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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 7, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> i don't think that my son was right in front of a train. >> solving the mystery of the light rail tragedy. how two teenagers on the track were killed. >> ♪ note. >> celebrating the life of michael jackson. the celebrities that took part in the tribute. and the emotional words of his own daughter. >> hot temperatures out there today. but the heat and the humidity returning soon. i will tell you when the temperatures will top 90 in the sky watch forecast. >> i mean, if other cities can do it why not we? >> and the grand prix in baltimore city. the reason it could happen. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. new information tonight reveals
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more about what happened to the two teenagers that died after being found on the light rail tracks in lutherville. >> mta police reviewed video from a security camera on board one of the trains. as john rydell reports now. investigators now know what happened. >> i don't believe this. >> a distraught father struggles for answers. gary peterson the father of connor, and he kyle kyle his stepson. both died after struck by a light rail train. >> i don't think that my son would be right in front of a train. i think, there was something -- something went on. >> the mta initially say eight fare inspector spotted the two teens inside the tracks. no one saw them walking or being struck. video from the train shows the teens were struck from behind, and run over near the lutherville station. >> because one of the trains was disabled at the lutherville
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station, it forced the mta to divert all trains to the southbound tracks. >> and since the two teens were walking north on the southbound track, relatives say they could have been caught offguard. >> they could have been on cell phone. could have been texting. and those wizards were a whiz at texting. >> friends haunted by what happened. >> wouldn't walk in front of a train. they rode the light rail so many times. they know that way. >> mta spokeswoman will not say why the train operator did not see the teens before or after they were struck. >> i would like to know why he didn't. i mean, he came up from behind. so why didn't he see them. was he texting? was he on a cell phone? >> i want answers. i want answers for my girlfriend and myself. >> lutherville, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> mta said the operator of the train was tested for drug and alcohol use, which is very routine. but the results of the tests are not yet known. >> new information on the story you saw first on fox. governor o'malley said he wants answers from the department of juvenile services, after the shooting of a 5-year-old girl in southwest baltimore. 17-year-old lamont davis is accused of shooting the girl. our crime and justice reported yesterday he had an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet but cut it off, right before the shooting. parole officers were looking for davis within minutes after he took off the bracelet. police say davis returned to the scene of a fight and sprayed the street with bullets and one of them hit the little girl. still on life support tonight. davis was ordered held without bond on monday. >> baltimore police officer is home from the hospital after a car accident. the accident happened about midnight last night in the 1500 block of north fulton avenue. officer went to shock trauma as
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part of the safety protocol. rupe teen. they are investigating what led to the accident that involved another car too. . >> from his hometown, to new york city. to the streets of los angeles. people pay tribute to michael jackson. >> ♪ . >> thousands of fans joined celebrities and the family. remembering his life, and honoring his legacy. >> he was caring, and funny. honest. pure. non-jaded and a lover of life. >> daddy was the best father you could ever imagine. >> the staple center in los angeles hosted a memorial service viewed around the world. >> 20,000 people got to see the
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star studded service in person. susan rosen following the story all day and joins us live from l.a. with more on how family and friends paid tribute to michael jackson. susan? >> jennifer and jeff, there are fans still here tonight at the staple center. still talking about michael jackson. still listening to the music. after the public memorial seen around the globe. and comparable memorial for the incomparable michael jackson. >> farewell fit for the king of pop. michael jackson graced the stage for one last time. his casket at the center of a celebrity studded celebration of his life and music. >> i am here representing millions of fans around the world, who grew up listening to michael. being inspired. and loving michael from a distance. >> mariah carey, lionel ritchie, stevie wonder and jennifer hudson among the artists that performed in the staple center. as 20,000 of jackson's family,
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friends and fans, joined together for a final farewell. >> as much as we may feel and we do, that we need michael here with us, god must have needed him far more. >> the massive event took place just after jackson family members, and close friends, gathered at forest lawn cemetery for a private service. but at the close of today's public memorial, some touching words from michael jackson's daughter. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> and parting words from jackson's brother. >> a part of you will live forever within all of us. >> now, actually, today one-third of the los angeles police department was here to do crowd control but the crowd was not so great after all. no arrests. i guess, tomorrow, what happens then, jennifer, will be it is back to the investigation into
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what caused michael jackson's death. almost two weeks ago. >> susan, a lot of people wondering tonight what do we know about plans to bury michael jackson? >> you know, we still don't know, believe it or not. we know that his casket was here at the staple center, in the arena, during the service. and a hurst took it away. and choppers in the sky trying to follow the procession. but we do not know, at this moment, whether michael jackson or if michael jackson has actually been buried yet and if so, where. >> all right. we will be finding out, i am sure, in the coming days. live from los angeles tonight. thank you susan. >> back at home, michael jackson fans from around baltimore watch the service at the pratt library. about 100 fans came to watch on a projector screen. some reminisced to older times. childhood memories of michael jackson and his hit songs. >> i just feel like i need to be here. i just want to be here. like everybody else. that's all.
