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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  August 5, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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pennsylvania. motivation behind the murder. >> and a cold war flash back, what are russian nuclear submarines doing off the coastlines. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jeff barnd. jennifer after tonight off. rec center in one balt more neighborhood will shut its doors in a few days. now there is a battle over who is to blame and where will the kids go now. we are live at the city hall with the latest on the story. what can you tell us. >> parents say their kids have been abandoned. and that they think that the city is to blame. rec and parks, said as of july 1st, that department can no longer provide recreational programming at the center because the facility is not suitable for viable programs. the center is a wing of carter g woodson elementary middle and in the hands of the baltimore city schools. school officials have not
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decided what to do with the center. in the meantime, dozens of kids have written letters to the mayor, begging for her help. and parents say the mayor is their last option. >> i mean, she is the leader of our on city. she is the one that makes or breaks this community as far as i am concerned. and if she is not behind us, as much as we have been behind her, then, i just, think that's a sad situation. >> as of now, the center will shut its doors this friday. reporting live at city hall. karen parks fox 45 news "late edition". >> a baltimore city woman is denied permission to install a windmill on her roof. she says it would cut energy costs and improve the environment. but neighbors say it is an eye sore. here is melinda roeder. >> i strongly believe in recycling, reusing, rehaving. >> everyone is talking about going green. >> what i have here is a vertical axis wind turbine. >> it looks different.
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>> he sells sources of alternative energy and this is a model of a windmill made for residential use. >> efficient and producess energy at 4 miles per hour. >> but the device has spun debate. >> good thing. we have to go into renewable energy and wind is the only things that works downtown. >> marsha wants to install a turbine on top of her home. she plans to put it on the tallest flatest part of the roof. >> investigating renewable energy products. >> this week she went to the city zoning board to seek permission. >> i have lived in federal hill 25 years. >> some of the neighbors went to the board too. >> i don't want something that is an eye sore. >> many oppose the plan for esthetic reasons. >> i live directly behind the house. >> sharon has a rooftop deck with a view, a view she does not want obstructed by an object she can barely describe. >> ufo kind of looking structure. >> other neighbors worry about safety. and even higher than a turning.
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>> hurricane, high speed winds, no telling what could happen. >> zoning permission was eventually denied. but the contractor is now considering an appeal in court. >> you know, it takes a lot of time to change zoning laws. >> he hopes to change neighbors minds by convince them wind energy has benefits. but they say it is not their idea of going green. >> i want on people to know that we are pro green. it is a very green community. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news "late edition". >> the windmill woo would stand 10 feet and cut energy bills by 40. >> tense moments at the university of maryland today. police evacuated a main library around 1 p.m. after a suspicious package turned up outside. now the bomb squad determined the package was not explosive. appeared to be a heavy object used to weigh down a helium balloon. no word on why it was left outside the library in the first place. >> joseph forrest arrested for assaulting a officer.
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and now the charges were dropped. but forest is preparing to counter sue prosecutors and police now. last february, officer tracey mckissick said he tried to grab her gun in the scuffle. and charged with assault. and after the officer testified last week, those charges were dropped. >>. >> in our mind it wasn't consistent if there were discrepancies. >> we knew going in, that she had given contradictory statements. >> despite the dropped charges forest remains in jail because forest has a warrant in howard county on an outstanding d. i charge. >> the search is on tonight for a truck driver after a fatal hit-and-run of a man riding his bike near charles village. john yates avid cyclist traveling southbound on maryland avenue. investigators say the accident occurred when he reached west lafayette. truck turning at the intersection when it broadsided yates. according to witnesses. witnesses told police that yates somehow got stuck under the back of the wheels of the truck.
