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tv   Today  NBC  February 14, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, february 14th. it is valentine's day, you may have heard. 2013. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales in studio 1a. we have a very special guest with us for the hour as larry king would say, jessica, her next cookbook, "the can't" cookbook. you're looking festive in red today. >> i'm not a valentine's person. i thought, i will wear a red dress. snow what does valentine's day look like in the sign felt
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household? romantic? what does jerry do? >> yes. well, my daughter made us a -- our daughter made us a candle and wrote a beautiful handwritten note. i have done nothing yet. we will go to that sewage plant you mentioned yesterday. i signed us up for the tour, thought that would be a nice family way to spend it. >> you use your weight to get on that tour. here it is. the views, we're told, from the top of the sewage treatment plant, majestic. the fumes are noxious but the views are majestic. >> the perfect thing for us to be doing on valentine's. >> wouldn't it be romantic to i don't know donate to great cause that takes care of children? >> i think that would be amazing. >> that's right. >> how romantic is that? >> thank you. >> that was really nice. my nonprofit organization i fun toed over ten years ago natalie has been a great friend to for many years. so nice to be here. i feel like i know every single
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person in a different way in new york city. >> you have like 6 million pieces of baby clothing and equipment and furniture. so smart because you grow out of this stuff and use for it a year. >> and you have big corporate donors as well now. >> we opened in los angeles. we're helping every city -- not every city, lots of cities across the country. >> that's good. >> thank you. >> let's get to take three and stick with this valentine's theme going with romantic flicks. this is the hard one, your favorite romantic movies. >> not me. i have a list of hundreds. >> my first thought was "diehard". >> "die another day." >> "heaven can wait." i love that movie, all about love transcending time and space. i just love that movie. >> how about you, natalie?
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>> mine is "the notebook" which has even men in tears. matt said he cried, you cried. there's this scene in the rain where ryan gosling is talking about -- they're having a fight and he's like -- even when we're fighting, i want those fights to always be with you. that got me. >> i said that to willie just this morning. >> really beautiful. by the way, the author of "the notebook," nicklas sparks will be with us us on the show. >> i'm a sucker for love. i kind of think of it as a christmas movie but romantic movie when this part liam anee m neesom's son finally gets that kiss he's been looking for. romantic film, where are you
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going? >> "brokeback mountain". >> different call. >> it is. such a brave movie to have done, has horses and love and heartbreak. i love that. >> and the iconic line, i wish i could quit you. >> i wish i could quit you. >> good call. take two this morning, daddy dearest today has confirmed steve martin and his wife, ann string field, have welcomed their first child. why is this noteworthy? steve is 67 years old. the baby was born in december and the couple kept it secret until now and their 2007 wedding was a secret so they're pretty good at these things. >> and the baby has a little arr arrow. >> i will ask you questions about being an older dad. how old is jerry with your last? >> jerry is a pioneer of the ltn club, ltn, better late than never.
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>> he and i are the same age. >> first of all, this baby is going to be so smart. she is a brilliant writer and obviously he is steve martin genius. this baby is going to be fine. jerry always says, i just got in right before i was creepy. what baby wants some old head -- you know, they cry enough and start tearing over the carrots. >> he was not old, he was like 50 when your last was born, right? ish? >> i don't remember. really, my kids are like grandchildren at this point. >> no. >> i've had that where people -- when nickyas a baby, your grandson is so cute. >> you got that? >> grandson? really? >> you don't look like you have a grandson. >> it happened more than once. >> that's stupid. >> we heard also this week, alec balted win is having another child. there's another one.
