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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 16, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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. >> so you have to question the validity of the data. >> dubious distinction. debate over whether baltimore residents really have the most expensive utility bills. >> this is a daunting challenge. >> more bad news about maryland's budget. and now the governor is forced to consider more cuts. >> the heat and humidity has arrived, but storms could bring us a little relief. when the rain could arrive, in the sky watch forecast. >> because i am looking for my taught to keep holding. >> the way people are reaching out to help the victim of a extremely rare disease. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> high costs in a bad economy. >> that's a big difference. one hundred dollars is a big difference. especially now. >> is the city of baltimore really number one when it comes to paying the price for utilities? >> and there is no question, unemployment and foreclosures are still taking their toll. now there is even worse news
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about maryland's bottom line. >> the solution will be very painful. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. >> if you think you are paying too much in utility bills you may be correct. new survey shows people in baltimore on city are paying the highest utility rates in the united states. myranda stephens is live in north baltimore with the latest on this interesting story tonight. myranda? >> yes, it is jeff and jennifer. baltimore is known for a lot of things, seas food, sports and now highest utility bills in the entire country. >> on the hottest day of the week, lauren white is tempted to crank up the ac but a check of the electricity bill cools the idea. >> i don't run it often. >> lauren has a hard time paying the high utility bills and got a roommate to help irrelevant. but her situation should not be a surprise. according to a new survey,
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baltimore residents are paying the highest utility bills in the country. >> are we? i didn't know that. >> consumer website white on reports that in june, the average utility bill for baltimore, including electricity, gas and cable, was about $354. that's nearly $100 more than the national average, of $264. even higher than one of the country's most expensive cities, new york, where folks pay an average 198. >> if anybody thinks they can go to new york city and have cheaper utilities than they would have in baltimore, is absurd. >> bge spokesman bob gould said the finding in the survey do not reflect facts. and pointed out that the information used in the survey was based solely on the websites customers. >> so you have to question the validity of the data, and how it really relates, so you can comparing apples and apples or in this case, aspect pelts and
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oranges. >> to lauren all that matters is doing everything she can to cut her bills down, even if that means literally sweating it out. >> and in case you are wondering the city with the second highest utility bills is houston. according to the website folks are paying an average of $335. for now, live here in baltimore, north baltimore, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> new figuress show more people having trouble paying their mortgage each and every month. foreclosures in the month of june were nearly 5 percent higher than may. so far, economists say the government plan to cut back on foreclosures, is not doing much. the number of americans meantime filing for first time unemployment dropped to the lowest level in six months. 522,000 new claims were filed last week. but that doesn't necessarily mean the market is getting better. maryland's unemployment rate climbed to 7.2 percent back in may. and that could worsen now as lawmakers face budget
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shortfalls. >> less than a week, maryland's budget will be slashed by hundreds of millions of dollars. governor o'malley said it is necessary to help close a $700 million deficit. but many state employees worry about what that means. >> john rydell has the latest. >> everything is on the table. everything is being looked at. >> for the union's representing state employees these are troubling times. in the past six months, many workersers had to take five furlough days, but witnessed a direct correlation between the lingering deficit and declining services to those in need. >> we have taken budget cuts, after budget cuts. as a result, our case loads have skyrocketed. >> ed shoe mate works at a center for juvenile offenders. >> we have a lot of attrition going on. where the kids are getting a little rougher. but we are getting shorter staffed. >> governor o'malley said he will have no choice but to make additional cuts to agencies already dee plead. >> this is a daunting, and
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challenge. the solution will be very painful. and will require cuts in many, many places of our state government. >> to help save the state money, they are calling on governor o'malley to reevaluate $1 billion in contracts with private vendors that handle everything from highway maintenance to support child enforcement. >> we do not understand why it is prioritized when state employees have been doing the job for years and doing a great job. >> vernon wells worry about those dependent on state services. >> what is most vulnerable? all of them. but, you know, we cannot harm our children, and our seniors. >> foster care, group homes, child support. >> jones hopes the next round of budget cuts will not leave maryland's most needy further behind. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> governor o'malley and the board of public works expected to approve $300 million in budget cuts next week.
