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tv   Today  NBC  July 16, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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a small faction of violent protestors swarmed motorists jumping on to cars and shutting down major intersections. l.a. new mayor said the mob sought to exploit the acquittal of george zimmerman in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> the martin family was clear that those that sympathize with their plight, the best way to honor their son and their loved ones is in a nonviolent manner. >> reporter: a local reporter and camera man were assaulted. a photographer was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. in the meantime, we're learning new details about what lead to george zimmerman's acquittal from the first member of the jury to speak out. nbc's kerry sanders is in sanford, florida. he has that part of the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. juror b.-37 sat down and did an extensive interview with cnn. in that interview she said when
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the six jurors went into the jury room one believed that george zimmerman was guilty of second-degree murder. two thought he was guilty of manslaughter and three believed george zimmerman was not guilty. juror b-37 sat in silhouette talking to cnn's anderson cooper about the weight of the jury's decision. >> it's just hard thinking that somebody lost their life and there's nothing else that could be done about it. it's what happened is sad. >> b-37 is the first of the six jurors to speak revealing how she says the jury concluded when george zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin it was not a crime. >> it's a tragedy this happened, but it happened. and i think -- i think both were responsible for the situation they had gotten themselves into.
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i think both of them could have walked away. >> reporter: george zimmerman was armed with this .9 millimeter pistol. b-37 once had a concealed weapons permit. her husband, she said, owns a gun. zimmerman fired a single shot that pierced martin's heart and lung. in a defense animation lawyers argued that trayvon martin first punched george zimmerman and the two fought. >> because of the heat of the moment and the stand your ground and he had a right to defend himself. if he felt threatened that his life was going to be taken away from him or have bodily harm, he had a right. >> reporter: in deliberations the jury repeatedly played back the police video tape where zimmerman reenacted what he said happened and they listened over and over again to the 911 phone call with that scream for help and the gunshot. >> so you think he's yelling help. >> yes. >> all right.
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what's your number. >> there's gunshots. >> whose voice do you think it was? >> i think it was george zimmerman's. >> did everyone on the jury agree with that? >> all but one. >> reporter: by order of the judge prosecutors would only say zimmerman profiled martin. they could not say he was racially profiled. >> so you don't believe race mayed a role in this case? >> i don't think it did. i think if there was another person, spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation where trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> reporter: in an interview monday night special prosecutor angela corey was asked for one word to describe george zimmerman. >> murderer. >> reporter: in the wake of this verdict that resulted in protests and in some cases as we have seen violence, defense attorney mark o'mara said if
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someone is hurt because of angela corey's word, murderer, actions should be taken to hold her responsible. angela corey was unavailable for further comment, matt. all right. kerry sanders in florida this morning. thank you. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i'm going to go through the headlines. she said while she thought zimmerman got in too deep, shouldn't have been in that situation she felt it was trayvon martin that decided to attack george zimmerman prompted the fatal altercation. >> that was the defense theory of the case. zimmerman may have followed or approached trayvon martin but that trayvon martin began the fight by punching him in the face. >> she did not believe george zimmerman profiled trayvon martin. she did not feel that race played a significant role in the situation. >> right. isn't it fascinating how up to the case and after the case it's been all about race in the demonstrations but inside the courtroom the prosecution team
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told the jurors this case is not about race. >> you were right about this in the new york times today about this subject. >> in my opinion how they bungled the race issue in the trial. >> all right. the audio tape of the 911 call where there's a scream for help before the gunshot that killed trayvon martin. this juror said all but one of the jurors believe the voice on that tape calling for help was that of george zimmerman. >> we all thought that the witnesses on both sides would cancel each other out on that but she was impressed by a former army doctor that testified he heard people screaming on the battlefield and could identify voices that way. >> one of the things that stud out to me, she used the word confusing on a number of occasions. they had to consider second-degree murder, they had to consider manslaughter. they had to think about self-defense. they had to think about stand your ground. based on what you heard, do you think she had a clear understanding of the law she was
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being asked to deliberate. >> the jury instructions were confusing. i read through them. they sent out a note that they didn't understand the manslaughter charge. ultimately they came back with an acquittal but this was a call to clear up the jury instructions. >> on a related subject she believes whether trayvon martin may have reached for george zimmerman's gun or not, it didn't make a difference because george zimmerman had a right to protect himself. >> well, he did if he was reasonably in fear of imminent great bodily injury or death. reasonably. but the question of whether or not he was reaching for the gun, ultimately both sides were arguing reasonable doubt by the end of this trial. doesn't surprise me. >> based on the verdict does it surprise you she said going into deliberations three were in favor of acquittal and two in favor of manslaughter and one on second-degree murder.
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>> that was fadoes fast nate me it was close in the beginning. thank you. now to a massive heat wave gripping a large section of the country. stifling humidity. this morning it's intensifying. peter alexander is in washington where another scorching day is on tap. good morning to you. >> you're right. we had breeze through here it should be the coolest part of the day. it's going to reach a high of the upper 90s but it's going to feel like the heat index with humidity here. more like 105 by midday. the real story the persistence of this heat. for us it's day two of a week long stretch. >> hits one way, back, back. >> at ctit field in new york last night home runs were soring and so was the temperaturing. >> 88 degrees with humidity that made it feel like it was in the
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90s. again today parts of the northeast will feel like what one forecaster called a virtual sauna bath. >> awesome. >> it's never too hot for them. it's never too hot for them. >> in chicago today 91 will feel like 98. hartford, 99. >> you have to try to get your workout in early before the sun comes out. >> in philadelphia, a high of 97 but it will feel like triple digits, 100 degrees forcing seen wro wr -- seniors to find air conditioning inside. power companies are trying to keep up. >> if there's an outage it will be minimized and held to effect the fewest people for the shortest period of time. >> while it may not be enough to shatter many records this heat streak is as oppressive as dangerous. >> what makes this unusual is the fact that it's going to be so prolonged and it's going to grow each day. >> here in d.c. >> i'm wiping sweat.
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i'm hot. >> the closest thing to relief. >> while tourists and seasoned ones plan their escape. >> explore the museums. >> we have water bottles as well and portable sand and we're not wearing big clothes. >> to add insult to injury this morning, matt, we're learning more about a water pipeline problem in prince george's county maryland. they are warning people to begin stocking up on water immediately. this problem could mean a water shorta shortage and the peak of summer heat could last for days. >> peter, thank you very much. al still on the plaza. how long is this going to last al? >> for a lot of us it will last on into saturday. the jet stream is way up to the north. the huge dome of high pressure stretching from the northwest to mid-atlantic into the midwest is going to cause problems.
