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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 20, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> a teenager dies in a tragic accident. what police are saying about the driver of the car that struck and killed her. >> you are looking to get arrested. i know you are. >> no, i am not. >> yes you are, you are aggressive on me. >> first on fox, of a video of a arrest in harford county. the people taken into custody are making the accusation. >> show you the track of the storms on radar. >> nobody likes to get a traffic ticket. nobody. >> fighting the flash. new way to avoid traffic cameras, legally. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. carroll county teenager is dead. the victim of an accused drunk driver. four others are hurt after the deadly crash, and tonight maryland state police are
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investigating. keith daniels live at the westminster barrack with the story. keith? >> jennifer, troopers have arrested kevin smith. he lives in frederick county. faces several charges tonight. including automobile homicide, and driving while under the influence. he is in jail. while the victim's family mourns a loss. >> i cannot even put into words how i feel about it. >> for melinda it is an unwelcomed, unbelievable reality. her daughter kaitlin is dead. she was 15. >> one day we are talking about school supplies, and joking roundabout shopping, and the next day i am at a funeral parlor picking out a casket. >> she died sunday night across the street from her home in the 1100 block of francis scott key highway in key mar. maryland state police say kevin smith was drunk when he crashed, killed kaitlin and injured four of her friends. that had stopped by. >> investigators say kaitlin was
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standing out of a car on the driver's side talking to friends inside of the vehicle. when the smith pickup slammed into kaitlin and the car. >> fatal news that frustrated a small town. >> it hurts. hits home. makes you want to hug your kids. >> i will never have grandkids with her. we are all angry. he took a precious part of our lives. >> bossler said her daughter had a good personality. was happy, bubble simply competitive. wanted to play football at her high school this year. >> she did not tell me that at first. i actually thought she was staying after for cheerleading. >> a moment of laughter for a mother, after the painful loss of a daughter. >> this is fresh, new, it hurts. >> what kaitlin would have been 10th grade at francis scott key high school.
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meantime smith is locked up on a $20,000 bond. we're live in carroll county, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, according to a new poll by the washington post of the support for health care reform seems to be slipping. 49 percent of people surveyed approve of how president obama is handling the issue of health care reform. 44 percent saying they disapprove. and that is an 8 percent drop in the approval numbers since april. the support among liberals and women, dropped the most. >> high stakes battle over health care reform is heating up. obama is making a push for reform and started today. the rising cost of health care has to be slowed before it breaks more american families, he says. but push for change will not be easy. >> we are a country that chooses the harder right over the easier wrong. that's what we have to do this time. we have to do that once more. >> obama also appears to be shifting the timetable for
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reform. previously he said that he wanted to pass the bill before congress leaves for the august recess. today he said he wanted reform passed by the end of the year. >> republicans are launching an aggressive campaign against health care reform. rnc chairman steel led the charge today. he calls the plan an experiment and said the president is trying to rush it through congress, without thinking about the consequences. >> the barack obama experiment with the country is a risk we cannot afford. it is too much, too fast. too soon. >> both the g.o.p. and democrats are trying to court the votes of conservative democrats, they believe their votes hold the fate of any health care reform bill. >> the latest predictions about health care reform are making people think twice. some on capitol hill think the current proposals could kill too many jobs. and there are new predictions about just how much it will cost. >> i will not sign on to any
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health plan that adds to the deficits over the next decade. >> this after a devastating announcement thursday by the congressional budget office, that the administration's health care bill would raise health care costs, and add $239 billion to the deficit over 10 years. on sunday the white house dispatched head of health care sebelius. >> it is a work in progress. good news is that the house and senate are working and share the president's goal that overall costs have to come down. >> and the president's top money man, took up the argument. >> the president yesterday said he would not sign a bill in deficit neutral. >> republicans seized on the announcement. >> damming words to be honest with you. >> the senate my majority leader said the bill will not have republican support. >> this is a bill that should not pass. at any point. either before the august recess, or later in the year. it is not good for the country. >> obama administration is pushing hard for the bill to be on the president's desk before
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the august recess. but many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say it is too ambitious. >> sure we wish we had more time. but the president is giving us a deadline. we are working under it. >> well, on friday the question of the day asked, is it worth spending $1 trillion for universal health care. we have an overwhelming response and share the results with you today. 90 percent say no. while 10 percent say yes. paul from union bridge writes, no. he writes, what's the plan to be able to pay for it? that's for writing. >> well president obama is planking anus conference wednesday. the main topic, will be health care reform. >> former ravens quarterback steve mcnair had a blood alcohol level twice tennessee's legal driving limit at the time of the death. the state assistant medical examiner released results of the toxicology report today.