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could not afford to go there, whereas actually taking place. so this is good enough for me. >> the pratt library has cds and books on michael jackson. people can always check out. >> see more from today's memorial on our website. just go to and click on "raw news". >> it is one of the oldest catholic high schools in this area. but after 86 years, towson catholic announced today it will close. myranda stephens live outside the high school with the latest on the story tonight. myranda, quite a surprise. >> yeah, very much so, jeff. towson catholic is a school known for its affordability and small class size. but with enrollment numbers steadily on the decline, school officials had no other choice but to shut it down. >> i guess. >> carla was devastated when she learned she will have to find a new school to finish out the senior year. >> busted out in tears because i was the class president. looking forward to having one more successful year at towson catholic.
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to heater news it is heartbreaking. >> towson catholic announced it will not open in the fall due to decline in enrollment. losing 80 students this year. the biggest drop in school history. officials say that, coupled with more than 100 be $60,000 in unpaid tuition, left them with no other choice but to close. >> i thought it was a joke and i was shocked. >> towson catholic the fourth catholic school under the archdioceses to close because of low enrollment. pattern seen across the country. >> truly is a matter of families having to decide between paying the mortgage and electric and sending their kids to a private school. >> some criticize the school for making the call to close so late in the summer. affecting both students and teachers. >> it will be tough for them to find jobs right now. come september. so here is more people going to wind up on the unemployment roles and what have you. and it is so sad. >> school officials plan to meet with students and their families next week.
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to try to help them make the transition to another school. but for many like carla, there will never be another towson catholic. >> regardless of what happens, i will always have my school ring and everything. i will never forget my experiences here at towson catholic. >> and students, alumni and even some teachers are all planning to hold a rally here at the school tomorrow morning. at 10:00. they say it is a last ditch effort to try to save the school. but at the very least, they want to show how much the school means to them. live in towson. myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, several baltimore churches claim they have been scammed. these pastors from several black churches bought kiosk machines to be used as electronic bulletin boards and told it was all free of charge. and they say they believed that, when they signed the lease for the machines. but the machines tur out did not work. now they say they have been swindled in to paying thousands of dollars for lease charges and late fees.
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>> probably the fine print could have been read with a magnifying glass, but it is clear that these guys had an ability to do what they have done all over the country. >> we are talking about 41, at least, here in the state of maryland. >> well, lawsuit filed against the five corporations involved. ministers are hoping the state of maryland will join them in the fight. >> pg county police are looking for several men that apparently he posed as police officers and robbed three homes. the imposters struck three buildings and a home monday morning. men reportedly armed and tied up the people inside. they also demanded cash according to police, and in one case, the flat screen television. >> (inaudible). >> investigators are trying to figure out if the victims are linked in any way. >> warm july weather is now beginning to settle in. >> yeah, it is coming. what's in store for tomorrow? chief meteorologist vytas reid
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is here to let us know. hi vytas. >> hi. changes coming our way in the form of cooler temperatures. and actually today it was a warm day, with the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. but it looks like we are seeing a little front push through, giving us a cool down as we get through the overnight. so tomorrow, it will feel different out there here is what it looks like on the hd radar. not a lot of activity going off. relatively clear. few showers up over parts of new york state. over toward connecticut and road island. but for us, mainly clear conditions. and we will continue to enjoy clear conditions for the overnight. there is a weather disturbance back west. over parts of iowa and minnesota. but that should stay west through the next couple of days. temperatures in the 80s right now. still on a warm side. and overnight dropping into the 60s. by tomorrow afternoon looking at temperatures right around 79 degrees. and in the noon time hour. so we will see cooler air out there. but a hot forecast ahead for the weekend. and with more humidity. details coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> all right, thank you, vytas. you can be in charge of your own
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personalized forecast. i-radar now available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms right down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. . >> as far as services go, i don't really talk about that. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. call girl confessions. the people selling services online. and why police say it is no safer than walking the streets. >> it is not the most polite sex in the world. when it is good, it is good. >> however, what happened when other family members actually heard what was going on. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> there was a time when the air space was full of live donor kidneys. >> also ahead. how doctors at johns hopkins pulled off a record setting kidney transplant.
