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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 22, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> take your family out to eat for a discount. this week's dining deals tomorrow on fox's morning news. >> in the current budget environment i think we are doing the best we can. >> major cuts to the city's fire fleet. what the kwheef is saying about future layoffs. >> this is obsurd. go and auction it it off. >> why the cops were called to the auction. >> a few down pours and more may be on the way. when they will aarrive. >> what happened at the offices of michael jackson's doctor? >> good evening i'm jennifer
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gilbert. fire chief responds to questions concerned of safety in the wake of budget cuts 6 fire companies are temporarily closed and more reductions are in the works. kathleen. >> reporter: is not in jeopardy more cuts may be coming. 6 fire companies are closed every shift due to the elimination of over time pay. in the first interview chief jim says timeses are tough. he will reduce the budget by 7.5 million dollars. since the mayor requested all departments cut 5 percent. >> i will not guarantee there will not be permanent closings or layoffs or any of those things. i can't take any of that off the
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table. i hope there are no layoffs and thankfully in the fire department we have not had any. baltimore's fire department is the best in the country and an effective firefighting force. at 10 findute what companies are closed now as a result of the close urs. kathleen, fox news at 5:30. >> governor o'malley and public works approved 280 million dollars in cuts from the state budget. it is the first round of cuts aimed at reducing the state's projected deficit of 700 million dollars. the cuts include thirty-four million in reduction necessary medicare to hospitals and nursing homes. 40 state employees are being laid off and 40 million dollars cut from higher education. >> these are very tough times for everybody. every family in maryland and our simple intension is to take the
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actions necessary in order to protect families of maryland. >> the governor and board of public works are expected to approve 400 million dollars in additional cuts next month. >> a man serving a life sentence for killing his girlfriend's 8 year old daughter wants to over turn his conviction a federal judge ruled he will be allowed to file a petition even though he missed the deadline. he was convicted in the 2002 murder of marsy ringo he was on death row that sentence was over turned on appeal. >> law makers plan to hold hearings in the fall on the department of juvenile services. we continue the coverage tonight. >> reporter: the decision come from a ropt that the only loss treatment center is not rebabbing the most violent young
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people locked up in the state. there is criticism following the davis case where a 5 and 17 year old were shot. workers advocates for children and youth say they are glad lawmakers will review the department in wake of the developments. >> the department of juvenile services must walk away from the hearings in the fall with an action plan that can't be just information sharing but steps to improve the system. >> an action plan that actually holds the department accountable. tonight at 10 more on the state's juvenile justice system a crime and justice investigation you will only see here tonight new information surrounding the davis case and the department of juvenile services. joy, 45 news at 5:30. >> the fbi is looking for a bank robber who robbed 6 banks in the city in the past month
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the surveillance pictures were released today there is a reward. if you know this man call the fbi task force. volunteers spent years trying to save it. but today baltimore's historic senator theatre hit the auction block. we are live with what happened, jeff. >> reporter: well, supporters of the historic senator theatre interrupted the auction several times today. it was not enough to stop the sale of the senator. >> in the crowd here today were those interested in saving the senator and those interested in buy itting. now the city owns the mortgage to the theatre bought it back for 410 thousand dollars the other bid was 800 thousand dollars. that is simply is not enough. >> we did not expect that anybody would bid as much as the
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city had. >> the future of the theatre is enormous jeopardy. >> it didn't have to be that way. >> the city says it hasn't ruled out leasing the theatre to someone who will operate it. as a theatre. >> we are live in north baltimore. fox 45 news. >> president obama hope to sell his health care plan to america tonight. he is hourses away from a primetime address. nicole collins joins us in washington with more. >> reporter: jennifer, in a short address before he takes questions president obama plans to clarify his position on health care reform for public and law make ares. bonla takes his case to the air waves whachl he will do tonight is address very directly those questions that people have.
