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tv   Today  NBC  July 15, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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city wide technical alert as about 200 protestors closed a portion of the freeway for about 25 minutes. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: the protest started growing after zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder in the killing of 17-year-old trayvon martin. even as zimmerman walked out of the courtroom a freeman on saturday night there were calls for more legal action against him. an naacp online petition calling for eric holder to intervene in the case got 1 half million signatures before the site crashed. the justice department said it already has an open investigation. >> you want to see where the investigation leads. >> reporter: while some predicted zimmerman would soon safe civil suits, his defense team pushed back. >> we'll see how many civil lawsuits spawn from this fiasco. >> reporter: near miami where trayvon martin lived members of
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his family attended church on sunday. >> we're very concerned and very hurt and very disappointed at this point. but we know in the end god will prevail and he will -- justice will be served. >> reporter: martin's parents were not at the service but his father tweeted god blessed me and sybrina with tray and he's proud of the fight we along with all of you put up for him. george zimmerman's family responded on twitter saying our whole family is relieved. zimmerman attorney, don west. >> i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> reporter: the prosecution team said they accepted the jury's verdict but. >> am i disappointed? yes. i thought he was guilty. >> president obama called for calm reflection saying the death of trayvon martin was a tragedy. not just for his family or for
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any one community but for america. >> reporter: under florida law george zimmerman can get back the pistol he used to kill 17-year-old trayvon martin. his brother says no reason why george zimmerman would not carry that concealed weapon again. kerry sanders, thank you. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst and reverend al sharpton. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you did not like this verdict. were you surprised by it. >> i thought all along it was 50/50. you have to remember. we had to fight and demonstrate to even get a trial. people forget that the sanford police had said there was no probable cause. there will be no arrest. that's when the family called to action. we didn't have a lot of confidence in the area. we were hopeful, particularly when they had the option of going to manslaughter. at that time we also said let's open up a request to the federal
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government. so asking the justice department to come in is not new. the family and attorney crump and i met with the u.s. attorney down there over a year ago and made that request and the investigation was open i. was suspended during this trial. >> are you optimistic that the federal government will pursue charges in connection with this case. >> trayvon martin had the civil right to go home and in 100 cities this saturday there will be demonstrations in front of federal buildings led by ministers pressing the federal government to protect our right. at one level you dealt with the murder charges but now you have to deal with the civil rights violations. he had the right to go home and george zimmerman is not a policeman and had no authority to interfere at all. >> this poses a legal question. one, how likely do you think sit the department of justice pursues charges across this line and is it a more difficult prosecution in the sense of the proof you have to have in a federal case. >> i reviewed the department of
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justice policy. it's lengthy but it boils down to what elements of the federal crime would be different from the element of the state crime where he has been acquitted. he can't be prosecuted again for the same crime. so the question is whether the federal charges would be significantly different. >> and they would have to, we assume, show there was racial animos. the prosecutors said repeatedly this is not about race. the protests were about race but in the courtroom it was not about race. >> let me bring the reverend in on that. do you think the prosecutors missed an opportunity that they didn't make the case about racial profiling? >> they did it but it sets up a federal case because you can't say it's been tried because it wasn't tried. there is no double jeopardy because they specifically said this is not about race which opens the door for the federal government to now investigate what he meant when zimmerman said they always get away with
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this. who is they and get away with what when there was no crime being committed. >> let me ask you point blank. she has been critical of the prosecution team. did they do a good job of putting on this case? >> i think they could have done a lot more. lisa is a lawyer and can say mishandled. i can say they were not aggressive in many areas they should have been where i think the federal government can do which is why we'll be in the federal buildings this saturday. >> and the rodney king, acquitted on the state level and successfully prosecuted on the federal level. >> do you think they'll file a civil suit against george zimmerman. >> i talked to attorney crump even moments ago. they'll keep their options open. i can tell you this is long from being over and we're going to be with them every step of the way because this puts every child at risk. any child can be interfered with going home for committing no crime. that's the bottom line here that must be answered. >> reverend, lisa bloom, thank
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you for being here. appreciate it. now here's willie. thank you. al has his high on that oppressive heat wave stretching from the midwest to the northeast this morning. he's outside in the thick of it. good morning. >> it is very close willie. here's the culprit. huge area of high pressure. this dome of high pressure has a clockwise flow of air. it's keeping the jet stream way up to the north and as it does it's going to be pumping in that warm, humid air. we have excessive heat warnings in jersey and parts of pennsylvania. we have heat advisories and excessive heat watches up into new england. 50 million people effected by this. hazey, hot and humid. it's the feels like temperature. 102 in richmond. over 105 in washington d.c. cleveland 100. 100 in boston. new york city will feel like 101 and these temperatures and heat indexes will continue right into friday.
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dangerous conditions. make sure you stay hydrated. drink plenty of fluids. make sure you wear light colored clothing and please check on your elderly neighbors because they are very susceptible to this kind of weather, savannah. >> a lot of orange in that map. we have new developments tied to the crash of asiana 214. both the ntsb and fox affiliate in san francisco doing damage control after a hoax that misidentified the pilots. well, now that airline is planning legal action. tom costello has the latest on the story. >> reporter: this has strained relations between the ntsb and asiana airlines. she has been in touch with her counter part in korea and asiana intends to sue a san francisco tv station for defamation and reputational damage after they went on the air with a hoax. it was during the noon newscast on friday that ktvu went on the air with what it said was
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breaking news. the names of the pilots on flight 214. >> they are captain sum ting wong. witu lo. >> they seemed to be the victims of a hoax using racial stereotypes aimed at the pilots but how did it happen? ktv uconn firmed the name with the ntsb. they tell nbc news a summer college intern in washington answered the phone and acted outside the scope of his authority when he confirmed the names of the flight crew on the aircraft. the ntsb has apologized. >> we are sorry. >> and ktvu admitted to several mistakes; first of all we never read the names out loud phonetically sounding them out and then during our phone call to the ntsb where they confirmed the spelling, we never asked them to give us their position
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within the agency. >> it overshadowed two other tragic developments. the death of a third victim from the crash, a child that died on friday and confirmation that another child was run over by a responding fire engine as her body lay under the foam already sprayed on the burning plane. the coroner has not yet said if that contributed to her death. >> there is deep public anger and resentment in korea over the matter with the fake pilot names. the ntsb has a policy of never releasing name which is makes this matter all the more troubling. the agency will be taking appropriate action today to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> what a story. tom costello in washington. thank you. does edward snowden have more top secret information he is holding on to. tamron is in for natalie with details. >> that's the hot question this morning. the former nsa contractor has what he calls sensitive blueprints detailing how the nsa
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operates. glenn greenwald claims snowden has thousands of documents that would make it possible for someone to evade or even copy the nsa. greenwald says snowden has enough information to cause major damage to the u.s. government. glee fans are mourning the death of actor cory monteith this morning. staff found his body in a vancouver hotel room saturday morning after he missed his check out time. an autopsy is expected today to determine the cause of death. he was just 31 years old. >> a man was arrested thursday near the boston home of secretary of state john kerry. the man was parked in a no parking zone taking photographs of kerry's home. he was arrested for having an open container of alcohol but a kerry spokesperson says a pellet gun was also found in that vehicle. secretary kerry was not at home at the time. a different kind of show down this week at the nation's capitol. senate democratic leader harry
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reid is driving toward new rules that would help president obama win confirmation for his nominees. under the proposal nominees would win approval with a simple majority instead of the 60 vote threshold that has led to time consumer filibusters. >> prices at the pump soaring over the weekend. courtney reagan has more on that and the stock market preview. holidays, summer travel, gas prices go up. >> it only makes sense tamron. good morning to you. stocks make a run after another record close on friday. investors today will weigh the latest retail sales data as well as earning from citi group but wall street is keeping tab on the rising prices at the pump. the average price of regular unleaded has risen 10 cents just since thursday. now sitting at $3.60 a gallon and it's only expected to rise further from here. another 10 to 20 cents in the coming days.
