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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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appreciate it. >> that does it for this edition of "sports unlimited". stay tune for the "late edition" and it starts right now. . >> welcome news for the mayor. the amount of stimulus money the city is getting for more cops. >> the new indictment against councilwoman helen holton. >> and bad news about tanning beds. >> they have little shutter things. >> and a small parade has historical significance. find out why. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore. this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. money and cops. the baltimore city police department is getting $10 million in federal stimulus funds. to help crackdown on crime. funds come from a grant program called "cops." keith daniels is here now to talk about what city cops plan to do with the money. keith? >> well, jennifer, police
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commissioner fred bealefield said money will be used to put more foot patrols on the street. now governor o'malley was in philadelphia today, taking part in the announcement with vice-president biden. maryland gets $23 million for eight police departments. baltimore city cut is 10 million. mayor sheila dixon said the money will be used to hire 50 new police officers, all of them, again, part of the foot patrols, as part of a strategy to help the department win back community trust. the federal government will pay officer's salaries and benefits, for three years. then local governments will have to pay. >> we anticipated this and that's why in the past, when we got cop's money and had to cover it. we did not want to be too aggressive and i have that's why we said if we do 50 through attrition, we can pick it up. >> hopefully by then we start to see a economic recovery. recession cannot last forever.
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>> well, new york and pittsburg are among those that will not get cop's money. federal officials focused on cities with serious budgetary problems, and those that have relatively high crime rates. we're live now in baltimore city headquarters, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> well, unprecedented police presence in east baltimore. follows a bloody weekend in the city. 22 people shot. four of them killed. and fox 45 has learned from sources close to the investigation that this violence stems from bad blood between two rival gang known as purple city death and the chapel hill boys. it is suspected the gunman that opened fire at the cookout sunday night is the same person that shot and killed gerard reed earlier this month. >> it is so important in my perspective, in my view, and i mean this, is that people within that community, and both, need
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to speak up. if not, it won't stop. >> well, despite the violence, this past weekend, the mayor said that statistics shows shootings and overall gun crimes are down significantly from last year. >> the body of a missing boater, has been found in the south river. maryland natural resources officers recovered the body of clinton mathew wallace, before 7:00 this evening. wallace disappeared sunday. police say he was on a boat with some friends, about a mile from shore. from mayo beach park in edgewater. police say he jumped in the water to swim, got tired and shouted for help after a few minutes. friends in the boat tried to throw him a life vest but could not get it to him on time. >> more trouble for city council woman helen holton. just two months after charges against her were dropped. a grand jury has indicted her once again. myranda stephens is live out of city hall with more on the story tonight. myranda. >> jennifer, grand jury has now reindicted baltimore city
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council woman helen holton on new charges of conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws. according to the indictment, holtton that was seeking reelection in 2007 met privately with developer ronald lipscomb and businessman john paterakis and asked them to finance a $12,000 political survey on her behalf. the state prosecutor robert rohrbaugh said the money exceeded the limits by law and never reported to the state board of election. holtton's attorney calls the new charges a desperate attempt by the state. and some say he may be right. >> i do think that this is somewhat of an effort on mr. rohrbaugh's part to make good on the taxpayers expenses for a lot of years of a lot of investigations. that really, i think, today, nobody is really wowed by. >> and businessman john paterakis faces similar charges.
