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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 16, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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unnoticed for days. the popular place where it happened. >> a dramatic rescue at a metro stop. how this man ended up on the train tracks. >> how a major retailer is making it easier for you to go green. >> and why today's marine one flight flu its way into the history books. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. we begin tonight with breaking news in west baltimore. where a child has been hit by a car. >> it happened before 10:00 along stricker street in west lafayette avenue. young boy struck by a car that fled the scene. the boy was rushed to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. >> well, startling discovery and few clues. a man found dead in a car, and tonight investigators are calling it a suspicious death.
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>> keith daniels standing by live in northeast baltimore with the rest of the story. keith? >> well, jeff, live in the lake mont bellow neighborhood. quiet community. beautiful place. neighbors say there is exercise path that circles the lake here, again, quiet place. and they say there is very little crime here. but earlier today, this peaceful place turned into a crime scene early this morning. after the alarming discovery of a man's body in a parked white car, in the 3400 block of lake mont bellow drive. investigators say a jogger found the man slumped over the wheel. then called 911. police are calling it a suspicious death. investigators say the body showed obvious signs of dee composition, which means the man may have been dead for days before the body was discovered. on the busy path around the lake. but no one noticed the body in the car. >> they probably noticed but people are not saying nothing. that's all. >> if that was a strange car, and i saw it, then i would probably say something about it.
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you know, but i didn't see it. you know, and like i say, again, it probably was brought here and put there. >> well, someone initially reported the incident to police as a shooting. but police say it is too early to know exactly what this is. again, calling it a suspicious death. they say they should know more once they receive the medical examiner's report. >> live in northeast baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> new information tonight about the teen accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl in southwest baltimore earlier this month. sources within the police department say lamont davis did indeed have his gps monitoring ang let on at the time of the arrest. now this contradicts earlier statements from the department of juvenile services that told us, davis cutoff his ang let and police were out searching for him within minutes of being notified. >> so there were a lot of elements and peaces to this story that is not connecting. >> this is a active
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investigation. it is ongoing. and the baltimore city police department is taking the lead on it. >> the secretary of the department of juvenile services now says he plans to meet with the company that makes the gps system to discuss any limitations that system may have. >> follow up now to the two separate double shootings in baltimore county that we brought to you as breaking news last night on the "late edition". police say the double shooting in middle river was a drug deal gone bad. it happened around 9:30 last night in the 3700 block of white pine road. neither victim was seriously hurt. >> and police are also investigating a double shooting in woodlawn. happened along lord baltimore drive before 10:00. police say two groups of people started to argue and several shots were fired. two, 18-year-olds were taken to the hospital. both expected to survive. >> good samaritans help a man that fell on the train tracks earlier today. it happened at the tacoma metro is station this morning.
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man fell and could not get to his feet. no trains were around at the time. two passengers jumped on the tracks immediately and carried him off. it is unclear why or how he fell. >> two marine sergeants from maryland are the latest casualties in the war in afghanistan. the bodies of 33-year-old david spicer of ol know knee, and michael heede of edgewood returned to the u.s. yesterday. military said both killed in a bomb attack on monday. in edgewood today, neighbors of sergeants heede were coming to terms with his death. >> i couldn't sleep last night. it upset me. >> it could have been us. it could have been my father, or my husband. you know, it is a sad day. it is so close to home. you know, but it is life. >> heede went to high school in pennsylvania. and later moved to edgewood. >> u.s. customs officials say agents at bwi thurgood marshall airport have seized a soap en
