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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 13, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. >> that's david murphy. you will likely see that on highlight reals for years to come. here is jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd with the "late edition". . >> goal is to eventually not have the folks speeding. >> speed cameras pass another hurdle, where you could see them next. >> we have to be very careful whenever we deal with anything that undermines public trust. >> allegations of officer misconduct. thrown out. why the police commissioner could be getting involved. >> and lending a helping hand to some local heroes. what you can do to help your local fire station. >> live in high definition, from
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wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. >> speed cameras in baltimore city are one step closer to becoming reality. >> despite the debate plan to install 40 cameras around baltimore city cleared a road block at the council meeting. melinda roeder was there. and joins us live from north baltimore with the latest tonight. melinda? >> now, under state law the speed cameras could only be installed within a half mile of road construction areas and school zones, like this one. where some say speeding is a big problem. but even those areas combined, account for about 80 percent of the city. and some council members say that's going too far. still, the speed camera bill passed a second reader tonight. meaning one more vote away from becoming a done deal. enforcement could begin as as soon as october. if you are caught speeding on tape, you get a ticket in the mail, the fine is $40. some see it as a money maker for
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the city. and others say it is all about safety. >> the goal is not to use this as a fund raising thing. but goal is to have folks not speeding. >> at some point in time, with drivers that pay one of the highest insurance rates in the state, we have to find another way to work on funds. cameras. utilize them to improve the quality of life in the city. >> now, speed cameras have been used in other areas like montgomery county. where one city made so much money off of them, they were able to offer residents a tax cut. at the expense of drivers, of course. >> live tonight in northwest baltimore. melinda roeder, fox 45 news "late edition". >> city council members call on the police commissioner to address serious concerns regarding the department's handling of internal investigations. at least 50 cases of alleged misconduct by officers were recently thrown out. because of administrative
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errors. department officials say the former attorney responsible for prosecute police made mistakes like changing dates on legal documents. the cases involved charges against officers ranging from abusive overtime, to rape. now the council wants to meet with the commissioner and get more answers as to why the cases were dropped. >> i think, personally, we have to be very careful whenever we deal with anything that undermines the public's trust in the police department. because it is very important to all of us, that there be a constant flow of trust back and forth between the department and the community. >> the former attorney, joanne branche claims the police procedures for investigating internal affairs are inadequate and corrupt. she was fired back in april. >> police are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting this morning in northeast baltimore. a man was shot in the head around 4:00 this morning. happened in the 1300 block of cedarcroft road. victim died at the scene. police are not releasing the
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name. >> a man is at shock trauma after shot by anne arundel county police. it happened last night around 9:00 in the 1000 block of deep creek avenue. police say he threatened to hit another police officer with a chair. his injuries are not believed to be life threatening. >> a man is fatally shot in northeast baltimore and that leads to a standoff with police. the shooting happened at about 3:30 today in the 2900 block of the alameda. investigators found the body of antoine witherspoon on the ground shot several times. police bluffed in, putting the neighborhood on lockdown. surrounded a home on 29th street where they thought the shooter was barricaded inside. >> a swat unit, contain nine units on the scene. attempting to communicate with individuals inside of the house, but at this point, no one has come out. and we are pretty much at a standoff. >> after more than five hours, police stormed the house and did not find anybody inside. suspect is still on the run
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tonight. >> the trial of a dc woman accused of killing her four daughters goes on as planned. lawyers for banita jacks asked for more time but a judge denied the request. the girl's bodies discovered back in january of 2008. when police came to serve an eviction notice. police said they had been dead for months. >> workers forced to evacuate a courthouse after a carbon monoxide scare. courthouse east on calvert street evacuated for a few hours around 9:00 this morning. employees smelled gas fumes and felt light-headed. fire department found carbon monoxide coming from a fork lift in the garage with low levels of the gas inside the building. everybody was okay. >> residents in baltimore county are also forced from their homes earlier today. police evacuated part of the 3900 block of red deer circle in randalls town after a call of a suspicious electronic device inside of a car. well, the bomb squad investigated and did not find
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anything dangerous. >> this just in tonight. southwest airlines flight headed for baltimore is forced to make an emergency land inning. 737 that left from nashville tennessee diverting to charleston south carolina before 6:30. officials decided to land the aircraft after a hole apparently appeared in the fuselage and depressurized quickly the passenger cabin. no one injured. and a replacement plane was expected to land in baltimore before 11:00. no word on what caused the damage. >> summer sun continues to work through the area. >> beautiful start to the work week. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to let us know if it will continue. >> holding onto the sunshine for tomorrow. but temperatures will increase out there. as we see warmer air building in out of the southwest. but it looks like a relatively quiet night tonight. hd radar. shows scattered showers, flanking richmond virginia. but it looks like around here. clear conditions. so relatively quiet night. temperatures 78 in baltimore downtown. 75 in d.c.
