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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 15, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> so we are trying to identify who the person is. >> investigating the light rail death. the reason this man could help solve the mystery. >> body found in a freezer. why prosecutors will not pursue charges. >> heat and humidity moving in. but the chance of rain is increasing. tell you when the storms could hit in the sky watch forecast. >> and shocking video. where these pictures are showing up, on the internet. . >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. the investigation into the deaths of two teens struck by a light rail train takes a new twist tonight. >> baltimore county police recently took over the case and they are speaking out about it for the first time. hoping that will lead to new clues as to what went wrong. >> melinda roeder standing by live from the light rail stop in lutherville with the story tonight.
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melinda? >> two boys walking on the tracks not far from here when struck by one of the trains. happened more than a week ago. and tonight the parents and police are still looking for answers. >> blowing the horn loud. i hear them every day, from here. and, i think, they would have moved out of the way, of course. >> gary peterson has been asking questions ever since the accident. his son, and stepson were killed after being hit by a light rail train as they walked along the tracks. they did that regularly. but the train was not on a regular course. that day authorities say the train was using an alternate rack due to debris. the two were hit from behind. now investigators are trying to learn more information, and they are hoping someone in particular can help. >> they really believe that this man saw quite a bit. >> take a good look at this man. police say he may have seen the collision, from his seat.
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these pictures were taken from a video camera on on board. >> it captures an image of a witness, passenger on the train. who we believe, through information that the detectives have, has significant information that can help us with this case. trying to identify who the person is. >> police say this witness is not in any trouble. they just want his help. hoping he will come forward and that he may have seen something. meantime, the victim's parents still cannot believe the driver did not see the boys. >> train operator was texting or on the phone, not paying attention. and something really tragic happened. >> now, the driver did not initially report seeing or striking the boys. in fact, nothing was reported until a fair collector on the next train spotted them and called for help. if you know that witness, baltimore county police want to hear from you. live tonight in lutherville, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, mta officials are
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investigating yet another accident today involving a light rail train. a woman was hit by a train while she was trying to cross the tracks at the mount washington light rail stop. the woman was rushed to the hospital, and she is expected to survive. other riders say the tracks at that particular stop are difficult to cross. because there are large curves on either sides of the tracks. >> when you are getting off the train, northbound train, and the southbound train is coming in the bend, sometimes it comes quick. so i have seen quite a few near-miss there. >> investigators questioned other riders to figure out exactly what happened today. >> we have breaking news out of baltimore county tonight. two people shot in essex. it happened just about half an hour ago in 100 block of starwood court. we know one of the victims was flown to shock trauma. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will bring you more.
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>> in glen burnie, first the gunshots and then the body of a man lying outside of an apartment complex. anne arundel police searched area for the shooter. and even put two nearby schools on lockdown. but the person got away. >>. >> initially i wake up and hear gunshots coming off. there was four, pop, pop, pop, and then a small, one or 22nd delay and three others. >> the victim has since been identified as 28-year-old lamont gordon jr.. >> police make an arrest in the murder of a woman in fell's point. police say 22-year-old donta mccray was caught on surveillance camera. he is charged now with murdering 48-year-old josephine lou to you ski. shot and killed tuesday in the 500 block of south register street. >> it is believed that 83-year-old glen burnie woman that body was found in the freezer last week, died of natural causes. and prosecutors say her relatives do not anything illegal but putting her body in
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the freezer. john rydell has more tonight. >> it was really hard all the way around. because everybody loved her so much. >> patrick hoover reflects on the death of his grandmother. she died after a lengthy illness. but two of the daughters never reported her death to authorities. her body was stored in a huge freezer, for weeks. >> why didn't they report the death? >> well, my one aunt is mentally disabled. >> the other aunt may have been too shocked at the time to face reality. but their actions were not illegal. that's because there is no law that requires citizens to report such deaths. >> i find it to be outrageous that someone would just drop the bodies, or put them in a freezer. >> this is not the first time an accidental death was not reported to the anne arundel county police. >> i get up normally. >> 10 years ago richard told us about the sudden death of his
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4-year-old daughter. after an apparent seizure. >> i didn't take her body out right away. i kept her in the house, with me, for about five days. i mean, looking at her. >> marshal said he wrapped the daughter in the blanket and placed her in a wooded area. >> sounds absurd in that case, that the only charges that could be brought was for littering. >> in recent years, police have occasionally investigated cases in which a survivor of someone that died of natural causes was accused of cashing social security checks. but that person was not prosecuted for failing to notify authorities that the victim had even died. >> so state senator eddie grange plans to introduce a bill next year to close what he calls a disturbing loophole. >> had to notify the authorities within 24 hours, that would be the police, fire, emts. doctor. someone of authority to come and take care of the situation. >> law dee grange hopes will encourage citizens to do the right thing, even faced with
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tragedy. in glen burnie, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> similar bill that would have required people to notify authorities of a death was introduced in the general assembly after the child's body was found 10 years ago. but that bill failed. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. should there be a law requiring individuals to report a death to authorities? 67 percent say yes. and 33 percent say no. harvey from arbutis writes, there should not be a need for such a law, but obviously we need laws for people that can not do the right thing on their own. we will have more responses coming up on "late edition" at 11:00. . >> first on fox now. nearly 100 law enforcement officials hit the streets of baltimore city to arrest suspected criminals. reporter joy lepola joined a team of detectives from the apprehension task force as they went to work. >> it is 3:30 and time for roll call.