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crusted severed bird head. the head was found in a container of homemade black soap in the luggage of the traveler returning from nigeria. this fine comes four months after seized another bird's head. the traveler plateest case was fined $300, and the head was destroyed to avoid the spread of any possible disease. >> well, definitely a day to have an air conditioner set on high. to heck with medium and low. >> get out to the pool. >> better idea. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to tell us if the heat will stick around for the weekend? >> yeah, for the first part. friday. but great pool weather today. tomorrow you may get pool weather if you go out earlier in the day. by late afternoon, there will be showers and thunderstorms firing off. as we get this front getting closer, from the west. here is what's going on right now. we have a few pop-up showers in northern baltimore county. north of belair and harford county, jair ritville. few rain showers coming down, but it looks like that will be widely scattered through the next several hours. you can see on the eastern
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shore, some of the showers moved over through the border into delaware. so what we are seeing temperature wise, 85 in baltimore. 81 in d.c. overnight dropping into the 70s. and humid conditions tomorrow. with showers and thunderstorms firing off in the afternoon. i will have a closer look at how long it will stick around, coming up in the seven-day forecast. . >> in tonight's news you need to know. wal-mart going green. retail giant is assigning agree green ratings for its products. wal-mart asked suppliers for information about the environmental costs that their products take to make. wal-mart said you will start to see the ratings in about two years. >> baltimore ravens single game tickets for the season, go on sale tomorrow. the tickets go on sale 10 a.m. promptly through ticket master. there will be available at the box office at m&t bank stadium monday. >> new website out there rewarding those that do well in college. website allows you to search for
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school major, or subject, to find notes taken by other students. now, if people use your notes and give you good reviews, you earn points. then the points can translate into fast cash. >> i might as well make them especially good so i can earn more points on grade guru. so helps me study harder. >> the website is partnered with another site specializing in plagiarism prevention to make sure students are not taking credit for someone else's work. >> utility rates in maryland, how bad your bills are, compared to the rest of the country. >> and after surprising many as the o's best pitcher in the first h
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set them up for success, for less. save money. live better. walmart. >> more breaking news. this time out of baltimore
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county. police say a robbery attempt has led to a murder at a liquor store input tee hill plaza. we have a crew on the way to the scene. of course, we will have much more on the story as it becomes available to us. >> in less than a week, maryland's budget will be slashed by hundreds of millions of dollars. governor o'malley said it is necessary to help close a $700 million deficit. but many state employees are worried about how they will be affected. members of ask me held a news conference to voice concerns. the union said they are not only worried about their jobs, but many are working in agencies that have seen cutbacks in staff. >> it is about calling on the governor to make a priority, to the at-risk children. >> daunting challenge. the solution will be very painful. and will require cuts in many, many places of our state government. >> governor o'malley, and the board of public works are expected to approve the more than $300 million in budget cuts
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next week. but they still have to find another 400 million to balance the budget. >> and the hits keep on coming. new survey indicates baltimore residents are paying the highest utility bills in the united states. consumer website white reports in the month of june, the average bill for baltimore, was about $354. that's nearly $100 more than the nationwide average of 264. but bge said the numbers do not add up. >> the reality is if anybody thinks they can go to new york city and have cheaper utilities than they would have in baltimore, is absurd. >> the city, with the second highest rates? houston, where the average is a rock bottom $335 a month. >> well, it doesn't look like you will save any money on the air conditioning in the next few months. >> we have to keep it on in order to survive. vytas reid is back to tell us how long this sticky mugginess
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is around for. >> you know it has not been too bad. today was the first day i turned on the air conditioning. first time. usually use the windows. so the kids were like, "dad, please, don't let us sweat to death." so finally gave in. talking about what's going on. it is hot and sticky, when you know the weather guy turns on the air conditioning. something is going on. here it is. warm conditions out there. it looks like we are going to continue to see those humid conditions. right now 82 degrees. winds out of the southwest at seven. humidity levels at 67 percent. and so it is feeling muggy out there. and we have saving grace toward friday evening actually. cold front will approach from the northwest. and cool us down quite a bit. but we have to deal with thunderstorms. associated with that. with instability in the atmosphere. 94 was the high today. starting out at 69 this morning. and we will continue to see the temperatures on the warm side tomorrow. upper 80s, lower 90s. but then the threat for thunderstorms as a front moves in. 85 degrees down in the central area of baltimore.
