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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 15, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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weekend. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. we begin tonight with breaking news out of baltimore county where two people have been shot. >> happened after 9:30 in middle river. police say two were shot near starwood court. >> one flown to shock trauma, the other taken to bayview. now there is also late word tonight of a separate double shooting. this one in woodlawn. it happened near lord baltimore drive and barkley woods road. one person was shot in the neck. the other in the arm. and we have crews on the way to both of these scenes. and we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >> an elderly woman dies of natural causes and relative stores the body in a freezer for weeks and it is not illegal. >> grandson of doris lee cook
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believes his two aunts did not notify authorities because they were in shock. unless the death is ruled a homicide no one is charged. no law that forces family members to notify police if a loved one dies of natural causes. >> i find it to be outrageous that someone would just drop the bodies, or put them in a freezer. i just find that is inhumane. >> senator dee grange said he plans to introduce a bill before the general assembly next year that requires citizens to report all deaths to authorities within 24 hours. >> well, that brings us to the question of the day. should there be a law requiring individuals to report a death to police? at last check, 64 percent say yes. and 36 percent say no. steve from baltimore writes, why not report a death? do you have something to hide? what about insurance? social security? wills, et cetera. to read more responses go to
11:02 pm and click on our question of the day. >> one woman is hospitalized after being hit by a light rail train. it happened this evening at the mount washington stop. the woman apparently trying to cross the tracks, was struck by an oncoming train. injuries do not appear to be life threatening. >> meantime, investigators look for answers in the fatal accident last week. two teenagers killed by a light i rail train walking along the tracks in lutherville. baltimore county police released photographs of a passenger that may have witnessed the accident. >> it captured an image of a witness, passenger on the train. who we believe, through information that the detectives have, has significant information that can help us with this case, so trying to identify who the person is. >> bodies of peterson and wank miller found on the tracks in lutherville and struck from behind. >> frightening morning for neighbors in glen burnie.
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first gunshots and then a body. lying on the ground outside of an apartment complex on summer rain court. anne arundel police searched the area for the shooter. and put two nearby schools on lockdown. police say so far they have no suspects or a motive. . >> first on fox now. nearly 100 law enforcement officers hit the streets of baltimore city to arrest suspected criminals. crime and justice reporter joy lepola joined a team of detectives from the regional warrant apprehension task force, as they went to work. >> it is 3:30 and time for roll call. >> we have an exceptionally good day yesterday. we had 42 and 19. so hopefully we will have the same success today. >> officers gear up for another sweep of the city. this is day two of a three day operation. >> good morning. could you come downstairs for a second. need to talk to you. >> teams from the warrant apprehension task force are
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scattered across baltimore. >> who is here today? >> attempting to serve a woman with a warrant for domestic violence. >> got a light hammer. >> after several minutes of talking with those inside, officers find the woman they are after. a success as the team makes its first arrest. >> before leaving, they receive information another person may be in the house, who is also wanted. >> the individual is being evasive about names. we have had three name changes. >> the call goes out for the van. from the 800 block of lenox, we head to the southwest. an area detectives describe as once being explosive. >> police department. step-down stares. >> a woman answers the door, but it is not the person that detectives are after. >> lieutenant, lieutenant. >> as night fall gives way to morning. detectives know their window of opportunity is slowly closing.
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>> we like to get an early start. once people get up and moving and they start to get ready for work and what not, we start to miss our chances of getting them at home. >> it is not who they have the warrant for. the decision is made to move on. next stop. a rowhome in cherry hill. >> looks vacant. >> officers are ready to move on when out from behind the building walks a detective. >> that's why we cover the rear. >> it is another suspect, with a domestic violence warrant. >> went to pee. >> no time to do that. >> i don't understand what she is talking about. >> what he does know, is he is heading downtown. >> with morning upon them, officers work quickly, but to no avail. the suspects they are looking for are gone. still, they press on, and it pays off. >> radio is busy. that's good. >> over three days, it is expected more than 250 warrants
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will served as officers with the regional warrant apprehension task force sweep the streets of baltimore for suspects. >> all the way back. >> in east baltimore. joy lepola, fox 45 news "late edition". >> some cops in montgomery county are off the hook tonight after a judge decides to throw out speeding tickets. four county officers got the citations for speeding in their squad cars, the departmented the cops had to pay the fines because the officers could not provide a reason for why they were speeding. but their lawyer successfully argued that speeding is part of a cops job and without a written policy, the tickets cannot be enforced. >> federal stimulus money is sailing into the city. $1.6 million to expand commuter ferry service between canton and did tied point. federal dollars used to buy three boats and make dock improvements in canton. new service is set to start later this year. >> maryland now has a third confirmed death from swine flu.
