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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 7, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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who is the most at-risk. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> ♪ . >> saying goodbye to michael jackson. >> millions across the globe watched the tribute to the king of pop. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. thousands of jackson fans that won a lottery got to be a part of the historic memorial today. the rest of the world watched it on television. >> susan rosen is live from the staples center in los angeles with more on the memorial and the private service held by the family. susan? >> the world lost a great performer, and an 11-year-old girl lost her daughter. some of the highlights of this incredible public memorial seen around the world. for the incomparable michael jackson. >> a farewell fit to the king.
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of pop. michael jackson graced the stage for one last time. his casket at the center of a celebrity studded celebration of his life and music. >> i am here representing millions of fans around the world who grew up listening to michael. being inspired, and loving michael from a distance. >> miriah carrie, lionel ritchie, stevie wonder and jennifer hudson among the artists that performed at the staple center in los angeles. as 20,000 of jackson's family, friends and fans joined together, for a final farewell. >> as much as we may feel, and we do, that we need michael here with us, god must have needed him far more. >> massive event took place after jackson family members and close friends gathered at forest lawn cemetery for a private service. but at the close of today's public memorial, some touching words from michael jackson's daughter.
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>> every since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> and parting words from jackson's brother. >> a part of you, will live forever, within all of us. >> and now that the tribute is over, the investigation continues. the los angeles police will continue their death investigation into what caused michael jackson to collapse almost two weeks ago. and still waiting for the toxicology report from the l.a. coroner's autopsy. live in los angeles, back to you. >> all right susan thank you. >> see more from the memorial on our website. just go to and click on "raw news". >> new information tonight reveals more about what happened to the two teenagers that died after being found on the light rail tracks in in lutherville. >> mta police reviewed video from a security camera on one of the trains. it reveals that the teens were struck from behind and run over near the lutherville station.
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mta spokeswoman said the train operator did not see the boys. they were apparently walking north, on the southbound tracks and were not expecting a train to be coming up from behind them. but the train had switched tracks. >> i don't think that my son would ride in front of a train. i think, there was something -- something went on that we do not know about. >> mta officials will not say why the operator did not see the teens. before or after they were hit. the operator has been tested for drugs and alcohol. which is routine after accidents. but the results of the tests are not known yet. >> new information tonight about the teen charged with shooting a 5-year-old girl in southwest baltimore. governor said he wants a full explanation of why a 17-year-old lamont davis cutoff an electronic monitoring device before the shooting. parole officers were looking for davis within minutes of him cutting off the bracelet last
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week. davis returned to the scene, of a fight, and sprayed the street with bullets. the girl is still on life support this evening. davis was ordered held without bond on monday. >> a baltimore city police officer is home from the hospital tonight after his cruiser collides with another vehicle. it happened around midnight in the 1500 block of north fulton avenue. officer went to shock trauma assist precautionary measure. the department is now investigating what led to the accident. >> indy style race cars could one day be speeding around the inner harbour. baltimore racing development. city officials in the indy car series are thinking about bringing it to downtown baltimore in 2011. the grand prix would bring in more than 150,000 visitors and generate as much as $100 million during the four day event. >> i think it would be difficult, especially around the inner harbor with people that commute and businesses located down there. but, i mean, i think it would be a great time. >> a decision is expected by the
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fall. >> now, that was our question of the day. would you attend a grand prix race if it was held right here in baltimore? so far, 50 percent say yes. 50 percent say no. and kenneth from baltimore writes, absolutely, i would love to see that. i think it would draw a huge crowd. and harvey from arbutis writes, it would be different. that's for sure. >> to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> the heat is beginning to settle in. >> yeah, july weather is coming. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to tell us when. >> this weekend, temperatures going up to the lower 90s with humidity levels as well. refreshing air for the last couple of days. temperatures in the upper 80s today. and almost brushing 90. but humidity levels were low. which made it feel more comfortable out there. right now on sky watch hd radar, shows clear skies over baltimore. and it looks like comfortable conditions through the overnight. in fact, the temperatures right now 79 in baltimore. and 78 in d.c. looking at 69 over there on the eastern shore.
