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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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face lots of challenges moving forward. >> preliminary insurance estimates are that the tornadic occultist $2 billion marks of damaged and destroyed up to 13,000 homes. inma is expected to be oklahoma on sunday. i know how i can help the victims directly and oklahoma and see videos and photos of the devastation ft behind. it is all on our web site, >> we have obtained a copy of an audit that reveals the misuse of federal stimulus money baltimore city school officials. david collins has the details. >> according to federal auditors, the inappropriate spending includes dinner cruises, a mother-daughter makeover, and a parent appreciation night out on the town. two dinner cruises around baltimore's inner harbor, the attention of a department of
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education inspector general. as dick -- city school system in a probably used stimulus money to entertain parents and school personnel from two elementary schools and separate cruises. a corporate sprint reduce spending in the prince george's county school system as well -- they found inappropriate spending in the prince george's county school system as well. forould be on the hook $75,000 in repayment. >> very disturbing. the people who made the decisions need to be held accountable and we are wrong to be looking for that. >> mary washin is a member -- mary washington is calling on the joint legislative audit committee to scrutinize the findings. they must make sure the responses that a factor. at some of the federal stimulus
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money was supposed be spent on schools with the poorest population. auditors noted unreasonable spending regarding 50 four hundred dollars spent on a middle school fare for fay spain, balloons, and the school orchestra. said the money was used for supplies and motivational activities. $2,400 was spent on food for pta meeting, where fried chicken, potato salad, biscay skype -- biscuits, cookies, and soda were served. the expense included dinner, dancing, and entertainment ba local group. auditors noted documentation did not show what the activity was or support the number of people who showed up. $500 was spent on a mother- daughter makeover day. auditors noted makeover day does not fit the requirements of
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a parental involvement activity to improve student academic achievement. >> swift, decisive action nodaway. this cannot go on any longer. >> auditors noted hundreds of thousas of dollars of personnel costs that were not substantiated. state officials challenge some of the findings in reserve, and on the audit until those issues are resolved. collins, wbal-tv 11 news. thehe search is on for gunman after triple shooting in baltimore. according to investigators, the threat the three victims were waiting for friend when a man approached the vehicle and opened fire. police say officers were not able to locate the victims at first. they are being treated for what are being called non life- threatening injuries. about an hour earlier, shots
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rang out on ashland avenue in east baltimore. officers found a man lying on the ground with several gunshot wounds. he later died. there is no word on a suspect or motive in either of the shootings. police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> investigators say 52-year-old patricia hart died from her injuries. after she was rescued in the 1800 block of the fire on tuesday investigators are still looking for a cause para >> president obama spoke this afternoon in a wide-ranging speech in washington. nikole killion has that story from our washington bureau. indeed thet president stressed that our nation is still threatened by
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terrorists. finish.e >> the president involved in a testy exchange as he dended his record on national security, including the controversial use of drones. simply put, these drugs have saved lives. >> did knowledge it is not a cure all. >> for the record, i do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any u.s. citizen with a groan or with a shotgun without due process. is no justification beyond policy for congress to prevent us from closing a facility that should never have been open. >> we pledged to work with the president's and we hope there is a coherent plan. >> mr. president, what he's
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saying what you do are totally disconnected. your actions speak louder and your words. >> our nation is still threatened by terrorists. the president announced that he would lift the ban on detainee transfer. he outlined guidelines for how drone strikes will be conducd in the future. baltimore landmark was up for auction today. it flows back in 1999 but for 72 years before that, it was the place to go, from the famous strawberry's to the millions of dollars of artwork that cover the walls there. it was scheduled to go on the auction block at noon today. curious residents showed up to see just what was going to happen. >> we have been on the main street here for seven years in the city has been stagnant for
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quite some time. it is a great opportunity to bring in new business. we really look forward to seeing what happens today. and declined to give details on who the prospective buyer might be or what their development plans are. >> maryland hit the jackpot again. is worth $1et million. or active be a quiet hurricane season? will answer that question, straight ahead. >> you expect to see john harbaugh on a practice field, but not this practice field. that is later in sports. >> showers and thunderstorms moving through the region tonight. the forecast is coming up. right now is 75 at the airport, a downtow
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that winning powerball jackpot ticket wasot sold in maryland, as we all know, but there are two big winners in this state. lottery officials a two tickets were sold here in maryland, one in arbutus and t other on solomons island road south and prince frederick. each ticket is worth a cool $1 million. no one has come forward yet, so better check those tickets.