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>> reporter: poles show public support for the president's handling of the crucial issue is dropping. conserve can conservative members are at ouds with the white house. creating tension. judge it is the legislative process. i say that over and over. people say others do all of their debating behind closed doors that's not who we are as a party. >> >> reporter: a democraticing source says some are frustrated at what they consider a lack of direction from the president and hope to get answers tonight particularly on how to fay for the over hall a concern also shared by some republicans in a prebuttel to the president speech mitch mcconnell says republicans are not against the reform just parts. >> we look forward to move a health care proposal this year on a bipartisan basis and one that doesn't increase the
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defic deficit. one that doesn't put the government in charge of health care. >> the president is eager to get a measure through congress soon. he hopes to have a bill to sign on his desk by the august recess. live in washington. i'm nicole colin. >> nicole, he wanted this through by the august recess is that possible with the wrangling going on? >> reporter: it it is possible. congress will have to move very quickly. house majority leaders announces he doesn't think it is necessary but the white house is not letting up on that deadline they like to see that passed. >> we will find out more tonight. thank you, nicole. >> as the president pushes back critics of the health care plan a pole indicates half of the country disapproves of how he is handling the issue. a gallop pole shoes 44 percent agree with how obama is dealing
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with health care. 50 percent do not. and we want to hear from you. do you agree it is our question of the day. go to your response could air at 10. how are the roads looking. candice. >> it has been a hectic ride on the bw park way because of the accident on route 198 and 197. now we're left with delays from mills and as a result you want to use 95 instead. on the beltway here it is lanes are packing them in. this is all because of an accident further up that's at frederick road you will see flashing lights it came m to the news room tlchl is more on the beltway a disabled vehicle on the lanes at the key bridge this takes out the right lane. now we are left with a heavy ride from the curtis creek draw
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bridge the tunnels other best alternate. and i 95 to 695 we are looking at a 51 miles per hour speed thal take 5 minutes to hit that exit. that is a look at the evening travels back to you. >> thank you candice we have been dealing with pop up storms find out what we can expect for the rest of the night in the sky watch forecast. >> searching for answers, federal agents raid the offices of michael jackson's doctor. find out what they were looking for. still to come. >> researchers are ready to try a new vaccine for the swine flu will it be ready for the next
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> >> in health check fighting the swine flu. researchers created a vaccine for the h1n1 virus and ready to start human trials on it. melinda. >> reporter: the university of maryland is looking near volunteers willing to take a shot in the name of science.
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they are one of the medical centers a pruched begin human trialos the new swine flu vaccine the announcement was made today in baltimore this will be the first round of trials on humans in the u.s. researchers in australia have gun testing on a similar vaccine. they expect the h1n1 virus to make a strong comback they will give the shots to ah dults, childrens and seniors to evaluate reactions. >> the tests will involve 1,000 volunteers of all ages. we will evaluate the safety vaccine and measuring its ability to stimulate immune responses to the virus the test nothing baltimore will take place at the university of maryland medical center. and at pediatric sight necessary frederick and annapolis.
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volunteers will be given 2 doses 3 weeks apart and they begin next month. >> a group of maryland researchers developed a way to use stem cells to treat disease. biotech firm are taking cells from human skin and turning them to adult stem cells to use for treatment. cells create indeed a lab could make controversial embryonic research unnecessary. >> delivery cells for blood diseases is easy but steezs like parkinson's is difficult. >> the researchers say it is difficult to tell how soon their technology could be used to treat patients. >> new information tonight in the murder of that florida couple who had 17 kids.
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a source says the murder sense were after the couple's safe that had 100 thousand dollars in it. the safe was one of 2 that bird and melanie billings had. one contained to family documents and jewelry was found buried in the backyard of one of the sense. 8 people have been arrest indeed connection with the deaths so far. >> 2 years after the virginia tech massacre the shooters mental health records are found. some records have been missing from the university counseling center. lawyers found the record necessary the po tegz of a former worker at the center. the records will be releeses as loon as possible. shell killed people before committing suicide. >> definitely a hot muggy day in baltimore. not a lot of actist activity.
