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tv   Today  NBC  October 31, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb and a bunch of guys. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. is that you, hoda? >> that wasn't me. what are you reading? are we really on nbc news? they couldn't even see your magazine. >> it's july 11th, and i can't believe jennie mccarthy is naked in this thing again. >> did you see her? what are you learning about?
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>> i thought she still looks darn good at 40. >> what else are you learning? >> other people read the stories, but i haven't got my glasses on. apparently, there are good stories in here too. >> you told me you learned something. >> what did i learn? what did i learn? >> everyone downstairs is -- >> i can't believe everyone is, like, clean as a whistle. when did that happen? >> that started. people started doing that downstairs. >> that's disgusting. >> anyway, this is our special guy edition. this is going to be a fun show, you know why? >> why? >> because we get to drink beers like guys do. by the way, can we show our cute mugs? >> we can spit and scratch. >> this is coors light. >> coors light. >> wait, one -- >> we're just hanging out in our man cave. we're going to talk about -- >> baby that's not us. we're not that gross. we're going to talk about the battle of the sexes. >> this is cool. there are a lot of guys who are
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looking for work and they want to be all -- >> looking for chicks like us. >> they are getting a makeover. so we're having a complete makeover. >> we love our guys tell-all panel, ryan, chuck, remember this guy? bob guinea is here from "the bachelor." >> he got married. >> but it didn't work out. >> welcome, bob, we're so bad. half of them don't, bob. >> one out of two, bob, you know? my first one didn't, hoda's didn't, we're all in this together, all right? >> are you comfy. by the way, i get why guys sit in these easy chairs and eat funyons. >> how do you get out? they are ugly as sin, but i like it. >> cozy. >> you got your frank gifford shirt on? >> i wouldn't show up in anything other than the frank shirt. we only have about 100 hanging around at home. we had a big reaction yesterday from our question --
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everybody in the world except for myself has read the "fisty shade of gray" trilogy, we asked you out there who you think of when you're reading. this >> you picked yesterday. >> who should play it in the movie. >> you picked kevin costner in "no way out." >> not in the "hatfields and mccoys." >> and you picked the one and only frank gifford. >> when he was about 27, which is how old christian grey is supposed to be. >> i picked from the great movie "wall street "gordon gecko sexy in charge michael douglas. >> you wrote in with your ideas. a lot of people, a lot of women thought ryan gosling, you know? >> yeah. >> he's an awfully good actor, too. cute on the eyes, but he's a great actor. a lot of people because of this "magic mike" -- >> channing tatum.
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matt bomer first is totally hot. >> absolutely hot. >> and channing tatum. >> yes. >> he is the sweetest guy. he was here last week for "magic mike." he's from alabama. these southern boys have been raised with manners. >> i agree. >> i didn't mind being called ma'am. >> i like southern boys, too. >> coming out of him it was cute. have you ever had a funyon? get involved. >> a funyon? >> funyons are so good. >> christian bale a lot of you thought. which is surprising, he's not anywhere near 27. >> bite into it. tell me how bad your breath is right now. >> oh, my god. >> they are awesome. sit alone and tear through a bag of these. funyons, they remind me of -- >> bun ones -- bunyons. >> they fit right on it. it's unbelievable. boy, do i need a pedicure. >> so here's the question, if
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your friend's husband hit on you, what would you do? if your friend's husband hit on you, what would you do? tell your friend, not tell, how would you address it?, there's a dot com for everything. anyway they talked about ways to handle the situation. >> first of all, don't blame yourself. you can't help it you're gorgeous and hot -- >> and your cleavage is out. >> and your friend isn't, apparently. that's what they say, no one is perfect. you got to remember that. this is, i guess, one of the solutions, should you never be alone with your friend's spouse? >> after that, no. >> choose to stay away. would you tell your friend, or not? >> it did happen to me one time. >> i did? >> yeah. >> what did you do? >> it's such a creepy feeling. they were not close friends, but it was a friend's husband. >> what did you do? >> act like i didn't hear him and move to another room. >> the question is -- they also say, too, i would stay away from the person, but i don't think i would say anything.