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>> the start of hurricane season is still a few days away, but we can expect a busy one this year, ,ccording to officials at noaa who predicted the forecast today at their new state of the our prediction center in college park. here is lowell melser. officials,g to noaa this year's hurricane season is not looking good because of a number of factors. they are calling for up to 20 maine storms, three-six of those uld be a major hurricane. >> with the devastation from hurricane sandy still fresh in the minds of those along the seaboard, noaa is a grim outlook at the expected 2013 atlantic hurricane season. >> important news today for all
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of us is about preparedness. now is the time to think ahead about the hurricane season that is coming. >> officials are calling for an extremely active season. coulden of the storms become hurricanes when of 74 miles per hour or higher. out of those, three-six of those could be major hurricanes. the mud officials stressed the importance of having enough food, clothing, and shelter -- .ema officials christie ability to have another sandy in the same location a year later is good. if you are not prepared and you do not listen to the warnings and evacuation's, you are likely to be a statistic. >> as far as help forecasters came up with the numbers, three climate factors were weighed heavily.
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birds, a condition of the atmospheric pressure pattern. next, warmer than average water temperatures in the tropics, and not expectedino is to develop. >> when you look at comminations and different strengths, those things really do not lend themselves to a specific number, but rather a likely range. >> it is important to point out that these are not landfall predictions, just the predicted amount of storms that could happen this hurricane season. if you like to take a closer look at the report, go to our website, >> gin first through november. if sandy would have stayed out
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at sea, it would not have been much of a story. we are tracking thunderstorms. you can see the weather service put us in that slight risk area for severe storms. thankfully, right now there are no severe thunderstorm -- thunderstorm watches or warnings. even down here in virginia where we saw a tornado warning earlier this afternoon. there are still strong showers and storms moving through. we are picking up some heavy rain. the showers and storms have been coming out of virginia and into central maryland. so for the eastern shore has not had a lot of activity as far as big storms go but these will shift toward the coast overnight tonight. the strongest of the cells do have a lot of lightning in them. these are some fairly active lightning producers just to the
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west of baltimore, perhaps producing some hail their and parts of western howard coty. part get into the western of baltimore county within an hour. powerful thunderstorms moving in our direction and out in the western maryland mountains, some heavy thunderstorms as well. a rough night tonight until the cold front and get past year and bring in cougar, more stable air. it is going to get whole lot colder here going into the unofficial start to summer this weekend. 54-62 by late tonight, the storms should taper off laughter midnight. on the other side of the front, there are clouds that all the way back to chicago. tomorrow will be a cloudy, windy, and much cooler day. perhaps few lingering showers until lunchtime or so.
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later tomorrow night, the skies clear, sunny skies anticipated for saturday, sunday, and most of the day monday. 58-63 tomorrow, that is the high temperature. the winds will make it feel rather chilly, compared to the whf we have been having the past few days. a small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow. how about a high of only 49 in the mountains tomorrow. this and sunshine for the weekend, but temperatures stay quite chilly. heading for the beach? it is not going to be very warm. 70's on sunday and monday lots 60 -- 622 marlo
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rahm baltimore. a chilly morning on saturday. 43 sunday morning. memorial day looks pretty nice to finish out the holiday weekend. >> the orioles hope of first- round draft pick can make it seem seamless. his big league debut tonight in toront the speed of his asset signals about face of the general manager. last week he called him a fork -- a future option, not a current one. -- a future option.
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marracco will get the start for the toronto blue jays. game time 7:07. only two games left on the ravens list of rookies ready to sign. will practice for a few more weeks. he had a hernia surgery. the ravens hope he gets back to full speed by the start of training camps, since a state him to compete for atarting drive. when ray lewis retired from football, many wonder what amount he is going to climb next. turns out is mount kilimanjaro in africa. he announced that he wants to call on the mound to raise money and awareness for clean water projects. he plans to make the climb
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sometime next month. today the mustangs got a surprise motivational speech. harbaugh,oach, john showed up. a man who knows a thing or two about getting a team ready for a championship game. the coach had a simple but powerful message. i had a big thing with be yourself. do what you do well. we were lucky enough to beat them. now we have done it, we are looking forward to winning it. >> do what you do.
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>> we are falling to breaking stories. boy scouts of america approved a
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plan to allow openly gay scouts. breaking news regarding the parking lot collapse, the second man has been freed. details on those stories, and we are keeping an eye on the weather fo
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>> a big temperature drop, and that front is producing new showers and storms.
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a severe thunderstorm warning west of hagerstown. and thet goes through temperatures plunge. a high of 62 to mark, lows in the 40's, afternoon highs around 70. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] caioned by the national captioning institute
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. . . . . . . on the broadcast "tonight show"down over the ban on gays in the boy scouts. tonight lay it on the vote an organization that included 130 millionkids. shockwaves, new arrests in london as we learn more about the young britisholdier viciously attacked and hear about the brave woman who stared
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down unanimous with the knife. drone war. during an impassioned defense of his policy and a new push to close guantanamo. nowhere fast as we head to a long holiday weekend. wild weather is snarling traffic across the country. life lines, the new mom who went into labor as the tornado closed in is reunited with the nurses who stayed with her as the hospital was ripped apart around them. "nightly news" begins now. good evening i'm ann curry in for brian. there was a major turning point late dane an american institution that's been around for more than 100 years. and a part of the lives of 100 million american children. after months of consideration, duringhe passionate debate tonight the boy scouts of america has voted to allow


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