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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  April 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. storms move through maryland. >> and some much colder temperatures are on the way. jessica starr is here with a big change in the weekend weather forecast. >> it felt summer like out there today with the temperatures in the 80s. but unfortunately we will be back to reality this weekend. we have rain showers, some stronger earlier today. strong gusty winds out there. now dealing with light to moderate rain showers that will continue for the next couple of hours. but you can see, this is just the last of the rain showers pushing through, back off to the west and ohio valley. and into detroit. you can see clear conditions. so we will be drying out. throughout the daytime tomorrow. but temperatures, they were warm today. but they will be dropping. 69 in baltimore. 65 in hagerstown. and 52 in oakland. but when you wake up tomorrow, 56. and mostly cloudy skies. continue with the breezy conditions and 59 at noon for tomorrow. but even cooler temperatures for sunday. have a complete look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, jessica. >> baltimore county police make
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an arrest in the disappearance of a 16-year-old girl missing since last year. >>the suspect faces first-degree murder charges. keith daniels is live in northwest baltimore with new information on what neighbors are calling a tragic story. keith? >>well, rochelle battle lived with her family here on gorman avenue and tonight police have a suspect. in this case. his name is jason gross. he is 35 years old. now, police say he is responsible for the death of rochelle. 16-year-old that disappeared last year in march. after leaving her home here in northwest baltimore. now police were able to track the girl's cell phone to an area near a trash collection site. off earl road in middle river. search turned up nothing. but later information led police to gross. >>well, unfortunately we are not able to articulate at this point whether there was a relationship between the two. they somehow got together. but we don't know if they knew each brother then or not. >> tonight gross is locked up at
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the baltimore detention center. without bond. in northwest baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> a principal at a dc school was killed in his silver spring home last night. his car missing. 42-year-old brian bets was a principal of shaw middle school. a co-worker found him dead after he failed to report to work. police now say he was shot. they are looking for his suv, a 2007 nissan exterior. maryland plates 562 m 222. the news has left neighbors on edge. >> well whole street was blocked off. and well, we have got new locks on the door and alarm system, but that won't stop a problem like this. >> police are asking anyone with
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information to come forward. >> a woman is found dead after a fire in owen's mills this morning. firefighters were called to the 4600 block of springwater court. firefighters found the woman in the bedroom of a first floor apartment. a sprinkler system put out the fire. investigators are still looking into the cause. >> new developments tonight in a murder investigation along the eastern shore. an elderly woman found dead in the house fire. on oxbow drive. now police say she was likely killed by her husband. police charged 82-year-old thomas scherer for murder after the 82-year-old wife magda was beaten to death inside of the burning home. and witnesses say her husband was taken away quickly in handcuffs at the scene. >> it is hard to imagine. i mean, you know, they are an elderly couple. everything seemed fine, at least. from living next door. >> tonight, thomas scherer is under guard at easton memorial hospitalment.
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>> montgomery county students are in trouble. after school officials bust a major sexting scandal. the discovery was made last week when officials at thomas pile middle school said they confiscated a student ipod with photos of female students. principal notified police and the school conducted its own investigation. where they learned the students had been using cell phones, and e-mails to, trade the photos. sometimes during the school day. >> there could be the public scorn that goes with it. embarrassment. and you know, not to mention if criminal charges are pursued against them. >> officials say it appears the photos were taken outside of the school. no adults were involved. >> a traffic accident put a tank her truck in a precarious position this morning in southeast baltimore. crash left the truck dangling off the pennington avenue bridge. construction vehicle hit the tanker near east ordinance road. vehicle was then pushed --
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vehicle pushed the tanker over the concrete abutment. both drivers were taken to shock trauma as a precaution. >> another day, another recall for toyota. the troubled car maker said it is recalling 600,000 seanna minivans. toyota said rusting spare tire cables could break and create a road hazard. so far this year, toyota has recalled more than 8,000,000 vehicles. >> your dog or cat could be dangerous to your health. new study showed pets cause 80,000 injuries from falls. dogs are more likely to make you fall than cats. and women are more likely to fall than men. researchers do not suggest that you get rid of your pets. >> and a new study shows that even before they can walk, children choose their toys based on what is traditionally expected of their sex. researchers at the university of london gave infants and toddlers
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a group of seven toys. little boys were always more interested in items like cars, and soccer balls. and little girls were more interested in dolls and tide bears. study did not draw conclusions about whether the children were born with preferences or developed them during the first few months of life. >> fighting city blight. the community where wrecking balls were biz. >> ash cloud and the airlines. how long flights could be affected. >> it was so bright in my window. i am like what the heck is that? >> mystery in the skies. what led to a f hi, you cancelled your cable service?
