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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 29, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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. >> that's really the bottom line. >> a new indictment against the mayor. her response to the charges this time. >> dangerous pollution in the chesapeake bay. the reasons more rain did not help. >> after several tornado warnings, more severe weather on the way. where it will hit and when it expect it in the sky watch forecast. >> digital dirt. why stuff on the internet can come back to haunt you. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert is off tonight. mayor sheila dixon reindicted tonight on perjury and misconduct charges. serious charges the judge tossed out earlier this year. you may recall. keith daniels is live at city hall with the latest on the story tonight. keith, what can you tell us at this hour? >> jeff, city hall probe that won't go away. and tonight new charges against
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mayor sheila dixon. >> at a downtown hotel it is business as usual for mayor sheila dixon. she is the key note speaker at the 3rd annual women's business forum. dixon dressed in athletic wear bikeed to the event. but before she spoke, she talked to reporters. >> my reaction is, shiela, stay focused. >> about her being indicted again. >> that's the bottom line. you know, i am not going to stop one beat, and continue with the progress of the city. and that's what this focus is. we have a lot of issues in the city. >> dixon faces nine counts, including misconduct in office. misappropriations, and perjury. and theft. some of the same offenses originally dismissed by a judge in a previous indictment. >> legal expert steve allen. >> it was to be expected. >> on what the new indictment could mean for dixon. >> well, you are now beyond just gift cards. the gift cards were generally
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misdemeanor, theft under $500. these are more serious charges. perjury, malfeasance in office. >> first indictment focused on theft charges. state prosecutors accused dixon of going on a shopping spree, with thousands of dollars worth of gift cards that were donated for needy families. new details in the indictment show how the mayor allegedly failed to report thousands of dollars in gifts, and cash, from former boyfriend and prominent developer, ronald lipscomb. lipscomb faced bribery charges. but prosecutors reduced the charges after he agreed to provide new details about dixon. >> most people in the legal on community anticipated that something like this would happen. particularly after lipscomb cooperated. so i don't think there is any panic mode. the case is the same case, that we saw in the first indictment. >> the mayor's attorney issued a
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statement and it reads in part tonight. "the new charges are as flawed as those that were previously dismissed. and we expect that they will meet the same fate." live at city hall, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> now, that brings us to the question of the day. do you think the new charges against mayor sheila dixon will be dropped? so far 60 percent say yes. 40 percent say no. steve from baltimore writes "if not dropped, at least thinned out. this is now beginning to look like a orchestrated smear campaign against our mayor" but marie from columbia writes, "if there is justice the charges will not be dropped." more of your response tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> now more reaction from city hall. on a councilwoman's reindictment stephanie rawlings-blake spoke out today calling the indictments against helen holton surprising. last night stephanie rawlings-blake row moved helen holton as the chairman of the
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economic development committee after reindict on charges of campaign violations. >> i hope that the matter is resolved. and we will continue to move forward. >> more reaction tonight to the indictment of john paterakis. one of baltimore's most prominent businessmen. john rydell has the story. >> in baltimore's greek town, the indictment of john paterakis is big news. the greek village bakery everyone knows the man they call baltimore's bakery magnet. >> his father owned the bakery and father passed away and he took over the business. like a small town bakery like this. and then he got big. >> paterakis is long time owner of h and t bakery and played a major role in developing inner harbour east. according to the indictment, paterakis and developer ronald lipscomb met with city council woman helen holton that asked them to pay for a political survey. lipscomb's company doracon paid the consulting company $12,500.
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the indictment said paterakis repaid lipscomb's company nearly half that amount. but the $6000 exceeds campaign finance limits and hey list coffee shop they are angry that prosecutors have spent so much time for what they call so few results. >> it is no big deal. i don't think it is big deal. what they did. >> yeah, i mean, you have shootings that happen, with the backyard cookout and all of that and more worried about the politicians right now. >> those that know john paterakis are confident that this indictment will in no way over shadow what he has accomplished for inner harbour east, as well as for the folks here in greek town. >> he has done a lot of good for the community. i think so. >> they are hoping charges against him will eventually be dismissed. in greek town, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> you can look at the indictments yourself.
