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tv   Mad Money  NBC  October 6, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> insane. >> insane. >> you know how to do it for sure. >> this is amazing. >> you've got to taste this stuff. i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game! he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! i like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i want to make you money. my job is not just to entertain you, but to educate and teach you. so give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. why didn't today's rally hold up, despite the better than expected unemployment number. with the dow closing 35 and s & p declining .74%, declining. and the nasdaq sinking? it's because earnings season is next week.
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and people are convinced that earnings will be subpar. as someone who fares high every stock prices, all i can say is hallelujah! you couldn't have a better setup. when everybody thinks the quarters will be terrific, you better believe you are going to be hammered. but so far we've had disappointments from very high-profile companies. intel, federal express. they have helped set the barlower than would otherwise be. and that's a good thing. so what's the game plan for next week? many markets are expecting downside surprises. and a major impact psychologically and allows to us be more forgiving to companies that offer inline guidance. those companies who hurt their own stocks by not raising estimates on the call. with inline guidance, they can get off scot-free. and it is about reduced
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expectations. two unusual aspects to the earnings season. a lot about the fiscal cliff and an excuse for everything to missed sales to not take chances. we are going to have to analyze on a case-by-case basis on who means that the business could get hurt by the fiscal cliff. and second, we'll get a surprising tail wind. no one is talking about this. the dollar hasascending. most make forecast on where the dollar was last when they reported. given that a weak dollar leads to higher earnings as companies that do overseas sell their goods in stronger currencies, there will be more profit than you thought. the f corp was on. they pegged everything on 122 euro, and now it's 129, 130.
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the market is surprisingly stupid about these things. and amidst all the gloom, we could see earnings that beat expectations, because they were set using a different exchange rate. wow. that might have been the dollar. no, they will say it's a good quarter. it will be set off by two quintessential american companies that are having things dictated in part by china first, alcoa, the old aluminum corporation of america and on tuesday afternoon, and i think that while the company is operating surprisingly well, earnings will be hurt by high-chinese aluminum. they don't want to set down their plants, because it would layoff huge numbers of of people over there, and they are afraid to do that. alcoa sells very hot marks,
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aero, automobile, and gas turbines, and don't forget because of its recycling qualities they work in cans. and they make the beautiful aluminum ipad skid. the aluminum in construction is awful. alcoa is hard pressed to get to the mid teens. where it would be if china weren't producing 5 1/2 million tons of aluminum it doesn't need. we'll also hear from yum brands. it's as american as kentucky fried chicken. judging by the slowdown in nike shoe sales, the colonel probably didn't sell a lot of chicken.
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kfc doesn't taste like a nike sneaker, but it's about people's moods. i bet it isn't bad. i like yum in the lower 60s. wednesday morning, earnings from cost come they got me thinking i'm too negative about the stock, but if there is one point i must never stop driving home here, owning expensive stocks risky in an environment when chipotle could be down 100 points. remember that day? that day changed my mind. rain in the risk, even if it means the reward will be crimped. unlike the movies, in real life, greed is bad. michael douglas and more importantly kirk douglas are huge fans of the show. i met them, i'm not kidding and i can just say as a kirk douglas fan, that's as great as it gets. i would link kirk's book if this
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were amazon, but it's a tv show. safeway meeting reports on thursday. so many -- this is the quarter. anyway so many people have tried to call the bottom in the stock, and all they have is thousands of shopping cartwheel rots on their backs. i'm thinking safeway will be like the checkout line, ten points or less. whole foods, not even that expensive when you factor in the growth rate. a re-enactment of safeway's quarter. okay. now, after the close thursday and this j.b. hunt transport, the trucking company, i don't spend enough time talking about how the truckers are doing. i'm used to the poor performance of a group i don't use much. and the transport index can move the overall market, it gets better. unlike fedex, ups, they aren't
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hit by asian and european slowdowns and don't carry two cargos with declining car loads, crops and coal. >> all aboard? >> no. you want big? friday is big. big, big, big. we have arguably the best international and best domestic bank reporting. jpmorgan, wels fargo. i'm critical at jpmorgan, which means i'm no locker wanted at parties i didn't want to go in the first place. the rub has been astonishing. i wouldn't be afraid to cut some back. the charitable trust, still a large position. the exact opposite for wells fargo i think it will be stronger than we expected. i'm focused on germany. let me tell you why.