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in salisbury. expect overnight clear conditions. tomorrow morning, your morning commute looking at 64 degrees. and with the temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 70s by lunch time. so it looks like a decent afternoon. but that will be all changing, like i said, with the heat and humidity building in for the weekend. closer look at that in the seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. >> thank you, vytas. >> one of the oldest catholic schools in our area announced it will not reopen in the fall. after 86 years. towson catholic is shutting the doors because of a decline in enrollment. losing 80 students this year alone. largest drop in the school history. >> that low enrollment figure, coupled with the fact that they had $160,000 in unpaid tuition from last year. meant that the parish, and the school would have to absorb $650,000 hit. and they cannot do it. >> the arch diocese said it plans to meet with students and families to help them make the transition to other schools. towson catholic is the fourth
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catholic school in the afternoon dioceses, so far to announce it will close in the fall. >> and unusual donation by maryland's prison agency. donating 125 tons of building stone to the battle field near sharpsburg. stones left over from building the hagerstown prison. they will help to restore the foundations of some of the nine barnes, on the battle field. . >> first in tonight's news you need to know. worrying can make you pack on pounds. new survey out of harvard university links weight gain to stress. stress affects women's waist lines more than men's. people already overweight are more susceptible. >> doctors now say they have a natural way to avoid bug bites and it smells good. mixture of lavender and lem 91 grass oils with water. mix and spray to keep away fleece, ticks and or mosquitoes. >> new world record is set in
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baltimore concerning organ donations. johns hopkins hospital announced doctors have completed the largest domino kidney transplant. it involves 16 patients. eight donors and eight recipients. pamela donated her kidney, is now in st. louis. >> i talked to my recipient this morning. and she is doing fantastic. so it is like i have hit the maryland jackpot. you know, the lottery has come my way. >> the previous record involving six kidney patients was also set by johns hopkins hospital last year. >> a mother goes to police for help and her daughter ends up tased in the head. >> police say the south carolina serial killer is dead. but what they are
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and get an ultra-sleek compaq mini netbook. >> governor o'malley has a competitor on the democratic side. in next year's gubernatorial
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race. ralph jaf knee political science teacher and community activist filed to run for governor today. jaffy said his campaign will have a budget of $999. he says he is banking on media coverage and word of mouth to be successful. >> baltimore county executive jim smith will not be running for comptroller. smith's term as county executive expires in 18 months. term limits bar him from running again. in may he was considering a run for state office but has not decided quite on a position. >> meantime, president obama said the u.s. and russia are not destined to be enemies. after meeting with former and current leaders of russia. the president and medef signed agreements one to reduce nuclear stock pile. and experts say there is much to do on the issues of iraq, afghanistan, iran, and north korea. >> it seems to me that he major part of the motivation for these locations is to try to get the russians to be more helpful in
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solving the questions. >> president acknowledged that putin still exerts a great deal of influence over russia but dismisses suggestions that the president is nothing but a cronie. he spends the night in russia then off to italy for g 8 and meeting we pope benedict. >> what is next for sarah palin after stepping down after her stent w as the governor. days after at nounsment she said she does not me what the future will bring but that she wants to fight for american principles. and speaking out against the obama administration. >> average hard working americans need to be able to get out there unrestrained fight for what is right, energy independence and national security. fight for a smaller government. instead of this big government overgrowth that obama is ushering in. >> palin will resign from office on july 26. with lieutenant governor shaun parnell taking over the office of governor. >> nation's leading lawyers group calls sotomayor well
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qualified to serve on the supreme court. committee of the american bar association union nan musly endorsed president obama's nominee. next monday she will go before the senate judiciary committee to start the confirmation hearing. if confirmed, sotomayor would replace david souter who is retiring. . >> learn more about the south carolina serial killer, patrick burris killed five and shot a cop. he was killed yesterday in a north carolina home. after officers say he fired on them. and wounded an officer. police in north and south carolina are now saying he had a criminal past. and that he had done time for extortion, and larceny. >> the weapon he shot the officer with, last night, is the same officer that all five of our victims, same weapon that all five victims were shot with. >> police are still working to find out why the five victims were his targets. >> new mexico teen is in the
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hospital after police tase her in the head. the 14-year-old and her mother were in a fight and went to the police station for help. then the girl ran off. right in front of a patrol car. and across the street without looking for traffic. the officer believes the only way to stop her was to tase her. the girl is now recovering in the hospital. >> cecil county sheriff's deputy got an indecent surprise when he pulled over a man for speeding. the driver smelled of alcohol and noticed he was not wearing pants. driver from delaware said he lost his pants. >> i don't even know how you do that. the deputy looked around but he did not find them either. >> you always get those stories, jeff. >> well, a woman is arrested twice in five hours, for d.u.i. in ocean city. police arrested a 20-year-old woman for swerving across lane markers and running stop signs on friday. she was released on d.u.i. charges. but almost five hours later, police saw her driving again.