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there are links to them on our website. go to and click on "news links". >> a dc woman is found guilty of killing her four children. u.s. marshals found the girl's bodies in january of 2008 while carrying out an eviction at banita jacks's home. the girls are believed to have been five to 16. when they were killed. >> outreach worker for the safe streets program among 12 shot in a cookout on east baltimore sunday. today residents respond by taking to the streets. karen parks live at police headquarters with the latest on this story tonight karen? >> well, jeff, tonight workers waved signs and walked around the block chanting. and in east baltimore. all in response to last sunday shooting. but the question still remain, will this make a difference? >> in the rain, here in east baltimore, they came out with one mission in mind. >> somebody has to start
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somewhere. >> somebody has to plant the seed. >> today's out on reach was in response to the shooting here sunday night. an outside barbeque that left a dozen shot. doris braxton lives around the corner from where it happened. >> wake-up call. because the people have know, and realize, it is right around their corner also. >> a call safe street hopes to answer by mediating disputes and providing programs. >> it is an organization that places x offenders and community to clean up city streets. safe streets worker was shot at sunday's cookout and becomes a witness to a shooting involving what police call a drug war. but workers relay on trust in the community and rarely report incriminating information to police. >> we start behind the prison walls. >> safe street workers would not speak to us. after inviting us on the march. but another group known as
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anointed ex-offenders also here, did. and we asked the questions, do you tell or keep quiet? >> i don't handle it, i just do what is right. awhile ago while i was on the other side, the other side. snitching to me was wrong. now that i am walking a fine line in rightness and integrity and character, snitching is telling what you saw. >> the worker that was shot several times is still in the hospital. no word on how helpful the person has been in the investigation. now the baltimore city health department oversees the federally funded program and they would not comment on this issue. reporting live here at city police headquarters. karen parks fox 45 news at 10:00. >> a warning tonight from the carroll county sheriff's office. 21 cars were apparently broken into in sykesville. the break-ins occurred monday night and tuesday morning. now the thieves stole $9000 worth of electronics, computer gear, cds and jewelry.
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sheriff's department said most of the cars were unlocked. anyone with any information whatsoever is asked to call 888399 tip. everyone, of course should lock their car doors. >> tornado warning this afternoon, had things -- have things calmed down? vytas reid joins us with a first look at the sky watch forecast. we were busy this afternoon? >> a lot of activity out there. a lot of storms. still brewing. storms producing lightning and heavy downpours west of the baltimore. we have a chance of getting a nice downpour from this line of showers that is moving through frederick right now. heavy downpours, in downtown frederick. and moving through northern frederick county. but this will slowly move our direction giving us a chance for heavy rain. looking at the motion of the storm. continues to head east. moving at 25 miles per hour. not a very fast-moving storm. but also some lightning associated with the system. you can see it moving east. and we will probably get a rumble of thunder within the next hour or so across the area.
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you can see it over frederick at this time. overnight tonight, looking at the chance for showers and thunderstorms around 73 degrees for the overnight low. 77 for the morning commute. mostly cloudy. and mostly cloudy conditions through the day tomorrow. and maybe a slight chance for a shower. but it looks like things will be a hot day for tomorrow. temperature wise. i will talk about the seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right, vytas, thank you. you can be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your own street. go to and click on i-radar. >> if you see severe weather take a picture and show it to baltimore. give us your take in our neighborhood news section of you can send photos, videos and written stories of events in your surrounding communities. log onto take, to upload. and send a picture directly from your cell phone at pics >> new storm safety campaign
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kicks off today reminding residents what to do with bad weather. when thunder roars get indoors. is the name of the campaign from howard county and national weather service. they are hoping the campaign encourages people to find shelter as soon as the bad weather hits. >> most people that get struck by lightning are starting to take cover when they see lightning. but it is too late. the nature has an early warning system and that is thunder. it precedes is lightning. >> vytas reid was at the event to talk about safety, of course. more people are killed incidentally by lightning each year than by tornadoes or hurricanes. >> residents in a middle river had complex are worried tonight after repeated problems with high levels of carbon monoxide. one mother is concerned the problem is not being addressed fast enough. >> it has been many stressful months so far that includes several scary incidents that has kristen lewis frustrated and very upset. >> i should be safe in my home
