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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 13, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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edition. i'm megan gilliland. dare i say the wwod "snow." some of you will bb waking up to that this morriig.ú we''e ging to be checking n ú% with meteerollgist steve feetii to see how mucc people could be %-expecting. >> we're not expecting a lot, but we are expeccinn something that may mean a hhlf a inch of -noo which s enough to create problems on the rise roadway. if you don't have snow you may be areful. >> true. >> thiss i winttrtimeeweather even though winterrii sttll overr3 a week away. there. as we checkktte hd raaar you see the green that is indicating green. you also know what the white means. that means snow heeded in our direction. the pink in between ii the sleet3 and freezing rain is so issthh chaage over as the you see the cclder air workinggin from tte west. -now through the central part of the state, the eaviest part of the snoo will be to the wess. garrett county expecciig to seeú ass uch as a foot o 2 eet of3
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snow. -ight snow and thh blacc ice consideratton, we have a inter ú-weaaher advisory for tte west sidd of the chesapeeke bay..3 the commute ill be a bit of a slippery one..3 wintery storm warniig for gar gaarett county withhall f the 36 in hagerstown, and 30 in -own. winds are a factoo, 15-way 15-20-mile-an-hour winds aae going to make it feel like ww're %-in the 0s. and only cools down from there the temperatures continue to cooo. we see some flurrrychances again into the evening once more. %-let's see what is happening on the roaddays more specificaalyú witt candace dold who is here -ith theetrafffc edge. ccndacc. -> reporter: steve the good news is we on'tthaveeanyy3 possible black ice. use extraacaution as you head out ttis morning, and you coull %-ffnd it o the way to travels to work orrwherever you're headed ttis morning. there's a crash in aberdeen.
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it's on old philadelphii road right at perry men road.3 it's involving a raator trailer33 and crews are on the scene and directing ttaffic throogghthe area. ú%%-look at he northeest corner at roote 152 and it's going be tie breeze n both the northboundd3 and soothbbunddlanee. that only continues moving from whitemarsh all the wwy down -owarddthe beltway, 4 mmnutes at -4 miles per. an 11-minute ride of on 695, and froo 795, down toward 95 so far so good. 122minutes at 52 miles pee hour.ú that's a look at the mornings ú% travels. meeaa, back over o you. %-edition. if yoo are senning something3 through fedex today you are3 ú% about to become a part of histtry. today is expected to be he busiest dayyever eeer for fedex withh16 million pack buildings beinggsentt!-- packages being senn out. we are going to check in with joel d smith and give us paccing
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ttps from the expeets. >> reporter: these areesome thee11 mmllion packages that going to be going everywhere around the wwrld today. here to makeesure thatú everything is going smooth in our aaea paul. aal of this. └> surr am. ú% >> reporter: staffing wise how is today ddfferent?3 %-today we'reerunnnng a tuesday sccedule which meann we're going to bring in the extra people to handle the extra volume that arr going to cooe. >> reporter: the poot ors is next week and ups is next week..33 >> today 50% oofour value commng thrrugg smart post wwich s oor more econnmical service ttat goes through the poss office in the last mmle. plus e have fedex ground and our fedex eepress volume all ú% coming from the retailers. >> reporter: got it of weatherr n our area today in the northeast, a lot more. we aw what happened in miinesota, how is that affectingeeerything today? >> we ot a team of
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meeeorologgst, fortunately in memphis that looks at the weather, racks the weatherrand %-all over the ystem that moves3 the volume forward aad minimize delays..3ú reporteer it will definiiely get there on ime. they're counting on that..3 in the last ay to gettttings going is decemberr23rd. there's a couple of more days for thatt couple of mooe days we're closing in that ast. why so s this the busiest day compared to last yyar? why so many people. >> reporter: it's really going up. everyonn is using online nw ann also the econnmy is etter shape too that is whatú analysts are saying. 10%% p in somm areas, but youú have more time in case you antt3 to get here on time. some people rr aheed of scheduue and spending thh money >> a womanndiee after beenn shot several times in southhess city pollce were called to northhú
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franklin own oad ellicott driveway efore 5:00 on sunday when officer as iefds arrived thhy fouund3ú a woman suffering from gunshot wwund.3 she laaer ied at shock trauma and police have no word on a suspect. p>> after a stabbing in-house wattr ii edgewater. morning on salisbury oad. authorities say fighh broke out at the pprtt and three people ended up with stap wounns. %-one an wwnt to shock trauma annú a seccnd man and a juueniie ere treated at a local hospital, he -nvestigaaion is ongoing. ú% >> reporter: deedly house fire at ceeil counnyyccaimssthe lives of four people, two ofú them ccildren. it happened on saturday some a small townnoffearlville near3 chesapeake city. two adults, and aababy just four monnhs old were killed n the fire. onn man was able to escape with minoo burns.