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another 400 million in cuts has to be approved in the future. >> the feds pressure general motors and chrysler to both close 2000 dealerships. now the federal government may be backp tracking. auto makers pulled the agreements of hundreds of dealerships to restructure, you may recall. maryland congress member frank kratovil appeared on fox 45 morning news earlier today and introduced measures that forces the companies to reinstate many of the auto dealerships. >> so ultimately this is a matter of fairness. you had dealerships surviving, this difficult economic time, our view is let the free market control, if they could survive, let them. >> he says he has 240 co-sponsors and expects action on this measure soon. >> baltimore city police are investigating a suspicious death tonight. a man found dead in a car. keith daniels live in northeast baltimore with the story. keith? >> jennifer, we are live in the lake mont bellow neighborhood. a man is dead, and tonight,
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people are puzzled. >> it happened in the quiet neighborhood where people say there is little crime. >> but the peaceful place turned into a crime scene early thursday morning. after the alarming discovery of a man's body in a parked white car, in the 3400 block of lake mont bellow drive. investigators say a jogger found the man slumped over the wheel. then called 911. >> being classified as suspicious until the medical examiner and detectives can look closer. as we know more we will update you. >> someone initially reported the incident to police as a shooting. but investigators have not determined the cause of death. >> detectives dust at the car for prints looking for clues. police say the body showed obvious signs of dee composition, which means the man may have been dead for days before the body was discovered near the busy exercise path around lake mont bellow. >> i would have said something
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if i seen the body over here. >> not the bikers, joggers, or walkers seemed to notice. >> things do happen and people don't pay no attention because they are out here trying to better themselves. >> they probably notice but don't say nothing. that's all. >> if that was a strange car, and i saw it, then i would probably say something about it, you know. but i did not see it. and like i say, again, it probably was brought here and put there, you know. >> well, again, police are not calling it a homicide just yet. they say they should know more when they receive the medical examiner's report. live in northeast baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> police are investigating some overnight shootings. the first occurred just 10:00 near lord baltimore drive and barkley woods in rock detail. two groups argued and shots fired according to police. two, 18-year-old males taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> another shooting occurred at 9:30 last night in the 3700
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block of white pine road in middle river. 22-year-old man and 23-year-old man met for a drug deal that went bad. and shots were fired. both were hospitalized. again, with non-life threatening injuries. >> reisterstown man pleads guilty to a sex trafficking conspiracy. 25-year-old byron thompson said he was a pimp that recruited minors to be in sex acts. sentencing is set for october, he faces 10 years in prison, at least. >> a 5-year-old girl shot in he had head. the suspect is a 17-year-old girl supposed to be monitored by the department of juvenile services. crime and justice joy lepola, has the latest. >> total nonsense. >> outrage tonight by youth advocates. over news that 17-year-old lamont davis was still wearing his gps tracking device despite statements made by the
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department of juvenile services. >> what do we have? we have a 17-year-old who shot a 5-year-old in the head. who was on a gps system. a couple of months ago, we have a 15-year-old, who was found dead in a vacant building in west baltimore, that was on a gps system. so clearly the government's plan for juvenile services is not working. >> the track is a company that received the contract from the department of juvenile services, in april. this is the gps system it is supplying the state. it is in two pieces. one part is worn. the other monitors movement. in may, one month after the company's announcement. juvenile services went before the board of public works, for an additional 170 gps units. monies were also requested, to cover the cost for monitoring. from the nebraska based company. governor o'malley said he is satisfied with how the company handled itself. >> the response time, in terms
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of the worker seeing that he was off the grid. and issuing the warrant was actually very, very good. about eight minutes. >> but police sources tell me they did not learn until after separate raids went down at davis' mother's house and his girlfriends, that he even had a gps. >> so there were a lot of elements and pieces to this story that is not connecting. >> at the time of davis' arrest, the department said quote, we played him on gps. the highest sanction the department has. and we were monitoring him in real time. it was 15 minutes after he cutoff the bracelet that our workers were out looking for him. but police sources confirm davis still had the ang let on when he was brought in for questioning. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the secretary of the department of juvenile services will meet with the company to discuss this system. >> well, finally a hot and
