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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 6, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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young girl. why some belief a breakdown in juvenile justice contributed to the tragedy. >> more trouble for marion barry, allegations of the dc mayor faces. >> and slots in anne arundel county. how the county executive is getting involved tonight. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. second teenager has died, one day after he and another teen were found on the light rail tracks near the lutherville station. >> identified as connor peterson and kyle wankmiller 17. mta said the two were spotted lying on tracks 3:15 p.m. sunday. officials don't yet know how the victims died. but one passenger claims the teens were struck by a train. >> i would say that they were laying on the tracks, i would say, a little over an hour, sure. it is very feasible for me to
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believe that they were there for a good hour. from the time 2:15 hit initially to the 3:15 train, and the people actually realizing that they had hit children. >> mta officials say there is no obvious evidence that the teens were hit by a train. but they confirm one of the train cars sustained some sort of impact. >> young man is dead tonight after drowning in a dundalk creek. friends and witnesses say he may have had a seizure while swimming. melinda roeder has more on the tragedy, and the efforts to try to save him. >> cedric hart was swimming this afternoon with friends when he suddenly began to struggle to breathe and stay afloat. he died a short time later, despite dramatic efforts to save him. rescue crews from baltimore county estimate he was under water, for at least, 15 minutes, before a diver was able to reach him and pull him to a pier. he was rushed to johns hopkins bayview hospital. but they were unable to revive him. friends and witnesses say cedric could swim.
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but moments before he drowned, he started foaming at the mouth and his eyes were losing focus. then he gasped for air. >> he was swimming and then he said help, and went under. and we cannot do anything. and then i tried to get up to call the police, and a woman jumped n and a man. she was in there and tried to hold him up. and he slipped. >> neighbors that heard the commotion tried to jump into the water and searching for him until help arrived. but the water is murky here. making it very difficult to see. and they suspect he possibly had a seizure moments before he drowned. in dundalk tonight. melinda roeder, fox 45 news "late edition". >> a relative of the woman found dead with steve mcnair said nashville police told him she bought a guns days before the shootings. according to the woman's nephew. police told him they are sure that sahel kazemi was the shooter, but said the woman had no known motive. steve mcnair was shot four times, sahel kazemi died from a single gunshot wound. today a emotional jeff fisher,
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steve mcnair's tennessee titan coach. called him a great person. >> the steve steve mcnair i knew, would want me to say celebrate my life. for what i did on the field. for what i did in the community. >> police say the two had been dating for several months. steve mcnair was married, with four children. >> well, learning more about the teen accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl that is held without bail tonight. 17-year-old lamont davis arrested 13 times since he was 10-years-old. when he was charged with second-degree-assault. he last appeared before a judge july 1st, 24 hours before 5-year-old raven wyatt was shot in the head. expert say this type of breakdown in the system is common. >> it doesn't sound like they did a great job, but that's not unusual. because a lot of the juvenile
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justice systems here in the united states are not working. >> the department of juvenile services had davis hooked up to a gps monitoring device but it was removed just before the shooting. >> and maryland's u.s. attorney hires threw three new prosecutors to crackdown on gangist activity. the prosecutors work with federal, state and local officials on gang-related cases with focus on using federal racketeering and conspiracy laws to try gang members and reduce violent crime. two of the prosecutors will be based here in baltimore. the third will work out of greenbelt. >> meantime, anne arundel county school officials are accused of ignoring promise to say stop gang violence against one student. kris jones killed in may. and police say it was gang-related. jones' mother said she went to the school system, to look for help. and they made promises, which were broken in her words. >> they promised to notify the parents of the kids, who were the gang members threatening kris. >> that was never done.