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the maryland department of health and mental hygiene confirms the death involved in adults on the eastern shore. person died back in june. but just determined that the swine flu virus was in fact, the cause of death. according to the cdc as of july 10, 211 people nationwide have died from swine flu. >> it is hot and muggy out there. >> starting to feel like july. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to tell us how warm. >> our high today, 90 degrees. hot one, with the humidity levels up in the 60 percent range. it did get sticky out there. and we will continue to see the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. brushing 90. so you may need to cut on the air conditioning into tomorrow. but looks like mother nature will come with a natural cool off as you see, the rain back in parts of tennessee. looks like nashville getting heavy rain, south of louisville, getting heavy rain as well. but going to the south. we will not get it. by tomorrow, thunderstorms start
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to move in. 70s right now. we will see the temperatures back in the 80s by tomorrow afternoon. for the next day planner. keep the umbrella nearby, you may need it by the late afternoon hours. detailed look at how long it will stick around coming up in the seven-day forecast. . >> in tonight's news you need to know. a warning about identity theft. from your cell phone. attorney general gansler said scams are targeting cell phones to get sensitive personal banking information. scammers are sending text messages despiseed as your bank. gansler warns never get out personal information unless you made the contact. >> looking for something to do. check out a national park. free admission. second of three weekends when there is no admission fee for the 100 national parks and monuments around the country. one more free weekend is scheduled for august 15 and 16. >> for more information about the free week at national park, log onto our website
11:09 pm and click on "news links". >> christmas in july. a little bit early this year. toys 'r us, said it is planning to run a special christmas thief promotion for one week this month. the campaign will offer dozens of discounts both in store and online. some up to 45 percent off. there will also be a one day special on july 25, where kids can make christmas cards and get a free candy cane. >> sheriff deputies want to know why no one turned off the video system before the attacks that claimed the lives of two parents with 17 children in pensacola florida. i am brian wilson, new details straight ahead. >> president obama supreme court nominee spends day number three on the hot seat. why republicans want answers about things she has said in the past. coming up. >> "harry potter" mania. kicked off
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>> investigators are looking for more information surrounding the murders of a florida couple with 17 children. there is a new person of interest who is speaking with the sheriff's department. brian wilson has the latest from pensacola florida. >> it was a methodically planned robbery except for one detail. police now suspect an accomplice supposed to shut off the surveillance cameras at the home of the billings botched the job. the billings were shot to death with nine of the 17 kids home at the time. at least seven suspects made off with the safe. and at the time, they believed they were not on camera. >> and all of you should have asked this. we have asked ourselves this from the beginning. identifies the security system not disabled? >> late today investigators also located a woman they are calling a person of interest in the case. her name is patricia long. realtor and apparent acquaintance of one of the men in custody. >> she is coming back of her own volition with her attorney to
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discuss the issues with us. >> surveillance video here plays a key role in piecing it together. captured the suspects in black, like ninjas heading in the back and front doors of the nine bedroom home. the sheriff is vague in order to protect the investigation. >> one of the motives, a motive was robbery. at this time, because we have turned the investigation over to the state attorney's office, we are treading softly. >> meanwhile one of the daughters thanked the community for its support following the death of her parents. >> to all that kept us in their prayers, we will need them more than ever in the coming weeks. >> again, police say the murder is solved but they believe new information developed in this case is launching a whole host of other investigations. in pensacola florida, brian wilson, fox news. >> day three of sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearings and we don't know where she stands on the topic of abortion. no different however from her predecessors. supreme court nominees typically
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shy clear of the issues. senators pressed sonia sotomayor on abortion and related court decisions. >> you seem to say in your approach, and throughout the speech, that background, sympathies and prejudices, can impact how you rule. >> it was a bad choice of words by me. because it left an impression that has offended people, and has left an impression that i didn't intend. >> the judiciary committee hearings are expected to wrap up tomorrow. full senate vote could come in august. >> also on capitol hill today. senate health committee passed its version of a health care reform bill. the $600 billion bill would make health insurance mandatory for all americans. the government and employers would help pay the premiums. republicans say it would put the country deeper in to debt. >> let me be clear. if you like your doctor or
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health care provider, you can keep them. if you like your health care plan, you can keep that too. but here is what else reform will mean for you. and this is for people that have health insurance. you will save money. >> president obama hopes congress will get the reform bill passed along to him, before the august recess. >> it took six tries but space shuttle endeavour and seven astronauts are now on the way to the international space station. the shuttle took off from cape canaveral just after 6 p.m. tonight. once at the space station there will be five space walks to do and work on a laboratory up there. the mission is expected to last, at least, 16 days. >> in the words of bucks ter poindexter, it is hot, hot, hot. >> it is getting hotter. july in baltimore. vytas reid is here to tell us how long the temperatures will be with us. vytas? >> dog days of summer. feeling the humidity mixed with
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the heat. and it makes it uncomfortable. right now it looks like the temperatures are going down for the overnight. take a look downtown toward the tower there. looks like a relatively quiet evening. inner harbour, temperatures at 74. and temperatures not too bad right now. winds out of the south at five. we have a few high thin clouds. humidity levels at 60 percent. so that does make the air feel more moist out there. dew points at 59. so definitely the humidity is up as we have the southerly wind bringing the moisture up from the south. as far as the temperatures are concerned across the area. looking at 76 degrees in harrisburg. 74 in new york. 78 baltimore. looking at 78 in richmond. continue to see the temperatures stay in the upper 80s. with the southerly wind as we go through the next couple of days here. looking at the high of 90 degrees in baltimore. so it was a hot one out there. as we saw the heat build in from the south. looking at the hd radar. you can see we have a cold front off to the west. ahead of that are the warmer temperatures. well we get the warmer temperatures out of the south.
