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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 30, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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well done. so these are your finalists. we have jeanine. brandon. kayla. and evan. we will see you next wednesday, 8/7 central when they fight for your votes in our grand finale at hollywood's kodak theater. thanks to our judges. thanks to everybody here in the studio. but most of all, thanks to you for watching and of course voting for your favorites. thank you so much. stay tuned for your local news. i'm cat deeley. good night.
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>> this is not a summit guys. >> beer, politics, and race in the rose garden. what a police sergeant had to say after a very unusual white
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house meeting. >> the swine flu strikes in downtown baltimore. who were the people affected? >> i am tracking heavy rain in the midwest headed our way. when it could hit your neighborhood in the sky watch forecast. >> and an hush with a very powerful high. why there is a n new push to ban it in this state. >> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert is off tonight. first this evening, after the sweltering heat of a day, there will be some dangerous weather going into the weekend. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a first look at the sky watch forecast. vytas. >> hot day out there with humid conditions, but looks like we saw a quiet day thunderstorm wise. storms north and south of us but changing tomorrow. hd radar shows quiet conditions. slight chance for a stray overnight shower. and talk about what's coming our way.
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active weather building in tomorrow afternoon. we should get some pretty good heavy amounts of rain. also gusty thunderstorms possible. looking off to the westover west virginia. and parts of southern indiana, heavy rain northern kentucky, louisville. and look at the low pressure pushing west of portions of nashville where they have had tornado warnings. this is a low tracking our direction that will give us the potential for maybe severe weather. in fact, the storm prediction center out of norman oklahoma has issued a slight risk category for strong storms through the mid-atlantic and our region baltimore. and inside the line, so the chances there to get severe weather. main threat is gusty winds, hail and lightning and heavy downpours of rain and tornadic activity that we have to watch for. tonight slight chance of a stray shower. but better chances through the afternoon tomorrow. for the next day planner looking at some gusty thunderstorms possible through the afternoon. as a front approaches. and that area of low pressure. i will have a detailed look at how the weekend will be shaping upcoming up in a bit. >> all right vytas thank you so
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much. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> a casual gathering over a very serious issue, the arrest of an african american professor by a police officer earlier in the month sparked a lot of debate. and then the president got into the act. now everyone involved gathered for a drink at the white house earlier this evening. in an attempt to cool down the hot rhetoric. sandra joins us from washington. sandra, how did the beer summit go? >> well it depends on who you ask obviously. but we are getting some details about the hour long meeting which wrapped up here at around 7:00, at the white house. and the men munched on pretzels and peanuts and had a profit tee beer mug at hand. and as you mentioned, while it was casual, they came to the table over the weighty issue of
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race relations. >> this is what president obama called a teachable moment. professor henry gates jr. having a beer with boston police sergeant james crowley. a meeting to try to get past their differences and tone down the rhetoric. sergeant crowley said there were no apologies but he and professor gates vowed this is a start of an ongoing dialogue. >> i would like not only to discuss but like to listen to professor gate's perspective and he has the credentials to enlighten me a bit. and perhaps the professor as he expressed to me has a willingness to listen to my perspective as a police officer. >> racial tensions triggered earlier in the month after harvard professor henry gates jr. arrested at his massachusetts home. sergeant crowley was responding to a 911 call about a possible burglary. later put gates in handcuffs for disorderly conduct. a charge that was eventually dropped. then the president weighed in. >> the cape bridge police acted
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stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they are in their own home. >> after backlash president obama called sergeant crowley to explain his comments. >> i could have calibrateed the words differently. >> the president is using beer diplomacy to smooth things over in this case but no easy fix in race relations. >> now gates and crowley have agreed to meet in the coming weeks. and in a statement president obama released after the meeting, he said the conversation was friendly and thoughtful. reporting from the white house, in washington, sandra endo, jeff back to you. >> sandra before you go, we saw the video of the people having beer 80 million miles away from the press. do we know at all what they talked about? >> well we heard from sergeant crowley after the meeting. he held a press conference to talk about what they are going to do from here. and it is interesting to note also, the president in a statement said that the two, professor gates and sergeant crowley had met before this
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meeting actually and they have agreed to meet again. so they clearly don't see eye-to-eye on all the issues. but both men have said that they have a lot to learn from each other. >> it is hard to have beer when the entire world is watching. another question before you go. another police officer is being disciplined by the boston pd for making a racial remark in light of this particular arrest. what's the latest on that front, if you know anything about it? >> that's right. you are talking about boston police officer justin barrett and his lawyer just issued a statement saying that the officer said there was a mistake, he sent an e-mail with a racial remark regarding professor gates and apologizes and said in no way is a racist but because of the racial sensitivity, and the slander, in that racial comment he made in the e-mail, the boss torn police department did put him on administrative leave. and he is suspended so far. >> all right. the beer summit has officially ended. sandra in washington d.c. thanks so much for the update
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tonight. >> okay. that brings us now to the question of the day. is the beer summit a good teachable moment? 16 percent say yes. 84 percent say no. nat from reisterstown writes, it is different, that is for sure. i think it is cool for a president to do that. it is sure unprecedented. michael from westminster writes, no, just a ploy to cover up the president's gap on this issue. we will have more of your responses on the "late edition" start starting at 11:00. >>the arraignment for the white supremacist accused of killing a guard at the holocaust museum is pushed back. james von brunn is set to be in court september 2. he was indicted wednesday on several counts, including first-degree murder. he has been hospitalized since the shooting. >> mayor sheila dixon reindicted. serious charges once dismissed now reinstateed. tonight, what or who is feeling the prosecutor's new case. keith daniels is live at the city hall with the latest on the case. what can you tell us?