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and turned up trace amounts of marijuana in the body of steve mcnair's girlfriend sahel kazemi. the 20-year-old shot and killed steve mcnair before turning the gun on herself. >> one of the baltimore city police officers shot on saturday underwent more surgery today. 44-year-old jerome shaurette remains in the hospital be tonight the other officer, 42-year-old curtis mcmillion treated and released. officers were shot saturday morning. 34-year-old shaun sinclair assaulted two women, when he showed up at their separate homes with a gun. he then shot at the two officers. according to court records, sinclair's rap sheet is drug and convictions for drug possession. and one woman filed a protective order against him. sinclair was shot by the cops twice and still at shock trauma under police guard. >> after being wounded, in the seat of the car, to pull himself out, and engage the suspect in a gun battle, i think it says a lot about the men and women of this police department.
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i am dam proud of their work. >> when sinclair is released he will face charges, included attempted murder. >> one teenager is dead, another hurt after shots are fired in east baltimore. it happened last night at kenwood avenue and madison avenue. gun fire killed jerrod reed. another boy shot in the leg but survived. no word on the suspect. >> we know what caused the serious accident in severn last night. caused by a driver fleeing police. officers were trying to stop a lincoln town car for a stolen registration tag. the car took off and ended up hitting another vehicle. the 22-year-old man driving the lincoln went to shock trauma with life-threatening injuries. nine other people were also hurt. police think the driver of the town car was under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. . >> first on fox tonight. legal questions over whether maryland state police violated first amendment rights when they responded to a demonstrations in
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belair last summer. arrests were captured on video and now a lawsuit is filed. kathleen cairns reports. >> we are not here to be arrested sir. >> this is the beginning. >> defend life demonstrator jack aims watches the video from august 1st. >> you need the permit. end of story. if you don't have a permit you cannot stand here. >> mange up the law as they go along. >> holding graphic signs demonstrators hope to raise aattention to their cause, but as the action in belair unfolds. >> i am a state police officer i know the law. >> they did not know what they were talking about. they were making up the law. >> they get handcuffed. >> what is the laws that you arrest us under? >> failing to obey order. >> they are acting like ga stop pel. >> 18 charged with disorderly conduct and failure to obey and willfully obstructing the free flow of traffic. >> we were not obstructing traffic. >> 12 days later, charges dropped and back then
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prosecutors explained. >> they had spent a night being detained. and that we did not feel it was necessary to go any further. >> state police will not comment on pending litigation. the plaintiff helps the lawsuit prompts change for pro-life, pro-choice or any group that wishes to demonstrate. >> that's what the first amendment is about. whether the cause is positive or unpopular. >> officer what am i arrested for? officer? >> that's a irrelevant question. >> plan to he stage another demonstration at the same corner in belair, friday july 31. >> officer, what am i being arrested for? >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> tomorrow the defend life group plans to hold a news conference in annapolis and planning another series of protest again for the at last week of july, including one in belair. >> well a mild july day. what can we expect tomorrow morning? chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the
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forecast. >> beautiful day out there for the first part. then the clouds moved in. and few showers made the way through. and more rain is on the forecast for the next couple of days here. so get the umbrellas ready, or rain coats, ba because you will be needing them as you get down the road. look at the rain right now on the radar. northeast suburbs of baltimore city, aberdeen and folks in belair getting rain. perry hall and kingsville getting a shower as well. continue to see that meander on the way up i-95, toward chestertown a light shower there. and look at how the shower activity moved north. there were heavy showers and thunderstorms just south of dc. and they kind of took a left turn, so the heaviest rain kind of missed us. but not totally out of the woods. because more rain tomorrow. you can see how the shower activity is moving west of cumberland up to parts of pen peninsula. right now the temperatures are in the lower 70s. and we will continue to see the temperatures cool off a little bit overnight tonight. and then tomorrow, overnight looking at the temperatures in the 60s.