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we expect this high to continue to dominate. continue to pump in that warm air. we have heat advisories, heat watches and excessive heat warnings from michigan into new england including south of boston. look at the temperatures, going to feel like 160 degrees in richmond. 102 in salisbury maryland. atlantic city it will feel like 97. 100 in central connecticut and the problem is the heat isn't going away. out west, seattle 87. 96 and 92 in portland so the heat goes on for at least another 72 hours, matt. all right, al, we'll get your local forecast in a second. tamron hall is in with the headlines while she is here for natalie. >> a lot more going on. a filibuster fight on capitol hill this morning. temperatures are rising as democrats say they may change the rules to keep republicans from blocking white house nominees. a three hour meeting of nearly 100 senators monday night ended with no resolution.
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in egypt this morning, seven people were killed. hundreds injured in clashes between supporters and opponents of mohammed morsi. they threw rocks at police and set bomb fires. they're demanding that morsi be reinstated. >> jodi arias is back in court this morning as her attorneys ask the judge to throw out a jury decision that made her eligible for the death penalty. she was convicted of murder in the death of her boyfriend travis alexander. in may the jury failed to reach a decision on whether to sentence her to life in prison or death. and check out this latest video getting big play on youtube. we've seen dogs eating dinner at the table before. so some say why not a goat. as you can see, he, loves wine, eats with jutensils and likes t
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catch up on the news. just like that. it's 7:14. matt and al -- >> too much time. >> too much time and i have jokes but i don't want to be ridiculed because they're bad. >> okay. >> went there anyway. >> nice. mr. roker. >> all the news that's fit to eat. let's show you what we've got. down to the south, big area of low pressure and that's bringing a lot of rain. we have flash flood watches, flash flood warnings, stretching from the southwest into texas. rainfall amounts, we'll be talking about anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, western texas on into parts of new mexico. that's what's going on. we're going to get to your local weather in just 30 seconds. >> good morning.
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dayill be another hot today. high temperatures into the mid to upper 90's. we can't rule out an isolated that's your latest weather. now back to savannah in l.a. >> thank you. we are learning more about the tragic death and final days of "glee" star cory monteith. an autopsy was performed on monday but the exact cause of the death is still unclear.
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katie is in vancouver this morning. katie, good morning. >> the autopsy has been started and they sent out the toxicology samples. they're hoping to fast track the tests so they get the results as early as sometime this week. this as new details are emerging about what they found in his hotel room. >> reporter: at 31 years old cory monteith looked like he had everything going for him. a lead role in a gang buster tv drama. a beautiful girlfriend and costar, and finally would seem like a handle on his past struggles with substance abuse. but saturday morning something went wrong and monteith was found dead in his vancouver hotel room. >> a police source tells me that they found when they entered the room some substances. they're not being specific about what those substances are. >> find something that inspires you. >> reporter: in 2011 the actor
7:15 am
told the canadian broadcast that he kicked his addiction. >> is it a struggle to stay on that path? to stay clean? to stay on that road >> no man, you mean now. >> yeah. >> no, i just redouble my efforts on what i'm doing. >> reporter: this past spring he checked himself into rehab. on an episode of inside the actor's studio last year he was asked about dying and eluded to his rocky journey. >> if heaven exists what would you like to hear god say. >> sorry i haven't been around. there's a good explanation. >> he came to call vancouver his home. monday his cousin laid flowers at the growing memorial outside the hotel. he called monteith his hero. >> they call acting singing, professional sports a pipe dream. he said no matter how long that tunnel is know there's always a light at the end of the tunnel and so he was that light for me. >> reporter: meanwhile, more of
7:16 am
monteith's "glee" costars have spoken out. she said he is a special part of this world and will forever be missed. as for his girlfriend and costar leah michele, still no public comment. now michelle hasn't spoken out yet but she has been supportive of his past efforts to get clean saying that she loved him and that she was proud of him. savannah. such a sad story. katie in vancouver for us this morning. thank you. guys we'll send it back to you. all right. thank you. now to a rare event, the birth of panda twins at the zoo in atlanta. it was captured on camera. gabe gutierrez is there. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt. good morning. if you can believe it zoo keepers hearsay that the second panda was a total surprise. now, you guessed it, it is pure pandemonium out here. on the grand scale of cuteness, a baby panda usually ranks near the top.
7:17 am
but at zoo atlanta today, there's something not even ron burgandy could have seen coming. >> panda watch. the mood is tense. >> reporter: yes twin baby pandas. the first pair born in the u.s. in 26 years. >> we're still coming to grips with what just happened. >> reporter: what happened was captured on the zoo's live camera. [ applause ] >> reporter: a 15-year-old giant panda delivered her first cup at 6:21 last night. >> second one. >> no way. >> reporter: it's twin came out two minutes later. >> giant panda are endangered so every panda baby is important. >> the last twin pandas in the u.s. were born in 1987 at the national zoo in washington. unfortunately they did not survive long. so here at zoo atlanta, officials realize the next few months will be delicate. >> almost half the time they
7:18 am
give birth to twins, the trick is that they don't raise two offspring. so here in the zoo, we're able to actually swap those cubs out with mom so she can raise them just not at the same time. >> reporter: about 1600 pandas are believed to still be in the wild. these are the 4th and 5th panda cubs born here at zoo atlanta and zoo keepers plan to wait a few months before they name the cubs. >> thank you very much. finally got the baby news we have been waiting for, savannah. guys, coming up, we heard his former girlfriend's side of the custody fight on monday. well, this morning, actor jason patrick is here with me in los angeles and we'll have a live interview with him just ahead. apple is investigating claims of a fatal electrocution involving an iphone. details on that and much more ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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eat all this, with new, hearty special k multi-grain cereal. data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. so eat right, not less. a new perspective. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ >> this is wbal tv 11 news in baltimore. arealtimore city police dealing with a new murder investigation after shooting in southwest baltimore. investigators tell us a man was shot multiple times at the two of diner place just before 9:00 monday evening. the unidentified victim died at an area hospital.