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>> we have exceptionally good day. yesterday we had 42, and 19. so hopefully we will have the same success today. >> officers gear up for another sweep of the city. this is day two of a three day operation. >> good morning. could you come downstairs for a second please. >> teams from the warrant apprehension task force scattered across baltimore. >> they are attempting to serve a woman with a warrant for domestic violence. >> after several minutes of talking with those inside, officers find the woman they are after. a success as the team makes the first arrest. before leaving, they receive information another person may be in the house, who is also wanted. >> the individuals being evasive about names, we have had three name changes. >> the call goes out for the van. from the 800 block of lenox, we head to the southwest.
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an area detectives describe as once being explosive. >> police department, step-down stares. >> a woman answers the door but it is not the person that detectives are after. >> lieutenant, lieutenant. >> as night fall gives way to morning. detectives know their window of opportunity is slowly closing. >> we like to get an early start. once people get up and moving and they start to get ready for work and what not, we start to miss our chances of getting them. >> but it is not who they have the warrant for. the decision is made to move on. next stop, a rowhome in cherry hill. >> looks vacant. >> officers are ready to move on, when out from behind the building walks a detective. >> that's why we cover the rear. >> it is another suspect with a domestic violence warrant. >> went to pee. >> i don't know what she is
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talking about. >> what he does know is that he is heading downtown. >> mixed up. >> with morning upon them, officers work quickly but to no avail. the suspects they are looking for are gone. still, they press on, and it pays off. >> radio is busy, that's good. >> over three days, it is expected more than 250 warrants will be served as officers with the regional apprehension task force sweep the streets of baltimore for suspects. in east baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> 11-year-old boy is hospitalized after a sand tunnel he built at the beach suddenly caves in. these photos taken yesterday in ocean city. the boy was not breathing when emts showed up. they performed cpr and managed to revive him. witnesses say he was talking as he was transported to the hospital. >> the ravens have made one of
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their players a wealthy young man. terrell suggs has a giant new contract. bruce cunningham has more. bruce? >> it is a massive deal, six years, $63 million. 33 million in bonus money. the most ever given to a defensive player. in all, 38 million in total guaranteed money. and in this market, he is probably worth it. the 26-year-old suggs has a total of 53 quarterback sacks in his career. and is coming off the third pro bowl appearance. it is a safe bet he would draw huge interest and bucks in next year's free agent market. so the ravens had to dig deep to keep him. historically deep. >> i never wanted to be high paid anything. you know what i mean. i am not the guy. i don't care what the next man gets. i want it to be fair. >> here is the most amazing part. throwing all the money at suggs, actually helped the ravens salary structure. we will explain at 10:50 on "sports unlimited". .