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no one wants to see weak numbers anywhere. pain, job loss, but european cooperation, it began when the pathetic data from poor countries caught up with richer countries and the richer countries realize they are not immune to the crisis, and we should pay attention to the number that comes out monday morning. if it's bad, more chances we need some reports, and anything out of china is good is welcome. we need bad from germany and bad from china. and finally, fedex, investor meeting on tuesday and wednesday. we are of perhaps the mistaken opinion that all of the bad news is out of fedex and the company will have something positive to say. we have plenty of negative analysis going into it. even tepid analysis could be welcome. going into earnings season, everybody is expecting companies to report lousy results and when the bar has been lowered, stocks
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can go higher, even on news that's only decent. and i don't think they will get it. let's go to chris. >> caller: hey, jim. big booyah from westchester, new york. >> my sister is up there. tell her i said hi. >> caller: i will. zynga and activision. do you think that activision could have a record fourth quarter? >> i don't like that division or that business. zynga too early to get into zynga. >> let's go to steve. steve-orino, you're up. >> caller: nice to meet you. >> how are you? >> caller: first off, i'd like to thank you for encouraging investors to manage their own money. if i can do it, anybody can do it. my question, to the t-mobile, psc deal.
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i would like to know, how will this affect the telecon industry? >> this is my theory on it. thank you about the kind words. i think t-mobile will merge with psc and bring it public and that will get it off telecon sheets. that's important. they don't want anything to do with t-mobile and that this is a way out. i don't think it will affect us so much. ike in new york. >> caller: hey, jim. how are you? >> real good. how about you? >> caller: good, good, good. a big apple booyah to you. my question is about the comments shorting because of the taco bell competition. i find it difficult to compare the two. should i feel good about chipotle, go with yum? >> i like yum in the low 60s.
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i don't think it's taco bell that's causing problems at chipotle. it's a little expensive. business isn't that good it will look smart, but you'll never know, because you are never going to see numbers of how many people went to taco bell that used to go to chipotle, but chipotle is heavy and the multiple is high. i don't mind it here deep in the money calls, that's all. earnings season is back. the good news, already a lot of bad news, the bar has been lowered, so, therefore, the expectations are so much easier to beat. i had have to analyze case by case who is out by them and who is telling the truth about the fiscal you cliff. coming up, precious plan? the fed has the printing press working overtime, but could the dollar's dilution help book you a ticket to a pot of gold? an exclusive with the ceo of sandstorm gold is next. later, smart speculation, as science and technology converge, ground-breaking developments in
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medicine continue to emerge. cramer's zeroing in on one biotech speck that could be on the verge of a major move. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." go to @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer at #madtweets. send an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to i have a cold... i took dayquil,
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i'm always telling you you need to own some gold. that's been real good advice, given the tremendous breakout the precious metal. you have had to buy actual gold bouillion. if you don't want to lug around the gold bars, there is the eft, which mirrors the price of gold. gold miners, too many ways they can screw up. these companies are dealing with problem after problem after problem, which is why i stopped recommending them ages ago. but last week for speculation friday, i highlighted a company that represents the middle
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ground, a way to profit from increased gold production, and the company is sandstorm gold. it invests in gold mines, when a miner needs capital, sandstorm gives them money up front for a percentage of gold they produce in the future. it's like a banker for gold miners, which can have a hard time getting financing. in the week i recommended the stock, i think it's still a good play. this a complicated business model many of you are unfamiliar and need to be walked through it. tonight, we'll hear from sandstorm ceo about how the industry really works and management does work tremendously. you have to pick the right gold mines, let's talk to nolan watson of sandstorm gold to learn more about how his business works. come on in, man. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm a bank and i see gold is going higher, why can't i do what you do and cut out and say i know what?
