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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 13, 2013 12:35am-1:35am EST

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tearing me tearing me tearing me apart ♪ ♪ and your thoughtless words are breaking my heart ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you're breaking my heart ♪ ♪ >> jay: jewel, great job! that was a beautiful song! that was wonderful. thank you, thank you. that was great. i want to thank my guests -- charles barkley, bob fisher and, of course, jewel!
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tomorrow night, anne hathaway. but jimmy fallon happening right now. jimmy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, thank you very much. that's a great new york city crowd right there. thank you guys so much. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon." here is -- [ cheers and applause ] going to have a fun show tonight. oh, thanks. well, let's get to some of the news stories. here's what people are talking about. with pope benedict retiring in two weeks, more than 100 cardinals will sequester themselves in the sistine chapel to choose the next pope. now, here's what they do. they send out white smoke if they have chosen somebody, black smoke if they haven't chosen somebody. and a text message when they find out it's 2013. [ laughter ] that's what they are going to do. white smoke and black smoke. and this is crazy. did you see this photo? yesterday lightning struck st. peter's basilica just hours after pope benedict announced his resignation. yeah. then the pope said, "i guess that's a 'no' on getting paid for my unused vacation days." [ laughter ]
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some political news. tonight at the state of the union address, the ceo of apple and a nasa engineer both sat with michelle obama. yep. the president said he hopes it sends a message to americans that if you can't sit close to your wife, surround her with nerds. [ laughter ] oh, i know who is going to sit next to michelle. here's a major international story. earlier today north korea conducted its third nuclear test, and afterwards iran called for all nuclear weapons to be destroyed. you know it's bad when even ahmadinejad is like, "this kim jong-un dude is crazy man." [ laughter ] we got to -- this guy is nuts. i can't even deal with him now. are you kidding me? some tv news. last night on "the bachelor," -- do you guys watch "the bachelor?" [ cheers ] sean narrowed down his choices to the final four. of course, we'll all know when he's made his final decision when he releases a plume of white smoke.
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[ laughter ] you guys, tomorrow is the first day of lent, when catholics begin fasting for 40 days. some catholics will give up chocolate, some catholics will give up alcohol, and one catholic is giving up being pope. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and finally, h&m has admitted to using a butt double in their recent david beckham underwear commercial. [ audience oohs ] even worse, i still haven't been paid! [ laughter ] we've got a great show tonight. please give it up for the roots, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is the one and only dave matthews band violinist boyd tinsley sitting in with the roots tonight! [ cheers and applause ] boyd tinsley! this guy is amazing, genius. boyd produced a new film, "faces in the mirror" and is on tour doing screenings of it around the country. boyd, it's always good to see you, pal. >> thanks, jimmy. >> jimmy: thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congrats on this. congrats on that. if you want to, go to for details on this. >> you're the best. >> jimmy: thanks for coming back. we always love seeing you. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we got a fun show tonight. he stars in the new movie based on the nicholas sparks novel "safe haven." josh duhamel is here! [ cheers and applause ] the ladies love that guy. he's a good dude. plus, he's great on the "office," and now he's got a new animated film. craig robinson is dropping by! [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: wonderful. >> jimmy: and we are excited to
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have her here. she is the chef, owner and founder of momofuku milk bar. christina tosi is stopping in to the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] that's the best cookies, best desserts i've ever had in my whole life. it is unbelievable. so we'll be talking to her. she's a brilliant, brilliant chef. guys, valentine's day is just a few days away. and as i said earlier, i know you're all really busy. and a lot of you don't have time to go pick a card for that special someone in your life. well, don't worry. i've got your back. i'm going to show you guys some valentines e-cards that you can send from the comfort of your own computer. you guys all know what an e-card is, right? >> audience: yeah. >> jimmy: electronic versions of greeting cards, super easy to use. you pick a card. type in the e-mail address you want to send it to. click send, and it's off. i love this. so let's take a look at some of my favorite new valentine e-cards. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ e-cards e-cards e-cards e-cards ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: now, this first e-card has a picture of some beautiful roses.