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because -- >> the guys have some things about that. >> if my friend's husband hit on me, i would tell him i am very flattered, but it's not that kind of party. >> the thing is, it's a slippery slope. then you say something to her, she may take his side. >> you're the femme fatale that brought it on. >> but you do need to stay away from him. as a guy, come on. there's a lot of women in the world. do not tell her that her husband hit on you. you will be the enemy from that point forward. >> they'll think you brought it on, what did you do, or you miss read it, he didn't hit on you, what were you thinking? >> his response will be honey, she's a who are. >> i'm okay with that. >> i did nothing. >> i'm a divorced guy -- >> what does a divorced bachelor think?
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>> well, thank you so much for that wonderful introduction, kathie. i say run. that's all you got to do, run away and lie about it. >> run and lie. >> send the wives and mothers to me. >> that's why my relationships work so well. >> that was fascinating. >> they are still talking. >> not. are you all still talking? >> that's my favorite line of all time. all right, so if you're wondering where the manliest city in the united states is -- >> it isn't here. sorry, guys, it ain't new york. >> they did the study and the way they narrowed it down, found the places with the most gyms, steakhouses, home depots and the ones with the least number of manicure and pedicure places and hair salons. here are the top five manliest cities in the united states of america. >> number five is birmingham, alabama. >> number four is nashville, tennessee. >> i love myself some nashville. >> number three.
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>> memphis, which is a lot like nashville. >> number two is columbia, south carolina. >> are you noticing a southern trend? >> yes. and number one, the manliest city in the country is, oklahoma city, oklahoma. >> wow. >> okay. there you have it. anything? >> my wife is from there. >> thank you for that. >> is she rather manly? >> no! no, i did not! i said my wife is from there. i was about to say, she knows manly men, that's why she chose me. >> why did she leave the manliest city in america to come to new jersey and marry you? >> because she wants the manliest man but in the most cultured city. there you go. >> that was nice. this next story is going to upset a lot of people, we think. in germany, this mayor decided that women are not good parkers and they can't park their cars well, so this mayor decided -- >> you think that's funny, do
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you? >> -- the trickiest spot he's giving just for men. there's actually a symbol. there's a male only parking lot. look at him smiling and pointing. what's wrong with him? >> i say tase him and vote him out. >> anyway, he says it's too complicated for women to learn to park in those spots, so it's just for men. >> too many difficult angles and too close to the cement pillars and garages. >> they say the spaces for women are wider, well-lit, and closer to the exit. stop laughing. >> what's wrong with them? >> you guys think that's funny? >> we did research on this topic, actually, you said this was informed by what again? >> the whole women can't drive thing, you know where that came from? >> where? >> science. just want to make sure. when you get bad, make sure you get the right black guy. [ laughter ] >> all scientific.
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>> what does the science say, professor? >> it says that i am a dummy. because i can't believe i just said that. >> we can't believe it either. >> they have these cars now that will do it for you. >> just push a button and it parks for you. >> i've seen people have such a hard time in those parking spaces that you start to panic, sweat like crazy, pretend something's wrong with the car. and you just get out of there as fast as -- >> >> i do have trouble parallel parking, i'll admit. i'm not great at it. what? i'm not very good at it. ha, ha, ha. can you parallel park well? >> i learned. the problem is, people don't pull up to the perfect spot. there's a spot you got to pull up on your own car. >> i don't like getting that close to another car. i'm afraid my rear view is going to hit it. >> my gosh, hoda, if you can't do that, how can you host a magnificent television show like this every day?
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[ laughter ] >> try to get your chair down. >> the trouble is, we have rear ends, that's why we women can't get out of these chairs. are you sunk in there? >> i couldn't breathe. i was getting swallowed. your good buddy cheyenne. >> i love cheyenne jackson. >> he let us know he started writing songs, so you know him from tv's "30 rock" terrific star of broadway. today he's releasing his brand new single, which he wrote, it's titled "before you." sounds like michael buble and jason mraz and the entire video is available on aol music home. it's called "drive." >> can we watch it? >> see a little bit of his video. ♪ ♪ now you make me want to sing ♪ i was lost in my head
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♪ trying to forget ♪ before you i never really had a chance ♪ >> isn't that great? >> cute. >> he said that we could show it only if we promised to let him come back and sing it in the studio for us live. >> maybe he can play christian grey. >> cheyenne wouldn't be so bad. >> cheyenne jackson. >> so happy for him. most talented people you meet also do something else very, very well. so he's a doll. we're very, very happy for him. >> how's your coors light? not into it? >> i have to have maryland crabs to go with it or it's not the same. got any of those back there? all righty. let's face it, everybody, men and women are different. will we ever truly understand each other? >> our guy panel will chime in on everything, as you've already heard. first, these messages. the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right. perfect golden color. rich in fiber.