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i'm going to go in with these guys. >> banks barrow money, and they can't take on the same amount of risk. at sandstorm, he with are 100% equity financed. we can sign a contract, be in a contract the next 40 years. >> why can't the gold miners issue equity and get a good return? >> often they do. we have been able to get a lot of deals, where the management of the gold mining company own a lot of stock, so they feel the pain of the dilution associated with giving the equity. >> that makes a lot of sense. we profiled franklin navarra. how many of these pseudo banks can have you? >> franklin nevada, they are close to $10 billion market cap. and so is where i used to work. we're just a billion dollar market cap. no one between discuss the other guys. we'll work in that niche. >> why don't they get all the good prospects and you guys get
3:18 am
-- you go to places where -- as the ceo of rangold told me,sissies don't go. >> this is material to us, not material to them. we don't have to compete for that. >> why can't i -- give you this question. all the questions i got after i did franklin nevada and your company. why can't i do that business? why can't i raise that money and pick a gold miner i like? >> there is a significant amount of experience and this is the hard part of the business, which deals to do. there are a couple of guys that have started trying to make a business like this, and it just bought absolutely terrible assets. >> you know that, because your years at silver wheaton. >> exactly. and when we go to a mine and do due diligence, the average age of a guy we send is 70. they have a lot of experience. they tell us what to do, whatnot to do. >> what if gold goes down?
3:19 am
>> it will reduce cash flow. we buy gold at $400 on average and sell it whatever the market price happens to be. the beauty of the bits model, we can never lose money. and go f gold goes down, there are a lot of gold miners that will be losing money. we'll be making less. >> explain why you don't end up losing money if gold goes to $1,200? >> absolutely. the contracts, the way they work, we buy gold at a fixed price, and it's prenegotiated, in the contract, and the average price is $400 per ounce. we have mechanisms in the contract to say if for some crazy reason gold goes below $400, we buy it lesser the market and that price, so we can't lose money. >> i think you could throw off a lot of cash. franklin nevada talked about the dividend. are you seeing that or in growth mode? >> this creates free cash flow,
3:20 am
and we have told shareholders we will become a dividend paying company. a significant amount of growth for the next 24 months. we want to get through the next major push of growth and declare dividends. >> let's talk about where gold is going. you have seen the show, we're giant bulls of gold. you think gold can go to $2,000 in the next year? >> absolutely. i would be surprised if it didn't. >> that is because? >> right now the politicians in the u.s. and politicians in europe, combined with central bankers are my best friends, they keep printing more money, more money, more money, and as they do that, people move to gold, and the price of everything is increasing in u.s. dollar around the world. >> how is it that all of the gold miners we talked to, the getting it out of ground, the actual supply, so much hard than when we started the show seven years ago? >> a lot more competition, and a
3:21 am
lot more things like truck tires, cost $30,000 for a tire, which used to cost $2,000 to $3,000 per tire. they are getting bigger and bigger and bigger means more complex, more problems. >> you're in a lot of countries. you're in brazil, in canada. is there gold -- other than antarctica, are there still gold mines that are worth it? if we went out to nevada -- would it be worth it? in mexico, a ton of gold mines that were closed because gold was $200. if we get to $2,000, will lots of mines open? >> the expiration right now, the gold mines are much lower grade gold mines, you have to build much bigger mines, they are more complicated to build, and they are not economic to build. there is lots of gold to be found in nevada, but every time they find it, it looks like an
3:22 am
uneconomic gold mine. even if it is, it will take ten years to permit it in nevada. >> i think you have that great niche. so glad you watch the show and came on, these are the kinds of companies that need to be bought, if you don't want to own the gld. i don't want the individual risk of the gold you deal with. thank you to sandstorm gold. it had a big run since last friday. if you like gold, sandstorm goes higher. coming up, smart speculation. as science and technology converge, ground-breaking developments in medicine continue to emerge. cramer is focusing in on one biotech that could be on the verge of a major move. 5-hour e? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold.
