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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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pot is the highest powerball and the second- highest lottery jackpot ever. grocery stores, liquor stores, or any store selling powerball ticket on saturday did not have to search for customers. >> i am wondering why they are all here, because i am going to win it. that's at $600 million, this jackpot the game's largest in history. maryland is one of 43 states that participate and participants can't wait to find out if their bank account is about to increase by many zeros. >> i am planning to win the our ball. my mama can be rich for mother's day. >> might take the chance, that's all. that money. i'm going to try to get the money. >> it is time for me to get out of my little house and into a mansion. >> whether you take the cash lump sum of $376 million or the
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annuity option, that is a lot of money. >> i know exactly what to do with it. i will help the homeless in the port. >> take a nice long vacation, take these paint clothes off and lived good. >> i can imagine, i would give most of it away. family members, children. and your odds for winning the whole thing tonight, one in 175 million. no big deal. good luck. live in north baltimore, the bba lt b 11 news. >> that actually makes me feel better that i did not buy a ticket. >> if nobody gets it, the jackpot will go up again and another chan. >> i always forget you have to pay with cash. john collins is here for a first look at the forecast. a little bit rainy today, a little bit downcast. what about the rest of the weekend? >> still rain in the forecast. we can't get away from the
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chance that there is some rain out there. not following right now. it is out there. mostly on the eastern shore. here is the latest radar. showing concentrations on the eastern shore. they have been getting a lot more this evening than we ever had here in town. right between 3:00 and 4:00, drizzle and missed move cross baltimore across the race track. it was not enough to really slow things down. the rain chances go up by tomorrow. wet weekend forecast is still there. we will ta about it in a minute. >> thank you. you tonight, scary moment for a wedding party in the limo they were riding in caught fire in the southbound lane of the j.f.x.. one of our colleagues to this video as he was passing by. firefighters quickly got on the scene and put out the flames. police say nobody was injured but right now it is not clear what caused the fire.
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another plus, the scene had little impact on traffic that was still streaming out. we are also learning more about a house fire that broke out this morning near irvine avenue. fire officials tell us that two homes were damaged after the fire broke out around 9:40 a.m.. it quickly reached two alarms. we are told the homes were occupied at the time everybody was able to make it out safely. no word yet on ipod. the displaced families are being assisted by neighborhood services and the red cross. an update now to a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday at 5:00, we are learning the suspicious death investigation may stem from an attempted murder suicide. baltimore county police responded to the 4700 block of bellwood green on friday. they say they found a body of a woman as well as an unconscious man. -e now know the woman is 45
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year-old kathleen washington. police say she suffered multiple injuries, but they are waiting for an autopsy to determine her exact cause of death. the man who was found in the house is listed in critical but stable condition, suffering from what police say are self- inflicted wounds. now to the 130th running. it was an upset on the track today. everybody was on the old bandwagon, but it was asked about that led from start to finish. the hall of fame jockey gary stevens makes history as the oldest jockey to ever win. it was a day to watch the horses, it was also a day to watch the people. >> quite possibly the only place that can attract gene
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,immons, a police detective and a photo bomber in a horse match. >> it was incredible. all kinds of people from outside and critics -- cross eyed and crooked. >> a lesson in contrast. i am a gynecologist. not today. >> they shared a stage with the trophies are expensive it is not a race, it is the woodlawn vase. i'vepeople showed up. >> been coming here for 20 years. it's a little cold, little rainy. still fun. >> everybody comes out and enjoys the with -- day. orb?at happened to
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years ofmay be 138 tradition, but they broke new ground in 2013. an upset on old hilltop when the winning jockey proved that 50 years old is most certainly not the hill. >> we will be here next year. we can't wait. 364 days. >> what happened to orb? officers say it was relatively quiet and they did not have to respond to any serious comic safety incidents. three men were arrested for disorderly conduct and they say they were 23 minor medical calls. of thehead, residents small town of texas ravaged by tornadoes earlier this week slowly return home. their reaction that they make their way back to clean up the damage. first, a man referred to as a hero by president obama is facing charges for the day for me philly police officer and what he is accused of when we cover the nation.
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>> captioned by the national captioning institute [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] tonight, as nation many as 60 people being treated for injuries they sustained when a car drove into a parade in southwestern virginia. witnesses say an elderly driver who was participating in the parade may have suffered a medical emergency when he lost control of his 1997 cadillac. three of the victims were thrown to the hospital, another death and taken by ambulance, including the driver. saidof the injuries are to be life-threatening. from hero to suspect, a former police officer is charged with sex crimes. was onceld richard called a hero by president obama for chasing down a suspect after being shot in the face. retired from the police force on disability two years ago, but is now facing two charges of rape and sexual assault.
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elsewhere, the fbi and other officers are executing a search warrant in the case of two letters containing ricin. the letters were intercepted this week at a post office in washington state. officials in hazmat suits searched an apartment today in a neighborhood near downtown spokane area no arrest have been made and no word on whether police have named any suspects. no reports of illness and connection to the letters. i never know if it is announced spokane or spokane. kind of a dreary day today. >> slow things down for about an hour, that was it are. more rain forecast coming up. up. right now 59 at the airport.
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>> residents of granbury texas are making their way back to the account area and it is a slow process. people showed up today that had to register for permits granting their ability to return to the area.
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all the cars had passed through and a nerve-area racking experience for people who did not know what was waiting for them and line. >> show militarist a lot of my home. hopefully my kids things are still there. pictures. on thethe houses flat news. >> this town was hit the hardest on wednesday 116 tornadoes tornadoeswn. -- 16 touched down. winds of up to 199 miles per hour. >> now your 11 forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> in a minute we will show you satellite imagery of the newest batch of egg storms -- big storms. call themnt to storms. rainy weather. it is concentrated this evening on the eastern shore, delaware bay and new jersey. east winds coming off the atlantic.