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>> new indictment suggests the mayor's ex-boyfriend is can he giving prosecutors what they want. but tonight observers are asking, is he enough to give prosecutors a conviction? >> from the business district in downtown baltimore. >> the country said that you are innocent until proven guilty. >> to a bus stop on charles street. >> i don't like to see her have to go through this. >> people are plenty full and so are opinions. city residents have learned that mayor sheila dixon has been reindicted on serious charges. including perjury. and theft. >> i mean, if you can't trust your mayor, or council person, who can you go to? >> i mean, i actually like her. i think she is doing a good job and it is unfortunate. >> at a youth workers event thursday afternoon, mayor sheila dixon did not stop for reporters and denied interviews. >> i am not answering any
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questions. >> prosecutors say that a city council president dixon accepted expensive gifts and thousands of dollars from ex-boyfriend and developer ron lipscomb while voting to approve lucrative city contracts which did lipscomb has a financial interest. lipscomb cut a deal with prosecutors last month avoiding bribery charges. the perjury charges accuse dixon of failing to report the gifts. >> something like that, i am not saying she is guilty. but is it necessary? >> if they have more evidence to create a second indictment, i mean, there has to be something there. >> legal experts say there is. >> it was to be expected. >> steve allen believes lipscomb is now cooperating with prosecutors, in their case, against dixon. >> i suspect that state prosecutor feels better about his case than he did at the time judge sweeney dismissed the charges. but he still has a hill to
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climb. this is not a slam dunk by any stretch of the imagination. it will be a hard fought case. >> well, again, no comment from the mayor tonight. she said she is focused on city business. we're live at city hall. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the charges against the mayor are twofold. stolen gift cards meant for the needy. and perjury charges from trips and money that she is accused of not disclosing. from 2003 to 2004, prosecutors say then city council president shiela dixon traveled with lipscomb to 871 colskol stayed at the ritz carlton. and new york city, at the trump international. in chicago she is accused of using lipscomb's credit card to make purchases at saks fifth avenue and coach. meantime the gift cards were supposed to go to the holly trolley program and given to the poor for christmas. instead prosecutors say the mayor used at least 60 cards to
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buy items like video game systems and ipods. some given to staffers. investigators say they found five gift cards in dixon's home. >> the weekend violence in east baltimore sparks concern tonight in other parts of baltimore. people in southeast baltimore gathered at the hope village community center tonight. weekend violence left 22 people people shot. 12 at one location in east baltimore. the police commissioner told the crowd, police are shifting resources to prevent more violence, including moving members of the auto theft task force. >> well, the reason is, is that you guys are not parachuting in with guns. they are not tell porting themselves in guns. they are driving in with guns. driving in cars. they are being driven in cars. in vehicles. that's how they are moving around. >> police say different districts are working together tonight to solve the crimes. >> a group of federal workers from out of town cut their training short, after an h1n1
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outbreak. it happened downtown. joy lepola was there. >> h1n1 outbreak in downtown baltimore, cut some training short for more than a dozen federal workers, from the office of veterans affairs. >> the individuals involved, by the way, were all from out of the state of maryland. really from numerous states throughout the country. >> attending a three week conference. that wrapped up. all toll, there were 11 confirmed cases. and three suspected cases of the swine flu. >> it has resulted in no hospitalizations in the situation, no deaths. really is not news. >> earlier this week, a federal advisory committee issued sweeping guidelines for vaccinating against the swine flu. the guidelines are proof by the cdc cover more than half the population. the priority groups include pregnant women, health care workers, children, and everyone between the ages of six months, and 24 years of age.