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sticky july day. >> when do we get a break from the heat? it is massive the heat. vytas reid what is going on here? >> looks like heat and humidity. but it is really the heat that is getting us right now. getting the clearing out as we get into tomorrow, when a front pushes through. the weekend looking decent out there. right now looking at a few scattered pop-up showers and thunderstorms in the region. but it looks like over baltimore city, clear skies. northern baltimore county, northern carroll county, a little shower making the way out of pennsylvania. as we cross the bay, though, showers southeast of aberdeen, over north of chestertown, and folks over there continue to see flashes of lightning. but bigger picture, showing the showers pushing off to the east. and our showers will start to join us from back over the midwest. you see the line there. firing up. over northern indiana and illinois. that's where we will see the showers and thunderstorms as we get into tomorrow. looking at temperatures in the upper 80s to mid 80s still. so a lot of heat and humidity to
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deal with as we go through the overnight. and those dew points are kind of up there in the 60s. that's why it is so moist. as far as the air is concern. look i go at the day planner. showers and thunderstorms fire up with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. closer look at how long the rain sticks around coming up. >> two kids in a camp test positive for swine flu. the county health department said the kids are recovering. several others at habonim dror camp moshava have symptoms and being monitored. health officials have instructions to the staff and campers. letter was sent out to parents. and the sandy hill camp in cecil hill ended early. 25 children showed flu-like symptoms two weeks ago and two of them tested positive for swine flu. state health officials sent 185 campers home as a precaution. >> maryland's governor said he wants to repair for a major disaster now. governor o'malley wants businesses and non-profit organizations to sign up to help
10:15 pm
for future emergencies. heavy equipment to move debris is a major need for the state right now. and all the hands that can help. the state wants businesses to submit what they can, to help, to the state's emergency management website. you can find a link on our website, click on "news links". . >> clearly, old fashion arm twisting and old fashion vote buying going on. >> health care reform under heavy debate on capitol hill. coming up, why it is on the fast-track to the president's desk. >> good news for chronic headache sufferers, later on fox 45 news at 10:00. why relief could be on the way very soon. >> looking at my children, looking at the mother, hate looking in the mirror, i have been looking for a woman ♪ . >> in tonight's cover story. a disease so rare there is no name for it. how people are reaching out to help the victim. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah!
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. >> two marine sergeants from the state of maryland are the latest casualties in afghanistan. bodies of 33-year-old david spicer and 22-year-old michael heede of edgewood came home yesterday. jeff abell reports. it is one of the deadliest months in afghanistan. >> a sad day. >> in edgewood on thursday, there are signs of strengths, and signs of loss. >> i couldn't sleep last night, it upset me. >> neighbors are mourning the death of a neighbor. the military said 22-year-old marine sergeant michael heede
10:19 pm
died in an explosion while fighting in afghanistan on monday. his mother was notified that day. >> you know how the marines come out to your house, and i just -- she was out there crying and stuff. i don't know how she is going to handle it. i don't know how. my kids can't get up, nerve to tell her how sorry i am. >> this has been one of the deadliest months of fighting in afghanistan. 24 americans have died in month. including 33-year-old marine sergeant david spicer of olney that died in the same explosion that killed michael heede. >> i am getting teary-eyed. >> for those that new the victims and knew of them, the world is dimmer tonight. >> it could have been us. my father, my husband, you know, it is just a sad day. it is so close to home. but it is life. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00.
10:20 pm
>> sergeant heede lived in edgewood and attended high school in fawn grove pennsylvania. >> day four of supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearing delivered more tough questions. a group of firefighters from new haven connecticut spoke out about their discrimination case that sonia sotomayor ruled against in a lower court. a decision which was overturned by the supreme court. >> achievement is neither limited nor determined by one's race. but by one's skills, dedication, commitment, and character. firefighters who earn promotions were denied them. >> meanwhile, democrats have set the first vote on sonia sotomayor for next week. >> republicans in the u.s. congress are calling president obama's health reform plan way too costly. while the president said the time for action is now. house republican eric cantor said the costs will punish businesses big and small and keep them from hiring people that are desperate for work. >> as we see, the ambitious
10:21 pm
agenda with one program after another coming down the pike, the additional question being asked is who is paying for all of that is trying to be pushed. >> make no mistake, the status quo, on health care is not an option for the united states of america. >> house democrats want to make health insurance available to americans that don't have it. >> now, this debate is far from over on capitol hill. so why is it on the fast-track, to get to presidential desk by the month of august. >> politics. it is a sweeping piece of legislation that has the potential to change the face of health care across the country. >> this is clearly a railroad that is barreling down the track trying to force through health care. >> just this week, house democrats unveiled a 1000 page detailed version of the health care reform bill. which president obama wants passed by both chambers next month. >> nobody has even had a chance to really read the bills yet. >> opponents of the legislation argue the process is being rushed along.
