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tv   Today  NBC  June 21, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television did he say hoda kotb? >> regis philbin. >> tell the guy in the booth. >> he got it wrong. >> from rockefeller plaza. >> is he still talking? >> now your cue. . >> i was just going to say it's me, regis, and i'm happy to be here with kathie lee. >> we're delighted you're here. and regis, we have a different -- >> i heard about this. >> would you like to have -- >> it's a little early for
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regis. >> no. >> really. can i take a cherry or two? >> you can take a cherry. you take a cherry. let's get out of here. we never have, hardly ever, ever, ever have an audience, a studio audience. >> and what an audience we've got today. >> but look who's here. we've got a studio audience. [ cheers and applause ] whoo! >> hello, ladies. how are you doing? >> yeah. whoo! >> oh, my god. >> it's so much fun. because one of the signs says "reege-united and it feels so good." reege. nice to see you. >> first time in about 12 years that we've been together on the air. >> 12 years basically this month i said good-bye. i think we have a little b-roll of that or something. >> really? well, i'd like to see that again. >> by the way, it's wines-day wednesday, june 20th. >> it's always winesday around
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here. >> let's go back, reege. >> have a little sip of that. >> i will. i will. get me through the show. what are we doing? >> we're just going to talk -- well, we're going to go down memory lane a little. >> look how young we look. >> look at my shoulder pads and my hair. that was our very first day. >> first show we did. >> first show we did nationally. right. we'd been a local show for three years. we used to call ourselves our local piece of slime show. we were happy, weren't we? then disney came along and syndicated us. >> and then we really got happy. >> the good old days. >> you're not syndicated here, are you? >> no. believe me, i've tried. but that did not work out. how do you fill your days up now? >> well, i hope i didn't make a mistake by telling nbc i love to do -- when they offered it to me. the july 4th, you know, fireworks. >> i think it's going to be great. >> i think it's a wonderful day. we should all celebrate it. it's the birthday of ow country. >> right. >> so yes, i'd like to do it. well, all of a sudden you hear
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from coda. what's her name? hoda? she couldn't make it. >> hoda, by the way-s at a friend's memorial service today. >> oh. well, there goes all the fun. but she wanted me to come and do this. i said, well, fine, i'll be happy to pinch-hit. but all of a sudden it became matt lauer at 8:00. >> i know. >> and listen to this. al roker would love to see you at 9:00. so as i'm coming in here i don't know, about 20 minutes ago, al roker was leaving on his bike! i said, al, what happened to you and me? >> you got the dis. the al dis. >> oh, al just waved me off. he said to me it's going to be 95 degrees today. i said thank you. tell me what the weather is. last night i did a show that al roker hosted last year at this time. >> oh, yeah? >> ernst & young, you know, the accountants. >> the accountants. >> they have an event that they have every year, and they're looking for people who want to create something, manage it, and build it up. >> right. >> what is the name of it? shirley, what's the name of it?
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entrepreneurs. i got my manager and my agent with me, and my attorney is on the way. >> you have your people. >> so here's what they do. they look for entrepreneurs who are really beginning and succeeding. >> good for them. >> and i think it stimulates the economy. the more young people want to do something. and are not hindered by it and get out and do it. the better off everybody's going to be. >> so you were doing good work last night. >> so i killed myself. at the end of the show the guy gets me and says, gee, yeah, thanks for coming. you know, we had al roker last year. he was great. excuse me. excuse me. four hours there. anyway. this is kind of good. >> so reege. that's your drink of choice. >> i love the cherry. >> so what's it like? what's it like to be back? >> right now? >> yeah. >> you know what? it's the wait to get here. we never used to wait. we -- >> we showed up. we went on the air. that's right. >> 30 seconds before the thing, 9:00, come on, let's go, we walk
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down the hallway. and we did it. here, lauer scratching at me. al roker allegedly waiting for me. danny deutch wanted to hear my confession. so anyway. it's nice. good to see you again. >> and you've been away from the show, your own show, since november. >> since november. six months. >> and i want you to remember that it was i who suggested that you had a great career ahead of you working with betty white and the ladies at "hot in cleveland." >> o'so hot. you're right. >> who's hotter than you? >> nobody's hotter than me. >> nobody. i just thought you'd be dynamite. and look at you as pierre. >> yeah, here it is p pierre. >> snap you in two and suck out the middle. >> thank you, pierre. this is for you. >> put it in the bank, sweetheart. >> and who is this beautiful creature? your sister? >> older sister.