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better late than never club. >> bltn. >> john travolta and his wife welcomed their third child when he was 56. steve martin, after graduation from high school, this baby, 85 years old. >> but will play a mean banjo. >> yes, he will. they'll be picking. our tape three, i love this clip. it has a great ending. the category was military men. this is final jeopardy. the clue was this. on june 6th, 1944, he said the eyes of the world are upon you. here's what you need to know. watch leonard cooper, 17 years old from little rock, arkansas. the kid has swagger, he has stones. he's rafer bo ae's riverboat ga on jeopardy when he didn't have to. here is his answer. he knew if he won the whole game he was getting 75 grand either
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way. >> now, we go to leonard cooper. he's looking pretty happy. why. did he come up with dwight david eisenhower? >> no, i didn't. >> you didn't. some guy from normandy but i just won $75,000. you did indeed. >> it was the best original answer, too. >> absolutely. whip smart. if you watched the clip, man, did he know his stuff. he wagered zero because he knew he could win either way. put down the 75 grand. we like this kid. "huffington post" headline was leonard cooper answer question like the bomb. >> he's the man. >> natalie, let's gate quick check of the headlines. >> in the news this afternoon, south africa olympic runner oscar pistorius is under arrest charged with murdering is girlfriend, known as the "blade runner" and an inspiration at the olympics and paralympics taken into custody after
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30-year-old model, reeva steenkemp was found shot to death at the runner's home in pretoria. police said there had been previous incidents at their home. later on that day, reeva's publicist said she never saw any trouble between the two of them. >> it's devastating and shocking for everyone. >> had you ever met oscar? what were you impressions? >> the same as everyone else. charming, great guy. >> reeva steenkemp spoke out on twitter against rape and abuse of women. the pbubblpublicist called her angel on earth sorely missed. and the triumph ship being towed to port in mobile, alabama. it left the cruise ship without power and passengers complained about not enough food or working bathrooms. carnival says it will give passengers full refunds and $500 each. today, americans and u.s.
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airways made it official. they are merging. the combined carrier, called american airlines, will be the world's largest. the $11 billion deal reduces the number of major u.s. airlines to four. the merger needs approval of a judge and federal regulators. a husband and wife are speaking out about coming face to face with murder suspect, christopher dorner in southern california. karen and jim reynolds walked into their vacation home tuesday and fun to dorner inside. he was armed and they knew who he was. >> he was always very very calm. and he really -- you really could tell that he was professionally trained. of course, we knew that, too. really, the way he had us do each thing, really, the best word i can think of is very methodical. >> he bound their arms and covered their heads with pillowcases. they thought they would die. he later took their car and left
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and the couple was able to call 911. officials believe a body in a nearby burnt out cabin after a massive manhunt and shootout is dorner's. lady gaga had to cancel the dates on her current "born this way" ball tour. she performed four dates after having trouble walking following a concert in montreal. tests have shown she has a tear in her right hip and she will need surgery. what can be nicer on valentine's day than this? this bucket of slaw is making the rounds on the internet. yeah. the ahs in here. costa rica put out these images. they may be slow movers but even sloths when they're that little can be cute. >> they have their arms up. >> they are cute. you're up to date right now. 10 minutes past the hour. >> i tried to get a bucket of mot microso
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moths but they wouldn't stay in there. wet weather going right into tomorrow. heavy rain, we're talking about some areas from west palm beach into central florida. we'll be taking up 3 to 5 inches of rain and to the north a clipper coming across brings snow across the great lakes. generally 1-4 inches of snow. but stretching from michigan to wisconsin, we're talking >> good 9 there could be a few icy spots to start today. we expect a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures in the mid 40's
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"love" a collection by prabal gurung, exclusively at target. for a limited time. this morning on "today," celebrate valentine's day, relationship 411, we're talking about relationships and love, the star of millionaire matchmaker and psychiatrist,
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gale, contributors with us. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. before we get on to this, huge numbers for million air matchmaker. comfortable with this? >> a little nervous. i will do my best. >> you like being on the other i'd? >> it's fun to go on the date. >> you were on our show. >> yeah. >> and she gets to court one of our clients and get to eat and drink. i don't get to do that very often. >> i didn't get to do that, though. >> patty, the first question is for you. let's say hello to donna from princeton, new jersey. hello. what's your question? >> good morning and thank you. it's been challenging to find lasting love since my divorce. life is good raising my 15-year-old son and enjoying a good career, i can't help but feel the last piece is missing. people say i look fantastic for my age and great heart and sense
9:17 am
of humor. live in a suburban area, i rely on internet dating sites to primarily meeting men. i have had lots of first dates and enjoyed two wonderful relationships. are men just not as interested in committed relationships, what am i missing? >> it's your timing thing. you are doing everything right. you can switch up your dating sites if one is not working. i like finding a site you have common interest in. if you like skiing and dancing. there are these niche sites there. narrow cast your target and the right guy will show up. >> next is an e-mail from angela in waco, texas. she writes i've been dating a man for five years, we're both in our 50s. he's never been married, indica indicates he wants to get married and no movement in that area, a real quote sugar daddy, very nice to me and we get along very well. if he's not bulging where marriage is concerned should i let him know may be looking elsewhere or should i just pursue other men without letting him know.
