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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 6, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> he was swimming and then he said help and went under. >> drowning in dundalk, what witnesses say may have caused the tragedy. >> i would say they were laying on the tracks, a little over an hour, sure. it is very feasible. >> light rail deaths y 1 woman thinks the victims could have gone unnoticed. >> we had a great holiday weekend. how the week ahead is shaping up. including when you can expect rain in the sky watch forecast. >> and michael's memorial. the big stars that will take part in tomorrow's tribute. . >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. young man is dead after drowning near a dock in dundalk county. >> friends and crews try to save him. melinda roeder is live with more.
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>> witnesses say cedric may have suffered a seizure before he drowned. one minute he was swimming and the next he was struggling to breathe and stay afloat. >> he was in the water for 15 minutes. >> it was several minutes before divers could reach the victim. they tried their best to save him. >> they worked on him vigorously for, at least, 10 minutes. >> for neighbors near the water the drowning him comes as a shock. >> never seen anything like this. >> for those that knew the victim the ordeal is terrifying. >> i could not breathe. >> erica blunt was swimming with the young man 20 feet from the pier when he began to struggle. he was swimming and then he said help season and went under. and we could not do anything. and then i tried to get up to call the police, and a woman jumped in, and a man, she was in there and tried to hold him up and he slipped. >> out of grasp and gasping for air. witnesses say he may have suffered a seizure moments before he drowned. >> eyes rolled back in his head. >> neighbors tried to search the water until help arrived.
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and with a faint pulse they hoped he would make it. >> you could see him spitting out the water through the oxygen mask. >> but he was under water 15 minutes. it was too late despite the efforts. >> divers did good, found him in no time. >> cedric heart taken to johns hopkins bayview hospital where he was pronounced dead this evening. live in dundalk, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> one man is in critical condition tonight after cut in the throat. police called to a fight between two men around 2 a.m. this morning. lombard and president street downtown. one was slashed in the arm, the other to the throat. both are hospitalized tonight. >> police arrest a man in a downtown stabbing just after the fireworks display at the inner harbour ended last night. 33-year-old derrick thornton of baltimore is in custody. police say a fight broke out at west baltimore and charles streets. one of the victims, 19-year-old man, is in critical condition at shock trauma. a 14-year-old was rushed to
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hopkins with non-life-threatening injuries. >> a 5-year-old girl clings to life after being shot thursday. and tonight we learn the teenager accused in the shooting has a record that started when he was 10. >> crime and justice reporter joy lepola has the story. >> 17-year-old lamont davis behind bars. locked up, after a 5-year-old is shot in the head. and a 17-year-old is shot in the arm. davis appeared before a judge, and bail denied. sources tell fox 45, davis has a lengthy juvenile record. his first crime committed at the age of 10. davis has been arrested 13 times for crimes, such as assault, theft, handgun and drug possession. he is also suspect in a carjacking. >> there is a group of violent repeat offenders in this state, that need more than rehabilitation through the department of juvenile services. >> 24 hours before the shooting
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in southwest baltimore, davis appeared before a judge. for robbery, assault, and theft. the department of juvenile services issued this statement. "we placed him on gps which is the highest sanction. at the point that he took off the bracelet, we immediately went out and looked for him." but the department did have an option, not to release davis. >> did the criminal justice fail, or the juvenile justice system fail him? probably. more than likely. >> right now, the state, the laws of maryland, say there is no ability for the state to punish a youthful offender until they reach the age of 18. >> and it is not just davis who should not have been on the streets. the teens police say davis was attempting to shoot was wanted. after he escaped from a shelter the department of juvenile services had played him in, following a drug charge. >> two teens, with ties to a
