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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 15, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it's notteven winter yet. >> it's ike iim in alaaka now. but baltimore is under a deep freeze anyway. two jackets, two under shirts and two sets of sockses. where you an go for some long before we start to ttaw out. ú%> hailed as a hero after being shot duuing a raid. >> one thought is i'm going to die..3 why this deputy could be fired and the cover up he says is behiid it? i had nn idea, and in full gear. facebook foils another terror attack. what ne man posted online that3 got him in trouble with the fbi.
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> ood morning. and welcome to fox 45 early edition. today is, wednesday -'m egan gilliland. patrice harris has the orning a ccld morning to start you offf and meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell us about a cold >> we have winny onditions making it feel chilly, chiily, cold, even chillier than the temperatures wwll rrad. take a look at the numbers rrght %-temperatures ut there aad you will see that we're at 22 degrees in bal!baltimore andú 22 degreessin d.c. and gusting higher going to make baltimore, and haaerrtown only feeling like 5 degrees there.
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therees a windchill advisory that will continue until 10:00 a.m. thhs morniig.úwhole s this morning, offthe move of that activity stays out of the north and out of the way today as we get mostly clear kies, but clear skies will allow the ttmperatures o drop and we will %--et's see what ii happening oo the roadways. %-traffic dge. dold with the good morriig, caadacee %-now as far as 97, it's in the green. let's taae a livv look. traveling near roote 100 and you can see light actiiity for you. %-stretch up toward the beltway. beltway down towwrd route 32, it's going to be n easyydrive thhre, 11 minutes, 60 miies per hour.ú 95 also looks good through ú%ltimore from the fort %-down toward the beltway, an
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8-minute driveeand 55 miles per hour, and southbound 895 from %-95.arbor tunnelldown ttward ú%%-travels.k at morning megan, over to you. it s nottjust colldout, it's dangerously coldd ú-joel d smith ii live at the mn city shelter where hours have been exteeded and no one being ú%rned aaay today. >> reporter:: good morning, %-night and also tonight.last we are going to tell people about the many locations guilforddis one of thee and the main entrance street behind me is where people get in. ú%to 400 people last night and we expect to be bbsy again. definiiely this weather is a 8 people died from hyppthey hypa and because of a place like theseethey're trying to avoid
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that. we're inside where there areú many services for those who need a break from aal of thii cold weather. there's bed, hot meals and showers and ase management services. this is he firss cold blue night of the seeson.3 flow facilities and the code blue goes agaii tonight. the program is a god septemberr3 to thos!!-- god senttt those who survive the heat. >> nn ooe will be turned away regardllss to their conditionn it's our intention tooensure that anybody seeking shelter services does in fact rrceivess3 those services.3 %-communicating to the other 7 shelters and eceeve support in >> reporter: wear lots oo layers, loose fitting clothhng aad over your head with a scarf or a hat.
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and avoid alcohol and drink plenty of fluudd and check on theyyhave a harr with thhs iil. weatter. four of the 10 code blue shelttrs are for men. nights started this morning. >> my car wouldn't start this morning because it was ss cold. %-right now.feellng out there >> reporter: we are used to doing this, that is omething that chz with th!!!comes wwtt t. you are out heee and got o dress well forrit. we take breaks and go back in the truck. you know that. >> joel, thank you, stay warmú and we appreciate what you're doing. we know the identity of ssx3 people who's livesswere lost in a fire. it ignited at homewood avenue. not elderly couple, theer their
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killed. investigators spent the day sifting through debrrs to determine the cause which is yet -o be deterrined. meanwhile, family and friends >> we know -- alllthe thing is and we saw all those kids when they were born and since they were babies and they're gone. that is it. there's nothing else about a family that was just a great >> nearly 33 othees on that samú homes. the red cross issworkiig to help victims y offeringgthem a place to stay at st. ann's church. >> the church wws able to open their doors for us and now e3 ú%ve the memorial, and we have family. mental needs firss anddthe other stuff there come along later. %-meals and fam le to the famile