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that we just invented when we wanted... [ male announcer ] don't be fooled. xfinity is comcast. and verizon fios has 4 times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> a second messy day of global air travel as dangerous volcanic ash keeps thousands of flights on the ground. david lee miller has the story of the airline nightmare. >> airport counters across europe are quiet. this eruption takes place in iceland with the plume of toxic acid spreading across europe. >> concern about navigation and ash in engines. >> that's why planes are parked. not just in europe but worldwide. >> i have been here for days and days and hours and hours.
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just waiting. and that's all i can do. >> i am frustrated. irritateed. twitter and disgusted. >> here in new york, frustrated passengers, have been forced to campout at jfk after a number of transthank flights were scraped. >> absolute nightmare. nobody tells you anything. they said they would come down and tell us within the hour. and nobody came down and told us anything until the next day. >> you have some food and few beds but nothing more. >> predicament is expensive. travelers lucky enough to get hotel rooms are forking over big bucks, not so lung he are left in airport terminals. >> i want to be home. so, yeah. lost. >> provide us with food and water and drinks. and a blanket. the floor is hard. but we got through the night. >> financial burden on the carriers as well.
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airline trade group estimated $200 million a day in revenue and that is being called a conservative figure n new york, david lee miller. fox news. >> wisconsin residents shaken up over a fireball in the sky called 911 quickly. turns out it was a giant meteor. >> it was so bright in my window. i am like what the heck is that? and it had orange sparkling tail out of it. >> okay. >> so, yeah, i was curious what i owe i thought meteor or aliens. >> wow is all i can say. >> beautiful shot though. look at that. incredible. while it may seem unusual. experts say about six meteors hit our atmosphere every hour. but this particular meteor obviously was bigger than normal. >> more bad news for homeowners in pacifica california.
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cliffs beneath a entire street are crumbling. last weekend's heavy surf jared more sand stone beneath the cliffs, exposing foundations and more homes could be in danger simpler on the same day goldman sachs is denying federal fraud charges, president obama sits down with his economic recovery advisory board. to hash out financial regulatory reform. the president addressed the need for stricter rules to prevent future major bank bailouts. >> never again should american taxpayers be forced to step in and pay the price for the irresponsibility of speculators on wall street. >> members today also spoke about the president's proposal to double the number of exports in the next five years. >> president obama mandates a nearly all hospitals extend visitation rights to partners of gay men and women. he says americans should respect patient choices about who may make critical health care decisions for their partners. president's mandate is perhaps
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the most significant step so far in his effort to expand the rights of gay americans. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. do you agree with the president's mandate extending visitation rights to gay americans? so far, 97 percent say yes. and while 3 percent say no. paulette responds on facebook. a sick person should be able to tell the hospital who he wants, as a visitor. and who he wants to make medical decisions for him. whether that person is straight or gay. >> cooler temperatures are indeed on the way for the weekend. >> that's right. meteorologist jessica starr is here with the weekend outlook. hi jessica? >> hi guys. we had a warm day today. then thunderstorms moved through later in the day. heat of the day. temperatures topped off in the mid 80s today. and light rain showers out there. and this is the last of the rain showers overnight tonight. all associated with the cold front. you can see this is the last band. through virginia, maryland and new york and pennsylvania. you can see a cold front pushing
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through. dry conditions back to the west. clearing out in the ohio valley. and cooler air will be making the way in our direction tomorrow. other concern today has been strong gusty winds. oust southwesterlyer today that brought in that warm air mass. now they have shifted with that cold front. toward the northwest. 15 in baltimore right now. hagerstown. 14 in oakland. and winds will continue to be strong and blustery out there. overnight tonight and for the daytime tomorrow for saturday. temperatures though right now. still holding strong at 70 in baltimore. and 10-degree temperature change north in harrisburg. so you can see where exactly that cold front is. 55 in pittsburg. 52 in cleveland. and 46 degrees in chicago. so that's the cooler air mass coming our direction. overnight tonight. and sticks around for pretty much the weekend. and seasonal temperatures for where we should be, for the second week in april. so here comes the cold front. isolated rain showers. moving through. and waking up tomorrow morning. we will see clouds in the area. gradual clearing later in the
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day. so see the sunshine later in the day. and cooler. noticeably cooler. 20 to 25 degrees cooler for tomorrow. high pressure system builds in for the weekend. and for the first part of the work week. so we will be dry. but so for tomorrow, saturday. not a bad day. 61. and winds continue to be gusty out there. and cooler conditions. next five days. look nice actually. 61 saturday. 58 on sunday. so cooler. and we stay in the low 60s, and stay dry and sunny for the next couple of days. i will have a complete look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, jessica. >> troubled block in east baltimore, face the wrecking ball today. >> the city began to level 67 homes in the 1900 block of proman place, city officials say it has the highest concentration of blight in the city. once the site of a proposed redevelopment plan but after 10 years of delays and more delays, the city finally decided to raise the area.
