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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 23, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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they want to win as well. we want to go back home winning the tournament. >> it is important tournament. because there are very good team. milan club america, so i think it is a friendly match, but really it is not a friendly match because every game is important for us to improve. and it is important to find good condition. and important to win. because when you win, you stay well. >> the world football challenge began on july 19. covering the united states. but the game here on friday night at m&t bank stadium is the first sold out game in this round-robin exhibition match and sure to be exciting between the top two teams. ac milan and chelsea football club. kristen berset "sports unlimited".
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>> tickets are sold out for tomorrow night's game between ac milan and chelsea, but you can see it on espn. and now here is jennifer gilbert with the "late edition". >> this is my first international game. >> excitement over soccer. why fans are being warned to show up early. >> a couple, and crime. what this husband and wife are accused of doing. >> and a manatee makes an appearance in maryland. where the creature was spotted this time. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. excitement is brewing in baltimore as soccer fans get ready for the world class ac milan and chelsea match up. the downtown area is expected to be packed tomorrow night. and that has led to concerns about traffic. karen parks is here now with the latest. karen? >> jennifer this is a sold out game. there will be more than 70,000
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fans in downtown baltimore. and traffic could be tough. the baltimore department of city transportation said traffic and parking modifications will be in effect for friday night's game that starts at 8:00. all parking restrictions and residential permit parking regulations will be strictly enforced. the city traffic chief said traffic will be more of an issue friday night because many of the fans and visitors coming into town are not used to getting in and out of m&t bank stadium. but mta said they have the answer. >> you have a situation where you have thousands of people coming, and our light rail trains take you right to the front door of all the action. >> the awe stadium parking lot will be open at 4:00, and the gates open at sessions 30. >> karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition". >> well, the search is on for two men in the violent attack on a woman in downtown baltimore. attack happened after day break at pratt and sharp street near the convention center. the 24-year-old woman was
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walking alone on her way to work in a business nearby when two men grabbed her. they tried to pull her to a less visible area. the men tried to rape her. >> they got into a scuffle. appears the victim struggled with the attackers. suffered bumps and bruises all over. at some point a passer-by comes by and scares the suspect, and they flee. we have witnesses that see the suspect fleeing, and their cameras go everywhere. >> police have a vague description of the and did hope that footage from cameras could lead to a composite sketch. >> thieves target houses of worship as two more cockyville area churches are broken into. latest happened some time after 5:30, in the afternoon, monday. and tuesday morning. that brings the total for, at least five churches robbed since the weekend. this church is one of them. over the weekend thieves took a safe that did not have money in it. and they got $40 in petty cash. the safe did contain important
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papers that are available to the church. of course not worth anything to anyone else. >> the search is on tonight for a 13-year-old maryland boy that disappeared in the water off the coast of south carolina. the unidentified boy disappeared after seven others rescued near garden city beach today. officials say the boy was in south carolina for a baseball tournament. >> police call him a lieutenant in the black guerilla family gang. lance walker will spend the rest of his life locked up after a judge hands down two life sentences. it is a case that involves everything from murder to a gang plot to intimidate witnesses through cell phone calls from prison. the state star witness talked with fox 45 news exclusively after the sentencing. she and her baby were in the car that was fired upon. >> i remember raising up my head and seeing someone by my son's window with the gun and i
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pretend like i was dead. >> you think they will come after you. >> yes, i do. i definitely do. because i was the only witness. >> well that woman traveled from out of state to attend today's sentencing. she will probably be making another trip back to baltimore since the judge is allowing a new trial on attempted murder charges. >> a husband and wife are accused in multiple burglaries. 41-year-old jerome heron of westminster is charged in 14 burglaries committed between april and july. his wife, 34-year-old teen 93 heron charged in six. state police say they sold thousands of dollars worth of goods and properties from homes in carroll county. >> rainy and cloudy day. are more storms on the way? chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the sky watch forecast. >> jennifer, the rain is knocking on the door. we can probably hear thunder out there already. looking at doppler radar. we can see some of the heavier showers and thunderstorms back to the west. just west of reisterstown.
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west of the baltimore city beltway, on 695. columbia see flash of lightning, but looking at the storm track here. ten after here. it looks like you folks will see heavier rain in woodlawn, about 10 after in lochearn. heavier shower activity. downtown baltimore, probably getting some heavy rain right around 17 after the hour. so looks like we will continue to see this activity pushing east. slow mover, at about 20, 25 miles per hour. when the rain comes down it will come down at a good pace. lightning making the way to glen burnie and reisterstown getting it right now. and north of cockeysville heavy rain and lightning back there. so we are talking about heavy amounts of lightning. look at this. about 1000 lightning strikes just in the last hour as this line of showers and thunderstorms make the way through the area. closer look here. you can see some of those lightning strikes west of elks ridge and once again rest of randallstown in columbia. definitely get a share of heavy rainfall in the next hour or so.