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promised to get the gang task force involved from the county police. that was never done. >> legal papers have been filed clearing the way now for a civil lawsuit. that brings us to the question of the day. should anne arundel county schools be held responsible, in the death of christopher jones? at last check 35 percent say yes. 65 percent say no. rachael from belair writes, if schools can punish students for what they do in the community. the schools should be held responsible for promises they make regarding their students. but john from glen burnie writes, i feel as though the parents should have congress be tacted the police gang division and not relied on the school system to do it. for more responses log onto, and click on question of the day. >> the baltimore county council votes to ban flyers. notices not allowed at homes and businesses. bill passed prevents bars from leaving flyers on windshields. the first time offenders will face $500 fine.
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second violation will set someone back $1000. it will be a help to the environment. >> what happens now, is the flyers are put on fences or on the ground or property, grass lots. don't have fences and wind blows, and gets all over, into the sewers. and into the creeks and rivers and eventually in the chesapeake. >> the bill passed unanimously. >> anne arundel executive john leopold delays the vote on slots in anne arundel millions. until there is a full seven member council to take the vote. that means replacing riley that resigned last month. he wants to reintroduce a measure within a month. >> another great day weather wise. >> it is gorgeous. more sunshine tomorrow? chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the forecast. >> nice day today. temperatures wise in the mid to upper 80s. and slight difference. maybe a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in the late afternoon. 20 percent chance. looking out there right now.
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clear conditions. few high thin clouds on the radar. zooming out. or in. we can see not a lot of activity going on. and we will continue to see that the case as we go through the overnight. most of the showers and thunderstorms over the carolinas and that's the nearest rain, so it looks like we will see mainly quiet conditions through the overnight. morning rush hour around 69 degrees. with partly cloudy skies. looking at warm conditions by the afternoon. with a slight chance for a stray afternoon shower or thunderstorm. detailed seven-day forecast and a warmer weekend ahead. coming up. . >> tonight, you need to know that the h1n1 virus continues to make the way through the state of maryland. the flu typically takes a hiatus in the summer, but not this year. state health officials confirmed 166 new cases of the swine flu during the last week of june. that's the highest weekly total since the outbreak hit maryland. >> microsoft warns customers about a serious problem with some of its software.
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company said internet explorer users that run windows xp or windows server 2003 operating system are at risk. a security vulnerability allows remote access to a computer. after the user visits a hacked website. they are working on a palm beach. in the meantime people are urged to visit microsoft website and disable the part of the software. >> he feels betrayed. >> marion barry on the hot seat. how the former mayor is responding to claims he stalked a woman. >> wisconsin meat packing plant goes up in our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day.
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grab your bag. it's on. . >> former dc mayor marion barry in trouble with the law again.
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arrested on charges he stalked a female acquaintance. thompson tells us barry's spokesman said there is no truth to the allegation. >> u.s. park police say it started before the fireworks. around 8:45 at night. near the corner of good hope road and southeast. >> u.s. park police officer was flagged down by a woman that stated she was being bothered and stalked by a person in another car. >> the park police say it was marion barry inside the other car. he was arrested. charged with misdemeanor stalking. issued a citation and released from jail. >> he considered her his close friend. so which is why, today, he feels quite betrayed by her actions. >> claiming barry was at church, spokesman natalie williams spoke on his behalf, and said barry has known the accuser for several years. they had lunch the same day he was arrested. his spokeswoman said she doesn't know if they had a sexual
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relationship, but said the woman did work on barry's campaign. and had received help from him in the past. >> her many stages of instability. he had assisted her in health challenges, he had he had assisted her in the search for employment. he has assisted her over a period of time, during her financial hardship. >> as the current dc councilman for ward eight and former fore term mayor, he has had previous run ins with the law. he was caught in a sting smoking crack in a hotel room while mayor. he is currently serving probation for failing to pay income tax a. and this time, his spokeswoman said barry was sober and driving home from a 4th of july parade. council member barry is no stalker. instead he is someone that has lended his hand to assist, which in the end has come back to bite
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him. . >> burglary suspect killed in the state of north carolina earlier today is the man that terrorized residents in the state of south carolina in recent days. that according to police, tonight. five people were fatally shot in south carolina recently. and police say tests on the gun found on 41-year-old patrick barris today in gas toneya north carolina matched those used by the serial killer. >> right now, there is ballistic evidence that we feel good about that links him here. and other evidence that we are trying to confirm right now. that we believe put him in the vicinity of each of the murders here in south carolina. right now we feel good that this is the individual. >> police found barris when responding to a possible break-in in gas toneya. they say he gave a fake name and pulled a gun on police. >> fire rages through a wisconsin meat packing plant. forcing local officials to declare a state of emergency.