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the battle of the sexes is a war going on since the beginning of time. why are men and women so different? >> and will we ever understand each other? helen fisher is terrific. she's the author of "why him? why her?" >> so nice to have you here. maybe you can make sense out of all this for us. is there really a definitive answer? >> sure. there's all kinds of answers. i think we should begin to bust the myths we know about men. we spent 50 years busting myths about women. i think we should bust myths about men. one of them is that i think men are more romantic than women are. they fall in love faster than women do. because they are so visual. >> you say they're visual. is that falling in love? or is that falling in lust? >> it's falling in love. because we put them in a brain scanner and study the brain circuits, and it is falling in love. >> really? >> how long does that last? >> overnight. >> men are two and a half more times more likely to kill themselves when a relationship is over. not only when they fall in love,
2:21 am
they also want to do more kissing in public. it's called mate guarding. they want to show everybody this is theirs. they want to move in sooner. they want to introduce the person to their relatives, and they have more intimate conversations with their wives and lovers. than they do with their -- and women have more intimate conversations with their girlfriends. we don't share as much with our men. >> let's talk about surprising stuff. >> it is. >> let's look at photos. this depicts what you're talking about. first pictures of two women talking face-to-face. i guess this is how women discuss. they look at each other in the eye. they're close. >> we do it face-to-face. we do what we call the anchoring gaze and we talk. and it comes from millions of years of holding a baby in front of your face, educating with words. >> let's look at two men. this is how two men discuss things. okay. maybe not. there they are. >> the guy on the right looks up. the guy on the left will look away. i think it comes from millions
2:22 am
of years from sitting behind the bush on the grass sides of africa trying to hit the buffalo in the head with a rock. can't be talking to your neighbor while you do it. >> look at the third picture. >> it's funny when you're talking to a man. sometimes when they're walking they reveal more because they're not looking at you. >> ah. >> if you want a really good conversation with a man, do it while he's driving a car. he can't go. you're side by side. you're not looking at him. >> he's look the way he likes which is straight ahead. >> i love it. our third picture is a man and a woman. let's check this one out. she's all wrapped up in him, and he's totally not. wouldn't you say she's more romantic? >> no, no, no. she's doing women's intimacy. she's trying to reach him and she's feeling invaded, because he's trying to reach her. he's talking as if she's sitting next to him. they're looking forward together, and that's the way men can talk. >> we took a quiz that was going to tell us about our personalities. and we don't know the answers at all. >> it's a questionnaire that i
2:23 am
did. 10 million people have taken it in 40 countries. i'm americaning the traits linked with four brain systems. >> what did you learn about us? >> you're very high estrogen and very low testosterone. >> i'm post menopausal. >> but the brain is built in the womb as estrogen is building in the brain, it's building more connections between the front and the back, between the two sides, giving you -- giving you both your verbal skills. >> it asks about empathy. it asks about mechanical skills. directions. >> you have a tremendous amount of empathy. you wouldn't be able to do your job. that's estrogen related. i'm not surprised you can't park your car. both of you were very low on the testosterone scale. >> then why do i have so much facial hair? >> you're a girl, face it. >> thank you so much. >> that was lots of fun. thank you for coming to see us. all right. we're going to find out if
2:24 am
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it's time for the answers to your burning questions about your man. first up is ryan serhant from the show "million dollar listing", and ladies, he's never been married. just so you know. >> there's got to be a reason. anyway, next is our resident stand up comic chuck knight. star of "world's dumbest." he's been married for 14 years and has two children. >> one he was strangling. >> our next guy is actor and weight watchers blogger rick younger. >> what? and last but not least, is former bachelor star bob guinea. now the host of hgtv's "show house showdown." bob has been married but is sadly no longer. but he's with us today. his fortunes may change.