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>> come on back and let's get you started. >> i don't know if i'm allowed to sit in the chair yet. you know, christopher. >> girlfriend, please. >> >> are you sure? >> absolutely sure. and as for you, if that fabulous tushy isn't in that chair in 20 seconds, it's going to be in my hand. >> i never talk like that to anybody. >> it's regis doing regis. >> i'm playing pierre, and nobody knows if he's gay, he's not gay. you know -- >> not that it matters. >> not that it matters. but at the end of the show he makes a pitch for betty white. and so we close out the entire season. betty white and i leave out the door. and god only knows what we did. >> well, they're going to have to wait till the season premiere, right? of the new -- >> and pierre is coming back on the first two shows. >> by popular demand. >> i wish hollywood would leave me alone. i just don't have the time. you know what i mean? >> why don't you let me manage you? look how well it's working out.
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>> betty white would be replaced so fast. poor betty white. >> i would love just a couple of scraps from betty white. >> where did she go? oh, kathie took care of her. >> oh, did you -- what? >> i said kathie took care of her. >> you said kelly. >> you said kelly. she's always on your mind. oh, yes. oh, please. how i hope the two of you never meet. i don't want to be -- >> oh, reege. >> no, no. there's too much going on. >> should we talk about what else is going on in the world? besides, everyone wants to know how is baby joy? >> baby joy is terrific. she really is. >> how many years married now, reege? >> 42 1/2. >> yep. and there she is. we had dinner on saturday night. joy gets better-looking all the time. >> she really does, doesn't she? >> must be all that wild lovemaking. >> yeah. as a matter of fact, you're right. ask betty white. okay. what are we going to do about
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our -- >> what are we going to do about it? >> poor alec. he's always getting in trouble like this. but i guess he went after -- he says he didn't throw any punches. but it looks like -- >> these days you're on camera -- >> i don't know. i tell you what i do with the paparazzis. i consider them friends. you want to take a picture, i'll pose for the picture. you know, they meet you when you land in l.a. they were there. and get along. and then let them go and they let me go. so i don't know why he doesn't do that. >> you know, we both know alec privately. and he's a delightful guy. he's funny. he's so much fun. he's interesting. and then these things just trigger things in him. you know, you just want him to get a hold of it and stop doing, it basically. you know? it doesn't help -- it doesn't help. >> no, you're absolutely right. >> because he loses credibility every time he loses his temper, right? and he's a good guy. >> but you know, this has happened before. and before you know it it goes away and it's a new season, new alec baldwin, everything's fine. i'm just sorry he has to go through this.