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before yesterday's tragedies there were two, 5-alarm fires blockssapart. ú% sent people o the streets as the flames spreaddfrrm building massive fire roke out on north charlls street. like these take the toll on the firefighters bodies but the pain runs deeper. >> it never rrsts well with our firefighters, most f them have familiee and children themselves. they take it toe hear. -o it's not easy to deal with.ú the lives of 11 people inclaimed baltimore city. a virginia man has been aarrsted after allegedly posting hissplans to blowup traiis on facebook. weetake a look. >> reporter:!!>> repooter: no 3 home at the artin aalington home
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tonight. we were hoping to speak with aa3 relative but instead we talked federal agents moved in.ed when >> no one knew what was goong on. we looked and they were in ull gear and guns. they were pulling a guy, it looks like they were pulling him up from under a blanket. >> reporter: according to couut reports.úú%the lleeed tae sewer systems that runs under eunice who was going byythe aliis suuny gill's eye told on faceeook he would target those locationss he descrrbed how to buillda pipe bomb and what type of shapnal sl would cause the largest amount of damage. he would place a pipe boobbin greatest numberroffcasualties. he told the insur!! informant te
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3rd and 4th cars n the -umber of ccmmuters on them. hh couud place pipe bombs is he would not be noticed. terrorist expert neel livingston says ttese days all threats have to be fuull investigated.3 >> it's people like that get the urge to o something about it. -f it wwsn't a bomb in the metro, he could go out and buy a gun and start hooting on people. >> reporter: what caused the fbi to move into people. where he said you'reestickkng your nose where it doesn't ú%aa ou and i. -hat is theeproblem wiih americans, when they can't leave alone until something bad -ropped the twinntowers.why we justtlast week nother
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terrorrat least in our area wws stopped because of facebook. 21 years olddantonio martinez of millltary rrcruutment center ata -atonsville. he posted on hissfacebookd whenú until they stop waginngwared against issam. an f. b!!fbiiagent provvded the fakeb. marrin is still being held without bail this morning. a florida man takes his own lifeeafter opeeing fire at a schhol board meeting in panama city. take a look at this viddo. tuesday's meeting.ú ú%ay can be een standing before board members with a gun in his hand. a woman triee tooknock him out without any success and duke then becomee more violent.
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tonight. >> but why? >> school board mmmbers did seem pretty calm like they were wiiling to listen him. >> eventually duke points a weapon and fires shot, luckily once the s.w.a.t. team came in3 %-makable tomake it to safety. duke shot himself.ú he may have been upset over his wife losing his job. a routine traffic stop in ohio turns ugly after the driver assaultinggthe officer. the dash cam ideo captures he3 whole thing on tape. -uckily for the officer a good grabbing the officer's gun andú hitting the driver on the head.3 her actions give thh officer enough tiie to take cootrol of the sittation. i thinkkit's very ccmmendable, although don't get me wrong, i'm
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not endorsing this cittzens participate innthis manner. but under this particular >> after helping the officerr the woman takes off. police have not yee been able to identify that good samaritan to thaak her for heroic action. an anneeaaundel coonty man ú%ll be sentenced for a murder he committeddback in 2007. 24 ears old antonio mooris is serving 25 years for assault n may he was found guilty n the murderrof michael ffancis. %-in april of 2007.d kidnapped his body was not discovered ú%til the folllwing year. the former head f the sppnd 30 months in jail forill 59 yeers old benjamin king ú%ceived his sentence on
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tuesday. heeformedda fake office supply companyythat overcharged egal aid and thee he kept the extrr money. it ammunted to more than $1 million. the leading commanddr of u.s. marine corps is speeking about the repeal of the controveesy don't askkdon't tell marine ourse commander says he thinks havvng gays and lesbiaas serve openll in the millittry wouud cause a distractioo. mariins toothe distraction. i don't want to have any marines that is - a result of a ttpe of ú%straction. ú%on this measureeas easterly' s -oday. lawmakees are introducing t as a sepprate bill in the senate. aater aabbll failed last week..3 the senate will vote on the -lan which would maintain the bush era tax cuts and exxend unemployment benefits.