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>> wanted something fair. well. >> sounds fair to me. >> good for him. >> looking for fun and feeling mugy. >> humidity is creeping in. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the sky watch forecast. >> things are warming up a bit out there. and getting steamy, i guess we could call it. but it is summer. what we expect. good pool weather if you have a pool to take a dip in. go ahead. because it will feel hot over the next couple of days. looking at a few high thin clouds on radar. you can see the radar scan in the sky here, not much activity. we are staying dry across the baltimore area. to the south, southern virginia, pop-up showers. where you have to go to get rain is over tennessee, and southern kentucky, they are getting heavy thunderstorm activity southwest and northwest of nashville. so it looks like they are getting good thunderstorms along a frontal boundary. which will join us later in the next couple of days, in the next -- rest of the week here. looking at the temperatures. state temperatures. looking at them at 78 in
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baltimore. 79 in d.c.. and 81 out there in hagerstown. here is what's happening right now. as far as the overnight. looks like temperatures dropping to 70 degrees for the overnight. looking at sun and clouds for the morning commute. and clouds thicken up. right around 84 degrees. temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms joining us later. i will show you how long they will stick around coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> a statue of (inaudible) should be standing in the inner harbour in four months. small model unveiled at the meeting of the baltimore public art commission last year. now the debate over the best location for the statue, is apparently over. and tonight's meeting of the
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commission, sculptor told us the statue will be between phillips restaurant and inner harbor visitors center and dedicated november 2, birthday of the former governor. >> comparing gun laws. the state is taking a different approach. >> the issue of abortion, front and center on capitol hill. how supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor tip toed around giving her answers. >> destroys the cancer. >> feeding breast cancer without surgery. later show you how a new treatment could save the lives of many more women. >> and lost footage on earth. the horrifying video of a michael jackson commercial that went terribly wrong. that is coming up in tonight's "word on the web".
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>> right to bare arms is extended in the states of tennessee and arizona. beginning tonight people with concealed carry permits can bring their weapons into bars and restaurants. stark contrast to gun right here in maryland. >> maryland's gun laws are some of the most restrictive in the country. firearms purchased, must be registered with the state. new guns must have child safety lox. and each gun undergoes ballistic fingerprinting so it could be tracked if used in the commission of a crime. >> when we get two killings,
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five killings, or 300 killings in a year, that makes the news and people want to feel safe. so we try to come up with bills, laws, that make people feel safe. perhaps, actually make them safe. >> while the laws might make people feel safe there are questions about effectiveness. four years, and millions of dollars after requiring ballistic fingerprinting of guns, not one crime had been solved using the technology. and the state were getting a carry permit is extremely difficult is the same state home to the second deadliest city in the country. >> the real problem is that baltimore may be the murder capitol of the year, but annapolis is the criminal capital of the state. because the politicians in the general assembly are passing laws that benefit criminals and failing to pass laws that protect public safety. >> even in tennessee, which is much more accepting of firearm rights, there is a heated debate over the new concealed carry
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law. >> temporary injunction is respectfully denied. >> 10 nashville restaurant owners requested a injunction to stop the new law from going into effect. saying armed patrons could hurt business and threaten public safety. >> we are not anti-gun but pro business and feel this is a poor solution. >> 83 percent of tennessee restaurants say despite the law, they plan on posting signs letting customers know their guns are not welcome inside. gun right supporters are organizing as well. leaving cards with tips that read "i only support businesses that honor my constitutional rights". >> go in and tell them you are a permit holder. let them know that you respect their right to do that. but at the same time, you are going to take your business to other merchants that don't have a fear of permit holders. >> gun owners meantime are watching legislation on a nationwide level. the blair hope firearms law would require owners to request licenses and eliminate right to
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privately sell a firearm. >> tonight marks the first meeting of the task force to fight animal abuse. members of the task force began work on an action plan, and the leaders of the group say community involvement is the key to success. >> and there is a big community component to this. i think education is absolutely critical to the success of the task force. so we will be looking at the schools, and the churches to help us in that endeavor. >> task force was formed after two shocking cases of animal abuse in the city this year. >> seven men are behind bars in conclusion with a death of a florida couple. bird and melanie billings shot to death in their home near pensacola florida last week. the couple dedicated their lives to caring for 17 children. many with special needs. >> we will continue to draw upon the memory of their warmth, compassion, love, and strength as we continue through these difficult days. and we know they will be by our
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side every step of the way. >> of their 17 children, 13 were adopted. nine children were home when the couple died. >> day three of the sonia sotomayor confirmation hearingss and still no indication of where the judge stands on abortion. that's no different from the predecessors though. supreme court nominees steer clear of the button issues. and republicans asked the judge active questions about inconsistency between what she is saying now, and what she said in the past. >> as i said, i reaffirm the holding in row. that is the supreme court's settled interpretation of what the court holding is and reaffirming of it. >> judiciary hearings expected to wrap up tomorrow. full senate vote could come in august. . >> the taliban fighting back in
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afghanistan. the washington times is currently working on a story about how members of the taliban are trying to blunt the surge of u.s. troops. >> now, of course, they are trying to you intimidate afghan so they will not cooperate with the government or with the united states. and this is taking place while there is a surge of some 20,000 additional american troops in afghanistan. >> also in the times. secretary of state hillary clinton is urging the taliban to lay down their arms and take part instead in upcoming elections. >> and why tax rates for the wealthy could soar under a new plan in the u.s. congress. for more information log onto, and click on the washington times icon. . >> the website tmz is reporting that the death of michael jackson is now being treated as a homicide. the celebrity news site is reporting that the lapd is investigating the case as a murder.