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only shower remaining is the shower near the split of 795 west of pikesville a light shower that may give rain. in ceasel county east of rising sun and northwest. a little more heavy rain there. most of the heavy activity moved to pennsylvania. lightning strikes we have seen 37 strikes. not a lot of activity as we count the lightning strikes over the maryland state line. looking at what we have is a few pop up showers and thunderstorms over parts of northern virginia the heavy activity we saw pushed to the north toward harrisburg and car liel they are getting rainfall. what we will expect is more activity working through the
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ohio river valley, a lot of rain in southern ohio northeastern portions of kentucky. this will push in our area tomorrow afternoon we'll get good thunderstorms across the area all the heat and humidity is out there and the front will move n. here are the temperatures now. 85 in baltimore. 89 in dc of the heat index feels 88 baltimore, 91 in dc that's what it feels like when you add the heat and hunidity. a southeast wind and marine air out there. cloudy skies. a thunderstorm with temperatures at 69 over night. details and the 7 day coming up. >> drug enforce. agents raid the offices of michael jackson's personal doctor. what they may have been looking for that could help officials determine how the king of pop
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it's perfect. i just want to make sure it's the right decision. we got here as quick as we could. look it's the cc. you don't pay for scheduled maintenance, you get the car of your dreams... seriously us, just drive it. you're right. dealer: let's take this one. it's a time-space continuum thing. the future... >> the dea searchs the houston offices of michael jackson's doctor. doctor conrad murry has been in the spotlight since michael jackson died he was his personal physician and with him when he died they are searching for prescription drugs.
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rest easy kiefer sutherland will not spend time in jail for head butting a fashion designering the da is dropping assault charges. the designer refused to cooperate with prosecutors. madam tuso is wowing hollywood the museum in los angeles opened yesterday feet urs wax figures like ryan seacrest. 55 million dollars attraction is the ninth to open in the world. >> pitcher jaysen avoided the sw
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>> welcome back i'm bruce cunningham the road trip is a real downer for the orials headed to today's final with the yankees lost 4 of 5 on the trip there are 3 gameses to play against the red sox at fenway this weekend. bad time for the birds. rookie looking for a start to avoid being sent to the minors in the bottom of the first rodriguez, lines the single to left field. derrick scores from third and the yankees grab the lead. fisher sends one to the gap and right center. scores from third. pasadda behind him. yankees score 4. 4-nothing. bchl third they add insurance. pasadda at the plate he hammers the pitch to deep right center
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into the bull pin. yankees up 5-nothing. they win 6-4 to win the sixth straight game. chris tillman could be on his way to baltimore they will discuss the future of staert rich hill. options apeer to be skip his next turn in the rotationor b, designate him for asignment. hill has a 7.64 run average admitted to the sun quote, the writing is on the wall. tillman was pull friday his start tonight. post game reactions the sox trade and the ravens situation with derrick mason's retirement is coming up at 10:50. >> thank you bruce much the rain and humidity moved in. >> jennifer you see it on the time lapse looking at the heat
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and humidity into the afternoon a busy day. we saw the sun breaking out as we headed to the afternoon hours and the showers started to make their way in. we got to see all the humidity and heat. we will continue to hold on to that through over night. downtown iner harbor plenty of sun and the temperatures are 85 degrees. wind at 7. humidity 57 percent. makes it feel like the upper 80's. >> here it is now on the radar you see the showers making their way to pennsylvania. activity to the southwest and rain tomorrow afternoon may be strong are thunderstorms as we head through the afternoon hours. 85 baltimore. 87 in haggarstown. rain over the border in pennsylvania. the future scan you see how we may start with sun and clouds
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tomorrow. thunderstorms fire up to the west. heavy amounts of rainfall along the frontal as it moves to the area by 6 tomorrow evening. gusty thunderstorms possible as the activity pushes through. friday and saturday things clear up. looking at thursday. 77 percent chance, question the high. a morning shower with afternoon will set up to be a nice day and 89 on saturday with sunshine. sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday chances for showers and temperatures warming through the next week. >> [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company]


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