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and it says, "this flower reminds me of you." sweet. inside it says, "because it's four times as big as all the normal flowers." [ laughter ] >> steve: oh. >> jimmy: why would you -- >> steve: that's odd. >> jimmy: that's odd. >> steve: send that to your -- i guess you're sending an e-card. >> jimmy: an e-card, yeah. let's check out the next card here. a couple making a giant heart on the beach. it says, "i heart you." that's nice. let's see what the inside says. "even though sometimes you're a total beach." [ laughter ] i get it. i get it. >> steve: i get it. >> jimmy: i get it. kind of funny. let's check out next card here. here's an old couple sitting outside on a nice day. it says, "my love will always grow." and inside it says, "but my wing wang won't." [ laughter ] that's tmi. >> steve: tmi. >> jimmy: tmi, grandma. >> steve: wing wang won't. >> jimmy: yeah, wing wang won't, no. let's check out this next one here. aw, it's a beautiful shot of a couple on beach at sunset. it says, "even though we're on this vast beach it feels like it's just you and me."
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and inside it says, "and that creepy guy who is taking our photo." [ laughter ] just weird. someone is taking that photo. >> steve: someone is taking that photo. >> jimmy: there's a third person on the beach, yeah. >> steve: might be wing wang won't. >> jimmy: there's a girl hugging a plush heart. it says, "you have my heart." inside it says, "and i have muppet boots." [ laughter ] >> steve: wait. >> jimmy: let's look at the next card. these are interesting. oh, here's a racy one here. there's a sexy woman on a bed covered with rose petals. it says, "i hope you're ready for a long night." inside it says, "of picking rose petals out of your butt." [ laughter ] i don't know. >> steve: that's true. >> jimmy: again, i don't know who these are -- it's not for everybody. >> steve: who would send that? >> jimmy: i don't know. let's check out this next one here. there's a rose resting on some champagne glasses. it says, "let's have a drink." see what it says inside. "to forget how ugly we are." >> steve: what? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: again, these are specific cards for -- >> steve: for specific people.
12:44 am
well, that's good. >> jimmy: let's check out our last e-card. here's lance armstrong. [ laughter ] it says, "roses are red, violets are blue. i've got one, most guys have two." [ laughter ] that's all the time we have for "late night e-cards." stick around, everybody. we'll be back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ (music throughout) why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai.
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♪ >> jimmy: thank you, boyd. thank you again, boyd. it sounds great. welcome back, you guys. now, guys, valentine's day is only a couple days away. everyone's favorite part of valentine's day is all the chocolate. my personal favorite is the whitman's sampler. [ cheers and applause ] you know that one that's got, like, the box with the map that tells you which chocolate is which. before you go and buy it for your valentine, you probably want to know how the whitman's sampler is this year. well, luckily, we've got the one and only daym drop to help us out. he's the guy who does these food reviews from inside his car in the parking lot of the place where he bought the food. [ laughter ] he's one of the funniest dudes we've ever seen. we love him so please enjoy daym drop's super official review of the whitman sampler. [ cheers and applause ] [ speaking incoherently ]
12:49 am
>> super official review! i know you can't handle this, and man -- so, i'm out here in san francisco right now. you know, doing my one-two thing. getting' it poppin', yeah, yeah. i get another phone call from my main man, jimmy. he was like, "man, valentine's day's coming around. what you gonna do about it?" i go, "what you mean what am i do about it? i'm gonna handle my business." he was like, "playa, what's up with those whitman chocolates?" i was like, "the samplers?" he was like, "yeah, the samplers." i was like, "man, i don't even get down with that program. you know what i'm saying? chocolates, teddy bear, cliche." he was like, "listen here, man. you head up to whitman's chocolates. see if it's a good look. if it's a good look for you, then it's got to be a good look for the lady, right?" i'm like, "you know what, jim? sometimes when you put two and two together, playa, it equals four. you dig?" that's what i have all up your eyeball, all up in your area, all up on your box right now. whitman's sampler chocolates. do-do, do-do.
12:50 am
[ laughter ] aw, man, stop playing. i'mma slide that open, you know. nice little heart-shaped box. ooh. ooh, yeah, baby. [ laughter ] oh, that chocolate. the scent was all in the air. sugar, just sugar just cruising in the air. it was just like you and i, we were meant to be. i'mma start with a chocolate drop. now, it looks like -- it looks like a ghetto raisinet. [ laughter ] the thing is, i don't like raisins. so guess what? back in the box. do you feel me? now, this looks like the reese's peanut butter cup, a small version. and me, i love a reese peanut butter cup. the lady, she's starting to get on her peanut butter program. now, it looks like my reese peanut butter cup has the mumps, you know? you all bumpy on the top. what you doing? bumpy on the top. i hope you don't have no extra kiblets up in there. let's see what's happening, baby.