9:18 am
>> two wrongs don't make a right. i don't think she should play him dirty. let him know it's a been five years, the statistics show if you're not going to commit within the two years, dr. gail talk about that all the time and she takes no prisoners on that. it's time to move on. if you really want to be married, time is ticking away, baby, make like mercury and run. >> based on what you've heard this guy is not into marriage, not going to happen. >> this guy is buying her time, trading money for spend human bei being -- spending the time dating. not interested. >> what do you think? >> five years, no. >> walk away. gail, let's go to you. we have a couple joining us on skype. let's say hello to jennifer an jim from st. louis, missouri. good morning, what's your question? >> good morning. our question is we've been together for 12 years, since we were in high school. we're both busy working full time jobs with three kids. i feel like we don't get the
9:19 am
opportunity to cultivate our relationship. how do we grow a deeper relationship when we feel like we know all there is to know about each other. >> you don't. i won't lie, three kids under 5, you don't have a lot of time to cultivate. you do not know each other and everything there is to know about each other. you will never know that actually because you don't even know that about yourself. what you have to do is stimulate your brain. you do that by each going off and finding stuff that interests you. maybe one of you is interested in like how do you make beer or i don't know, what is dark energy or what do i think about gun control? it could really be any subject, read a little bit about it and come to the other and ask them, what do you think about this? do you believe in reincarnation. it could be philosophical things or concrete things. if you get to actually do it and hey, we are now going to make beer together now that we've learned something.
9:20 am
that's great if you get some time but if you can't, stimulating each other's minds will lead to overall stimulation of the relationship. >> who knew brewing beer the key to marital bliss. >> especially if they do it in their underwear. >> i'm talking about minds, jeff. morning television. >> it's getting more strange by the minute. to the phone lines. sharon from "new york times." what's your question. >> my question is we're both very sensitive. can we work together and be productive while still having a relationship. also, how do we separate the two relationships? >> patty, that one's to you. repeat the question real quick again. we couldn't quite hear you, sharon. >> my question is i work with my boyfriend and things are tricky because he's sensitive about certain things. can we both work together and still have a healthy relationship. >> working relationship. >> if one goes down, they both go down, they feel each other's
9:21 am
energy all the time. it's a nightmare. it is difficult and you have to have boundaries and separate yourself at work. you can't always be 24/7 and worry about what the other person feels. i recommend you have a separate part of the office, little cave. >> working at home, do you agree with that, jeff zblr? >> i agree, you have to have separation of time or will end up killing each other 24/7 in a dark place. >> the important thing is making beer in your underwear. >> patty's show airs tuesday nights on our sister network, bravo, "millionaire." ♪ and i would do anything for love... ♪
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>> this is a wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> whatever ice accumulated last night will milk today. more stuff out to the west will affect our forecast as we head into the weekend. today looks good, with mostly sunny skies. west northwest winds at 10 to 15 mi. an
9:29 am
9:30 am
marco rubio had a little water problem. >> why is that such a big story? >> i guess when you get dry mouth, you get dry mouth but it was -- right here. >> he had tape of water. to me, that's not a big deal. if he had a capri sun package and pulled out a juice box. >> here's how he did it, kind of did the look, the double look and then it was like -- >> totally off-camera knowing what was happening. i was the lunge, you're right. >> it was the way he looked, like, where is that water? desperation. >> natalie and jimmy talking
9:31 am
about senator rubio and the move for the water bottle. >> he is great. i love him. i love the bounce iing. that is great, major production. >> they don't mess around. >> that is a huge set. congratulations for winning a grammy. >> that's right. >> i'm willie geist with natalie and al. coming up in a few minutes, best selling actor nicklas sparks. his book "safe haven" has been turned into a movie as so many have. >> i love it. >> i have a feeling there will be a good cry. >> i love it. >> i will be sharing recipes that mean a lot to me. two of my favorite jamaican dishes from my mom, isabel. >> i can't wait to give it a try. and last minute gift ideas. first a valentine's day forecast. >> we are going on our friday field trip. matt and savannah will be there
9:32 am