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and we will continue to see the heat in play for the next couple of days t helps to fire up showers and thunderstorms as get into the next several days heading towards the weekend. closer here, cloud cover over the region. timing it out on the future scan. looks like we will see pop-up showers and thunderstorms, as we go through the next day here. and then by tomorrow, or excuse me, friday evening, there is still a chance for showers and thunderstorms again. as we see this moist air sticking around and the front approaches. on the eastern shore, here is what it looks like. showers and thunderstorms possible. 89 degrees. and the central portion of the state. looking at the temperatures around 88. and with the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. what is causing it, the front, pushing in from the west. see the showers pop up along the frontal boundary. and we will continue to see the showers and thunderstorms leading us into the weekend. five-day forecast. temperatures in the upper 80s. and dropping down to the lower 80s. as we get into the weekend. back to you guys. >> vytas, thank you. >> "harry potter" reaches a new
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level. at regal cinemas, fans sold out the showings. opening night is busy but this time the theater made the unique move to add another showing after the midnight shows let out. that meant fans of the six movie and successful franchise had to make a bold decision. >> well, we tried to come at midnight but it was sold out. and 330 seemed like an adventure. >> 100 people came out for the 3:30a.m. show. believe it or not, harry has a long way to go to break the record for a wednesday opening. transformer two set the new mark, making $60 million in one day. . >> shark surprise. what some beachgoers in new york found along the shoreline, coming up in tonight's "get this". >> and what does terrell suggs think of
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. >> get this. beach colmers in new york found a 26-foot shark washed up on a beach on long island. officials say the animal, which weighed an estimated 5000 pounds died shortly after they arrived to investigate. marine officials say it is a basking shark, which is the second largest fish in the ocean, and is not a threat to humans. >> you have heard of a partridge in a pear tree but what about a peacock in the neighbor's tree. peacock taken up residence in a tree in des moines iowa. no one seems to know where it came from. >> a bird like that is rare. and it is a beautiful bird. i thought maybe it got loose from the zoo. >> animal control is hoping to lure the flyer down. >> punches flew in a court after a man sentenced to life in
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prison for killing the son of a former police chief. six people charged with disturbing the peace. last month, another brawl was caught on tape, at the same courthouse, over a different case. a father punched the suspect accused of killing his son during that fight. >> patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> as you saw earlier in the news at 10:00. late last night 16 hours before the deadline, the ravens and terrell suggs got their very big deal done. suggs gets a contract believed to be the largest ever given a defensive player in nfl history. the deal is massive. six years, $6,263,000,000. $38 million of that guaranteed. 26-year-old suggs would has 53 career sacks had been given the franchise tag which would have earned him 10.2 million. so the ravens save 3 million under the cap. suggs knows it is a lot of money and knows he has to prove that
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he is worth it. >> i am going to continue to be the dominant player i have always been. you know, with me being 26, my best years are ahead of me. so i am looking forward to just showing them that, you know, they did not make a mistake and that you have the right guy. >> i consider myself a player of the fans. you know what i mean. i play for them. and i love, you know, the cheer of the game when i run out of the tunnel. i am glad that we finally got back to football. they wanted me there. i wanted to be there. both sides compromised. now we can come back to football. >> he loves football. he has tremendous work ethic. he plays hard. studies the game along with guys like ed and ray. he is into the preparation part of it. he is a raven. he plays like one. and to me he is a core foundation building block for what we are trying to do for the next few years. >> meanwhile the derrick mason watch goes on.
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veteran receiver has not submitted the paperwork to the nfl that makes his retirement official. for now though, we have to assume that we have seen the last of him in a ravens' uniform, but john harbaugh wants to keep the lines of communication open. >> i think, there is a lot of time to go between now and when training camp starts. and between now and when the season starts. derrick mason is a warrior. tremendous family man. he has good relationships with everybody inside the building. and i know he has gone through a lot, in the last couple of weeks, with steve's situation. i am looking forward to talking to him. >> training camp starts july 28. at mcdaniel college in westminster. back to you. . >> precious pooches on the catwalk.
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. >> final look at the seven-day forecast tomorrow. 88 degrees with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. 40 percent chance in the afternoon and evening. same applies for friday. then saturday, maybe a lingering shower but temperatures cooler with less humidity. high of 80. 81 sunday. mostly cloudy skies. and next week, temperatures in the lower 80s. with a 30 percent chance for showers. back to you. >> finally tonight dogs strut their stuff in designer duds. >> these pooches walk the catwalk in taiwan wearing bathing suits, evening gowns and bridal wear. each pup walked with a biped sho to show off dozens made for a dog wear company. the styles are available in china, japan and australia. >> god way of telling you they are too much money. >> the dogs are good sports but that
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