10:22 pm
with lawmakers playing politics. >> this clearly old fashion arm twisting and old fashion vote buying going on. >> michael cantor senior fellow at the cantor institute. >> we are talking about something that affects 1/6th of the u.s. economy and some of the most important and private decisions you can make in your life. that deserves a little careful thought. not the railroad express. >> and as the health care debate rages on in congress. the pressure for lawmakers mounts. >> this leadership, there are reaper cushions for votes against the leadership. >> ehrlich spent 10 years in congress as representative before becoming the 60th governor. he introduced legislation and voted on it. and knows all too well about the pressures facing lawmakers today. as they decide the fate of the nation's health care system. >> it is your personal values, your platform, what you campaigned on and you know when you cancel a vote you are in majority with the voters in injure district.
10:23 pm
>> americans are losing confidence in president obama. an average of new pollss shows 55 percent of the public approves of how the president is doing. 37 percent disapprove. in the past five months, president obama's approval rating dropped 10 points. and his disapproval rating went up 12 points. we asked our viewers, do you approve of the job that president obama is doing? so far, 22 percent of our viewers say yes. while 78 percent say no. we will have an update on the question of the day coming up later on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> president obama was in new jersey earlier today. at a rally to support democrat governor corzine that is fighting to keep his seat. close race up there. and he spoke at the naacp convention celebrating their 100 anniversary. mr. obama said creating new jobs, for him, is priority number one. >> and baltimore wants to host the naacp civil rights national convention in 2012. the president of baltimore's
10:24 pm
chapter said it is a good bet the convention will be held here then. and the centennial of the local branch of the local naacp. the convention would bring tens of thousands of people, of course, into the city of baltimore. . >> paying the price for doing business with iran. the washington times is working on a story about how a german engineering firm may be penalized for selling iran technology, that the government used to keep track of dis dents after last month's election. >> in light of that, a number of human rights organizations, including the noble price winner, sha rina body, called on los angeless not to award any future contracts for rail cars. >> also in the times, showdown over the cost of an air force fighter plane. and a new federal rule that bans the purchase of clothing with campaign funds. for more on these stories, go to, and click on the washington times icon.
10:25 pm
. >> hot and muggy today. i will tell you when it could change coming up later in the sky watch forecast. >> what my goal is, is to bring awareness to the family, and to billy. >> a disease so rare, there is no name for it. and no funding for research. but in tonight's cover story, one man is raping for a cause. >> migraines and chronic
10:26 pm
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10:28 pm
>> imagine having a disease so rare that there is not even a name for it? that's what billy anderson living with. >> while doctors try to diagnose it, people from across the world are reaching out to help in many en many surprising ways. melinda roeder has tonight's cover story. raping for a cause. >> ♪ note. >> baltimore's inner harbor sets the stage for many performers. >> ♪ . >> as tourists pass by, business workers break for lunch and local rap artist sully jay puts his rap into motion. >> to me, to see another person
10:29 pm
happy, that's what makes me happy. >> don't get me wrong ♪ . >> he says all the songs have special meaning but one in particular, he wants you to hear. >> what my goal is, is to bring awareness to the family and to billy. >> for you billy. >> ♪ a husband and father, friend. >> billy's conscience, written for a unique circumstance. >> that one is my daddy right there. >> 3-year-old london is too young to listen to rap but old enough to lynn to her heart. >> i love my daddy. >> her daddy, billy, is in the hospital right now. he has been there more than a year, and his family has no idea when or if he will come home. >> it has been really hard. i am sorry. >> billy's wife has been by his side since he first got sick. what seemed at first to be a stomach bug, has become much more baffling. >> we have doctors literally walked into the room and said that he will be written about in
10:30 pm
medical books. >> a disease so rare, it doesn't even have a name. doctors simply call it will lee's disease. >> he gets life threatening infection, after infection, after infection. >> in the last year, his immune system has shut down. digestive system is failing too. causing him to lose weight rapidly. more than 100 pounds so far. getting weaker and losing his functions one at a time. but still no answers. doctors have only been able to rule out every possible diagnosis. >> i am really tired. i mean, it has gone on for so long. >> desperate for answers billy's family created a website to get out the word about the condition. began to tell his story in an effort to reach anyone that might listen. >> ♪ . >> and sully he heard the message loud and clear. >> you would think that you had always been friends. but they have not even met. while sully lives in baltimore, billy is all the way in
10:31 pm
