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tv   Today  NBC  June 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back with more of "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 21st day of june 2012, the first full day of summer. boy, it's here with a vengeance as we're going to be flirting with temperatures near 100 degrees in new york city. by the way, we're not alone. lots of people dealing with dangerous heat and humidity. coming up today's professionals plus a special guest. >> special guest who has come a long way from the old punky brewster days, it's the actress
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soleil moon frye. we all remember her like this. now she's a successful mommy blogger. we have a lot to talk about, including the incident we covered earlier with the woman on the middle school bus where the woman was bullied. >> more like terrorized. >> everyone is outreached about it. we'll talk about how those kids should be disciplined and we'll talk about is it okay to drink in moderation while you're pregnant? >> there's another study i find kind of surprising that actually kids tend to gain the most weight during the summer. so you think they're more active, they're outside, but maybe not. we have strategies for smart eating and keeping your kids active. >> also, the latest trends in fashion, including jewelry you can actually rent. and also clothing that actually adds to your body's illusion of
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curves. >> okay. a lot to get to. let's go inside. natalie is satanding by at the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. today george zimmerman's defense team released new documents, including a video of zimmerman talking to police at the scene of the shoot persian gulf heap said martin punched him and repeatedly hit his head into the sidewalk. that's when he said martin saw his gun. >> he looked at it and he said "you're going to die tonight." he reached for it. i felt his arm going down to my side and i grabbed it and i grabbed my side arm and shot him. >> zimmerman remains behind bars on a second degree murder charge. the police chief who has been criticized for his handling of the shooting has now been fired. >> closing arguments in the child sex say bus coach against
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former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the defense rested on wednesday without calling sandusky to the stand. he's accused of abusing ten boys over 15 years. the case could go to the jury by this afternoon. >> more record highs are expected today. for the second day in a row heat advisories are in effect from virginia to maine with temperatures at or about 100 in some places. >> meanwhile, a massive clean-up is under way in duluth after flading caused by heavy rains. >> the mother of michael brewer, who was set on fire by classmates is reacting to the guilty verdict of the rings leader of the attack. >> reporter: from the witness stand michael brewer told his story to jurors. >> they set me on fire. >> reporter: the horror of a 17-year-old whose burned arms
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and legs will forever be scarred. >> the defendant is guilty of aggravated battery. >> reporter: this week 17-year-old matthew bent was convicted of aggravated battery. brewer's family says they're satisfied with the verdict, even though bent was not convicted of the original charge, attempted murder. his mother spoke to nbc news. >> it's justice. that's what we were going after was getting some justice for what happened to michael. >> reporter: prosecutors described matthew bent as the mastermind who organized the fire attack because brewer owed him $40. brewer denied he owed him anything. this summer will include a vacation for brewer but also more therapy. doctors say he'll need medical attention for the rest of his life. >> the scars that michael has are not just physical. he has deep emotional scars that may never go away. every time he looks in the mirror, he's reminded of what
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happened. >> for "today," carey sanders, nbc news. >> a royal milestone for prince william who turns 30 today. his milestone also comes with a fortune, the remainder of diana's estate set aside for him. it's said to be around $10 million after taxes. >> an unusual and big custody dispute. a u.s. judge ruled it's okay for u.s. officials to seize a dinosaur skeleton from an auction house while people try to sort out whose tryannosaurus it is. it is a smaller cousin of the bigger tryannosaurus rex. it's thought to be from mongolia and could be sent back there. >> and a 64-year-old bodybuilder is showing she still has what it takes to compete. she recently came in second in a women's figure competition,
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coming in ahead of women half her age. she said it's all about being healthy and taking care of your body and showing people age is only a number. hard to believe she is 64. let's go back to al for a check of your weather. >> today's weather is brought to you by the american cancer society. >> we have some nice folks here from the march of dimes. >> how are you today in. >> good. what's happening? >> today is our national babies day, we try to raise as much money for these guys here, to make sure they're in good health. >> let see what we've got for you as far as your weather. we've got a lot of heat. these are records from yesterday, everybody up into the upper 90s, even houlton, maine seeing a temperature of 90 degrees. big area of high pressure, pumping up the jet stream up to the north.