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remember that therapeutics, the tiny biotech stock that like tripled on wednesday. incredible move. it seems like the easy money has already been made, but other biotechs have the same type of thing going and have potential to give you similar gains. i doubt that any others go up 199% on the day. what could be the next cerepa? if you speculate on high-risk, high-reward, the sweet spot is those who develop orphan drugs, drugs that help people who
3:26 am
suffer from extremely rare disease with there is no cure, but it's a small case. serepta has developed a drug that helps people who have muscular dystrophy. they will be able to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for a course of treatment if the fda gives its seal of approval. you want to put on your daddy war bucks hat. get your hands on as many orphans as possible. the more the, the merrier. i want to circle back to another orphan drug. vertex pharmaceuticals. i recommended this stock two years ago as a hepatitis c play
3:27 am
with the cystic fibrosis kicker. it has had a 73% gain. but the thesis has now flipped. vertex is now a cystic fibrosis play with a possible hepc particular. and that's better, because cystic fibrosis is a terrible, uncurable, genetic condition that messes up the body's ability to regulate sweat product, certain aspects of digestion and mucous that fills up your lungs, which makes it hard to believe and ultimately destroys your lungs. a terrible disease. a disease that affects about 30,000 people in the u.s., 70,000 around the globe. a pretty large population for an orphan drug to treat. back in january, vertex got fda approval for a drug that helps cystic fibrosis patients with a specific gene mew tigs, present in 4% of patients.
3:28 am
but experimental drug called v x 809, which helps to improve lung function from half the people who suffer from cystic fibrosis. vertex came out with very bullish data on v x 809. $20 in one day. 55% move. remember this is biotech, people. and that was interim data from a phase two study. v x 809 with the drug not only worked, but worked really well. it seemed like the stock would be up multiple days. but they gaffed investors, may 29th, saying they had screwed up the data analysis. the actual data was still pretty good, not as good as originally reported. not only bad news, but it called question into management competence. and they quickly lost 7 points. let me say, i do not like that
3:29 am
vertex misinterpreted its own data and took nearly a month to correct the mistake. a seriously amateur move. unacceptable. that said, i think the opportunity is simply too good to ignore. i'm swallowing that kind of, since the company made out with more positive incremental data, and the market agrees. vertex slowly and steadily climbing up to 53% and change. it will take a year for the trug. once that is done, and the fda approves this could be a multimillion dollar blockbuster. colidico costs $250,000 a year for treatment. the company could probably charge the same amount for v x 809. assuming that vertex changes $200,000 for v x 809 that could
3:30 am
mean $6 billion annually. how much could vertex be worth? $6 billion from cystic fibrosis drug is equal what gilead makes every year, it's a $52 billion company, and, of course, a big chunk of that is the in the pipeline. and let's say vertex and cystic fibrosis might be worth half of gilead, $26 billion, you could still catch doubles from here. that won't happen overnight. it could take several years. how about alexon. and it's currently doing a billion dollars, we like it so much on this show, you know that. it's growing like gang busters. if vertex could be $6 billion in sales, doing comps here, the company worths to be worth at least as that of ale x ion.
3:31 am
the data may turn out to be less positive. everything leads me to think that the drug will get approved. i am trying to put numbers on things. vertex, a catalyst on things. on thursday, it will present its final two data on the north american cystic fibrosis. once we get final results, that will allow the company to put the worries about the misinterpretation of the interim data behind it, and based on what we've seen so far, the data next week will be pretty darn good. i want to get ahead of the conference, but only if you can stomach the risk. bottomline? the lesson from serepta? it pays to invest in biotechs who are developing orphan drugs? just remember, if you buy vertex ahead of the conference, are you speculating, and maybe steepen the money calls out nefrl
3:32 am
months. if you are risk averse, you can't afford to wait. this drug won't hit the market, if ever, for over a year, if you don't feel like playing the converse, then we have ages to wait for a pullback and then and only then buy the vertex. let's go to greg in michigan. how are you. >> caller: go tigers, by the way. >> i love the tigers. >> caller: jim, can you give me your opinion on tag health care, buy, sell, or hold? >> i don't like the hospital business. if i want to get in health care, i am always going to do the same thing. i will tell you that i like hcn. that's health care that bought sunrise senior living and universal health services.
3:33 am
let's go to jill in new york. jill. >> caller: booyah. hey. >> hi. >> caller: hi. the stock is currently trading near a 52-week high. they have a long history of selling short of wall street targets, but the company is tapping on an aggressive new strategy. pssi has received mixed reviews, and there is a potential takeover target by ups and investors buy the stock at $26 price target and goldman sachs see little hope for pssi, and instead said $18 price target. you be the tiebreaker buy or sell the stock? >> the ak, we did another one of these things with costco. let's too this. i think it can wait, jill. next week, i'll look at the positive and negative and we'll
3:34 am
make a decision. i don't want to say one or the other. i'll do the work and come back. greg in new hampshire. >> caller: big booyah. health care and the i.t. space. what do you think of surna. >> last quarter from cerner was not great. it has to deliver great quarters to maintain the momentum. i'm backing away from cerner. this is not a new position. and in regard to shortfall, but when they are a momentum stock, they have to shoot the lights out. you don't have to. the open drug business is very big. if you think the cystic fibrosis drug will be good, then have you a terrific speculation going. this is the real deal. don't move. coming up, send cramer an e-mail to or
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tweet him at #madtweets, and he might answer you on the air on a new edition of mad mail. 2@
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it is time. it is time for the lightning round!
