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tv   Today  NBC  June 20, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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it's a scorcher. heat advisories in effect from virginia all the way to maine with temperatures said to approach triple digits across the east. with the humidity it will feel even hotter. standing by her man, dottie sandusky testifies at her husband's trial and criticizes some of his accusers. this after jerry sandusky's attorney makes a bizarre comparison between the court proceeding and the soap opera "all my children." under cover, alec baldwin shrouds himself from cameras as he walks down the street hours after being accused of punching a photographer in the face. the actor says these pictures don't tell the whole story
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today, wednesday, june 20th, don't tell the whole story today, wednesday, june 20th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and ann curry live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. summer doesn't officially start until later this evening but the heat wave in the middle part of the country is moving east and will have people sweating up and down the east coast today. >> here in new york it's expected to top out somewhere around 95 degrees. cooling centers are being set up in dozens of cities to help people cope with this. here is the real rub, it could be hotter tomorrow. we'll get al's forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. also the suspect accused of a brutal murder in canada has now made his initial court
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appearance and pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. now investigators want to know if he has any possible links to unsolved cases in the united states. a live report from montreal coming up this morning. on a much lighter notah reunion 12 years in the making. regis fill opinion and kathie lee spent 12 years on their morning show. they have not hosted a show together since. kathie lee left at the turn of the century. >> you're going to be in trouble now. >> that is all about to change because regis will be sitting in for hoda in our fourth hour. we'll talk to regis and kathie lee to find out what they have manned. the near record temperatures. al upstairs to tep us how hot things will get. >> good morning. also sounds better if you say the year 2000. >> turn of the century. >> in any event, take a look, washington, d.c., looking at national airport. we're expecting the temperature
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to tie a record of 99, maybe even get to 100 degrees today. why? we've got a much earlier than normal big bermuda high building in off the east coast. that's acting like a heat pump. it's an upper level ridge here in the east as well, so we've got heat, humidity start to build up. heat warnings and heat advisories in the district of column i don't, 100 to 108. d.c. to boston, new york city 95, 95 albany, boston 97. 98 to 99 degrees in d.c., pittsburgh 91. this extends back to the west as well. detroit 95, chicago third day in a row of 90 plus readings. 94 in st. louis, memphis 94. and out west their heat continues as well. don't want to forget our friends there, palm springs, phoenix, tucson, everybody over 100 degrees with excessive heat
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watches and warnings in effect. the bad news is overnight lows will only drop down into the upper 70s, low 80s. that means it bounces up even higher tomorrow. we don't get a break until friday. ann. >> al, thank you so much. we'll have the rest of your forecast in a bit. meantime the defense at jerry sandusky's child sex abuse trial remains on track to rest its case today, this after jurors heard from jerry sandusky's wife yesterday. michael isikoff in bellefonte, pennsylvania, once again with more on this story. michael, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. on tuesday it was dottie sandusky, the defendant's wife who took the stand. today on what is expected to be the final day of testimony the big question remains, will we hear from jerry sandusky himself. after six days of often wrenching testimony, jerry sandusky's lawyers are planning to wrap up their case today while they compare the high-stakes trial to a soap opera. >> it's like a soap.
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have you to wait and see. >> defense attorney joseph amendola made what some are calling a bizarre comparison. >> "all my children." >> reporter: the defendant's wife of 45 years took the stand denying ever seeing any inappropriate contact between her husband and his accusers many of whom are frequent visitors to the sandusky home, nor, she said, had she heard one of them victim nine screaming for help from the basement as the young man testified he did when she was home. dottie sandusky painted an unflattering portrait of several of the accusers. victim four was very demanding, she testified, and very conniving. she said victim one was very clinging to jerry and would never look people in the eye. she called victim nine a charmer. he knew what to say and when to say it. prosecutor asked if she could think of any reason why the alleged victims would lie. dottie sandusky stammered.
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i don't know. i don't know what it would be for. earlier sandusky's lawyers tripped up police investigators on whether they had ever coached the alleged victims by telling them that other witnesses had accused sandusky of forcing them to have oral sex. >> we never told any of them what someone else told us. then they played a police tape of a session in which he and his partner and to do just that, telling victim four how other witnesses said sandusky started with teaching and followed by oral sex. >> not uncommon for law enforcement, particularly if there's a case where there are other victims for law enforcement to let them know, you're not alone. it's okay for you to confide in us. >> the defense called a psychologist who testified he suffered from histrionic personality disorder marked by inappropriate emotions and attention seeking behavior. in rebuttal, a prosecution
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psychiatrist to examined him last sunday disputed that diagnosis and testified sandusky's behavior is a psychosexual disorder focused on adolescents. if sandusky does take the stand prosecutors are poised to confront him with his own words, not just bob costas interview last september but what he said to the psychiatrist when he was examined just three days ago. >> thank you very much. savannah guthrie and wendy murphy a child advocate and former prosecutor. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> first, savannah, did jerry sandusky's wife help the defense or could she even have possibly hurt him in criticizing these victims. >> i think there's a real potential for that. a character witness, hear abuse and says she didn't. first of all jurors say she's biased in favor of her husband. i don't think she helped herself by disparaging some of the accusers in the case. one of the things she had doing
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for her in that courtroom is the sympathy factor. she's the sweet grandmother. she kind of ceded that a little bit when she said the accusers, who were children, were conniving. >> didn't make headway. some defense tactics that may have made headway. let me ask you this. the idea that accusers were coached by law enforcement, was this a successful line of attack? >> a little bit. any time you can point to a law enforcement official as introducing evidence into the mind of a victim you have at least a question, is that why the victim made those kind of statements or changed their story. the problem is ten victims, eight of them took the stand. even if you can make that argument for one or two, it doesn't explain whether has to be the defense claim in order for him to win all eight or ten were conspiring together, conspiring with the police and conspiring with the prosecutor and conspiring with mike
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mcqueary and the janitors. it doesn't go far enough. maybe he'll win a couple points. but okay, instead of 50 convictions, there will be 40. it's like getting an upgrade on the "titanic," he's still going down. >> before we get to that point, much has been made about histrionic personality disorder. did anything come after all that lead up? >> this is another strategy that seems to have back fired. number one you have this defense psychiatrist who said he had this disorder only for the purpose of these letters, love letters to the accusers, so only gets you that far. now have you a state psychiatrist who testifies he doesn't have the disorder. at best it's a wash for the defense, but i think worse because you have defense psychiatrist saying he had a psychosexual disorder, a piece of evidence they would never have heard if the defense hadn't