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we're expecting record in d.c., philly, new york, boston, everywhere in between. the relief comes not until saturday. in the meantime today wee got ahead of the front warm ash 90s and 100s, along the east coast into the mississippi river valley, behind it cool air. the 90s will stay banked down throughout the lower mississip >> good morning. high temperature in the upper 90's to around 100. he index between
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and that's your latest weather. savannah? ♪ taking care of business >> now to "today's profession s professionals," our panel of professionals, donny deutsche and in for star jones is soleil moon frye. you'll always be punky brewster in our hearts. >> welcome to this crazy bunch. >> i'm very excited to be part of the crazy bunch. >> we want to start with the story that disturbed everyone who saw it, bus monitor bully be. she was absolutely taunted by a group of middle schoolers for more than ten minutes. it went on and on. they called her fat, called her an elephant, they said she was so ugly she should commit suicide. there was a video of it, it was
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posted on youtube. everyone agrees it's an outrage. the first question to ask, i'll put to you, nancy, what is the right punishment here? >> i think we have to stay this is a modern day version of "lord of the flies." this is a pack mentality of kids leading with the mean guy. what's the punishment? i'm sorry we had to blur their faces. i think their faces and names -- they should be held accountable. second thing is i -- their parents should be front and center public. perhaps the best way to treat these kids is to make their parents being held accountable. whether they're kicked out of school, i mean, i don't know what the legal issue is but there has to be a phenomenal amount of shame. >> my fear is if they're kicked out of school, then what's happening? is it worse if they're left to their own devices. >> let's forget about school.
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what if they were your children? >> what happened to moral and ethics? so often i hear they're too young to be exposed to things. it's so important that we teach our kids and talk about ethics and morals. >> here's the problem, you talk about the parents. every time i've had friends who kids have been victims of bummying and they go to the other parents, the parents are just as bad. they say my kids wouldn't do it. and it's the parents. i promise you, you go home and you see those parents and they're older versions of these kids. the parents have to become accountable for the kids. throw the parents in jail. kick the kids out of school forever. and what the hell is going on, setting the kid on fire?
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>> legally i don't think you can put these parents? jail. >> something's wrong here! >> i know many kids that have gone down a darker path who had amazing parents that tried so hard to be loving parents. it's both the parents but it's also our school system. >> nine out of ten times it's the parents. it's the parents. your kids would not do that. that wouldn't be an option for them to do that. >> i a daughter bullied in sixth grate by three tough boys. i personally contacted each of the mothers. two of the mothers refused to talk to me because of the fact her son wouldn't do it. donny is right. it's the parents. >> my daughter was in ballet, she had to go to the bathroom. she came out and little girls were saying, oh you have to go pee-pee and picking on my little baby! and we have kids in school
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getting peer pressure in school. >> even like the disney channel and nice channel, there's always the mean girl. there's always this mean charact character. >> what's wrong with kids today is what's wrong with adults today. we'll leave it at that. >> it turns out scientists in denmark say low to moderate drinking, one to eight drink as week is okay in early pregnancy. doctor, can this be true? >> yes. but it is the slippery throw sloep of what people will really take home from this. if a woman nurse as drink throughout dinner, a six ounce portion of wine, there appears to be no harm to the fetus who has adopted a child due to
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alcohol, they flip out over this. >> isn't it the problem it's the slippery slope as you mention sfd. >> maybe you're not realizing how much you drink. >> i think people have a very hard time with moderation and understanding moderation. especially in the first trimester. i through this question out to people on twitter and facebook and they went crazy on this. why bother? >> there's a reality show called "house hunters." prospective home buyers are supposed to see the homes and pick one. and one person has come out and said i bought my home before the show and the others are cleaned up. does this cross some line? >> i personally was shocked. >> seriously?
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>> by the way, who cares? >> that's the question. >> it's like what is really -- i think the average person watching at home, it's like wra wrestling. you know it's fake but you don't care. >> i love when you watch, i used to love watching "dynasty" as a kid. i feel like watching television -- >> the rancic baby names. they're expecting a baby by surrogate. they've given a hint saying we're not going to name our child something unusual. >> it's so interesting, you tell me who is going to be the cooler guy, jagger or elliott. >> or a girl, too. >> or a girl. >> had you an unusual name. >> in my household we had so many crazy names, doing the traditional route would have been abnormal.