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and i don't feel safe. >> high levels of carbon monoxide have brought the fire department to her home in the commons in whitemarsh twice in two weeks. >> two thursday's ago, they came out, my daughter and son were taken to johns hopkins, they had high levels of co. >> everyone was okay. but then yesterday, it happened again. >> our crews from engine 12 arrived, and found some very low level readings when they first arrived. they turned the stove on to try to do some further tests. found some higher levels. >> high levels lewis said could have killed her and her children. >> they told me if i used my oven at all that day, that the fatalities would have occurred. >>the company owning the complex, sawyer management has replaced the stove three times in the past two weeks. and lewis said that hasn't solved the problem. >> something bad is going to happen to somebody. and i want people to be aware of what is going on in these properties. >> these properties and others,
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also owned by sawyer, recently there have been several carbon monoxide scarce at the cove village apartment in essex. and four years ago an incident at that complex, left three people dead. >> with them having lost a family, they should be more cautious, and, you know, taking more precautions to replace it, the correct way. >> and several calls to sawyer management were not returned today. >> this is an absolute gold mine of what you can find. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the things you don't want others to know online. who is digging it up. and how they are using it. it is our cover story tonight. >> can churches and swine flu, the changes should are making to stop the spread. >> an episode of family guy ban. the topic that made fox block it. >> it is really probably the most wide spread environmental hazard for preyoung children in married. >> next. children and lead poisoning in
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baltimore city. the unusual places lead can be discovered and the steps
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. >> maryland is making major strides in the fight against lead poisoning. but children are still getting sick in some communities. melinda roeder has the story. >> it takes just seconds to test for lead in paint. >> this is a led and paint analyzer. >> for decades lead poisoning has been a big problem in baltimore and much of the state. >> it is really probably the most wide spread environmental hard arrested for young children. >> workers at the department of the environment have been
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working hard with health officials to reduce exposure to lead, most common culprit is paint inside of older homes. >> pre1950 would have lead paint. >> in the last 10 years, new laws drastically reducing the number of children with lead poisoning. in baltimore city there has been an 83 percent decline. thanks in part to early and aggressive testing. >> all one and two year old are required by law in baltimore city to be tested. >> the test is a simple finger prick. that measures levels of lead in the bloodstream. any amount of exposure can be toxic. >> there is no safe level of lead. >> that's why state officials have become more aggressive in testing other sources of contamination too. like toys. >> it said 2100. parts per million. standard would be 600. >> in addition to the testing, the state also has cracked down on landlords requiring them to undergo lead paint testing before a tenant can move in. >> we do enforcement actions every month for owners that are
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not in compliance. >> as a result, fewer children are getting sick. but there were still 468 kids in baltimore city that tested positive last year. and the state hopes to reduces the number to zero in the next two years. >> we are doing everything we can to get close to that goal. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> lead poisoning can very well affect children leading to problems with behavioral challenges. >> president obama stopped in two cities today pitching his health care reform measures. the president told a townhall meeting in raleigh north carolina he was not planning to socialize medicine as they claim. in a grocery store, he said some companies will be taxed if they do not offer health care coverage to employees. >> if you are not providing health insurance you need to pony up money to help to pay for the fact that somebody somewhere will take care of your employees's health care. >> new poll shows president obama lo clout on health care continues to slip.
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69 percent of the people polled are concerned that the quality of health care would get worse if the government created a program that covered each and everyone. >> in washington, lawmakers in one house committee reached the compromise on a possible health care proposal. but the washington times is working on a story about why the president might have to make key concessions to win final approval of any health care reform. >> businesses may not be mandated to provide health insurance to all of their employees, and the president's hope for universal coverage of health care in large part by the federal government may disappear. >> also in the washington times. why immigrant rights activists are unhappy with the obama white house. new information about the fbi probe into israeli spying. for more, go to and click on the washington times icon. >> the woman that made that 911 call that led to the controversial arrest of a