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put that in. >> planting a seed of reasonable doubt, wendy, what does the defense have to do today? >> unless all the victims show up and say we all lied, there's really a joke, there's nothing the defense can do. i said before, this is a nondefensible case. i think the defense can make some more points if, for example, haven't number two takes the stand. remember, that child never showed up. the defense was making noise early on that that young man, they identified him, he may well testify, yes, i was in the shower. this the case where mike mcqueary saw he saw -- if that person shoes up and says, yes, i was in the shower, he was hugging me, there was no sexual assault they may win. again, i don't see a way for the defense to prevail not on most counts. this is a nondefensible case. >> any doubt sandusky will take the stand. >> i don't know what they will do. all of this rests on whether these accusers were credible in
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court. that's something none of us sitting here really can ascertain because we weren't there in the courtroom. at the end of the day while there are a lot of counts, allegations, there's not a lot of evidence. this is a very tight prosecution case. it's the accusers' words versus jerry sandusky. we'll find what comes out of that. >> thank you so much this morning. it is now 7:11. won again, here is matt. >> thanks so much. now the race for the white house. mitt romney has wrapped up a five-day six-state bus tour amid growing speculation amid who he's going to pick as his running mate. peter alexander has the latest on that side of the political story. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. even as he seemed to audition a series of possible vice presidential picks on this tour he's been secret about the process until now when he acknowledged at least one candidate who is under consideration. wrapping up his five-day bus
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tour mitt romney tried to put the brakes his campaign was not vetting senator marco rubio, one of the rising stars of the republican field as his potential vice president. >> the story was entirely false. marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process. >> reporter: even as he was greeted by big crowds romney acknowledges he at times struggles with small-talk candidates have to embrace on the trail. >> you're not here because i'm a spectacular speaker. you know better than that. >> reporter: still for romney every town counts offers to feed off influences trags of president obama's handling of the economy. while the president focused on the european debt crisis at the g-20 summit. >> clearly grasp and moving forward with a heightened sense of urgency. >> reporter: back home romney offering few specifics about his plan continues to warn against excessive government spending. >> i do not want to become europe. i want to restore the principles
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that made america the powerhouse of the earth. >> reporter: mitt romney's short list of running mates may be shri thinking. indiana popular governor to be named president of purdue thursday after a week on the campaign trail although mitt romney won't say anything, the aides say tim pawlenty. a lot view him as the front-runner this morning. >> peter alexander. thank you very much. a lot of news to get to. natalie morales standing by. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt and ann, everyone. a man claiming to be a member of al qaeda has taken four people hod hostage in a bank. this is the same neighborhood where another man with claims to al qaeda killed three jewish school chironna rabbi and three paratroopers back in march. ousted leader hosni mubarak
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is reportedly clinging to life after suffering a stroke. richard engel in cairo square with the very latest. richard, good day to you. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. president mubarak was transferred late last night from a prison infirmary to a military hospital here in cairo. his personal lawyer tells us this morning after having suffered at least one stroke, president mubarak is on a respirator but his condition appears to have somewhat stabilized. a u.s. source says mubarak's health condition is, in fact, very serious and he could live a few more days or perhaps a few more weeks. meanwhile the rest of egypt remains in crisis after two candidates from last weekend's presidential election both claim that they won. egyptian officials are expected to announce official final results tomorrow. natalie. >> richard engel reporting in cairo. thanks so much. a frantic 911 call has been released made by rodney king's
7:15 am
fiancee cynthia kelly after she found his body at the bottom of the pool over the weekend. >> how old is he? >> rodney king. the guy that got beat by the police. >> okay. how old is he? >> he's 47 years old. he's not moving. he's at the bottom of the swimming pool. >> are you able to go in the pool and get him? >> no, i can't swim. understand he's at the bottom. i'm gonna open the door. oh, my god. help please. >> king was later pronounced dead sunday in a california hospital. the case is under investigation as an accidental drowning. police say there were no signs of foul play. a new wrinkle in britain's efforts to extradite julian assange over questioning of sex crimes. ecuador says it is considering
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assange's request for political asylum there. assange is fighting his extradition and denies allegations against him. a tussle between justin bieber and a photographer is under review by los angeles county prosecutors. officials are deciding whether or not to file criminal charges against the teen pop star and investigating the photographer's claim bieber hit him for shooting pictures of him and his girlfriend at a shopping mall back in may. bieber isn't commenting on the incident. and a florida air traveler reached her boiling point and decided to give tsa a taste of its own medicine as you see on the surveillance carol price says she was groped while being searched so very allegedly grabbed the tsa supervisor in an attempt to say what she went through. but price herself is a tsa agent and she claims her intrusive pat-down was the result of an old co-worker's personal vendetta. she faces misdemeanor battery charges. 7:16 back over to matt and ann. can't we all take a deep
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cleansing breath. >> tough to do when you go through tsa, you get stressed out. natalie, thank you so much. >> al is back now with his forecast and the heat wave. >> that's right. and we've got some severe weather to talk about as well especially as we start off up to the new york from marquette down to des moines, looking at hail, damaging winds, isolated tornado. you can see storms already firing up. we're looking at anywhere from one to three inches of rain there. then as we head to the south, in florida they are getting a lot of tropical moisture over the next 24 hours, they could look for another three to five inches from west palm beach down to key west. that would happen over the next three days, each day, anywhere from one to five inches of rain. almost like tropical storm >> good morning. a heat advisory for today. this will the hottest day of the year so far.
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that's your latest weather. ann. >> police are stepping up the search for a man who was caught on camera vandalizing a popular picasso painting. janet shamlian with the latest on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. another collection in the same gallery when this terrific act of vandalism happened. what you see is a man spray painting over a picasso and running off. we're now hearing from the man who said he shot that video as it unfolded. it's an irreplaceable work of art painted more than 80 years ago pablo picasso's famous woman
7:19 am
in a red armchair. now the one-of-a-kind work is gaining even more fame because of this. you're looking at cell phone images captured by a visitor at the prestigious collection in houston. the man who shot the video didn't want to be identified but says he was stunned when it happened. >> i was texting somebody on my phone. as soon as i saw him walk towards the picasso i pressed record. it only took one second. he spray painted it and walked off. >> watch again as the suspect uses a stencil to spray paint a bull with the word conquista in front of it, which means bull in spanish. he identified himself as an up and coming mexican american artist looking to honor his work. >> he went up to the painting without fear, spray painted it and walked off. >> police are looking for the video and are searching for the vandal. a spokesman for the museum said the painting was immediately taken to the restoration lab where it's being repaired.