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100 firefighters descending on the patrick plant after an area between the sprinkler system and roof caught on fire last night. residences and businesses within a mile of the plant asked to evacuate over concerns about toxic fumes, and explosions. so far no one was hurt. >> warm temperatures are headed our way. but is it the calm before the storm? >> we hope not. here is chief meteorologist vytas reid is more. potential rain in the forecast? >> slight chance to get a stray shower in the mix for tomorrow. but lovely day today. kind of see sun and clouds tomorrow. won't be a washout by any means. slight chance for a stray shower. on the radar. beautiful downtown inner harbour looking nice. glistening with the lights. 71 degrees. few high thin clouds out there. winds are calm right now. humidity levels at 61 percent. so the humidity levels are inching up ahead of the frontal boundary. pushing in from the west. that creates a potential for a bit of instability in the atmosphere to fire off a shower or two, into the late afternoon
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tomorrow. across the region, mid-atlantic, looking at the temperatures at 70 in harrisburg. 75 new york city. 66 in boston. to the south of us in richmond. 69 degrees. but we have this little front coming in from the west. we have a light precipitation north of us, little precipitation to the south. trough scoots through. weak trough. and behind it few breaks in the clouds. and ahead of it. not a lot of activity along the trough. cold front moves through late afternoon and evening tomorrow, things cool down behind it. so go from the mid upper 80s down to the lower 80s as we get through the middle of the week. here is what it looks like closer picture here. you see a pop up along the trough. not really any serious activity. but just maybe a light sprinkle that will be brief. if anything. future scan, timing this out. tomorrow morning, looking at sun. for the morning rush hour commute. by the afternoon. you can see the model data showing a bit of a weather disturbance over the border in pennsylvania. light chance for a shower in the
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baltimore area. about 20 percent chance. and then back to the west. once again, we start to clear out. wednesday morning rush hour looks good. into the afternoon. clear conditions. and then start to see a few clouds working the way back into the forecast. on the eastern shore, forecast tomorrow. out in easton and denton 85 degrees. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. with a slight chance for a stray shower. in the afternoon. about 20 percent chance. and then the same thing applies for central maryland. 87 degrees. westerly wind at five with a slight chance for a spotty shower. only 20 percent chance. and see the sunshine through the afternoon. and then, like i said, we might get the pop-up shower. western maryland looking at mostly sunny skies with temperatures at 83. here is the front that will move in. behind the front, cooler conditions, and as it moves through tomorrow, we will see temperatures drop down a bit. and then we will start to see things warm up again, as we get towards the weekend. here is a look at the five-day forecast. 87 degrees with a chance for the showers. 83 on wednesday. cooler. and 82 on thursday with the slight chance for a shower.
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86 friday. 92 by saturday. so things will get warm into the weekend. . >> get this. four fishermen rescued after spending more than a day floating on their boat in layer eerie off the coast of michigan. they suspect the heavy catch of wall lie caused the boat to tip over. >> we had several prayer meetings and that sort of thing. and god really helped us through it. >> men treated and released from the hospital. >> it was man versus elephant at this hotdog bun eating contest in new york. humans weighed a combined 500 pounds, and asian elephants tipped the scales at a collective 9 tons. not surprisingly, the elephants triumphed, consuming 500 buns in six minutes. and two legged competitors, ate 140. >> you would expect to see feathers flying when these two
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creatures cross paths but this is dogs best friend. this is a duck who was lonely of losing his partner six months ago. and ever since sterling and cleo are like birds of a feather. >> go everywhere together. follow her down the road. and play with her. and both clean each other. >> the animals even have similar tastes in dog food. megan gilliland, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> nearly 9000 fans win tickets to michael jackson's memorial. more on the star studded event scheduled for tomorrow. coming up next,. >> and coming up next in sports. he fios guy! where ya headed?