7:24 am
police have not released a --cription of the command of the gun man could and makes 127 homicides in the city so far this year. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. you up-to-date on what to expect as you head out the door. one in harford county and churchville, 155 and glenn dale road. that one should be wrapping up shortly. the outer lipid showing the delays delays are on hard for towards perring parkway. for towards perring parkway. this is that i-70. these delays stretch back to 95 now. eastbound i-70 showing yellow for merits filled with 29. 20-minute delays between home well and hunt valley. shuttle buses running between st. paul and artscape. and humid start for us
7:25 am
this morning. picking up a few little isolated showers and thundershowers in the western suburbs on hd doppler. most of you won't see any of that activity. should be a dry start for 95% of you. temperatures in the upper 70s to 80 degrees. hot today, with high temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. the heat index will be over 100 in most locations, especially downtown baltimore. hazy sunshine with a high near 96. as we go into the weekend we watch a cold front going through
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♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪ >> we are back, it's the 16th day of july, 2013 with marily monroe like you have never seen her before. these photos and thousands more of the icon and other stars are going up for auction. we'll give you a sneak peek coming up. >> how many more pictures can there be we've never seen. >> she's still alive. they're just taking them. >> she never takes a bad picture
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either. >> no but they keep coming out. people keep finding them. i'm matt lauer with al roker and tamron hall. savannah is living in a little box this morning in los angeles. >> also ahead as savannah stays in the box, a story that will hit close to home. if you've had a dispute over coverage with your health insurance company. a brother and sister with the same disease, same prognosis, same doctor both in need of life saving drugs so why did only one of them get approved for it. >> on a lighter note, the newer hint just dropped by prince charge's wife camilla on when we might expect the duchess of cambridge to give birth. natalie is at st. mary's hospital. she has been there. she hasn't gone to a hotel room. she has been camped out there the whole time. she'll have more on that. >> stand by. we'll begin this half hour out here. we have new details on the child dust custody battle between actor
7:29 am
jason patrick and his girlfriend. we talked to her on monday and we'll talk to him in just a moment. >> reporter: there are photos stage and screen actor jason patrick with his former girlfriend and the son she bore with his donated sperm three years ago. the boy, named gus, with patrick alone. there's video of them visiting in new york city when he was in a long running play and showing gus finding daddy on a broadway play bill. >> which one is dada? right there. that's right. >> he wrote her that he didn't want to be a father though he was willing to donate sperm and she told savannah that after the baby's birth patrick spent very little time with him. >> he never changed a single diaper. was never with gus unsupervised for more than half an hour here or there. >> he says he selected intended father on his donor form rather than waving his rights to claim parenthood and says he was an
7:30 am
active father to gus from the beginning in as many ways as he could be choosing and paying for preschool and spending as much time as he could with gus. >> she had her house and i lived ten minutes away and every morning i was there. >> he says he has been barred from seeing gus since a court 20 weeks ago ruled for danielle as sole parent. >> he's never seen me again. there's not a picture of me in his house. and she has him calling other people dada. and what did this boy think happened? >> and now a public dispute with a child welfare in the balance. nbc news los angeles. and jason patric is with us here along with his attorney. good morning to both of you. >> good morning savannah. >> jason, i think this gets a little confusing for some people because on the one hand initially it appears you did not intend to be the father and then ultimately you did have some kind of relationship with this
7:31 am
little boy. yesterday danielle was on our show and she said explicitly you never changed a diaper and you were never alone with gus for more than a half hour. is she lying? >> unfortunately he is, yes. and the way the story is played out because it's a nice sound bite about sperm donor but i was never a sperm donor. we had fertility issues and we had to go to assisted reproductive technology and i had to give sperm. if you are a sperm donor when you go to a sperm bank you sign a waiver form that waifs your rights and responsibilities and i did the opposite. i signed an intended parent form with my name and danielle's name as intended parents of the child that would come from the process. >> that form came into the court case but so did a letter that you also supplied in which you stated you were not ready to be a father and she says you asked her to keep it secret. how do you explain that. >> i just said the actual words,
7:32 am
the word secret is never in that letter. i said let's keep this among ourselves. we tried for at least three years. she had a bad miscarriage and the pressures of all the different fertility treatments put pressure on her. when i said let's keep this between us meaning the pregnancy. >> did the letter say i'm not ready to be a father. >> yeah, sure after all the process and miscarriages and all the things there was confusion but it was more about the idea of i don't know if i can be what could be considered the conventional family. >> but how do you explain this because jason lost in the initial trial, the initial court case that dealt with this and yet he does have video, he has things that have the little boy calling him dada. he has the intended parent form. how do you explain how sit that the courtsided with danielle in this? >> the court took a strict interpretation of what the statute says. it says if a man provides his semen to a physician for the purpose of inseminated an
7:33 am
unmarried woman he is barred legally from asserting that he is the father. but there's two different statutes at play here. that's why we have the bill pending. there's another statute that says that a man can come to court, a man anywhere in the world that could be any other individual other than jason doing this, and this man could say i held this child out as my own and i received the child into my home and the court would give him the opportunity to be heard on whether he could be legally determined to be the father. the only man who can't is jason, the biological father. >> briefly there's legislation now pending that could change that so that it would apply to somebody in jason's situation but would it pass would it apply retroactively? would it help jason's situation? >> well, the legislation sitting in the assembly will be effective as of january 1st, 2014. >> when was the last time you saw gus. >> the 2 1 weeks today. >> have you had any contact whatsoever? >> none.
7:34 am
i sent at least 20 e-mails. fred sent a dozen legal letters and no reply whatsoever. >> i asked danielle yesterday if jason wants to be a father with this child what is wrong with that. she said she never tried to end the relationship. she is just trying to determine her legal rights. what do you say to that? >> i say, danielle if you're out there listening right now where ever you are because i don't know where my son is in this world, you have my e-mail. you have my number and call me and where ever you are i will be there tomorrow. if you are truthful about that let me know because i want to see my son. that's all i've been trying to do. >> are you looking for full custody of your son? >> i want my son to have the two parents he grew up with his entire life until i decided i no longer could be with his mother and she said then you're not going to have your son. >> well, it's a long tale. i appreciate you coming here and bringing your perspective. both of you, thank you very much. unfortunately we're out of time. we'll take a turn now and sd
7:35 am
it back to new york. al as a check of the very hot weather. thank you savannah. we're out here. everybody has their fans working. and yes, they are all mine. you have two pairs of twins. >> two sets of twins. >> where's the spare. >> one two, one two, one two, and the spare. >> and the spare. very nice. nice to see you all good-looking. where are you from? >> atlanta. >> atlanta hot there. not as hot as it's been here. afternoon temperatures today, 90s all the way back through the plain states in the southwest. hundreds as we move into wednesday. look at the red on the map. 90s from the central plains into the northeast of new england and down into the gulf. on thursday more heat. we'll finally start to see a bit of a break by late thursday on into friday. you can see the 70s starting to make their way. 80s into the great lakes. 90s and 1 hundreds in the pacific northwest and
7:36 am
>> good morning. mostly sunny skies. cannot rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm. the heat index we have a newly minted teenager. 13. what's your name. >> hannah. >> where are you from. >> chicago. >> well, happy birthday. go to the weather channel on cable. online. thank you very much. up next, is it safe to talk on your cell phone while it's charging? the iphone related death being investigated by apple. and on trending, are these the luckiest fans in the world? the couple that gave a stranded
7:37 am
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body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] dove is different. its breakthrough formula changes everything. dove. this is care. we're back now at 7:44 with the investigation being launched by apple into a death that may have been tied to a customer's iphone. cnbc's eunice eun is in beijing with more on this. good morning. >> when she reached for her iphone she never could have imagined it would be her final call. >> the 23-year-old newly married flight attendant answered her cell phone while it was charging. she was later found dead by her husband from electric shock. the family blamed apple.