7:20 am
>> how sad someone would enter and do something like that to a work of art that should be enjoyed by everybody. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a picasso was the victim of a vandal. kill lies all on one of the greatest masterpieces at the museum of modern art. in 34z 2003 the painting of washington crossing the delaware, glued a computer image onto the painting. just last month the painting by clifford still worth $30 million was scratched and punched by a woman in denver. she was arrested and pled guilty to criminal mischief. in houston the painting is expected to be back on display soon, amid concern over the delicate balance between sharing art and protecting it. >> you want everything glazed, bulletproof glass, guards standing behind you, what is the
7:21 am
museum experience. >> reporter: amid speculation the witness may have working with the vandal, police are looking at all possibilities at the time. they are looking at the museum itself. the museum says that picasso will go back on display. >> janet, thank you so much. coming up the suspect in a notorious murder in canada makes his first court appearance as police search for possible leads to other unsolved cases. a live report from montreal but first this is "today" on nbc.
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ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your... >> good morning, everybody. i'm stan stovall. here's a look at one of your top stories. only the first day of summer and already temperatures are expected to come close to 100 degrees. state health officials are busy stocking cooling centers with water and asking marilyn beers to keep an eye on the elderly and children. kids need a break from the heat every two hours and they suggest -- suggesting about 3 liters of water stretched out
7:27 am
over the course of the day. let's get a check of your morning commute. here's sarah caldwell. >> good morning, everyone here is still busy on many of the area roadways. let us get you up-to-date. outer loop, east side at cove road, right lane still closed, overturned garbage truck -- southbound 795 white marsh -- green meadow drive, right lang) in this city, ax and rapine that -- pennington avenue and ordnance road. southbound 95 at howard county at 175, causing a back of an accident and the delays stretch back to 100. 295 in the red from 175 down to 32. delays southbound to 95, again, heading up from 175 down toward 32. a live view of the bay bridge, no delays at the moment but you will see them later this afternoon, at 1:15 p.m. it will shut down for 40 minutes for
7:28 am
construction equipment to pass under the bridge. >> obviously the heat is a big story. it should be smooth sailing and any other respect. 71 at the airport. dew point have climbed to the upper 60 to around 70 and the heat index this afternoon will be around 101, action high making it to around 96 but it will feel like 101. he advisory from noon until 10:0and kathie lee displaying s
7:29 am
7:30 am
of the humor that made their talk show a hit for 15 years. later this morning for the first time in 12 years they are going to get to host the show together when regis joins kathie lee on our fourth hour. hopefully he'll be wearing -- that's not regis. yes, it is. hopefully he'll be wearing a shirt. it's wednesday morning on "today." >> the sunglasses. >> the eyes are not done yet. >> kathie lee, how did you agree
7:31 am
to get regis to join us this morning. >> got him drunk over the weekend, got him to sign papers. i have witnesses. he had to. >> what time are we expecting the reg to roll in. >> he's not happy, i'm going to warn you. he will be coming in around 8:00 this morning and causing havoc until he gets into the studio because that's what he likes to do. who can keep regis from being regis. >> what's next? >> that would ab miracle. >> sit and talk to you in a little while looks forward to that. kathie lee, thank you very much. >> meantime in this half hour retail giant jcpenney made a bold move limiting sales and coupons shoppers know and love. the new president is out with the latest on this story. what went wrong is the question. >> also a programming note
7:32 am
tomorrow on "today" exclusive interview with donna badger, the connecticut mother who tragically lost her three young daughters and parents in a christmas morning house fire. she's going to open up about the ordeal, how she's trying, if possible, to put her life back together. for the first time she'll share video of the emotional eulogy she delivered. madonna badger on "today" and tomorrow night on "rock center with brian williams." we begin this half hour with new trouble for alec baldwin. a new york city photographer filed with police accusing him of assault. there are photographs of the incident. craig has details. good morning. >> reporter: alec and his bride-to-be leaving the license bureau tuesday morning. they leave. photographers here waiting to snap the picture. what happened after that is in dispute. this much we do know. what should have been a
7:33 am
beautiful, happy day quickly turned ugly. visibly angry he grabbed, shoved, glared at a new york city news photographer tuesday morning. the 58-year-old actor and 28-year-old girlfriend hilaria thomas had reportedly picked up their marriage license when they met photographers on the sidewalk. then marcos santos claims the "30 rock" star punched him in the face, threatened to knock his teeth out and walked off. shortly after the incident baldwin launch add tirade on twitter tweeting, "all paparazzi should be waterboarded." then in a reference to trayvon martin, i suppose if the paparazzi wore a hoodie and i shot him it would blow over. issued a statement saying the photographer was annoyed when someone tried block.
7:34 am
he said any contact was baldwin trying to protect himself. he filed a claim with nypd. investigators and prosecutors are considering criminal charges. >> the obvious charge is assault. a lot of times in new york, that would get downgraded to disorderly conduct as long as there's not substantial injury or intent to cause harm. >> reporter: legal experts say prosecutors could also consider prior bad acts and baldwin's temper made headlines before. in 2010 he reportedly got into with a new york paparazzo outside his central park west home. in 1995 baldwin was ordered to pay $4500 to a celebrity photographer in california who alleged baldwin attacked him after he snapped a picture of baldwin, his then wife kim basinger and their newborn daughter. most recently. >> what happened with flight attendant and american airlines. >> the star was booted off a
7:35 am
flight when he was asked to get off his ipad. just last week emmy winner told the correspondent he was in a good place. >> he was with his fiancee. she's a yoga instructor. he talked about being more healthy, taking on yoga, changing his lifestyle. he seemed very good at the time. >> reporter: after his encounter at city hall baldwin continued his string of unusual behavior tuesday afternoon. according to daily news he was seen on camera covering himself with a white bedding sheet as he walked into the regency hotel in manhattan. no surprise baldwin took to twitter yesterday afternoon into the evening using it as a vehicle to defend himself claiming no one punched anyone. at this point no word on what officials might decide whether to prosecute. ann. >> all right. craig melvin, thank you so much. once again, here is matt. >> ann, thank you so much. to the first appearance in canada by a man accused of a
7:36 am
notorious murder there. nbc's michelle franzen in montreal. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, matt. luka magnotta remains locked up at this montreal jail facility and is due back as you mentioned in court tomorrow. at his first appearance yesterday magnotta showed little emotion. so far authorities say since returning to canada, he's showing little interest in cooperating. luka magnotta, the porn actor suspected in a murder and cannibal case pled not guilty to all charges against him inside a courtroom. he and on closed circuit video. prosecutors outlined to the court they are still building their case. >> sure it's going to be a difficult case but they are all difficult cases. >> reporter: magnotta the lone suspect in canadaed most brutal murder in a decade. accused of killing a boyfriend
7:37 am
jun lin at magnotta's apartment, mutilating, dismembering and eating body parts. he mailed parts, including feet and hands, to government offices and schools and posted the video of the killing online. prosecutors filed charges of first degree murder, indignity to a human body, harassing elected officials and politicians, posting obscene material to the web, and mailing obscene material. lin shown here in a video taken by a friend was a student. his family traveled from china following his death and wait as police continue to search for his missing remains. so far authorities say magnotta is not cooperating. >> first question we got for him, where is the head, the missing part of the body. >> reporter: it was magnotta's first appearance since authorities escorted him back on a flight monday. police in berlin arrested him at an internet cafe.