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>> turn the proposed speed cameras off. as baltimore city actua people: oh!
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. >> indy style race cars could one day be speeding around baltimore city's inner harbour. currently in the running to host a racing event. we are live in federal hill with the latest on the story tonight. karen? >> known for orioles, preakness, the ravens and if this deal goes through, we can add the baltimore grand prix to the list. >> i never imagine a grand prix race in baltimore. >> far fetched thought.
10:17 pm
may now be a possibility. >> key highway, lake street, probably come down camden way, i guess, up to camden yards. >> racing development is negotiating with the city and the indy car series about bringing the four day streetcar race to charm city. >> inconvenience for a couple of days. with the barriers, and the fences, road closures. >> race would not come here until 2011 would bring more than 150,000 visitors to baltimore. >> it would bring a lot of businesses to the city. buzz in the press. >> it would be phenomenal for the city. >> brian of mccormick and submit said during the race in 2006, restaurant brought in $71,000 in one week over normal. >> anything we can do, to get more people in to baltimore and enjoy what we have to offer, it would be a positive one. >> this race could generate $100 million for the city. to put that in perspective.
10:18 pm
preakness has an estimated $60 million impact. >> now, traffic and noise assessments are being conducted before the final approval. >> i think it is a great tourist attraction, and once we give the questions answers, you know, one to discuss. >> in the meantime. >> straight up that way. >> terry brockovich. >> that would be neat. >> looks out to the city, and imagines. >> that would be kind of cool. that would be kind of cool. >> a decision is expected this fall. reporting live in federal hill. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> now, that brings us to the question of the day. would you attend a grand prix race if it were held in baltimore city? so far 50 percent say yes. and 50 percent say no. stephen from parkville writes. i would love to have a grand prix right here in baltimore. as a racing fan, i think it would be great to have a racing event close to home. however, steve from baltimore city writes, the inner harbour
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is too dangerous now. a grand prix would bring in more undesirables. >> we will have more of your responses tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> and part of general motors bankruptcy plan is to close dealerships but few of them are fighting it. now gm wants permission from the bankruptcy court to drop them. gm had about 6000 dealerships across the country. and plans to get rid of about 2000. they were offered buyout deals. 38 did not take the deal. and general motors said closing dealerships will save them money. >> oil prices fell for the 5th straight day. new government report is expected to show that fuel supplies grew as the recession cut demand. and fuel demand in june was down almost 6 percent compared to last year. crude oil hit a eight month high last week. >> the energy news helped to push the markets lower today. the dow dropped more than 160 points. the s&p 500 dropped to the lowest level since may.
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tech stocks pushed the market lower. >> another baltimore city landmark goes on the auction block. the historic ambassador theater known for impressive architecture, will now go to the highest bidder. keith daniels live in northwest baltimore with the story tonight. keith? >> jennifer, the ambassador has a rich history but looking at the building tonight you would not know it. unassuming disposition. the grand palace has definitely faded. so tonight, for some neighbors, the memories. >> at the corner of glen oak and liberty heights avenue, in northwest baltimore. the old ambassador theater is still standing. built in 1935. >> you and your girl could go in there. >> and willie randolph jr.'s neighborhood. he remembers the time when the ambassador and neighborhood theaters like it, were the place to be on weekends. >> you could go in there. pay $5. be a fantastic movie.
10:21 pm
have good eating. and still come out with $1 75 in your pocket out of $5. >> but the once grand theater is now on the auction block. the inside of the place, a sad sight. hanging insulation and wires where sparkling chandeliers were. and on the floor ruble instead of rugs. art deco style building built by the same organization that built the senator. sister theater. shaw kelly. >> a lot of people thought it was prettier. >> it is a historian saddened by the ambassador's fate. kelly said it was inevitable for a they are ter like this one. >> nobody cares about them today. the theater economics, they want multi-plexs. they don't want the big theaters that sat 12, 15, 1800 people. >> movies stoped playing here in the late 60s early 70s. and now. >> those were the good times.