7:42 am
a close friend sending out a warning online to other chinese. never speak on your phone, she says, while it's charging. her death rattled china, a nation that's become obsessed with apple. >> apple is great. everybody use it. >> you should not use any telephone product when it's charged. >> reporter: china is apple's biggest market outside the u.s. the family insists her iphone 4 was genuine. the company released a statement saying we are deeply saddened to learn of this tragic incident and offer our con delenses to the ma family. we will fully investigate and cooperate with authorities in this matter. tv reports are raising suspicion that the charger was a fake. >> ma's death is raising public concern about the widespread use of fakes in china. like this knockoff iphone.
7:43 am
>> there should be better standards for safety on after market products. especially some of the knockoff products that come out of china. that said, the chances of this happening are vanishingly small. >> reporter: little solice for a family mourning the loss of a woman that would have celebrated her 24th birthday today. >> eunice eun in beijing for us this morning. the chances have to be minuscule of something like that happened. >> as we heard in the report, there could be some sort of counterfeit stuff or faulty wiring. >> certainly going to get people's attention though. coming up, one man's fight to get insurance coverage for a drug that could save his life. but first, these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] after pushing the limits of pushing buttons, introducing the button to end all buttons.
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7:48 am
edition of "today" on a tuesday morning. if savannah seems a little bleary this morning, she just got back from the after party of the tonight show. how did it go. >> we talked about you and well i got engaged. we talked about that. lots to discuss. >> tell me about the lucky guy. i want to hear about this guy. >> his name is michael feldman. we had been dating four years so i was shocked when we got engaged. if you're dating four years you no longer really expect it. >> i heard you almost lost the ring. what happened there. >> yes, oh my gosh. well it was too big so i was wearing a band-aid around it for six weeks so i would take it off all the time and one day i was home in the afternoon and i started looking and i said where is that ring and i open the trash and start rifling through it, it fell out of a paper towel in the trash. >> wow. >> then i was like do i tell
7:49 am
him? >> no, don't tell him. i think that would be wrong if he found out. >> i hope you don't believe in metaphors. >> no. >> your secret is safe with him now obviously. >> that went over real well. let me get this straight, you threw out the ring. >> yeah. what time did you get home after all the partying. >> i just got in actually ten minutes ago. that was someone else at the top of the show. >> you look fantastic. >> you look great. >> savannah, coming up, are you always getting bitten by mosquitos? why some people get bit more than others. >> definitely and camilla drops a hint. is the inside of your body. you see the special psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels to trap and remove some waste. and that gelling also helps to lower some cholesterol. it even traps some carbs to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of your diet. now that's one super hard working fiber. metamucil. 3 amazing benefits in 1 super fiber.
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7:53 am
always there for you. >> this is wbal tv 11 news in baltimore. traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. just have an accident prior to keith avenue. the laser forming their. another spot where you tap the brakes, southbound 295 at the beltway. a live picture of southbound traffic coming towards us. it is heavy at that point as well.
7:54 am
at a heavy looking back up on the north side beginning at 95. live picture of harford shows the pace of things getting towards doing the valley. stop and 83, expected be delayed from padonia to the beltway. , watch for aute to disabled vehicle. 20-minute travel time with these down 70 tapping the from marriottsville towards 29. tony, over to you. >> it is another hot and humid day. for the most part, dry, but we are picking up some scattered light showers in the western suburbs. if you're watching is in frederick county, same thing in the mountains south of hagerstown. it will be a hazy sunshine this morning. 10 pitchers in the 70s low 80s. 84 at the airport. you know it will be a hot day when it is that warm in the morning.
7:55 am
an excerpt sunshine and a few clouds. can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm third -- or thunderstorm. heat index will be over 100. same thing tomorrow. hazy sunshine, high near 96. things change over the weekend. this freshly brewed iced tea is really my cup of tea. honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents.
7:56 am
okay, lime break! thank you!
7:57 am
[sigh] [sigh] keep your summer cool with frozen lime and delicious raspberry from dunkin' donuts. sip into the new raspberry lime coolatta today. america runs on dunkin'. we love today. >> oh yeah. >> i love the "today" show because today is always in the moment. i want to see matt lauer. can't wait. >> it's our 30th anniversary. >> 8:00 now on this tuesday morning. it is the 16th of july, 2013. and that crowd looks so good. you wouldn't even know how hot and steamy it is out on rockefeller plaza. hot summer day there.
7:58 am
but we say good morning to our crowd. i'm out in los angeles this morning. matt and al in new york keeping people company. did you break out the shorts yet? >> no but we did break out the all star sluggers. >> this is the one you used in the home run contest. >> yeah, last night. game in second unfortunately. but thanks for the customized bats. we'll get you one too savannah. >> cool. >> all right. also coming up a rossen reports. if you've ever done battle with your health insurance over coverage, one family's emotional battle to get a dying man the coverage he needs for a drug that might save his life and an ironic twist in this one that's going to shock some people. >> really is. even if you're not fighting your insurance company it makes you angry. and marilyn monroe as we have never seen her before. how you can own these remarkable photos and negatives. but first a check of the
7:59 am
headlines. natalie is in london. tamron hall is at the news desk. >> we're getting our first look at what happened inside the jury deliberations at the george zimmerman trial. the juror known as b-37 said she did not think race played a role in the deadly incident. she also revealed at the beginning of the deliberations one juror thought zimmerman was guilty of second-degree murder and two others of manslaughter. >> just this morning, u.s. fugitive edward snowden requested temporary asylum in russia. the former nsa contractor is wanted on espionage charges after he revealed details of government surveillance programs. he's been at moscow's airport for more than three weeks now. now to an incredible story we told you about on monday. a 6-year-old boy that survived after being trapped for hours beneath a sand dune. john yang is in michigan city indiana with the latest.
8:00 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning tamron. this is the national park where the little boy was playing. he is in critical condition in a chicago hospital. the doctors are expecting a full recovery. his family says it's nothing short of a miracle. 6-year-old nathan was with his father and a friend on the shores of lake michigan running up a sand dune. in an instant, he vanished. >> he was nowhere to be seen. the ground had swallowed him up. >> reporter: onlookers called 911. >> my friend's son, he got stuck in a sand tune and he's like under the sand and we can't get him out. >> reporter: the harder they tried to get him, the farther he slipped away. >> as they dug he went deeper and deeper. they had no shovel. they just had their hands to dig with. >> reporter: authorities called in utility crews with heavy equipment. >> it was controlled chaos. everybody was doing something
8:01 am
and accomplishing something. >> reporter: 11 feet and more than three hours later she spotted the top of nathan's head. he was still upright apparently having gone straight down. authorities believe a sunken tree may have created an air pocket allowing him to survive. he was air lifted to chicago where doctors were surprised by his condition. breathing on his own. >> he was acting like a purposeful 6-year-old. >> reporter: nathan's grandfather a baptist preacher says it was more than luck. >> i'm firmly convinced that god intervened in this. >> reporter: he is on a ventilator while doctors try to get more sand out of his lungs burt they hope he'll be off the ventilator by the end of this week and if all goes well home by the end of next week. >> that is amazing john. thank you so much. it's a race against time off the coast of italy to remove the
8:02 am
wreckage of the costa concordia. it's being crashed by it's own weight a year and a half after the ship wreck. >> a endangered whale is swimming freely this morning. two fishermen saw it struggling and discovered it was tangled in fishing rope. so they managed to cut the line and freed the whale, all while capturing this pretty amazing video. it's now 8:05. back to matt and al. >> tamron, you have to get out here. they're handing out all kinds of warm weather bling. handing the sunglasses out and kathie handing out fan pictures of herself. so we're her biggest fans now mr. roker. >> that's right. i like that picture. in fact, when you come down to our plaza you never know what you're going to get. you just got a copy of the brand new daniel silva novel the english girl. daniel is going to be on our show in just a little bit. who is this guy? >> john.