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althougg it's expected to pass easily, the measuue could face a few road blocks in tte house. many of the democratssare %-would be received by thet wealthy. ttee are considering possible chaages..3 edition assessing marylaad's department of juvenile ervices. >> over and over we keep having problems. >>the next task the next headdof another cold, windy day as the temperatures struugle to get -ut of the
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%-to donate new and gently ussd3 winter clothing to the less fortunate this oliday season. you can join us this friday,
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december 17th, at fox 45 morning news from 55to 9:00 a.m. drop ff of your donations at our studio at 2,000 west 41st3 strret in baltimore. you can meet the morning crew, sharr your gift of warmth and share the holiday wishes. nowwhere is meteorologist steve fertig.3 >megan, you're going to neee to dress warmly today. another colddwindy ay comingg3 your way. %-couutry.ovee our part of the t to the north, though we wiil3 look ffrther nnrth in new york ú%ate and pennsylvania once again seeing lake-effect snow there. that doess't mean that we sttll %-the winds.oncerrs, and that is 22 degrres is the temperature at the inner harbor witt partlyú cloudy skies. winds are out of the west at 12 miles pee hour and dew point, well doon round 7 and that means it's very dry. there's room for the morning. 22 degrees in baltimore and the %-the same for hagersttwn, out n
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you factoo them out of the west with gusts upwardd of almost 30 miies per hour out in oakland and it makes for feelly chill 8 degrees is what t feels like in baltimore and t feels liie 9 in saliiburry it feels like 5 out in hagerstown. out ii oakland it feels like 5 degrees. windchill advisory continues there until 10:00 a.m. this mor3 we have got more coldd wwndy air west. a west northwest flowwas we sit between the blow and high pressure cenner. %he high is coming closer as we we keep our eye on the next weether maker that brings this low that is moving furtter east to the low. ú% bringssa chhnce to the south for thursday. but beyynd that it's going to be cold for a while before we see %-due to another system coming t of the gull coast areaa weewill be ttlking about that as
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we gettcloser. that would be earmarked for late this one could bringgus about aa inch of snnw to the southh thhs one could be bbinging us a %-we will be watching, of ourse thaa would be the first significant snow fall in termsú of causing road conssderations out there.3 30 degrees is theeexpected high3 today. 15520-mile-an-hour winds, central part f the state with lot of sunshine but nnt a lot of warmth with it. 30-15 degreee and only 10--5-mile-an-hour wind gusting the temperature of 25 deegees only, ertainly cooler in the higher eeevations. 15-25 miles an hoor winds, skies.g to 40 under mainly clea3 turning partly cloudy so the clouds will begin to increase, if not as windy. 30 degreee tomorrow..3 in ccmes the chance of snoo showers especially south n tuesday orrtomorrow. %-39 degrees on saturday, late night we get the chance of the snow showers again and 37 on
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%-aacompaniee by a few snow be showers out there and againn you can watchhthat game, of course here on fox 45 eeclusiveey here on foo 45. 37 degrees for monday and 36 on tuesday as with partly cloudy skies then. now far a look at what is happening on the roadways. candace dold has the traffic edge. ccndace. lines. in fact, theeactual speeds we're loving them. 68 miles per hour so a littte ú%amping on the beltway moving and 622right through pikes ville. we do want to talk about an acciient a crash on monroe street that is at ohio avenue not causing significcnt issues, though. as for 95, let's take a live look over the cooridor traveling through baltiiore, the %-at ka caton avenue, it's goino be wide open in both directions. ttking a live ook at 95, we
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don't have iicidents to report and that traffic continues to flow
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>>maryland's outgoing secretary of juvenile services is facing questions from lawmakers.
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officials are examining a report that reveals more than a ozen problems within that systtm. >> reporter: it's a system that has been arshly criticized ffr years, youthffl offenders thht have escaped and attacked counselors..3 earlier thhs yearraateacher was murdered by a incident. they are containing the most violent while trying too3 rehabilitate the reet. >> there needs to bb reha!! rehabilitattve services offered3 for thoss chhldren. %-process.ed the approvaly >> reporter: they discovered that juvenile officialssbegan workkon $150 million in open approved. before they haddbeen >> over and over we eep havvng problems with juvenile justice ruers soo!!.>> reporter: soon f
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the audii the presideet said he would step down. devor teels lawmakers thatthhs departtent is ppr off han when he arrived four years ago. is the significant reduction we aae seen in violence, homicides and total referrals in the state in tte state oing >> reporter: he is expected -o stay on the job until successor which is skepticke exo occur early next year. >> yoo illlhave people ttat can't reform. ú%meway we got to be able to assess them. >> repprter: steps they say must be aken to prevent any further loss of life. news. latee the federal gofnment . is slapped with a $50 million lawsuitt the llegationn made by a
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survivor of the 2008 medevac crash. >americaa ssldiers could be
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people keeppshopping. a november o rememberrat %-retail salee beating %-5th straight month.úrising foe ú%chain now lowering its annual earns forecast. best bby stock divinn over 14% on the news. %-year, the federal reservethe agreeing to keep the interestt3 rates low. they haveeno plans to raise them. they areefixing a problemú causing the brrke lights to stay
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on. the army plans to give everybody an i phone. they want to make it easier for soldier to communicate aad get intelligence.3ú that is businees, i'm adam shappro. a maryland girl loses her life to a drunk driver. whyyher family is suing a loccl bar in connection with herr33 death. ú%> and it's nnttjust cold, it's dangerously cold..3 i'm joel d smith livv downtown. up next we will telllyou
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