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system, some experts argue have done little to protect innocent people like 5-year-old raven wyatt. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and once again, davis is held without bail tonight. >> a baltimore man will plead guilty in federal court tomorrow after police found 91 pounds of cocaine in his pickup truck. but the guilty plea could be thrown out. back in february, police found the drugs and searched the car of 34-year-old trend nel murphy. tomorrow on he pleads guilty to one count of possession with intent to distribute. but the plea deal allows him to challenge the search of his truck. murphy's lawyers say the truck was searched illegally and if the auto appeals court rules in his favor the guilty plea could be thrown out. >> 32-year-old man died in a fire in washington county this morning. firefighters were called to the 1900 block of duel highway in hagerstown after 7:30. took 32 firefighters 20 minutes to put out the fire. investigators found the smoke alarm, but there was no battery
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in it. >> and firefighters were called to the 1600 block of warner street in south baltimore before 5:00 this evening. that's where they found a vacant warehouse on fire. that warehouse is being demolished. they were using torches to separate pipe. they say that might have caused the fire. but the cause is still under investigation. >> a second teenager has died, one day after he and another teen were found on the light rail tracks, near the lutherville station. they are identified as two boys. unclear how they died. but one light rail passenger thinks she was on the train that might have hit them. john rydell has the latest. >> when you are walking up the tracks, you can hear the electricity from the train. when it is coming. >> lisa hernandez knows the tracks so well she can sense a train's arrival long before hearing the piercing horn. that's why she is stunned by news that two teenagers have
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died. apparently after being struck on the tracks. >> it is a really huge tragedy and hard to believe. it really is. >> and mta officials say a inspector discovered the teens on the track between 3:05 and 3:15 p.m. >> obvious. >> stephanie airs said she was on a light rail train that arrived in lutherville one hour earlier and she believes that train struck the teens. >> he hit something and we heard metal grinding. like -- it looked like, when we got off the train, we saw there was a piece of metal lodged under the train. and it looked like a guardrail had been ripped out or something. >> air heard the train operator talk about what happened. >> then he said let me check what i hit. he got off, of course, if he did did hit the kids which i believe he did, if he pulled up 2 or 300 feet, he is not going to see the children laying back here if he hits them. >> mta officials confirmed that one of the trains did suffer some type of impact.
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>> as part of their investigation, the mta would like to hear from any passengers who were on the northbound train to lutherville, around 3:00 p.m. on sunday. >> if they saw anything, we are reviewing all of our on audio and video. so we can as sertain where the trains were and what we saw. >> but stephanie airs questions whether the mta responded as quickly as it should have to help the two young victims. >> i would say that they were laying on the tracks, i would say, a little over an hour, sure. it is very -- very feasible. >> that won't be known until the mta completes a full investigation. inin lutherville, john rydell, x 45 news at 10:00. >> now, stephanie airs said she contacted the mta several times, since sunday's tint explain what she saw. but as of late today, she has not been interviewed by anyone from that agency. >> federal judge approves the sale of general motors but the plan is meeting resistance tonight.