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>> orioles searching for their second win of the season. tonight, we will have an update on how they are doing in oakland. next in sports. >> and
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>> visitors to oklahoma city's botanical gardens were up close and personal with crawly critters. visitors released pest eating lady bugs into the conservatory. jennifer took the environmentally friendly pest control as a fun family adventure. >> unique event. i always try to do it with her. and we have never had a bug out. where you let out the lady bugs. >> patrons given containers full of the insects. in all, releasing 70,000 lady bugs. >> this gym owner in awe born california is letting her dog burn off the calories by putting them on the treadmill. the idea began over the winter when cold weather kept the dogs inside with no outlet for their energy. and not only does it help the
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dogs work off the pooches. >> calms them down. >> a store in miami is selling tie let paper rolls with unusual graphics, featuring pictures of venezuela president chavez and cuba's castro. store representatives said the paper led to protests and angry phone calls but also been popular. the toilet paper sells for, approximately, $9 a roll. >> patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". >> 1 and 9, orioles are having the worst start since 1988. tonight they are trying to end the seven game skid. facing the a's for the second game of a four game series. bottom of the first. millwood at the mound. he gets davis looking for the first out of the inning. next batter. barton. he slices it to short. watch. nice catch by caesar.
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and lays out for a great catch. full extension two outs in the inning. next batter is sweeney. millwood gets him chaseing end the frame. 2 k's in the first inning by millwood. but bottom of the second. millwood is in trouble w runners on the corners and no outs. fox lifts a 3-2 pitch. and deep enough to score. a's take the lead and that's all they got in the inning. right now it is 4-0. a's in the 5th. >> before the game, orioles added to their injury list. outfielder felix peia placed on 15 day disabled list. orioles are calling the injury an upper back muscle strain. he missed a few games already due to a strained left shoulder. he has been one of the few bright spots so far. hitting 400 in eight games. montanez was called up before the game to take his spot on the roster. >> and in less than a week the ravens welcome new rookies to the team.
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nfl draft begins next thursday. in prime time w round one. general manager ozzie newsome is known around the league as one of the pro pickers. when it comes to the draft. the ravens rank each player and then when it comes their turn to choose they will take the best available player. however, you can never rule out a trade to move up. if you remember last year, they moved up to get this guy. number 74, michael oher. >> a lot of ways you can build your football team. and if we feel like you know, someone starts to come down the board. and he can impact our football team. impact it in a way that, you know, we can afford us to do other things on our roster. then, we will move up and get that guy. >> one area of the ravens roster that is a bit thin right now is at cornerback. it was a position that was plagueed with injuries last season. first, fabian washington went down with a torn acl. then third round draft pick last
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year, number 21, ladarius westbound went down with a similar injury. if the ravens decide to go in that direction, when it comes their turn they feel there is quality players coming through this year. >> probably are 4 or 5 guys that merit first round grade. you have hayden, mccord, wilson, jackson, chris cook. you know, they are all first round second round guys. and all 32 teams have a different ranking, you know, but all good players. all tested well. all good kids. and all good players in the league. >> the nfl draft starts thursday at 7:30. jeff and karen, back to you. >> breaking news in northwest baltimore tonight. police say two men were shot. in the 4000 block of can ken shaw avenue. no word on the conditions of the victims. but homicide detectives were
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called to the scene. >> pet snake goes missing. >> the unusual place it was found. ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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love. >> quite a shock. for a hotel guest in nebraska.
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>> she found a 3-foot long python in the bathroom of her room in hampton inn. nebraska humane society tracked down the owner. and the owner lost the pet more than two weeks ago. and left without telling management. can you imagine? >> that woman has not used a bathroom since. she will never use a bathroom for the rest of her life. >> was it in the toilet? >> yes. >> that could have been very ugly. >> certainly could have been. >> well the weather was okay here. but worse in other places. >> it is. especially in a hotel room with a python in the toilet. jessica starr has the latest on the weather. >> that's one of the most interesting tosses to weather i have had so far. for tomorrow. cooler for tomorrow. changes, 61 degrees for a high temperature for tomorrow. clouds. sunshine later in the day. and then on sunday, actually below normal. 58 degrees. sunshine is out. making it feel warmer out there.
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but cooler. you can give the air conditioner a rest if you put it on. temperatures in the 80s. 61 on monday. stay with the 60s. gradually warming up close to 70. by the end of next week. then thunderstorms move in here. giving us a chance for rain showers, thursday and friday. that's a look at the forecast. back to you guys. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> and that will do it for the "late edition". thank goodness. thanks so much for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. have a great weekend. k?
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