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clinical trials on vaccine safety and effectiveness are just beginning around the country. >> influenza vaccines whether seasonal or new h1n1 production can be unpredictable. we are on track expecting doses in the fall. exactly how many, and when will be tough to pinpoint. >> right now, 95 percent of the flu cases doctors are seeing are cases of the swine flu. in downtown baltimore, joy lepola fox 45 news at 10:00. >> it is thought the latest outbreak eye was contained by keeping workers inside the hotel. >> group protesting abortion is back in maryland. members of defend life demonstrated downtown armed with signs and very graphic pictures. >> a lot of people honestly do not understand that these are we'll be pictures. this is what abortion really is. we are exercising our first amendment rights to show people exactly what abortion is. and hopefully horrify them, and convince people that abortion
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must end. >> several members of the defend life were arrested last year at a harford county demonstrations. that group is taking legal action against police and plans to return to that site tomorrow for yet another protest. >> changes are coming to i-70 to hopefully save lives. the state highway administration closed a lane on westbound i-70 between the park and ride lot and beltway. they say it should eliminate street racing in the region. and hopes it does not cause any traffic concerns. >> right now we are in the summertime so we are not seeing as much volume in the area. monitor it through the rest of the month. into september after school starts. and see how the traffic improvement fares. >> state highway officials will evaluate new traffic patterns and make adjustments if necessary. >> in the sense of it basically kind of distorts the senses of the body. your ability to hear, smell, cut, to see. >> and state lawmakers failed to
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ban this drug. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. what it is and what one neighborhood plans to do about it. >> questions about the swine flu shots. the people that may be left out. coming up later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> mr. chucky may be an outlaw but no criminal. >> also ahead. who mr. chucky is and why his neighbors want him out. >> and he is right here, and he is like getting almost drug across the ground by this rat. >> next. the rat versus the child. the change that some people say is making the
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. >> first on fox tonight. a rat attack in south baltimore. the victim? a 2-year-old boy. kathleen cairns has more. >> in curtis bay, tamra faulk heard the 2-year-old screaming in the backyard simply came out the back door and he is right here and he is like getting almost drug across the ground by this rat. >> the teeth marks are visible on nikolaus's leg. >> on there tight and i was pulling it with my hand and it was not letting go. i had on to hit it with the brick, three times to get it to let go. >> they say the neighborhood is infested with rats, especially since garbage pick up was reduced to once a week. >> it was dangerous teeth. >> inside of this bag. >> he killed 11 rats in two days. his neighbor has even more. >> they are getting worse. it is terrible. >> while the kids play their dad shows us where the rats have taken up residence. >> i took everything out.