12:51 am
this is the high and low-budget version of a reese peanut butter cup. [ laughter ] so, you mean to tell me, instead of taking out the quality time that's needed to spread that peanut butter game down fly, baby, you want to just go ahead and toss some peanuts up in there? if i wanted chocolate and peanuts, i would've just bought some m&ms. bubble gum, bubble gum in the dish. how many pieces do you wish? uh, three. one, two, three. and you shall not be it in this game of hide and go seek. out goes -- why do i have so many raisins. we're just gonna throw it out there -- you. you know what i'm saying? i shouldn't have even been counting those raisins. i'm truly hoping this isn't another coconut surprise. mm. oh, yeah. [ light laughter ] mm-hmm. mm-hmm.
12:52 am
this is what daddy likes. [ laughter ] oh, this is what daddy likes. mm. oh, baby, i'm havin' a moment. [ laughter ] ooh, i'm havin' a moment. this is your main man, daym drop. you know what it is. whitman's samplers. do it to yourself one time for valentine's day. samplers all day long. you're rockin' out with the best. your main man, daym, doin' a bit for my main man, jimmy. i'm outta here, baby. pay attention. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i will pay attention. i will pay attention. daym drop! go check out all his videos on youtube and follow him on twitter, @daymdrop. our thanks to daym. we'll be right back with josh duhamel, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ notice breaking, falling strands? stop playing around! hold on with fall fight! from garnier fructis. this is dual action performance.
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hot-off-the-grill burger in about a minute.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, everybody. welcome back. you know tonight's first guest from the "transformers" movies. and starting this thursday, valentine's day, you can see him opposite julianne hough in the movie from nicholas sparks. it is "safe haven." please welcome to the show, a handsome man. here's josh duhamel. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. welcome. [ cheers and applause ] josh, nice to see you. >> how are you doing? >> jimmy: thank you for -- >> i'm finally getting to come and do your show. i've been asking for years. >> jimmy: yeah, fantastic. i'm so happy you're finally here. >> well, good to be here.
12:57 am
>> jimmy: yeah, it is good. how are you doing? how's -- >> i'm a bit gassy. i'm nervous. >> jimmy: are you really? >> that happens. >> jimmy: why? you didn't eat any food back there, did you? >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: no. >> they warned me about that before. >> jimmy: yeah, no. that's just wax candles. [ laughter ] that's not real food. how is the wife doing? how's fergie? >> she's doing fantastic. she is probably back home watching this right now. >> jimmy: she is. here's my one concern i would have being married to fergie. all right, dancing. does she make you dance? she's a good dancer. >> we've danced. we've danced. but you know -- >> jimmy: are you a good dancer? >> i keep the expectations low, so, you know, it's -- >> jimmy: like, would you ever go to move. does she just, like, break out in certain circles and start going crazy? [ light laughter ] >> actually, we could dance, if you like. >> jimmy: no. i'm an awful dancer. >> i saw her when she was on your show a while back. >> jimmy: yeah. >> that was -- that's a lot to live up to. >> jimmy: it is a lot. yeah, she's very funny. >> with the shots of vodka and everything else. >> jimmy: yeah, we did these shots of vodka. >> i can't believe -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that normally happens on our show. it's a very odd thing. no matter who's our guest.