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before becoming dislodged in the middle of the street. >> i saw the street blocked off. yellow tape across. people taking pictures in the helicopter. i knew something happened. >> police don't believe the accident was intentional. however, the truck driver did keep on going. investigators are now searching for a double axle white box truck similar to this one on the screen. police are hopeful that surveillance may help in the investigation. several cameras are near the intersection. >> 30-year-old joseph serio is back in maryland facing murder charges. fled to florida after a man was shot to death last month. and police say serio pulled the trigger. >> a drug investigation leaves one man dead. police launched an internal probe after accusations made by the family members. deion snipes taken off life support while family was holding a vigil and monday police chased snipes, beat him and forced drugs down his throat during an
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incident near fairmont avenue and west baltimore. police say snipes took the drugs on his own. and that officers were simply trying to revive him. >> the 2009 boating season in maryland has been quite a deadly one so far. ten people have died in maryland waters this year alone. and there are three months left in the season. most victims not wearing life jackets. deadliest year in the water was 2005 when 27 people killed. >> trial date set for mayor sheila dixon. last week mayor reindicted on perjury. accused of failing to disclose gifts received from ronald lipscomb. dixon faces theft charges for allegedly stealing gift cards meant for needy. the trial date is set for november 9th. the mayor will likely plead not guilty on these new charges. dixon attorney accused the state of abusing the legal process in the first place. >> we expect that we will be filing a new motion, at least with respect to the grand jury, as well as some other issues that we will be filing.
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>> do you remain optimistic? >> absolutely. absolutely. that's why, i think, the grand jury returned the indictments again. i don't think there is any problem. >> mayor sheila dixon is on vacation and did not attend today's hearing. >> the governor is asking marylanders for their comments on how to save money in this state. one person wants more telecommunications or telecommuting so more people can work from home. another person wants the state to cutback seriously on landscaping, highway median strips. union representing state workers is urging governor o'malley not to impose more layoffs or any more furloughs. >> it is actually a really bad time to take cuts on state employees. because right now the demand for services is higher. and already state employees are trying to do more with less. less resources than ever before. >> the governor is expected to authorize more hundred $20 million in additional cuts to the budget this month. >> senate panel is giving the okay to the prison cell phone
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jamming bill. maryland lawmakers say it is necessary to prevent inmates from orchestrating crimes from behind bars. of the the only concern is that it could interfere with law abiding citizens using cell phones nearby. >> pop-up showers in this region. what is next? chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the sky watch forecast. >> what is next? well most of the activity to the south and west of us. there was a chance for showers and thunderstorms in our neck of the woods earlier today. but it really did not come together. but it started to make a turn our direction. looking south. we could look at that heavy shower activity south of shar lolls lotsville, west of richmond and it looks like the activity is starting to make a turn to the north. heading due east. and now heading northeast. to the north. so we may get to see some of the activity move into our neck of the woods in the next few hours. in fact, looking at it in motion. you can see how the showers are starting to make the way kind of up 95. so late overnight tonight. chance we could get a rumble of thunder. better chances are for the folks
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on the forecast. hear is another look at that. rain become up. associated with low pressure. moving our direction. temperatures right now are in the upper 70s. lower 80s. looks like we will see cooler air in here tomorrow. and in fact, looking at the chances for showers, carrying through the morning rush hour. maybe lingering into the afternoon a bit. looks like we will see a clear day ahead. friday. and nice weekend. and temperatures will warm back up again. look at that in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. . >> american idol without paula abdul. why she said she will not be back. >> russian nuclear submarines spotted off the u.s. coast line. why they are patrolling international waters in the first place. >> we just had a lot of hatred