8:03 am
>> how are you doing? >> let's see your sunglasses. >> hi. >> hi. i love that. let's check your weather and see what we've got going on. for today, pick city today, san antonio, texas, woai. showers, heavy rain today. temperatures will be in the 80s and low 90s and as we check the rest of the country, heavy rain down through texas. we have got showers down through southern florida. a beautiful day if you like the heat in the pacific northwest. 87 degrees in seattle today. got the pink lady shirts on. bentheim >> good morning. dayill be another hot today. high temperatures into the mid to upper 90's. we can't rule out an isolated
8:04 am
. who do you want to wish a happy birthday to? >> grandma dee dee. >> we love you. 95 years old. >> up next on trending, would you recognize your favorite sports star if he was standing right next to you? jimmy fallon put people to the test and camilla drops a strong hint about when the royal baby may alive. natalie is live in london to explain that and never before seen images of marilyn monroe before they hit the auction block. ♪ where might you go? ♪ introducing kellogg's® to go. ♪
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8:08 am
♪ [ male announcer ] now get 0% apr financing for 60 months on the prius liftback, the number 1 selling hybrid. with plenty in stock, you can drive one home today. ♪ a prius for everyone we're back at 8:10 with what's trending today. these stories have you talking online. trending on yahoo, help for all of us constantly being attacked by mosquitos. up to 20% of us are desirable for the pests depending on a couple of factors. so a little quiz. take a look at this list. guess which of these factors does not make you more likely to be bitten by mosquitos. a, people with type o blood, b, beer drinkers. c, wearing floral perfume, or d,
8:09 am
being out in a full moon. >> i would say beer drinkers. >> i'm with savannah on that one. >> i'm going with the perfume. >> i say beer. >> no, the answer is c, wearing floral perfume does not make you more susceptible to being bitten by mosquitos. >> because they're going for the carbon dioxide. >> you can keep wearing that floral perfume. which of these does not make you more susceptible to mosquitos, having foot odor, being pregnant or exercising, wearing dark clothing, or having black hair. >> black hair. >> dark clothing. >> i'm going to go with dark clothing. >> yeah, dark clothing. >> it's black hair. >> interesting. got that one savannah. >> those others are all things that will get you bitten. if you're a beer drinking man with type o blood on a full moon night, you're toast. >> with foot odor.
8:10 am
>> exactly right. >> winner. >> but no one else wants you but the mosquitos. >> you're repelling more than mosquitos. you're not attracting anybody but moss kquitos at that point. how many of us would love for something like this to happen. listen what happened to emily, she is a big fan of the dave matthews band and on her way to a concert with her boyfriend last weekend when she spotted a stranded cycle liist on the sid the road. her kindness helped out. the hitchhiker, none other than david matthews himself. he was out for a preconcert ride and got a flat tire and didn't have a cell phone to call for help. he thanked emily by name on stage and took them to dinner and gave them front row seats to the show. her cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing all night. i have a special guest here in los angeles with me. a hitchhiking expert.
8:11 am
mar mar mar maria is here. >> i've hitchhiked. i didn't get picked up by dave matthews or anybody like that. >> you got picked up by a car but nobody attractive picked you up. >> yeah but it was 13 and 15. something i would not recommend. >> no, maria when you're dating -- i did the same thing dating ourselves a bit. that's something we used to do when he we were teenagers. you don't do it anymore. >> no, you do not. >> matt could have picked me up. >> yeah. >> that's another story. >> yeah. >> that's what we go into a dream sequence now. okay. never mind. >> good to see you maria. >> good to see you. >> also, trending on youtube, would you recognize one of your favorite sports stars? jimmy fallon put that to test last night with matt harvey, one of the hottest athletes in new york right now. he's the starting pitcher for the national league at the all-star game. after gaining national attention
8:12 am
for posing nude in espn magazine. tamron has that on her wall in the dressing room. >> i do indeed. >> but he's still unknown. >> who's your favorite player. >> harvey man. >> if he was standing here right now what kind of advice would you give him. >> keep being awesome. yeah i'm pretty sure that's it. >> we appreciate it. >> yeah, man, thanks a lot. >> absolutely. >> wait, yeah. wait. are you matt harvey. >> yeah. >> so i could pass as matt harvey. >> you might need the hat and the jersey. >> if he was standing right next to you what kind of advice would you give him. keep doing what he's doing and keep shining. i will. >> okay. >> i love it. >> that's amazing. >> i will. >> what? >> what a great sport matt harvey is. >> it is. one guy said i actually saw him naked in espn which was a little weird. >> yeah. a little strange but that was
8:13 am
cool. >> very cute. that's what is trending today. >> straight ahead in the 8:00 block we'll check in with natalie at st. mary's hospital in london for the latest on the royal baby watch and then we'll show you never before seen imagines of marilyn monroe before they hit the auction block. but first in this half hour, a new rossen report. it's a case of life and death for one man fighting his health insurance company and this story might make you angry. today national investigative correspondence jeff rossen has details on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we always hear horror stories about health insurance companies denying claims but some experts say this case could take the cake. you're about to meet a man who is dying. there's a drug out there on the market that could literally save his life but he has been battling his health insurance company for more than a year to get it and now a new development in this case that no one saw coming. kevin can't breathe.
8:14 am
he can't even sleep without choking. his condition so serious kevin's new wife has to help clear his lungs every day. >> what are you afraid of. >> of him dying. >> i didn't think this would come to this this fast. but it's come down to fighting for my life. >> kevin has cystic fibrosis, a deadly disease clogging the lungs causing dangerous infections, even internal bleeding. the average life span of a patient only 37 years old. kevin is 40. >> i'm suffocating to death very, very slowly. >> because your airways are closing. >> and it's getting worse. rapidly. >> reporter: so why is his sister martha who has the same exact disease doing so well? her lung function is stable, even improving. >> i feel able to hope for the future in a way that i never could before. >> that's a big deal.