12:58 am
we always end up doing shots of vodka. no, that's actually my dance move. >> yeah, let's see it. >> jimmy: once somebody goes, "let's dance." i go, "great." and then i back up. i go, "i'm going to go to the bar real quick." [ laughter ] and then i wait until people forget about me. >> if they gave us a little music, we could do it. i'm down if you want to. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: embarrassing. how would you really dance? >> i don't know. how would you do it? ♪ >> i'm following your lead. >> jimmy: you're following me? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> that's good. that was nice. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very easy to dance with. you're very easy to dance with. you're a good dancer. >> you're a sexy man. you're a sexy man. >> jimmy: you're a sexy, sexy man. >> wow. that was not supposed to happen. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: ever, ever again. it might not ever happen again. >> questlove looks so disappointed. >> jimmy: he's just bummed out. yeah, he's like -- >> questlove: what did you expect? i'm traumatized. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's traumatized right
12:59 am
there. josh, you're from a very small town. is it minot? >> yes. i'm from minot, north dakota. >> jimmy: north dakota. that is a small -- what's it like over there in minot? >> it's very busy right now. you know, a couple years ago we had a flood, which was -- which was awful. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but at the same time, there's this huge oil boom going on. so, you know, there was a lot of bad, but there's a lot of good. it's a little bit scary. there's a lot of people coming into town. apparently, i read in an article, that -- you know, the man-to-woman ratio coming into town to work with these oil rigs is like 35-1 or something like that. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: man to woman. >> yeah, so that's like a lot -- that's a lot of horny dudes. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] >> in fact -- in fact -- and this is in no way to disrespect my home state of north dakota. but i read it in an article that they just arrested a couple 65-year-old women for prostitution. >> jimmy: what? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, that's -- 65? >> hey, a woman's got to work. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: just got all those oiled-up dudes out there, you know, walking around.
1:00 am
>> hey. >> jimmy: you have a lot of big news. one of the cooler things, you're going to host the nickelodeon "kids choice awards" march 23rd. >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: this is a big deal for you. [ cheers and applause ] this is a big deal. >> this is a very big deal, and this is -- this is my favorite awards show. so when they ask me to do it, you know, of course, i jumped at the chance. >> jimmy: yeah, you love -- here's how serious you take it. here's a photo of you, promo for it, hosting the "kids choice awards." there's you. [ laughter ] you look familiar there. it looks like someone i know. that's very, very good. i love that you're doing that. >> yeah, that's -- you recognize that photo, right? >> jimmy: i think, yeah. it reminds me of someone. i've seen her before. yeah, yeah, yeah. little katy perry action there. now, this is -- what do you call it? you have big stuff planned, you told me. >> we do. we have -- >> jimmy: can you tell us anything, any spoilers? >> we're still sort of in the process of planning the whole thing. we just literally started getting ready for it. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but we did a two-day promo shoot, which included dressing
1:01 am
up like taylor swift. which was very fun. carly rae jepsen -- so i got to put on the short jean shorts and wash the car like carly rae. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> and maybe your favorite, harry styles from one direction. >> jimmy: that's my main dude, yeah. [ cheers ] >> yep, yep. and you know, so i got to impersonate a lot of different people. i felt like you. i felt like i was on "saturday night live." >> jimmy: that's fun. this is good. >> i saw the photo in the lobby of you dressed up like a woman. it's a common theme between you and me. >> jimmy: that wasn't a photo. that my wife. >> oh, that's you and -- [ laughter ] i thought that might have been you on the weekend. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: not funny. that's a photo of my -- >> sorry. >> jimmy: anyway, sadly, that was me. my wife is much prettier. >> that's just a normal weekend for jimmy. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. it is a fun awards show, though, because you just get to do -- >> it really is. >> jimmy: -- goofy stuff and everyone just laughs and has a good time. >> you get to act a fool, which is what i do best. >> jimmy: which is good, fun. well, this one here, you're in this new movie, "safe haven." >> yes. >> jimmy: do you want to tell everyone what this is about? >> "safe haven" is a movie that we shot this summer in north carolina. nicholas sparks, like you mentioned.
1:02 am
lasse hallstrom directed, which is one of the main reasons i wanted to do it is because i'm a huge fan of his. julianne hough -- >> jimmy: julianne hough is amazing. we had her on the show a couple times. she is talented. >> talented girl, very sweet girl. very smart, funny. you know, and she's great in this movie. >> jimmy: yeah. and you get hang out with seacrest. >> well, you know, that was -- [ laughter ] that was why i almost didn't do the movie. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> no, i can't -- >> jimmy: no, you can't. >> ryan, he's my friend. >> jimmy: he's a nice guy. but this movie, it's a romantic drama. but it's a little bit of a thriller as well. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's definitely as much a thriller i think as it is a romantic movie that people expect. so, you know, if i was going to do what i wanted to do one that was going to be a little bit different. and it's a movie that -- i think that people are really going to like. >> jimmy: i'm very excited. it comes out -- it's in theaters this thursday. valentine's day. >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: here's josh duhamel and julianne hough in "safe haven."