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upper 60s and then see more showers and thunderstorms possible for tomorrow afternoon. i will have a look at how long the rain will stick around in the seven-day forecast. coming up in a few moments. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click or i-radar. >> a statue of former mayor and governor schaefer is close to being finished. we saw the 7'2-inch clay statue of schaefer today. included inside of rodney carroll's baltimore studio mold of the clay figure will be turned into wax and eventually bronzeed. the statue will be placed in the inner harbor between phillips restaurant and visitors center. the plan is to have it done for a dedication ceremony november 2. his 88th birthday. >> if you know, then slow down. so if it helps you slow down,
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then you are obeying the laws, and these products and services will make you a safer driver. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the device that can help you dodge the red light cameras. it is our cover story tonight. >> totally. i could not have been more elated at what i saw when the little thing worked. i knew that the world would have an image. >> next, images made 40 years ago today. hear how one man living in maryland helped to make them possible. >>. >> want to buy a new car? coming up, tell
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and the suit? you like it? no...i love it!
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. >> 16-year-old boy will be tried as an adult for his role in the massive breakout at a state juvenile detention center. he faces charges including escape, and burglary. and teen accused of taking part in a violent escape from the victor cul lynn academy. 14 juveniles involved in the incident. in which six workers at the facility were hurt. >> more criticism surrounding maryland's department of juvenile services. did the system fail the teen now accused of shooting a 5-year-old little girl? or did the department do everything within its power to help? crime and justice reporter joy lepola has the story. >> people within the department of juvenile services will tell you it was a master decision that led to the release of lamont davis. >> we have the justice. >> a number of people involved in the juvenile justice system signed off.
10:17 pm
including prosecutors, public defenders, and the department of juvenile services, as well as a master, and a judge. >> the juvenile justice system is supposed to help our young people so they don't end up as adult criminals. >> critics now argue this system is broken. >> we can detain them longer and hold them accountable. >> baltimore top prosecutor said everyone needs to realize that times have changed. and so have the crimes juveniles are committing. >> usually, when kids were arrested for drugs, it was for sniffing glue. now they are arrested for being, i guess, selling cocaine, and heading criminal enterprises. >> problem is these young offenders fall in the juvenile system or an adult one. jessamy would like to see a different approach. >> juvenile, youthful offender facility or some type of blended sentencing whereby the judges would have options to hold an
10:18 pm
adult sentence over a juvenile's head. >> congressman elijah cummings said sadly some of these violent offenders cannot be rehabilitated. >> i think it is -- many of them need to go into the adult system, but, i think, within the adult system, we have to find a way to, perhaps, separate them. >> secretary of the department of juvenile services, donald do you 74 is all about wraparound services as a means to prevent offenders from reoffending. >> try family therapy. which is what they will tell you. doing family therapy. that's great except for one thing. that's some of the families are the reason the kids are in. making a big deal out of family therapy and it does not do it. >> in davis' case, detained and released on gms monitoring. and spent time in group homes and shelters. and according to the court order, received therapy, wraparound services, counseling, and drug treatment. a 17-year-old who is locked up,
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charged as an adult, with attempted murder. joy lepola fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the 5-year-old girl davis is accused of shooting is still in the hospital. >> still no word on what caused the deadly fire in west baltimore. started around 9:00 last night on carey street. home supposed to be 78 cant but there were people inside. one person pulled from the home was rushed to the hospital where he died. four other people were also hurt. >> hot water heaters are being blamed for a carbon monoxide leak that sent nine people to the hospital. it happened yesterday at a northeast baltimore apartment in the 6900 block of mcclean boulevard. seven kids and two adults living in the home all taken to the hospital to be checked out. they are all expected to be okay. >> well, uncle sam wants to help you buy a new car. new government program is giving car owners thousands of dollars in rebates, when you trade in your gas guzzler for a new fuel efficient vehicle. the program does not begin until friday.
