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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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their homes more than 42 hours of the storm has made landfall. we're in new jersey with the latest on the aftermath. >> this is the kind of devastation hundreds of thousands are working through. the start of a sure to be a very long and difficult recovery. images were overwhelming. the scope of the devastation unimaginable. from the battered new jersey shore that filled the streets of hoboken and further north to rhode island, homes were picked up and pushed to the middle of the street. >> president obama joined the governor to riouring the devastation. in many areas city streets are still rivers, cars useless, boats and kayaks the only way to get around. support is slowly moving in.
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this caravan providing help and hope to those stranded over the bridge in seaside heights, new jersey. many who lived through the storm are still struggling to -- struggling to survive. >> we are staying with friends and family. that does not last for long. we're running out of food and everything. >> in new york city the subways are still under water. >> more than 100 home swallowed by flames. in the strike zone of beginning a difficult recovery and clinging tight to anything at sandy left behind. >> millions are still waiting for the opportunity. dozens of communities are still on lockdown tonight. >> thank you.
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unbelievable video. in the meantime, two days after of the wrath, sandy is still claiming lives here in maryland. a man has been killed by a falling tree in annapolis. this have been around 1:00 this afternoon. we are told the man was doing work for a contracting company when it fell on him. police say they are unknown -- they are investigating. in maryland still more than 34,000 customers without power. their greatest concentrations are in baltimore, harvard, and undal counties. >> the biggest problem up here is a downed trees. a lot of them fell on power lines. you have a lot of people appear without power during the storm.
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>> the crushing and impacts, it is hard to describe appear yen for several to be going down and striking houses as they went down, i never want to hear another sound like that again. >> lee edwards was talking about the tree that fell on his neighbor's house sunday night. this morning she saw the damage for the first time. >> i was shocked when i saw it. i know you can rebuild and material things are not important, but i am grateful i was not in the house of the time. -- at the time. all over hartford county there were trees down, minor flooding, and lots of power outages. >> waiting for the electricity to go on, and then we will be in
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good shape. we about a lot of help from neighbors. that has been a big help. everyone pitches in together. >> if you were in the tree trimming business, there will be plenty of work for weeks. >> all the time. one after another. i'm going to go look at jobs after we get this cleaned up. >> at the hartford county emergency center there were winding down. a very busy few days. bob thomas says it could have been a lot worse. >> when you look at what has happened to new jersey, what happened in new york and other jurisdictions, hartford county and the great state of maryland sustained -- cared much better than these other jurisdictions. -- faired much better than these other jurisdictions. >> a little over 8000 customers are still without power at this hour.
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teacup think you very much. we are actually dealing with cooling disasters. western maryland is dealing with as much as 29 inches of snow. we were surveying the team this afternoon where infant -- intermittent closures have taken place in two western virginia since wednesday night. meanwhile elsewhere in the state, ocean city, the other extreme and weather, hundreds are displaced in their home from ocean city as officials assess the damage, including 100 feet of fishing pier that has been wiped out. >> back in baltimore, the m.t.a. has resumed fault service today. everything there is back up and running. the storm dumped more than 6 inches of rain on the city,
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bringing wind gusts of up to 67 miles per hour. trash not picked up on tuesday will be collected this coming saturday. debris collection sites will happen through the week. you can find out more information on our web site. >> much of the damage related to the sheer strength of the winds. this is a look at a big tree andrew hill park. this tree had been standing for 400 years. the osage orange was standing along greensboro avenue but toppled over across the road during a storm. crews have been able to remove a major part of it so cars can get by. >> we have in the records in the park in 1860 day intentionally curb the road around the tree to preserve it. >> city harbors plan to move to -- plan to move this street --
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the tree to visit our area. looks like most cities will move forward with the plans for retreating. >> happy halloween, everyone. a look at what we can expect weather-wide with tom tasselmire. >> it is going to be cool out there, but the cost is usually kind of warm anyway. we will settle back into the upper 40's by the evening. minimal chance of a passing sprinkle under mostly cloudy skies. a different story in western maryland. still sees no showers on hd doppler falling in the far western part of the state. where is the remnants of sandy? moving up the western part of the state. we will feel the wind increasing a little bit. we have been closer to the center for a while. northwest winds will return. gusts of 25 miles per hour thursday and friday.