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not heavy rain, it is light rain. it has been kind of steady and continues to fall. it is just clouds. might be a couple of sprinkles and here. that is about yet. it does not mean we are done with things. they are really just getting started. the rain today was not significant. at the airport, .02 inch of rain was measured. of activity around 4:00 this afternoon. only had a trace here. i hate to call it a significant rain of any sort. barely enough to wet the pavement. 225 on the month so far. we could use a little more. about average for now. 67 was the high today. 59 is below low. typical high, 74. temperatures have settled down to 59 here in town. upper 50's all around the area.
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a little bit chillier to the north. to the west, pittsburgh and 70. 64 in detroit. 73 at charleston, west virginia. these clouds and rain on the other side of the mountains, things are not bad at all. here is a wider view of what is going on. the moisture we have around our northgood thunderstorms of all he right now. that is some juicier air. that is what is producing the storms closer to that front. it will come back north in the next 24 hours. that would keep things active. for the time being, pressure over to england is pushing this moisture into our area. big storms tonight are in the plains states, oklahoma and texas into the dakotas. some powerful storms. we will wait and see, about 11 tornadoes occurred as of 9:00 this evening out there. have not heard that any of them
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have hit towns or anything. we will see how that develops. more of those big storms tomorrow. our own forecast calls for shower chances to increase overnight. 59-64 is the overnight low. we are about that now. scattered showers, they won't be covering everything all the time. , high temperature and maybe a degree or two closer to 70. about the same as today. , morein off-again rains than today. otherwise, cloudy with a southeast wind. forheast winds at 12 knots the bay. rain chances increasing tomorrow in the form of scattered showers. a higher chance of rain developing by monday afternoon and then we will also have a thunderstorm chance extending into early next week. withainy situation stays us.
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rain chances go up tomorrow and still do it is monday, including some thunderstorms. amateurs go-to guy midweek into the 80's. go up byatures midweek into the 80's. >> another look at powerball numbers in a minute. >> after losing his said, just not his grace. maybe not a perfect race for the orioles today. what is going on with the birds? we will investigate the next,". .- in sports ♪
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>> now lovins works with pete gilbert. >> the message from the 50-year-old gary stevens retired for seven years before the season. if not better, at least as good as ever. to many saids that he still comes to satisfy his own ego, still knows how to get a course ready to run. a strange day with temps in the low 60's. but enough to dampen spirits of baltimore's course party.
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couldn't dampen that guy one bit. the majesty had in kentucky never materialized. grandfather jackie an ancient trainer went to the start and never looked back. the place is not blistering like two weeks ago. gary stevens said he knew by the far turn that it was all but over. >> gary stevens to win enough set over it's my lucky day. >> oxbow never challenged. terri stevens redefining the term comeback in the process. to win a classic at 50 years old after seven years retirement, it does not get
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better than this. this is super super sweet and it happened for the right guy. all the stars were aligned. i could not be more pleased winning this thing. it is even more special winning it for wayne lukas and his team. third best ever finish for a female jockey in this race and orb, a disappointing fourth-place. the orioles recent stretch of play has fallen well below expectations. the fact that expectations that sort is a credit to them. thanks to a lonely lead, they on a season-high four-game skid. call the for his inaugural baltimore, a nice beginning. facing been in the first. struck out five on a day in five
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innings. a nice big fat lead. a two-one homer. chris davis, ridiculous. top of the league in the american, nothing after one. jim johnson, closing a 6-4 lead. with a rather rude awakening. 35 straight opportunities without a blown save. 92 in a row. in the mystery to news. that choice, what a day. five rbis and the eventual game- winner's there. 109les straight of consecutive victories when leading after seven innings and to an end. maryland women's lacrosse team fully realized today. a quarter violence -- finals, the 21-0 on the season.
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the final four for a fifth straight sitting pretty five goals and two assists in the game for alex. they will play syracuse in the national semifinals. check on the forecast with john coming up right after this. join us at
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>> we knew in my be drizzly today. it was cold for those ladies in their sundresses are. eagles scrambling for jacket. the rain came and drop the temperatures area the rain chances go up monday. could take it up on tuesday and go up at the end of the week for some thunderstorms.
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they releasing the middle of the week. we will be in the 80's. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow morning starting at 5:00 are. good evening. i'm al sharpton. [ applause ] i'm super skinny now, but for some reason this here camera, i don't know. anyway, republicans are mad because the tea party has been targeted by the "urs." i'm sorry. what? excuse me, the irs. but what they fail to realize is that this has been happening to us for the past 50 years. let's talk about it. ♪ >> president obama has been clear.
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he thinks the irs playing politics with nonprofits is nutrageous. but all republicans want to do is spout conspiracy theorize -- excuse me. conspiracy theories. they just don't seem to hold up. joining me is dana milbank of "the washington post." >> hello there, reverend. >> dana, what is this about? >> well, once again, republicans are taking a real problem and attaching unreal political motives to it. >> okay, but i wanna know. what is this about? you're a man but your name is dana. >> well, al. but there's lots of men named dana. >> well, i don't trust it. >> you know what, i'm going to call you dan a. now dan a., obama, he said he's going to get to the bottom of this irs mess, but republicans won't take yes for an answer. you know what? let's take a look at jimmy fallon show and take a look at a clip featuring senator mcconnell. >> friday night we had sushi on the lawn.


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