10:24 pm
evidence suggests that jackson went into cardiac arrest because of medication given to him by his personal doctor. >> well, infamous video of michael jackson is released after 25 years. footage of the pepsi commercial where michael jackson's hair caught on fire. has made the way on to the internet. judy kurtz shows us the stunning images in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> well, what happened at the 1984 pepsi shoot is well known. but footage of the event has never been seen until now. we should warn you that the video we are about to air is very graphic. the images obtained by us magazine show michael jackson dancing in front of a huge crowd at the shrine auditorium in l.a. first take goes off without a hitch. and on the 6th take the pyrotechnic says for the commercial go off too early. jackson appears to continue dancing when several men rush to him and attempt to put out the flames. us magazine said as a result of the mishap michael jackson suffered 2nd-and 3rd-degree
10:25 pm
burns on his face and scalp. find a link to this video on our website, and click on "news links". i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". . >> another great day but humidity is creeping in. tell you when we will feel the hottest next in the sky watch forecast. >> changing the way doctors treat breast cancer forever. still ahead. we will show you the new freezing process. that could eliminate surgery for breast cancer patience. >> and paying the pensions of retired maryland teachers. the costs could america, whattaya say to big cheesy-steaky-ness!
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>> state of maryland is already facing a $700 million deficit. and it is forcing folks in annapolis to reexamine the major growth in spending for teacher pensions. >> funded by the state right now. and some say it is time for the counties to pick up their fair share. in tonight's cover story. john rydell reports on sharing the burden. >> they probably won't become millionaires but when maryland teachers retire, a generous pension awaits them. many will collect more than 50 percent of their highest
10:29 pm
salary and the state of maryland is paying for all the of it. and every year that financial obligation increases by more than $100 million. >> the state is going to take on a significant liability for pensions, and many people believe there should be some kind of shared responsibility. >> the fiscal year alone, the state paid retired teachers a total of $832 million. in fiscal year 2011, that amount will skyrocket to $935 million. for the next two years, maryland will get some help from uncle sam. >> 130 million in federal stimulus money set-aside to pay for this year's increase in pensions. 180 million in federal funds allocated to pay for the increase in 2011. by fiscal 2012 the stimulus money will disappear, and the state's liability for teacher's pensions will top $1 billion. so senate president mike miller said it is time baltimore city and the counties begin to fund
10:30 pm
at least part of teacher's retirement. he argues even in this recession, some counties are still giving their teachers hefty raises. >> obviously no furloughs, getting merit increases and independently receiving raises. >> he said that's only increasing the state's liability. miller wants pensions for all new teachers to eventually be funded by local governments. >> new hires, new pay increases, that would go to the people responsible for negotiate it. >> that would be the counties. >> leaders of governments are voicing concern. in fact, some say, if their subdivisions are forced to even partially fund teacher's pensions it could be a catastrophic impact on the day-to-day operations. >> in baltimore county if it were true today, that is $75 million. which baltimore county does not have. >> deep in the throws of this recession, the worst possible time to have this conversation. >> some local leaders fear their residents will wind up paying more in property taxes and more for services.