tomorrow, partly cloudy, bruisezbruise -- breezy, milder, a chilly one in the northwest, arctic express comes into the plains. on saturday, more cold air making its way to the northeast and the clipper with lake-effect snow showers and down into texas, sunday-sunday we have more snow in the plains, mountain snows in the pacific sunny and mild and southwest, texas, cool but >> good morning. there could be some icy spots to start today. it should be a pretty nice valentine's day. high temperature
9:33 am
>> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. every romance novel has been a best-seller and nicho nicholas has one. i think the best this is crying material. always embarrassing when i'm at the beach or plane and full out sobbing. >> i actually sat next to a woman on a plane once and she was reading my book and crying and crying. i finally said, did you like it? she said it was great. i said, would you like me to sign it? she said, why would you sign my book? >> kind of a surreal moment. >> she thought she were just checking on you. >> no reason. >> are you at the point, nicholas, when you start to write a book do you start to
9:34 am
think about a movie? because it's inevitable it will. >> i have to conceive a story that will work well in both mediums. i guess the stories are trickier to come up with. then, once i have the idea, it's all about the novel. >> this one, you're changing it up a little bit, not only romance but this is a bit of a thriller. >> it is a thriller. we wanted to get people watching and sit in and say, i know exactly what to expect and then shift it along the way until the end of the movie, when they're literally on the edge of their seat. >> i'm amazed with your personal story, you were actually selling pharmaceutical drugs up until 1997. >> legally. >> legally, right. >> not black market. >> how did you know you had this gift for writing such powerful romance novels? >> gosh, i didn't when i started. i felt i should chase a dream when i was 28 years old, written a couple novels never published.
9:35 am
i had a mid-life crisis at 28. i know it was early. i wanted to write a story about my wife's grandparents and thought people might like it. that became "the notebook." >> the rest is history. >> then they made the wonderful film from it. >> my favorite scene. >> you mentioned these two novels were never published. will you ever see them? >> you will never ever ever see them. they are terrible. they were the first -- i kind of consider them my school for writing, right? more like colleges says. >> it shows you have to put yourself out there and take that risk for people who think they have that gift. you have to. for me, there was no risk. didn't quit my day job, something i did in the evening. we had young children at the time. my wife was going to bed early. it was either watch teflgs or cha -- television or chase a dream. i opted to chase a dream. >> when you watch these movies on-screen, do you ever, thaw didn't get it right or played with my stories a little bit?
9:36 am
>> i didn't. i like them all. and i loved "safe haven." i've had a good hollywood experience. all been successful. had good looking guys in them. >> you had a lot of hunks in them. i have to ask you as the ultimate romance writer, what do you do for your life on valentine's day? have to ruin it. she's watching but knows it's probably already arrived. she was having wine at a party and she said, oh, this is a really good glass of wine. i went and hunted down the name of the bottle from the restaurant and called and found it somewhere and had it shipped to the house. >> see. that's why we love him. >> shipped the box to him. >> you have to ship the vineyard to her. nicholas sparks, great to have you here. it's in theaters today, valentine's day. perfect place to go on valentine's day. coming up next, gift for your valentine. but first these messages. [ male announcer ] here's a fun fact: this single scoop of gain gives more freshness
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i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. and sure enough, we're family. but you're not even shredded. you're...crunchy?! that happens sometimes. [ female announcer ] a crunch of whole grain fiber that helps keep you full. new frosted mini-wheats crunch. it's a big breakfast... [ crunch! ] new a little biscuit. happy valentine's day today. we're deciding what we will tell last minute gift ideas. the host of "pop style," along
9:41 am
with our host, jessica steinfield. a lot of people may be feeling a little panicky because they didn't get anything just yet. we're talking about what they're doing. you're not really sure. >> i have your back. >> you have our backs. we can make these things and find these things right now. >> i like this. every couple has a moment, right? the first date, the first kiss. what if you bottled that moment and turned it into a fragrance so a loved one could wear it everyday. three easy ingredients. get some type of atatomizer or sephora. jessica is going, how am i going to do that? >> is that vodka. >> vodka or coconut oil. >> a lot of vodka on your first date. >> mix it together and you have a bottled memory. >> there you go. >> this one is really unique you can get at any bookstore, bar
9:42 am