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sunday the sale of gm's assets to the new gm owned by the government was given the gnawed. but plaintiffs and car accidents opposed it. saying victims will get no money after the sale is complete. this transaction needs to go through by friday or the treasury holds back $50 billion in aid. >> gm power-train plant in whitemarsh returns to full production tomorrow. it closed, you may recall, for eight weeks, because plants and supplies in the states of michigan and texas were both closed b 200 hourly workers and 40 salary employees return to work tomorrow. >> tourism numbers released showing big bucks headed to baltimore city. the visitors association said more than 522,000 rooms were booked in 2009 for future business in the city. and that's a 15 percent increase from last year's bookings. tourism officials credit it to a surplus of hotel rooms in the city. >> we have 522,000 people in the
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future coming. that's probably worth billons of dollars. so the future is bright for us. >> not all good news. rite aid pharmacy cancelled the annual convention held in baltimore. the event was expected to bring $30 million to the city. >> well, budget trouble is forcing changes at the enoch pratt library. the hours to the central library have changed. now open from 10 to seven monday through wednesday and until 5:00 thursday had day through saturday. hours for the telephone reference service cutback too. the spokesperson for the library said no one has been laid off or furloughed. >> uncle sam steps in to help find jobs for marylanders with mental disabilities. mikulski announced 700 million federal dollars are on the way and private funding. the state work force will help increase employment and dee crease the symptoms of mental illness. >> 500 people, will go to work,
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and stay in work, because of what we are going to embark upon today. >> doctors say employment is shown to be a treatment in and of itself, and lessens the need for expensive health care. >> weather wise perfect july weather. better than june. >> much better. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to tell us if it will continue. >> nice conditions out there. it looks like we will continue to see warm temperatures, sunshine, that we saw today, carries over for part of the day tomorrow. but keep your umbrellas nearby. slight chance for a stray isolated shower or thunderstorm. working watt i into the forecast. we can see on the sky watch. hd radar scanning the skies across maryland. not much activity going on. a little blip on the radar back toward frederick county. but not a lot of activity zoom sing out. over northern virginia, not a lot of activity. into motion, you can see few blips over parts of west virginia and blip northwest of
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the city of baltimore. but most of the activity has been mainly south. look at the thunderstorms erupting over south carolina and parts of north carolina. but it willest south and over parts of florida and georgia getting strong thunderstorms. here is how it plays out for us temperature wise. mid 70s, comfortable. one of the nights to crack open the windows. we will see the next day planner, showing sun and clouds by tomorrow morning. 69 to start off the day. and 81 by lunch time. and slight chance for a stray shower. so keep the umbrella nearby. but also use the sunglasses. how long you can keep them out? have a look at that in the seven day coming up. >> you can be in charge of your own on personalized radar. i-radar. you can track storms down to your street. go to, and click on i-radar. >> keep in mind there were fireworks displays last night. however, this may be a picture of a meteor in the skies over maryland. right after 1 a.m., this
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morning, harford county police received a lot of calls, apparently about a loud explosion and lights in the sky. mike hankie of free land was taking pictures of a far off galaxy and said he may have captured the meteor in the frame. and police do not know what it is or if it ever landed. >> well, in the hours before michael jackson's public memorial a judge rules against jackson's mother in the battle over his estate. california judge grants two others control of michael jackson's estate for now. both of them were designated in jackson's 2002 will, as the people he wanted to administer his estate. kathryn jackson applied to oversee her son's estate but that was before the will surfaced. >> while we are not contesting the will, it remains to be seen whether other wills surface between now and then. and the question of the appointment of a permanent executor remains up in the air. >> kathryn jackson had asked to
10:14 pm
be a pointed co-administrator, but the judge rejected that idea too. in 20 minutes take you live to los angeles for the latest on the memorial for michael jackson. . >> i mean, this is big business, whether you like to think of it or not. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. speed cameras, how they help raise cash for lawmakers. it is our cover story tonight. >> they made certain promises if the parents would transfer their child. >> and the death of a teenager by gang violence. the things some say that were not done to protect christopher jones. next on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and i am keith
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. >> well, learning more about the circumstances in the murder of steve mcnair. >> relative of the woman killed with the former raven qb speaks out tonight. keith daniels has the latest on the story tonight. what can you tell us? >> the relative told police the woman believed steve mcnair was divorcing his wife. already prepared to sell her furniture to move in with the football star. but then the deadly shooting. >> a relative of sahel kazemi, the woman found dead with steve mcnair is talking openly now, about the case. he says nashville police told him sahel kazemi bought a gun, just days before the shootings. sahel kazemi's sister is talking too. she said she cannot imagine sahel kazemi as a murderer. >> she was very young. very pretty. very loving.
10:18 pm
she would never hurt a person. outgoing. really very independent. and strong. >> police found 20-year-old sahel kazemi and steve mcnair dead saturday in a condominium owned by steve mcnair. according to sahel kazemi's nephew, police told him they are almost sure sahel kazemi was the shooter. but he said the woman had no motive. investigators say the two had been dating the past several months. steve mcnair was a 36-year-old married man. with four children. >> i will miss him. >> monday, emotional jeff fisher, titan's coach, called steve mcnair, a quote great person. >> steve mcnair i knew, would want me to say celebrate my life. for what i did on the field. for what i did in the community.