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69 degrees out there on the eastern shore in salisbury. and it looks like we will see a relatively quiet night. overnight, temperatures down to the 60s. mid 60s to start off for tomorrow morning's rush hour commute with plenty of sunshine. so keep the sunglasses nearby. looking at 82 degrees by lunch time tomorrow afternoon. and a nice afternoon in store. it looks like warm up in the middle of the week. details coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> okay vytas. baltimore city kicks off a program today to help improve the living conditions at fire stations. the jeanne in july program is seeking donations to fulfill wish lists submitted by city firefighters. asking for basic amenities. city council president hopes that citizens of local businesses help to find the items that firemen desperately need. >> i don't know what it is about firefighters, but i have seen it across the board. they will make away out of no way. but they deserve better. >> some of the items firefighters are looking for, include exercise equipment, and window ac. others would like supplies to
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remodel firehouse kitchens. now if you would like to learn more about donating items, go to, and click on "news links". >> tonight you need to know about upcoming road work that could result in major gridlock downtown. crews will begin to resurface lombard street on wednesday. warning drivers to just three lanes between -- along lombard and president streets will be open to traffic. parking restrictions will also be enforced. the project is expected to be completed some time late in the fall. >> your dog, will soon be able to fly out of bwi without you. starting tomorrow, pet airways is offering service out of the airport. during the flight, dogs and cats travel in pet carriers in the main cabin of the plane. the service is strictly for animals. no owners allowed on board. one way flights out of bwi start at $149. >> the task of the judge is not
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to make law. it is to abide by the law. >> confirmation hearings for sonia sotomayor are underway. why many think her appointment to the supreme court is already a done deal. >> there is a fiscal challenge to pay for the expansion of health care. >> funding the president's plan for reform. the americans that could be stuck with the burden of paying for a public option. >> the search for a missing woman comes to a tragic end in
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>> no big surprises or huge fireworks on the first day of sonia sotomayor confirmation hearings. and even though senators have not begun to question her, confirmation to the u.s. supreme court is fully expected. jennifer davis is in washington with details. >> unless you have a complete melt down you will get
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confirmed. >> even one of the most conservative republicans on the senate judiciary committee believes sonia sotomayor will easily become the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice. although only made a opening statement so far. >> it is our constitution that makes that dream possible. and i now seek the honor of beholding the constitution as a justice on the supreme court. >> this was the high court nominee's first chance to really layout the judicial philosophy in her own words. >> simple, the fidelity to the law. the task of a judge is not to make law, it is to apply the law. >> but for most of the day, senators took center stage. supporters praised the personal story and professional attributes of the 55-year-old judge. a child of the south bronx with 17 years experience on the federal bench. >> she understands it is not one law for one race or another. there is only one law. >> critics express concern about
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rulings on gun rights and discrimination cases. and took aim at the 2001 statement that a wise latino woman could get a better outcome than a white man. >> many suggest she may allow or embrace decision making based on her biass and prejudices. >> well you can see more of judge sotomayor's statements by logging onto and clicking on "raw news". >> also on capitol hill, house democrats want what they call wealthy americans to help fund president obama's plan for universal health care. one idea calls for a surtax for individuals earning $280,000 a year. and couples earning more than 350,000. but many republicans and moderate democrats oppose the higher tax, and senator barbara mikulski from maryland is voicing concern. >> there is a fiscal challenge to pay for the expansion of health care to 47 million people. before we start with the t word,
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in taxes, i want to start with the q word, in improving quality. >> senator mikulski is endorsing another initiative. aimed at promoting safer practices for doctors and nurses. now that brings us to the question of the day. should wealthy americans be taxed more to pay for universal health care? the seasons response was overwhelming no. jason from owings mills said the wealthy are already taxed more and other people's tax care is not their responsibility. as always we thank you very much for writing in. . >> missing cleaning woman is found dead in a manhattan sky scraper. the medical examiner confirmed this morning that the body is that of 46-year-old rodriguez. police found the body in an air conditioning duct over the weekend. 46-year-old mother of three disappeared last tuesday. officials have ruled the death a homicide. >> a mother and her two children missing in utah after a mud slide. neighbors say they saw the
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family go into their home, just before an afl of mud and water buried it on saturday. officials say they doubt anyone survived and they are simply trying to find the bodies. >> warm and sunny for days. no complaints. >> we will see how long it can last. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with more showers? >> stay dry for another day and a half. and it looks like rain by mid end of the week, as we get a chance for warmer temperatures moving in. and it brings in humidity, and the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. skycam looking at the inner harbour down there. lit up with the lights. it looks comfortable. 68 degrees. as the temperatures drop. it will feel good out there crack the windows open and turn off the ac through the overnight. humidity levels 61 percent. and it looks like we will continue to see the clearing conditions as we get through the overnight. temperatures across the area. right now 78 in baltimore. 61 in harrisburg. and 73 in new york. south of us. 72 in richmond where they are getting a few thunderstorms