3:38 am
we play until we hear this sound, and then the lightning round is over! are you ready, skedaddy? let's start with rob in new york. >> caller: how you doing, jim. my question about skechers? >> sell, sell, sell. it's sink'ing like a stone. i don't want skechers or deckers. >> ken in california, what's up? >> caller: thank you for your help and guidance. love your show. jim, abbott labs, is it overbought at this point? >> we were discussing this, i say you can't buy it here, steph. have to let it pull back. let it pull back to the mid 60s, but it is going to split.
3:39 am
a great situation, but you're paying up too much right here. fred in new york. fred. >> caller: fred in new york, booyah. cypress semiconductor? >> oh, fred. we can say the same thing about intel. intel yields 4%. i see no reason to own cypress. i want to see the quarter. not an apple supplier, and by the way, apple, apple acts terminal, but i don't think they are. i can't own cypress. linda in new jersey. >> caller: booyah from morristown. >> i have to get to the urban table later. >> caller: my stock cbs corp. >> 20 million a year for "i love lucy," that's the kind of business i want to be in. greg in new york.
3:40 am
>> caller: cramer, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you, my friend? >> caller: hanging in there. i'm not going to give you a booyah. i'm going to congratulate you. been with you since the first show. >> yes, yes. >> caller: with that being said. >> that's nice. >> caller: before i go and give you the ticker, i know where you're going to go with it. one other thing. congratulations on your third round pick, because once vick goes down, have you no idea how great nick vols is. >> san antonio guy from west lake high. he has a connon for an arm. totally agree with you. in the pocket, 6'6", we have to focus on stocks. >> caller: i had to give you that. all right, with that being said, the stock i'm going to give you is not an airline and i know you
3:41 am
know of it, it's air castle. >> just the opposite of nick fols. that airline leasing business is not for me. dodi in florida. >> caller: boo, boo, boo, booyah. >> as long as you don't call me zelda. >> caller: victor group. >> i like the yield. by the way, my favorite is p.m., philip morris, and that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade. >> this is you what need to know. this is supposed to make people a lot of moola. the only one problem, it doesn't. i call these kind of patterns love blankets. something to make you feel more secure.
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even as it's nothing more than a piece of clothe. like my baby when i was going out. give you comfort when there is no reason for it. nothing but a lovie blanket. check that. that's when the quarterback considers whom he should pass the ball to. >> hmm. >> i'm going to keep the ball myself. >> wow. >> ludicrous. okay. oops. here we go. ball, i'll just hold it. new york style and old london. here it is. always old london. a brand i know. american staples, particularly in the cramer house. i love this. i always have this. i have these in my closet. >> bagel crisps, and melba toast, which is what i feel like right now.
3:43 am
greatest brand. j.j. flats, i'm j.j.c., these should be mine. i love these. >> i love melba toast. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon
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foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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before i answer your tweets today, a lot of homework this stuff, i'm stumped on a lot. that's a lot. joy asked me about generac holdings. it makes home based generators. it is the market leader in this business and entering the commercial business with the first cost-efficient opposite for small and medium sized businesses.