10:19 pm
>> when asked about the so-called "other woman" and the circumstances around the shooting, fisher said this. >> steve mcnair that i knew, would want me to say, sorry. not perfect. >> steve mcnair shot four times. twice in the head. the woman died from a single gunshot. steve mcnair's family said it is getting immense support from the community while trying to get over the shock of the news. >> kind of like, i could not believe it. right now i am still in disbelief a bit. but you know, just idea, you know, knowing that he is gone. >> well, police are calling steve mcnair's death a homicide. they have yet to classify the woman's death. we're live at m&t bank stadium. >> a lawyer for former dc mayor marion barry said he is confident stalking charges
10:20 pm
against barry will be dropped. at a news conference today. frederick cook said barry denies allegations biden naright hoff. he was arrested saturday after the woman flagged down a u.s. park police officer and claimed marion barry was stalking her. >> she indicates that she has had recently, as recently as a couple of hours before the alleged incident, had a meal with mr. barry. so clearly there was no stalking. >> barry will appear in court this thursday, to learn when the u.s. attorney will file formal charges. >> anne arundel county school authorities are accused of breaking promises to stop gang violence against a student. and police say it was gang violence that led to the death of christopher jones. kathleen cairns reports. >> christopher jones' mother alleges her son's death is due to the negligence of the anne arundel county school system. this legal notice lays the ground work for jones' mother to file a civil lawsuit. >> they made certain promises,
10:21 pm
if the parents would transfer their child. >> we pulled him out of anne arundel high school five weeks ago, because they did not want him involved in the gang activity in that school. we hut him in south river to prevent this from happening. and it followed him into the streets. >> chris' mom spoke last month at a candle light vigil. two rival gangs were fighting. chris' mom said he was being tormented for trying to breakup the fights. >> that's why he was the peace maker. tried to end the fight between the gangs. >> attorney richard jack litch said the school made promises to chris' mom if she transferred kris to a new school in april. >> they promised to notify the parents of the kids. who were the gang members threatening kris. that was never done. they promised to get the gang task force involved with the county police, that was never done. >> school administrators refused to comment. chris' mom wants them held accountable. >> we will hope the school board
10:22 pm
wakes up and realize that they have to keep promises. that they make to parents. >> two teens are facing criminal charges, only 16-year-old javille george is charged as an adult with murder. in anne arundel county, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the legal notification filed on behalf of kris jones' mother clears the way for a civil lawsuit to be filed against the anne arundel county school district within the next three years. that brings us to the question of the day. should anne arundel county schools be held responsible in the death of kris jones? so far, 33 percent say yes. and 67 percent say no. laurie from abingdon writes, yes, because the school promises to protect them from being bullied. but betty writes, apparently the problem was not at school but in the neighborhood. why not seau the crofton police? we will have more responses coming up on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> this teaching, baltimore county council banned flyers. bans businesses from leaving
10:23 pm
unsolicited flyers at homes and apartments. the bill would also prevent bars from leaving flyers on windshields. the bill sponsor said this is a public safety issue. >> you know, because if somebody is on vacation, or they have a home for sale for a long time, and the flyers are put there, nobody is pulling them out of the fence, you know, a criminal can say nobody is living here or somebody is on vacation. >> flyers would be required to include a phone number people could call to stop delivery. violators face fines up for $1000 for repeat offenses. >> governor o'malley said maryland should probably recognize same sex marriages performed in other states. the governor made the comments on the dc radio station today. o'malley said it would be difficult to deny rights granted by a government. gansler is looking into whether the state can recognize same sex marriages performed in other states. his office plans to issue an opinion, in the coming weeks. >> a burglary suspect killed in north carolina today, is the man that terrorized residents in
10:24 pm
south carolina in recent days. that according to authorities down south. five people were fatally shot in south carolina recently. police say tests on the gun found on 41-year-old patrick barris today in north carolina. match those used by the serial killer. police found him when responding to a break in in north carolina. they say he gave a fake name and pulled a gun. >> another hot day ahead but with showers and thunderstorms. look at the future can scan, in the sky watch forecast. >> and later on fox 45 news at 10:00. how police plan to fight scammers at michael jackson's memorial. take you live to los angeles. >> i mean, this is big business, whether you like to think of it or not.