1:03 am
>> let me grab my keys. i'll give you a lift. >> no, i'll be -- i'm fine. >> you're going to walk all the way back to the camp? >> yeah. >> are you -- >> yep, i'm good. ♪ >> jimmy: oh, see, come on. you can you see the chemistry. it heats up. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> jimmy: are you a beer drinker? >> absolutely. ask my dad. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> he taught me at a young age. >> jimmy: he taught you at a young age how to do it. because i have a game that i would like to play with you. >> okay. >> jimmy: is that cool? i'm going to beat josh duhamel in a race, right after the break, on coolers. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hey, everybody. we are back with josh duhamel. he stars alongside julianne hough in a new movie called "safe haven." it is in theaters everywhere this thursday, valentine's day. how's that tasting, pretty good? >> mmm. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] josh and i are about to have a good old-fashioned cooler scooter race. we're gonna ride these motorized scooter coolers out of the studio -- around the hallway -- back into the studio -- then, we circle this keg -- >> do we come back through here? >> jimmy: yeah. so we'll circle the keg and then go back out there do one more lap. >> then, do one more. and then, come all the way to this -- >> jimmy: and then, this will be the finish line right here. >> okay, you're going down, dude. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: safety is sexy. we'll be wearing these beer helmets, just for safety, complete with ice cold beer. higgins, do you want to get these things started. >> bring it! >> jimmy: ready? >> steve: on your mark. get set. go! [ cheers and applause ]
1:10 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: whoa! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: the winner! [ cheers and applause ] josh duhamel! ♪
1:11 am
>> smell burned -- >> jimmy: do you smell burned rubber? smells like burned rubber and beer over there. this is dangerous. go see "safe haven" in theaters on valentine's day. my man craig robinson joins us after the break. stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] start with a groundbreaking car. good. then invent an entirely new way to buy one. no. no. no. yes! a website that works like a wedding registry. but for a car. first, you customize it. then let people sponsor the car's parts as gifts. dad sponsors the engine for your birthday. grandma sponsors the rims for graduation. the car gets funded. then you pick up your new dodge dart at the dealership. and all that's left to do is say thanks. easy. ♪ go olive garden's three course italian dinner, just $12.95. choose one of five new entrees like parmesan potato crusted chicken.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know our next guest as one of the stars of nbc's "the office," which airs thursdays at 9:00 p.m. [ cheers ] sure. thursdays at 9:00 p.m. starting this friday, in theatres everywhere, he voices a character in the animated film "escape from planet earth." take a look. >> there's only one way out of here. invent enough cool stuff and shanker lets you go. that's how area 51 works. he lures the smartest aliens from across the universe and throws them in jail. take thurman. he was a professor. those four hands invented touch screen technology. or io. she used to be a librarian. she got so mad looking stuff up for people that she invented the search engine. and most importantly, me. after my radio show got famous, i invented social networking.
1:17 am
i've got 5 billion pending friend requests. >> jimmy: please welcome craig robinson! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: always great to see you, buddy. >> yeah! >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. >> thank you very much. it's good to be back, bro. >> jimmy: you know the roots, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. they're my boys, man. i just tweeted -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> questlove. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i was in canada and this girl -- i was in white rock, canada. you know about white rock? >> jimmy: no. [ cheers and applause ] >> white rock, yeah. >> jimmy: no, don't know -- you're in white rock. >> i was in white rock. it's like 20 miles outside of vancouver, and this lady thought i was questlove.
1:18 am
she just would not -- she was like, "you questlove." it's like, "no, i'm not." she's like, "no, you're questlove. i know you're questlove." i'm like, "no. that's my dude but i'm not questlove." she's like, "you're questlove, and i am so hot for you." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what happened? >> well, i was like, "well, it's nice to meet you." so, long story short -- questlove, you have a baby in white rock, canada. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you want the pick? you can pull it off, man. you can pull it off. >> now, i just go around, "hey, you know the roots, right?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he actually gave you permission, right? on twitter? >> he gave me permission on twitter. it's like -- i sent out the tweet. i sent, "hey, so this lady thinks i'm questlove. is it okay if -- dot, dot, dot --" and quest was like, "will she give the drummer some?" and i did. >> jimmy: and so he said yes.