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harford professor is speaking out. lucille phoned police july 16 to report a possible break-in at the home of professor henry lewis gates. she was labeled a racist by bloggers after report said she described the burglar as possible african american. but reports later show she never mentioned race. >> when i was called racist and i was a target, of scorn, and ridicule, because of the things i never said. the criticism hurt me as a person. but it also hurt the community of cambridge. >> disorderly conduct charges against gates were eventually dropped, of course. mr. obama meantime is meeting professor gates and officer crowley for beer at the white
10:22 pm
house tomorrow. >> those so-called dead zones are very much alive in the chesapeake bay this season. jeff abell explains. >> basically doing a regular monitoring run. >> on the severn river today scientists are on the weekly search for oxygen. >> but for a tributary river of this size and depth, we have something that seems to be like outstandingly bad. >> there are areas of this river they have discovered that are dead. so little pollution, and so little oxygen, that not even the tiniest of organisms can survive. >> this is aisquith creek. >> today they are measuring the oxygen level in the creek. >> with the help of a meter they lower a probe into the 15-foot water and looks what happens. the deeper the water the lesser the oxygen. as the probe hits the surface the percentage of oxygen shrinks to zero. >> happens every time we do it. same result. >> basically a lot of black muck
10:23 pm
at the bottom. >> scientists had earlier predicted that the dead zones throughout the bay would be smaller this year. but heavy rains they say have forced them to grow to usual size. >> it is the death of the river. that's how dangerous it is. >> fred kelly has spent seven years watching the river. when it comes to dead zones, little has changed. >> we have already lost the yellow perch fisheries, crabs as we know are down. oysters you have not been able to harvest in the severn for decades. what will be left other than a smelly dead body of water, that you don't want to go in to or you will catch diseases. >> kelly blames lawmakers for failing to act. >> now, the water has a stench. and much of the severn he feels will be dead forever. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> university of maryland scientists blame the recent heavy rains for higher than normal runoff in the chesapeake bay. >> well a maryland beach is rated one of the
10:24 pm
best-of-the-best. ocean city received a five star rating for water quality. officials say oc does a great job making sure that pollutants don't make the way into the atlantic ocean. overall, maryland's 71 beachs ranked eight nationwide for water quality. >> horses run wild in virginia. of course this has become a major staple in sheek tee. ponies swim from island to island and swim takes three minutes, give or take how well they do. to manage the wildlife horses population. they are auctioned off after the swim and all funds go to the fire company. >> after years of negotiations, two power houses are teaming up. judy kurtz reseals the big deal that could affect the 77 landscape in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> could it be goodbye google and hello bing? that's what microsoft and yahoo are hoping for. the two companies are coming together to try to compete against google. the current search engine
10:25 pm
leader. it gives microsoft access to one of the largest audiences on the web. point is to promote the new engine bingo its site. in exchange yahoo keeps 85 percent of the revenue from ad sales on the web page. but the plan is already coming under fire from some lawmakers. the chairman of the antitrust committee said the partnership warrants careful scrutiny. be the first to know about mobile news. get text alerts on your phone. go to i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> >> we are not totally done with the thunderstorms off the coast. a lot of thunderstorms making the way out of frederick county into western portions of carroll county. we can get lightning strikes and brief heavy downpours out of this. closer look at how long it sticks around coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> later on fox 45 news at
10:26 pm
10:00. the changes to churches that may very well prevent the spread of swine flu. >> i have rarely been in a situation where it hasn't ben & jerry's official to me. >> but next. the people ding up digital dirt online. and how they are using it. me, you meant... we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... which gives you more bandwidth than cable. so you can upload faster. so it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a sports car.
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am i the, uh, horse? (announcer) it's a whole new internet. only verizon's 100% fiber optic network makes uploading as easy as downloading. because your internet's not fast unless it's two-way fast.
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. >> social networking sites are giving millions of people to post sixties and personal opinions. but now, what is posted on sites like facebook and myspace is becoming potential evidence in a court of law. in tonight's cover story, jeff abell shows us why many attorneys are finding great value in digital dirt. >> for divorce attorney stacy labo siegel, finding the truth about the other spouse is a few clicks away. >> you can find out if there are properties not disclosed. perhaps bank accounts not disclosed. assets that aren't being disclosed. you can find out if there is some kind of criminal history that you don't know about. or hidden from a spouse. it is unbelievable. >> what used to take private detectives weeks to uncover, now takes siegel a few online minutes. >> it is an absolute gold mine of what you can find.