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ripped up the concrete, i would say, at least, a dozen, dozen 1/2 rats came out from under the concrete slab. >> it is the reality of the city. >> since the city started the rat abatement program five years ago officials have responded to 860 complaints in the curtis bay area. in the past three months they have been on the same block of morrison court five times. they say the severe infestation was a problem long before the change involving the trash. and animal experts advice. >> keep your yard and house clean. make sure that the trash has got good receptacle, lid on it, that the rats cannot eat through. >> nikolaus's mom is haunted by the what if. >> what if i didn't get out of here in time and he got ahold of the throat. we cannot get rid of them. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> that rat tested negative for rabbies and the boy is fully to
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recover. >> you are the first one to know about stories like this and we want your take on no one knows your community better than you. you can upload pictures, video and written stories, by going to your take and you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to pics at >> memorial services today for two of the four people killed on a helicopter crash on i-70 alast week. memorial for 48 kim felix held today in damascus. and one for 39-year-old george tutor was held at 6 p.m. the n.t.s.b. is investigating the cause of the accident. >> we now know the names of three people killed after crashing into a street sweeper this week. police say darlene and lori caldwell and katarina morrison were killed. the pennsylvania residents were coming home from state of kentucky. >> a teacher arrested for sending racy text messages to a teenage boy is indicted on new charges tonight. 43-year-old jonathan dick of belair was indicted tuesday on
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18 counts including third-degree sex offense. the indictment involves a 14-year-old boy. dick a teacher at faux stone. was charged with two counts of solicitation. >> citizens meet with leaders to talk about the dog parks. they want to establish off leash hours so they can play with pets freely. but there are concerns right now. there are few established rules. >> you know, if they establish a certain area with certain times, people will actually have a place to go so they are more apt to abide by the law and go to the areas that keep them in the areas as well as allow people with designated times to know if they are afraid of dogs stay away from the area. >> current proposals for off leash hours are from 5:00 to 10:00 and five to 10:00 at night. >> a difficult tune at the baltimore symphony orchestra, musicians taking a pay cuts. it is a recession to help with
10:23 pm
the times. this is a give back of million dollars in benefits and raise that is happened back in april. >> churches on high alert tonight after vandals hit churches in recent months. jeff abell reports. police believe the same thieves are responsibility for all of them. >> george spent the day putting his church back together again. >> it is upsetting. >> at saint thomas episcopal church last week, thieves pryed open a window and crawled inside. >> tried to get into the chapel. >> in the overnight hours when no one was here. >> they pride this door. >> they pride through lox and crashed through windows. >> this one had fingerprints. >> all that was taken is $80 from the pastor's desk drawer. >> in terms of the church's eyes it is more of a nuisance than a threat. >> churches have become the latest target. vandals in baltimore county have hit this church, that church, many churches.
10:24 pm
>> in all, eight separate break-ins in one month. and police believe the same thieves are responsible. >> normally whenever you have the same mo, the method of operation of how they are getting into the places, it usually is the same person. and that's what detectives are going by right now. >> obviously searching for something that cash can ultimately fulfill. >> so lord i pray that whoever they are, you will touch them. >> in cockeysville sunday church members pray for divine intervention. at saint thomas episcopal there are plans to improve security. >> we have alarms but not one for burglary apparently. >> church members call this act a violation. one they will pray to prevent. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> police have leads but no suspects. . >> a big dispute over sudan, the washington times is currently working on a story about how u.s. held to the trouble nation may be delayed.
10:25 pm
>> a rift in the obama administration between two advisers is a reason likely for a delay in rolling out a coordinateed policy toward that war ridden country. >> also in the tilesers, horror stories about rough interrogation of political inmates inside of iran. and the legal battle against the new black panther party. all in the washington times. >> government cash-for-clunkers program hits a speed bump. they plan to suspend the program. underway for a week now. and car dealers worry the money may soon run o the national highway traffic safety commission said dealers will receive plenty of warning before the program runs dry, but dealers can stop taking part at any time. >> brace yourself for a heavy rain. when it will arrive coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> mr. clucky is maybe an outlaw but no criminal. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. meet mr. clucky.
10:26 pm
and type out why his neighbors want mr. clucky gone. >> in the sense of it basically kind of distorts the senses of the body. your ability to hear, smell, touch, see. >> and it is perfectly legal. what one community plans to do get sweet blueberries -- just 99¢ a pint with your club card. safeway just lowered the price of summer.
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. >> a very popular legal plant may soon become illegal. ocean city leaders will soon vote for outlaw salvia after state lawmakers come up short. banning the buzz is tonight's cover story. >> it is a plant very popular with teens. >> when you take it, it causes a very quick but very intense hallucination. >> salvia is one of the hottest drugs around. >> and it is a plant paralyzing fear in parents. >> kind of distorts the senses of the body. your ability to hear, to smell, to touch, to see. >> the plant is chewed, smoked and eaten, giving users a high. >> hallucinations are more intense than we are used to seeing with drugs like lsd. >> internet has become a dumping ground with videos of teenagers getting high on this plant.