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tamron. courtney, thanks. you can call her maybe but don't ever call -- i can't get it -- carly rae jepsen. the pop star threw out the first pitch at the rays astro game sunday at tampa. she fell a little short. she laughed it off as she should put it's safe to say she won't be returning to the diamond any time soon. it's 7:15. savannah, willie, al, i think she thought it was a shot put. >> she looked adorable. >> there's a fastball, a curveball and a lame ball. >> if you listen to the clip the announcers say when she was warming up she was throwing strike after strike and through one earlier this season right down the middle. >> i've not seen video proof of that. >> i think she should come on the show andredo; come to the today show and redo. >> we love it. >> there you go. >> the twinkie mobile.
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>> in the air, chopper coverage and on the ground coverage. >> is that a live picture. >> yes, coming down the west side highway. first shipment of twinkies coming in. >> they have been off the shelves for months now. back today and we'll have the first batch and you're going up to meet the truck. >> yes, i'm going to get the truck. >> that would be impressive. all right twinkie mobile on route as we speak. >> let's take a look and show you what we've got for the south and the plains. they have a big upper level low and that's bringing a lot of rain from new mexico on into parts of texas. we have flash flood watches from arizona all the way into central texas today. rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. but look at the bulls eye around abilene. we're talking about anywhere up to 6 inches of rain in the next 24 hours.
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we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. the doubletree isn't the end.f your next trip is calling you. saying, "dan, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn." or "dan"... hey, dad. ..."explore your family tree at a homewood suites." [ family ] hi, dan. or "put your feet in the sand at a waldorf astoria." never stop vacationing, dan. book during the great getaway for great rates at our ten top hotel brands. travel is calling you to our first real heatwave of the season will get started today. we expect temperatures to climb in the low to mid 90's this
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and that's your latest weather. willie. thanks a lot. will this be the week of the royal birth? the world excitingly awaiting the little one's arrival and natalie made her way to london and her post at st. mary's hospital. god only knows how long you'll be standing outside that hospital. we hope it's not too long. >> please willie don't jinx me. my fingers are crossed. the rumored due date has come and gone but you can see all of the cameras. while the media maybe whipping itself up into a frenzy william and kate seem to be more relaxed spending the weekend away from the fray. while the world waits, kate spent the weekend relaxing with her family and getting some last minute advice from her mom carol who has been helping her set up the royal nursery. not quite so relaxed perhaps, dad to be william who escaped to
7:16 am
the polo field with harry but lost the charity tournament to support of applause. but it's not quite time to pull the cork yet. in the days of henry viii not known for his patience, mid wives tried to bring on labor by banging doors and drawers. kate might try other options. >> there's all sorts. whether it's drinking champagne and eating chocolate. tea is popular but i'm not aware of any science behind it. it's just luck. >> if the baby goes more than a week over term doctors may think of inducing labor. some of britain's moms to be are hoping to hold on so their baby will be born on the same day and reive one of those very special commemorative coins. >> we have a bit of a joke about you and kate could be friends and go on play dates.
7:17 am
>> hopefully she will go for the walk in high park with the baby and the dog and show people i can do the things you do too. >> london sweltering in a heat wave but that hasn't put off the world's media or the tourists or this royal fan? a lot of royal fans here as a matter of fact. well, as you can expect. here's what's going to happen. we expect on the day of the baby's arrival, the birth announcement in keeping with royal tradition will leave from outside these doors and will be caravanned about two miles to buckingham palace all along that route. it's a 10 minute drive or so. we expect a lot of camera coverage all along the way. a royal spectacle and only then once the birth announcement is placed ib side the gates of buckingham palace will we finally know all the details including among them, most importantly, boy of girl. prince or princess.
7:18 am
meanwhile willie, gives me more time to shop here for royal baby gear. born to rule. let's hope it happens soon. >> love it natalie. we'll see you sometime in mid august. meantime, coming up we'll go to kate's hometown live. we'll find out how people there are preparing for the royal arrival. >> new details on the tragic death of "glee" star cory monteith. autopsy is set for today. >> and the battle that could have a far reaching impact on sperm donors. the mother of the biological son speaks out in an interview. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, why did j.k. rowling write a crime novel under a pseudonym. >> and al hops aboard the twinkie mobile for the return of the twinkie. we could eat as we wanted.ys whn
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backflips and cartwheels.mile? love, warmth. here, try this. mmmm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. ultima city police will say their final farewells this morning to one of their own killed in a car crash. 32-year-old detective shane ball was heading north on glen arm road when his jeep left the road. viewings for the detective world over the weekend. funeral services will take place
7:24 am
this morning at 11:00 at saint ursula's catholic church on harford road. baltimore county police are investigating the cause of the fatal crash. time for your morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> let's check on those accidents that we are tracking at this hour for your monday morning commute. inner loop of the beltway at 295, that is the latest crash coming in. you can see it is causing delays with the speed sensor picking up 23 miles per hour prior to the accident scene. in the dollar region, 543 south of 136, watch for an accident. live picture of 95 prior to the white marsh area. no delays there. 34 miles per hour due to an accident. .reene street, much for crash another one at route one in montgomery road. 33rd street near alameda, watch for crash. as the looks like on the outer loop. 795 all the way towards the west side.
