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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 19, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. they're committed to making baltimore safer. >> he commends the work of city cops shot on the job. tonight we learn more about the suspect's criminal past. a community fights back against violence. how family and friends of the well-known man gunned down are hoping to bring about change. thieves break into thieve churches in baltimore county. what they got away with. it was a great weekend to be outdoors. how the week ahead is shaping up, including when the next chance is for storms in my skywatch forecast. live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00.
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good evening. i'm jennifer gilbert. we begin with breaking news out of south baltimore. firefighters on the scene of a fire at baltimore and cary streets. there are several people being treated at the scene, including a firefighter. we will have more information as soon as it becomes available. we're just getting video in just now of the scene. that is the scene of this fire taking place in south baltimore. we have word tonight that people have been critically injured in this fire and also again, a firefighter hurt in this fire that is going on right now in south baltimore. we will update you with more details as soon as that becomes available. we are following a developing story out of anne arundel county. cars crash, spending 10 people to the hospital. we have video just back from that scene. this crash happened around 8:00 at steel meadows and jacobs road. those hurt range in age
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from 29 to 3 years old. 1 person has life-threatening injuries, we're told. we don't know how that crash happened. we have new information tonight about the man who shot baltimore city police officers. shawn sinclair is facing several charges after a crime spree that began early saturday morning and ended with gunfire in a west baltimore neighborhood. melinda roeder is live outside of shock trauma. >>reporter: 1 officer was already treated and released after suffering one gunshot wound. the second officer is in stable condition tonight. he was shot three times in yesterday's ordeal. as for the suspect, he's recovering and tonight we're learning a lot more about his criminal past. court records show shawn sinclair has an extensive history of drugs, a handgun violation and domestic violence. his wife, who had filed for divorce, tells fox 45 he was also mentally ill, but
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was not seeking treatment. she is 1 of two women he is accused of assaulting saturday morning when he showed up at their homes with a gun. the first victim lives on lake avenue. his wife on harlen avenue. that is where the first city police officer curtis mcmillion was shot. after sinclair fled, mcmillion radioed a description of his suv, which another officer spotted near the corner of edmonson and whitmore. >> as that officer pulled up behind the explorer, the suspect, who was out of the vehicle at this time, ambushed our officer and fired several shots. >>reporter: sinclair fired directly into the police cruiser, hitting officer jerome shaurette 3 times in the chest, arm and abdomen before the officer was able to crawl out and fire back. >> after being wounded in the seat of that car, to pull himself out and engage the
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suspect in a gun battle, i think it says a lot about the men and women of this police department. i'm damn proud of their work. >>reporter: once the suspect shawn sinclair is discharged from the hospital, he's going to face a lot more criminal charges, including attempted murder. arrest records show that not only did he have a history of domestic violence towards his wife, but just last month another woman obtained a protective order against him. live from shock trauma, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. you can hear more from the police commissioner on the shooting of those officers on our website, click on "raw news." 9 people get sick from carbon monoxide in northeast baltimore. this happened at an apartment on mccain boulevard. the 7 kids and assaults were all taken to a hospital to be checked out. all are expected to be okay. >> after assessing the air quality, there were 400 parts
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permillion of carbon monoxide in the structure. we are shutting down the hot water heaters. >> carbon monoxide levels showed up in ace jasent apartments that are vacant. it is believed the hot water heaters are to blame. a 7-year old boy hurt in a fire remains in critical condition tonight. he and a 5-year old were pulled from a burning apartment in riverdale on friday. the 5-year old died. we don't know what caused the fire. he was shot and killed inside his baltimore social club back in may. now the family and friends are asking for justice for both him and the city's other crime victims. myranda stephens has more. >>reporter: even when they spoke in their native language, their message was still clear. >> (the killing of innocent