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>> speed cameras will soon be set up around schools and in work zones. who is really behind the push for speed cameras? >> ask crime and justice reporter joy lepola finds out tonight. more than lawmakers at work here. >> a child is struck outside of a school, where speeding has become a serious problem. >> we have had three major
10:28 pm
incidents of a child hit by a car. and then we have had several minor incidents of either near hits or kids being brushed. >> it is this sort of accident, some supporters of speed cameras point to when trying to illustrate the importance of the technology. baltimore councilman robert burris. >> i get tons of requests for speed humps around our schools. because the folks that travel around the schools are not traveling the speed limit. and children's lives are in danger. >> that is not the real reason lets be honest. it is about raising revenue. for local government. and i am talking about a lot of money. >> senator george dela opposes speed cameras and voted against them during sessions. still the measure passed. >> i mean, this is big business whether you like to think of it or not. >> behind the scenes, companies are lobbying hard, in some cases, donating thousands of dollars to politicians.
10:29 pm
take affiliateed computer services of texas or acs. in searching campaign finance records, we found where this company alone donated tens of thousands of dollars to democrats and republicans. >> they are behind the scenes, and, i mean, very much involved in the legislative process. >> over the past 10 years, speed camera companies, and lobbyists, hired by them, have showered state politicians with more than $700,000 worth of gifts and campaign cash. as for the amount of business it sees from the state? during 2008, acs received more than 55 1/2 million dollars in business, from the state of maryland. and it is not just at the state level. acs is doing business with baltimore city. records show acs making donations to mayor sheila dixon. >> i could not even respond to that, because i don't even know who the companies really are. >> there are still the issue of
10:30 pm
whether jurisdictions see speed cameras as a cash grab. in the city's case it is already included in the city's budget even though cameras won't go in until the fall. >> it is not about money coming to the city. it is about so many communities across the city, complaining, and accidents happening because of speeding. >> while the debate goes on more speed cameras will be watching motorists in the months ahead. joy lepola fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the council committee on judiciary and legislative investigations has a hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning. . >> twitter trouble. how you could lose money on a new scam in tonight's "word on the web". >> and the public memorial for michael jackson is set for tomorrow, of course. more on the service, and the battle over the state, live from los angeles, right on the other side of the break. our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day.
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grab your bag. it's on. . >> good evening folks. looking at a pretty decent day out there today. lovely day. with plenty of sunshine. warm temperatures, in the mid 80s. and low humidity levels that made it feel comfortable. so hopefully you enjoyed it. looking at the skycam inner harbour. downtown. dry conditions. mainly clear skies. looks like a relatively quiet night out there. temperatures at a comfortable 73 degrees. it looks like a few high scattered thin clouds. winds out of the south-southwest at five. and our humidity levels at 57 percent. that humidity level will go up a bit as we see a chance for pop-up showers possibly tomorrow. but comfortable conditions out there at this time. temperatures across the region, looking at 75 degrees, or 70 degrees in richmond. 75 in new york. looking at 74 in harrisburg. 77 out at the airport.
