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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 29, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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of "sports unlimited". thanks for watching. i am bruce cunningham. stay tune for the "late edition" and it starts right now. >> that's really the bottom line. >> the mayor's are legal problems. what she is saying about the new reinindictment. >> promoting safe streets. how a gang mediation group is linked to the shooting in east baltimore. >> and breaking news. in the world of swimming, the story of some very embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert is off tonight. police presence remains strong in east baltimore following a bloody weekend. 22 people shot. four killed. and outreach worker for a gang mediation program was among 12 shot at a cookout recently in east baltimore. that happened sunday. today members of the mediation organization respond by taking to the streets.
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karen parks was there. >> well, jeff, tonight safe street workers marched around the block waving signs and chanting in east baltimore in response to sunday's shooting. but the question remains: is this enough to make a difference? >> it is a wake-up call. because the people have to know, and realize, it is right around their corner also. >> a safe streets worker was shot at sunday's cookout and now becomes a witness to a shooting in involving what police call a drug war. but workers rely on trust within the community. and we're told rarely report incriminating information to police. safe street workers would not speak to us, after inviting us to the march. but another group known as anointed ex-offenders also here, did. and we asked the question: do you tell or keep quiet? >> it is is not snitching, telling what you saw. >> the worker shot several times is still in the hospital. no word on how helpful the
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person has been in this investigation. meantime, the baltimore city health department over ceases the program but would not comment on the issue. reporting live from city police headquarters. karen parks fox 45 news "late edition". >> baltimore city mayor sheila dixon is ree indicted. this as prosecutors continue the probe at city hall. keith daniels live at city hall latest on the story tonight. keith, what can you tell us? >> well, jeff, legal experts say the new indictments against the mayor are serious charges. now a grand jury has handed up a nine count indictment, including misappropriations, theft, misconduct in office, and perjury. a judge dropped perjury and misconduct in office charges in a previous indictment. dixon was accused of failing to disclose gifts from developer lipscomb that dated the mayor. but now with lipscomb's cooperation in the case, prosecutors have reindicted dixon on those charges. legal experts say the perjury and misconduct charges are more
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serious than the original misdemeanor theft charges. but dixon has said said today for her it is business as usual. >> that's really the bottom line. you know, i am not going to stop one beat, and continue with the progress of the city. and that's what this focus s we have a lot of issues in the city. >> well, the mayor's attorney issued a statement and reads in part tonight. the new charges are as flawed as those that were previously dismissed. and we expect that they will meet the same fate. live in city hall, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> more reaction tonight to the indictment of baltimore businessman john paterakis. owner of h&s bakery. prosecutors say paterakis and lipscomb both paid $12,500 to conduct a political poll for city council woman helen holton. she asked the two to fund the poll back in 2007. and in baltimore's greek town those naknow paterakis are playing down the allegations.
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>> it is not big deal. i don't think it is big deal. what they did. >> i mean, you have the shootings that happen with the backyard cookout and all of that. you know, more worried about the politicians right now. >> neither paterakis or lawyer have reacted publicly to the allegations. you can look at the indictments yourself. their links to them on our website. just click on "news links". >> now that brings us to the question of the day. do you think that the new charges against mayor sheila dixon will be dropped? at last check, 62 percent say yes. and 38 percent say no. >> bee from baltimore writes "unfortunately i believe the mayor has gotten away with too much for too long, she needs to pay the piper." to read more, go to and click on question of the day. >> that gunman charged in the shooting at the holocaust museum in d.c. last june is indicted for murder. james von brunn faces murder charges in the death of museum guard stephen johns.
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von brunn a white supremacist and holocaust denier is from annapolis. the indictment includes murder and hate crimes. he faces life behind bars and possibly death if convicted. >> anne arundel county police arrest two stabbing suspects. found two brothers hiding in severn. they were arrested without incident and held pending a $1 million bond. the two were wanted for a stabbing that happened back in july 24. >> a middle river mom is concerned this evening after two carbon monoxide incidents at her home in two weeks. high levels of carbon monoxide brought baltimore county's fire department to the commons at whitemarsh twice recently. no one seriously hurt. >> something bad is going to happen to somebody. and i want people to be aware of what's going on on these properties. >> the same owner of the cove village apartments has seen tragedy several recent carbon monoxide scares. and three fatalities.