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>> imagine your daughter as the ceo of a foreto and 50 compan >> no, no, no. >> donny deutsche, nancy snyderman and soleil moon frye, good to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> coming up preventing your kids from packing on the pounds this summer with healthy eating strategies coming up right after this. when we walk together, we are bigger than cancer. join the world's biggest fight for more birthdays, the american cancer society relay for life. find your community's event at in your breakfast cereal, what is?
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without the structure of school and kids are snacking all day. they have their refrigerator there, they have the cupboard. there's no structure so they're snacking a lot. and they're not as active as we wish they were. they're really not, they're in front of the screen a lot, too. and with the snacks, they're not choosing healthy snacks. >> so you say the first thing for parents, the guideline is to really give them that structure and establish a set routine,
9:19 am
right? >> establish a set routine, three meals and set a number of snacks per day, rather than it being a mindless free for all, set two, three snacks and say these are the times we need them and these are the times that work for us. choose those times and make the snacks healthful. typically the most common snacks we choose are chips, cookies, ice cream, all of these things. that's going to make you pack on the pounds. >> let's give an idea to parents for healthy snack options for them. we're starting off with what looks absolutely amazing and delicious. this is a frozen fruit treat? >> these are two kinds of grapes, banana and when you freeze this, it's like a little bite of sorbet. but it's whole fruit and -- >> locale riw calories. >> 140 calories for two of those. >> i do these for my kids all
9:20 am
the time. an english muffin pizza. >> it's a perfect portion of pizza. maybe one for a smack, maybe two for a light lunch. i like to put canadian bacon and fresh tomatoes. whole grain english muffin, a little basil and you're good to go. kids that are a little older can make this for themselves. >> pop it in the oven. forget microwave popcorn. you have better way to do this. >> i love this. you take a quarter cup of popcorn, put it in a bag with a tiny bit of oil and salt and put it in the microwave for two minutes and it comes out great. it's two servings, makes about six cups and it's much less fat and oil that you get from the packaged popcorn. >> and salt. >> and these are blueberry smoothies. you can choose any fruit you want, milk, a little yogurt,
9:21 am
whip it up in the blender and it's delicious and beautiful and it's fruit and milk so these are just healthy, frothy. >> anti-objectixidants, too. >> and nuts and you can keep it in your glove compartment. >> and a lot of people think fruit, can you eat endless amounts. there's calories and sugar in fruit, right? >> absolutely. but chances are kids are not going to overeat fruit in terms of calories. keeping it handy, fresh, washed grapes in the fridge, it's cool, refreshing, kids love it. keeping it at eye level is important. >> got to go. great tips for us.
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coming up, trendy new jewelry you don't have to buy and clothes that give you instant curves. >> plus the best toys to keep kids entertained all summer long. >> after your local news. [ lane ] your anti-wrinkle cream is gone. but what about your wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles in just one week.
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning. readings are starting in the 70's. readings will be up near 100. it will feel more like over 100. hazy and hot today.
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♪ ♪ kenny chesney is one of the biggest stars to come out of nashville. he's coming to our neck of the woods for a little country swooning to get you two-stepping into your weekend. that's tomorrow on "today." then a week from tomorrow the superstars maroon 5 five will be rocking the plaza.
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>> we love "moving like jagger." that is the get off your butt song. >> coming up, one of the big dilemmas for parents, keeping our kids busy during the summer. >> that's right. they get bored very easily. we have the season's best indoor and outdoor toys from bubbles to building sets to really cool skate board looking things with no wheels. >> you don't go very far but you have a good workout. >> she's a little old for that toy. >> natalie would still find a way to fall of that. >> yes, i would. >> are you enjoying that one? >> i loved it!