10:30 pm
and for less than $20 an ounce, websites will ship it right to your door. native of mexico, it has been used for centuries by indians during religious ceremonies. in america, it is now banned in 10 states, including delaware and virginia. but across maryland, the plant, and its effects remain perfectly legal. >> the fact that maryland, it is legal, is not only embarrassing, but dangerous. >> a legislative effort in nan police to ban it, failed to get any traction or on support. senate and house bill meant to criminalize salvia state wide never made it to the floor. >> it was a new issue, difficult to pass. >> how could a legislature not support banning a plant ban in all the states around us and other countries. >> maryland attorney general supported legislation to ban but blamed annapolis politics for
10:31 pm
fail simply it was discouraging to think who could think this was co sure for kids to be using. it was not surprising. >> gansler is no stranger to the marijuana like substance. >> they have cotton candy, pineapple, raspberry. >> he was sold salvia in ocean city in kid friendly packaging. opened his eyes as a parent to the popularity. >> we need to make it illegal now. >> now the ag plans to push etyet again for a ban to keep it aware from minors. >> i am on optimistic i can get it through. i have talked to people in both communities that understand. >> in baltimore city the topic is on hold. >> we don't want young people becoming influenced by this drug. >> a proposed city wide ban on salvia introduced by council member belinda conaway has been deadlocked in committee for more than a year. >> we have enough problems with the illegal drugs that we battle with now. we certainly don't want to add anything to it that is easy to
10:32 pm
get. >> without the state's help, ocean city is about to take some action of its own. next week, the town council will vote to outlaw the sale, and possession of salvia. violators would face up to six months in jail. and $1000 fine. it is a start for critics of the plant. but just the beginning of the battle of banning salvia. >> i mean, our legislature did not pass a bill to protect our children. that was embarrassing. >> if passed ocean city could begin the ban next tuesday. the swine flu vaccine, who is at the top of the priority list and who is not on it at all. coming up in tonight's health check. >> mr. buckley heads to court to stand up for mr. clucky. one man's fight to save the precious bird. after the break. >> it looks like a strong line of thunderstorms heading our jcpenney
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>> good evening folks. looking at a relatively decent day out there today. seeing sunshine. warm temperatures. but we will see changes in play tomorrow. as the threat of thunderstorms will move in. and maybe even some severe weather as we look at hd radar. level two. we can see scanning the sky. not much activity around central maryland or western maryland or eastern shore. all the activity is south of the dc area. or up in pennsylvania. north of harrisburg. near college pa. but we will see a threat of severe weather as a system pushes in from the west. with a lot of activity out there. a lot of instability that is in play. lets look at this in motion. you can see how the showers and thunderstorms are south of us. slight chance for a late overnight pop-up shower. but it looks like the better chance is through mid-morning and then into the afternoon. and things would intensify a bit. as the system moves closer. in fact, looking back to the west.
10:36 pm
over west virginia. southern ohio cincinnati, louisville kentucky getting heavy rain right now. and go to further points west. there is center of the storm. this area of low pressure that is rotating. you can see some of the counter-clockwise rotation. over toward nashville tennessee. they had tornado warnings there. and back toward memphis. this will continue to bring all the energy up through the tennessee valley. and then into the mid-atlantic by tomorrow afternoon. and evening. and as another front is pressing down on this system as well. so there is a lot of activity and components that will be working with the potential for severe weather out there. looking at the storm prediction center right now. this is a slight risk category issued from the prediction center out of oklahoma. and baltimore is included in that. washington d.c., annapolis, cambridge. as we have potential for strong storms. main threat is maybe super cells development. hail, strong gusty winds. heavy downpours. lots of lightning. and also maybe some tornadic activity out of it. so watch it closely through the afternoon hours.
10:37 pm
as the storm activity pushes through. as far as what's going on out there right now. downtown looking at 78. just a few thin clouds. winds out of the south-southeast at three. humidity levels at 76 percent. temperatures across the area, in the lower 80s. upper 70s. and looks like we will continue to see the moisture building in as we go through the overnight. tomorrow heavy rain sets in. and it looks like we will continue to see that off-and-on through the day. that closer look at what we will probably see on the future scan. it looks like we will continue to see that moisture building in. mid-morning, and then pop up a bit into the afternoon, off-and-on through the afternoon. we will see the thunderstorms firing up by saturday. should be out of here. and decent day saturday. as the system moves in. once again. here is what's going on. low pressure fires up the atmosphere. a lot of lift with the atmosphere with the front and low. and jet over the area. creates the potential and recipe for maybe severe weather. once it passes on saturday. it looks like a quieter day. so tomorrow, 89 degrees. thunderstorms possible through the afternoon. and we will watch out for any of
10:38 pm
them getting strong. and then on saturday, looking at a better day with sun and clouds. and 20 percent chance. maybe a morning shower lingering. high of 88. 86 on sunday with light chance for showers. and monday and tuesday much of the same with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. sky watch weather is at your fingertips. i-radar is available at you can use fox 45's powerful doppler radar to track comings storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow is over your home. go to, and click on i-radar. . >> apparently it takes two hands to handle a burger king drive-thru window. it happened this weekend in manassas virginia. customer pulls up, and opens the window and climbs through the drive-thru window assaulting the girl in the process. he has been stealing from all the cash registers in the building and leaves the same way he came. no one hurt. and police are searching for the creative robber.