7:25 am
that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony, over to you. >> the heat is the major weather headlines the next couple of days. big area of high pressure control over the east coast going to keep things dry. it will heated up for the first time this summer. we would get into what we call a mini heatwave. .0 downtown you points are in the low 70s. it feels mighty uncomfortable there. the humidity will create the heat index around 100. .e will not break any records wednesday, a front comes in at the end of
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:30 now on a monday morning. 15th of july, 2013. folks, it is going to be a hot one in new york city. all across the country. al is back. he's been gone for two weeks and as a present from his vacation he has given us almost triple digit temperatures around here? >> the heat indexes will be over 100. dangerously high from philadelphia west of boston it's going to last through friday. >> look at all the happy people. even in this sweltering heat coming out to say hello to us. we'll step outside for a moment and feel their weather and
7:28 am
handshakes too. i'm savannah guthrie and willie geist is in for matt and tamron hall in for natalie and al roker. >> coming up, we'll have bill cosby's online sweater competition. you've been following this along with us this morning. dr. cosby will be here in our studio to reveal the worst sweater ever worn on that classic show. >> all right. >> and i'm guessing her invisibility cloak must be on the fritz. j.k. rowling just revealed as the author of a new thriller. why didn't she put her name on it. >> i love how it's hot outside. we're talking about sweaters and cloaks. >> and i transition to this. an unusual custody case. jason patrick became a sperm donor for his exgirlfriend and now he is seeking parental rights. we'll have a live interview with the child mom that says they
7:29 am
never made an agreement. >> let's begin this half hour with new details on the death of 31-year-old "glee" star cory monteith. an autopsy is planned for today. katie is in vancouver. good morning. the cause of death isn't clear but an autopsy is expected for later today. he was staying in a local vancouver hotel. went out friday night. came back to his hotel room alone and staff found his dead saturday morning. >> reporter: the quarterback who could carry a tune. cory monteith sang his way into stardom on tv's mega hit "glee." but on saturday afternoon a hotel employee found monteith unresponsive in his hotel room after failing to check out on time. >> video and fob key entries show him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours and we believe he was alone when he died. >> reporter: the actor's girlfriend was costar leah michele. costars clearly shocked by the
7:30 am
news. going through a million memories. i'll love you always brother corey. >> i have no words. on sunday matthew morrison paid tribute to monteith with a performance in new york city with a song once song on the show ♪ what i did for love >> reporter: he was a high school drop out that worked his wau through odd jobs. he demonstrated his audition for ellen. the cause of death is not yet known but monteith has spoken openly about his past struggles with substance abuse. parade magazine in 2011 he said as a teenager he used anything and everything as much as possible. >> maybe if somebody else reads that and sees that somebody that was maybe struggling with some of the same issues made it through. it's possible to make it through
7:31 am
it. >> reporter: he checked himself into a month long stem in rehab. in may he was in mexico vacationing with michelle. by june he was back to work. >> he was doing well. he was glee's it guy. had an amazing career. people loved him. >> cut short at the height of his success. cory monteith was just 31 years old. police do not suspect any foul play. "glee" starts shooting again later this month. no word on how they're going to handle all of this. katie, thank you. kristen, the senior editor for e online tv scoop, good morning. >> good morning. >> we have learned there will be an autopsy performed today on the body of mr. monteith. what more can you tell us about the investigation into the way he died? >> well, we can tell you we have spoken to vancouver pd and they're telling us they are fast tracking this investigation and specificallyhe toxicology report because there was global interest in this story. obviously glee is, you know,
7:32 am
premiering in 20 countries around the world. there is so much international interest in knowing what happened and the cause of death. at this point, they have pretty much ruled out any sense of foul play. there were no weapons on the scene and they can tell us that, you know, they're not going to speculate at this point on the cause of death but they're not ruling out suicide for the time being but obviously given monteith's past struggles with drugs, we're sort of looking toward that toxicology report to tell us what happened. >> kristen, you mentioned he has been struggling with drugs since his earliest teen years, something like 13 years old. went into rehab for awhile and back into rehab earlier this year. what do we know about the way he was struggling recently with his addiction. >> the "glee" community is shocked by this death on so many levels but primarily because he seemed to be doing very well. he had an intervention in marchand decided to go to rehab for a month-long stint and he seemed like everything was on
7:33 am
the up and up. saw him vacationing. he seemed happy. stepped out to a charity event and talked about how happy he was to be coming back to the show. he was getting his life together. this guy is the heart of the show. on the show, behind the scenes. he was the glue keeping the cast together. you wouldn't heard a single bad word about this guy from anyone who knew him. he was really well loved by everyone who worked on the show. so this is devastating to them and it's going to take a lot to overcome and figure out how to move on with the show. >> and of course leah michele his girlfriend on the show but also his real life girlfriend. do we have any word into how she is doing this morning? >> she released a statement saying please respect my privacy. this is obviously devastating news. you know, i can only imagine for her this must be complete shock. she really stood by his side just in the last couple of weeks we have seen her wearing a cory
7:34 am
necklace in support. she stood behind him and was so proud of him to go for rehab. for her to go back to the set where she met him and fell in love with him on screen and behind the scenes is going to be particularly difficult and that's something they're going to have to consider when they talk about when they're going back into production. they're going to have to redo the scripts because he was heavily featured in the first few episodes and try to figure out what's the appropriate time to return to work. it was supposed to be in a couple of weeks. that's probably not going to happen. >> difficult time for the "glee" family. thank you so much. >> sad to see such a talented guy. we'll switch gears now and get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> temperatures will be a big factor across much of the country. we're looking at at least 50 million people effected by the heat wave but that also extends all the way down into the central gulf coast for today. on into tomorrow we don't see much relief in the northeast. in the southwest temperatures in the 1 hundreds as well. as we make our way to wednesday,
7:35 am
look at the wide expanse of the temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and we go all the way into friday with the temperatures in the 90s and near 100 degrees from the midwest into the nort >> good morning. theave some big keheat in forecast. that's your latest weather. i have twinkies to go meet. >> go get them. >> do it for america al. >> we'll see him in a minute. coming up next, should sperm donors have parental rights.