10:30 pm
>> four attorneys social networking sites, facebook and myspace, are providing a treasure trove of information. for example in a divorcing husband tells the judge he is broke. why is his new girlfriend online twittering about her new gift. if an accused drunk driver tells a judge he never drinks why do his face bikes tell a different story. what is intended to be private could soon become public. >> victims sometimes put things on their web pages, talking about the situation. talking about the case. in a very honest and forthright manner, because they feel like friends are seeing it. and it might not be information they would want opposing council or the state's attorney to be aware of. >> it is routine for criminal defense attorney flynn to search for digital dirt. >> i have rarely been in a situation where it hasn't been beneficial to me. >> these were on her myspace page when the crash occurred. >> in queen anne's county last month, an attorney announced
10:31 pm
plans to use photos from candy baldwin's myspace page in a suit against her. that's the teenager that caused a deadly crash on the bay bridge last year. while never criminally charged online photos show she was no stranger to alcohol. >> she is behind the wheel of a car. with the alcohol bottle. in her hand. i don't think there is much more compelling evidence about her state of mind regarding drinking and driving than that. >> but just how admissible is this evidence in court? attorneys are finding it is not a slam dunk. they are always seems to be an argument against it. >> there could be an argument that the person didn't actually post it themselves. i am not sure how secure these sites are. >> you know it may not be proof positive of something. but it may be evidence to help prove your ultimate point. >> that's why stacy siegel is warning clients be careful what you say and what you post.
10:32 pm
it may be used against you. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> myspace and facebook now have more than 100 million members apiece. >> coming up on the news at 10:00. episode of family guy ban. the content that got the episode black listed. >> it was tough. all of us exhausted. >> the things these boy scouts did to get the injured leader out of the woods. coming up after the break. . >> hd radar shows showers and thunderstorms making the way into the western portion of carroll county.
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10:34 pm
. >> good evening folks. looking at some scattered showers and thunderstorms out there as we headed through the evening hours. strong storms that pushed through the area, eastern shore, and south of us. but right now it looks like
10:35 pm
average garden variety shower or thunderstorm working the way west of us at this time. and out there in parts of western, carroll county. moving into baltimore in the next 45 minutes. looking at our hd skycam downtown 74 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the southwest at six. look at the humidity levels. 97 percent. so very warm, moist air mass that is out there right now. that's what is helping to fire off the showers and thunderstorms. and we will have to deal with that through the overnight. we have a cold front helping to spark up the atmosphere out there. but it looks like it won't bring us a lot of relief. because actually we will see warming temperatures as we get down the road. go to hd radar. we can see the line of showers and thunderstorms from hanover over to pennsylvania down through carroll county. continue to see the line of showers moving along i-70 there. and lightning strikes in that as well. westminster, getting heavy rainfall and mt. airy. seeing decent rainfall. but right now the line is not severe. but it is steady rainfall continuing to move into
10:36 pm
baltimore county soon. looking at the traveling of the storm. moving 25, 35 miles per hour. as it continues to head due east and continue to head toward baltimore county over the next, like i said, 45 minutes or. so start to see rain. and probably pick up in pace as we get into the next couple of hours. as this system moves in. now, we also have lightning associated with this. a little bit, starting to lose luster and strength as it gets toward taneytown but continue to see some lightning flashes out of it. bigger pictures have a lot of lightning associateed with it earlier today. now that the sun has set. that usually lessens in the intensity of the storms out there. temperature wise, looking at 77 degrees. 77 in baltimore. 74 in harrisburg. slightly cooler off to the west. where the cold front is trying to bring cooler air down. but wrapping on edge of that, is actually warmer temperatures. see actually the temperatures going up a bit. as we get this system pushing through. a lot of heavy rain up north of us. as we zoom in closer here.
10:37 pm
putting the motion in. line of showers and thunderstorms continue to move our direction. that will push through behind that though. things are starting to quiet down. as far as the future scan. here is how it plays out. tomorrow morning, looks like probably sun and clouds. partly to mostly cloudy skies through the day. hot one. 90 to 91 degrees. by friday, another round of showers and thunderstorms possible as the next system pushes in. and anywhere from quarter of an inch to half inch of rain as we see the showers push through tonight. and start to taper off by tomorrow. what is fueling it is the frontal boundary that pushes in north of us. but warm front is the system that continues to bring the temperatures up, into the upper 80s and lower 90s. and then the relief starts to come in toward friday night. so tomorrow looking at sun and clouds. and maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm. 91 the high. still kind of humid out there. and five-day forecast shows noon friday. 5 percent chance of showers. and 91 saturday. hot day. 87 sunday. monday another da chance for
10:38 pm
warm temperatures. weather is at your fingertips at you can use fox 45 doppler radar to track coming storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow will be over your house. go to, and click on i-radar. . >> bank of america may very well close up to 600 of its branches. it has more than 6000. now no decisions are made on with where or what branches will be closing. experts say profitability, and, of course, politics are always figuring heavily in making these choice says. >> a teen takes a joy ride on board of a stolen horse. right through a south carolina town. now police say big surprise here. she was drunk. when she stole the horse from a nearby pasture. the unidentified girl faced charges but were dropped by the horse owner. but the owner warns, one more horse theft from this person, and the perpetrator will be going to the glue factory.