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sandy refuses to loosen its grip on the mid-atlantic and northeast. brighter skies in the forecast coming up. >> for the first time since the storm hit, most maryland schools reopen today for students but there were some sporadic power outages which cause some students to spend another day at home. >> dr. dallas dance baltimore county superintendent was determined to get students back into class. the of the best thing in most important thing would be to get kids back in gear and learning. our kids have two days off, monday and tuesday of next week. we wanted to get some sense of normalcy back to them. >> parents could not agree more. >> regis bunker down and had a couple of the job of days. -- we just bunkered down and had
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a couple of pajama days. they were enjoying their time at home. >> for students it was a third day of from class is courtesy of hurricane sandy. >> last night we got word there was no power in the building, so as a result, schools were closed. by the time the principal showed up, something happened. >> power is back on. the building is the freezing cold, so it would not have been good for students to be here. >> for her, an unexpected day off. >> i was surprised people were off today. everything seems fine where i live. there are probably lots of schools that do not have power in this city. >> that is stones still elementary, it was evident students were eager to move on.
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>> as of tonight, we know of only one school opening on a delay, and that is no. chester county. you can track the schools still closed because of power outages. watch the live updates online and see hundreds of photographs from staff and you at the top of >> a new twist in the murder case of monday turn it shouay t. >> first, since hurricane sandy it. what police have noted so far about the death of a 41-year-old man. man. >> more
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>> commitment 2012 tonight, scary long lines for early voting this halloween, but that is a good thing. and >> that is a lot. and david collins has been visiting early voting places in joins us from the university with more. >> today is the first day of early voting after the storm. state election officials
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describe turn out as brisk. overall record breaking when you compare it to maryland's first experience with it back in 2010. >> you are witnessing democracy and progress. thousands of voters lining up to exercise america's hard fought right. record numbers of your neighbors are voting early. twice as many democrats have voted early than republicans, libertarians, independents and others combined. at some polling places the way it is as long as two hours. >> we have not even had a chance to eat. take a state officials for pro -- report no voting problems. only one alternative early voting site had to be activated. a close presidential race, several statewide ballot quests,
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and local issues are credited for the huge turnout. voters are setting the course of the direction the state will take four years to come here e.ain > >> i think it is huge. not just the normal votes, but all the amendment items and stuff like that. at the administration building, believe it or not there was a line, fairly long line just a few moments ago. the line is moving quickly. the polls will open an -- stay open until 9:00 this evening and open tomorrow, and early voting will end november 2. wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmire. >> a few sprinkles on hd
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doppler, but overall a drier weather pattern. chilly temperatures around our region. cold and wind to reach across the western part of the state. -- wintry across the western part of the state. if you're traveling that way, prepare on wintry conditions. roads probably holding out ok, but a lot of power out because of the heavy snow. there is a winter weather advisory out for garrett county and parts of the southwestern pennsylvania. temperatures will stay near the freezing point so that will cause slippery conditions. they will get a couple more inches of snow it looks like. maybe two-3 inches of snow additional. you get up to about cumberland and are ok, but west of there