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and get an ultra-sleek compaq mini netbook. . >> a star studded line up is announced for the michael jackson memorial.
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steve he wonder, mariah carey and usher few of the celebrities scheduled to participate. just under 9000 people won a pair of tickets to the event. which is being held at the staple center. lined up at dodger stadium today to retrieve the tickets and got stern warnings not to lose or sell them. police say scalpers will be arrested and could face jail time. >> i just started crying because i am happy to be here, but then i am so sad, while i am here. the reason that i won the tickets. so i just can't stop crying. >> a lawyer for jackson ex-wife debbie rowe confirms she will not be at the memorial. she said her attendance would be an unnecessary distraction. >> fox 45 will continue to follow the death of michael jackson and the plans for his funeral. live all morning long tomorrow starting at 5:30. on the morning news. >> as you saw earlier in the newscast.
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new developments in the steve mcnair murder investigation. the nashville police department confirmed earlier tonight that sahel kazemi, 20-year-old woman found dead alongside steve mcnair purchased a gun thursday night from an unnamed person. gun bought after sahel kazemi was pulled over for a d.u.i. that same night when steve mcnair was riding with her. but they have refrained from calling it a murder-suicide. public memorial is scheduled for thursday in white creek tennessee for steve mcnair. derrick mason will speak at the memorial. funeral service is also expected on saturday in steve mcnair's hometown of hattiesburg mississippi. ozzie newsome will represent the franchise. steve mcnair is a hero in nashville for putting the titan franchise on the map. 1 yard away from winning superbowl 34. now jeff fisher was steve mcnair's head coach in tennessee for 11 seasons and he shared the emotions for the first time this afternoon. >> i have known him for 15
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years. endured wins and loss. joy and laughter. sadness. i watched one of the greatest competitors of all time on the field. do whatever it took to stay on the field. what he was is a tremendous teammate. that is his legacy, and i am proud to have been a part of that. >> get past the circumstances and look at the human being, that we will -- we were all impacted by. because he blessed us with so many memories and great times. and he has a positive impact on the community. and we will miss him dearly. >> former raven's head coach billick weighed in on his death telling radio today, quote, it is a life lesson for all of us. that all it takes is conduct in a certain way to wipe all of it.
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he is referring to the good things on the field and in the community. continues quote, that asterisk will always be attached to it because of the tragic way his life ended. end quote. the ravens have not decided whether they will do anything to honor steve mcnair at a game this season. jennifer and jeff, back to you. . >> still ahead in the late edition. cops in one michigan town reinforce a old
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. >> in central michigan, the police are now in the pastry business. >> when police officer in clair michigan heard the favorite local donut shop was going under, they decided to do something about it. the cops pooled their money and bought the store to keep the 100 13-year-old business open. they plan to man the counter, and oven, at the new cop's and doughnuts in their free time.
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>> yeah, who will tell a cop that, you know, you are a bad baker. >> nobody. >> yeah. >> perfect business. >> yes, it is. >> how is the rest of the work week looking for. >> vytas is back with the forecast. >> how about that. i love it. great. talking about nice conditions tomorrow. 87 degrees. a little bit of sun and clouds. 40 percent chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm. better chance you may not see it. but watch the sky. winds out of the west at five. and seven-day forecast shows things cooling down. thursday, lower 80s. on thursday another round of showers possible. 20 percent chance. look at friday. 86 degrees are. kicking off the weekend. saturday 92. hot weekend. with sunshine. and then we get a chance for some showers.
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safeway just lowered the price of summer.
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