wow. >> that's what i had to give up my card. >> all right. i'm natalie morales, along with lester holt. savannah guthrie, jenna wolfe. we need your help. >> some more than others. >> two weeks from today, country superstar kenny chesney is going to be playing on our plaza. he wants fans to help him decide on the set list. so head to cast your vote. i don't think lester can go on. the choices for the song are summertime, beer in mexico and living in fast forward. i guess we know what i'm voting for. he will play the song with the most votes live on our plaza. we're not done with today's concert. one more song from chris brown still ahead. >> all right. >> and well our special hour with "today's professionals" are going to take some viewer
9:32 am
questions. but first lester and jenna are here. with a weekend preview. >> this weekend, will he race into the record books? i'll have another tries to become the first thoroughbred in 34 years to complete the triple crown. we'll see if he lives up to his name. >> and celebrity family feud. ryan and tatum o'neal, tory and candy spelling, why so many families take their fights public. and summer travel tips from what to wear on a plane, what to pack, what to eat, where to go. we'll have some advice. all that and more when we see you this weekend on "today." >> and what will the weather be for that, al roker? >> let's show you. starting off with saturday, we got some sizzling weather for the belmont stakes, we're talking about. >> warm and humid. chance of afternoon showers and scattered thunderstorms. saturday heavy rain down through the central gulf. risk of strong storms. wet weather in the pafb
9:33 am
northwest. sunday sunday nothing else. >> good morning. the sun is out. the forecast for today is good. lots of sunshine. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. coming up next, your burning questions answered when we ask the professionals. un, deux, trois, quatre! ♪ allez ouais...woo! ♪ crazy, crazy, sky so blue. ♪ ♪ hit the beat move my feet now. ♪
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to better serve you... ♪ nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at we are back with more of our special "today's professionals" hour. it's your turn to ask the experts. we're going to do a lightning round with these guys. al has some questions from the crowd. >> hey, savannah, guys. we've got sheila whose question, you're from houston, right? >> yes, sir. >> what's your question? >> my question is, a report just came out this week about men and women doing the same jobs, professional careers and the men are continuously being paid higher salaries. >> what a surprise. >> why is that? >> okay, nancy? >> we still make 77 cents to the dollar as men. it's ridiculous. in a country like saudi arabia where we question their rights it's against the law to pay
9:38 am
women less than men. >> donny, plyou employ a lot of people. >> we run my company. i want to challenge the women. my experience is women don't feel entitled enough to ask and demand what they -- no, no. >> what? so it's the woman's fault. >> the women are now empowered. once again women need to say i deserve this. i want this. and have some of those same stupid traits that men have as far as entitlements. >> absolutely. my bread does not cost 30 cents less than a man's bread when he goes into the grocery store. equal pay for equal work. that was one of the first thing that obama did. >> women demand it. demand it. >> al, another question. >> all right. we've got jennifer, jennifer, also from texas. okay. what's your question? >> mary-kate olsen is now dating oliver, who is 17 years older than her. what do you think is the appropriate age difference in dating? >> i think -- >> this could be great for donny. >> you're going to be -- i like age appropriate women.
9:39 am
ity ten years is a good spread. 17. 54 and 37 isn't a problem. all of a sudden it's 70 and 53. >> there's no hard and fast rule. >> i think it looks good in the beginning. i think it looks very different in the end. >> the last thing you want to be doing is changing diapers on either end of the scale. >> when does for better for worse start? >> she has always been such a mature young woman. she's had a lot of responsibility as a young person. she's handled it beautifully. i say let her go ahead and do her thing. >> al you got another question? >> susan from madison. you got questions about adoption. >> i do. when it comes to adoption do you find open versus closed? is there a benefit of one way over another? >> i can tell you that i've been considering adopting and i know that i would want a closed adoption. i do not want to have to have the continuous interaction with the birth parents. >> let's define our terms. in open adoption? >> all parties know who is adopting and who is the birth
9:40 am
mother. my eldest is adopted. the biological mother does not know my identity. i have preferred it this way. my daughter has sought out her birth mother. i told her she absolutely has may blessing. but i told her it's a pandora's box. you never know what that's going to be. >> i might adopt some day, even as a single dad, and i wouldn't want to have to manage that. i would want it close. as a parent, control is not the right word, keep structure in your kid's life. >> all three of you think closed adoption? >> from my standpoint as a mother. but i respect every child's desire to know where they came from. >> and what i would do -- i would say, once they're an adult i would have a box of information on everything i have gathered about their birth mother and father so that they can go out if they'd like. >> and you know what, i did that with my daughter and i waited for her to come to me. >> okay. our last question comes from online on facebook from angela, she says long-term birth control for a woman, or vasectomy for a man? which is better? health risks with either?