8:15 am
>> it's everything, yeah. >> reporter: and she credits this little pill for all of it. a new drug called kalydeco, slowing the disease in some patience and ideally extending their lives. but it's expensive. $25,000 a month. so martha and kevin, brother and sister, asked their insurance to cover it. they have the same insurance company, united healthcare. they have the same mutation of cf. they see the same doctor who wrote the same letter to united that both will likely benefit from treatment with kalydeco but in a stunning twist, martha was approved and kevin was denied. >> it crushed me. i was devastated. i was baffled. >> have you said to the reviewing company you already approved my sister? what do you mean you're denying me. >> yeah that was part of my appeal. i sent in a copy of my sister's review. i let them know you already approved this. >> what was the response.
8:16 am
>> denied. >> reporter: in fact, kevin was denied four times. the company's reason, kalydeco is not fda approved for his mutation but remember martha has the same mutation and she got approved. her reviewer saying the drug is medically necessary while kevin's reviewer said not medically necessary. >> it's too random. it can't be like russian roulette. >> reporter: healthcare advocates say the system is broken. >> there needs to be more transparency, more accountability and it shouldn't be luck of the draw. >> reporter: as now time may be running out. here was kevin two years ago, a model of fitness. today, he can barely make it up a flight of stairs. >> i want to live to the end with him and i certainly don't want him to leave me. >> if i don't get this
8:17 am
medication, i don't what other options i would have. this is life and death. it's completely life and death. >> reporter: some of the bravest people i know. kevin his wife katie and sister martha joining us live this morning. they're here on the sofa because we have a big development to share in this case. we called united healthcare for our story. we always do to get a comment on these things and we got action. united has done a complete reversal and has just approved kevin's claim because of the quote, unique circumstances of his case. so matt, he is finally getting the drug that he has worked so hard to get and that's great news. >> logic finally in what seemed to be a completely illogical scenario. what's your reaction first, kevin. >> i'm ecstatic obviously and big sense of relief. this was a long stressful battle. and just to be able to finally say that and know that i'm going to get this drug. >> when i read about this story
8:18 am
i could picture hundreds of thousands of people sitting at home getting angry. millions maybe. people who probably have fought their own insurance companies over situations like this. i mean, when you go back to that original phone call you got saying you were denied, how did you react to that? >> there was a moment after i hung up where i sat stunned in silence and then i just cried. all of these emotions, you know, joy, relief came out. and, you know, this was a lot of people, this was a big effort. there was a lot of thanks from, you know, david ratner, senator squadrons office, community health advocates. these two ladies here and of course jeff and the producer robert powell. huge thanks to you guys. >> of course. >> wouldn't have been without you. >> what should people know who are in a dispute with their insurance company, what advice would you offer martha? >> just keep fighting.
8:19 am
it took so much work. it took -- we did so much research before we even submitted the first claim. and we knew that this drug would help us and so -- and especially when i got the drug and started taking it and knew how much better i felt, kevin had to keep fighting. >> have you started taking? -- when will you be able to start the drug. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow comes in the mail. >> it started working for you in two weeks. >> two weeks i had noticeable improvement in my lung function but within days he'll feel a difference in the way he can clear his lungs and the energy that he has. he's going to feel it right away. >> and must be an enormous relief for you as well. >> huge, huge relief. when we received the call that kevin was going to be getting this drug, many of the fears that i had for our future were lifted a great deal and i feel as though now we can really start getting excited about our future and planning. >> keep us posted, please. oh yeah. >> let us know how you're doing.
8:20 am
>> a lot of people are watching this saying i'm fighting my health insurance company too. we have a list state by state of what you can do on our website go to the rossen report section. in most states there's a healthcare advocate that will help you fight your legal battles against these health insurance companies. >> thank you all. good luck. >> thank you. >> let's send it over to savannah in los angeles. >> matt, thanks. we'll switch gear with the royal baby watch. the duchess of cambridge is keeping out of sight but the waiting game for the rest of the world is highly visible and natalie is in the middle of it at st. mary's hospital in london. nat, good morning to you. >> good morning savannah. well, the great kate wait continues here. now i'm going to go out on a limb. are you ready for this? i'm going to tell you, the new baby, baby cambridge will arrive -- you fill in the blanks but one person who is dropping a hint is a royal. >> reporter: when will kate give birth? one person who may know,
8:21 am
william's step mother, camilla the duchess of cornwall who on monday caused a stir with her own royal baby guess. >> we're all waiting. hopefully by the end of the week, he or she will be there. >> you may say this waiting game began a little less than three years ago when william and kate stepped into the spotlight to announce their engagement. >> obviously, you know, we want a family. so we'll have to start thinking about that. >> reporter: from the wedding to tours overseas, to the olympics last summer. the world watched with eager anticipation. >> all over the world turned on the tv and were swept away by this royal romance. they are very, very interested in the outcome. >> reporter: so when the news came last september. >> official word that prince william and kate middleton are having a baby. >> reporter: the count down begins.
8:22 am
we have admired the fashions, measured the bump and crunched the numbers and now the time is here. well, almost. just ask long time royal photographer arthur edwards. he camped out for william and harry's births. >> how much longer do you think we'll wait. >> a whisper from someone else at the palace it could be next week. next tuesday. >> really? >> that's the due date. you never know. >> reporter: whenever it happens day or night, the media is camped out watching the clock for the faithful hour. >> real estate comes as a premium when you're standing here playing the waiting game. i secured the prime spot. this one come with a free panoramic view. >> reporter: the media aren't the only ones playing it. some need the babies gender and name before they sell their wears. >> people want it to happen. >> i hope it kicks off now. i hope it kicks off now and we'll be right here.
8:23 am
>> i think people secretly kind of love it. >> there's going to be a wait when kate goes into labor as well but for now i might as well be comfortable and have myself a spot of tea and as the britts are known to say here keep calm and carry on. >> wait and wait and >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell note -- e is sarah caldwell. to keith avenue, we have an accident taking up the left lane. not bad here. prior to that, heavy delays. southbound traffic coming towards us. let's -- that stretches back to white marsh. 895 below the city, that is
8:24 am
where we have another accident. another one coming in and nicodemus road. that's an and halethorpe. northbound route 10 and ordnance road, accident of note. 21 minutes on the west side, heavier on the north side as you make weight from 95 towards the towson region. traffic in the red at 13 miles per hour. >> for the most part we are going to see hazy sunshine to start the day. this morning.les showers out the frederick. us to be one see any of that precipitation. -- most of you won't see end of that precipitation. 84 at the airport. high temperatures this afternoon in the mid to upper 90s. in the city, between 105 and 108
8:25 am
degrees later on today. hot near 96. talk with another update at 8:56.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:30 now on this tuesday morning. it's the 16th day of july, 2013. a nice crowd on the plaza on a tuesday morning as our heat wave rolls on. we mean that literally. day three of temperatures what, above 90 degrees.