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people. >>reporter: the family and friends held a peace vigil outside his social club with a librarian father of 5 was gunned down during an attempted robbery. >> they didn't even take anything away from the shop. they ran after the incident. senseless death. there's no room for that. >>reporter: at the center of the vigil, his widow, who begged for justice and answers. >> i want the people that killed my husband even though it will not bring him back. i want justice. >>reporter: organizers wanted to make it clear that today's vigil isn't just for the doctor, but all victims of violence in the city. >> we gotta stop the violence. violence is not the solution to this problem we have. >>reporter: what is the solution, they say? more community involvement from both
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police and the people. >> it should be considered a civic responsibility and a source of pride to rid our communities of criminals. >>reporter: strong words of anger and anguish. easy to understand in any language. >>reporter: in northeast baltimore, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. the family held a memorial yesterday for 1 last goodbye. they say his body will be flown back to his native homeland in africa, where he will be buried. towson catholic students poeth past and present continue to raise voices to protest the school's closing. a small group stood outside of the high school with signs earlier today. they're asking for support in their push to keep the school open. that includes
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taking their case to court. >> i believe the courts are going to show there was wrong-doing here by the senior of the parish and we believe that they will decide for us in this case. >> school officials say they're being forced to shut down because of low enrollment and unpaid tuition. they say they made the call too late in the summer. another beautiful weekend day. vytas reid joins us. >> a beautiful day. whether you're from, it was a beautiful day to be in baltimore to enjoy the weather. it was gorgeous conditions. saturday and sunday we saw comfortable temperatures out there. it looks like we're going to continue to see nice conditions as we head through the overnight. looking at nice comfortable temperatures. mainly clear skies. dry
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conditions as we zoom out from this picture we can see that there are a few showers up in pennsylvania back to the west of us and over parts of north carolina. that's the closest rain. there's a stationary trough down over the carolinas that's going to give us a chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm by tomorrow afternoon. those temperatures still feeling nice and mild out there. 77 in baltimore. looking at 76 in d.c. out in salisbury, 66 degrees. your overnight forecast plays out like this. right around 72 downtown. 69 with sun and clouds tomorrow morning for your rush-hour commute. by the afternoon, sun and clouds gathering. there might be a chance for a stray afternoon shower or thunderstorm. keep the umbrellas nearby. a closer look at your 7-day forecast and when the heat and humidity will return coming up in just a bit. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. iradar is available at use the interactive tools to track
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coming storms to your street. go to and click on iradar. important information for anyone driving on ooishgs-95 through baltimore. the southbound lanes have been switched at the 95-895 split. if you want to stay on 95, stay to the left. if you want to get on 895 south to the harbor tunnel, exit to the right. there are signs there to help you get to where you need to be. desperate people sometimes do desperate things. >> 3 baltimore county churches broken in to. why a minster thinks more than 1 thief was involved. paying tribute to michael jackson. how this group tried to make his thriller recreation as real as possible. funeral
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visit we have more breaking news coming into our newsroom tonight. two people shot in the area of kenwood and east madison street in southeast baltimore. 1 person was shot in the head. homicide detectives have been called to the scene. we have an update for you on the breaking news we brought to you at the top of the newscast, that house fire in southwest baltimore. firefighters are on the scene. we know there are several people being treated at the scene. two of the injuries are critical. one firefighter suffered a minor burn. we will continue to update that as we get developments. thieves target houses of
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worship. three churches were broken in to. that is the news greeted members this morning. >> (singing). >>reporter: at the united methodist church, the congregation was practicing forgiveness. >> obviously, they're searching for something that cash can't ultimately fulfill. lord i just pray whoever they are, that you will touch them. >>reporter: praying for whoever broke into this church and two others over the weekend. >> desperate people sometimes do desperate things. all we can do is be in prayer for them. there's a need not being met. >>reporter: they took a safe, which had no money and $40 in petty cash. >> the sad part of it is is if there was a deep need, that we as a church, they could have come and talked to me and any of the pastors.