7:36 am
the custody battle between jason patrick and his exgirlfriend over their biological son. his story in an exclusive interview. >> and j.k. rowling is one of the world's best known authors. why did she leave her name off her latest book? we'll have those stories but first, these messages. e things . it steals your memories. your independence. ensures support, a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like. sooner than you'd think. you die from alzheimer's disease. we cure alzheimer's disease. every little click, call or donation adds up to something big. monopoly is back at mcdonald's with everything from food prizes to a chance to win a million-dollar prize on a big mac. [ cheers and applause ] what will you be served up this summer? ♪
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back now at 7:42 with a child custody dispute in california that could effect thousands of parents after jason patrick donated sperm that lead to the pregnancy of his former girlfriend. now he is fighting for parental rights. we'll talk to his ex-girlfriend in a moment, the mother of his child. but first, here's mike. >> reporter: under current california law a sperm donor is treated as if you were not the natural father of a tried absent an agreement between the donor and mother. enter jason patrick. >> we'll follow this creek. >> and long time former girlfriend who through his
7:41 am
donated sperm produced a son now 3 years old. they never intended for him to assume an active role as the child's father. she read from a letter patrick sent her. >> i am not ready to be a father. i want you to know that if you want to use my sperm you have my blessing. it just has to be between you and i. >> patrick sees and remembers it differently. even though the couple's relationship had cooled he made it clear he did want to be the father. he said he selected intended parent on his donor form and other documents suggest his involvement as a parent in key aspect of the child's up bringing like tuition payments for details and the boy addresses patrick repeatedly when he performed on broadway. he would be suing for custody. he lost. but now california state senator jerry hill introduced a bill that would change that. >> this clarification is for very small group of individuals
7:42 am
who didn't ever wave their rights. who to the contrary from day one said i intend to be a parent. >> reporter: the california branch of now supports danielle. >> the change in the proposed law is that at any time a known sperm donor irregardless of the consents signed before conception can claim parentage. >> it could allow patrick whose film credits include the lost boys and speed 2 can try to prove he is a man whose sperm produced a child, acted as his father from the beginning and that he's earned the right to be called a parent. nbc news, los angeles. >> and danielle joins us now. good morning to both of you ladies. >> good morning. first of all let's catch up with the story here. you say that you intended and that jason patrick only intended for him to be a sperm donor but where it gets complicated is it
7:43 am
sounds like there's some relationship between your son gus and jason patrick. >> during the course of my dating relationship with jason he was exposed to gus. gus is my world. anyone in my world would have contact with him. >> you guys got back together after the sperm donorship and it was through that that he had access to your child. >> when gus was about 13 months old. we had contact before that, though. >> let me set the stage a little bit. the facts, the law, common sense are on danielle's side on this case. the law in california could not be clear rer. he had an opportunity prior to the conception of this child to say i want to be the dad. he said no. he not only said no, he said i want to keep it a secret and right before the child is born, maybe four or five days before the child is born he said it again in writing. he doesn't juan to be the dad. he then comes in after the fact, after the fact and by
7:44 am
intimidation, dad by intimidation he wants now to claim parenthood. we're not saying he doesn't have a right to be part of this child's life. at danielle's okay. danielle is the mom. the law recognizes her as the mom. she bore this child and all we're saying to jason is wait a minute. >> let me let her get in here a little bit because he says at the fertility clinic he signed intended parent. >> those were consent forms and that was the designation on the signature. >> on a preschool application he was listed as the father. >> jason gave me a little bit of money that he owed me to help pay for gus's tuition. and rather than pay me directly he decided to pay the school and anyone that paid the school had to sign that application. >> the fact of the matter is you won in the first court. you won and you are the parent of this child, jason patrick is not. but let me be devil's advocate.
7:45 am
if he wants to have a relationship with his son, what's wrong with that? >> it's not about relationship or contact with gus. it's about rights. me preserving my right to be a sole legal parent and not having to share that with with someone that never intended to and never raised gus. even when we were dating he never did anything to raise gus. he never changed a single diaper. was never with gus unsupervised for more than half an hour here or there. >> savannah, the other thing is a court has found that jason is not a truth teller. and that the law, which in our judgment is extremely clear, isn't in his favor. the people that want to change the law, i think everybody should examine a law like this but it should looked at quitely and with contemplation and a whole. >> the state legislature is looking into changing the law. we'll continue to follow that. thank you for being here.
7:46 am
we appreciate you sharing your story. >> and we'll talk to jason patrick tomorrow on today. coming up, we'll switch gear ace bit. al is here and he's going to help us welcome back that all american treat, the twinkie. but first, these messages. [ male announcer ] when hair is this hydrated, it flooows... discover nexxus hydra-light. hydra-light's formulas with light, deep-sea minerals give up to 80% more moisturization that won't weigh hair down. nexxus hydra-light. raise your standard. [ female announcer ] what if breakfast was set free?
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. time for a check of the morning commute. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> still some accidents for your monday morning commute. let's bring you up-to-date on what to expect. first, this one is clear but we are dealing with delays as result of it. 16 miles per hour. towardsn northbound 97 the beltway. south on 97, you are also tapping the brakes ran generals highway. this is 97 year new cut road.
7:54 am
no official delays in that area, but watch for them in your generals highway. 103 and ilchester road, ellicott city, we have a crash clearing. 795 allins approaching the way down towards 95. this is what looks like leading up up to harford road coming towards us. outer loop traffic on the northeast corner. those delays developing. glenore accident of note, arm road. tony has a check on your forecast. inbig area of high pressure the mid atlantic. lack of precipitation around us. that is the good part of this forecast. this is the storm system that gave us the rain last week. looks like the high pressure will stick around for a while. the dew points are in the low 70s. 80 downtown.,
7:55 am
high temperatures will be between 91 and 96. this will be near 100 degrees. the heat will stick around for three or four days and then should break up by the end of the week. we will drop back into
7:56 am
7:57 am
north carolina. >> oklahoma. >> we're so excited to see gulianna and bill. >> savannah. >> we're from california. >> we're on our honeymoon. >> a lot of reasons to celebrate today. 8:00 on a monday morning. 15th day of july, 2013. it is a steamy day already here
7:58 am
in the northeast. we're going to head into the mid 90s. hot across the country this morning but right now al has something even more important and consequential on his mind. it's the epic areturn of the twinkie. he's going to help guide the very first shipment into the new york city area. coming into the plaza, he's there with a life sized twinkie. >> twinkie the kid. >> okay. twinkie the kid. he's going to get in the twinkie mobile and we will have them arrive. >> could be awhile. >> let's call this what it is. it's a hijacking. al is hijacking it. >> we're hoping that others aren't far behind. >> yes. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side willie geist who is in for matt. coming up, bill cosby is here. he'll review the winner of his cosby sweater tournament. dr. cosby, is that one of your sweaters, sir.
7:59 am
>> no. >> i thought we were here to talk about sweaters. >> where are you? >> we're right here. the sweaters are coming later. right now i'm busy talking to the people [ cheers ] >> and the people love to talk to you. dr. cosby will join us in a bit and we will reveal the ugliest sweater. there's a lot of competition. >> there's a lot of competition i said hello to bill he said where did you go to school? i said vanderbilt. he said did they teach you to wear a suit outside when it's 100 degrees. >> but he's wearing a sweatshirt. >> another tv legend with trademark style, the great larry king is here. he's going to help us out with trending and we'll catch up inside with bill and guilanna
8:00 am
and duke making his tv debut. >> tamron hall is in for natalie. >> new protests overnight adds thousands take to the streets in wake of the george zimmerman not guilty verdict this weekend. ron is in sanford, florida with more. good morning. >> good morning when the verdict was read here late saturday night it sent off a wave of protests in front of the courthouse and is still sweeping across the nation this morning. >> the verdict, unanimous. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: the reaction, hardly. matters of self-defense, guns and race driving protestors, black and white from the streets of new york to california. and lots of pavement in between. many wearing hoodies in 90 degree heat. that movement frequently clashed with prozimmerman opinions. some favoring it saying get
8:01 am
over. justice was served. our legal system, love it or hating. donald trump tweeting zimmerman is no angel but the lack of evidence and the concept of self-defense, especially in florida law, gave the jury no other choice. >> from coast-to-coast it's raw emotion. >> we need to stand up for young black males and come out against this. >> george zimmerman's father says the family is relieved by the verdict. and george zimmerman is free of the ankle monitor and free to get his gun back. a 6-year-old boy buried under a sand dune for three hours is at critical condition at a chicago hospital this morning. he was playing on a massive dune in indiana when he fell into a hole and became buried under 11 feet of sand. his father started digging him out as a friend frantically called 911. >> my friend's son, he got stuck in a sand dune and he's like
8:02 am
under the sand and we can't get him out. >> okay. can anybody see him or is he completely covered by sand. >> colin, is he completely covered by sand? >> yes, my husband and his dad are trying to dig him out. >> a police official says nathan's parents told him that the boy's outlook is good. one of the top motorcycle racers in the world died. bill warner was racing on sunday when his bike veered to the right and went off course launching him 40 feet into the air. he died about an hour later. he was traveling about 285 miles per hour at the time of the crash. 30-year-old tyson gay says he is pulling out of next month's world championship now after failing a test for substance. he put his trust in someone and was let down. two other track stars from jamaica also tested positive. and if the expected birth of the
8:03 am
royal baby wasn't enough to stir them from their homes, this soap box race did the trick. 70 racers were in front of 40,000 spectators. they're powered only by gravity were scored on speed and showmanship. >> that's another fun thing to do. >> tamron, thank you so much. we have a very exciting birthday here. we have mickey, she is turning 65. you know this because she is wearing today is my 65th birthday. we have daughters. we have nieces, grand kids. the whole gang. thank you for being here. happy birthday. how did i know it was your birthday. >> i don't know. my daughter made me dress up. >> you look fabulous. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. >> now to another exciting occasion. >> yes. >> the return of the twinkie. >> yeah. >> al is on the move right now.