10:34 pm
and we can see 71 in pittsburg. so all across the region looking at the lower mid 70s. but we have warmer temperatures that will be building up out of the south as we get through the day tomorrow. looking at another warm day. with temperatures in the mid, upper 80s. but we have a little trough moving through the area. firing off scattered showers to the north of us, in parts of new york state. trough right now, dry right here is running now through parts of pennsylvania and west virginia. and ang lot trough you get a lift in the atmosphere. few pop-up showers and thunderstorms here. so you can see to the north. through our region. but not a lot of activity. cold front back to the northwest that will actually approach. as it moves in, it will give us a better chance of showers. but until then, we will see just a few high thin clouds out there through the overnight. relatively quiet night. so as far as what's going on, as far as closer look here. you can see a pop-up shower here and there back in frederick county. over parts of west virginia. but not a lot of activity. relatively quiet night. tomorrow, it looks like we will see the chance for maybe a
10:35 pm
pop-up shower as we get into the afternoon. tomorrow morning, rush hour, 6 a.m. relatively clear conditions. to the north you see a weather disturbance there. as we have the about 20 percent chance, 30 percent chance for a stray shower. then the activity moves out. and then on wednesday it looks like another nice clear day. temperatures will cool down toward the middle of the week. and then as we get closer to the weekend. things heat up a bit as we see a nice push of hot air moving into central maryland. here is what it looks like for the forecast tomorrow. 85 degrees. mostly clear with a 20 percent chance for a stray shower popping up. central portion of the state, much of the same as we see temperatures around 87. with a slight chance for a stray shower in western maryland. it looks like we will see the chance for a stray shower possible, but it looks like more chances for sunshine. with temperatures in the lower 80s. cold front will move in cooling things off a bit. as we see the area of low pressure to the north. bringing cooler temperatures down out of the great lakes. and things cool down by the middle of the week. and like i said, a chance for a few pop-ups here and there.
10:36 pm
87 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 80 on wednesday. and 82 on thursday. hot and in the 90s by saturday. sky watch weather is at your finger. i-radar is available on you can use fox 45 news powerful radar to track the storms. let you see when rain or snow is over your house. go to and click on i-radar. >> well, legal maneuvering begins over michael jackson estate. >> judge ruled recently in favor of the two executors named by michael jackson, and against his mother kathryn. >> that's his fans in los angeles are flocking for the public memorial for michael jackson tomorrow. fox's josh joins us from downtown l.a. with more. josh? >> well, jennifer, just a few hours, the eyes of the world will be focused right here on the staple center in downtown
10:37 pm
l.a. for the big memorial tribute to michael jackson. but behind the scenes authorities are getting ready for an onslot of fans that don't have seats. >> they might be the most sought-after tickets in the world. seats to michael jackson's memorial are finally in the hands of the lucky few that won them. >> we have never won anything. >> just under 9000 people won a pair of tickets each. today they lined up at dodger's stadium to pick them up. with warnings not to lose or sell them. now police say scalpers will be arrested and maybe even put in jail. >> i guess 1 1/2 million people that had the opportunity. so i am one of them. so exciting. so exciting. >> news crews have descended on the staple center from as far away as australia to chron on kel the event. including mariah carey, hudson, and lionel ritchie. hundreds of l.a. 's finalest are on hand to discourage anyone without a ticket to show up. >> you will be on a hot street
10:38 pm
with lots of people and not within eye shot of staple. >> meantime in court, a judge appointed attorney john franken and mcclain to administer his estate. following the written orders of jackson himself and over the initial objections of his mother kathryn. >> we believe that the judge did the appropriate thing, made the right decision. >> we will be watching closely. >> right now the l.a. pd is planning to mobilize undercover officers to try to prevent scalpers, anyone caught will be arrested on the spot. pay $500 bond if they want to get out of jail. live at the staple center tonight. back to you. >> josh, before you go. what other security measures are taken for tomorrow? >> other security measures? well, they are, of course expecting onslot of people, hundreds of thousands of people. set up a major perimeter that is not in effect but will be in the next couple of hours.