7:38 am
they are reviewing cases looking for links to magnotta. >> they may have a good case against him for the murder of his roommate. now they have to see if perhaps he's guilty of any other similar crimes. >> reporter: magnotta's defense attorney says he has notified the court that he may seek a psychiatric evaluation for the 29-year-old. matt, when magnotta appears in court once again tomorrow, prosecutors have asked for security reasons that he do so once again via closed circuit television. >> all right. michelle franzen on the story. thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> "today's" weather brought to you by daisy sour cream. a dollop of daisy makes things naturally delicious. >> good morning. what's the temperature say? 73 degrees. all right. a little toasty. where are you guys from? >> two rivers, wisconsin.
7:39 am
>> all right. this a little hot for you? >> yeah. >> see what we've got for you as far as your weather. tropical storm chris, good news, racing to the east, no big problems, moving east at 17 miles per hour. look at these air temperatures combined with water temperatures. thinking of going to the beach, boston 97, water temperature 66, a little chillier, new york city 96, norfolk 99. heavy rain in florida, slight risk of strong storms, upper mississippi river valley, showers along the northern plains. sizzling weather continues from the east right on into the southwest. >> good morning. the heat and humidity are making the weather headlines. high temperature around 96.
7:40 am
>> the weather channel on cable or >> all right, al. thank you very much. jcpenney's bold strategy to drop coupons, a few months in sales are slumping and that company's new president is out. what went wrong? we'll talk about it right after this. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ better with a dollop here ♪ fresher with a dollop there ♪ ♪ wholesome in every way ♪ daisy, do a dollop ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop
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back now at 7:43 with a major shake-up at one of the country's most iconic retailers, jcpenney announced the sudden departure of the president who has only been on the job for a few months in the wake of a campaign to cut coupons. nbc's anne thompson has more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. whether you call it jcpenney, jcp, the 100-year-old chain in the minds of some of its loyal customers is suffering from an identity crisis. on the floors of jcpenney's 1100 stores there's a battle going on, between it's ardent shoppers.
7:44 am
>> i think sometimes when they had the coupons before, you would get more for your money. >> reporter: new management bringing schools polished at apple and target. >> straightforward fair and square every day prices. >> reporter: the prices may be great but the results are not adding up so far. the change started with a colorful ad and elimination of penny's trademark coupons and discounts. disappointed customers went looking for deals elsewhere. penney's sales tumbled 3%. despite the strategy the president thought would enhance the shopping experience. >> making it easy for our customers, taking some of the work out of shopping and restoring the joy. >> instead francis left the company this week after eight months. >> that's one of the reasons why the strategy isn't working. it's a clear case of not knowing who their consumer is. >> reporter: penney's customers love bargains.
7:45 am
they want to clip coupons. they want to get a deal. they love the thrill of the chase, more than having low prices available any time they want. >> they waited for that discount and that discount isn't happening so there's no reason to go into the store. >> reporter: he set the bar high promising investors he'd make penney's america's favorite store, a goal he admitted in may has a ways to go. some wonder if the customers will be willing to listen. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news jcpenney says the departure does not signal a change in strategy. they are still going ahead with their plans to transform the penney chain into a new shopping experience. ann. >> all right. anne thompson, thank you very much. donny deutsch, chairman of the
7:46 am
advertising giant, inc. here are the numbers, startling, $163 million loss in its first quarter, revenue down by 20%, sales fell an average of 19%. you know about this stuff. what went wrong, donny. >> simple. ad hoc focus group happened here. john, not so brilliant cameraman said they lost my mother-in-law. she lost coupons. also not so brilliant stage manager -- also are brilliant. >> you're going to go blurry now. >> came over and said i like coupons. what did they do. that's what you have to know. they actually insulted their customers. we're no longer going to insult our customer and give them coupons. in reality that's what they trained their customer to want. the big mistake they made was saying we're no longer this but didn't tell you what they were. >> on the one hand you made your argument. on the other hand they said we want to give people the low, average straightforward price.
7:47 am
we're not going to overcharge you. >> walmart. you're never going to beat walmart on prices. they couldn't compete there, specialty stores, amazons of the world. all of a sudden, well, we're not going to do coupons, give you reasonable prices. people want more than reasonable. the classic mistake of not being in touch with your customer. >> to reinvent your company in a down economy. that is ever a good idea. >> i'm all for reinvention. sometimes necessity is the mother of invention but it's so interesting how marketers sit in a glass tower. the guy running it, the guy who ran apple, it's very different when you have these glass museums that sell products people have to have versus when have you to drive people to the store. interesting we as marketers put our nose down to coupons but it's part of the shopping experience. it's what makes a customer feel smarter. i'm going to wait for that coupon. they made the classic mistake of not understanding what the experience was all about. at the same time make a change and say we're not this but what
7:48 am
are you now? >> what are they going to do now. we heard anne talk about removal is not -- >> i would come out and say you know what, we made a mistake. we did not listen to our customer. now more than ever we're going to go back to it. almost turn a negative into a positive. they have no choice. they will be out of business. >> your bet we will have sales and coupons. >> guarantee it. shareholders will speak. and our brilliant, part of our brilliant market spoke. >> 110-year-old company, jcpenney will figure it out. >> our guys here, mark and john, focus group. focus group. >> they want the sales, the coupons. >> particularly john's mother-in-law is pissed, if you pis. off john's mother-in-law you better get it right. >> donny deutsch, thank you so much this morning. trending hollywood's highest paid actresses.
7:49 am
you might be surprised who is at the top of the list. but first these messages. ♪
7:50 am
7:51 am
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7:52 am
the studio is bracing for the arrival of regis philbin. >> isn't he coppering in. >> more than one chopper. we would see it if it's coming. >> for those tuning in regis is coming here. he'll be joining kathie lee as a co-host on the fourth hour of "today" this morning fill in for hoda kotb. >> it's been 12 years since they were together. >> since the turn of the century. >> that's coming up and much more including the most expensive home for sale in the u.s. after this. [ male announcer ] aggressive styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements.