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you start to get into wintry conditions. you could see why. 36 and prospered. 45 in hancock. upper 40's and 50's around the baltimore area. chile for trecker treaters this evening. that will occur after midnight. -- chilly for trick or treaters. west winds up 5 miles per hour. sandy is up in the great lakes, pushing up to eastern canada. this is a very large storm. the circulation still goes down to atlanta. the windows out of the northwest and curls up of the ocean and bringing warmer temperatures to augusta, maine the storm will slowly begin and continue to pull away. on the backside is where we got blasted with the initial blast as it was approaching it will be a little on the breezy side as
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we go into thursday and friday. a shot of cold air will come in behind it. expect lower than normal temperatures and preconditions. a couple of snow showers continuing in the mountains. we will start to see more sunshine in the area friday afternoon as the storm is weaker and further away. into the weekend we should get a good dose of sunshine saturday before the wet -- next weather system will bear down on the week in late. -- and later on in the weekend. 56 tomorrow with winds out of the west at 10-15. gusts to 25. a small craft advisory. waves around a foot or 2 feet. high tide of fort mchenry. western maryland mountains dealing with snow. temperatures only in the 30's. 36 with a flurry on saturday
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before finally quiets down. a long stretch of wintry conditions in garrett county. lots of clouds and the eastern shore. a decent day on sunday. a little on the breezy side. we are going back to standard time. you get to sleep an extra hour. that is sunday morning standard time returns. insta-weather-plus seven-day, cool weather in freezing conditions. sunny skies on saturday. clocks go back sunday morning. sunday evening a chance for storms. >> thank you very much. baltimore may have come up short on a world series title, but a mere lender is winning big in the league's of poker. -- marylander is winning big in
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the league of poker. >> the full story in a live report.
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>> world a poker has a new champion, and he is from maryland. he won the title just before dawn this morning and lost big is up for going all in on the last hand of texas told against jesse sylvia. he was the last man at the table in the marathon session that lasted nearly 12 hours but certainly well worth it. he received 8.5 $3 million as the top prize. he took on the ultimate prize, of gold and platinum bracelet if encrusted with diamonds. >> that is definitely something going on there. seriously. >> we hear so much about
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cholesterol, and you do need some to help build your body's cells, but too much can but you are rest. one local doctor says you can lower your cholesterol with a diet makeover. four years he struggled with high cholesterol, which eventually led to a blockage in her heart. and >> they came down lower than it was, but it was still high. >> she required bypass surgery, and besides taking cholesterol medication, she has dramatically changed your diet. >> i learned to give up a lot of red meats. i loved vegetables. that was good. i have learned to fix vegetables 1000 different ways. it has made a difference. >> that is because what you eat is essential for manning your
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cholesterol. she believes the best diet is one bridge and vegetables. -- rich in vegetables. >> animal products, including dairy to bring up your cholesterol. to go allison massie says one big mistake many of us make is eating too much meat. >> heavy on animal products. if we can cut back and do semigloss meals, it will save money and prepare your heart. >> if you eat lots of green vegetables, you will find that your cholesterol will go down, information will go down. you will lose your tummy. to have more energy because you will not have the fluctuations in sugar levels. >> you did not realize how bad you had been feeling. it is a big change in the way you feel.
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you do not wake up so tired. >> finally tonight, a new treatment for head lice. a tropical lotion appears to be more effective than conventional treatment and allows you to forgo the painstakingly slow process coming through your hair. a new study shows it is safe and effective. it is powerful stuff. the formulation is only available with a doctor's prescription. experts say lice are in sync recently resisted to over-the- counter treatments. -- are increasingly resistant to over-the-counter treatments. >> good news for homeowners filing claims office with their insurance after hurricane sandy. -- filing claims with their
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insurance after hurricane sandy.