10:39 pm
multiple blocks in all directions of the staple center. not letting anyone in. frozen zone. only people with authority, with tickets, news media, other authorities. and aside from that, no one allowed here. they are hoping to freeze the zone. and maintain security for everybody involved. >> so it would be interesting. so many people showing up tomorrow. josh is live in l.a., thanks for the update. talk to you tomorrow. >> and fox 45 news will continue to follow the death of michael jackson and the plans for the funeral. we will have a live report tomorrow night on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> if you are looking for extra money, be careful who you tweet. how a new internet scam works in tonight's "word on the web". >> and american idol top singers hit the road.
10:40 pm
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>> i am melinda roeder with tonight's top story. a dundalk man is dead tonight after drowning in the chink creek. baltimore county rescue crews estimate he was under water for, at least, 15 minutes before a diver was able to reach him. and pull him to appear. he was rushed to johns hopkins bayview. but they were unable to revive
10:43 pm
him. witnesses say he may have suffered a seizure. before he drowned. they say one minute he was swimming and smiling, having fun. the next his eyes were losing focus he began to struggle to breathe. >> well, make fast cash. that's what a new online scam involving twitter promises. >> judy kurtz reveals how to become the next victim on tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> if you are a fan of twitter listen up. the work at home scam is targeting those that tweet. the better business bureau warns that ads are popping up all over the web claiming you can make money in a hurry by posting messages on twitter. some of the work from home scams say $800 a day could be yours, if you purchase a cd for $2, but many of the scams bury hidden costs in the fine print. >> some of the websites there are three pages. one, the offer. two, terms and conditions. three, the privacy policy.
10:44 pm
all of which are incredibly vague and don't really communicate a lot of information about what you are getting into. >> the better business bureau said be on the look out for the work at home offers and be sure to avoid them. and the organization said never pay money upfront in order to be considered for a job or to receive more information. and no scam here. fox 45 is now on "facebook", and twitter. follow our tweets or friend us today. go to and click on find us on "facebook" and twitter, under the community features section. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> american idol's fourth judge kara dioguardi is married. reporting she wed her boyfriend sunday in maine. kept it export sweet. ceremony 20 minutes long and 30 of the couple's closest family and be friends were there. magazine said none of the other idol judges were there. >> the top 10 finalists from
10:45 pm
season 8 of american idol hits the road. >> portland oregon was the first stop on the 50 city american idol live tour. allen, lambert, and eight others performed at the arena yesterday. >> pressure is off from the show. not being judged. not a contest. celebration of what we did on the show. >> next stop, is tacoma washington, and you can catch the group here in the city of baltimore, august 5. at 1st mariner arena. >> coming up in "sports unlimited". we will hear more from titan' çñçñçñ
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. >> here is a final look at the forecast for tomorrow. kind of a repeat of what we saw today. 87 degrees. sun and clouds. and 20 percent chance for a stray isolated shower. better chances further closer to the pennsylvania state line. winds out of the west at five. seven-day forecast shows 83 wednesday. bit of a cool down as a front pushes through. 82 thursday with 20 percent chance for showers. and friday to saturday. start to see things heat up. 86 on friday. partly cloudy skies. sunny skies saturday. 92 degrees. looking at 90 on sunday. with a 30 percent chance for showers. and monday, another 90-degree day, with a chance for some
10:49 pm
isolated scattered showers and thunderstorms. so definitely looks like, toward the weekend, things will be heating up quite a bit around here in baltimore. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you, vytas. >> more details continue to come in on the murder of steve mcnair. >> vince villani joins us with the latest on "sports unlimited". >> thank you. coming up on "sports unlimited". new details in the steve mcnair murder investigation. and plus hear from steve mcnair's former head coach and teammate eddie george. and orioles started a game with the mariners in seattle buzz without a relief pitcher. details on who is headed to the dl. >> and showcase the week's very best in the plays of the week countdown. but who sits at the top? you need to know information people. "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> welcome to "sports unlimited". i am vince villani. there are new developments in the steve mcnair murder investigation. nashville police department


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