8:28 am
feeling closer now. earlier it was pleasant. not so cool anymore. >> i love how people are waving. they're like how are you doing. >> don't want to exert themselves much. >> i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamron hall. tamron is here while natalie is in london and savannah guthrie is in los angeles. >> and i have maria shriver with me. she is going to share research that could lead for better treatment with millions of americans with alzheimer's. >> also ahead a live performance from sarah who is out with a new album today. >> we love her. >> she's amazing. >> and then from music to books, best selling arthur daniel silva is here. he's going to tell us all about his new thriller and reveal some of his favorite summer reads. >> mr. roker is going to give us a check of the weather. don't ask tamron about her walk home from work in the heat wave yesterday. >> i turned to milk shock
8:29 am
lateral and melted. just a little spot. >> you don't want to know. >> visualize. you understand. >> you look very much like an m&m right now. let's show you what we've got going on today. the heat spreads from the northeast mid-atlantic all the way into the central mississippi river valley. heat in the pacific northwest. in fact, it's hotter in seattle than it is in san diego today. a lot of rain down through texas. it continues in southern texas tomorrow. risk of strong storms as cooler air makes it's way from the upper midwest on into the northern new england area. we're looking at sizzling conditions in the southwest. hot through the gulf coast and the heat will continue here in the northeast into the mid-atlantic states. that's what's going on -- we, i can do all of this stuff and he just follows meju >> good morning. mostly sunny skies. cannot rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm.
8:30 am
the heat index even our monitors spin. holly, spin the monitor. there you go. look at that. that's impressive. savannah. can't do that in l.a. >> no, but don't exhaust yourself in that heat, al. >> i won't. >> all right. well, meantime, now to your chance to own a little piece of hollywood history including remarkable photos of a true legend. >> never before seen imagines of marilyn monroe. the seven year inch. bus stop
8:31 am
[ singing ] >> the prince and the show girl. >> just try me. >> photos taken by famed hollywood photographer milton green now up for auction. green and monroe first worked together on a magazine shoot in the 1950s and became close friends. >> when you look at the photographs, there's something magical about them. she looks happy and there's a sparkle in her eye and she was relaxed. she had total confidence in milton green. >> head of the auction company profiles and history says most of the 37 uh-uh published negatives and transparencies have never been seen by the public but it's not just the photos up for grabs. the winning bidder also gets the copy wright for these imagines. >> not only do you get to buy the collectible version you get the intellectual property which never happens. >> milton green's son joshua seen here as a child plans toed
8:32 am
by on his father's photography saying he would like to bring one third of his dad's collection back to the family. >> i'll be bidding on this auction to bring back home some of the pictures that i feel are important to his life's work. i'm sorry they got separated out but i'd like to bring them back under one roof. >> the collection contains more than imagines of the blonde bombshell. 75,000 photo negatives of other movie stars are on the auction block as well. >> if you think of an important person from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, this person is represented in this collection. it isn't just a slice of american cultural history, it's a chunk. >> a pricey chunk of hollywood history now up for the highest bidder. >> and in case you are wondering, the photos could go for more than $1 million. coming up next, maria shriver on the painful path of
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
allianz timers. >> this is what retirement was supposed to look like for nancy albertson. >> is that grand pa? >> playing with her grand children and spending time with
8:36 am
her husband of 39 years. she didn't expect to become the face of early on set alzheimer's disease. >> why did you think you might have early alzheimer's? >> i taught english as a second language so i wanted to say something or write something and i thought i can't get that word. >> nancy is experiencing a symptom of early alzheimer's known as language recall. >> i think it's something that you don't think of in people under the age of 60 very often. >> nancy was only 59 when she first revealed her problem to her family doctor during a routine physical. >> made me think we need to look into this further. this is not normal. >> dr. golden referred nancy to a neurologist eventually leading her to a diagnosis of early on set alzheimer's. >> this is an excellent example of how physicians diagnosis should be done. >> she is overseeing the presentation of new research this week at the alzheimer's
8:37 am
associations international conference in boston where early detection is a hot topic. >> do you think it really did cause -- >> researchers will present new guidelines that could help family doctors like nancy recognize and identify the symptoms of early on set alzheimer's. >> it's important to know what's happening in the brain when these brain changes are starting and if it is alzheimer's disease that future planning needs to happen with the planning now. >> reporter: nancy watched her own mother die from alzheimer's so she struggled with the decision to tell her four siblings about her own diagnosis. >> one thing i am fortunate for is that i am able to get more help than mom ever did. >> reporter: she revealed her diagnosis in a letter telling her siblings they shouldn't worry about her. >> i feel much closer to god and between god, my husband, and the medicine, i think my life is better now. because life is more precious, you know?
8:38 am
that's why. >> today is friday. >> reporter: in this video diary nancy gives us a peek at her daily routine and how new medication is helping her retain some of her former life. driving to the local market for groceries, also making breakfast. for now. >> you don't know what tomorrow is going to hold. one day could change everything. >> how do you not get angry about that? >> i was angry for a long time. >> a local support group gives rick and nancy a safe place to talk about their new roles as caregiver and patient. >> you're going to do the best that you can and that's why she has such confidence in you. >> rick also hired a part time caregiver for nancy to relieve him of some of his daily responsibilities. and nancy is doing her part indulging in one of rick passions by learning to play the wash board at his weekly
8:39 am
bluegrass jam. >> your husband said that he is proud of you. >> and i am him. >> you're proud of him too. >> it's a hard thing to go through as a couple. >> it's important to stress that one of the toughest decisions nancy made was, in fact, to speak up and admit she was having a problem. by getting an early diagnosis she is giving researchers time to study her and to help not only her with the symptoms but also so many other people he struggling to find a cure in the future. >> it's an incredibly courageous thing to do. let's bring our own dr. nancy snyderman into this conversation. she looked so young and noticed she was forgetting words. how do you know if it's normal aging or something potentially more serious. >> when you look at her speak you can tell she is searching for words and that can be a real issue and early warning sign, especially for someone that already mastered language well. problem solving. major lapses during the day of memory. the inability to figure out why
8:40 am
you're going to the store, why you have a laundry list sometimes getting lost. all of those issues, when they become destructive to normal mundane tasks we undertake every day, each of those can be an early warning sign. >> and maria, you mentioned this enabled the researchers to look at the early stage of the disease and allow someone to have more control about their future. >> as nancy also knows, doctors believe that alzheimer's is present in your system 20 years before it's actually diagnosed and the earlier that doctors are able to get people into clinical trials, the better they think that they can deal with them and hopefully we can find a cure but we need a lot more money for research and a lot more people volunteering and coming forward. >> ten seconds nancy, the sad news is we're not close to a cure. >> there's no great drugs on the market now but the earlier you know, the more you can get into clinical trials and increasingly we'll be looking at genomics for
8:41 am
this. get things under way and knowing you're legally and financially okay. we don't have big conversations enough this in this country. >> dr. nancy snyderman thank you. maria shriver, thank you. nancy will be answering questions about alzheimer's this morning in a google plus hang out on air 9:00 a.m. eastern. if you want to join the conversation you can head to coming up next, a sizzling summer read from best selling arthur daniel silva. but first, this is "today" on nbc. this freshly brewed iced tea is really my cup of tea. honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents.