8:04 am
oh, there's mr. twinkie and there's al and the hostess truck. >> it's twinkie the kid. not mr. twinkie. he's about 50 now. he's not had any work done. but he looks fantastic. here is what is so exciting. the twinkie is back. we've got the twinkie mobile and loaded on this truck -- what's your name? jesse. do you feel the excitement and the honor of driving the first batch of twinkies in. >> absolutely. >> come on in. let's show you what's going on. i got a refrigerated twinkie truck. it's fantastic and a giant bin of twinkies we're bringing down to the plaza. look at that. the first batch of twinkies. all right. let's go big boy. hit it. let's punch this thing. we've got a batch of twinkies to deliver and no time to do it. let's bring you the weather and show you what's going on. first of all for today, our pick
8:05 am
city of today is salt lake city, ksl, 97 degrees. you can see the big area of low pressure swinging through texas bringing heavy showers and thunderstorms throughout the area and the heat is the big story making it's way through the northeast with temperatures well over the 90s with heat >> good morning.r 100 degrees. our first real heatwave of the season will get started today. we expect temperatures to climb in the low to mid 90's this all right. here we come, baby.
8:06 am
the twinkie express is on it's way. jesse, floor this thing. let's go baby. we're on the way. red light. >> red light. traffic, al, thank you so much. when they showed those twinkies, willie you got teary eyed. >> we haven't had a cheer like that for a long time. >> we all have trending. big weekend for celebrity weddings. we'll tell you who got hitched. then harry potter's author, j.k. rowling, why did she write a novel under a man's name. >> and dr. bill cosby reveals the winner of his sweater tournament right after this. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute little orange blob is metamucil...
8:07 am
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8:11 am
we're are back at 8:13 with what is trending today. we have a special guest with us today. mr. larry king who is always trending. the host of two online programs, larry king now and politicking with larry king. you never slow down. >> i can't slow down. i've got a problem, though. i have nothing to do on the weekend. maybe i could do weekend today. >> a third weekend show. >> a third weekend show and then maybe something late at night. >> i would watch all of those shows. >> i know, you're a fan. >> i am. >> we're all fans. >> i couldn't retire. >> you know what, you're still making news. you recently spoke to jane lynch who was one of the costars of cory monteith on glee. you talked about some of the problems corey had with with substance abuse. let me play a piece of that tape. >> cory, he had a rehab problem. >> yeah, he went to rehab and he's out now and doing great. he was sober for many, many years.
8:12 am
he's a young man. he had to renew his vows to s sobriety. >> that whole interview plays today. she's a terrific girl and that's such a sad story. >> it's incredibly sad because he was so beloved. if you watch the show, he is just incredibly talented and i think all the co-stars really feel like a death in the family. >> all the years i have been interviewing people who have problems and you never get an answer as to why -- when you have everything, why do you need something else? never really been answered. dustin hoffman told me once you don't know the answer. >> addictions grip is tight as it was perhaps for cory monteith. some of the other stories trending this morning on the website of the new york post. pope my ride. they're getting attention this morning because the leader of the world's 1 billion plus catholics is cruising in a star whose sticker price starts at 16
8:13 am
grand. he was snapped in a ford focus. this is the latest surprising move cementing his reputation as the pope of the people. in march he shunned a car for the bus. none of the red fancy slippers out there. >> or the prada shoes. >> he took the subway in argentina and his bike. >> next week he is driving a cab. >> larry king. got it. >> magic. magic. anyway, trending on, wedding bells rang for stars this weekend. halle berry vowed not to marry again but that changed on sunday when she said i do to olivier martinez. they wed in france after getting engaged last week. it's the first marriage for martinez and the third marriage for halle berry who is pregnant with the couple's first child. >> and jimmy kimmel married a
8:14 am
cohead writer on his late night program. kimmel proposed last year. famous guest at the wedding, jennifer anniston and of course matt damon. >> matt damon. >> you could not have matt damon missing. >> jimmy fishing off the company pier. i like it. when you work hard -- >> jimmy's a great guy. >> he is adorable. >> he deserves all the great success. you have to be with your wife all the time. >> make it work. why not. exactly. trending on the associated press what are the chances of this? a season ticket holder of the cleveland indians had a heck of a day at the ballpark sunday. he caught not one, not two, three foul balls in one game. one for each of the kids he was with and then guess what happened, foul ball number four came flying his way. he picked it up off the ground and tossed it to another fan. he had never caught a foul ball
8:15 am
before this amazing lucky streak and we asked what are the chances. the odds of catching a foul ball according to the website lucky seat, 1 in a trillion. >> that's impossible. >> that's crazy. >> that seems high. my kids have caught a lot going to dodger games. it's actually three in one game. i remember a game that the orioles played years ago where in batting practice one guy hit a ball and it hit the father. the next ball hit the mother. the next ball hit the kid and the manager said he's out the get the whole family. >> all right. that's what is trending today. we'll talk a lot more with larry king in just a bit. also ahead, j.k. rowling's secret author. why did she write a thriller using a pseudonym? and bill cosby will be here and we'll invail the winner of the sweater competition. >> how are they getting ready for the arrival of the royal
8:16 am
baby? michelle kosinski is there this morning. >> here at the old boot they had one party in honor of the royal baby. the owner has known kate and her family for 20 years. william also comes in and over the last weekend it's been reported that kate spent the time here with her family in buckleberry preparing for birth which the world expects any day now. >> this thousand year old town, once owned by a king, edward the confesssor just before the normal invasion. people today are excited to welcome the newest heir to the thrown, william and kate's child who many feel sure is a girl. >> my personal feeling is girl. >> really? everybody thinks it's a girl. >> i do. i don't know why. >> at the old boot inn, they're getting ready for a party. >> i must buy some more -- i've got some coming in tomorrow. >> of champagne. >> not today. >> so in england your local pub owner is pretty much with you
8:17 am