10:22 pm
>> the end. >> it is a shame. it is a shame. >> well, we are back here live. the ambassador was a movie theater and then a cosmetology school and then a church. it is vacant now. goes on the auction block thursday at noon. two weeks before the baltimore senator is on the auction block. live in northwest baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> governor o'malley has a rival democrat in next year's race. ralph jaf knee, political science teacher and political analyst filed to run for today. he will have a budget of $999. banking on media coverage and worth of mouth to be successful. >> give it my best shot. if the people will listen to what i am saying. if i can get the message out. i think, we can give mr. o'malley, i hate to say it, a run for his money. >> he says if elected he will work completely for free.
10:23 pm
and his salary will go toward hiring more police officers. >> trying for a compromise on israeli settlements. washington times working on a story about how israel is not exactly complying with u.s. demands to stop allowing more settlers in the gaza strip. >> the israelis are trying to appease the united states in a different way. they are allowing more access, by the international community, to the gaza strip. >> also in the times, more trouble in maryland's republican party. and the latest on the trial of a louisiana congressman accused of taking a $100,000 bribe. for more on these stories go to and click on the washington times icon. >> there is another troubling report tonight about the state of the chesapeake bay. this time there is new evidence that the polluted waters are making people sick. jeff abell has the the latest. >>. >> at sandy point today little
10:24 pm
concern about the troubled waters. >> nice time. >> not bad. surprised how clean it is. >> but now, there is new evidence that the polluted waters of the chesapeake bay are making people sick. >> my fingers were all turning numb. and i was hyperventilateing. soon i had a hell of a high fever. >> when bernie went swimming in the waters four years ago, a scrape on the leg turned into a painful infection. >> that little spot in the back of my leg, came and broke out on the side of my calf. and it became a big sore about that big around and about eighth of an inch deep. >> here is the bottom line. clean water laws are not being enforced, and that puts human health at-risk. >> on tuesday, the chesapeake bay foundation released a new report. showing the bay's impact on human health. according to the report, dangerous bacteria in the bay has caused a number of reported infections to almost double in
10:25 pm
the past seven years. >> who is to blame for all of this? the chesapeake bay foundation blames the federal government. saying epa has failed to reduce pollution by failing to enforce the laws that are already on the books. >> only epa has the authority, and the responsibility to enforce the clean water act. >> they can enforce the law, they can stop the pollution, they can address the human health impact. >> but back at the beach, the crowds kept coming. hoping to swim their way through any risk. >> i am not too worried about it. but, you know, you have to be safe. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the report also shows six states surrounding the bay have been affected by this pollution. >> if you hate the heat, enjoy the next few days. tell you when things will get hot and humid coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> it is not the most quietest
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sex in the world. when it is good, it is good. >> what happened when others heard what was going on? later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> as far as services go, i don't really talk about that. >> but, coming up next, call girl confessions, who the people are behind the craigslist ads our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. woman over p.a.: this is your final boarding call. all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 miles per hour.
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çñçñçñand get an ultra-sleek compaq mini netbook. . >> it is very popular on the internet. some say illegal and police say it can prove deadly. >> online sex connections. women in the know, say they are simply providing a service. as keith daniels reports in tonight's cover story. call girl confessions. >> she likes to be called amber. she is 22. from california. but in the baltimore area now, for business. >> companionship that's what they get. >> amber said do not call her a prostitute. she would never consider walking streets to sell her body. but she admits she performs erotic acts. >> they come to me, 150 for a half hour. >> for men she meets on craigslist. >> 220 for the full hour. if i come to them. >> a place she considers
10:30 pm
anonymous, lucrative and relatively safe. amber, like hundreds of other women, in the area, moved ads from craigslist to the erotic service selection to the adult services this summer. on any given day, you can find a mon to this of women, some of them pta moms, professionals, even sunday school teachers. close ups of women in lingerie replace pornographic images, with delicate descriptions of services and hourly rates, often in code, with words like roses, and donations. >> as far as services go, i don't really talk about that. >> police call the website a meeting spot for the sex trade in the baltimore area. more than 300 ads were listed for the city this week. amber admits she knows the risk involved. >> any job can be dangerous. >> detective kevin smith. >> you don't know who is on the other end of the computer.