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but many drivers are signing up. melinda roeder live tonight in north baltimore to explain how it all works. melinda? >> the program is called cash for clunkers, but you don't necessarily have to be driving a old car to be eligible. here is how it works. this old station wagon gets 18 miles to the gallon of gas. now, if the owner purchases anything that gets, at least, 10 miles more per gallon, the trade incould be worth an extra $4500 in rebates. and in some cases that's a pretty good deal. >> we are getting a lot of minivans, trucks. >> on the far edge of the lot, tucked behind a fence, is an outpost of old cars, no one seems to want. >> a lot of cars, that are well over 15 years old. >> these are some of the clunkers customers have brought in to bob bell ford. hoping to cash in on a government program to put drivers into new cars. >> we actually have about 20 customers that brought their vehicles in, that have,
10:21 pm
basically, picked out cars. >> the program does not begin until friday but it is already driving sales. incentive? up to $4500 in instant rebates from uncle sam. >> on top of that, the manufacturer have rebates on it also. >> the catch? you have to buy something more fuel efficient than your current set of wheels. an appealing idea in this economy, as many drivers already keep a close idea on cass prices and cass mileage. >> i think it is somewhere between 18, 19, 20. >> about 24. >> so the 18 miles to the gallon, road traveling, is more like 28. >> not bad. but many new cars go even further. some hybrids get 40 miles to the gallon. making a trade in make sense. >> i think that it is a great opportunity for customers to get rid of something that maybe they are not driving much. >> not only will it benefit some drivers, the program should also boost business for dealers. and there is no need to wait until friday, many are already wheeling and dealing. >> come in and we will hold the
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vehicle for you. >> now, the bargains come with some burden for dealers. they are trying to figure out all the rules and regulations before friday. and since they are the ones actually fronting the money for the rebates, they are wondering when the feds will pay them back. live in north baltimore. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> >> captured soldier and more troops in afghanistan. idaho family is asking the country to pray as the taliban posts a video online, of private first-class bo bergdahl. the u.s. defense department confirmed bergdahl was captured july 2, five months after he arrived in afghanistan. decided only to use still pictures of bergdahl, because the statement of his statement appears to be a propaganda weapon. the washington times is reporting a major truth increase. >> defense secretary robert gates boosted the army size by 22,000 on monday. just as violence has escalated
10:23 pm
in afghanistan leading to the deaths of more than 57 soldiers this month. >> also in the times. look at the so-called blue dog democrats. in congress. and why religious artifacts are in danger. on the island of cypress. for more on these stories, go to, and click on the washington times icon. >> well, on this day, 40 years ago, neil armstrong spoke these historic words. >> "one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind." . >> millions all over the world were glued to televisions and radios as the first transmission from the surface of the moon were sent back to earth. three men were on the mission. one of them, now wants nasa to look beyond the moon to mars. >> i think we are getting back to what nasa, and the country, really likes to see, and that's exploration, to me exploration is going to somewhere you have not been before. >> going to mars, will take
10:24 pm
years of planning, and billons of dollars. >> well, a lot of people are reflect on the historic day 40 years ago. including some of the people that made the images possible. john rydell has more on that tonight. >> six, 5,isnora4,isnora3, two, one. zero. >> for those old enough to remember, these grain he images, still evoke indelible memories. this man glued to his black and white television 40 years ago tonight. >> whole world was watching. and for a second, even being an american, just disappeared. because now the human race had made a step. and it was great. >> the library downtown showed film clips from the day apollo 11 safely touched down on the moon. >> one small step for man. >> and the sight of armstrong and aldron walking on the moon surface. still excites those that remember where they were.
10:25 pm
>> i mean, all of us were like kids, even the teachers. teachers were like kids because we had been the first people to land on the moon. >> they can thank stanley lee bar for the video images sent back to earth. he i was in saverna park and helped to develop the high tech camera on board the historic mission. it was built at westing house where he was an engineer. and while the quality was less than perfect, it did not matter. >> totally ei.e.,lation. i cannot have been more happy than what i saw when the little thing worked. and i knew the world would have an image. >> 40 years later, nasa is gearing up to embark on a new mission. >> they are in the process of building the constellation project, which includes two separate rockets, that will carry the astronauts back to the moon. and hopefully further on to mars at a later date. >> renewed exploration of space expected to inspire a whole new generation. john rydell, fox 45 news at
10:26 pm
10:00. >> well, stanley lee bar once supervised 75 engineers and hundreds of manufacturers at the old westing house facility near bwi thurgood marshall airport. >> we want to know what you think. should the united states commit to a man mission to mars? so far 37 percent say yes. and 63 percent say no. kenneth from baltimore writes "i think we should take all of the nasa scientists and engineers, and give them one job, find a renewable cheap energy source that does no harm to the environment." we will have more responses coming up on the "late edition" at 11:00. . >> showers moved through the area tonight. and i will show you where they are, on hd radar coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. family trapped in this burning car. hear from the people that rescued them. >> if you know, then slow down. so if it helps you slow down, then you are obeying the law and
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these products and services will make you a better and safer driver.
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>> it has been a decade since the first red light cameras began to take pictures of violators in maryland.