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>> how about the "forbes" list of the best -- the highest-paid actresses? have you heard about that? >> you're on that. i saw you. >> no, i am not on that. >> if hoda ever found out what you're getting paid. believe me. out the door. furious! >> sandra bullock is number 3. 25 million. i can't remember what movie she was in this year. i love her. >> i wonder how they figure those things. because you're right. you don't see them for -- how can it be 20 million? >> i don't know. this is based on their films. so number 2 -- oh, "extremely loud and incredibly close." cameron diaz. 24 -- $34 million because of "bad teacher." which by all accounts was a bad movie. but it was a surprise hit. it did very, very well. and then who do you think was number 1? >> they're telling us that cameron had a big deal, which is what i have. >> a back end. >> yeah, back end. >> i have a big back end. >> she had a little piece of it. that's the way to do it these
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days. >> that's exactly the way to do it. kristen stewart has aw big back end. tiny in real life. but 34 1/2 million, reege. for "twilight" and "snow white and the huntsman." >> thank god the vampires are around to keep her working. >> but she never smiles. if i were the highest-paid actress in all of hollywood i could crack a smile. look at this. she's a beautiful girl. it's like the uber models that make $100,000 a day and they're -- you know? smile for goodness sake! >> you know, i always like the way you did that. do it again. >> what'd i do? >> yeah, with the -- yeah. there it is. >> remember that? my great talent, reege. i can do this. watch my nostrils. >> yeah. that's really interesting to look at. >> all right. sad news. johnny depp did split with his long-time girlfriend, the gorgeous french actress vanessa paradis. >> how long? >> i think 14. you and i made 15, baby. >> that's right. >> they have two children. and a good friend of mine, army
2:16 am
hammer's been working with him out in -- where are they? the albuquerque area. for the last -- since, golly, the start of the year. because army hammer is the brand new lone ranger. you know army, who's from "social network" and from "j. edgar." and johnny depp is going to be tonto. so they've become really great pals. he loves him. >> you never hear anything adverse about johnny depp. in fact, you don't hear much about johnny depp. he leads a very private life. unlike you. and so that's the way it should be. >> you know would we have here today, reege? because people really want to ask you some questions. we have people in the audience that would love to ask you a question. >> uh-oh. looks like a tough crowd. >> yeah. anybody? >> yes, we have our first question here. >> hi, sara. >> hi, guys. what's your name and where are you from? >> i'm connie cross from cornelius, north carolina. >> what do you want to ask him? >> my question is from working so closely for so many years how do you keep your friendship so very strong. >> talking about me and regis?
2:17 am
>> yes. >> how do we, reege? >> we see each other as few times as possible. although we did have dinner the other night. >> yeah. over the last 12 years i think we've had dinner or seen each other about once every six weeks to two months it seems. >> more like three months to four years. no, you're right. no -- >> because joy and regis as a couple are really good friends of frank and mine. you know what i'm saying? when i know we're going to have dinner together, i'm excited. i know we're going to have a lot of laughs. >> and a lot that you've got to say. and boy, did you take off saturday night. >> i did. i took off a little bit. >> not going to talk about it. it was very interesting, and i was happy that you were still interested in this particular area that you talked about. for an hour and a half. >> any other questions? >> yeah. we actually have a facebook question from patricia from moundsville, west virginia.
2:18 am
what is the biggest adjustment, regis, since leaving the show? >> well, you know, there are times when i do miss a show to go to. especially if i have something, you know, spectacular or fun to talk about the next morning. i say, gee, i'd love to talk about this but there's no show. so what am i going to do? that is tough to get over. but that happens, you know, once a month, something like that. >> do you guys still go out s&p first night at a movie, a play, a restaurant. >> i used to go out all the time just to have something to talk about. because you know, i couldn't rely on you. >> true. i was home nursing. >> oh, boy, were you nursing. yeah, i'm going to see woody allen's movie tonight. >> okay. >> rome. something -- >> "to rome with love." >> "to rome with love." >> with alec baldwin. >> no kidding. >> he's in. >> do you think that's a publicity -- >> no. no. he was getting married. he was trying to get his marriage license. >> exactly right.
2:19 am
and the guy found him. too bad. >> are you ready to actually do this now? >> that's it for the opening? >> what else have you got? >> we used to do 20 minutes. >> we used to do 23. >> and what is it, 5 1/2 minutes here? we're already going like this? >> no, no. do you know who's here today? anthony mack. he's a wonderful, wonderful actor. benjamin walker. they're going to sink their teeth into some movie roles. and reege, you want to take the prompter? >> right after this. how much coffee are you fellows going to need today? three...four cups? [dumbfounded] well, we... doesn't last long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy.