1:19 am
that was nice. >> absolutely. so, thank you, sir. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> questlove: you're welcome. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i follow you on twitter and i wanted you to explain this photo of you. this just looks like a fun party. i don't know what that is. >> oh, yes. that is me as el fuego. there was a guac-off. >> jimmy: a guac-off. >> yeah, i'm coining that term -- a guac-off. it's a guacamole-off. a few of my friends -- each one said they made the best guacamole. so we had a party, and i missed the super bowl so i could attend the guac-off. and the friends who made the guacamole are known at gaucegans. [ laughter ] and i was el fuego. >> jimmy: el fuego. >> el fuego, "the fire." and i wore this sombrero, and i got everybody, you know -- gifts -- there were three of them. first, second, third place. and one was a big sombrero. one was a medium sombrero, and one was, like, a little teacup sombrero. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a little, tiny sombrero? >> very tiny sombrero.
1:20 am
>> jimmy: that's pretty fun. so, everybody wins? >> everybody wins. >> jimmy: everybody wins in that one. yeah. >> in the guac-off. >> jimmy: in the guac-off. do you make a good guac or you just like to judge it? >> i just was a judge, man. >> jimmy: yeah -- >> but my boy, mark, won and he won -- like, it was eight people judging and he won 7-1. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what's his secret for the guac? >> i don't know. it was delicious, though. he had little tomatoes on the top. it was amazing, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you gotta get that recipe the next time you come back. >> he won't give out all the ingredients. maybe just the avocado. >> jimmy: you have to tell el fuego! [ laughter ] you got to give it up to el fuego. he has to. let's talk about "escape from planet earth," it's out this friday. and also, it's the last season of "the office." >> it is. it is. [ audience aws ] >> jimmy: it's a little bittersweet, huh? >> bittersweet. yeah, we have four episodes left to film. and, you know, we're having a lot of fun. it's -- but, yeah, it's definitely getting a little sad around there. >> jimmy: that's a good crew of people. >> absolutely, man. i'm going to miss all those guys. but the sweet part of it is, i'm
1:21 am
going into production on my own show for nbc, right after "the office" ends. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congratulations. ♪ we'll watch that. we'll watch that. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're a talented guy, though. you do everything. >> look who's talking. look who's talking. come on. >> jimmy: last time you came on, i was -- well, i've seen you live, doing stand up. and you're a great musician, on top of everything. >> thank you, sir. >> jimmy: really good. and i was doing a little research on you. that your mom was it music teacher? >> yeah, my mom taught music at the high school that i attended. and yeah, she was my teacher. >> jimmy: she thought you? >> yeah, yeah. which was good 'cause i got a ride to school but -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you didn't have to take a bus. >> but it was bad because -- she never really did this, but one time she went around to all my classes, to all my teachers. and i'm sitting, you know, in the last class of the day -- and, i mean, i got the shock of my life. someone was like, "craig, your
1:22 am
mom is out there." and i looked over and she was standing outside, you know, fuming 'cause -- like, she found out one class i had been cutting. some, like, old trigonometry class. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you know, trig. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: trig, yeah, yeah. >> so, yeah, she -- she didn't like that at all. >> jimmy: how tough having your mom there? >> -- spanked in front of everybody. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you don't get spanked in front of everybody. but you -- were you like competing in, like, recitals and stuff? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. i was -- i was in this -- before i went to college, my mother had entered me in this, like, music competition. and it was three of us in the competition. it was in this -- in this very non-black area of chicago. very, very non-black. >> jimmy: non-black area. [ laughter ] >> and we went in, and there was there was this young kid. he was like a sophomore and he was real -- he was kind of boring. he played "moonlight sonata." he was fine but, you know, he did his thing. and then, this other kid got up.
1:23 am
he was, like, a senior, like me. and he -- you're not supposed to use music in the competition. it's supposed to be from memory. but he had his french horn. he did his music. he used his music and, you know, has was kind of snobbish too. and then, i went up. and i was like, "my name is craig robinson. i'll be playing 'wedding day at troldhaugen' by edvard grieg. and everyone's like, "oh." you know? so, i did my thing. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah. and i clearly won. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but they had some stipulation in the rules where we're going to make the contestants play another tune. so the little kid got up again and played some boring piece. and then, the dude with the french horn was like -- [ nerdy voice ] "i neglected to introduce myself earlier. my name is --" [ laughter ] i mean, he's using -- >> jimmy: he's trying to take your thing, yeah. >> right. and then, i was all like, "yes, and i would like to now play a little jazz melody -- a jazz medley." you know? and then, i rocked it. and then, they didn't even call my name. it was just like, "the winner is contestant number three." >> jimmy: but that's not -- >> right, right.