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>> my front door and i saw the greet lakeeand the embers were >> then we heard. >> it took 40 firrfighters an richly street. ppies of burned belongings site out outside f ttat buildingg.3 -o oneewas hurt in the fire. authorities have newú%-dogfighting ring in ssuth baltimore and the people who may%-pooice say they camm across six pitbullsswhill they were raiding a hhoe..3 they found hundredssof grams and3 thousands of dllars in cash..3 the ssspects are taken under3 arrest facing charges. %-house as officiall contiiued too3 investigate whether or not they were running a ogfighttig ring. this wws happeniig in
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everrbody's ackyard and we need3 to be aware of that and report anything when ww see it. >> pplice ssy inside oo that home, theyyfound a treadmill which s commooly used aa a as of now, the suspects are not been charged with dog dogfighhing. ú% to safety afterraafire broke out. rescue the 129 animals from that house. %-firefigghersssay four dogs did not survive. homeowners areedog breeders and have ore thann660 animals on the property. no word yet on what caused the fire. %-blowup a millitary recruiiing ceeter in catonnville is expected o be ii courr ttday.ú antonio martinez haa a detention hearing ssheduled for later this afternoon. he ii facing charggs including attempted murrer of federal officees and attempted use of -ederal investigators say last wedneeday, martinez tried to
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detonaae a fake bomb outside of the recruiting enter.úheeis eing held without bonnd3ú until the hearing. now it's nnt technically winter just yet bt some cities are already feeling thh white pain. here is craig boswell wwth a look. >> it's wiiter in wisconsin. >> it's a white out i west bend wisconsin. it was bad, very wet, ttick ssow. 10 inches of fallln snow is oo snow blowers. least two people werr killed n the accidents in wisconsin. %- >> they eed to keep thh roads3 for those who nnee ttaveeing but stronggy suggest if you3 don't needdto be out, don't come out. p> high inds forced utility in detrrii landscapers are loading up on salt.
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anddthey are in high demand. drivers had to cootend with slushyyann slipperyypavement. >> iislipped twice wwile out ú% here. don't b an aggressive drrver. >> eporter: nd in ohio horks stay!!wwrm.3 >> reporter: they are getting ready as the storr bears oon and the windchills creep in. you always go right when yooú flare up innclevvland. >> reporter: innminnte, the% the ressure of ssow and high check out the snow motiin video %- >> te last time this occurred was in aprillof 1983.ú%->> reportee: no one was hurt in sunday's roof ccllappe but the vikinns game had to beemoved tt the detroit ford field. even adding to thatt3 headache, more tan 1500 flights have beee canceled at chicago's airporrs major hubbin and ouu of
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middest. but that is not sttpping santa from arrivvng arll for aú caaadian ity. not the way you wouud eepect to see hii, though.ú take a lose he can looo at we %-zoom - ccoser look as we zoom and show you what they aae wearing for the annual santa speedo rrn. they're all in speedos. thii year's grouppbraved frigid temmeratures. the roceeds foo the event will go ttward heechildren's coming p on the early edition,ameriia's debt is increasing and inn ome cases we owe nations thht aren't so friendly. the titanic heee in america and >> what it all means ffr u... citizens. and speeding into oor areaú cold air, and with it snow showers. that means we havvea winter weather advisory on the west side of the chesapeeke bay.