10:39 pm
>> michael jackson mother gets custody of the three children. an agreement reached in court. gives katharine jackson permanent sole scud of the three. debbie rowe on the biological mom of jackson's two oldest children has been fighting for the children. and she gets visitation. >> a florida man fights to keep a pet in his own apartment. but the zoning board and judge say no. this is mr. clucky. a water bottle swiging bike riding rooster. neighbors have long complained about him making too much noise. and roosters by law are not considered pets in miami. but his owner hopes to get lucky in court. >> mr. clucky is maybe an outlaw but no criminal. >> if you see want to be allowed to keep your rooster and your hen in your apartment. and call it a pet, you might want to address that in a
10:40 pm
request to the city commission. >> neighbors say if they see mr. clucky ever in their building again, get ready to dine on stuffed clucky. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. one fish you want to catch this season. and we will tell you why. >> and the government announces who should be the first to get the swine flu vaccine. comi and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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. >> a vaccine for swine flu is in the works so who gets it first. the government wants pregnant women. health care workers and children at the top of the list. along with adults ages 19 to 24. notably missing those over the age of 60. >> it was a flu bug that circulated about 60 years ago that was similar, and that gave everyone who was alive at that point some immunity to the current virus. >> health officials hope to have the vaccine ready by the months of oc or november at the latest. >> the wedding dance clip. susan boyle singing her heart out on britain's got talent. survey shows more and more people are watching these extraordinary clips. judy kurtz has more on tonight's
10:44 pm
web. >> many folks are turning to the internet to get a video fix. according to a report from the pew internet and american life project. since 2006 the number of people watching online videos has nearly doubled. more than 60 percent of adult internet users have watched a video on a site. 19 percent of web users say they use sharing sites on a typical day. according to pew more people watch online videos than use facebook or myspace. pew said the surge in online video popularity could be because more people have access to faster internet connection than in years past. and while you are surfing the net be sure to friend fox 45. check out our status updates on facebook or follow our tweets on twitter. go to and click on find us on facebook and twitter, under the community features section. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> if you catch only one fish all summer, let it be diamond jim. diamond jim is one illusive
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fish. in the 2009 maryland fishing challenge. each month this summer, 50 rockfish are caught, taged and released back into the chesapeake. 49 of them are worth $500 apiece. diamond jim is worth, at least, $20,000. >> in our initial year we had a little over 100 folks that qualified for the grand prize, boat motor and trailer from bass pro and last year we had jumped to almost 1200. this year we have over 1500 people already qualified with a month to go. >> other qualifying catches could net you prizes including a bass fishing boat worth $15,000. this is the 5th year for the fishing challenge. . >> the orioles trade away their closer, find out where
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. >> here is a final look at the seven-day forecast. weekend sets up good. but may have to get through strong storms by tomorrow. mid-morning and afternoon. and here is the seven day. 89 the high. hot day. 60 percent chance for showers. and we could get some strong ones out there. so keep an eye to the sky with potential for severe weather. saturday different story. 20 percent chance for maybe remaining morning shower. and clear out nicely through the afternoon. with sun and clouds. and high of 88. 86 on sunday with some showers possible late in the afternoon. and 88 on monday and tuesday. and 87 with some possible
10:49 pm
showers. in the middle of the week, looks like things will clear up with more sunshine in the area. with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. back to you jeff. >> thanks so much. >> wild sports day in baltimore city. ravens sign first round pick, o's trade away the best player. what is up with that. bruce cunningham joins us with "sports unlimited". bruce does it make sense to you? >> yeah. coming up on "sports unlimited". andy macphail pulls the trigger on a major deal sending george sherrill out west for two minor leaguers, find out why the apitcher they acquired is is no stranger. >> and michael orr is officially a raven. hear from the newest member of the pur mel and black coming up. and back to the orioles. they sent the ace to the mound against kansas city but bergeson had to leave early. find out why the rookie of the year candidate is in danger of missing the next start. that's next in "sports unlimited" and it starts right now. .


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