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here is what's going on. you see the heavy rainfall west of reisterstown. continue to see that push through the baltimore area. overnight tonight showers and thunderstorms make the way through. tomorrow morning, morning commute around 68 degrees. with sun and clouds. and a little bit humid. that might fire off a shower or thunderstorm late in the afternoon. keep an eye to the sky with the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. detailed look at a warming trend into the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. >> after a three year freeze on instate tuition students at maryland colleges and universities may have to pay more by next spring. funding for higher education has been cut by almost $40 million. as the state tries to reduce a $700 million deficit. those cuts may result in bigger class sizes and fewer part-time faculty. tuition at maryland colleges will not increase this fall. but funding fon higher education is cut again a tuition increase would be considered. >> we never like to raise tuition in mid year.
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and so i am not claiming that we are going to increase tuition, but if it is large enough cut we would have to certainly consider that possibility. >> governor o'malley is expected to unveil the next round of budget cuts totaling more than 400 had million dollars before labor day. >> and the governor is set up a website where the public can submit ideas on how to deal with the deficit. go to the website by logging onto our website, and click on "news links". . >> in tonight's news you need to know. you probably never thought about this. summer can be a dangerous season for your teeth. that's what the dentist tell us you are more likely to get your teeth knocked out in summer because of all the things you do outside. skate boarding, basketball, lacrosse. that's why dentists recommend a mouth guard. and sweating in the sun. can also cause some problems. >> dehydration, lack of
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electrolytes causetious in the mouth to become dry as well. which can promote tooth disease and teeth dee bay. >> summer foods are notorious for causing chipped teeth so watch out for ribs, corn on the cob and peaches with a pit inside. you may soon have to pay up if you want to watch video on hulu. online video streaming site owned by disney may charge for content. hulu allows you to watch hit television shows, movies and more. >> a florida manatee is spillway out of its neighborhood. the wandering miami manatee spotted swimming in the susquehanna river. spotted yesterday near perryville. earlier this week spotted near havre de grace. and we are told manatees are seen everywhere somewhere in the chesapeake but getting pictures of them like this is very rare. . >> mending a broken heart. doctors may have found a way to
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do it. later on the "late edition". >> government should not be in the business of doing anything. >> i can't afford to provide health care coverage for my employees's fam
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. >> the poll shows support for health care reform is slipping. according to gallop. 44 percent approve of how the president is handling health care reform. and 50 percent say they disapprove. it is the first poll, make that 45 percent. first poll to show a disapproval rating higher than the approval rating on the issue. >> the president continues his push for his health care overhaul. even though congress now says it will not vote on the legislation before summer recess. the president traveled to a suburb of cleveland today. and held a townhall meeting about his health care plan.
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the president acknowledged that his time line won't be met but he says that's okay. as long as progress keeps getting made. >> i just want people to keep on working. just keep working. i want the bill to get out of the committees. and then i want that bill to go to the floor. and then i want that bill to be reconcileed between the house and senate. and then i want to sign a bill. >> the president now says he wants to sign health care legislation into law by the end of the year. well, the president's prime time pitch last night helped to reignite the debate. in fell's point today, two dozen people stood in the heavy rain to rally support for the president's plan. the group said now is the time for public health insurance. >> we have the capacity to provide the best health care in the world. but increasingly only available to those that can afford it. >> alots of people think we have a good health care and him to make government the single pair
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in the -- 58 or in the health care is dangerous. >> opponents unleashed a round of commercials that called the plan costly, and deadly. and that brings us to the question of the day. do you think the president will get congress to pass a health care bill? so far 25 percent say yes. while 75 percent say no. nat from reisterstown writes, he is a great salesman. he will do it. but karen writes, i think our senators and congressmen are waking up to see that it is not a good bill. to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> intelligence leaders believe that osama bin laden son is dead. they say sahad killed in a missile attack in pakistan. they are not sure exactly when it happened. but they believe it happened in the past few months. there is no body, no dna evidence. authorities say sahad was an
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active member of al-qaida but not the target of the air strike. >> july now marks the deadliest month for american soldiers in afghanistan. 34 u.s. service members have been killed compared to a two month period last summer when less than 30 were killed. a record number almost 60,000 troops, are in the hell man providence, but actually east of the pakistan border where the army has taken the most casualties. >> more storms on the way. check in with vytas reid with the sky watch forecast. >> jennifer, we can hear the rain coming down on the studio on 41st street and television hill. we have some steady rainfall across the street. back west. carroll county. central carroll county getting rainfall. westminster, howard county. and columbia and ellicott city getting decent rain. continue to see this slowly move off to the east. not a fast-moving storm. so this activity will drop good rainfall over the next hour or
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so. and, in fact, looking at the track of the storm. it looks like we will see the storm tracking just off to the east. slowly. areas that will probably be in that area, anywhere from catonsville to wood hern, and lochearn. direction is 20 after you are seeing the rain come down. and other areas will probably continue to see the rain over the course of the next hour or so. moving to baltimore county into harford county. slice through the storm. looking at x vision. this is showing how strong the storms are. it looks like on a 3-d level. this is 20,000-foot mark. so as we go through the storms. some of the storms have higher mark. anywhere from 25 to 30,000 feet. and that is where usually more of the core of the lightning is associated, and the heavier downpours. through central carroll county right now. folks in westminster are dealing with that continue to have to see that lightning push through the region as well. going on to lightning. we can see the lightning strikes coming down pretty good northwest of randallstown. elks ridge with lightning as
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well. downtown a flash here and there. and most of the activity is up toward west pinster. west of oakland. continue to see it following the track of storms across the central portion of the state. around baltimore city. how this times out. we will continue to see this for another hour, hour and a half across central maryland. dropping decent rainfall. and then behind it, good news is that there are breaks in the rain as we zoom out here. back in hagerstown. showers have ended in northern virginia. so we will continue to see this activity move across the central portion of the area. and across the bay. here is what's happening temperature wise down. thunderstorms are starting to make the way in. winds calm. humidity levels 74 percent. so we have very humid conditions out there. timing out on the future scan. showers moving out of here. tomorrow morning, probably see sunshine. mixed with clouds. and then in the late afternoon. pop up brief shower. but i think about 30 percent, 40 percent chance. then we have more clearing for saturday. and as far as rainfall totals maybe quarter of an inch to half inch depending on where you are.