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subway. build your better breakfast. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices on really nice hotels and car rentals. so we hit boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ i will, baby. abraham lincoln is hailed as one of our greatest presidents for reuniting the north and the south and abolishing slavery. but his secret life as a stone cold vampire slayer protecting our country from its worst enemy, the undead, has remained in the shad oeows for years. >> well, that's until now. as told in the new movie "abraham lincoln: vampire
2:22 am
hunter." anthony mackey and benjamin walker are two of the stars of the film. we thank you very much for coming today. >> thank you for coming. what did you bring us? >> here's to abraham lincoln. we brought you a little rose. >> you have co-hosted with hoda. do you have any advice for reege? >> regis, go slow. listen a lot. don't talk too much. >> that's right. >> drink a lot of wine. >> let me ask you something. is this the true -- is this what happened to abraham lincoln's run as president, the episodes with the vampire, or is this somebody's idea? >> is he kidding? >> well, a lot of the movie is steeped in actual history -- >> that's what you indicate here. >> so you would think -- >> secret life. >> i know. it could be true. >> but it's not true. but you never say it's not true. do you? >> a lot of angry high school history teachers. >> i bet. i bet. something tells me you play abe lincoln himself with those long legs of yours. >> yes. >> specializes in presidents. did you see him on broadway, andrew jackson? >> yes, yes.
2:23 am
>> weird interpretations of presidents. >> can you imagine if your agent comes to you and says i've got this great new role for you guys. you're going to play abe lincoln but you're going to be a vampire slayer. what is your -- >> and you're going to be a -- >> and you're going to be. yeah. what do you say to your crazy agent? >> i guess my first question is who's directing it? he said tim burton's producing it and timur beck ma'am betteoff is directing it. >> is he a good one? >> timur? >> yeah. >> he's remarkable. he did night watch, day watch. he did "wanted." >> with angelina jolie? >> yeah. >> where did you film this? >> we shot it in new orleans where he's from. >> so that's why you took the script. >> you've seen tim burton's name, though, reege, you know it's going to be crazy good. >> it's a great movie. the effects are amazing. and when you see is it in 3-d it really adds a completely new element to the movie. it immerses you in the action and the story. and it's really beautiful.
2:24 am
>> will it make us believe in vampires? >> it will make you scream. >> you always make me scream. >> i know. i didn't want to talk about it. but you know. >> so he's lincoln. and what role are you, anthony? >> i'm abraham lincoln's best friend, who was an actual person named william h. johnson. and we go together and slaughter all the bad guys. >> lincoln was an incredible man, wasn't he? a lack of education along the way, but he accomplished so much. >> humble beginnings. he was an ordinary guy that did extraordinary things. >> yeah. >> i miss those days when you could just be a nobody but with enormous integrity and run for the presidency -- >> and make something happen. now it's so complicated. >> yeah. >> so anthony, new salon over in brooklyn, of all places. >> yeah, yeah. >> what's the name of it? >> it's called no bar. and this is actually one of the wines we sell at the bar. >> i'm not much of a wino but this is delicious. >> a rose. something to sip on the veranda. i know you've got a veranda,
2:25 am
regis. >> you bet i do. >> a little pergola. >> brooklyn is the hottest place in the world right now. >> that's why they call it the planet. >> we know he's a wild man. what about you? >> well, live at home. i got married. coming up on a year anniversary. >> oh, boy. a whole year. >> how's married life? >> so far so good. >> is she in the business? >> i'm afraid so. >> she sells insurance. >> she's an actor. >> she's meryl streep's daughter. >> oh. >> they've been going together for a long, long time. >> going together. that's an old school term. he's been courting her. >> that's what my mother said. >> what's he doing? courting. >> does she have a beau? >> what? >> a beau. no, mother. >> how do you like married life? >> it's great. we have a lot of fun. we have a good time. >> are you close to getting married? >> we don't talk to anthony about that. >> he's taking the fifth right now. >> what? drink some wine, reege. >> "abraham lincoln: vampire
2:26 am
hunter" opens this friday at a theater near you. >> all right. we'll be right back with more of "today" right after this. >> that was perfect. >> thank you, guys. them a possum.o save md dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women that eat breakfast like the special k breakfast
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still ahead with regis, those off the wall photos that will make you stop and say "what the what?" >> plus we play a special "who knew" dedicated to dynamic duos like us. >> and he's going to go over for a change. and something i can't wait to learn about, what you're really buying when you bring home those fresh and frozen veggies. can you believe it, reege? >> that sounds interesting. >> after your local news. you know who's here? madeline fehrnstrom. >> i love her. >> we'll be back with more reege man. >> see you in a bit. i'm across the street now.