2:29 am
we're going to turn the beat around, baby. >> he's never been married, ladies. and he's been married a lot. >> let's go to sarah for the first question. >> hi, guys. i'm with alison from rhode island. she has a dating question. >> hello, gentleman. i would like to know why when you ask me out on a date, i have to plan said date. >> ooh, good one. >> i'm working. >> said date. >> she may be working, too. >> because you know what, here's the thing, that is me being very considerate of you. i'm going to do what you want me to do as opposed to what i want to do, which is probably not go anywhere and spend money on you. [ laughter ] guys do not like to be wrong. we took enough of a chance to ask you out. we took the chance you're going to say no. so let's not mess this up anymore. >> i will say this to you. i will eat anything, clearly, anywhere. and women tend to have a more
2:30 am
particular diet. maybe they only like a particular type of food. we'll go with it. >> let's go back to sarah. >> next up i have ginette from florida. >> hi, gentlemen. i would like to know why do guys walk like a mile in front of you instead of right beside you? >> where are you at? >> that guy might be trying to get away. >> and he's got a good lead on you. you better pick up the pace. >> we have places to go. we're doing things. you want to go here, let's get it done, let's get it done. >> honestly, if you notice, we do the same thing with our children. if you ever see women walk with their kids. they're like come on, come on. guys are like, where is your kid? i don't care. >> also because i'm texting my other girlfriend at the time. >> oh! >> those kind of jokes don't go over well. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> good for you to know. >> maybe it's not a joke. >> all right, we are going to come back with more of the guy's
2:31 am
panel. and is your man an oscar or a felix? sara digs up the dirt. you're going to love this one. but first, your local news. ♪
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2:33 am
and we're back on this wines day wednesday with this special edition of "today." you can't do a guy show without getting the tell-all panel. ryan serhant, chuck knight, rick younger and bob guiney. >> divorced. hi, guys. i'm here with jenny from florida. she's got a mom question. >> hi, gentlemen. why do men compare the women in their lives to their mothers? >> because she's the first woman we ever meet. >> it's like, even when you're not trying to, there are things about your mother that, you know, i find myself -- there's so much that my wife and my mother have in common. >> so you love your mother.
2:34 am
>> i love my mother. >> your mother is your first, love, i think, as a woman. so you're always comparing. do you do things like her that are good or things like her that are bad? . >> that's why i love myself. because i am just like my mother. >> that was just weird. >> katie says, what if a guy asks you out, but you're actually interested in his friend. >> and i have a thought on that. chuck and i have been friends for a long time. >> and that's why his wife left him. >> that's right. and she left me for chuck. it works on who the friend is. if it's chuck and i, let's say, chuck asks a girl out and she's more interested in me, then go for it. you should definitely date me. if i ask you out and you're interested in chuck, then don't do that. . because he's married. >> that happened to me where a girl has come up to me at the bar and she got me drunk, and she gave me a lot of drink and got me to give her my friend's number. that's how she did it.
2:35 am
that's how i figured it out at the end. >> were you brokenhearted? >> sort of. >> did you feel used and abused? >> no. i found somebody else. >> and you got free drinks. >> exactly. >> don't go for the guy you don't want. especially if he's going to be hanging around with the guy you like all the time. >> let's go back across to sara. >> hi guys, elena from texas has a question about vacation. >> okay, so we're on vacation. girls are on vacation, wives are on vacation, and we left you in charge. why do you feel the need to micro manage or have us micro manage, texting and calling and asking us to schedule, when we're on vacation? it's your job. >> hmm? >> i didn't understand that a word of that? >> i didn't get that. >> what the heck are you talking about? >> they're on vacation and the husbands are calling back to find out how to do stuff. >> yeah. >> you understood that? >> when and where and what to take and where is the ballet bag? >> i'm actually glad when my
2:36 am
wife goes and leaves me with my son. now we're going to do things my way. hey, now is your chance to do things your way and leave me alone. >> it should make you feel good. he likes being told what to do. he listens to you. even on vacation you got to tell him, make sure you text whoever. >> why aren't they vacationing as a family? >> that was my first thing. >> all right. all right. i'm concerned about the breakdown of the american home. >> from blair. should i ever approach a guy, or should i wait for him to approach me? >> approach for sure. yeah. >> you all say that. wow. >> sara? >> i'm here with kathleen from oregon with a question about fashion. >> i'm wondering where most men get their fashion sense from. >> or lack of. >> i think that it comes for your father. >> i do not dress like my dad. >> i don't dress like my father because he eventually became a
2:37 am
cowboy. used to wear all black. he looked like a black johnny cash. but he was stylish for what he liked. so it's like i got an appreciation for trying. >> you got the black vest thing happening. >> i'm urban cowboy. i'm taking it to the next level. >> i think you get it from your friends. you are kind of what your associations are. >> i have always enjoyed dressing up in men's, women's, it's all kinds of clothing for me. i don't care. as long as it looks good. >> we don't judge. >> he likes capes and cloaks. >> i think you get it from women in your life, too. i know i do. >> that's a big thing. i'll tell you when i really first started trying to be fashionable, i had a girlfriend who said, you need to be more fashionable. and that did it. >> thanks so much. you're going to stay with us the rest of the show. >> of course you are. >> things are going to get messy coming up, because sara is going to show us how guys live. >> prepare yourselves, it ain't pretty.