your whole life. >> i'm afraid so. if you live in this village i'm here. i've been here 17 years. you have to stick by me. >> bucklebury is where young kate got her start in life after her parents home party planning business took off. they just recently moved to a larger more than $7 million home in town with lots of privacy. this could be where kate's child gets her or his start at least for a few weeks. kate spent the weekend her with her family where a nursery is being prepared too. it is possible that once the royal couple and baby leave the hospital, this is where they will come if they don't return to their cottage at kinsington palace. what we do know is once the baby is born bells will ring in buck bucklebury after just as they did after the wedding. a small country town pleased
8:18 am
with with it's big connection. what do you give a royal baby as a gift? a nice vintage port that he or she can open up when they turn 21. back to you guys. all right michelle, thank you so much. now to something else making headlines in britn, actually around the world this morning. j.k. rowling's secret mystery novel. keir simmons in is in london with those details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the harry potter novels sold half a billion copies worldwide, where as her latest book up until this weekend sold just 1500 copies in the last three months. that's because it contains a very special plot twist. nobody knew she was the one who had written it. >> i may be transformed into a rat. >> fans of the harry potter series know all about j.k. rowlings love for using hidden identities. but with her latest book, the mega author crafted a secret
8:19 am
life to intimidate her art. >> we were trying to run all over and find it. >> fans around the globe raced to book shops sunday morning when rowling confirmed that an obscure novel released back in april, the cuckoos calling was pinned by her, not robert galbraith. >> it slipped under our radar i'm afraid. >> the book went from selling 1500 copies in three months to selling out everywhere. almost instantly. >> first thing this morning the stray copies were scooped up as soon as the doors opened. >> to find out that rowling was behind the mystery novel took a little real life detective work by the sunday times of london. it's staff noticed many similarities between rowling and the unknown galbraith like a shared editor, publisher and agent as well as in the writing style like incorporating handwritten fonts. a signature touch of rowlings.
8:20 am
last year's the casual vacancy was met by a mixed reception. but the cuckoo's calling already gathered rave reviews from critics long before it was known to be her work. >> there's a lot of pressure when you've had the kind of success she has had. i can understand why she would want to just put the book out there and have no expectations and no pressure. >> fans would be wise to remember that when dealing with the woman behind the world of harry potter, things might not always be what they seem. >> took you long enough. >> and we're told she is writing more of these novels. i'm guessing they're going to be publishing and printing more too, guys. >> i'll say. keir simmons, thank you so much. we have been gearing up for this moment all morning long. which iconic cosby show sweater from the show's successful 8 year run is the favorite among fans. the final four next week. here to reveal the winner is dr.
8:21 am
bill cosby. good morning to you. >> i don't have on the winning sweater. >> no you don't. but let me ask you this, though. it came down to two. did you have a favorite. >> no. >> okay. >> no. maybe the one i have on. >> it's a contender. >> that didn't make it. >> with due respect that is a hideous sweater, sir. a fine contender. >> thank you. >> with that dr. cosby, let's get to it. >> the big reveal. >> the big reveal here. let's take a look. >> we'll show the sweater. >> there it is. oh with the runners on the track. it's the relay sweater. >> there you have it. >> why does willie keep saying worst. >> ugliest. >> it was never the ugliest. they haven't been voting for ugly, willie. >> oh. >> it's not like a baby contest. it was the sweater that the people liked the best.
8:22 am
>> okay. >> there's a lot going on. there's a scene on the back of the sweater and the front. >> hello and the people found that amusing and something to do other than going ugly and miserable and hideous. >> you know, it's true. i think some of the other sweaters deserved a look though. some of the ones we have here. >> yes. >> they're entertaining too. dr. cosby i understand you celebrated a birthday recently. >> 76. >> wow. happy birthday to you. >> i enjoyed it. >> we thought we would celebrate here. we have a gift for you. >> i don't want a twinkie with a candle. >> we have a gift in the box and also the person who is bringing it to you. >> look at that. >> they woke you up this morning. >> a gentleman willie would get up and give her your seat. >> yes, ma'am. where are my manners. >> i don't know where your
8:23 am
manners went, willie. >> we brought in her own seat. she earned it. >> she always has her seat. she brought in her chair. >> what did you get. oh, tell me the secret of this. >> this is a today show beautiful sweater. >> according to willie? >> yes. never call himim >> this is wbal tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. problems out there for your monday morning commute. let's talk about what is going on in south on 95. accident and moravia road. that one is off to the side. be prepared for additional delays there. highway, accident is gone but we're down to 32 miles an hour from the severna park region.
8:24 am
this is what it looks like on 97 at new cut road. not that there. ,0 three and ilchester road watch for a crash. dealing with delays on the north and west side. 17 minutes to get to the north side stretch. this is what it looks like at harford road. northeast corner coming towards us, out of traffic just inching along as you travel from 95 towards the 83 plus. inner loop delays in place from greenspring towards the j.f.x. >> good morning, everyone. big area of high pressure anchored on the mid-atlantic region. this is going to be dry for the next couple of days. that is the good part of the forecast. is the onesystem that gave us the rain last week. it created a large part of the atmosphere. shooting for a high temperature in the low to mid 90s. the heat index will be up around 100. air quality will be in the poor
8:25 am
arrangement weather pattern is going to to stick around for the next couple of days at least. high temperatures expected in the mid 90s on tuesday, wednesday, and probably thursday as well with the heat index over 100. then it should cool off back in the 80s by the weekend. >> we're back with with another update at 8:56.
8:26 am
8:27 am
[ music playing ] >> oh, the chants of twinkie. the arrival of the hostess bus
8:28 am
and al roker at the helm ready to deliver the beloved sugary treat. >> aim for the big twinkie. >> like a roman emperor entering the arena. al roker on the twinkie truck. >> everybody gets a twinkie. >> get on in here. >> not only do we have twinkies, but we have the cupcake. >> zingers later. >> hold on a sec because ladies and gentlemen you don't come to the today show and not get anything. so here we go. here you go. whoa. >> you're not supposed to throw things that are so valuable. >> oh, man.
8:29 am
>> there you go. there you go. >> look at twinkie the kid. >> there we go. >> the return. there's a twinkie frenzy going on right now. >> oh my gosh. this is the best with the audience. >> we're all on a sugar high. >> that's not right. >> that's not right. >> well, they're nice and warm. i just saved one for you. >> they were very moist. >> i think i'll hold up on that one. >> snowball lovers, don't panic.