2:31 am
2:32 am
♪ we go together we are back on this winesday wednesday with more of "today," ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew?" and since reege is filling in for hoda today we thought we'd
2:33 am
celebrate our big reunion today by testing your knowledge of dynamic duos throughout entertainment history. regis is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out $100 to those who answer the questions correctly and a copy of my cd to those who don't. reege, you should have brought your own cd. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love it. >> here to help us out is senior writer for "newsweek" and the daily beast, ramin set ada. how are you? >> hi, kathie lee. >> should we get started? go ahead, reege, ask the first question. >> i'm here with the real people. not in the studio. and anyway, you're going to win a $100 american express credit card or you win one of kathie lee's -- "everybody has a story." right. okay. what is your name, and where are you from? >> tim bond from nashville, indiana. >> are you ready to go here? >> yeah. >> here's the question. before an older demi moore married a younger ashton kutcher, which of the following duos was made up of an older
2:34 am
woman and younger man? was it a, lucy and desi arnaz? b, fred astaire and ginger rogers. c, ozzie and harriet nelson. or d, elvis and priscilla presley? an older woman, younger man. >> i think it was a. >> i'm not even sure. is he right? [ cheers and applause ] >> he's right. >> that's right. you don't know how lucky you are, pal. you win that. >> in real life lucy was older. >> she was six years older, but they did not want anyone to know. so she would lie about her age and say she's three years younger and desi would lie about his age and say he's three years older. so even on their marriage certificate they lied. >> see what happens when you lie? they ended up getting divorced. >> 20 years later, though. >> that's true. and two great kids. >> great kids. >> can regis go on now? here's the wife, right? >> no. >> okay.
2:35 am
who are you? what's your location? >> i'm betty decostanza. and i'm a teacher. >> all right. betty's got a following. which famous couple reunited on "late night with david letterman" in 1987? was it hall and oates? sonny and cher? donny and marie? mickey and minnie. which famous couple got together? >> sonny and cher. >> and you're right! wow. >> they're on a roll. that was so iconic in history. >> i'm trying to get rid of this, and nobody wants it. >> go ahead. >> i just watched the clip again last night. and you know, cher tells the story of how she met sonny. she was 17 at the time. when she was 16, actually, she met him. she lied about her age as well. >> hoda's not the only one. >> they ended up living together. >> yeah. >> as roommates and friends. >> that didn't work out either. >> it didn't. >> all righty. okay, reege. >> we continue. your name and location. >> jenny peterson in loma linda,
2:36 am
california. >> what do you do? >> i'm a nurse. >> okay, jenny, here it is. here's the question. elton john is the godfather of which dynamic duo's child? brad pitt and angelina jolie. madonna and guy ritchie. john lennon and yoko ono. or david and victoria beckham. think about it now. brad pitt, madonna, john lennon, david and victoria beckham. he's the godfather of one of them. >> c. >> john lennon and yoko ono? absolutely right! >> i cannot -- wow, reege, you can't even give my cds away today. wow. >> lucky people! >> ramin, i didn't know this one. >> elton john is actually the godfather to two of david beckham's sons. the godfather to elizabeth hurley's son. >> that's what threw me. he is. >> the godfather to sean lennon. >> you know why? because he gives great presents. >> he does? >> yeah. >> how do you know this? >> of course he would. why else do you get a godfather?