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7:56 am
>> good morning. i'm mindy basara. time for a check on the morning commute. here is sarah caldwell. >> just went from bad to worse unfortunately on some of the major roadways -- southbound 95, how were counted, 175, taking up right lane and delays in prior to 195, a big back up southbound 295, two accidents, one was at 197 and another at 198, so watch for the problems both and back in the right lane traveling southbound 295 and heavy delays behind it, outer loop cove road
7:57 am
east side, overturned garbage truck right lane, north avenue at what street, the city, 95 out of the northeast, also north and west side outer loop as we normally see at this hour. a lighter view of traffic and we will update you on 95 toward us, southbound traffic delays approaching acts and is seen 175 and not much better on 295, we told you about the delays, two separate accidents. bay bridge, if you travel of 1:15 p.m., all lean shutdown 40 minutes because of construction cranes coming under the bridge for the 895 steel bridge construction which begins tonight at 9:00 p.m. over to you. >> obviously the heat is the major what the headline. only a few high, thin clouds right now. 78 already at the airport and 80 degrees downtown. dew point up near 70 degrees. that means we will have to pack on degrees to the actual temperature.
7:58 am
shooting for a high of 96 but it will feel like 101, so because of that a heated by three in effect from noon until 10:00 p.m. this evening. p.m. this evening. 97 tomorrow but thunderstorms i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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8:00 am
we're back now 8:00 on wednesday morning, the 20th day of june, 2012. al mentioned a couple of times, already a steamy morning on the plaza. 73 degrees doesn't sound all that bad but going to go up into the 90s today, even higher tomorrow. i was just going to say, the heat and humidity, look how cool, calm and collected kathie lee gifford is over on 48th street as she awaits the arrival of her longtime partner regis. >> the last time we actually had somebody waiting for a guest outside with a microphone was
8:01 am
when the dalai lama arrived. >> i don't think that's him. whoever it is is not get out of the car. i'll tell you that. anyway, kathie lee and regis will be hosting the fourth hour of "today" in a little while. >> this dress, fantastic, business in the front and party in the back. it's like a dress mullet. >> meanwhile, lenny has the vapors back here. >> thanks, lenny. meantime talking about celebrity homes. barbara corcoran with a list of celebrity homes. for a lot of us it's fun to look even though we can't afford to buy. we'll look at sandra bullock and jim carrey's homes on the market. >> i've never heard of this before. shin kicking. >> very dangerous.
8:02 am
>> no, no, no. we saw that tennis player. >> no. this is actual -- >> it takes balance and a lot of stamina. this is really -- over in england. >> they have something to cover up their shins so it doesn't hurt so much. >> hay. they put hay in their socks. >> and set it on fire. >> yes, they do. >> we're going to take you to the world champ. >> before we get to that, let's go inside. natalie standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. good morning, natalie. >> good morning matt and al, ann, everyone. testimony of sex trial of former assistant penn state football coach jerry sandusky. his wife dottie said she never saw any inappropriate contact. she said one of the boys were conniving. earlier police got them to
8:03 am
contradict themselves about whether they coached an alleged victim. experts disagreed over his psychological evaluation. former president hosni mubarak clinging to life in a military hospital after suffering a stroke. mubarak has been serving a life sentence for failing to stop the killing of uprisers killings who toppled him last year. meantime, the election to succeed mubarak as president. a florida teen convicted tuesday of aggravated battery instead of murder for encouraging two friends to douse classmate michael brewer with alcohol and set him on fire. matthew bent now faces up to 15 years in prison for the 2009 attack. the victim was burned over 65% of his body. now here is brian williams with what's coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news." brian. >> reporter: hey, natalie, good morning. coming up on "nightly news," we are going to continue our
8:04 am
featured reporting by kate snow on a new epidemic so many folks living in the suburb know about, that is the return of heroin and some staggering amounts that may surprise a lot of folks. we'll continue that tonight. for now natalie back to you. >> all right, brian, thanks. for what's trending, quick roundup of what has you talking online. nba finals dominating google, facebook, twitter. the miami heat victory three games to lead over the oklahoma city thunder. the heat's lebron james championship he's been chasing for nearly a decade. johnny depp is the top search on yahoo! after splitting up with his girlfriend of 14 years. they have two children together. depp's publicist says the parting is amicable. reporting "twilight" sag ark star kristen stewart is now hollywood's highest paid actress. she earned more than $34 million in the past year bumping angelina jolie who fell to
8:05 am
fourth place behind cameron diaz and sandra bullock. it is now 8:05. you're up to date. let's go outside to al for a check of the weather. hey, al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by american cancer society, the official sponsor of birthdays. >> a nice steamy morning out here. your parents made you get up at 5:00 a.m. and hold this sign. how did they know? you already have the sign that says you were going to hold the sign. amazing. how did that happen? where are you guys from. >> manchester, maryland. >> what's your name? >> i'm ryan and east. >> who is the spokesperson? who made the sign. >> dad. >> very nice. let's see what we've got going on for you. san antonio news for woai. cloudy, hot. it's going to be hotter in new york city than san antonio. we've got plenty of
8:06 am
thunderstorms rolling your way through upper ohio and mississippi river valley. heavy rain through the southern florida. three to five inches of rain next 24 hours. look for more showers in the central plains. hit or miss thunderstorms later on in the interior sections of new york and new england. our control room beifrom today' inner harbor. >> enough for regis. >> no. if you're not on time. you don't get a >> good morning. a heat advisory for today. this will the hottest day of the year so far.
8:07 am
dimension what a great time i had in the inner harbor? >> when we come back celebrity homes on the market. barbara corcoran will show us around those. the arrival of regis philbin as he teams up with an impatient kathie lee. right after these messages. t" i. support team usa and show our olympic spirit right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion.
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8:11 am nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at back now at 8:11. regis philbin has apparently finally arrived. >> he's finally here. reg. >> who is kathie lee? oh, there. >> reg, look at these lovely people that came out for you. not exactly bieber fever but nice. >> i wasn't anticipating -- quiet, whatever her name is. hi, everybody. it's me, reg. sarah palin. sarah palin right here. yes. hi, little girl, it's me. regis is back. look at them.
8:12 am
thank you. hi, gang. >> as you can see, they are making their way in through the massive security checkpoints here in rockefeller plaza studio 1a. take your time, guys. it's only a four-hour show. >> they are wiring him as he walks into the studio, a little hair and makeup along the way. can you believe this? look at this place. fifty years ago i was a page right here. excuse me, i'm talking to my friends. matt is waiting.