9:32 am
>> in today's kitchen, we have a light meal for a hot day. how about some grilled sword wish. check out the weather. it is seamy. >> especially here in the east. we're looking at a lot of wet weather stretching from the eastern great lakes back to northern texas. that's the cooling air that's going to be coming here. heavy rain continues in florida. slight risk of strong storms as that front moves into the mid-atlantic states. >> good morning.oo he'd advisory in effect from noon until 10:00 p.m. high temperatures will be around 100. a slight chance for
9:33 am
in an evident -- effort to prove you wrong -- >> savannah's giving it a whirl. >> is that the best you can do? >> yeah, that's the best i can do. that's it. that's all i got. >> she moves like jagger. >> don't get too crazy, girl. coming upneck, the summer's hottest style trends and at pretty cool prices. >> i can't do any other moves than that. that's it. i'm out.
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pretty cool. let's tell dad. [ all ] dad! we're getting netflix! oh, super. [ panting ] man, i got to lay off the chestnuts. [ mom ] start your free trial today. ♪ hot sun in the summertime >> this morning on style buzz," b bobbie is here to show the trends. it's summer, we have a slimming trend, right? >> yes. we've heard so much about color blocking but black and white is classic. the combination, i call it body blocking. christina is wearing a pair of white pants, which is usually a woman's worst nightmare. think about it. and what's cool about this black-and-white two-toned pair
9:38 am
of pants, they're very slimming. christina put them on, she's getting married in two days. they'll calvin klein, they're the $69.99 regularly. they're on sale so if you hurry, they're around $29.99. don't quote me. i've got a skirt verse on and this is bcgb. this has to do if you're curvier on the bottom half and you want to elongate your frame. however, if you feel you're straight already and you want to stay away from this, you want to look for something like this dress that gives you a little bit of an angle. >> gives you a curve. >> you can use the black-and-white contrast to your advantage and this is a trend you'll be able to still wear in the fall. it's a classic combination. >> would you do a pop of color with the accessories? >> absolutely. can you keep it clean, do a fun
9:39 am
bag. whatever you want. >> let's stick with our slimming thing. from thinking getting fit to getting fit, we've seen reebok and other brands put resistance bands in clothing and this line, they took it a step further. they put weights inside the workout clothes. >> oh, my god. it's like running -- it's hard not to run. >> these weights are slipped inside the band. you slip inside which ever weight you want. you can add up to a certain amount and they add down here the weight so while you're even running errands, you can have resistance and work out. >> so you're gaining weight in order to lose weight. >> very cool line, as resistance, whether it's at the gym or not. >>now, the bra.
9:40 am
>> in theory, you're not supposed to show it. >> i call this peek-a-boo bra. when it comes to sumsummer, who isn't showing off a strap here or there. and spanx, this is great, i really love this. it's flattering, it doesn't give that you back bulge and has a great basic front under a t-shirt. >> what about the next one sp. >> next the side peek-oo-boo. we've all heard about the side boob. this is from maidenform. not only is the side really pretty and they have different styles but if you turn to the back, you'll see how pretty that is, too. so you can really have some pretty bras today. and i have to give a shout out to the girls that have girl friends because -- >> what are you talking about? >> i understand the frustration when you're around a d cup or larger, you find a tough time
9:41 am
finding pretty bras. curvey kate, they start at d and go up through k and they all all kinds of pretty straps that you can show and it won't be like armor. >> and let go to jewelry. >> jetworthy is a jewelry site where you can borrow as long as you want, a prepaid envelope, you can send it back whatever you want. if you don't know what to get, a stylist will help you after you tell them what your personality is about and that starts at $29.95. all of this is on our web site. >> a great idea. a lot of us don't know how to get adventure us with jewelry. thank you so much. if you want any more information on these products, you can find bobbie's buzz at
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moms," we have some great ideas to keep your kids from screaming on board. >> i bet most of us have already heard it once. >> first up, the spooner. not good in heels but i'm going to attempt it. >> this is a balance board. it's great for all levels. if you're a little kid, you can get on to balance or a big kid like us, you can get on to balance yourself. for kids who want to do board tricks, wheelies and 360s, it's a good way too do it without the wheels. >> and for the younger set? >> this is like your toddler's first wheels. they go from 1 to 3. it's called the scutter bug. it's classible.