2:37 am
>> and do you know who's the godmother to his son? lady gaga. >> should we go back to reege and get one more question in? >> let's do that. >> okay, guys, thank you very much. and you are? >> i'm dave wasurek from michigan. >> i see you've got the hat on. good for you, dave. which of the following duos has hosted a talk show together for the longest amount of time? host aid talk show for the longest amount of time. regis and kelly. kathie lee and hoda. regis and kathie lee. kelly and mark consuelos. >> god, that's a toughie. >> regis and kelly. >> i'm going to have to go with c. >> regis and kathie lee? you're right! >> i didnnidn't realize that. in all the history, ramin? >> well, of all the choices. 15 years. you guys got nine emmy nominations. >> it was actually 11. but thank you. >> 11? >> yeah. >> i'm sorry. >> reege won a bunch of them. >> did you know right away there was a spark? >> yeah. but you know, reege finally won
2:38 am
the year i left him. right, reege? zblae. that's exactly what happened. >> come over, reege. we've got another segment. oh, one more? >> we have one more if you don't mind. i know you two are so involved with each other. here we go. what is your name? >> angie davis. >> where are you from, angie? >> naples, florida. >> naples, florida. i was just down there. here it is. which of the following household items did cleopatra hide in -- hide in to sneak into caesar's palace and spend time with him? was it a chest? a rug? a desk? or an armoire? >> b, a rug. >> absolutely right! there you go. >> i think this must be a first in our history of doing this. >> does anybody want this record? whatever it is. okay. here you go. it's on me. >> all right, reege. come on back. what about that, ramin? >> she'd been banished from egypt. she wanted to meet julius caesar. she snuck into a persian rug that was delivered to him and
2:39 am
then came out. and they met and fell in love. >> look what love will do. great to see you. >> great to see you too. >> up dmenext, fresh, frozen, canned, or organic. such questions. what to buy and what not to buy when shopping for produce. right after this. another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. ♪ ♪
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♪ sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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♪ tutti-frutti regis is moaning and groaning about having to walk up steps. all right. today on our series "do you know what you're buying," we take a look at all your fruits and vegetables and what you're eating when you take home that fresh, canned, frozen, organic, all that stuff. >> and since we know nothing about this, today's diet and nutrition editor madelyn finestrom -- fernstrom is here to fill us in. >> i bet you have all these burning questions about fruits and vegetables. >> all morning long. >> what is that? >> so here we have two kinds of strawberry. you hear a lot about organic or regular.
2:44 am
so the question is which one in a taste test you like better. >> don't they look redder? >> fresher. yeah. >> well, which one do you think is organic? >> we think this one because of the look of it. we're probably wrong, right, reege? >> you think this is the organic? >> yeah. >> i just told you we're probably wrong. >> you're wrong. but the thing is nutrientwise you're still the same. but you have to wash it was you've got to wash -- >> if i want it toook like this? >> it can turn into that. >> i'm curious now. because this would attract me as being organic. is it or not? >> no. no, it's not. this is the organic and this is the regular. >> what's different? >> what's different one is grown with only organic material -- >> am i supposed to know that? >> you're supposed to know when you look for organic. it says it on the package. >> is it more expensive? >> organ sic a lot more expensive. are you willing to pay more -- >> no, i'm not. >> you don't have to, especially with bananas and oranges. >> without al roker.
2:45 am
>> are you a peach lover? these are fresh and frozen. now, taste one of these and one of these. and tell me which one do you think -- >> i can look at it and tell you that's the frozen right there. >> what do you think, kathie? >> but love peaches. >> that's the frozen. that's the fresh. >> no, regis is right. this is the fresh. this is the frozen. but you can save a lot of money in baking with frozen. >> miss know it all thinks she's still with coda. >> no, i'm pretty sure i'm not. >> but frozen is good. do you eat frozen vegetables or only fresh? >> i stay with both of them. >> is joy still cooking, by the way? >> she's a great cook. next! >> we have watermelon. there's seedless and the ones with the seeds you have to spit out. >> i'm a little wobbly after walking up and down four flights of stairs. >> on a bottle of wine. >> where do you think seedless watermelon comes from? there's no seeds --
2:46 am
>> there are seeds. what's wrong with you? >> that's right. the little tiny seeds. >> which tastes better to you? with the seeds or no seeds? do they taste the same? >> can i put it in my mouth? >> give you a minute. >> they taste about the same. >> i like the first one better. >> you like the first one because actually you're going to pay twice as much just about for the work of having the seeds taken out for you. >> that's organic? >> no, no, no. we're past that. this is just seeds and no seeds. now we're going to -- >> i want to find organic. that's what i really want. >> you know wt these are? >> they look like mandarins, yes. >> they look like mandarins. taste this. are these canned or are they fresh? >> canned. >> what do you think? >> i'll say fresh. >> no, they are canned. but for an exotic fruit that can help. >> thank you very much. >> boy, you're doing great. >> i really am. >> this is corn. this is harder. fresh, frozen, canned, how do you know which is best? let's take a taste. >> isn't fresh always best? >> it's not always best because it can sometimes be too pricey for people.