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tings 5:43 on the wwntery start to the monday ith some snow showers out therr. get right to it sky hd radar indicating snow showers.ú you get closs are, you can!!!! clooer, you can see light know so let's ot underestimate how muchhcautiin you will hhve to take this morning. you will havv to encounter %-slippery road out there becauue %-oo the change ovvr to colder air. black ice a possibility of the yyu see the snow through the central part of the city and inside of thh beltway and down toward the soutt and west of elkridge seeing more activity3 there and toward, it looks liie ferndale and the looking paats. seeing snow showers that are going to e in the liiht to moderate range. -t will amount to about a quarter to a half an evan of3 snow. not looking at heavy snow but %-nnvertheless
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slipperr roadway that is the key, ou will want to ive yourself extra hep this morning. you ee the blle arras ú-indicatingglight rainshowerr was in plaac. ú% now with the change over as the start to see he snow showers moving into the weetern ounty %-and the western most part of marylann. in fact garrett county may ee uppards of a foot to feet of snow tomorrow. they will continue to see more. % veryyhereeelse you are looking at .10 of an i have of snow. -- aa inch of snow. didn't underestimate the caution ii could make the roadways %-difficult without a whole lot. the models iidicating the bluu area ith some snow. it could be flurries as ww get a more ake-effect snow and tte ú% westerlyyknow continues to bring the snow as weeget te llw bringing the moisturr from thh grrat lakes.3 that is whaa is goinggtoo e the
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trend over the nextt ew dayy. out of 20s foo igh temmeratures. we ill watch the nexx systee come through bringing us a -ight now shower by midweek or expectinggmuch out of that either..3 baltimooe, 33 in d.c. and 38 in salisbury. with regard to the black ice, and 0 innhagerstown and a thatt to the mountains as you head west. winds out of the west at 10-20 miles per hour in general. and they're gusting higher wineeis what t -- 29 is what it %-feels in bbltiiooe and it's a degree below zero ii aklandd 31 is what t feees in3 drop toddy. 36 degreessis the high ttmmerature this mornnng and thhn expect temperaturr to conninue droppingginto thh low -0s by ater nto the day and 20s beyond that. guuting to 33. going toocertainly make it eel
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chilliee, too. you will waat to dress warmly today. yesterday we saw tte envelopes --- he 56 degrees with the current temperature and what wiil e the -igh temperrture as the ú% temperatures drop from here in3 -he central part of maryland. we et uu to the high in the centraa pprt of the maayland %-where the temperatures drop asú well. 200deerees for the overnighh with the 15-20-mile-an-hoor winds gustiig to 40. ú% the wwnns beginnto pick up high. %-32 on wednesday again maybe the 20s. parr through the rest of the3 week. weee at hance of snow showers ú% late sunday, with temperatures around 40 degrees and we rop intt 20s overnight..3 the roadways with candace dold. she has the trrffic edge. -> reporter: the gooo news s weedon't ave anyyincidents to report because of black ice..3 as we have been tellinn yyu you can find out there.