1:24 am
>> jimmy: but what'd you win? >> like -- it was some money. i think it was like $500. >> jimmy: that's big. >> yeah. oh, yeah. >> jimmy: so, we gotta thank mom. [ cheers and applause ] >> the thing i learned from that -- that was -- my mother, like, forced me, you know, into that competition. she like forced me to learn the music, and she believed in me when i didn't know how to believe in myself. you know what i mean? so, that was -- that's what i learned from that. >> jimmy: aw, from mom. thanks, mom. [ applause ] you did good. you did really good. you still play. you're in a band called -- the name of the band is nasty delicious. >> yes. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what -- now, can you explain nasty delicious? >> well, you know how when you hear something funky and it's just nasty, you just make that nasty -- [ laughter ] but at the same time it's good.
1:25 am
it's so delicious. so that's -- that's what we do, you know? not unlike the roots. not at that level, of course, but -- >> jimmy: well, i mean, your band's not here, but would you give us a little taste of nasty delicious? [ cheers and applause ] >> absolutely. >> jimmy: i have a microphone. >> oh, okay. >> jimmy: can you do a little something, please? >> yeah, for sure. sure thing. ♪ >> how y'all doing tonight, everybody? [ cheers and applause ] let's see if we can't rock something like this. ♪ i'm in love with mary jane she is my main thing she makes me feel all right she make my heart sing ♪ ♪ and when i'm feelin' low she comes as no surprise turns me on with her love takes me to paradise ♪ ♪ do you love me mary jane?
1:26 am
whoa-oh-oh do ya, do ya, do ya do ya, do ya, do ya ♪ ♪ now, do you think you love me, mary jane don't you play no games ♪ ♪ do you love me mary jane ♪ ♪ i love her, baby baby, baby, baby, baby do you love me, mary jane ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's the way to do it, right there! craig robinson. "escape from planet earth" is in theatres friday. and "the office" airs thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on nbc. we're cooking with christina tosi next. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we are here with an amazing chef, who is the owner and founder of the momofuku milk bar bakeries, here in new york. and you can find her latest cookbook "momofuku milk bar" in stores now. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the show christina tosi. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know this is one of the best things ever invented in the world -- your cooking. we -- questlove, am i wrong? no, he's dreaming right now. he's just dreaming right now. this is the greatest stuff ever. i don't know if you guys have tried birthday cake is my favorite, but crack pie. crack pie. you know what i'm talking about? it's unbelievable 'cause it's just --
1:30 am
[ stuttering ] well, we'll talk about it. what are we doing first? >> all right, first, jimmy, we're gonna make fruity cereal milk daiquiris. >> jimmy: now, cereal milk -- yeah -- this is the invention i'm talking about. >> okay, fruity cereal milk daiquiris. we gotta make fruity cereal milk. >> jimmy: yeah, how do you do that? >> big bowl of cereal. >> jimmy: yeah. >> fruity pebbles. so, you're gonna get on milk. >> jimmy: see, this is the type of deal. >> big bowl of milk. get in here. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i mean, this is so fun. all right, so this is fruity pebbles. this is like -- only you -- how did you think of this? well, of course we all know how. >> i mean, we all know -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you went to school as well. >> i did. i went to school but i -- a lot of my baking and a lot of what we do at milk bar is sort of channeling the formal and the informal. >> jimmy: yeah. >> where it's a very sort of "don't take yourself so seriously" moment. >> jimmy: yeah, and it's so delicious. all right, here we go. >> all right, take this. pour it in the strainer. >> jimmy: it's a strainer. >> i'm gonna help you out. i'm gonna be your sous chef. >> jimmy: how exciting. >> strain it in there. and i'm going to push through all of that fruity, fruity cereal milk. >> jimmy: all right. >> i'll give it a good press down.