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and surrounding regions. 76 slightly cooler north. and 79 in richmond. so you can see where the heat was. especially concentrated right here in the maryland delmarva area. harrisburg 92, 96 in baltimore. 91 in richmond. so hot conditions. there is cooler dryer air building in from the northwest. you can see on is on the radar here. thunderstorms firing up west of ft. wayne. southern michigan, leading edge of the cold front. ahead of it, we are seeing the warmer temperatures streaming up out of the south. so that cooler dryer air will run into that warm unstable air and that will fire off the thunderstorms through the day tomorrow. here is what's happening on a closer view here. few pop-up showers northern baltimore county there. one cell there south of new freedom. looks like rain. but it should not affect the city as we go through the overnight. sunshine tomorrow morning. then into the afternoon. the pop-up showers and thunderstorms across the area. cold front moves through by the evening. that will continue the thunderstorms overnight. then we start to get the cool
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down effect into saturday. you can see the future scan shows the potential for anywhere from an inch, maybe a quarter of an inch of rain in some areas. depending on where you are. may get heavy downpours here and there five-day forecast. 90 degrees tomorrow. with a 50 percent chance for the showers and thunderstorms to move in late afternoon and evening. and front pushes through and cools us down to lower 80s for saturday and sunday. less humidity. weekend is good. and monday and tuesday, another round of possible showers scattered in the area. back to you. >> thank you. >> young cancer patients at johns hopkins got a gift today. hundred day dealers donated $35,000. the kids celebrated by dipping their hands in finger paint and putting them all over a white car. it is part of the nationwide hyundai hope on wheels charity campaign. the funds go toward childhood cancer research across the country. >> and the johns hopkins hospital takes the number one ranking in the nation again. this is the 19th consecutive year that hopkins earned the top
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spot in the u.s. news and world reports list. competed against 4800 other american hospitals and mayo in minnesota ranked second. l.a. 's ronald reagan medical center ranked third. >> this may be the last piece of the puzzle. >> new evidence and arrests in the case of a murdered florida couple. >> and the president takes a historic r
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. >> eighth person is now under arrest in the murder of the florida couple. pamela long wiggins was arrested last night for accessory after the fac. cops also found the gun used to kill the couple. they took a safe from the home too. the county sheriff said there are still several other people they want to talk to. >> we believe, again, we
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believe, that this case has had so many odd twists and turns, this may be the last piece of the puzzle. >> six men and one teenager are charged with killing bird and melanie billings in their home in florida last week. >> day four of supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor confirmation hearing delivered more tough questions today. a group of firefighters from new haven connecticut subpoenaing about their discrimination lawsuit that sonia sotomayor ruled against in a lower court. a decision which was eventually overturned by the u.s. supreme court. meantime, democrats have set the first vote on sonia sotomayor for next week. >> the debate over health care reform. and who should pay for it. continues on capitol hill. just this week, house democrats unveiled a 1000 page detailed version of their health care reform bill. opponents of the legislation argued the process is being rushed along with lawmakers playing politics. >> we are talking about something that effects 1/6th of the u.s. economy and some of the
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most important decisions you can make in your life. that deserves careful thought. not the rar express. >> president obama has said he wants the legislation passed by both chambers next month. >> well it seems americans are losing confidence in if the obama. new poll indicates 55 percent of the public approves of how the president is doing. 37 percent disapprove. in the past five months, president obama's approval rating dropped 10 points. his disapproval rating went up 12 points. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. do you approve of the job president obama is currently doing? the latest check shows 26 percent of our viewers say yes. 74 percent say no. meantime the president had a very special crew on board marine one today. today's flight had all female crew. first time in u.s. history. hard to believe. one of jennifer grieves last day on her assignment. she was marine one's commander.