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>> three people dead, nine injured after a gunman opens fire in a health club in pennsylvania. happened last night near pittsburg. rick has the story. >> pennsylvania gunman george sa different no was a member of the health club where a shot a dozen women, killing three. and himself. writings on his website revealed a man that did not feel like he belonged at all. >> had a lot of hatred in him. and held on committing this act and there was nothing to stop him. >> investigators say he had a web bog blog showcasing unhappy loaner that longed to be with a woman but no relationship in 25 years. and listed his own death as august 4, 2009. investigators believe the shootings were planned, at least, nine months in advance. >> we know that he targeted this aerobics class by the fact that he had the schedule and aerobic class circled in his home. >> authorities say he was carrying a handgun and had three more weapons inside of the
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duffle bag when he entered anaerobic as dance class dressed in black. flipped off the lights and began to shoot dozens of rounds. witness said she noticed him when he walked in since there were only women inside. >> i heard gun fire, and i turned around and there he was holding up a gunpointing to the front of the room. >> loretta called 911 and is not sure she will ever feel safe again. >> not angry. sad. sad there is people like that in the world. and, you know, what can you do? besides pray for them. >> authorities say they are trying to determine if anyone read his ramblings online and knew he was planning a massacre and did nothing to stop him. in bridge field pennsylvania, rick leventhal, fox news. >> two u.s. journalists freed by north korea back with loved ones at this hour. laura ling and euna lee held in the communist country since march, you may recall. but tuesday, after negotiations
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with kim jong ii and former president bill clinton, both freed. >> when we walked through the doors we saw standing before us, president bill clinton. we were shocked. but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> ling and lee were in north korea reporting for al gore's current tv. when they were accused of sneaking into the nation illegally. >> russian nuclear sub marines spotted patrolling 200 miles off the u.s. coast line. senior russian officials are blushing it off saying they are keeping the navy in shape. u.s. officials don't expect trouble but they are certainly watching the situation. >> it is the first time in, you know, roughly a decade that we
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have seen this kind of behavior. we obviously note it and watch it. but it is not of concern. >> however, the pentagon said the russians did not use proper channels to communicate these russian submarine drills. >> hot and semi-. that's just vytas reid. what's the weather look like? he joins us with the sky watch forecast. >> man, thank you for that. >> wow, very nice. here is what's going on. skycam downtown. not a lot of activity at this time. relatively quiet conditions. but the clouds are thickening up. we have mostly cloudy skies. temperatures at 76 degrees. winds out of the west at three. and humidity levels 77 percent. and our high up to 85. our low started out at 68. and we will see cooler air moving in behind a slow moving front that actually was going to give us a few thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. and looks like that kind of fizzled out. and the threat to get showers and thunderstorms overnight as we get into the overnight, one or 2:00.
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80 degrees in baltimore. 73 in harrisburg. cooler back to theth northwest in the 60s. continue to see that cooler less humid air build in behind the system. and there is an area of low pressure associated with the activity. and it was going kind of more to the east. now it is making a turn to the north. so we may get a bit of wrapping around. as we get through the overnight. some brief rumbles of thunder possibly and lightning. but it looks like no severe weather but heavy rain. especially on the southern portion of the state. and eastern shore. baltimore city, washington d.c. may get a bit of the activity moving in. kind of watching this bit of rain here as it continues to push to the north. following the path of i 95. so we will continue to monitor that through the overnight. looking at the future scan showing showers kind of dissipating by mid-morning on the model data. i think some of it in the neighborhood. and recurring a bit in spots. pop-up showers in the mid afternoon. and then we will start to see the shower activity pretty much leaving by the evening. and more sunshine friday. looking at a decent day to kick off the weekend.