10:30 pm
now it seems red light cameras are everywhere. and the state has given the green light for speed cameras. but what if there was a way to stop the cameras, before they spot you. in tonight's cover story. jeff abell shows us how some motorists are fighting the flash. >> it is big brother watching you. >> wherever there is an intersection, there is the fear of a flash. >> once that thing turns yellow, even slightly yellow you better stop because that thing is quick to flash. >> with 78 cameras, baltimore is one of the most photo enforced cities in the country. if you are caught on camera racing through red you are ticketed by mail, $75. >> they just get you where it hurts, in the wallet. >> you know, these are law abiding people, taxpayers. who have not had a ticket for 10 or 20 years and now speed cameras are put in place and they are criminals now.
10:31 pm
>> joe scott has seen enough tickets and heard enough stories that he decided to fight the high tech cameras with high tech invention of his own. >> red light cameras. >> scott has developed technology that spots the cameras before they spot you. >> there is a camera. >> the system called "phantom alert" uses gps technology to warn drivers are dozens of cameras and speed traps across the globe. they can download the information from the company website and upload it to most any gps device. >> you run a software, and then tell it to update. two minutes. >> information about camera locations comes from motorists that report them to the company's website. so far, they have mapped more than 100,000 locations. >> nobody likes to get a ticket. nobody. even cops, don't like to get traffic tickets from the red light cameras. you would be surprised how many police officers come and submit locations, and also buy our product or subscribe to our deals.
10:32 pm
>> what are police saying about all of it? so far the baltimore police department is not objecting. but in washington last week, the police chief there called the technology a cowardly tactic being used to circumvent the law. >> right there. >> joseph scott said he is simply helping to publicize the cameras in a more vocal way. >> if you know, then you will slow down. so if it helps you slow down, then you are obeying the law and these products and services will make you a expert safer driver. >> the city of baltimore already posts its camera locations online. but the verdict is out on how many motorists will pay for the value of an alert. >> red light camera. >> they say the criminals try to stay one step ahead of the law enforcement. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, subscriptions to phantom alert cost about $40 a
10:33 pm
year. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. paula's american idol future up in the air. why the familiar face might not be a part of season nine. >> never forget the little boy on fire. >> but next. good samaritans jump into action when the unthinkable happens. how they saved a family trapped in a burning car.
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. >> good evening folks. looking at a decent day out there today. with some sunshine early on. then we got a little cloud cover working in through the afternoon hours. now looking at mostly cloudy skies. too cloudy skies. with rain knocking on the door as we see some showers make the way across the state. widely scattered showers. no heavy rain at this time. heaviest rain dissipateed and skirted off to the east.
10:36 pm
74 degrees right now. mostly cloudy downtown with a wind out of the east-southeast at six. and our humidity levels are at 60 percent. so that moisture starting to build up. you can see the high topped out at 83 degrees. our normal for this time of year is around 88. low was 66 this morning. precipitation not anything recorded out there at bwi thurgood marshall airport. as we continue to see the showers mainly push off to the east. so we have to wait for the rain to really come down as we get through the afternoon and evening tomorrow. temperatures across the area, 72 in hairingbers -- harrisburg. boston at 68 degrees. richmond south of us. 70. back to pittsburg, 63. and cooler air northwest. but it looks like we are sitting on a fine line of the cooler and warmer temperatures as the stationary front is the battle zone between the air mass sitting over the area. helping to create a lift in the atmosphere. popping up the showers and thunderstorms. heavier rain south of dc fired
10:37 pm
up all the moisture starting to move north. and took a turn off to the west here. and it looks like we will continue to see most of the rain here, pushing up northwest. but we still have a potential for more instability through the day tomorrow. and that will give us our next chance for showers and thunderstorms. >> closer look. see how the showers made the way across the dc area. and missed the baltimore area. we have a few light showers, northeast of perry hall. shower there. and heavier rain back over western maryland. future scan, here is how it plays out on the day tomorrow. looking at some breaks in the clouds. tomorrow morning. maybe sun trying to break-thru. and the clouds thicken up through the afternoon. showers and thunderstorms pop up again. across the area. then we will see by wednesday getting more sunshine for the morning and afternoon. but then, as we get into the late afternoon, maybe more showers will start to pop up to the forecast. as we have the instability in the atmosphere. eastern shore, 81 with a chance for showers. chestertown and easton, keep the umbrellas nearby and central
10:38 pm