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>> live , local, late breaking, you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 here did your insta- weather-plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmire, and sky tv 11 covering breaking news where you live. wbal -- wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00
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start right now. >> homeowners may be getting a break when it comes to damages from hurricane sandy. and no special or can deductibles will apply when it comes to hurricane sandy. >> that is important information. the national weather service did not issue a hurricane warning, which means you only play your standard deductible for any damage. >> here in crew withheld part we have a massive tree down, and by some estimates the tree is 400 years old. it is amazing how many people have stopped to look as they go by. downed trees like this are one of the biggest problems we of seen as a result of hurricane sandy. there is good news for homeowners who have to file those claims. the cleanup from sandy is under
5:30 pm
way. damages limited to isolated park it -- pockets around baltimore like this neighborhood dealing with a massive downed tree. >> i heard a crack and fall. people are filing claims with their homeowner's insurance for the damage, but good news for some homeowners. and a lot of homeowners state that when a hurricane warning is issued they set up a flat deductible. homeowners have to pay a percentage of the cost to fix the damage. in this case no official warning was issued for maryland. >> because there was no hurricane warning issued for any part of the state, an insurer -- and in a server may not impose our percentage deductible in connection with damage that was sustained. >> that is good news for
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homeowners. that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. homeowners will still have to play -- pay the flat deductible. >> it is certainly a benefit to mourners. to go as for the nobles, they said they got off easy compared to what could have happened. >> blessed, very blessed. could have been worse. >> the insurance administration says if you have any issues to give them a call. 417-442-6116. you can find that number on our website >> president barack obama got a sandy'sthe supsuperstorm damage, but joe biden was still campaign, as was mitt
5:32 pm
romney. >> six days to go before election day. both campaigns are ramping back up and predicting victory, but acknowledge sandy has had an impact on their race. >> mitt romney return to the campaign trail in battleground florida. >> we're going through trauma and a major part of the country. >> striking a softer tone in light of sandy, the gop nominee renewed his closing argument. take my view is i believe this is a time for america to take a different course. >> in his native wisconsin, paul ryan also tried to make a compelling case. to go let's wake up wednesday morning knowing we did everything we possibly could, because as we all know, wisconsin is one of the critical battleground states. appreciate it.
5:33 pm
to go his surrogates picked up this last from bill clinton. take a mitt romney strategy is to blame him for everything under the sun. take of the facts are mitt romney will say anything, anything to win. in the final days, the ground game is about expanding the map. it to go there is testing going on with other states that might be in play. >> their schedules say it all. mitt romney will be in virginia tomorrow. the president plans to hit wisconsin, nev., and ohio on his in the wakeck here yek. >> of hurricane sandy, there was a lot of concerned people would
5:34 pm
not be headed to the polls, but the number early voters so far is more than 162,000. people tell us they are voting today because they are expecting really heavy turnout next week. some places reporting lines as long as two hours to make up for the early voting been washed out, maryland added friday is an early voting day. >> there is no shortage of devastation across the state. hundreds of people have been displaced. tour today.y took a in the town mccrystal, rising flood waters have forced caskets from their graves. more on that story and it was 6:00. >> we cannot talk about the storm without talking about the 2 feet of snow that has blanketed western maryland, and it is still falling. residents are urged to use caution on the road the.
5:35 pm
at least three homes have collapsed reportedly under the weight of the snow. police are reporting jackknifed tractor-trailer along interstate 68. >> the woman who police say helped her son and another teenager cover up the shooting death of a young baltimore girl is now in police custody. she is being held on $500,000 bond after turning herself in this morning. she was being charged with being an accessory in the murder of monet turnage. her body was found in an alley the next day, hidden under trash bags. >> city police are investigating homicide tonight. it happened early yesterday evening in the 1100 block of homewood avenue. police found mchale alan suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. so far no word on a motive or
5:36 pm
possible suspect. >> of the biggest issue is one that as it -- was the unprecedented strength of the wind gusts. >> we're talking 80 miles per hour in some cases. you really have to see it to believe it. we will show you more of this when we come back. first -- >> windows blown out. all all the way through the roof. take of this fredericksburg resident is not talking about
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>> investigators in virginia are tried to figure out who is responsible for a string of house bombings in and around fredericksburg. residents thought there were initially heavy winds or storm damage, but instead someone was planting pipe bombs. these homes were wedged with sandbags to keep out storm water. this is happening -- this
5:40 pm
happened monday night into tuesday. to go also covering the nation, striking images and video continue to pour in from all across the country. countless homes destroyed, trees, power lines blown down and rising flood waters. check this out. this is video that showcases the streets. a massive tree being uprooted by the wind and the family's backyard. authorities confirmed no one was hurt in the incident. i have never seen anything like this. authorities now believe this explosion that sparked a fire this morning in new jersey may have been caused by a breach in a gas line. police say they were not able to access barrier island that first because of the debris and sand. if you're looking to fill up your car in new jersey, you will have to get into a rather long line. dozens of people lined up in their cars and on foot.