8:13 am
can't keep matt waiting. hi. >> oh, gosh. >> all right. >> don't worry about me. >> regis, you show up when you want to show up. >> brutal. just brutal. the reason i came was for you, matt. years ago when i did the billionaire show you were nice enough to come over with the camera, walked around the block. you made me feel good. >> you're sitting right there. welcome back, sir. >> holy cow, look at this. is this the show? >> this is where matt and ann and the whole crowd do it and hoda and i do it for the fourth hour. >> is this the way it was when you worked with him for 15 years, you had to wait for him to arrive and greet him with coffee and fanfare. >> didn't get in a car. >> one of the luxuries working in new york city, walk across the street, three and a half
8:14 am
minutes, you're there. >> i think there's a conspiracy. i just noticed you're hosting the macy's fourth of july on nbc. i see you helping the network here like you did before. >> not the way i was treated today. all i said was yes, i'd come in and pitch in for koda, hoda. >> do you like the sound regis and kathie lee or kathie lee and regis. is that what she says? >> you've got a lot of problems. >> if it ever happens regis and nobody. >> he liked it when i left. he had it all to himself. believe me. >> do you think kathie lee is going to be like the human equivalent of riding a bike, even though you haven't ridden him for 12 years. >> hey, first of all, don't assume anything.
8:15 am
>> do you think this is going to be just like picking up where you left off? >> of course. but how many years has it been? >> it's been 12 years almost to the day. >> since we got behind a desk together. >> i was kidding kathie lee earlier and said it's been since the turn of the century. >> it is true. you know what, we never practiced anything. >> i was going to ask you that. >> we showed up. >> that opening segment. you were already famous, you were already famous. when you got together and did that opening segment every morning, it was electric. how much prep went into the segment. >> none. nobody ever believed it. i know. >> i love that look. look at you. >> i miss shoulder pads. >> i always thought if i could find someone who could ad lib
8:16 am
with me, that's what i wanted to do. i had in mind where i was the night before. i didn't tell her, of course. she didn't tell me before the show and she didn't either. we did it then and there. >> you're famous, you're not a guy who likes meetings. >> did we have a meeting? never once in 15 years. >> get up at 5:15. >> you said it might be funnier as you got up and before each segment. >> that's what i said. you tell me what we're going to do and i'll do it. why don't you do that with ann curry. she just saluted me. >> when you host a show together for as long as you two did, you get to know each other better than perhaps even spouses. >> almost too better. >> you know what i'm saying? tell me something about kathie lee that nobody else knows? >> oh, what do i know about
8:17 am
kathie lee nobody else knows? honest to god, in her heart of hearts, she's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet in your life because she's always praying for you. >> some of us need it. >> you're laughing but who else pays -- what am i saying. >> prays. >> prays for regis. did you pray for me? >> on several occasions. i'm praying for you right now. >> anyway, she's a good soul. >> tell me something about regis. >> i think after 45 or 50 years on television, people know pretty much everything about regis. a little superstitious about things. but also, a deep faith, has a deep faith. it's not just in notre dame. he does. >> it is in notre dame. >> it's tough to pick out something nobody knows but you and i.
8:18 am
>> i know he does not like to rehearse. when we did our nightclub act all those years, i always wanted to put new material in, new this and that of he's just give me the envelope with the money in it and let's do it, right? >> something like that. >> the meetings and makeup. >> al roker is waiting. come on. he's got to get me next. i've got to sit with al roker for a half hour. >> do you miss it? >> certain days, certain nights. i had a big night last night that i'm going to tell al about. he knows it. i went to a major event. i met a lot of people. i was interested in what i was seeing. i thought, boy, wouldn't that be nice to talk about tomorrow. >> now you can. >> you have the opportunity this morning. >> that's going to be with al. >> you can check out more of these two together. >> what time are we coming on? >> fourth hour. they are going to host together in the fourth hour as he fills in for koda.
8:19 am
>> hoda. >> we're back with more right after this. >> a long morning. countries took part in a science test. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this.
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8:22 am
back now at 8:22. this morning on today's real estate, a sneak peek inside celebrity homes for sales across the country from malibu to miami beach. barbara corcoran "today's" real estate contributor. barbara, good morning. >> good morning. >> the most expensive homes on the market today are about $125 million. there are two of them on the market at that price. you're going to show us one of them the home of versace. >> it's in miami. an amazing thing happened in miami recently. a ton of foreign money showered itself all over the city. as a result you can get $125 million for a special home. another one is 125 but doesn't
8:23 am
measure up to this. take a look. what does it buy if you put all that money, 19,000 square feet, 54 foot mosaic pool lined in 24 carat gold. that's where it goes. versace purchased the home on ocean drive. in the five years he lived there he put $33 into it to remodel. has he many elaborate courtyards surrounding the home, interior guilded, every room glitzy as you can imagine. details, not a single thing not super expensive in this house. so what does $125 million get you, this fancy house if you have money to burn. what's wrong with that. >> you walk around that with a glass of fine chianti. that's beautiful. let's talk about the house jim carrey, funny man, actor, great guy, spectacular views.
8:24 am
>> it has spectacular views. that adds to the value. you know what else, neighbors. that gives him enormous bragging rights. tom hanks, one across the street, sting, leonardo dicaprio, ted danson. they own homes in the community. that's what makes malibu so hot and prices going up. purchased 10,000 square foot home 14 years ago, 13.95 over the money, a 40% return, multi-level decks, ocean view, platform, removable privacy view. interiors, dining room flanks kitchen. what was he thinking, brought that driftwood and stuck it on. each to his own, weird in my book. master bedroom, fireplace, tv above it in case you get board, unbelievable views to the ocean.
8:25 am
>> another favorite around here, sandra bullock, a house in austin, texas, for 15 years. now that's up on the market. what do you like about this? >> i like it because it looks just like sandra bullock. who doesn't like sandra bullock. this house is so sophisticated, sleek, like the lady herself. three bedrooms, three baths. i really like it because she priced it at a reasonable $2.5 million. how smart is she? this house is going to fly off the shelf, two acres of land wrapped by a green belt which means your neighbors are paying for the taxes you aren't around the beautiful house. spot on views of austin. look at that at night. who wouldn't fall in live. on site hiking and jogging trails as far as two acres will take you. modern looking bridge tucked away along shaded paths. no one knows if it leads anyway. if you're rich like that, build a bridge to nowhere. not bad for $2.5 million. >> so fun to take a look how the other half lives. thanks so much.