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use extra caation. makk sure that the speeds are down. as for the actual speedsson thee3 beltway so faa 50 miles per catonsville. 56 aa security boulevardd there's an acccdent at aerdeen %-as a traator trailer at old philadelphia road and perry menroad. ú%crews are on he sceee directing traffii hrough tte area. be aware. it's ging to cost you traffic. let's taae a live look moving at route 553: you can see he caas ú% are traffic up to speed and3 ú%%-toward beltway in fact. once yyu take it throogh thee33 895 and even up toward the fort mchenry tunnel we're going to be delay ree..3 and then let's take a live llok fartherrdown on 95 here it is at 195 that volume is really startiig tt accumulate on the
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3ú as or reese overrthe inteenationalldebt mmunt, some %-people are concerred ooer international borrowing. some people are looo t the %-dangers especially with ittcooes to china. p>> whatever congresssdoes on theeccrrent proposal o extend spending. we muss have a plan to cut or face a the nasty consequence. tkind of like we're on the ú%
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titanic here in aaerica and everybody says the bar is open.3 we ill just have a party the -extttwo weeks. %-weewill spend anotter -900 billion. >> reporter: %-- financial risis, it could leed it a national security crisis. >> i said several timee puuliccl. i think thh biggest threat ww have to our national security is >> it under inds our caaacctyy3 ttoact in our own interests..3 it does constrain us where constraints may be undesirable. >> our ability to ppotect ourselves aad prooect our values around the globe is uutimately on a stronger economy. >> repoottr: e are especially vulnerable becaase the u.s. ooes more thanú foreign governments and a goodd3 chunk of it to the chinese. >> where you get in a situation where you've borrowed enormous money with china and you neeed3 %-them to help in north korea.
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ad is rrnning how great empires faill tte anciinn greek, the british empire and the united states.3ú he exppains howwthe u... just kept boorowing ann borrowing until it lost control of its own -estiny [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> that's exxctly what worriesú lawmakers such as tom cclburn. >> f you look atthisttry no ú% repuulic has survived s long as we hhd. thhy ll failed for the same reason, they lost controllof their fiscal policy loog before they ever were conquered..3 >> reporter:: no a activv aggressiin, lenders such as china ould wait on the sidelines nd insist on higher interest rates before lending us anymore. ssnce we're orrowwng $0.40
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of eeerr dollar wee pend we on't%-have aay choice but to spend. in washington jim anggee ffx later on fox 455 orninn news ddspiiabll or just misunderstood? >> the key to nlocking the mysttry behind dis desppcable e. next the ravens ffce
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3 here ssyour first look at sports.ú as johnny holiday said f you watch the college without an interest, u innawe. if you're a marrland fan you -ust about died thh way this caae out.3 the first halfterps doon 1.3
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he made he free trowwinú maryland. this a 2--ointtlead. under a half o play. watch tte foul and yeah he made the free throw. imagine thht sscond half3 maryland down one, mmre from williams. he gees it nderneaah and goes for the 2-handed slam, terps retake the lead. boston colleee on top by . joe by one and gino gregory makes the grab. they ttroww t aaeaa, and theú career igh an 27 points for later in the second adriin and leaas a trio anddkkeps it %-himself for the eaay maryland extends his lead to 3. dc comee back downn2-with under 75. uuder a minute o play.
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rrgie ssts open. -agles take it 78--5 lead. with 5 seconds left the terps are looking at a ty. it's the front of the rrm, boston college hits tte rebound and the terps lose their first day game of the year, 79-75. williams with nother double, ú% double as we set a careerrhigh 27 points to oo long with 13ú rebounds.ú dino gregory booh added 144 for exams, back on the contest ceeter. -ednesday decemberr22nd against the nee jersey nstittte sunday with no ravens game to ú% center stage. ttkinn on the home standing texans down in hews tan!! hews tan and houston. anndthe ravens have an entire -wek to host. -wth a chance of the divisiinal title eroding. ú% they're looking at more and more a wild car playoff as to spot.ú
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that means they wok!! ffcus on what is ahead he last ame not the -ast one. >> if you did well last weekkyou can get embarrassed onnmonday night ecause they have thatú type of challlnge.3 at houston texas and eevn whee3 you are watching whole otherúú% games, who losses and who wins and who that wins the bottom line ii next day you have to that is what we had to move on vvry quickly. a lot of s don'' worry bout ii. matter who heyypass tte bowl to. to do on both of it. houstonn morning news. check out ttese guys. they're ppmped up and rrady for -tnnght's game. and all we havv to say, exanss no matter where you'rr from
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we're looking for all of you fans out there to ssnddus in purple pridd.


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