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both and he holtton could face up to a year in prison. and a $25,000 fine. we're live here outside of city hall, myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> well, a hot muggy july day, will we get more of the same tomorrow. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the sky watch forecast. >> yeah, jennifer, holding onto the humidity, and temperatures on the hot side of things. but we have a threat for a thunderstorm activity building up out of the south. going through the radar. we can see not a lot of activity out there right now. maybe a light shower up in cecil county. but we will see the rain down to the southwest. pushing up to our neck of the woods. heavy rain over parts of tennessee, down to the south. over the midwest. this activity will continue to head our direction. giving us a chance for heavy downpours and strong storms. prediction center puts us at a slight risk category through tomorrow. temperatures and highs today in the upper 80s lower 90s. currently at 88. both dc and baltimore. overnight tonight seeing clouds
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gather. tomorrow morning, stray showers. and thunderstorms by mid afternoon. with heavy amounts of rain. closer look at how long the rain will stick around coming up. >> thank you, vytas. >> we already know that texting behind the wheel is a deadly mix. the scary part, is that many of us still do it. a aaa pole shows 90 percent of drivers realize that texting or e-mailing while on the road is a safety there but almost a quarter do it anyway. and a study of long hall truckers found dialing a cell phone while driving increases the risk of a crash almost six times. and reaching for an electronic device raises it almost seven times. well, tonight on fox 45 news at 5:30, we asked you if you still text while you drive? and 20 percent say yes. 80 percent say no. cheyenne writes, i do have a terrible habit of texting while driving. i hold the steering wheel with my legs and hold the phone with my hands.
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and it is a habit i really need to break. good luck cheyenne. for more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> well, ravens' fans waiting six months to go the bad taste of a championship game loss out of their system. and now the wait is over. 2009 training camp is underway. and as we found out from many fans, these are the best days of the summer. >> we have such a great time here every y year. we have been coming out since pretty much they started coming here. and it is always a great time. >> four weeks every summer. baseball season ends in baltimore today. >> westminster is transformed into ravens' town. >> for the players it means sweat. pressure. and hard work. for fans, camp puts a face to a number and realizes that television cannot compare to the real thing. >> a lot bigger. yes. definitely. >> look up to them to see hi back-to-school bashed training
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camp at mcdaniel college and things have evolved over the years. now, besides all the big guys, there is plenty of events for tomorrow's football stars, to test their skills, and endurance. >> one thing that is the same here whether out on the field or with fans, you better have a game plan. >> my goal is mainly to get -- >> what time do you have to get up to come here this early. >> 3:00. >> 3:30. >> 5:30. got out of bed at 5:45. fed breakfast. >> that's the discipline schedule that even john harbaugh can admire. but it is all in a day's work for ravens' fans squeezing the most out of each day of training camp. >> there is plenty of things to do here. parking is first-come-first-serve. so get here early. enjoy the day. >> in westminster, joel d smith. fox 45 news "late edition". >> new guidelines raise a red
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flag about the safety of tanning beds. why health leaders say tanning beds are as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas. >> they have shutter things. >> in carroll county, a small parade has historic significant. find out why. and president obama's deadline is coming up fast. but opposition is not
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. >> the national institutes of health prepare clinical trials on two h1n1 vaccines. researchers hope to have the trials completed before fall when the virus may make a lethal come back. they are evaluating safety and effectiveness but how much is needed to protect the country from a resurgence. they say two doses will most likely be needed.
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>> we think most of the population has never seen this virus because it is a new one and doesn't have long-term protection against it. so we might see an increased amount of illness from it. particularly in younger people. >> a federal advisory committee meets wednesday to recommend which group should receive the vaccine, and one likely priority is pregnant women. account for is 6 percent of u.s. fatalities from this year's h1n1 outbreak, even though they represent 1 percent of the population. . >> the senate judiciary committee votes to approve president obama's pick for the u.s. supreme court. seniorya sotomayor mayor. voted 13-6 to approve the nomination. the vote fell along party lines. with the exception of senator lindsay gram that joined the democrats, and voted in favor of sodomayer. the full senate is expected to vote next week. >> president obama's deadline
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for passing health care reform is coming up fast. but opposition is not budging. today the senate finance committee failed to hammer out a compromise package with the version already passed by the health education labor and pensions committee. in the house, blue dog democrats vowed to wait for the budgetary office to score the cost efficiency of chairman henry wax man's version. >> in other words, he is watering it down. and we have to make a determination whether we accept the watered down proposal or make a counter proposal. >> by day's end, only senate majority leader harry reed was predicting account get a final version marked up and reported out of the finance committee bye week's end when the august recess begins. >> sticky summer day. how does the rest of the week shape up? here is chief meteorologist vytas reid is the forecast. >> another hot and sticky day out there today. and several more on the way. as the humidity level will be
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spiking out there. looking at the hd skycam. inner harbour, no activity down there we had a thunderstorm earlier today. but it pushed off to the northeast. cecil county, you folks up toward elkton getting a shower. but 75 degrees. few clouds out there. winds calm. humidity levels at 96 percent. so it is very, very humid out there. and it will be like that choking kind of air for the next couple of days. temperature wise across the area. in the upper 80s, lower 70s. and continue to see that heat and humidity building in. actually continue to see temperatures going up actually as we go down the road, with more warm air building in. the hd regional radar here. we can see cloud cover starting to make the way over to western maryland. northern portions of virginia. down south of westminster -- west virginia and kentucky and north carolina. those are the showers and thunderstorms heading our direction. by mid-morning tomorrow morning, probably get rain. and thunderstorms firing up. and then heavy rainfall possibly developing. mid afternoon, and late afternoon. as we see the activity build in.