8:26 am
barbara corcoran this morning. still ahead martha stewart is going to get us grilling every night of the week. a plan for us to make it easy. she'll tell us all about it coming up after your local news. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. let's get a final check of the morning commute with traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. >> a new accident -- northbound route 91 disclosed prior to route 140. -- is closed prior to route 140. eastbound 70 approaching 29, an accident backing up traffic. southbound 295 at 198, another one at 197, backed up extending prior to 100. the east side -- this accident,
8:27 am
outer loop that cove, but heavy delays on the north side, 11 miles an hour beginning belair road at outer loop all the way to the harrisburg expressway. 295 southbound delays still in place getting you down to the accidents beginning at 198. we will switch to a live view at sandy point -- the bay bridge and looked at the moment but at 1:15 p.m. it will shut down to traffic for 40 minutes to allow investors " -- bessel to pass underneath. it will happen at the key bridge, too, that closure at 3:15 p.m. for 20 minutes. northbound 895 construction will begin at 9:00 tonight. >> obviously the heat is the major headline. heat advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. this evening. the humidity has gone up dew point hanging around 70. when you factor in the humidity, you have to take the heat index to 101 or 102.
8:28 am
actual high temperatures mid to upper 90's this afternoon and air quality will be in the poor range. it cools off over the weekend. >> thank you for joining us. another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
wednesday morning, 20th of june, 2012. we have a scorcher this morning in new york city and a great crowd joining us here at rockefeller plaza. as they come back 48 hours from now, a concert from the country great kenny chesney.
8:31 am
we're excited about that around here. >> and 48 hours from now, some of the soggiest, ripest fans in the country music we've ever seen. >> tomorrow it's going to get up to about 97, 98 with high humidity. by friday, down to about 92 but the morning still pretty -- >> meantime martha stewart is grilling. >> martha wants to you grill every night of the week. she has recipes you can prepare in the morning, get them ready and whip them up after work. >> looks good. also jane pauley is back with us this morning. she has a great story about a fashion designer who came to this new calling later on in her life. we'll have that. >> an unusual sport, shin
8:32 am
kicking. >> that's something else. >> we'll show you what that's all about in just a little bit. >> can we say hello to one of our favorites around here. anthony mackey joining us, one of our favorite stars. >> it's a good thing. i like it out here. >> anthony stars in a new movie called "abraham lincoln:vampire hunter." you play the guy -- >> william h. johnson. abraham lincoln hired him, gave him, his friends, family writs, made them free, allowed them to be educated in the north. >> that's a fact. >> yes. >> we didn't know abraham lincoln was a vampire hunter. we didn't know about that. >> we have so many real
8:33 am
superheroes, we might as well -- so many movies about dudes, spider-man, superman, why not use real people. abraham lincoln worked as president during the day, at night saves us from vampires. these are old school vampires, scary, in your face, suck your blood, not the new ones. >> this is really a fun movie. two words. tim burton. >> that's it. tim burton put it together. the style is beautiful. it looks amazing. caleb shot it. it's rich. 3d brings an element to it you would not believe. >> the great thing your character wasn't even in the book. >> right. edgar allen poe in the book. you know, edgar allen poe. it's a really good movie. i'm really proud of it.
8:34 am
>> it opens up on friday, abraham lincoln, vampire slayer. will you be back in the fourth hour. >> i will. i'm so ready to see regis. i don't know what to do i'm so excited. >> in the show you own a bar. >> i have a drink called san regis. yes, i do. >> i'm told he likes vodka tonic cold. >> i'll introduce him to the dog style. >> all right. meantime, what do you think about a check of the weather? >> i think it's a great idea since i happen to be standing here. let's show you what we've got. heavy rain down in florida. the heat here in the east back into the midwest. slight risk of strong storms in the northern plains. we're also expecting some sunshine out west. tomorrow sizzling conditions in the east. more heavy rain down south. sizzling in the southwest. clouds in the pacific northwest. >> good morning. the heat and humidity are making
8:35 am
the weather headlines. high temperature around 96. >> we've got some nice folks here trying to beat the heat. what's your name? >> ken goldman. >> sue. >> mattie. >> where are you from? >> california. >> much cooler over there. >> always the 70s. >> don't even need a weatherman. ann. >> coming up next, a story you know about. we'll introduce you to the painful sport of shin kicking. this coming up "today" on nbc. o
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
we're back now at 8:37. the summer olympic games just 37 days away. some people in britain got a jump on things recently by competing in some rather unusual sports. nbc's special correspondent ben fogel among them. he's here to explain them. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. as you know london will be hosting this summer's olympic games. hyde park here will have more than its fair share of the action. for people of the cotsw, ald region they have had theirs. cheese rolling, frog snorkeling, and, yes, toe wrestling. it all comes together here. for 400 years in the english countryside teams and individuals have gathered here for a day of fun and sports at
8:39 am
the cotswolds olympic games. >> in 1610 a lawyer moved to this part of the world from london. he decided weren't getting exercise, probably drinking too much. >> reporter: the games have been canceled for periods over the year when wars or famine intervened. many of the events remain true to their roots. from sack races to tug-of-war, wheel barrel races and modern edition, relays. one particular competition hasn't changed much. is said this is the only place left to compete in the event to become world champions. >> registration for shin kicking. i never thought i'd say that. i've got the rule sheet here. if the kick is above the knee, the throw goes to the opponent.
8:40 am
the first to hit the ground loses. >> apparently started in the 17th century. the story goes competitors used to condition their shin by hitting them with hammers and wearing iron tipped boots. today shins padded with hay. shows encouraged. the main event of the game. coaching tip. >> more about power. >> how much hay should i stuff down there? >> as much as you possibly can. >> take as much of this as i can. i'll look like a scarecrow. i'm now ready for my shin kicking. there's no turning back. and as i find out, it's all about balance.
8:41 am
however, i do finish the event with no bruises on my shin. again see the professionals, the final. >> it's rather reassuring for my side to see my opponent makes it to the finals and finishes runner-up. with shin kicking over, 400 year cotswolds olympics comes to a close. unlike the summer games, these end, rather than begin, with the lighting of the flame. i think it's fair to say shin kicking won't make it into the official olympic games this summer. now that i've got praund my belt, matt, you, me, this summer? >> it's not going to happen. we're happy it's shin kicking with an n. see you soon. >> thanks. >> up next martha stewart here to get you grilling every single night of the week. first today on nbc.