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okay, lime break! thank you! [sigh] [sigh] keep your summer cool with frozen lime and delicious raspberry from dunkin' donuts. sip into the new raspberry lime coolatta today. america runs on dunkin'. we're back now with today's sizzling summer reads and we have a new thriller from best selling arthur daniel silva. in this one, his hero has only seven days to find a kidnapped rising star from the british government. daniel always good to see you.
8:44 am
>> nice to see you. >> amazon calls it one of the best books of the month. i believe they used the word master work. that's not bad. >> i generally try not to pay attention. >> i know you do. >> i try. i was very proud of that review. they hit upon all the things that i liked about the novel and i have to admit i was flattered by it. >> this starts with a beautiful island and beautiful girl. so far it sounds like a jackie collins novel but it's not. poof she disappeared. >> she is a rising star within the british party. she works in the machinery of the party but she has got, you know, member of parliament written all over her. a cabinet minister one day but madeline has a dangerous secret. she is the mistress of the prime minister. when she disappeared the prime minister has a serious problem. >> as the clock is ticking to find her, without, i don't believe giving anything away, we
8:45 am
end up in russia and talk to me, from what i read and sometimes these things aren't always accurate but some of your ideas for this book came from the coverage of a real news event. >> it was inspired to a large degree by the revelation two years ago, or three years ago now that we had this nest of russian spies living in the united states, here in new york city operating under illegal cover. living here under false identities. a lot of people were shocked by the fact that the russias were still living among us and spying on us. i was not. i knew it was taking place. i used that incident and it inspired me to write this novel. >> some of those spies were not the highest talent level. >> that was -- >> that was the anna chapman group, right? >> it was. i think that was a lot of the spin that came out at the time. the administration wanted to get this out of the way so it wouldn't be a distraction. >> do you think it was more
8:46 am
serious. >> i do. and so do people in the fbi and intelligence community. >> you are big on social media. you have a very loyal following. >> i do. >> do you listen to what they say a lot or do you try, like reviews, to put that over in a different compartment. >> i do listen to what they say actually. for years they had been asking me to bring back a character that i wrote in a book about ten years ago, a gentleman named christopher keller. he is a british comando or assassin. i brought him back. >> give me books to read this summer. >> anyone that had a heart. he wrote the sound track of our childhood, especially for people of your generation. >> thank you. >> i have been privileged to spend time with him. henry winkler hank zippster
8:47 am
series. and vince flynn was a dear friend of mine. this is his last book. the last man. i didn't have time to change the dedication of the english girl. but the english girl is for him. >> good recommendations from a guy that knows a thing or two about great books. >> you can read an excerpt from this on our website. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
the toyota concert series on today, brought to you by toyota. >> sara bareilles burst on the scene in 2007 with her hit love song. her new album was released this morning. big news, it's already number one on itunes. good morning, congratulations. >> thank you. >> you released brave from this album awhile ago and it went crazy. everybody loved it. does that give you confidence when you release the rest of the album? >> absolutely. it was nice to have the first song received so well and now it's good to have the release come and stop hanging on to tight. >> well, we're happy you made time for us because you're about to head off on tour for a short while for about two months. what are you going to play this
8:50 am
morning. >> a song called i choose you. it feels very timely too. i'm a big advocate and activist in the gay rights movement so this song is, i want to dedicate that to all the people that newly can get married today. ♪ let the sun fade out to a dark sky. i can't say i'd even notice it was absent ♪ cause i could live by the light in your eyes ♪ ♪ i'll unfold before you ♪ would have strung together ♪ the very first words of a lifelong love letter ♪ ♪ tell the world that we finally got it all right ♪
8:51 am
♪ i choose you ♪ i will become yours and you will become mine ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you ♪ oh, oh, oh oh, oh ♪ there was a time when i would have believed them ♪ ♪ if they told me that you could not come true just love's illusion ♪ ♪ but then you found me and everything changed ♪ ♪ and i believe in something
8:52 am
again ♪ ♪ my whole heart will be yours forever this is a beautiful start ♪ ♪ to a lifelong love letter ♪ tell the world that we finally got it all right ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i will become yours and you will become mine ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you we are not perfect we'll learn from our mistakes and as long as it takes i will prove my love to
8:53 am
you ♪ ♪ i'm not scared of the elements. i am underprepared, but i am willing and even better ♪ ♪ i get to be the other half of you ♪ ♪ tell the world that we finally got it all right ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ yeah ♪ i will become yours and you will become mine ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose >> this is wbal to be 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning.
8:54 am
i am mindy basara. according to "u.s. news & world report," johns hopkins hospital took the top spot of america's best hospital. it is first overall for 21 years in a row until last year, when massachusetts general took the lead. this year hopkins thanks highest in the year, nose, throat, geriatrics, neurosurgery.
8:55 am
>> another hot and steamy day. hazy sunshine most of the day. can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm. heat index is going to be over 100. same story.
8:56 am
8:57 am
welcome to today on this tuesday morning, july 16th, 2013. i'm willie geist with al roker and jenna wolf in for nalie while she is on royal baby watch. >> what folks don't realize is willie, like myself, we do like crazy and they have this fan blowing mach 2. >> it's the most model like i
8:58 am
have ever looked. it is freezing just in this little area where i'm sitting right now. >> it's 106 outside so we tried to cool it down here and now we have gone too far. >> they haven't ever come out this far but i'm going with it. there we go. >> okay. you are a hot box aren't you? >> it is hot outside. we're going to talk about the weather in a minute. want to talk about the news going on, though. last night one of the jurors that acquitted george zimmerman gave an interview to anderson cooper on cnn, the woman identified as juror b-37 offered new insight as to what was going on behind closed doors. when the six jurors went into the room, one believed zimmerman was guilty of second-degree murder, two thought he was guilty of manslaughter and three believed he was not guilty. three people thought he was guilty of something and three who didn't. she said she believes it was trayvon martin that threw the first punch and then said zimmerman had the right to defend himself. here she is. >> you had the parents of
8:59 am
trayvon martin testifying, you had the family of george zimmerman and friends of george zimmerman testifying on whose voice it was. whose voice do you think it was? >> i think it was george zimmerman's. >> did everybody in the jury agree with that? >> all but probably one. >> and what made you think it was george zimmerman's voice. >> because of the evidence that he was the one that had gotten beaten. i think george zimmerman is a man whose heart was in the right place but just got displaced by the vandalism in the neighborhoods and wanting to catch these people so badly that he went above and beyond what he really should have done. but i think his heart was in the right place. it just went terribly wrong. >> in that jury room, what was -- emotionally what was that like. >> it was emotional to


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