9:47 am
you c -- collapsable. it's great for little kids. the steering doesn't go far. >> all kids love bugbugs, right? >> love bugs. they want to collect them. it was a huge hit at the new york fair. this is the ant eater bug vuc. you pull out this little case, a magnifying glass and when you're done, you can gently and lovingly put them back into nature. >> go free, little bugs zip love this one. >> so everybody loves the nerf blasters and nerf has kicked it up for outside. because we're staying outside longer. and this is all glow in the dark. this is their -- >> ooh, perfect aim. >> they slide very far. and what's great is they're glow in the dark.
9:48 am
>> this is fun! my husband would love this, take this outside. i'm done with that one. >> boys will love that. >> all of here for all of you water balloon people, we love in the summertime, this is how you stay cool, you toss water balloons at people. >> it's not summer without a water balloon. >> this is a battle pump, you fill up your water balloon with water. you can take it anywhere. >> much easier than doing the garden hose. >> they have this cyclops launcher. >> wow, we're getting high tech here. >> who wants the water balloon? we're going for it. go ahead. >> really? ready? ooh, sorry! >> clean up, aisle four. nice, you made a mess in our studios. >> crayola is a name everyone loves. they've come up with colored bubbles. these are really intended for
9:49 am
outdoors, you shouldn't use them inside. they do come off of your skin. you canlander that. >> and then we have this, the huge bubble maker. >> you can see it just continually pops out lots and lots of bubbles. >> if you're staying indoors on a hot, scorching day like today, tell me about that. >> what's great is there's 90 different little things in here for them to build. there's wheels and contraptions and wings. >> it's creative. and back to your insects. you want to be see how they kind of evolve, this is a great thing to do. if you've never done the caterpillar to butterfly thing, this is great. it's a kid.
9:50 am
they give you the larva and you put it in here and it turns into a butterfly. >> we are out of time, meredith. it's all on our web site. meredith sinclair, thank you so much. y
9:51 am
9:52 am
good morning. on "today's kitchen," we are grilling summer swordfish on the menu. jeff, good to see you. >> good to see you. this is the first full day of summer. the good news about this, this cooks pretty quickly. on a day like today, you don't want to stay in front of the grill too long. >> no, you don't. a few minutes on the grill, flip it over and you're good.
9:53 am
>> these are swordfish medallions, how long? >> about two and a half minutes on each side. >> a little rare inside? >> a little translucent. >> and you're making a peach salsa with this. >> yeah. normally you wouldn't think to pair cherrys and peaches with fish. but this goes really well because we have the jalapenos in here. >> it's a sweet heat. >> exactly, exactly. basically i start with a little bit of onion, lime juice and a little red wine vinegar. >> cherries. >> you a don't even have to dice them up so nicely. >> you can make it chunkier. >> you're going for the flavor, whatever works for you. a little basil, jalapeno pepper. mix that up for me. a little lemon juice, a little oil. and then you have that. >> how long do you want to let this sit?
9:54 am
>> i would let it sit for a couple hours just to marry the flares. you could go right on but i think it's better suited if you let it sit. here's our swordfish. just salt and pepper, a little olive oil. we're going to flip them now, a nice little sear. then we have those cooking. >> and if it's raining out, do you it on a grill pan inside, you're good. >> exactly. we have a little swiss chard. we're going to saute this in a pan, a little salt, a little pepper. just saute these. these are going to wilt down. you're not trying to go too hard. >> you can use almost any mix -- >> you can use beet tops, spinach, turnip tops, whatever you like. >> you don't want to use carrot top, though. >> that would not taste good for sure. >> no, no, he's not that funny. >> we have some beach mushrooms, a little garlic sauteing in
9:55 am
olive oil. we're going to do some nice english peas we shuked and blanched quickly. this is base ill, pine nut sauce, parmesan cheese, toss that in there. >> nice and green. >> now we can come back here -- hello. >> hi! >> here we go. >> just in time for dinner. >> now a little bit of this. >> i can't believe how fast you made all of that. >> nice and quick. >> as you're plating this up you've got some peaches? >> a little sugar and butter, right on the flat top or on the stove. cook them down and flip them. >> thank you so much. >>
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