3:47 am
a good company. is it a good stock? sells 11 times earnings, 12.6% long-term growth rate. that's positive. we miss aid special $6 dividend they gave in june. a lot to like going forward. generac had a great market, despite the housing market. we want to power it up. thanks, joy. this was just a terrific idea, and thank you for bringing it to my attention. i reiterate, our viewers are the smartest viewers on any show. on tuesday robert called about 3-d systems. at that moment, the chart made they that there was something wrong with the company. i decided i needed to analyze the fundamentals, since then, 3-d popped 5%, still down 16% in the last 30 days. what's going on? this company makes 3-d printers to use to make functional parts
3:48 am
and products. they can make parts in their office rather than sending them out to production. i bet 3-d printers will be everywhere in ten years. why is the stock so weak if it's so great? simple. one word. competition. jpmorgan sees a direct threat to the business from form labs which may even take share from 3-d systems whole product line in the future. and they only met expectations, rather than beating them. and that is unacceptable for a high-flying stock that trades 25 times next year's earnings. absolutely cool. doesn't mean you should own the stock. see this quite often on the show. cool product, bad stock. i recommend this one. look, here is what i recommend you do. stay on the sidelines until we get signs that the company's revenues are accelerating again. and then maybe we can get it on tuesday, mark in maryland asked me about gordman's stores, gman for you home gamers.
3:49 am
how the company has been doing lately. i didn't have the month in front of me. 78 stores selling apparel and home decor in 18 states, mostly in the midwest. this is selling a wide array of merchandise 60% off department and specialty home price stores. kind of intrigued me. it turns out earlier this week, gordman's lowered revenues and earnings, due to a decline in same-store sales. only kohl's was that bad. the cut was driven entirely in a decline in traffic, that's terrible. and markdowns seen since labor day, that's worse. look, i'm surprised by these results. i thought g-man was in the right spot as a regional and national player, but a negative comp is troubling. take a pass here, although i will sanction taking the g-men
3:50 am
over the browns this weekend. all right. let's answer some of your tweets. over to my mark. this is a mark. try to give you tv instruction, kind of like the hashtag thing. first tweet from@l. barto 777. what is your position for guess? coming in with a high end line in november. coors, kors, coach did well. >> i have stumbled on guess many times and do not like it. it's an aspirational brand that people have aspired to, and then kind of stopped aspiring to. next tweet from @kylenew york man. he tweeted. a web bush an his raised price tact on buffalo wild wings. a little late?
3:51 am
yes, late, but this is better late than never. why do i say that? i say that because i think buffalo wild wings has been suffering from high-cost wings. wing prices go down, that stock will see $100. "mad money" back after the break. ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean. with tide pods. a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans. brightens. and fights stains just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined pop in. stand out.
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not everything is political, for heaven's sake. we had the addition of 114,000 jobs, hourly earnings higher than expected. nice revisions up from previous months, showing in particular
3:54 am
that the report from august had understated the amount of job creation going on. i'm putting all of this data in flat, dry terms, because it's flat and dry. not much to it. no drama. a stock market bull, good to see unemployment below 8%, the lowest since the beginning of 2409, but far worse than a half dozen years ago, neither encouraging nor discouraging when you have to worry about the upcoming fiscal cliff. this solves the mystery of how retail could be so robust. here is what got me. because i gave the dry summary on the area, i was instantly the target of the anti-obama crowd, because i didn't call into question how the unemployment number got below 8%, i didn't suggest that number might have been rigged to look good for president obama. i was pillared as a house man owned by the democrats. please!
3:55 am
look, my philosophy is crystal clear. you can't look through it. don't bother. you can't question its authenticity. you can't say it's political, and more importantly, can't question its legitimacy for one party without questioning it the other. i understand the accusations from partisan people. they feel robbed of one of the best talking points, unemployment rate stubbornly above 8%, to attack those who accept the number and don't offhandedly accept it is wrong is outrageous. i don't like how the number is put together. i would outsource the compilation number, and you can calculate data much faster and more efficiently. i look at the labor department the way i looked at replacement referees in the nfl. terrible, but nonpartisan, equal-opportunity mistake makers. the numbers i take at face value your honor obama and the same way i did for the republicans in
3:56 am
power the previous eight years. this is like the criticism i received from hilda solis, it was considered softball. why i didn't ask her why she isn't following up on governor romney's idea, we might create 4 million jobs. that's hardball, not softball. what's good is good, no matter who is in office. those numbers were good. not much more to it anyone who says i am being partisan is out of their mind. what a shame that the charge can be even made, let alone made by people i respect. honestly, people, more to life than who wins in november. stay with cramer. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo!
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next week, three big things, alcoa, i think they'll be hurt by chinese aluminum. yum, remember, i think they'll be hurt by kentucky fried chicken, and vertex, i think we'll get good news onir


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