oklahoma. >> ♪ . >> i took all of that and put it into a song called billy's conscience. >> back in tulsa billy's family was touched by the gift of song. >> it is special that someone did that for us. >> since then the two men have become friends. >> i flew out to oklahoma, mit billy in the hospital. met his family. >> rap song is written from the heart. >> about what's inside billy's heart and what he might say if he could talk. >> how he feels every day. how he gets treated. how the medicine might affect him. how he feels about his kids. >> i wish my daddy would come home. >> when that wish will come true is uncertain. what is clear is that friends and family have hope. >> ♪ . >> i feel like we will get to the bottom of this. there has to be a doctor somewhere, who has seen something like this. >> in the meantime, by reaching out to others, even in the form
10:32 pm
of rap. >> ♪ . >> one man with a strange illness, is able to send a long distance message of love, music, and kindness to strangers. >> ♪ . >> for some reason in my heart i felt like i was the one supposed to help him. >> ♪ . >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> now, to learn more about billy anderson go to our website at where you will find a link to his home page. >> oral cancers, on the rise. why research is pointing to your cell phone. >> this may be the last piece of our puzzle. >> new evidence and arrests in the case of a slain florida couple. . >> it has been a hot and
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. >> good evening folks. looks like we are seeing pretty peaceful evening as far as no rain. looking at some decent conditions out there. just hot. and it looks like we will continue to see that heat. on the rise. and humidity. as we go through the overnight. we have a front coming. and we will see a thunderstorm firing up late afternoon tomorrow. so you will be needing the umbrellas. but good news is that the front will bring much needed relief as we get towards the weekend. here is a look at what's going on downtown right now. temperature wise. 83 degrees. looking at a few high thin clouds. winds out of the southwest at seven. humidity levels 63 percent. and our pressure is steady at this time. dew points are up there. 69 right now as we continue to see the moisture values on the upper side of things. that's why it feels uncomfortable out there. looking at the high of
10:36 pm
94 degrees today. we had a high back, record high of 104 back in day. so high back then. looking at precipitation. none here. northern baltimore county a little rain, and also across the bay, few pop-up showers. temperature wise across the mid-atlantic. hot spot across northeastern virginia around the dc area. metro area here. around baltimore. and 87 degrees right now. still holding down in inner harbour. 82 in richmond. 76 in harrisburg. so you have to go north on 83 to get a little bit of cooling. but the cold front that will be joining us is back to the west. over northern, northwest indiana where they have showers and thunderstorms up there. where they are going to continue to see the activity moving in. look at the highs. 96 degrees in baltimore. 92 in hairingberg. 91 in richmond. so hot temperatures right here, right over our neck of the woods. so it was a very hot sticky day out there. right now on the hd radar. showers and thunderstorms firing up west of ft. wayne.
10:37 pm
warsaw indiana. continue to see showers there. and down to the south of them. it looks like pop-up showers over indianapolis. but it won't arrive until late afternoon and evening tomorrow. that will be when we get our best chance of showers and thunderstorms. shower here popping up over northern baltimore county. closest rain right now. but staying north of the city. and we will probably not get to see any big rain event tonight. probably arrive by tomorrow. tomorrow night. so here is what it will do tonight as far as any shower activity. nothing going on until tomorrow afternoon. need the umbrellas. and tomorrow evening definitely rain potential as the system pushes in. as far as how much rain could we see? well future scan shows anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half inch. depending where you are, up to a couple inches. down toward dc where the heaviest rain could be. on the eastern shore, scattered showers and central portion of the state. much of the same. chance for scattered showers, with temperatures right around 86 to 88 degrees. and be another hot one. five-day forecast shows
10:38 pm
temperatures cooling by saturday. 83. 83 on sunday. less humidity. and then we will stay in the lower 80s for early parts of next week. fox 45 sky watch weather is now at your fingers tips. i-radar is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. the interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow will be over your house. go to, and click on i-radar. >> an eighth person is under arrest in the killing of the florida couple. pamela long wiggins arrested last night for accessory after the fact. cops also may have found the gun used to kill the couple. they took a safe from the home too. the sheriff said there are several other people they want to talk to. >> we believe, again, we believe, that this case has had so many odd twists and turns that this may be the last piece of our puzzle. >> six men and one teenager are charged with killing bird and
10:39 pm
melanie billings in their home in florida last week. >> 40 years ago tonight apollo 11 launched into space. >> liftoff. we have a liftoff. 32 minutes past the hour. >> the saturn five rocket blasted off from cape canaveral. to celebrate nasa released this video from the launch. they talk about the massive rock that got them to their destination. >> i think, we all felt very comfortable, about putting our lives up on top of this rocket. >> monday is the anniversary of the first ever moon walk. >>. >> good news for kids. suffering from chronic headaches. why relief may not be far off. >> and another reason you might not want to pick up your cell phone and why a hands free head set will not help.