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>>reporter: reverend hall say police dusted for fingerprints. while the safe had no money in it, it did contain important papers, valuable to the church, worthless whoever took it. >> i just pray god's hand be upon them. >>reporter: the church thinks more than 1 person was involved because the safe was pretty heavy. memorials pop up outside of a luksery hotel, the site of 1 of friday's deadly fwomings. mourners are leaving messages and flowers. ni ne people, including the suicide bombers were killed after explosions in the the restaurants friday night. more than 50 others were hurt, including eight americans. >>reporter: madonna stopped by two hospitals this afternoon. the workers were injured when
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part of a set for her tour collapsed on thursday. two workers were killed. the show, which was originally scheduled for tonight, was canceled. (music playing). >> michael jackson fans in peru honor the king of pop. they gathered in the streets to recreate his famous thriller video. the pack was led by a local celebrity. everyone dressed in full zombie makeup and clothes and part of the core yog rafy was done in a real cemetery. a celebration of the arts in baltimore comes to a close. find out what makes artscape a success ever year, next. it was a fabulous day to be at
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good evening, folks. looking at a very lovely weekend with plenty of sunshine. we had a few stray showers on friday, but then they cleared out making way for sun, fabulous temperatures and weekend activities to do. like artscape, the park or inner harbor. whatever you were doing you had to do it outside. looking at our hd skycam, the lights gliftning. it was packed today. nice conditions at 70 degrees. a little bit of clouds out there, but scattered clouds. winds are calm at 0. humidity levels 66 percent. we're going to continue to see humidity levels go up a tad bit as we go through the rest of
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this week. looking at our almanac page, high was 81. normally we should be at 88. it was a comfortable temperature. we didn't have to worry about that too much. record high was 103 degrees in 88. no precipitation to talk about. looking at those temperatures krootsdz the midatlantic, 79 in baltimore. 69 in harris burg. 74 in new york city. back towards pittsburgh -- slightly-cooler temperatures back to the northwest. warmer to the southeast. we're seeing a stationary front right to the south of us. we're kind of on that line of warmer and cooler temperatures. as that stationary front moves to the north, it gives us a chance for maybe showers and thunderstorms. warm air will continue to track up i-95 basically, bringing the humidity with it. we'll have a little instability in the atmosphere as we get down the road to give us a chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms on and off through the week. hd radar looking at a closer picture
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here. looks like there's a few breaks in the clouds around baltimore and washington d.c. thicker clouds to the western portions of the state, back towards the mountains. a relatively quiet night. future scan timing this out as far as when the rain will get here. tomorrow morning's rush hour will be nice and dry. through the afternoon clouds thicken up. looking at rain starting to make its way in. the model data shows better chances of rain as we get into tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon showers and thunderstorms on and off throughout the day. if you're going to have any plans scheduled outdoors, you're probably going to want to take an umbrella. a 50 to 60 percent chance into tuesday. there's a better chance for rain to pop up as the stationary front situation fell over the state. here's what it looks like for the eastern shore. 83 degrees. southeast wind at 5 with a slight chance for a stray shower. 84 degrees. sun and clouds. a chance for isolated showers
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late in the afternoon with easterly wind at 5 to 10. western portions of the state looking at a chance for showers as well. this high pressure will continue to lose its effect on the area moving to the north. here's that stationary trough. it's going to continue to pretract in our neck of the woods and we'll see a little moisture riding along this frontal boundary. by tuesday they will be sitting right over us and we'll probably have a better chance of rain. tomorrow i'm going to see sun in the forecast. an isolated pop-up shower or thunderstorm. temperatures around 84 degrees. 81 with a 50 percent chance for thunderstorms on tuesday. wednesday looking at a 40 percent chance. looking at on-and-off rain here and there. thursday and friday, saturday looking at the chances for rain continuing. warmer on thursday and friday as the warmer air pushes north and towards the weekend we start to see more sunshine leading us probably to a nice weekend once again.
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remember fox 45 weather is at your fingertips. iradar is available at you can use our powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. it lets you see where and when rain or snow will be over your house. go to and click on iradar. artscape 2009 wrapped up. >> (singing). >> musical acts took to the stage for 1 last time. they set up their booth to display sculptures, painting and much more. >> it's an incredible event for the city of baltimore. you get a slice of humanity out here and the people get to show their arts and crafts. you get a lot of good exposure. it's just fun. it beats watching
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tv. >> organizers think more than 500,000 people may have come out for the event. 3, 1, 0. >> celebrating the first ever journey to the moon 40 years later. what he remembers most about the magical journey, next. funeral arrangements for hundreds on car insurance.
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40 years ago tomorrow man's first stepped foot on the moon. >> beautiful. just beautiful. >> nasa has released newly-enhanced video of the moon landing and those magical moments when neil armstrong stepped on. buzz aldrin shared today. >> the glance between neil and myself with the engine shut off just those seconds after we touched down. because we had just completed the most critical door-opening for exploration in all of humanity. >> aldrin said he supports nasa
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setting its sights on a bigger target in the future, a trip to mars. the world prepares to say goodbye to a news legend. funeral services for walter cronkite are scheduled for thursday at new york's church. he will be laid to rest in his family's plot in kansas, missouri, next to his wife. >> he made you feel comfortable and part of the team. he taught me the difference between pontificateing and communicating. >> he never exaggerated. he just reported the facts. that was his thing. >> walter cronkite died friday. he was 92 years old. the oriels are trying
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