5:41 pm
they are waiting their turn to get some gas. there is now at cap on gas purchases. that went into effect around 5:00 last night. >> of seen trees are ready down. i have never seen one in progress. >> superstore and sandy delivered a knockout punch eat -- up and down the east coast. and what they need and how they're doing. >> the inner harbor downtown has been vacant for quite some time. a new retailer is moving in. he was setting up shop in when just ahead. >> we can expect the winds to increase again. a little bit on the
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>> good afternoon. coming up, but martin o'malley to word the damage caused by hurricane sandy today. toured thealley damage caused by hurricane sandy today. today. the storm
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>> the impact of superstorm sandy can be seen throughout the state. rescue workers were called to the river at 2:00 yesterday
5:45 pm
accident. two men were in the water clinging to trees. officials say the man and eventually lost it when the stream began floating down seen -- stream. the american red cross is working on providing basic needs to disaster victims in maryland and delaware region. that includes basic shelter, food, and clothing. 200 workers are now in the area to provide assistance. we have more from the chesapeake region headquarters. >> i am here with the american red cross were all of the efforts to help maryland and delaware are being coordinated year. 200 volunteers are here to help. joining me is salute when tests. you flew in from illinois, right? -- louis fluentes. >> today we
5:46 pm
will determine isolated areas that have been hurt by the storm and other emergencies that have developed by the storm. >> deploying volunteers to help the residents by the shelter. to go absolutely. my job is to determine where the most damages occurred and where people have been impacted and how many homes have been impacted. this will let people know what they have to deal with. right now we're hearing volunteers will be sent to garrett county, as well as the eastern shore, and possibly maryland. douglas will talk less about what is going on in the warehouse. >> this is all of the supplies we have. we have enough ships in, about 60,000 meals, 60,000 pellets of water. it is enough to last us for the next couple of days.
5:47 pm
this is the stuff that gets shipped to the shelters. we had an overnight shelter last night of 300 people. there are still people staying in shelters and baltimore city. out west with the blizzard is happening, there is people staying out there. this is a massive storm. as you can see, we are ready. take a volunteers with the red cross will stay in the field as long as necessary to help citizens in need. >> b.w.i. marshall got up and running today. we are hearing that la guardia will open tomorrow at 7:00. is a good sign. to go a lot of folks just want a normal day. and-- >> a lot of folks just want a normal day. and nice boring, normal day.
5:48 pm
a lot of folks are hoping for that. and we of snow showers going on in the mountains. that is for early seasons those are continuing to come down. if you're traveling westbound on i-68, things will be slow going even into tomorrow. essentially west of cumberland your into the winter weather conditions. right now rain coming off of the lakes in northeastern ohio. would not be surprised to see some wet snow mix and around there as well. checking the almanac's in the baltimore area. high temperature today 63 degrees. average is 62. it -- 85 degrees the record high. 25 the record low. no rain today for the first time since the rain robins sunday. sunday, monday, tuesday with
5:49 pm
rain in the area. and the monthly total now just under 9 inches for october. 5.5 inch surplus for the month. for the year trailing the normal by 1.6 inches. 48 in pawnee town. parked in 49. it will be cool for trigger traders getting out there early this evening, but not too bad. late tonight temperatures will drop into the 30's. the winter weather advisory continues in effect in garrett county for the overnight into the mountains as well. tonight 36. 34 downtown. west wind at 5. 6:06.n andt it takes several days for the momentum of this thing.