10:39 pm
fighting words. >> tuesday, boy scout troop leader from texas got ill on a four day hiking trip to the mountains. he hadi beats and sugar levels too high. so his scouts made a stretcher and carried the troop leader down the mountain to get immediate help. >> i was not giving up. i was stubborn and determined, but everyone else in the crew had schemed all night on ways to try to make it so they could get me out to the cars that night. >> now, while sick, leave was unable to keep food down and lost 15 pounds in the process. . >> next on the news at 10:00. the changes some churches are making to prevent the spread of swine flu. >> and there is an episode of family guy that fox refuses to air. what is in it? we will
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and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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. >> the swine flu apparently is changing religious ritual now. close personal contact on could mean infection, and priests in london suspended the practice of giving wine during communion and avoiding placing wavers on worshiper's tongues. >> by preventing the spread here. we may be assisting developing
10:43 pm
countries to prevent the spread there. >> meanwhile, health officials in saudi rab suggest the and i can elderly should not travel to the haag this year. and in israeli juice broke with tradition not drinking from the same glass of wine. >> a miracle in the or. a woman that lost her nose has a new one thanks to her own body. some of the video however is very graphic. in 2004, 24-year-old brandy alias caught in the middle of a drive-by shooting. she lost her nose. doctors in the u.s. grew her a new nose using skin from her forearm. and they did this absolutely free of charge. >> there is one episode of family guy you will never see on the fox network. it is titled "partial terms of endearment and see about abortion. network will not air it citing obvious sensitive materials.
10:44 pm
series creator mcfarland is working on a less controversial spoof of "star wars", the empire strikes back. >> you can watch episodes that have not been banned so far, week nights at 6:30 and 7:30 on the cw baltimore and fresh episodes sunday at 9:00, right here on fox 45. good trumpets there. >> the most fans consider him the savior of america, whattaya say to big cheesy-steaky-ness!
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. >> here is a final look at the seven-day forecast. looks like another hot one tomorrow. 20 percent chance for stray shower. mostly cloudy skies. a little sunshine out there. looking at friday. 89 degrees. another system pushing through. 50 percent chance for the rain. and then on saturday. another hot one. 91 degrees. but we will see more sun versus the rain. and then on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, we have chances -- not wednesday, but sunday, monday, tuesday, we will see showers out there. and then maybe wednesday sun and clouds. and nonetheless, few showers roll through here over the next about hour. and maybe a little bit of lightning. but nonetheless hot temperatures. back to you. >> all right, vytas, thank you. >> next time you are walking the front nine and you need a ca dee. consider this. every tuesday at sherwood forest golf course in north carolina. you can use lama to carry your clubs.
10:48 pm
lamas are pack animals so putting the golf bags on their backs is natural. course owner said they are friendly, extremely friendly animals. but the jury is still out about how well they read the greens about they eat them. and they quickly become bunkers. >> you don't have to tip lama, i would not think. >> ravens rookies took center stage at training camp today. bruce cunningham joins us with "sports unlimited". bruce, when you went golfing, did you ever have lama for a caddy? >> never did. would not be able to tip them either. with most of the veterans reporting late in the day. rookies had the final day of tune ups before full squad workouts friday. details ahead. core yells fans got what they were begging. for 24-year-old kris tillman made the day bottom of the show you how he did coming up. and i will talk with gooden about bouncing back from a rookie injury plagued season.
10:49 pm
"sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> the long and sometimes difficult courtship is over. michael orr has accepted the ravens' proposal. tonight the ravens announce they have signed the number one draft choice, ending his holdout at three days. financial terms of the deal were not immediately known. but it is believed to be around 12.75 million. somewhere around 7 1/2 million of that guaranteed. and the big tackle out of ole miss will fly in early, mode meet the media tomorrow afternoon. and practice friday. >> now the number two pick on the field all week. defensive end/linebacker kruger agreed to his deal saturday. he played two years following an lds mission. in those times, two seasons, he had 125 tackles, 10 1/2 s


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