9:41 am
does one outweigh the other? >> there are no health risks with a vasectomy. donny, i know you have -- >> as the father of girls i would say birth control should always be in your hands, number one. and number two, as a man, talking to older men, you never know what's going to happen in life. god forbid your spouse passes away, you don't think you wouldn't children, i wouldn't close up shop. >> tony randall. >> guys want the ability, now that they've got the little blue pills they want the ability to pro-create all the time. >> i guess there's no age gap. >> star is absolutely right. men love to pro-create. >> let's drag our knuckles on the ground. >> finally, finally, finally you're acting appropriate for who you are. >> thank you to al outside and the panel. stay with us. we have more hot topics and knuckle dragging. perfect golden color. rich in fiber.
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coach t, it's an honor. well, have you thought about the future? maybe corolla or camry. well, my mom says i need to keep my mpg up. [ laughing ] course she does... we got number 34. highway. and we got 43 over there. city. go on, check it out! i'll tell you what, checkers, you've impressed me before in the past, and you're impressing me even more now. coach is impressed. you did a good job and i like your shoes. oh, yeah, back now with our "today's" professional whip. i got the blues with a lowdown. >> i'm going to start things off with chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman. let's begin with something which is being referred to as the party girl drip. >> so this is like the newest, hottest thing in hollywood apparently. if you become drunk the night before, you can hook yourself up
9:46 am
to an i-very with minerals or vitamins in it and people say it makes them feel better. so here's the straight on it. this is for the worried well. you don't have enough problems in your life, go looking for something that has no medical benefits. it will give you expensive urine and my advice to people simply is, if you need something to deal with the fact that you got drunk the night before, don't get drunk. >> exactly. that's the only cure there. >> waste of money. >> we'll talk about sheryl crow battled breast cancer six years now. now she's came out last week saying she has a benign brain tumor. >> she's an amazing woman. so she couldn't remember lyrics onstage and sort of laughed it off to being 50, then had a follow-up and incidental finding was that she has this brain timer. they do increase in number as women get older. but there is no evidence that this caused the problem. they are benign. a benign tumor in a bad spot can cause trouble. however, if it's a benign tumor just sitting there causing no
9:47 am
problems, watchful waiting makes sense. and from all of her -- twitter account that's what she's going to do. is watchful waiting. i think she's very smart. >> any link to breast cancer at all? >> no. none. benign tumor and i don't think any relationship. this was just an incidental finding. she's very smart. >> my mom had one. dr. nancy snyderman. now here's al. >> all right, thanks so much. we're all familiar with the age-old saying that of course sex sells. business buzz. our danny deutsche is going to talk about this one. two concepts, two ideas about sex selling. first of all, the animal rights group peta launching a website with adult content. why would they do this? >> first of all as far as sex sells. sex gets attention. it doesn't always sell. sex the wrong way can sell against you. i don't think by ever shocking you it's going to sell. their whole marketing has always been shock. we have such a noble cause to
9:48 am
save animals. to me as a marketer, if they do this xx thing and it draws people to your cause, as far as a cause anything goes. that's a smart idea. >> so you think this is going to work though? >> once again we're talking about it. so everything peta does is even if they get banned, even if they get looked down upon, they want to draw attention to their cause. so sex for attention, for their cause, works. >> new snickers ad they're using the fact you should eat chocolate before having a good time. >> it's not running here now. it's been talked about on a lot of websites. the ad, if you -- it will help you undo a woman's bra, now, that's of course ridiculous. what they're basically saying is hey, young guys, we get you. so they're not literally saying if people are oh, my god, what are they doing? no, everything they do, whether it's knocking down betty white in an ad or something like this, hey young 16-year-old dudes we get the way you think. it's called bonding with the consumer. sex is one way to do it. >> donny, thanks so much. >> you're a handsome man, by the way. >> thank you very much. i think you are, too.
9:49 am
now here's a beautiful woman, savannah. >> oh, my goodness. all right. the lillodown with attorney star jones. >> hey. >> talk about the george zimmerman case. he's obviously back in custody because a judge found that he had misled the court about his finances when the judge was setting bail. he's got another band hearing coming up. do you think he'll be let out? >> i actually think they're going to set a bail. i think it will prob i be much higher than the $150,000 initially set by the judge. there's going to be some testimony as to what they knew and when they knew it as it relates to him and his wife. i think one of the biggest issues is going to be the use of the website funds. what will they allow to be used? what will they allow to be used for the defense expenses or for bail? >> i want to talk about a case out in massachusetts. maybe one of 9 first of its kind. a teen texting and driving case. explain. >> it's the first time that there's been a conviction under this new vehicular manslaughter law that specifically speaks to texting and driving. he was 17 at the time, 18 now.
9:50 am
he's now been sentenced to 2 2345e6 years. he's got to actually do a year in prison with some community service. he's going to lose his driver's license for 15 years. what it says to me, savannah is, this and 389 other states, including the district of columbia, they're taking texting while driving very seriously. so we all should take it very seriously. >> you'll see more cases like this. star, thank you so much. coming up next, grammy winner chris brown on our plaza.
9:51 am
9:52 am
the "toyota concert series on today" brought to you by toyota. >> he didn't like -- >> well before we hear from donny and the knuckle draggers, one more song from superstar chris brown.
9:53 am
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