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>> announcer: martha on today is brought to you by macy's. the martha stewart collection is now available on at macy's and on >> back now at 8:44, this morning on martha on today, start in the morning, grill at night. you don't have to wait until the weekend to fire up the barbecue. martha stewart sharing recipes on grilling in the current martha stewart magazine. martha, good morning and welcome. you're talking about something a lot of us are going to love. you're talking about basically saving us time in the kitchen by doing a little prep work in the morning. >> before you go to work, if you go to work, just before you start your day, marinate your beef, put it in a brine, at
8:45 am
night fire up the grill. in fact i'm showing you how to grill in the kitchen, if you have a grim pan. if it's raining and you don't want to go outside, grill inside. >> we've been hearing about the steak. >> vinegar, oil, a lot of black pepper and garlic. it's a very economical cut of meat. mix-up like this, salt and pepper. already put pepper in. this is hanger steak. put it in the marinade, leave it in the refrigerator until you get home from work and want to grill. take it out, dry the meat. we're grilling it, the hanger steak typically. >> how long did you want to marinade it? >> eight hours. this is not a strong marinade. grill it like this. look how beautifully it's grilling. >> it smells amazing.
8:46 am
>> look how it looks when it's done, it's fantastic. >> you want the rare look on the inside? what do you think, how many minutes on each side? >> you look at it and press it. if it's soft like this part of your hand you know it's rail. >> do you use a thermometer, i often do. >> can you. making a brine for a beautiful piece of meat, boneless pork loin, orange peel, a bunch of thyme, bay leaf, sugar, of course, salt. >> you're going to warm it up. >> warm that up, dissolve the sugar, bring it to a boil. then add ice to cool it off. put your pork loin in it and leave this pork loin in for at least eight hours, preferably overnight. and again you dry this up really well before you put it on the grill. season generously with salt and
8:47 am
pepper and put it right on the grill. if we were outside, i'd be doing it outside. >> this one because it's pork, i believe in the old wife's tale you have to worry how long you cook pork. >> 145 degrees interior temperature, delicious pork. >> to grill it, you time it out. >> time it out, adjust the temperature. you don't want to burn it. see how beautifully it turned out. >> almost like marinading is creating a caramelization on the outside. >> it does. it helps. a generous squeeze of orange. this is my favorite. take the backbone out and flatten the chicken. backbone has been removed. flatten it out. >> can your butcher do it for you snfr yes but you can do it, too. >> how do you say that again?
8:48 am
>> batch cock. >> rose marmaryrosemary, sage, . underneath the skin, loosen the skin. a little bit of olive oil on the chick p itself and start it breast side down on your grill. let that cook until it's a really dark beautiful brown. this is what it looks like. >> it looks phenomenal, martha. look at what's happening here. >> so tasty because every bite has something under the skin. it's really amazing. then, of course, a summertime salad. i like this one, new potatoes, string beans and a little onion in a mustardy vinegarette. >> you have potatoes and vegetables, boom, all you've got to do is pull that meat out of the refrigerator and cook it.
8:49 am
>> when you slice, look how beautiful it looks when you take a slice of chicken. are you ready to eat chicken in the morning? >> i am. nice and warm, too. let's take a taste of this. you can really taste the marinade. it's beautiful. >> really good. >> batch cocking is a popular way of cooking chicken because it's the whole chicken. it's inexpensive to buy the whole chicken. when you buy parts the price goes up and up and up. buy a whole chicken. >> martha stewart making our meals more tasty, saving time. happy first day of summer. coming up next, we've got jane pauley in the house talking about how one woman turned a literal dream into a successful fashion business. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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8:51 am
we're back at 8:51. "today's" contributor jane pauley working with aarp who produced and sponsored our series of reports. good to see you. >> thanks, matt. not too many people can pinpoint the exact moment when they started a second career. jan erickson can. >> there you go. bring that smile, girl.
8:52 am
love it. >> jan erickson became a fashion designer overnight, literally. she had a dream. >> i got up in the night and sketched very roughly that dream and went back to bed. the next morning i looked at it and said what is this about? i don't even know how to sew. >> her idea wouldn't let go. >> i finally said to my husband, john, i need to talk to you about something because it's not going away. >> a part time care minister in colorado springs, jan assisted all her parishioners including a woman named jean. jean was your muse. >> i think she was. >> disabled by strokes and arthritis, jean was relegated to wearing hospital gowns until jan had a prototype of that jacket made up. big sleeps, no buttons and a slit up the back. >> she just went oh, this feels
8:53 am
so good. >> when jan's ideas kept coming, a business was born, a wellness line of clothing. but a surprising thing happened at the first wholesale show. >> boutiques came up and said i love your things. they are so different. i'd like to order. what do we have here? >> you had a big idea. >> universal design. if you design for somebody who is less abled, everybody can wear it. >> and a fashion line took off. >> i like that. >> jan's husband john is the company's ceo. >> how is the situation? >> pretty good actually. >> they both had a lot to learn. he just sold his law practice and retired. >> he thought he was going to be a fly fisherman. but i think he found out pretty soon it lacked meaning and purpose. he said on many occasions it saved his life because he got to
8:54 am
reinvent himself, too. >> ten years after her dream, she employs 31 people and is about to have a third shift. >> this is new this year. >> the line is sold in 750 boutiques in the u.s. and canada. there's a thread that runs through jan's overnight success story. every previous job and volunteer role from restaurant management to literacy to hospice has been about service. >> candy striper. >> i was a candy striper. i think that all comes back to the kind of childhood i had. >> tagging along when her father made calls on the elderly as lay minister, jan grew up to follow in his footsteps. making people feel better was a unique business model. the business doubled in the last two years.
8:55 am
>> janksa is a dream come true. >> strictly looking for u.s. products. >> how did your kids react? >> they are proud of us. i think it inspired them that their life is not going to be over when they get to be 60. it's just been an amazing gift to be able to have this business and to believe that we're doing something that matters. >> hi, amy. good to see you. >> they had a lot of help starting a business, particularly from the senior for retired executives. the reality check, they didn't pay themselves for eight years. last year jan and john took home their first paycheck, just one, not two. i hope you'll join me for my internet radio call in show 10:00 eastern. >> you get a feeling they are getting something much more than money out of this.
8:56 am
>> a nice feeling to get. >> good to see you, jane pauley. >> deep discounts from jill martin after your local news. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. here's a look at one of our top stories. the 28-year-old man accused of north carolina teenager alysha bonds will be on june in court today. he was dating olbers sister when she disappeared. nearly a year later her body was
8:57 am
found slumped -- floating in the susquehanna river.
8:58 am
>> good morning. heat advisories and effect until 10:00 p.m. this evening. temperatures making it into the mid to upper 90's this afternoon and he did index at 101. 97 tomorrow but scattered thunderstorms will close off going into the weekend. going into the weekend. >> thank
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