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just four years ago. >> a tornado warning we had earlier today, any more weather like that out there? vytas reid joins us with a first look at the forecast. >> we did see some heavy showers out there earlier today. severe weather threat has pretty much lessened and we have showers that are just off to the west of the city. folks up in randallstown getting rain, and westminster you saw your share. and columbia coming down there. ellicott city and columbia getting a decent shower. up 795, reisterstown you are getting showers and northern portion, across into carroll county, hampstead. and manchester, heavy shower activity. and strikes of lightning up there for you folks. looking at how it will continue. line of showers that will move through over the course of the next hour. but after that, things quiet down. and start to see some of the
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shower activity leave us. as far as the lightning strikes. it looks like now this little bit of lightning along the northern edge of the state, along the pennsylvania state line. overnight tonight. we will get a few scattered showers and thunderstorms around 73 to 75 degrees. and starting off the morning commute around 77. warming temperatures through the mid afternoon. we will top off around in the lower 90s possibly tomorrow. at temperatures increase. we will get sun and clouds, but it looks like more rain will have to deal with later in the week. show you that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks so much vitae tas. >> you could be in charge of your own personalize forecast. i-radar is available at use the tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> if you see severe weather take a picture and show it to us. give us your take in the neighborhood news section of you can send photos, videos, or even written stories, of events, going on in your particular community. log onto
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take, to upload your items or send a picture directly from your cell phone. >> pregnant women may very well face a greater risk of dying from the swine flu. new centers for disease control said pregnant women are four times more likely to be hospitalized if infected. there has been 266 swine flu related deaths in the united states so far. 15 of them were pregnant women. the cdc recommends pregnant women be first in line for the anti-viral drugs. >> maryland is making big 72 strides in fight against lead poisoning. state wide children testing positive for high levels has dropped from 3 1/2 percent to 2 1/2 percent. in the city it dropped 83 percent in just 10 years. . >> that beer summit goes on as planned. the president reveals his beer of choice. >> rain, sleet, snow may not
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stop the post office from making the appointed rounds but money will. how the post office is cutting back. >> but even as we educate, we prepare. >> homeland security and the fbi issue a uh, horse?
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. >> the woman that made the 911 call that eventually led to the controversial arrest of a harvard professor is speaking out. lucille called police july 16 to report a possible break-in at the home of professor henry lewis gates. way lynn was labeled a racist on some blogs after police report said she described the potential burglar as black. but 911 tapes reveal she never mentioned race. >> when i was called racist, and i was a target of scorn, and
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ridicule because of the things i never said. the criticism hurt me as a person. but it also hurt the community of cambridge. >> charges of the disorderly conduct filed against gates were eventually dropped. >> and the white house announces the president's suds of choice for the beer summit between professor gates and his arresting officer. set for tomorrow night. president obama will drink bud light according to the press secretary robert gibbs. gates prefers red stripes and the sergeant goes for blue moon. he stands alone. >> homeland security and the fbi issued a nationwide alert warning police to look for americans learning terrorist techniques abroad and coming back home. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon with the latest. >> terror training cells on
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american soil. the subject getting national attention after the arrest of seven men in north carolina. investigators say the men were terror training on american soil. while plotting attacks overseas. >> new information coming out that alleged ringleader daniel boyd and his son were denied entry into israel back in 2007. and may have been detained for awhile. federal agents claim boyd was trying to execute and attack in the jewish state during his visit. including north carolina, there have been three different cases of home grown terror arrests in the last few weeks alone. a long island man pled guilty to training in pakistan to blow up subways in europe. in minnesota another man pled guilty to being a part of american born somalis planning to carry out jihad in somalia. >> arrests have been made in places like minneapolis and north carolina. so, i think, better education about the breath of the threat and how it could be carried out is important.
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but even as we educate. we prepare. >> janet napolitano said the police, military, agencies need the help of citizens to report if there is anything strange going on in their community. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. . >> four u.s. senators reveal new legislation that would ban texting and driving nationwide. the alert drivers act was prompted by a series of mass transit accidents caused by distracted drivers. it would force states to enact bans or risk losing federal funds. one study found utz more dangerous than drunk driving. >> and the u.s. postal service faces restructuring apparently. the agency has a $7 billion budget shortfall this year. and will be added to the list of high-risk government operations by the gao. that could mean closing post offices and cutting mail delivery down to five days a week. >> there are some situations
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where you have post offices directly across the street from each other. we have to look at those situations, and where the volume does not justify it, we have to consolidate. >> the post office has been on the high-risk list before it was recently taken off, however. two years ago. >> weather wise. gloom and doom this week. i don't know why there is no sun up in the sky, besides the fact that it is night. however do we have stormy weather or is it over? here is vytas reid. >> wow, what an intro. thank you very much. here is what's going on out there. still a few showers and rumbles of thunder as we look at the radar. zooming down here. folks in columbia get rain at this time. ellicottski city, catonsville. getting showers. and south of woodlawn a sprinkle there. north on 795. reisterstown and owings mills getting rain. pikesville getting rain up there. as you you go up reisterstown road, cockeysville. timonium and sparks. looks like rain as well. go further north and we see
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showers heading out of manchester and hampstead. and new frap freedom showers aof course lot state line. and continue to see the rain push through. flashes of lightning as we go through the next couple of hours here. so once again, here is what's happening as far as the downtown. hd skycam inner harbour. looking at mainly just clouds downtown. but the rain knocking on the door. 74 degrees. winds are out of the southwest at five. and look at the humidity levels. 97 percent. that makes it feel saturated out there, as far as the value for the moisture content in the atmosphere. looking at 76 degrees in baltimore. 75 in harrisburg. 78 in richmond. a little cooler air over the western edge of the mountains. but looks like the cool air is not going to push our direction. we will actually see it rotate north. and warmer temperatures build up out of the south. continue to see shower activity push through the area. and breaks in the clouds over ohio and indiana. some of that will move into the maryland area. through the day tomorrow. and maybe a 20 percent chance for a stray mid afternoon shower.