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who gets the most rain from the shower activity. all caused by slow moving stationary front taking the time across the area. but looks like a break on saturday. and then it looks like warmer temperatures for saturday. looking at 87 with a 40 percent chance can of a shower. 90 on saturday. clear skies. and 88 on sunday. with a 50 percent chance of rain. complete seven day in a few minutes. >> thank you, vytas. >> some wounded warriors take to the basketball court for the ultimate showdown. took place at the national naval medical center in bethesda. soldiers squared off against a wheelchair basketball team from the district of columbia. in the end the military team came out on top. 12-4. but everyone involved said the event was about building comradery and self esteem and not about winning or losing. >> restarting the heart cycle. new alternative to using stem cells to heal a heart. coming up next on fox 45 news "late edition". >> and will derrick mason change
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. >> the food and drug administration is urging a ban on e cigarettes. e cigarettes are electronic devices shaped like a cigarette. that deliver nicotine. but the fdaed the battery powered cigarette also delivers cancer causing toxins. makers of these cigarettes say the fda is over stepping its authority. >> doctors may have found a way to fix a broken heart. experts say that damaged tissue from a heart attack might be able to repair itself with a simple injection. using mice, researchers found by injecting a growth factor to simulate the nervous system after a heart attack. cells begin to divide and copy again. doctors say this method could be an alternative to using stem
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cells. >> with training camp set to open in a few days. the ravens are preparing to move forward without veteran receiver derrick mason that suddenly announced retirement. john harbaugh had a face-to-face meeting with him this week. john harbaugh told the sun he was quote, hopeful. mason would change his mind and return. admits that after talking with mason, quoting again, nothing has changed. and derrick was very clear about that throughout the conversation. john harbaugh went on to say he didn't think mason's actions were a negotiating ploy and quoting again they will respect his decision either way. >> next week marks the homecoming for a newest raven. dominique foxworth grew up in randallstown. and back in february, he signed a four year, $28 million deal with the ravens. a deal that included over 16 million in guaranteed money. after playing with denver and atlanta he cannot wait to take the field with his hometown
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team. >> i think this is a big year for the ravens coming off the success they had last year. and obviously brought in good talent in the off season, i am happy to be a part of it. we should do better than we did last year. so i am expecting it to be high. >> >> yes. yes. yes. a perfect game by mark burley. >> yeah, how about mark burley. perfect game this afternoon against the rays. it was burley's second career no hitter. first perfect game thrown in the majors since randy johnson in 2004. in the 18th perfect game in major league history. burley is just the 5th player in history to throw one of each. >> kind of take it one at a time. pitch by pitch. if you start to think about that. and telling yourself you have a no hitter.
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perfect game. whatever. you will will worry about messing up or making mistake so i do not worry about what's going on. >> burley got a phone call from president obama after the game. offering his congratulations. obama is, of course, a huge white sox fan. jennifer, back to you. . >> well, i don't know what time are we delivery the daily bread? >> summer har
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. >> summer harvest at city hall. and the mayor was digging up fresh vegetables. vegetables planted in april on the 2000 square foot war memorial plaza. today was harvesting time. mayor sheila dixon was joined by other city leaders. she hoped to set an example for the promise of urban gardening. >> the end result, and the fact that we are providing nutritional fresh vegetables
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grown from the gardens, to the daily bread and encouraging other people to start garden groups. is part of why this whole initiative started. >> and today's harvest included charred, eggplant, onions and tomatoes and lots of other things. everything picked is donated to our daily bread. feeding low income residents. gardens have yielded 2400 pounds of fresh produce this year alone. >> well, we have had lots of rain to help that garden along. how long will the rain stay with us? lets ask chief meteorologist vytas reid. >> more rain coming down now. but tomorrow, 87. partly cloudy skies. chance of showers late in the day. look at the seven-day forecast. plenty of sunshine. 90 on saturday. 88 on sunday. with 50 percent chance for showers. and off-and-on showers through the next week. with the temperatures warming into the upper 80s, lower 90s. jennifer. >> thank you, vytas.
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