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and we're back with more dirt on the other sex. we sent sara out on a mission to get men and women to come clean on how guys like to live. >> we did encounter some neat men. if your guy's mess and clutter is driving you nuts, you are not alone. >> would you mind telling me please what all these clothes are doing here in the living room? >> oh, that's where i took them off. would you put them away for me, dear? >> from "i love lucy" to "the breakup." >> i want you to want to do the dishes. >> why would i want to do dishes? >> men are often portrayed as messy. how do guys stack up in real life? >> when he comes home from work, he takes his shoes off and leaves his socks and everything there. >> he's a neat freak. >> the laundry basket is right there. the clothes stay next to it. >> the bathroom. guys leave everything everywhere. >> leaves the toilet seat up.
2:43 am
>> hello. samantha, who owns a public relations firm in new york city, invited us into her home to get the dirt on her husband andre. we start with the kitchen. >> i don't understand we have to recycle paper towels. we wash our hands. we take a paper towel and leave them on the counter because apparently we're going to use them again at some point. he loves to pour coffee and only drinks this much of. makes me crazy. five glasses of coffee. each one just a little higher than the last. >> and he leaves glasses out. >> all over. >> and the list of complaints continues. >> he's not good at towel hanging. when we remove water from the refrigerator, we don't know how to put it back. >> i can tell this by the positioning of the pillow. empty paper roll. empty, another one on the counter. >> we won't go there. >> then it's time to explore uncharted territories. andre's man cave.
2:44 am
>> i'm too afraid. >> i will get you medical help if you pass out but we need to see the mess. clothing. we predicted this. >> oh, sorry. oh, oh my gosh. >> we have one, two, three, cups of coffee. >> apparently one is not enough. >> what else did we predict? a possible food item. >> ew. clothing, coffee, and food item. >> yep. >> what do i win? >> his side of the story. >> i suffer from pst. post samantha distress. it's almost like living in a museum. it's a by-product of living in the house. a little bit of mess. >> for the record, just so you know, samantha and andre have been happily married for seven years despite his messiness. >> i like him. >> they are darling. you know, you learn to just expect it and see it as part of them.
2:45 am
>> he said she's a whirling dervish. before he can finish things she's grabbing them out of the hands. >> my sister is like that. >> can andre clean up his act for samantha? >> we're going to find out how we can all live together peacefully. right after this.
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as you probably know, there are certain guy issues that can drive every woman crazy, especially when you live with them and you love them. and we're not just talking socks on the floor.
2:49 am
>> interior designer and the host of hgtv's house hunters on vacation, tanya nayak is here with solutions for happily cohabitating. and she's brought along messy husband andre. >> andre is back. >> these are all things that are correctable, you say, right? >> i think so. i think it's all about compromise. some women like to go over the top with their fancy pillows and things like that. what i'm here to do is help people like andre and samantha figure out what we can do, particularly here in the bedroom. >> let's talk about dirty clothes on the floor. that was a big thing. andre keeps leaving things wherever he wants. >> are you aware you're doing that when you do it? >> no. totally unconscious. >> they don't have that part of the brain. >> so how do we unring that bell? >> what we have to do is not the nagging. nagging does not work. >> obviously does not work. we have to find ways where things are landing and make it easier for them.