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but it looks like as the stuff gets out of here. we will see breaks in the clouds for tomorrow afternoon. future scan shows few clouds scattered and sunshine. and then it looks like the next chance of rain will arrive. friday late afternoon and evening. and another system pushing in from the west. and that gives us more rain. 91 degrees tomorrow. and a stray thunderstorm possible. winds out of the southwest at 10-to-15. and then your five-day forecast shows a high of 89. with 50 percent chance of showers on friday. saturday, 91 and partly cloudy skies. hot day. and sunday, monday, chance of more showers, with temperatures in the mid 80s, in the forecast. >> a swimmer's back side makes his face famous. some swimsuit mishaps. >> the ravens finall ♪
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>> get this. this boot was not made for walking, but it was made to be in a parade. hundreds of people gathered in red wing minnesota to watch the world's largest boot as it moved to the red wing shoe company museum. the boot is made of leather. 16 feet tall and is size 638 1/2. you would have to be 120 feet tall to wear the boot. that's a big shoe to fill. >> check out this road sign in wisconsin. it had not one, not two, but three misspelled words. this fixed version of the sign shows how it is supposed to look. >> funny because the form of transportation actually administers programs for the preliminary breath tests we use for alcohol. and maybe they could, you know, give one to the company and have them check out employees when they come in the morning. >> the department of transportation said it gets one or two mistakes a year on road signs. but this was pretty unusual.
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>> you have seen wheelchair racing but how about wheelchair hockey. in iowa some children are having some cool summer fun on the ice learning to play hockey at summer camp. in addition to ice hockey, the young campers get to try out the warmer sports of volleyball and archery. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". >> big news from the ravens tonight michael orr has accepted their proposal. tonight they announce they have signed the number one draft choice ending his holdout. at three days. financial terms of the deal were not immediately known. but it is believed to be around 12.75 million. somewhere around 7 1/2 million of that guaranteed. and the big tackle out of ole miss will fly in early tomorrow. meet the media tomorrow afternoon. and then hit the field friday morning, in the first full squad workouts of training camp, with signing of orr ravens are the fourth team in nfl to sign all the draft picks.
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>> some history tonight at camden yards. the orioles sent is the fifth rookie to the mound for his first major league start tonight. 21-year-old kris tillman. and they were looking to be the first team in 120 years to have all five win in the big league debut. here he is. kris tillman. making the major league debut tonight against the royals. first batter he faces. he hits a liner to deep center. adam jones races back, lungs and makes a nice catch. first out in tillman's big league career is recorded. bottom of the first. with a runner on first. jones smacks one to deep left field. and into the seats it goes. for the two run homer. his third straight game on the first inning home run, 17th on the year. and the o's take a 2-0 lead. top of the second. kansas city answers. hammers the tillman fast ball to deep right field. lands on eutaw street for the solo home run. his seventh. first major league home run tillman allows and royals trail. how does the big right hander
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respond to the ball? jacobs gets him looking. 96 miles per hour heater. for the strike out. on the next pitch. tillman with a high fast ball. you cannot do that in the major league. tomahawks it. noland reimold leaps but not getting that one. solo home run for alebo. top of the fourth. same score. tillman hangs a curve ball. cannot do that either. jacobs crushes it. lands on the flag court for the solo shot. his 15th. royals up. and tillman allowed three solo home runs in his debut. welcome to the big league kid. bottom of the seventh. game tied. markakis lines a base hit to center. roberts scores from third. jones right behind him. and orioles are up by three. they win, 7-3 the final. >> orioles and kansas city wrap up the series tomorrow afternoon at camden yards. jeff, back to you.
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>> ever wonder how tight the racing suits are? when the "late
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. >> olympic swimmer from the united states mooned an italian crowd the other day. but it was all unintentional. swimmer ricky barons bent over and slit his skin tight swimsuit. as you can tell. but race must go on. especially at the world championships in rome. on websites across the u.s. baron's bottom was tops, but not the first one to do this. a couple of weeks back, the exact same brand of swimsuit split. a female italian swimmer that ended up in tears after being disqualified. however we are told on this word, late in here, we are told that preswim intake, or their, yeah, preswim intake of jalapeño peppers before they hit water
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was probably one factor in their apparel demise. >> i am back from vacation and nothing but rain since i arrived. will it clear up later. are you clapping because it is rain or clapping because i am back? >> because of the joke. it is good. what are the bubbles in the water? here is what's going on. seven-day forecast. we have 91 degrees for tomorrow. hot day. and it looks like it will be mostly cloudy and partly cloudy skies. 20 percent chance for showers. 89 friday 50 percent chance for showers. front pushes through. and on saturday, 91 degrees. and another hot day on the weekend. but we will see sun. and then sunday 87 degrees. 40 percent chance for showers. and we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 80s for monday, tuesday, with more scattered showers. sun here and few showers there keep the umbrellas nearby. back to you. >> maybe bubble from the jets. you never know. but probably right about the jalapeño peppers. >> that will do it for the "late edition". thanks for joining us. i am jeff barnd. see you tomorrow nig
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