1:31 am
>> jimmy: yeah. >> and then the beauty happens right in there. we add some sugar and some salt. i'm gonna let you whisk away. >> jimmy: yeah, don't trust me with a knife. whisk. >> i add a little sugar, a little salt, just for flavor. we put a little pink in to make it nice and fruity. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and then we make it into something fancy. >> jimmy: all right. >> and the easiest way to make something fancy is to add a little rum to it. so, you get to -- [ cheers and applause ] so, you put a little white rum in. i'm gonna put some fruity cereal milk. >> jimmy: is that good? >> that's perfect. >> jimmy: okay. >> and we are going to blend this sucker. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> if you have ice cream -- it's perfect on a nice, warm summer day with ice cream. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. i can't wait to try this. >> you can add a little more sugar, a little less sugar. this is for you, sir. >> jimmy: thank you so much. hey, easy on the pour. yeah, no problem, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> i got a heavy hand. i want to know why i wasn't invited on the cooler race. >> jimmy: wait, you what? >> i've got a heavy foot. i got a heavy foot behind the wheel and a heavy hand. >> jimmy: all right. next time, after a couple daiquiris, we'll do it.
1:32 am
[ laughter ] god, it's delicious, actually. >> so, fruity cereal milkshake. >> jimmy: i love it, i love it, love it. >> a good way to start a baking segment, i think. >> jimmy: exactly. now, let's make these truffles. >> okay. it's valentine's day. valentine's day is coming up. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's all about the chocolate, right? >> jimmy: yup. so, we're gonna make chocolate malt cake truffles. they're basically -- i'm gonna give you these. >> jimmy: mm-hmm. what do i do with these? >> they're basically little bites of our chocolate malt layer cake. >> jimmy: yeah, so you have your malt layer cake? >> yeah, we have our malt layer cake. we take extra cake -- extra chocolate cake left from that. get in there. get in there nice and -- >> jimmy: i know -- i'm not a doctor, damn it. [ laughter ] >> you take some chocolate cake. you throw it in a bowl. >> jimmy: this is how you make this? >> and you -- yeah, this is how we make it. you can take cake scraps. you can take leftover cake. you can take freshly-cooked cake. are you in there? >> jimmy: yes, i'm -- watch it, watch it. [ laughter ] >> okay, listen. listen. okay, this is a malted chocolate milk. [ laughter ] listen.
1:33 am
listen. >> jimmy: all right. >> malted chocolate milk. >> jimmy: malted chocolate milk. >> focus! >> jimmy: i know, i know! i'm sorry. >> malted chocolate milk. i'm gonna toss it. you're gonna scoop it. we're gonna have -- have you seen that "laverne and shirley" assembly line moment? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> that's gonna be us. >> jimmy: yes, okay. >> all right? i'm sort of tossing it till it's nice and gooey. get in there. >> jimmy: all right, let me get in there. here we go. >> give me a few scoops out on that pan. >> jimmy: is that good? >> you got it. >> jimmy: am i doing well? >> you got it. you got it. >> jimmy: all right, pal. >> okay. one more. >> jimmy: i'm doing good, right? >> you seem really stressed out right now. >> jimmy: that last one was not good. [ laughter ] i'm a little -- i'm a little -- i'm a little flustered. i'm flustered! >> listen, don't take yourself so seriously. >> jimmy: trying to say, donde esta -- like, what, "you're speaking spanish?" all right. [ talking over each other ] all right. donde esta. >> a nice roll. a nice roll. shape them off. and then we're gonna toss them into a malted milk sand. >> jimmy: yeah. oh, and then, do i -- >> you're gonna toss them around. in that sand. you're in there. >> jimmy: do i get in there? all right. [ laughter ] >> toss them around. >> jimmy: all right, here we go. >> and then, when you're
1:34 am
through, we're gonna toss them in this bowl, here. >> jimmy: i mean, come on. this is brilliant. >> like little chocolate bonbons, but instead of ganache, you're using all of your leftover cake scraps. >> jimmy: and it is the most delicious thing in the whole, wide world. i mean, honestly, people, you're gonna freak out. and you can follow all the recipes in your awesome cookbook, right here. >> every good cookbook should have dirty fingerprints all over it. >> jimmy: i don't know why i'm wearing the glove -- yeah, i'm going to take this off. i'm sorry. here's what's cool, you guys. christina brought truffles for everyone in the audience. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ christina tosi, everybody! don't forget to look for her book, "momofuko milk bar," in stores now. and order their baked goods online at take some lessons form her! she's awesome! my thanks to josh duhamel, craig robinson, christina tosi, boyd tinsley. and the greatest band in late night, the roots, everybody. stay tuned for carson daly. th


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