barnes & noble. it's called "other people's love letters" written in a century, messages in a bottle, war stories sent overseas and skip the card and write your own love letter at the end of it. not has the even better. >> lingerie seems to be the thing everybody goes for. >> kind of blase. >> done that. >> this might be the most exciting gift for women out there. one thing we love but never schedule for ourselves is a photo shoot. >> with that lingerie. >> yes. it can also be with your kids and together. >> lang way with your kids. >> jessica, did you have some of that vodka? >> that has the fourth hour. >> an amazing photographer, jenna williams hooked us up with a great photographer. check that out. >> a great idea. >> nice tattoo. >> thanks. >> he gave me a box of something he wanted no wear in the photo
9:43 am
shoot and empty game and said, babe, the days is yours. >> this is a gift that gives back. if you're ready to take that next step in your relationship, say you want to give them the key to your home, your car, your heart, take that key off your key ring an put it in the box and tell them the moment and say it doesn't stop there, i will give this key to i giving keys and they will put an inscription on it. i love this one. >> this gives back. >> make a message. curtis, an amazing artist who caused a cult phenomenon. everyday you will love it because she's applying her makeup with a great message. this is the most man musty out there i love. >> this is the man bouquet? >> the dude bouquet. this is a huge on pinterest, super easy, razor, slim gyms,
9:44 am
socks, card, throw it in a mug and ladies, he will love the personal touch. >> it is funny. good idea, something here for everyone. answer that so much. coming up next, al will make his mom's jamaican recipes, this day calls you. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior
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[ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. back to today's melting pot and how we invoke recipes for great family memories and you can create your own family memories. i am sharing two favorite dishes courtesy of my mom. peas and rice is a very traditional caribbean dish. it's a really not pace, they're actually beans. something my mom always made when we were having a big dinner. my mom made the best. sweet potato, kind of like a sweet potato pie like a crust. it has a little bit of everything in it. flower, crushed pineapple. it wasn't so much the sweet potato as it was the marshmallow topping. you have to brown it. when you did it under a broirl, marshmallows have a high flash
9:49 am
point and we would always distract my mother so mar marshmallows would catch fire, a highlight in holidays. my mom was always giving. would always show you how to do it. because there was no set recipe, you put this in. you basically had to do it from scratch and try to figure it out. i would serve it to her, she would go, that's close. n no! finally, when she said, that's good. all right, id did it, i got it, boom! here to help me make one of my mom's dishes, celebrity chef from jamaica. and nephew of bob marley. you come by this honestly. >> we're fellow jamaicans and we both have that heritage. i love the sweet potatoes. traditionally we make it in pots
9:50 am
and not a lot of stoves in jamaica and put it on a cole ald say [ speaking foreign language ] >> my mom never said that. >> you will peel this and drain these off and put them here. this is one of the simplest recipes you can make. >> absolutely. >> this is one of your recipes that mom made. we will put our brown sugar as well as our butter right here. then we're going to go ahead, start mashing that up. mash it up nice. >> you want some chunks left in it. you don't want it smooth. >> you want a little bit of chunks. once you get that mashed up, we will put other ingredients, salt, fall seasonings, we have our cinnamon. >> that's good. you're doing a good job.
9:51 am
you've done this once or twice? >> once or twice. >> we will put our flour inside. >> that gives a letittle heft. >> some people put raisins and wine inside, you can make this your own. once you have that, we put our drained pineapple. you want to fold that over. >> want to baking powder? >> we do want to put the baking powde powder. >> some people put cornmeal to give it a little bit more sticking. >> you put this in, bake it for a bit. >> we will put this in, bake it. >> we have to finish up here because i want to get to the peas an rice. >> got you. >> another traditional jamaican peas on rice thing. we put our garlic and thyme and onion is inside.
9:52 am
we add our rice. saute it a few seconds. we add our water to this. >> this is the drained liquids. >> drained liquid. >> from the peas or beans we call it. >> we add our peas and using coconut milk because this actually gives it a nice kobe nkobe -- coconut flavor and add green peppers and the scotch bonnet, one of the hottest peppers, you lay that right inside there. you can kind of cut it open a little bit and it will give a little bit more flavor. at the end, we have our finished dish. >> along with a red stripe. >> along with a red stripe. >> that's why i wore the tie, i have my red stripe. >> we have peas and rice and p sweet potatoes.
9:53 am
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downstairs in our valentine's today, photo booth, jeff will do a lot of posing. we have a bunch of other celebrities through the week stopping by. julian hough. naomi campbell. tina turner. >> tony braxton, she had something interesting to say. >> we'll be back tomorrow. >>
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