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right now. right along the frontal boundary down there. and they will continue to deal with activity. you can see the storms flanking around richmond virginia. good thunderstorms right now. but for us, we will continue to see clearing skies. as high pressure builds in from the great lakes. that will make it pretty comfortable for the next day or so. here is what it looks like on radar. there were a few showers and thunderstorms on the eastern shore. but we are seeing clearing conditions back to the west. as we continue to see the high pressure affect move into play. over the next day here. but on the future scan. you can see we will see dry conditions through the day tomorrow. morning rush hour 6 a.m. dry. afternoon looks like you can have lunch outside and in the evening, looks good. still dry into wednesday. but by wednesday evening, it looks like a bit of the precipitation starting to move ahead of the frontal boundary. warm front. that we will see start to take up the temperatures a bit through the next couple of days here. so eastern shore tomorrow. 83 degrees. plenty of sunshine. downtown, and around central maryland. folks up in westminster, perry
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hall, 86 degrees w plenty of sun. northwest wind at five to 10. high pressure streams down out of the great lakes. that keeps us mainly dry. there is a little trough that is trying to create a lift out there. but, i think, it should be minimal as we see the high pressure control the weather pattern. and then we see the warm front building in from the west. that's the rainmaker into wednesday night. here is what it looks like tomorrow. 86 degrees. sunshine. 89 with a 30 percent chance for showers late in the day. and it looks like better chance for showers on thursday as a front pushes through. 92 degrees. and cold front drops us into the mid 80s friday and saturday. with less humidity. looks like a great way to kick off the weekend and beautiful start as we see the weekend round out with some sun and comfortable temperatures. back to you. >> i just think it is incredible. i wish i had this kind of emergencies. >> living in a ferry tale. meet the colorado man that is king of his own castle. >> coming up next in
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grab your bag. it's on. >> with training camp opening in two weeks, ravens find themselves with a blank spot at the receiver position. one of the more surprising moves of the off season, in the nfl. ravens receiver derrick mason abruptly announce retirement. the word came earlier this evening. mason told a website that he is hanging it up after 12 years in the nfl. mason was quoted as saying he has seen it all and done it all. he is ready to see what else life has to offer. the move comes just days after his moving comment to the steve mcnair memorial. but mason said he has been considering the move since last season ended. last year, despite playing with horrendous shoulder pain caught 80 passes for five touchdowns. mason worked out today, in owings mills and left before the website posted the retirement
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announcement. e-mail sent to media said only, quoting, for any player to retire he has to send a letter to the nfl stating this. mason has not done that. they obviously stopped short of denying the report. the move clears up 3 million in cap space and leaves the ravens with mark clayton and williams starting receivers. >> now this afternoon, the starting pitchers and line ups were announced for the all star game. selecting haliday to start. reigning cy young winner linscomb of san francisco gets the gnawed from the manager. and tonight the all star festivities kicked off in st. louis with the annual home run derby. cruise hits first and puts on a show. landed in the fourth deck. 440 feet. he advanced to the semi finals with 11 home runs. prince fielders of the bruins next.
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he hits 11 runs. and it traveled 497 feet. longest home run of the night to that point. and albert pool house with the host team. in a tie-breaker and ended it with 449 shot to deep left. pool house advanced to semis along with howard that thrilled the hometown crowd. and in the finals, fielder and cruise, and after cruise hit five of the final round fielder unloads. sixth home run and your winner. prince fielder wins the 2009 home run derby for the first time in his career. >> remember you can see the 2009 all star game live from st. louis right here on fox 45. coverage begins tomorrow night at 8:00. >> now hopefully tomorrow night's game will not follow last year's 15 inning marathon. jennifer back to you. >> we hope not. thank you. >> teenage pilot makes history and a hand built castle complete with a dragon. patrice harris has tonight's "get this".
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>> get this. 15-year-old los angeles girl is believed to be the youngest african american female pilot to fly solo across the country. kimberly arrived in compton california saturday to cheers after a 13 day flight. the teen had along a adult safety pilot and 87-year-old that served with the tus ski gee airmen. but she flew herself. and met airmen that autographed for her. >> thank them for what they have allowed me to overcome. >> 15-year-old learned to fly when she was 12. >> check out this hand built castle. in the middle of colorado. bishop started to build the castle on 2 acres in 1969. four decades later the castle has a dragon. giant sphere. and bridge to the chimney tower. and gets lots of visitors.
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>> i just think it is incredible. i wish i had this kind of imagination. >> the towers of the castle will reach 250 feet when done. >> bishop said he keeps building because he cannot stop. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". >> well, warm day today.
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. >> with the weather outlook this week? >> vytas reid has been standing at the wall waiting to tell you for the last, at least, two seconds. >> indeed. anyway, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 86 degrees. warming to 89 as we get to wednesday. 30 percent chance for late pop-up showers and thunderstorms. better chance on thursday as a cold front pushes through. 92 the high. so it will be a hot and humid day that day. and refreshing air moves in. friday and saturday. a little cooler.
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80s, with plenty of sunshine and partly cloudy to mostly sunny through parts of the weekend. and another round of late showers possibly sunday to monday. but fabulous weekend setting up. and it will get a hot start before we get there. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is now available at use the interactive tools to track storms down to your home. go to and click on i-radar. >> that does it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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