2:47 am
so canned can be good. frozen can be good. >> needs salt. that's for darn -- i'm going to o'like this. because i like this color. mm-hmm. >> so what do you think? >> what do we like or -- >> which one do you like the best of all three of these? >> i like this one. >> you like the frozen one. >> yeah. >> i'll take the middle. >> that's the fresh one. this is the canned. but you know what? getting more fruits and vegetables every day is good. have what you can. eat what you like. and enjoy. >> it doesn't matter, what we learned here. eat what you want! just eat it! >> photos that will make you say -- >> i don't believe this woman. for an hour we talked about this. >> we'll be back. >> i can't believe that -- >> i know! >> get her off the stage. the heat is on. good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. heat continues throughout a good portion of the east coast and
2:48 am
the midwest. but you see this right here. this rain, these storms we're going to have throughout the day today eventually will help cool things down. not the storms themselves but what's causing the storms. the cold front. so cooler air will be moving in to the northeast for you. so eventually we're going to see that cooler air. but once again today it is going to be another scorcher in the northeast. mid-atlantic and down into the south. you can see those temperatures starting to cool down. 70s behind the front. storms with the front. and hot out ahead of that front. so it's going to be a hot one again. then on friday we're still going to see some of those storms popping up in places. but you know what? this will be a sign that things are changing. it will be a bit of a bumpy transition. but nonetheless, it will be transitioning back to some cooler temperature readings. in fact, cooler at this point's relative. upper 80s and lower 90s. more significant cooling happens when that air really settles in.
2:49 am
so with the storms and the humidity it's not going to be a real big break on friday. but saturday you're back into the 80s there for new york. still in the upper 80s for d.c. and look at much of the heartland. even into the west now seeing some of that heat. and we're going to see a chance for some storms just in a few spots. and then on sunday a chance for a few showers around the great lakes and around florida things could be a little tricky around florida. could have a tropical system going on in the gulf by the end of the weekend and early next week. we're going to talk about that on the weather channel in days to come. so make sure you tune in for all the details on all that may develop in the gulf. but cooler air will be on the way for the northeast. remember, weekdays on the weather channel, you can wake up with al. [ boy voice ] what happened to my sub? [ girl voice ] i dunno. hey chief, did you take my sub? [ boy voice ] no. this one's got avocado on it.
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oh, mine had avocado on it! wow, how bout that? well, i don't. i'll help you find yours when i'm done. thanks. wow... [ male announcer ] get your own subway chipotle steak and cheese with avocado. the rich, superfood! or add it to your favorite sub. it's avocado season at subway. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. introducing one-a-day vitacraves for men! it's a gummy multivitamin... with more vitamin b, to convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. new one-a-day vitacraves for men.
2:51 am
♪ how bizarre it is time to take a look at all those photos that make you stop and say "what the what?" >> i heard about this segment. i heard about sara haines too. >> isn't she adorable? >> she really is cute. >> i hope this is going to be a good segment for you, regis. >> what is it that you do? >> well, i'm still trying to figure it out. >> but what is it? >> i'm like a little sidekick. >> all right. you're a sidekick. i see. >> when they don't want to do something, it's like send sara in. it's like mikey likes it. >> what have you got for us today? >> our first one comes to us from ollie jensen from waco, texas who saw this sign. "now hiring giant beef ribs."
2:52 am
so clearly if you have small beef ribs you should not apply. >> see, reege? how great is that? >> what's so great about this? >> exactly. >> isn't it kind of funny? >> we're supposed to comment on this? i never liked ribs. >> we've got some good ones. we'll get a laugh out of you yet. >> i hope so. >> our next one is from tammy cochran of maine. take a look at this sign. proficiency in grilling steaks, cooking children. >> oh, my gosh. >> now, seriously, where do you learn that? >> so you're making fun of this woman? >> i'm making fun of the person that made the sign. >> you're really serious, aren't you, sara? you look like such a little harmless -- >> she's godzilla, reege. bambi on the outside. >> do you have children? >> no, i don't. yeah. >> good to know. i still like you, then. next. from falls church, avirginia, submitted this photo of a sign that reads "past gas." not the act of doing it. just old gas.