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and a lot of instability in the atmosphere to fire off the showers and thunderstorms. and on the future scan we can see the timing of this activity. in the morning rush hour, probably dry. but after that, 8:00 or 9:00, see the rain coming in. and then picking up through the afternoon. heavy showers, by the evening. maybe some gusty thunderstorms to watch for. in some of these storms pushing threw in the heavy rain. so watch that. and then thursday, still slight chance for a shower there looking at what is happening as far as the potential for rain. anywhere from a quarter of an inch. half inch, depending on where the heavy amounts are. everybody will see a little bit of something through the day tomorrow. what is driving it, is that we have the moisture building up out of the south. cold front to the west. creating lift in the atmosphere. but we are seeing warm air moving in ahead of this area of low pressure over ohio river valley. that continues to drive the gulf moisture up out of the south. over the next several days. and take the temperatures up, especially by thursday and friday. so expecting to see temperatures at 86 degrees tomorrow. and showers and thunderstorms,
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heavy rain at times. humid conditions through the afternoon it looks like we will see mostly cloudy skies thursday. 93 degrees. maybe slight chance for a shower. better chances friday. 92 with a 50 percent chance of rain. and 89 on saturday. 88 on sunday. with 30 to 40 percent chances for rain. . >> in tonight's news you need to know. a new study shows credit card debt is rising at an alarming rate for senior citizens. study shows on average, low and middle income consumers, 65 and older have $10,000 in credit card debt. that's up 26 percent since 2005. researchers say they also found older americans accumulate debt faster, than the overall population. >> the world health organization now classifies tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation in the top cancer risk category. researchers found skin cancer
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risks jumped 75 percent if someone uses a tanning bed before age 30. the new classification means the beds are definite causes of cancer just like tobacco, hepatitis b virus and chimney sweeping. the tanning industry disputes it proving there is no link between responsible use of tanning beds and skin cancer. >> in carroll county, old piece of history gets a new address. the historic home in sykesville was moved from main street to oklahoma avenue. the house was moved while dozens of neighbors watched. >> tricky part. >> i would say 75 yards. the house survived. so everything is fine. >> 100 30-year-old structure is expected to be converted into a bank. >> don't let the itchy plants
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invade your property. coming up in tonight's "get this". an environmentally friendly way to get rid of poison ivy. >> and raven's training camp began today in westminster. but 10 players placed on the physically unable to perform list. we will get john harbaugh's so when you said you bring fiber optic all the way to the home, you meant... we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... which gives you more bandwidth than cable. so you can upload faster.
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so it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a sports car. am i the, uh, horse? (announcer) it's a whole new internet. only verizon's 100% fiber optic network makes uploading as easy as downloading. because your internet's not fast unless it's two-way fast.