8:30 am
>> never a big fan of the snowball. >> the coconut. >> but you know what, it's zinger. >> interesting, though, you got a -- they changed something here. you have to smell these. >> no, i worked here too long to fall for that. smell that. >> classic. >> there you go. >> all right. >> good stuff. >> let's find out if it's twinkie weather. show you what's going on. first of all, it's always twinkie weather. wet weather making it's way through the southwest. up to six inches of rain near abilene in the next 24 hours. sunny and hot out west. 81 in seattle today. slight risk of strong storms in the northern plains. tomorrow the heat continues in the northeast with high humidity levels and the heat indexes 100. sunny and hot in the pacific northwest. sizzling conditions throughout california.
8:31 am
>> good morning. theave some big keheat in forecast. twinkie the kid, very exciting isn't it? he's a man of few words. you need to check your weather because we got really serious weather going on. go to the weather channel on cable, online. willie. >> all right al, thanks. busy morning on the plaza. media legend larry king is back with us. he is busy working on not one but two shows. the second season of larry king now premieres today on hulu and
8:32 am
oratv and he launched his second online show call politicing with larry king. it's hard not to see larry king on tv every night. >> sure. want to be there live. the first time i realized how much i missed it -- i thought i could leave. it thought it would be easy but the night bin laden was killed i wanted to jump up off the couch and do something and i got lucky and we founded ora tv. >> do you ever reget the decision to step away from nightly television. on days when there's a big news story yes because i like to be in the middle of it and the onlooker. i never involve me in it. i never use the word i. but i love being at the scene. that's what a journalist does.
8:33 am
he goes to the scene, looks at the scene, asks questions about it. leaves himself hopefully out of it. i never felt that the journalist should be in the story but should be around the story. >> and i miss that part. but i'm back doing so many things now. >> tell me about the show. how was that different for you? you have such a variety of guests. you could go from political leaders to snoop lion to everybod in between. >> we had bill mahr, it's so much -- it's fun. i sit in a very relaxed studio. it's set up like the house. my wife sort of designed the studio. it's very, very comfortable setting and there i am with her. we did it here in new york. i'll do some in new york today. jeff bridges today and the former mayor of los angeles and ron howard. i keep in the mix. the show is different. it's a half hour. it's taped. i like live. so i miss the live aspect and then we do the politicing show
8:34 am
and that's also on ora and hulu. i don't know how i keep up with myself. >> i don't either. >> what i do is i love the whole mix. see that, i love asking questions. to me, i have been doing it all my life. when i was nine years old i asked the bus driver why do you want to drive a bus and i'm still doing that. why do you want to drive a bus. >> and the thing i love that you always say is i never learned anything by talking. you're one of the great listener as an interviewer. >> i never learned anything when i was talking. >> right. >> larry king, you're still at it. it's incredible. i don't know how you do it. politicing with larry king is the new show. great to see you. >> i want to salute the "today" show. i bring a message to them from the cardiologist of america. thank you for the wonderful morning of twinkies. >> you can have as many as you want on the plaza larry. great to see you my friend.
8:35 am
>> coming up next, they introduce us to their son duke. but first, this is "today" on nbc. this freshly brewed iced tea is really my cup of tea. honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents.
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sip into the new raspberry lime coolatta today. america runs on dunkin'. back now at 8:39 with a special guest making his television debut. 10 month old edward duke rancic enjoying a highlighter at the moment. >> he stole your highlighter. >> his parents of course are jul giuliana and bill rancic. their show is tomorrow night. >> say hi. >> excuse me, you know mommy was a break dancer. >> who. >> me. i used to break dance in the 6th grade. >> really. >> and they're here with us this morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> did i hear him talk when i introduced him. >> he speaks three languages
8:38 am
fluently. >> you're almost a year in, 10 and a half months. how are you doing with this guy? >> great. look at him. he's such a good baby. he's been up a couple of hours now and he's having fun. he's a great kid. >> he's hopped up on highlighters. >> that's the secret willie. >> we'll transition to sniffing glue yet. >> does he have an agent yet? talking about a spin off. >> we're thinking about it. >> he's a tough negotiator. >> no, no agent yet but he is -- he's definitely in the new season that starts tomorrow. >> yeah. >> and we went back and forth about that. we didn't know how much we were going to put or if we were even going to put him on the show. but we felt like people had been through the major journey with us and then to say you can't meet your baby or see our baby it felt wrong. >> i know both of you to be down to earth people and you talked i don't want to raise a kid in l.a. we want to be in chicago. do you worry about starting him
8:39 am
on television from the day he was born. >> it's not going to be a long-term venture. one season or two seasons maybe and that's it. we'll raise him in chicago and he's going to go to school in chicago and be out of the l.a. hollywood scene. >> you know how some parents say i'm going to leave it up to my kid if they want to get into acting, we're like no. >> if he goes to medical school or law school then he can do whatever he wants afterward. >> get a degree and then figure it out. >> you were here about a little over a year and a half ago announcing your diagnosis of breast cancer. your health is good. >> great. great. no complaints. on medication and it's going well. >> for you to be able to sit here after that not knowing what your future looked like. >> isn't that something. i remember i had been on this set many times shaking and sad and in this very dark place and now it's amazing to finally be here. that's why we were so excited about coming here with baby duke, all the faces here and
8:40 am
producers to finally be able to introduce all of you to him. it's just a miracle. it just shows that you can get through it. you can get through the darkest time in your life. you can. and quickly. sometimes it doesn't take many, many years. for us it was thankfully not a long process. >> this guy is going to get away with a lot because he'll be able to pull the card that he saved his mommy's life. >> if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have found the cancer. >> this is a beautiful scene. i'm sure you're great parents but bill i have to ask you about taking the little guy tubing. i understand you pulled him behind the boat. >> i did. >> do you want to explain yourself. >> explain yourself. >> we were at a friend's soccer game, their child was like 11 years old and we weren't allowed to clap or keep score and i thought we're raising a bunch of whimps. so we want to make sure he's not afraid of everything because she is timid about roller coasters and skiing and stuff like that. >> i'm timid about everything and i agree with bill i think a lot of kids these days they're not as adventurous as they
8:41 am
should be. i don't want him to see my fears. i want him to be his own guy and have fun. >> i had a special wet suit. i wasn't reckless about it. he wasn't back there trick skiing with dad. >> he is a beautiful child. is he walking? pulling himself up? getting ready. >> he's starting to pull himself up a little bit. but he's a big boy. for 10 and a half months, as you can see. by the way, in honor of larry king today. >> that's the larry king look obviously. >> he's a big boy but we'll see chl it's good. hopefully one day we'll have a little brother or sister for duke too. >> there have been reports that you're moving on to number two at this point? any truth to that? >> we have met with the surrogate and she's on board. she wants to put the band back together. >> we asked her to. >> hopefully we're going to have good news to report very soon. >> we look forward to that. come on back and tell us about it. duke, good to see you. >> thanks willie.