2:53 am
>> old gas -- >> they're selling these old pumps? >> do you even need that? >> no. no, i don't, really. >> i don't know how long that store's going to be in business. >> that long. >> leslie from stockton, california submitted this photo warning drivers not to leave vabltz in the c valuables in the car because you're not in fairy land. you're in stockton, not fairy land. >> these are awesome. >> you selected the best, right? >> no, no, there's a really good one. finally, devon stein from stevens city, virginia submitted this photo. that's telling it like it is. baby, apple juice, and beer. >> very cute. >> wow. >> regis, that's cute. look at her little belly. apple juice in there. >> it's adorable with the juice. >> up next, we're going to drink to that. pairing wines -- >> you were great. look at sara. she wouldn't leave me alone. >> first, this is "today" on -- >> crazy about me.
2:54 am
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plenty of occasions to have a blast this summer if you need one. but if you do, alyssa rock has done the party pairing for you. >> very nice of you, alyssa. she's the co-founder and ceo of bottle notes, a website for wine enthusiasts like kathie lee. >> yes. and she's seven months pregnant. so i'm going to do the tasting for her too. >> good. >> give us some suggestions. >> if you're having a pool party this summer you can take the splash in more ways than one. >> yeah. >> you can have a wine like cannonball, which has a splash
2:57 am
theme. i know you like chardonnay, kathie lee. >> what time of the day are you talking about? >> i'd say you could start at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> 3:00 in the afternoon. n not 10:00 in the morning. >> i don't know. it tastes awfully good right now. >> sonoma county chardonnay. but if you want to go for a little more adventure you can host your own wine olympics this summer. have your guests bring wines from different countries or you yourselves can bring in wines from around the world. you can brown bag them, taste them blindly and then award your very own gold, silver, or bronze model. >> do something like this, keep them hidden. >> i think that's a cute idea. >> a nice party idea. >> please do that. better than sitting around talking to you and frank. >> but if you want to go with something traditional, a clam bake. >> nothing more fun. >> nothing more fun in the summer. with a clam bake you're definitely going to want to go with a sparkling wine or a full blush wine with some acidity. >> not red. >> no. you could do i alight bodied red
2:58 am
wine like pinot. but this is a riesling. riesling can be dry and sweet but it has that floral and aromatic note that i bet is great. >> people love it. >> if you prefer to stick to chardonnay for something more rich and would be great with a lobster -- >> it looks like a bottle of champagne. is it? >> this is a bottle of sparkling wine from california, also by gloria ferrer. >> you can't call it champagne. >> you can't because -- >> because it's not from the champagne region. >> but it's not -- >> what's your recommendation? >> my recommendation is if you love sparkling wine you can stick with it the whole night at a clam bake. if you want something more floral, riesling, and something more full-on lush chardonnay. a bratwurst. what could be better? burgers, delicious, and then good old, you know, grilled chicken if you're being really good. >> it's a lovely presentation. >> they did a great job. i agree. if you're also looking for something more floral and aromatic which is in -- i know, kathie lee it might not be your favorite, moscato absolutely hot right now.
2:59 am
>> what's wrong with it? >> i'm not crazy about it. i like pinot grigio. it's lighter. >> but then we can also go -- if you're going for something like burgers, i actually love a red blend. and decoy by duck corn. >> duck corn's great. >> this is their second label. under $20. a great napa valley wine. merlot and cabernet. >> get to the last one because i want -- don't worry. happy birthday to christine capeldi, who's in our booth right now. there she is -- well, that's not -- it's her birthday today. >> it's not her picture? >> it is. >> i like her. she's cute. >> i want to thank my friend reege. hoda's back tomorrow. did you have a good time? >> fair. >> who's better, betty white or me? >> let me tell you something. don't overlook betty white. whoa. you've got to be a man to handle betty white. >> i know. you've got to come back and be with hoda


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