10:31 pm
anne arundel county exclusive john leopold said the state has balanced the budget in recent years by taking money from the counties. >> transportation trust fund. program open space. waterway improvement fund. all special funds rated by the state to help out the budget. so the counties have paid their fair share. >> nancy grasmick said shifting the burden of funding pensions should not come at the expense of students. >> it is the local jurisdiction is paying a high percentage of that, will that then be reducing the educational services for children? >> next week, governor o'malley is expected to recommend massive cuts to reduce a $700 million budget deficit. but he is luke warm about forcing the counties to begin picking up the tab for teacher's pensions. >> i have not been in favor of that, in the past. and i nonetheless have a duty and obligation to remain open to
10:32 pm
my colleagues in the legislature, because they are elected officials too and look at the same numbers and same budget. >> meantime, a commission of state lawmakers will soon begin tackling the thorny question of how to pay for the escalating tensions. >> they are partners. all trying to accomplish the same thing. we will not do things in an ethical and reasonable fashion. >> nancy grasmick said maryland teachers need not worry about retirement. hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded. but how the pensions are funded is far from being resolved. in baltimore. john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> there are currently more than 27,000 retired teachers receiving a state pension. . >> president barack obama moves closer to getting his health care overhaul. what republicans say is supposed to save money will do the opposite. >> this really could be the way we treat breast cancer 10 years from now. >> treating breast cancer
10:33 pm
without the surgery. we will show you how the
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. >> well, pretty nice day out there today around baltimore. looking at plenty of sunshine. temperatures on the warm side of things. humidity levels crept up a bit. making it feel more sticky out there. but it looks like we will continue to see the chances for showers and thunderstorms. take a look what's happening downtown right now. we have 75 degrees. partly cloudy skies. winds are coming out of the south at five. and our humidity levels at 64 percent. so you can see also the moisture contact moving in. dew points are at 62. so that is another indicator showing moisture coming up out of the south. usually when you get the southerly winds that's where the temperatures coming from. so temperatures warming and moisture from the gulf of mexico. so definitely the change is occurring out there. and that will give us a chance for maybe pop-up showers and
10:36 pm
thunderstorms as we get through the next couple of days. across the mid-atlantic right now. 78 baltimore. 77 in harrisburg. 78 in richmond. back in pittsburg looking at 76 degrees. we will continue to see that warm moist air build up. and look at the highs across the mid-atlantic. 90 today in baltimore. looking at 85 in harrisburg. 89 in richmond. 85 in pittsburg. so the temperatures were pretty warm out there through the mid afternoon hours. but the temperatures heating up. and looking at the radar. high thin clouds across the mid-atlantic. virginia, delaware, into new jersey and pennsylvania. up to portions of canada and upstate new york. looking at some showers and thunderstorms there. strong thunderstorms are firing up along a frontal boundary down in portions of kentucky and tennessee. we have a cold front that is extending back over parts of ohio, back towards indiana. that will be joining us later. but ahead of the cold front, are the warmer temperatures. as the warmer temperatures come up out of the south continue to see the temperatures increasing and also we continue to see the
10:37 pm
moisture moving in from the south. so humidity is going to be ahead of the front. as the front moves closer to our neck of the woods, we get the better chance for showers and thunderstorms firing off. closer look at some of the cloud cover over the area. high thin clouds. continue to be the case over virginia, central maryland. off-and-on clouds through the eveningment few pokes of stars through them. future scan shows the timing of rain. it looks like tomorrow morning dry. but by the afternoon, maybe a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms across the area. probably want to take your umbrellas with you as the potential is there. by the evening hours, things clear out again. and by friday, front moves closer. so better chance to get showers and thunderstorms by the afternoon and evening as we start to get closer to the weekend. here is how it plays out on the eastern shore for the forecast. 89 degrees. southwest wind at 10. with the chances for scattered showers and thunderstorms. and for you folks in cambridge and denton as far as the central portion of the state. looks like the same applies with temperatures around 83 to 88 degrees. and it looks like showers and
10:38 pm
thunderstorms possible as we go through the day. warmer air ahead of the cold front. area of high pressure is riding the front and ahead of it. a trough that creates a bump in the atmosphere to allow for showers and thunderstorms firing up. here is the forecast. 88 degrees tomorrow. chance for showers and thunderstorms. 88 on friday. front will move through. cold front. and then we cool down to 80 on saturday. 81 on sunday. maybe a remaining warning shower sunday. but things better on sunday with more sun and clouds. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> a successful liftoff after six attempts in cape canaveral. the space shuttle endeavour took off at 6:03 tonight. shuttle's mission has been delayed for more than a month because of bad weather. seven astronauts are on board the shuttle headed for the international space station. mission lasts 16 days. >> the senate health committee passed its version of a health care reform measure today. the $600 billion bill would make