8:42 am
>> catch the season premiere of julian giuliana and buiill on the styl network. t
8:43 am
8:44 am
back at 8:47. if you thought tree houses were just for kids, think again? she has the story of an artist and retired home builder that found creative ways to make the most of their natural surroundings. >> it maybe the ultimate in green living. tree houses that are far more than just childhood forts. >> let's just look out the window. >> good idea. >> but the hiding places of our youth blossomed into something more closely resembling the island sheik of the swisz family robinson. >> pull up the stairs. >> it's not just the stuff of
8:45 am
movies anymore. >> darling, thank you. >> these day there is are even entire reality shows built around tree houses. the only limit to a builders dream it seems is the size of the tree itself. case and point. >> technically this is a tree house but considering the scale, more accurately described as a tree home. >> this is pretty elaborate. >> yeah it turned out to be elaborate. didn't start out that way. >> reporter: he is a retired home builder and was helping build a tree house for his friend's grand son when the plans, like the tree grew. >> we added a back deck on and then the side deck on and the rope ladder and then the two little forts underneath. then we added the zip line and last year the sky bridge. >> i always wanted a tree house when i was a little girl. it was a dream come true. >> reporter: it became the neighborhood attraction. >> we love to use our imagination don't we. >> okay. push it in.
8:46 am
>> reporter: imagination is something he brings to this affordable housing complex in california. >> everybody in the neighborhood, it was made by the people that want to share it to other people. >> reporter: that's right. nests. they're not just for birds anymore. >> today we're so set up and it's important to take time-out and listen to the birds. >> reporter: less talking, more listening turned into this. what he calls spirit nest for those witut wings. >> there's a natural kind of pattern that emerges when you're leaving and each branch has a place. it's a bit of a puzzle. >> reporter: a costly puzzle ma. >> i have nests from 5,000 to 6,000. >> he uses money from private buyers to finances community projects and public displays. it was one of the public displays that inspired her to celebrate in a spirit nest.
8:47 am
the latina celebration of a fwirl girl's 15th birthday. >> it's a nice break from technology because you forget about all the things. >> you have to be creative where ever you are to find the resources that you have to fulfill your dreams. >> reporter: if dreams truly do come from the sky -- >> i just pretend i'm a bird. >> reporter: maybe spending time in trees is hour way of staying grounded. >> taking a moment to slow down. >> reporter: for today, nbc news, dallas. >> everything is bigger in texas. that's the only thing -- >> true. >> up next, though, you can do this, i swear, the secret to making classic meatballs in tomato sauce. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] at your local subway,
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today's kitchen is brought to you by folgers. the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup. >> back now at 8:52, this morning on you can do this, how you can make the best meatball in america. they're the guys behind the popular meatball shops here in new york city. good to see you. >> how are you? >> hi guys. >> how hard is it to make a
8:50 am
meatball. >> so easy. >> we can do this. >> about as easy as it gets. let's start with the sauce. what's is secret. >> patience. a lot of people make a red sauce and they're in a hurry. >> you need to start this up early. >> we have been cooking these onions for a couple of minutes. >> okay. >> and ideally you cook the onions for 15 minutes. if you're talking about two hours total time maybe it's 45 minutes before the tomatoes get in the pot. >> okay. >> sweat the onions until they're nice and soft. we like to add garlic oregano. >> this is a good meal to make on a sunday and have the left oefrs on tuesday and meatball sandwich on friday. >> you got it. >> i'm thinking practically. >> the best part about meatballs the longer they sit in the sauce the better they get. you never have to be in a rush. put them in the oven and when you're ready to eat they're
8:51 am
ready for you. >> tomato paste. >> tomato paste and 5 minutes of stirring until it gets a nice dark rick red color. >> nice. >> and we can smell that. >> in go the tomatoes. >> what kind of tomato are you using there? >> we use a thin style tomato. it's more acidic. we use canned tomatoes. they're available all the time and they pack them in the height of summer. >> i love that you use canned tomatoes. >> yeah. >> how long does that have to come together. >> about 45 minutes and the consistency will coat the back of the spoon. >> let's move on to the meatball itself. >> are you ready to get your hands dirty? >> why not. >> the ingredients are simple. two pounds of beef. we have ricotta cheese. bread crumbs. two eggs. two hole eggs. >> how do you keep your me
8:52 am
meatballs moist. is that the cheese? >> it's a combination of the cheese and the fat consent in the beef. >> can you use chicken? >> you can. we have chicken meatballs at the restaurant. parsely. >> nice. >> a couple of pinches of salt. this is sample. >> then we mash it up. okay. looks like chilly pepper. >> oregano. >> i have to be honest, this is something -- you don't want to do this in front of your guests. i don't want my guests seeing me do this. >> you have to get your hands in there too man. >> let me get in here. >> you don't want your guest to see two hands. >> six hand miss that bowl. >> this restaurant has a c grade. >> are you ready to dip your hands in here. >> i don't think so. >> we did dessert. >> how do we roll a perfect meatball. >> we take an ice cream scoop at
8:53 am
the shop. dirty hand here. take an ice cream scoop, about two ounces. >> got it. >> super simple like that. pop them in. >> that's perfect. >> you don't even have to roll them. >> i don't like them when they're not round and perfect. >> we have a few seconds. roast them here? >> in the oven, about 17 minutes and bingo. >> can we taste them? >> there we go. >> you sure can. >> whole thing comes together with the sauce. sauce, meeatballs. you can get these. they're delicious. nice party snack. >> thank you. back after your local news and weather. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. baltimore county police are investigating an incident involving an amtrak train in middle river over the weekend. we are told that an amtrak conductor called authority
8:54 am
sunday morning saying that he thought they had a child around eastern boulevard and tidewater lane. crews checked the area and found blood and clothing, but no victim. this freshly brewed iced tea is really my cup of tea. honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents.
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okay, lime break! thank you! [sigh] [sigh] keep your summer cool with frozen lime and delicious raspberry from dunkin' donuts. sip into the new raspberry lime coolatta today. america runs on dunkin'. >> a little heat wave is upon us here. temperatures are in the mid 90s. today will be the start of that heat wave. hazy sunshine out there could heat index will be close to 100 degrees. mid tomorrow, same thing on wednesday. it should cool off with rain going into the weekend.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
>> that summer bay piano with the real feel today. >> i love it. it's refreshing and wonderful. you have good hair days. >> we're going to check in with natalie in london in a moment. we begin with the big story over the weekend. dominated by the acquittal of george zimmerman in several major cities where there were marches and rallies after zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder. that came down late saturday night. also of manslaughter for the shooting death of trayvon martin in february of 2012. we'll discuss this case in depth in just a few minutes. we put together a panel to go through some of this. we'll get to that in a moment. meanwhile, asiana airlines, the crash, they're still
8:59 am
investigating exactly what happened. the president of the airline says he's planning legal action after a tv station in san francisco actually went to air with a list of hoax names reportedly identifying the pilots on flight 214. >> they are captain sum ting wong, wi tu lo ho lee. >> they seem to be the unwitting victims of a hoax using those names to identify the pilots. the ntsb apologized for inaccurate and offensive names mistakenly confirmed as those of the pilots. the ntsb acted outside the scope of his authority when he erroneously confirmed the names of the pilot. they got this group of names and calls the ntsb and the intern answers the phone. >> yeah that's it. >>


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