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because your internet's not fast . >> get this. firefighters pulled a man from a burning car at the knoxville raceway after two vehicles crashed. one car burst into flames, and firefighters rushed in to pull the driver out. >> i knelt down to help him out. and first thing he did was hand me the steering wheel. to get that out of the way. and trying to climb out. and he did not have the belt undone. and i had to reach in and undue it. and he was coming out. >> driver sustained burns to face and legs and has been released from the hospital.
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>> 10 months after disappearing in the aftermath of hurricane ike texas dog was reunited with the family. daisy escaped the kennel where the family boarded both of their dogs while repairing a fence. after 10 months of searching, the bauers found daisy after hearing reports of a dog living in nearby woods. >> i was in the middle of the street, you know, 11:45 at night. crying, and thanking the lord. >> the family said when daisy found them. she offered her paw for a handshake. her signature trick. >> a town in north carolina is fighting poison ivy with goat patrol. 14 goats eat up the itchy plants that they are immune to. >> town officials say the goat patrol is good for the environment. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> it has been a long off season, six months since the last of the -- loss to the steelers, but ravens' fans relax. training camp is open.
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and the 2009 season is officially underway. rookies and a couple of veterans hit the field bright and early this morning. john harbaugh was not all that pleads. there were several players, not ready to practice. because of either injuries or plain being out of shape. john harbaugh placed 10 of them on the physically unable to perform list. he says for many it is only temporary. they will need an extra couple of days to get ready to play. >> we want to make sure that guys can practice. bottom line. so put them through conditioning test. that's part of the physical. and we will continue to put the guys through a physical that have had injuries in the past. you saw willis working out. certain situation need to react positively to the work before we put them on regular practice. so pup for a short period of time. or lengthyer period of time how they respond. or what work load they have. >> here is a list of ravens put on the list.
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meanwhile several veterans came to camp early. among them. joe flacco. first rookie quarterback to win two playoff games. he comes into the second training camp a different guy. more willing to be a leader on the field. found the comfort level on the field and it agrees with him. >> my job to let everybody know what we have here. how special we will be. and as long as everybody understands that, and i make people believe it. because i believe it. we will go a long way and showed that last year. and we can get back there and get further. >> on the defensive side of the football. veterans are in early as well. that number includes both kelly gregg and edwards that both wound up on the disabled list and missed the run to the
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championship game last year. new boss said having them back makes a great defense better. >> that front seven, gets after it. and they have a lot of pride. and now with edwards back, and kelly back, you have added depth to that. and it should allow us to rotate guys and keep guys fresh through the year. >> practice continues tomorrow morning, out at mcdaniel college. jennifer, back to you. >> well, you don't have to be the size of a sumo wrestler to ♪
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for just nine dollars, you can get them shoes from names like danskin now and starter. ♪ select eyeglass frames are just $9 at walmart --
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and they have a 12-month guarantee. ♪ juniors tops from op are $9 too. and you can get them the school supplies they need to start the year for just $9 total. nine dollars. considering what you get... that's a really great price. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. . >> it turns out you don't have to be the size of a sumo wrestler to compete like one. thanks to the rubber sumo suits these guys are wearing. they have put on some extra weight to compete in events like 400-meter dash, high jump, long
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jump. yeah. it looks kind of funny because it is. they say running like that with their hands in the air is the best way to keep suits from falling down while they are sprinting. all of that happening in the united kingdom. just for fun and laughs. >> well, we have some hot weather we are dealing with here. vytas is here to tell us when things will cool off. vytas? >> yeah, if you can imagine running in that suit over the next couple of days. it will be hot out there. and looking at the seven-day forecast. 86 the high for tomorrow. 80 percent chance for showers, and heavy rainfall at times. through mid afternoon and evening. so be prepared for that maybe a few embedded strong storms. 93 thursday. mostly cloudy skies. 92 friday. 50 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. back in the 80s saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, but chances of showers and thunderstorms through the end of the weekend. and then by tuesday, maybe some sunshine. with temperatures in the mid 80s. back to you jennifer. >> thank you, vytas, that's all
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