10:40 pm
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
. >> we have breaking news out west baltimore. young boy hurt in a hit-and-run accident. at stricker street and lafayette
10:43 pm
avenue. more on the story coming up on the "late edition" at 11:00. . >> good news for headache sufferers, scientists in taiwan studied middle schoolers 12 to 14 with recurring headaches. they found 60 percent of them outgrow chronic headaches within a year. 75 percent were rid of them after two years. and after eight years, 88 percent no longer suffered chronic headaches. >> another possible link between cell phones and cancer. this time, israeli health report shows increase of malignant growth in glands located under the ear. number of cases increased over the last five years alone. from 25 to 70 per year. so argue a strong link between cell phone use, and cancer. >> an event tonight to help victims of domestic violence. seventh annual cabaret held at the bma. hundreds of people came out to raise money for the house of ruth, which provides shelter and
10:44 pm
services to victims of domestic violence. fox 45 was a media sponsor of cabaret and had the honor of serving as mistress of ceremony ceremonys. (inaudible). >>. >> well, the nominations are in for the 61 annual prime time emmies. television announced the nominees this morning. 30 rock got the most nods with 22. house, family guy and american idol were also nominated. and actor neal patrick hairs will host the emmies. it is sunday september 20. >> cut it in half and it went kaboom. >> 13-year-old perform surgery. a camp that is preparing children for the future job market. >> and will orioles manager dave trembley be back for the 2010
10:45 pm
season? details coming up in "sports unlimited". ♪ ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving wh h geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. ufuffled music right here, it's easy...
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♪ i always feel lik somebody's watchg g me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.
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. >> final look at the forecast. it will be another hot one out there tomorrow. pushing around 90 degrees. the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. so take your umbrella with you. probably need t looking at the seven-day forecast. we will see a bit of a cool down
10:48 pm
behind the cold front that pushes through. on friday evening. less humidity on saturday and sunday. maybe a 20 percent chance for a stray shower remaining in the early morning hours on saturday. but a high of 83 degrees. 83 on sunday. looks like a decent weekend. staying in the lower 80s. to start off the work week next week. with a few scattered showers. back in the mid 80s by wednesday and thursday. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, vytas. >> you probably did not do this at summer camp. >> people at one virginia hospital call it job training for the future. health care camp is not for the squeamish but organizers are counting on gore to lure kids into learning. they take out a come me bear tumor made of jello and put a cast on a teddy bear. >> also teaching job security. federal government predicts health care jobs will double in seven years, the kids say it is fun because they get to eat the brains and the tumors. >> once they extract it.
10:49 pm
>> gum me bear tumor action and jelly beans. all good. >> orioles rookies impressive this season. >> bruce cunningham joins us with the latest in "sports unlimited". bruce? >> coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". orioles rookie pitcher bergeson had a great first half, but hear from the manager on why the second half will be more of a challenge. >> the first round of the british open tee'd off in scotland this morning. former five time champion stole the spotlight and no it was not tiger. and michael phelps cleaned up at the he is piece last night. find out how many trophies he walked away with. "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> one more all star break off night for the orioles that were to resume the season tomorrow night with a first of three against the white sox in chicago, and hoping for a big second half from the kids. wieters, reimold, and bergeson. the 23-year-old right hander was thought to have major league


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