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and what is going to happen is actually dryer air moves in behind this front. this continues to push east. high pressure will build in front the -- behind the front and dry things out as we get into friday. and part of saturday. and maybe late saturday night a chance for showers. so 79 the high tomorrow. 50 percent chance for morning, afternoon showers. 84 for friday. with plenty of sunshine. looking at 89 on saturday. and with a 30 percent chance for late afternoon showers. and back to the 90s on sunday. monday, about 95 degrees. hot start. to early parts of next week. jeff? >> depression may be the most costly illness to treat. new survey indicates the cost for treating mental illness took a major jump making it the most costly medication in the u.s. second is heart disease. 36 million americans treated for depression. >> high cholesterol can damage your heart and mind. scientists discovered that people with high cholesterol counts have higher dementia
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risk. anything over 200 cholesterol wise doubles your risk. diet and exercise makes a world of difference. . >> paula abdul off of american idol. why she is leaving the most popular television show on fox. >> and one of
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. >> after weeks of speculation, it is now official. paula abdul is through with american idol. the top season 8 contestants are in baltimore tonight. and the news is currently send engshock waves through the idol family. contestants still in disbelief. >> she was not trying to say anything to get any attention, or be on camera. it was just a true genuine conversation. she was the most encouraging woman on the show. unbelievable. i mean, i think she is the heart
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of the idol. she gives her honest opinion, i think, about each performance but does it in a way. >> off-and-on camera the aura of american idol will not be the same. after all she has been there since idol began, season one. now that she is gone, randy, simon and kara will have a big job ahead of them. what do you think, will idol be successful without paula? the question of the day today. at last check, 47 percent say yes. 53 percent say no. leslie from the city of baltimore writes. it will be a very boring panel i am sure. but i will not be watching. for more of your response go to and click on question of the day. >> believe it or not, m&t bank stadium is open for business a week from tomorrow night. as the ravens host the redskins in the preseason opener. summer went by quickly didn't it?
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ravens wish it would be over. training camp is that big of a green. hot and tough. and seemingly endless. it is hard on the younger players. and it is especially hard on the veterans. john harbaugh gives the old guys regular breaks from the hot afternoons. >> great thing about the plus 30, is that young guys get more reps, so you pace out camp for older guys. to get the time. and younger guys need the work. so great for them. >> jared gaither will not see 30 for seven years but he is out there working hard in the heat. supplemental draft pick in 2007 after flunking out of maryland. jared gaither seized the opportunity last year. nailed down the starting left tackle spot left vacant by ogden. and as he prepares for the third nfl season, his coach is looking for jared gaither to be better this time around. >> obviously we are hoping that he becomes an elite left tackle in the league for many years to come. that is up to him.
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and coaches. all of us. so working together to make it happen. >> elsewhere, they are backing up the brinks truck at eli manning's house. he agreed to a new contract paying $97.5 million over six years. that's an average of roughly $15 million for a year. and 35 million guaranteed. bind him to the giants through 2015. but most importantly, it now gives him bragging rights. under the new deal he makes over a million dollars more per year than his big brother peyton. >> college football and terps running back finds himself among the eleast. scott named duke walker award that goes to the best college running back. scott rushed for 1133 yards, seventh best all time at maryland last season. named first team all con france. and named preseason all acc for this season as well. 45 running backs identified as candidates for the award. including five others from acc schools. scott had five games with over
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100 yards rushing and set a school post season record with 174 yards against nevada in the humanitarian bowl. semi finals are known on november 11. winner is announced december 10. >> the terps open the season in 2009 against cal out in berkeley. back to you. our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. gate agent: this is your final boarding call... each with an average speed of 590 miles per hour, almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. starting august 16th, fly southwest airlines from bwi airport to boston logan for just $49 one-way. bags fly free on southwest, so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at
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. >> hot and hazy again today. when will we see relief? here is chief meteorologist vytas reid with all the answers of course. vytas? >> all explained in the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms through the mid-morning. maybe a few rumbles tonight but afternoon some of the showers getting out on of there. and a high of 79. so slightly cooler temperatures. 84 for friday. with plenty of sun. 89 on saturday with 30 percent chance for some late afternoon
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showers. 92 on sunday. so things will heat up toward the end of the week. starting off next week at 95 degrees. looks like things will be dry for parts of next week. but a dry hot week. jeff, back to you? >> thanks so much vytas. you can of course be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track storms down to your own street. go to and click on i-radar. that does it for the "late edition". thank you so much. i am jeff barnd. see you for the morning show. until then, take care. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning so when you said you bring fiber optic
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