10:31 pm
>> is with the computer police crimes unit, police that surf the net for child predators and other sex offenders. smith said. >> nobody wakes up and asks to be a victim. >> many women are lured to line sex connections, because they have a false sense of security. >> on the computer you can be anybody you want to be. not until you actually meet that person, face-to-face that you know who you are dealing with. >> in fact, police believe women that meet men on the internet for sex, can be inasmuch danger as a prostitute that walks the street. but amber. >> they are wrong. >> believes that's just not true. >> first of all, they are getting in guy's cars. which a girl that works on the internet would not do. >> they are not going to get into a car, absolutely not. >> still, police point to several incidents, including the attack of, at least, 40 women last summer, by one man in the dc area. investigators say mark humphreys
10:32 pm
lured female escorts he met on craigslist to isolated apartment buildings and raped them at gunpoint. snapping digital pictures during the attacks. >> one person getting beaten becomes a victim is one too many. >> for amber. >> anybody, if you are not careful. >> the clicking for connections, continues. >> i do have people that look after me. when i do go to see my clients. they know where i am going, and when i am supposed to come back. >> keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, craigslist officials say they monitor the ads to ensure the postings are from legal adult service providers. >> yeah the ads cost $10 and once approved can be repeated for five bucks. there was a time when the air space was full of live donor kidneys. >> how doctors changed eight lives with a record setting
10:33 pm
kidney transplant. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> it is not the most quietest sex in the world. when it is good, it is good. >> he keeps things to himself, does he not? what happened when his partner's daughter heard what was going on. next on fox 45 news at 10:00.
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10:35 pm
. >> well first of all, i am trying to do my barry white impression. losing my voice. so pardon me folks. but try to get through it. decent day out there today. low humidity levels and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. but with the temperatures, on the hot side of things. and low humidity levels, well, it is pretty good. as we look from the skycam downtown off in the distance. airplanes landing out there at bwi thurgood marshall airport. it looks like we will continue to see those clouds clear.
10:36 pm
high thin ones. and winds are calm. and our humidity levels are at 57 percent. comfortable. and it looks like we will continue to hold onto nice conditions through the overnight. now looking at the temperatures. across the area. 81 degrees in baltimore. looking at 10 degrees cooler up in harrisburg, as you go north. 71 degrees. 69 in new york. and then we get 75 degrees down in richmond. and we will continue to see the clearing conditions through the overnight. so more sunshine in the forecast. as we get down the road. as we go through the next couple of days. to the north we have rain up in portions of new york state. and back towards portions of connecticut. but for us, it looks like dry for the next couple of days. bigger picture here, closer picture, we can see that the clouds are breaking up. relatively quiet night around the area. as the future scan shows, model data shows nice clear start for the commute. tomorrow beautiful. temperatures in the lower 80s. comfortable day to be out. if you get a chance to get outside and enjoy. looks like it will stay like this for a couple of days.
10:37 pm
and then the heat returns. toward the weekend. and the humidity will take the temperatures up quite a bit. eastern shore looking at clearing conditions. temperatures at 83. for you folks out in easton. central portion of the state. looking at the temperatures around 83 with sunshine. and once again, we will see the frontal boundary push off to the east. making way for clearing. and we will get our chance for rain down toward the end of the week. wednesday looking at 83. 85 on thursday. friday 85. with sun examine clouds. 91 by saturday. 30 percent chance for showers. and then sunday looking at 89. with a 30 percent chance for showers. but the heat and humidity is going to be back in the forecast for the weekend. fox 45 sky watch weather is now at your fingertips. i-radar is available at and you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track coming storms, interactive tool lets you see exactly when rain or snow will be over your house. go to trust me. just go to it.