5:50 pm
it will still be fairly called the storm as it moves up through eastern canada. the backside is still breezy. as the storm is departing, it will grab on to another batch of cold, canadian air. temperatures expected to run below normal for the next seven days into the first part of november. snow showers continue tomorrow. we will see a few breaks in the cloud coverage tomorrow. a lot of sunshine expected here saturday. it should be a nice start to the weekend. tomorrow a 51-56 and mostly cloudy skies. winds gusting to 25 miles per hour saw a small craft advisory. mid-fifties over the weekend. clocks go back one hour. back to standard time. rain coming in sunday night into monday. maybe a few showers on election
5:51 pm
day. >> we begin tonight consumer alert with a look at how superstorm sandy is affecting travelers and travel services nationwide. the number of delays has bought 19,000. light tracking service but the total number of canceled flights at 19,500. as airport struggle to get flight operations back to normal, disruptions could continue through the weekend. demand for one-week trips is way off the charts and has been since error -- air carriers began canceling flights. and speaking of sandy, the new york stock exchange that back to business this morning. the damage force the markets to close for the past two days.
5:52 pm
[applause] that is michael bloomberg ringing the opening bell this morning here yen of the exchange was running on backup generators and power remained out in large parts of new york. the last time the exchange was closed for two days, back in 1888. here is a look at where the big markets are closing today, the dow went down 11 points. the nasdaq also lost 11, closing out at 3000. it has been sitting empty in the inner harbor since last january but tonight getting word of a new tenant moving into the space. marshall's close its doors last year. the developer david brown says he expects marshals to become a popular destination for office
5:53 pm
workers and downtown residents. they plan to open early next year. >> the governor visits one of the hardest-hit areas after hurricane sandy. a report to talk to the governor about his plans to go forward with the recovery effort. >> i am under armor performance center. center.
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i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. >> their season may be over, but
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still plentof reason to cheer. they are now the proud recipients of golden glove awards. j. j. hardy, adam jones and leaders. there the first rio since 1998. a party at his group -- named to an elite group. he committed only six errors out of 779 fielding chances. the second golden globe for adam jones. weeters finished second in the american league. to go with power now restored to team headquarters in full game plan being put in place for sunday's game against the browns all seemed normal for the ravens.
5:57 pm
perhaps the most normal of all, terrell owens with the media. >> it has been about a week and have since he returned to the football field. and >> the crazy ironic thing is, and this is probably a down side because the only people who are really listen to are you guys, and i do not listen to you all that much. i would not really pay attention. i was still busy -- better that we lost. i really did not hear it. the thing is we set i was going to come back this year, and we came back. i believe him, but there is
5:58 pm
always a little bit of me that said he is talking himself in to coming back but how quickly will he be able to? the fact is he was able to get back out there and play as many snaps and play as well as he did is pretty impressive. >> some may assume their ravens defensive woes will disappear. >> one man is not going to change that. it is definitely a team effort. i think we all have to do things better. >> game no. 2 this week, against cleveland it cannot be a bad thing. 13 career sacks against the browns. in covering the ravens, pete gilbert. >> mr. tyrrell sox. hope i claim that we declare that up. here's a look at what is coming
5:59 pm
up new at 6:00. >> i am here were the red cross is assisting with evacuation efforts. the full story in a live report. >> for many people here it was a day of cleaning up after the storm. a live report coming up. >> a record turnout for early voting. the numbers are astonishing. the latest coming up. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. but, local, late breaking. this is a 11 news at 6:00. >> along with ocean city, the eastern shore of maryland one of the hardest-hit areas in maryland with hundreds of people displaced and roads and homes surrounded by floodwaters. tonight governor o'malley visited chris field to get out and survey the wreckage left behind. to go so far three deaths have been reported in the state. been reported in the state.


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