10:39 pm
health insurance mandatory for all americans. the government and employers would help pay for premiums. republicans say it will put the nation deeper in debt. >> let me be clear. if you like your doctor or health care provider, you can keep them. if you like your health care plan, you can keep that too. but here is what else reform will mean for you. and this is for people that have health insurance. you will save money. >> president obama hopes congress will get this past before the august recess. >> there is a new way to treat breast cancer. and doctors hope it will one day eliminate the need for surgery. the method is called cryobla shan. where tumors in the breast are frozen to kill the abnormal cells, procedure is done in a doctor's office and takes about 20 minutes. >> the cryobla shun destroys the cancer and small rim of tissue around the cancer. which really is the same thing
10:40 pm
we do in surgery. >> the treatment is in clinical trials right now. doctors involved say so far great success. . >> it is a big, big day for "harry potter" fans, the 6th
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
. >> "harry potter" is still casting a spell on movie goers. "harry potter" and the half blood prince brought in $22 million at midnight screenings nationwide. joel d smith was at the opening in hunt valley. >> i am disoriented. i don't know exactly what's going on. but i hopefully get to drive home in one place. >> 3:30a.m. show was not the plan for this group. 11 theaters in hunt valley offered the movie at 12:00. but when all sold out, something made the fans stay the course. >> i would like you to see it. >> well, we tried to come at midnight. but sold out. and 3:30 seemed like an adventure. >> sixth installment of the series, "harry potter" and the half blood prince is darker and also includes a healthy dose of romance. >> like love, a lot of snogging, as they say. >> a love of the books is what brings so many here at all hours.
10:44 pm
but how does a movie measure up? >> it was pretty good. left a lot of stuff out. but, i mean, to be expected because it was a long book. >> left out big parts like the ending. this is the "harry potter" movie where, yes, big secrets are revealed. so thought it would be a good idea to ask the folks that came to the early shows what's the secret to staying awake. >> nothing. >> smart but even the best plans don't work for everyone. even "harry potter" devotion has its limits. >> i think the youngest fell asleep. she fell asleep. nick for a little bit. but i stayed awake. >> i am going to go pass out for the whole day. >> in cockeysville, joel d smith, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> "harry potter" could break the record for a film debut, "the dark knight" owns the record at $67 million in ticket sales in just one day. . >> the tryouts for season nine of american idol are done.
10:45 pm
last round was held in denver. >> ♪ note. >> well, those with and without talent tried out. the people that made the cuts have a long way to go. they have to come back in a few weeks for a second and third round of cuts. well, of course the top 10 contestants from season 8 will bring their live summer tour right here to baltimore. and perform at 1st mariner arena on august 5. >> coming up in "sports unlimited". we will hear more from ravens
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. >> here is a final look at the forecast tomorrow. probably see clouds gathering in the afternoon. high of 88. but there will be a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms later in the day. so take the umbrella with you as we have a potential for seeing the showers. and linger into friday as well. high of 88. and cold front pushes through. dropping the temperatures down to the lower 80s for saturday and sunday. and saturday, still remaining shower potential to the afternoon. and we will probably get sunshine. and linger into sunday. some sun and clouds. and monday, tuesday, wednesday for next week, maybe 30 percent chance for stray showers. but temperatures remain in the lower 80s. so it will be less humidity as we round out the weekend into early parts of next week. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, vytas.
10:49 pm
>> terrell suggs got the big contract he wanted. >> yeah, he won't have to cut coupons from the sunday paper. one of the biggest contracts in nfl history. probably the biggest contract for a defensive linebacker. bruce cunningham has the details in "sports unlimited". bruce? >> yeah, i think old sizzle head can cut coupons not for a few years. ravens' fans you will be seeing number 55 in the purple and black for many years to comes. hear from terrell suggs on the record contract. john harbaugh weighs in on the contract and the news that derrick mason will retire. and kristen berset looks back at the first half of the season for the orioles. and what we can expect in the second half. "sports unlimited" starts right now. >> as you saw during the news at 10:00. last night some 16 hours before the deadline, the ravens and terrell suggs got their deal done. and a big deal it is. s


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