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they arrested her. she was held on a $25,000 bond. that time. >> felt like summer out there today. >> it will get more hot and humid. vytas reid is here to let us know what we can expect the rest of the week. vytas? >> yeah, jeff and jennifer. warmer temperatures heading our way. today it was beautiful out there. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, brushing 90. and it felt dry heat. because we did not see high humidity levels. here is a look at the hd skycam here. lights glistening downtown. beautiful evening. in fact, the temperatures staying at 70. partly cloudy skies. winds are calm and our humidity levels right now at 64 percent. but like i said, the humidity levels continue to go up a bit. as we go down the road. that will make it feel more uncomfortable. especially toward the weekend. temperatures across the mid-atlantic right now. looking at 72 in harrisburg. 79 in baltimore. down to the south of us, 73 in richmond. slightly cooler temperatures in the 60s off to the west, and a little bit of that moving into
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play as we go through the next couple of days. showers north of us. one blip on the radar down in southern maryland. but that's the only activity in the area. as we can see mainly clear skies across baltimore and central maryland. zooming in closer, picture here. we can kind of see, shower that just popped up south of the dc metro area there. we can see down toward charles county. continuing to move across the bay. folks in st. mary's county will probably get rain and maybe calvert county. but nothing in baltimore as we go through the overnight. timing this out on the future scan. looks like tomorrow morning's rush hour will involve plenty of sunshine. and we will have a decent day. into the afternoon hours. looks like relatively quiet conditions. plenty of sunshine. holding together as we get into the next day on thursday. and then into friday, a chance for moisture building back in. as you see pop up here in the region. as we see this stationary front continues to fluctuate off to the east. we have a trough that will develop over the mid-atlantic and gives us a chance for stray showers toward the weekend. and here is what it looks like
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on the five-day forecast. 83 degrees tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 85 on thursday. and 85 on friday. and looks like we will see the chance for some showers possibly saturday and sunday. with temperatures topping out in the lower 90s. upper 80s. so on it will be a hot, humid weekend. remember sky watch weather is at your fingertips. i-radar is available at you can use powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. interactive tool lets you see when the rain or snow will be over your house. go to and click on i-radar. . >> coming up in sports. we will have the latest on the steve mcnair murder investigation and details on how titan's fans can honor their former quarterback. >> a dog with jaws of steel. and a local
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çñçñçñ . >> get this. jay jay sniffs out drugs from those alluding the law. but this is how jay jay alluded his handler. all because of fear. >> he was somehow able to -- >> jay jay is afraid of fireworks and handler left him at the kennel to be safe on the holiday. however, when illegal fireworks went off. jay jay busted out of the kennel and scaleed two other fences as part of his great escape. jay jay was found tired but okay, the next morning. >> a deer wandered into the new york lumber store and could not figure out how to get out. circles the store living skid marks and crashing into displays. eventually the buck got out through the back door. >> at the ballpark, you would expect to see plenty of gloves, but what about the gloveed one. that's right. look alike threw out the first pitch at the southern maryland
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blue crab's baseball game as part of michael jackson night. also to honor the king of pop. a moon walk contest. >> good time. great tribute to, you know, the king of pop. >> and a momento. single white glove. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". he was the staff ace here in baltimore for two years and now he is the enemy. of course i am talking about eric bedard that took the mound against the former team for the second time in his career as orioles and mariners played game two of the series in seattle. they are in a jam top of the first. bases loaded with two outs. facing luke scott. scott rips the base hit up the middle. and adam jones is going to score from third. markakis comes in to score as well. throw kicks off the mound. scoots into the dug out. birds take a lead. manager dave trembley comes out to talk with home plate umpire. and saying reimold, rounding second should have been awarded home plate on the overthrow.
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you get two bases on a overthrow. umpire decides to keep reimold at third. and between innings things are interesting. dave trembley comes out to argument said the magic word. dave trembley is headed to the shower. ejected. and moving on. bottom of the first. seattle is going to strike back. and dave trembley ripping them still. two on for gute area ra. sends it high to left field. not coming back. three run home run. 9th of the year. mariners up. and top of the third. bedard settled down. strikes out huff with the curve ball to end the inning. seven strike outs in three innings. and right now they lead 3-2 in the third. >> back in maryland. .
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>> now the latest on the murder of steve mcnair. investigators hesitant to conclude that steve mcnair's girlfriend sahel kazemi killed herself and steve mcnair. because she did not appear to have a motive. sahel kazemi's family said 20-year-old was happy with steve mcnair. and had possibly talked about spending her life with him. the state's medical examiner said today that murder-suicide is the most likely scenario in the case. >> on the field, the ravens not decided if, or how they would honor the former quarterback. steve mcnair led the ravens to a 13-3 record. and division title back in 2006. in nashville the titans are opening lt field wednesday and thursday, so fans can pay respects to the former nfl star. titans fans can leave personal messages in a book given to the steve mcnair family while video boards in the stadium show highlights of steve mcnair's career with tennessee. >> memorial service for steve mcnair is scheduled for thursday night. in nashville. jeff and jennifer, back to you. our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day.
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grab your bag. it's on. >> we have been following this story in ohio closely. a mannequin dressed in a bikini top is turning heads and plenty of people are not happy about it. >> barbie q stands outside of a ohio restaurant named for, and many neighbors say she looks like and this is their words not mine. a hearing. why am i getting these stories tonight? she has a bad image for the town and residents. but the city council decided that barbeque can stay. it is a controversy that is both lifted and separated the entire community. >> okay. >> i am done. i think we are out of those stories. we cannot have any more. >> i think you should be done. >> my quote ta is three. i got four. warm today. >> vytas gives us the forecast. vytas? >> getting warm, i guess, in
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here. all right. anyway. now that we talked about the weather. seven-day forecast. 83 tomorrow. and 85 on thursday. plenty of sunshine. 85 on friday. looking at humidity levels going up quite a bit as we get to the weekend. saturday and sunday. thirst percent chance of showers. if we do not get them. 70 percent we will not see it. good weekend to go to the pool. because hot out there. monday and tuesday things clear up. with temperatures in the mid 80s. and pardon my voice. i am hoarse tonight. >> it is okay. sultry sounds of vytas reid. >> be in charge of your personalized radar. i-radar is available at you can track storms down to your avenue. go to and click on i-radar. and vytas will take you there.
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