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another female marine will take over tomorrow morning. . >> get this. a motorcycle driver loses control of the bike, slides down the interstate as he flips over several times. it was all caught on tape by the oregon state police. amazingly, the driver only had minor injuries. he later pleaded guilty to careless driving. >> it is not unusual to see an occasional overdraft on your bank account. it can happen to anyone. but in new hampshire, a man shocked to see a $23 quadrillion overdraft. josh had bought a pack of cigarettes at a gas station earlier in the day, when he checked the account he saw a lot of zeros. >> i thought my card was compromised. i thought somebody bought europe with my credit card. it was very concerning. >> but he says the store and the bank did not know what happened. but 24 hours later the huge
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charge was reversed. >> it is a story worthy of a soap opera at the san francisco zoo. and pinguins are the main characters. harry and pepper, two male pinguins a couple for years, have split up. even raised a chick together, but harry moved out of the bureau to be with linda. who is partner fig died. >> the zoo said pepper is adjusting to being a bachelor and is enjoying swimming the field. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> one more night off for the orioles that resume the season tomorrow night with a first of three against the white sox in chicago, hoping for a big second half from the kids, whiteers, reimold and bergeson. 23 right hander is thought to have talent but surprised the orioles since being called up. bergeson has six and three record. and 3.54 earned run average in
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16 starts. there are those that feel he might be the o's best pitcher right now. trembly is pleased but wants to see more before anointing him the ace. >> you know, he will be pitching on the road. a lot in the second half. and pitching in this division. the second half. that will be the challenges for him. because there will be a lot of teams. start to take pitches and working it. i think that will be the challenge for him. to see if he can still get quick outs and not get worked to death. >> speaking of dave trembley. exactly what is his future with the birds? that's the question worth asking apparently. president macphail told the sun he will not decide until late in the season to pick up the 2010 option on the contract. adding it will be probably later in the season than in the past. speculation is that macphail wants to see how the birds will perform in the second half of the season. right now they are eight games under 500 in last place in the american league east.
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>> that giant new contract given to terrell suggs by the ravens was sure to have repercussions around the nfl and it did not take long. negotiations fell apart yesterday between julius peppers and the carolina panthers. the panther's franchise player, he was under the same 4:00 deadline that suggs faced. slated to make 16.7 due to the franchise tag. one of the biggest single year contracts in nfl history. handcuffed the panthers and free agency and wanted to lock up peppers long-term. and peppers is still open to a deal, but cannot be done now until after the season. >> more news from steve mcnair front. the quarterback did not leave a will. judge granted his widow the request to administer the estate and given 60 days to file an inventory of the assets. she listed herself and her sons as heirs to the estate. steve mcnair has two other sons outside the marriage. >> raven's training camp starts
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july 28 at mcdaniel college in westminster. back to you. >> life behind ba ♪ change it up a bit... and you're sure to get a reaction. [ motorcycle engine growl ] ♪ don't let erectile dysfunction slow things down. ♪ viva viagra! viagra, america's most prescribed ed treatment,
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>> well, final look at the forecast tomorrow. we will start out with a little bit of sun and clouds. temperatures around almost 90 degrees. chance for thunderstorms will increase as we get into the afternoon hours. so keep the umbrellas with you. looking at the temperatures decreasing a bit after we get into saturday and sunday. good news. front pushes through. temperatures around 83 on saturday. 83 on sunday. less humidity. maybe remaining shower early in the morning on saturday. but things will fare good, into monday, tuesday, wednesday, chances for showers again and see the temperatures back into the mid 80s by wednesday and thursday. back to you. >> and you turned the ac on for the first time. aura cactus vytas. you could be in charge of your own on personalized forecast.
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maybe you want to turn the aco before that. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your own street. go to and click on i-radar. >> well, new bed and breakfast in missouri is becoming the talk of the town. not for its five star accommodations, but for the chance to sleep behind bars. >> yeah, it is the jefferson county jail and breakfast. on friday, july 1st, for $50, anyone can spend the night here. for that price, you will get a comfortable bunk bed and a cell, and the jail food. that it is known for. grand opening for the new facility. before the real inmates take over the place. >> why would you want to stay there? >> i don't see the upside at all. >> you know, i would rather -- you know.
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(mom) soon, we'll be doing homework, getting up early, packing lunches and running for the bus. and we're ready for it.
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