portion of the state. westminster, and annapolis and perry hall, high of 78 to 80. with northeast winds at five tone. and in the mountains, western maryland cumberland and oakland, around 81, easterly wind at five. see the trough continue to kind of hang around the mid-atlantic. warmer air off to the west makes the way. so temperatures will start to warm up later this week. and with the threat for thunderstorms. so here is what it looks like tomorrow. again 78. 84 by wednesday. a little more sun with a slight chance for showers. upper 80s by thursday and friday. with a 30 percent chance for showers. 85 on saturday. fox 45 sky watch weather is now at your fingers tips. i-radar available at use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track coming storms, interactive tool lets you see exactly when rain or snow will be over your house. go to, and click on i-radar. . >> a split second decision turns citizens into heroes this
10:39 pm
weekend in milwaukee. as this car burst into flames. two men use metal pipes to break-thru the windshield. you can see them doing it there. somebody else halls in a garden hose from across the street to spray the car. the woman behind the wheel is eventually freed. along with her 2-year-old daughter. but the woman's 4-year-old son still trapped inside. now two off duty firefighters that happened to be in the neighborhood ran to the scene. and used a knife to cut the boy's seat belt. he suffered burns to 30 percent of his body. but his mother and sister amazingly only suffered minor burns. >> well, times are tough. and even charities are having a hard time to raise money. but a make-a-wish foundation in washington state is saying thanks but no thanks to some donations because of how they were raised. a car wash over the weekend, with women clad in bikinis. make a wish, which tries to fulfill the wishes of terminally ill children, said they don't want to accept money from any fund raiser that might offend
10:40 pm
the families they serve. but some people say that is not fair to the kids that could stand to benefit from the donations. . >> still ahead in the news at 10:00. flu shot is coming, and the government wants you to get yours. but there is a catch. the big drawback, to the shot that has been approved. >> and changes at the judge's table. why paula may be missing, from next season's idol line up.
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. >> fda okay the newest incarnation of the flu vaccine. made up of three strains of the flu virus that health officials expect to be the most prevalent this year. people are encouraged to get the shot as soon as it is available. but the vaccine will only offer protection against the seasonal flu. not the h1n1 or swine flu. >> deadly disease has one family turning to the internet for help. judy kurtz explains how a maryland resident is fighting leukemia with facebook. that's in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> 32-year-old jonathan help is trying to beat a rare disease. silver spring man desperately needs a bone marrow transplant to treat a blood cancer.
10:44 pm
the finding a donor can be difficult. that's why his family is going online, to find him a match. jonathan's family is getting the word out about donor drives they are holding through social networking websites. nearly 150 people are following a team help twitter feed. and jonathan's group on facebook, has 1000 members. >> facebook has been so fantastic, because jonathan has been isolated in a room and he cannot talk to people himself. but he can do it online. which is fantastic. >> you can help jonathan's fight by becoming a bone marrow donor. to find out about drives in our area or get a test kit, go to and click on "news links". and stay connected 24/7 with fox 45. follow our tweets or go to facebook. go to and find us on facebook or twitter under the community features section. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web".
10:45 pm
>> well, of course american idol is around next year. the question is will paula abdul? according to her manager idol has not offered paula a formal contract for the upcoming season. ryan seacrest signed a three year, $45 million deal. simon cowell's contract expires next year and he may get over $140 million. but you can catch the top 10, when they come to this area. american live idol tour comes to washington d.c. august 4, and baltimore on august 5. . >> great
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>> well, breaking down the forecast for tomorrow. we will see mostly cloudy skies. maybe sun in the morning. but clouds thicken up with a chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. so keep the umbrellas nearby. high of 78 degrees. and your seven-day forecast. shows a high of 84 on wednesday. get more sunshine. but there is only about 20 percent chance of a stray shower. 86 on thursday. and friday. and it looks like we will see a potential for should showers also leading us into the weekend. but, i think, saturday will fair good. 85 degrees. 87 on sunday. so looks like a decent weekend. as we see most of the rain, mostly focused on the weekdays.
10:49 pm
back to you. >> all right. thank you, vytas. the orioles visited the new yankee stadium tonight. bruce cunningham joins us with highlights in "sports unlimited". bruce? >> coming up tonight, on "sports unlimited". the orioles try to do something tonight they have struggled with since 1995. beat the yankees when andy pettit starts. we have highlights coming up. with derrick mason's retirement up in the air. they are looking for a replacement. details on who is trying out. and showcase all the week's best. in the plays of the week countdown who who sits at the top? "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> orioles's road trip tint tonight and new york is not any friend (inaudible). >> who sit in 2nd place in the american league east despite having the second best record in the entire league.


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