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. >> all right. a connecticut man pays the price for some rough sex. roger swanson was having sex with his ex-girlfriend melanie arnold had her place. according to swanson arnold can sometimes be noisy. but a woman's daughter thought swanson was beating up her mom and told friends about it and next thing swanson sees is four teenage boys barging in the room with a aluminum baseball batts that immediate ruins the mood. >> not the most quietest sex in the world. when it is good, it is good. put it that way. tiffany, her daughter has complained more than once that it is too loud. >> swanson is battered and bruised. no word if any charges will be filed. swanson said he is practicing abstinence now, and said he just wants to live. every woman's dream. a guy that talks about it. >> disturbing story on so many levels i don't know where to begin. move on. >> senate spending. used to have to go straight to
10:39 pm
the hill to see how elected officials were wasting -- using your tax dollars. >> but soon the information will be a mouse click away. judy kurtz explains in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> details of how senators dole out budgets could soon be coming to a computer near you. the senate is planning to follow the house in posting office expenses on the internet. everything from staff salaries to travel and work tabs could become available online. instead of volumes that have to be purchased or viewed inside of capital office buildings. oklahoma republican colburn said the move will allow the public to hold senators's feet to the fire for questionable expenses. house and senate would have to pass a compromised final bill before the new rule could go into effect. you can be the first to know about breaking news, severe weather and traffic with mobile news. get text alerts and streaming video on your phone. sign up on or text wbff to 45203. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web".
10:40 pm
. >> there was a time when the air space was full of live donor kidneys. >> next, eight
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
. >> warning tonight for
10:43 pm
aggressive drivers from police. showdown. the smooth operator campaign was announced. which just experienced the busiest week in more than 10 years. law enforcement and medical personnel gathered to let drivers know the costs of aggressive driving. >> because nobody wakes up and says "today is my day to be in a vehicular crash, today is my day to die." but it happens. and it happens way, way, way more frequently than we would like it to. >> 76 people killed on maryland roads and highways in 2007. as a result of aggressive driving. >> 16 people are recovering after taking part in the largest series of multi-kidney donations. >> doctors at johns hopkins orchestrated the transplants during the last two weeks. kathleen cairns reports. >> at johns hopkins hospital, the new record is announced. >> it is a massive domino donor
10:44 pm
kidney transplant. >> thomas gave to kathleen and that started the do dominoes. >> eight donors. >> sally to karen, john gave a kidney to a patient in oklahoma city. >> eight recipients. >> to teresa and robert and lisa to daniel. and then we flew in a kidney last night from st. louis. >> involving nine surgeons and four states. >> this is the largest one that has been done. >> medical teams began the first surgeries in mid june. >> there was a time when the air space was full of live donor kidneys. >> the carefully choreographed medical procedures were just what robert brink man needed. >> i woke up the next day in the hospital. and i immediately felt better than in two years. >> right now there are 1200 people on the kidney transplant wait list here in maryland. the average wait time, four to five years. and they are hoping for a live donor. those kidneys last twice as
10:45 pm
long. up to 20 years. pamela donated after hearing about her co-work oner was in need. blood types were not compatible but they are part of the chance. >> i talk to my recipient this morning. and she is doing fantastic. so it is like i have hit the maryland jackpot. you know, lottery came my way. >> the last patient needed it the most. >> so she was literally days or weeks away from dying. >> 16 patients are involved. recipients like brink man are grateful. >> a marvelous thing. >> in east baltimore. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> amazing. well previous multi-transplant record for kidneys involved six recipients. >> it was also set by johns hopkins hospital. >> after spending six years with the
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
. >> all right. here is a final look at the forecast. looks like we will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures around 83 degrees. and winds out of the north at five to 10. and then in the seven-day forecast. looking at 85 on thursday. with more sunshine. it will feel pretty good out there. but the humidity level creeps back into the forecast. as we get in to friday. 85 degrees. 91 by saturday. and 89 by sunday. it looks like we will see the chances about a 30 percent chance each day for some
10:49 pm
scattered isolated showers or thunderstorms. clearing up early part of next week. back to you guys. >> vytas, you have an all night jazz show on the radio. >> soothing sound. >> orioles saw a familiar face on the mound. >> vince villani joins us with "sports unlimited". vince, what do you say? >> coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". after six accident seasons in black and orange, bedard faces his former team for the second time tonight. early highlights coming up. latest on the steve mcnair investigation. as well as details on what the titans are doing for their fans to honor the slain qb. and kristen berset profiles an 8-year-old golf prodigy that has his sight set on the pge tour. among other things. "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> welcome to "sports unlimited". stafac


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