2:50 am
i know, why do we have to make it easier for them? >> we do. here's a perfect example. keep baskets in a place where he's typically dropping his towels, let's see if he can just get them in there. >> plus, it will look nice in your home, baskets everywhere. >> okay. so this is for -- >> andre can play games. >> this is for the guy that's still a kid at heart. if you want to make it a little easier. >> get it, andre. let's see if she can get it in. >> you turn it into a game. that might not be the most appealing thing. >> not unless you love basketball things in your home. >> well, this would be plan "b." take a hutch. this one i got from it was under $200. you can get it at a thrift shop. get a hand me down. cut a hole right out of the top, and let that become your hamper. >> that i like. that's smart. so now you don't really have anything showing. it looks like a bookshelf. and the clothes are tucked away. >> i really like that one. >> bob was leaving coffee all
2:51 am
over the place. he also has a thing with water bottles. if we want to fix up that issue, what's a way to do that? >> what's with the coffee? >> it's easier to bring another one down. >> than to bring one up. >> it's easier when you got to bring them all up at one time. make one trip up. >> which you never do, and dre. >> i do once in a while. >> what do we do with this? >> i have a method to the madness. instead of too many water bottles, get a carafe. fill it up with water but keep it on a tray. this is like one of those trays you can use in a bathroom and your glass. that way when all is said and done, you load up the tray and take everything together. >> all right. >> great idea. but i wouldn't bank on it. >> yeah. you don't think it's going to happen. >> i like the idea. >> you like the idea? >> yeah, i do. much better. >> this is going to make it easier. >> and you do the same with the coffee cup? >> same with the coffee cup. exactly. >> no, not at all. >> we only have like a minute left. but you say this carpeting is great because it doesn't show stains or anything. >> yeah.
2:52 am
i like texture. what do you guys think? can i ask you if you like the way this looks? >> no! i love it. >> i have a suggestion for hooks. if he can hang a hook. hang shirts on. hang it up. >> don't feel like folding. >> you're not good folders. >> look at him, he's smiling. >> i need the chair to put the clothes on. >> so hooks. >> find a chair with a hole in it and let that be the hamper. >> all right, we have to run. >> oh, shoot! >> i'm sorry, life goes on. we have to do our makeovers. >> "house hunters on vacation" is this sunday on hgtv. >> coming up, this is great. we're doing man makeovers. a little frimping. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:53 am
2:54 am
2:55 am
special show dedicated to all men everywhere. it's time to turn the spotlight on three special guys who deserved a little primping and pampering. >> we searched high and low to find men to makeover with eve michael. >> so funny, by the way. thanks for making us howl. so what is your philosophy behind these makeovers? >> my philosophy is that every person in this country deserves
2:56 am
to know how to look their best. we've kind of fallen asleep at the wheel. so i really want make over america by teaching everyone my method on how to look good. i wrote about it in my book. >> of course, you did. >> what else would you be doing? >> dress code. >> look at you, fancy. >> our first guy is george. now george has been married for two and a half years. he asked for your help to make him look great for his wife. and this is his before picture. good. good. but let's see what you did to him. come on out, george! i'm sorry. dude! dude! tell us what you did. hot. tell us. >> as i work internationally, i work internationally. i really want americans to compete on a global level. and i want us to see ourselves as more. so george came to me. he said, i look like a pasty janitor. and he's in the maintenance business.
2:57 am
i said, but i see you as so much more than that. yeah. and so i dressed him up so he could look great for his wife who is on a meditation retreat. what do you think? do you like? >> i do. i bought all the stuff. >> you bought it? >> yeah. >> you look amazing, right? >> oh my gosh. >> you know what the best part is? his wife went on a meditation retreat and she's been silent. he's going to have her screaming. finally we have matt. he is a building contractor. but he dresses like he still works in construction. which he now no longer does. he wanted to amp up his look. okay. i also think it's the angle of
2:58 am
>> oh, you're making my heartthrob. i wanted tim to get up with the fortune 300 and 500 companies. he's a brainiac. he was making himself so humble. i wanted him to walk in so they'd see the fabulous him. >> do you feel different? >> i feel fantastic. >> with the haircut and the outfit? >> oh, yeah. >> move over, tim is here. >> careful his wife is here. >> a big round of applause for tim. tim, thank you, honey. >> oh my gosh. we're falling apart. finally we have matt. he is a building contractor. but he dresses like he still works in construction. which he now no longer does. he wanted to amp up his look. okay. i also think it's the angle of
2:59 am
the camera. >> we hope. this is the before picture. all right. matt, show us what you got. ♪ oh, yeah! [ applause ] ♪ >> largest improvement. >> thank you. i clean up well. >> look at the hair. >> tell us what you did. >> i'll tell you something. first of all, we lightened his hair. got the sun kissed look. got a lot of vacation time look. and we put him in a great relaxed casual so he can go meet his multi-million dollar clients with and they can relate to him. we also put him in spanx. >> oh! all of the guys, come on out. come on out. i want to say something. women are not the only ones who have figure issues. >> that's true. guys have tummies and thighs, too. >> you were terrific.


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