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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 15, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3 3 is your child really ggtting the best education?startling statistics from the maryllnd school systtm. 3 im ust tooofar from where you areákid looks confusedá confusedáand... a little boy takes a miiute to realizz 3 present he got.. juss in time for christmas. 3 3 3 3 phurrday december 15th..- 3
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3 3 police are on the lookout this morning ... ffr a barber shop shooter ii eass baatimore. around 7 last night... a gunman opened fire inside the & "up lose" barrbr shop on harford oad near broadway.a the business next door rushed -3 outside when he heard the gunshott. he says he saw the barber stumble to the steps outside.... he told him the gunman was someone who walkee into the shop. 3 "he
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said the guy was trying to rob him... and h triee to - rush him.. and the guy shot him. he was conscious.. cause he told me what happened... - parentssfor himm" &pthere'ssa beauty shop in the rrar oo the barber shop... at ooe point a female employee thhre heard the confrontation.. locked herself in the bathroom and called 9-1-1. no onn else was hurt.. the barber is n critical connition at an area hospital. two baltimore county stuuentt are facing charges today... after police were forced o use pepper spray to break up a fight. -3 3 you can see policee ad ffrr trucks on the campus of chesapeake high school in essex..ore thhn a dozen students ended up in the hospitalthe school was teeporarily vacuated. it's still unclear though... what p3 a settllment is reaahed... for the family of a man shot and killed by a baltimore city police officer. offiier.the city gaae finall apprrval wednesddyy.. to a 375-thousand dollarrpayout.the victii....edward hunt... was shot down by a police officer
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3 yearssagoo.. at hamiiton park shhpping center.the officer thought hunt was piding drugs and carrying a gun... but it urred out -3 neither wereetruee 3 there's a liability.... familyy meebers, estatt, a number of claims that it waa a - sensible outcome. " "the officer 33 pnvovleddwas acquitted in a criminal trial.-3 3 we are learring some disturbinn new information about former penn statee-3 pootball coaah jerry sandusky phis morning.sandusky applied - to coach at juniata college ááafteráá the sex aause invessigation began.he was turned down.. but there are reports that he still wwnt to the college frequently.. devellpment center.the chool says it never received any complaintssabout sandusky. 3 3 in this morning's waste watch... can state overnment use taxpayer dollars to ue
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people... who sue ááhemá? áttemá?that's the question being asked... in court hearing to dismiss a 100 million dollar lawsuit filed plaintiffs challenging a masssve state ceeter project. several business ownerssfiled &pawarred to developers with pplitical ties to gooernoo maatin o' court wednesday... lawyers for the state threatened to prooeed with their claim.... if the - plaintifff don't drop their case..- 3 < "imagiie the implicctions if a citizzn who sued the government the whole reason the first amednment exists is to akeesure those things don't happen."> happen."> fox45 filed 3 severall""reedom of information" requests... with the state attorney general's -3 officc... in an attempt to get details about the project.all of our request have been & join our fox45 waste watch team.if you see government waste... call our hotline... 410-662-1455... orrgo to our
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&pwebsitt... fox baltimore dot coo. the historian charged with stealing documents from the maryland hissoriccl society... is trying o get evidence in his theft case.. suppressed. thh evidence in question was found in barry landau's manhattan apartmenn.. which he says was he result offan illegaa search.landau's 24 yearrold assistant jassn pocober to stealing hissorical documents from the maryland histtrical society... and to conspiring with landau to steal from the national &parchives.landau's trial is scheduued for february. 3 states have enacted morr than 3 but with several cases in the -3 headlines this past year... many are questioning f - they're actually working. 3anti- bullying laws... 36 of those innlude cyber bullying. but critics say states don't unpunished. 3 this nnws comes as theetrial begins today for a family suing the baltimore city
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pchool board.the ullivan familyysays their children were buillied while the syytem gillilanddis live at hazelwood &pelementary school n northeast baltimore where the aaleged &pabuse began.3 who used to go to schooo here. they claim theekids were buulied so badly... thhy had to transfer them to another school.despite reporting the incidents....they say those in charre here... ddd nothing. nothing.eddy and shawna sullivan... who you see here... say it started when they moved here in 2008.they who suffers from a rain injury was being picked on. when their daughter colleen tried to stand up for her little rother... t back firedd 3 (54:34)she stood up for him 3 ann the next thing we know someone haddactually gone into her locker and urinated in her the time we would try to talkk -& to the ppincipal and we would ggt whaa can i help you wiih this time... he suulivann have
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tens of thousands of ollars in edical biill for ongoing 3 inpatient care... prompting a laasuit againsttthe school disttict and the two principals. & we asked the schhol about it... they told uu ttey couldn't comment on pending or active litigation.again, triaa - begins this morning at 9:30. live in nnrth east baltimore, meganngillilaad, fox45 morning news. 3lawmakers aae working to avoid -3 a pooential government shutdown. s ainsley earhardt xplains... mooey to fund the governmeet rrnn ut friday at midnight. pidnight. 3 rep..norm dicks / (d--a) &p"we've orked hard, we're close to agreement on eveey single issue, and i just hope we can work thhs out, and get our bills passed" whill they have differeen views... both democrats and republicans are workinggto avoid a partial & government shutdown. a temporary billlkeeping agencies open expires on saturdayrep. eric cantor /
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(r-va) majorityyleader" we all ooght to be able to work ttggther to bring this thingg &pto aaproper conclusion."rep. jim morrn / (d-va)"if we have a reaaonable areement with the republicans on funding the govvrnment, we shoold seize not hold it up" 3 struggling to clear three critical year-end bills. one piece of legislation would 3 security payrool tax cuts and benefits for the long-term unemployee. nother is 3 measure and the third... a 662 bbllion dollar defense bill. &p someerepublican lawmakers -3 suggest democratic senate majooity leader harry reid is kinzingerr/ (r-il)"the american people really just want us to come here and do again, the house is doing our job, we re our passing bills, and they just pile up on harry - reid's desk" democrats disaagee...rep.. erry connolly / d-va))if anyone is holding side"(anchor tag) republicans are floating he possibility of a backup aater the money runs out ffrddy at midnight. in new york,,ainsley earhardt, fox news.
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3 president obama pays trrbute to the men aad women who -3 fought overseas in iraq.on &pwednesday... heespoke tt 3- thouuand troops aa fort bragg -3 in north carolina....saying - they helped delivvr justiceeto those who attacked us on /11. -3& some critics point oot... he avoided saying "victory" or -3 "mission accomplishedd... or giving former president bush &pcredit for the urgg that soo - obama says: "... wee - remember the surge and wwe remember awakeningg when the abyss of chaos turned toward the promiseeof reconciliation.. you helped & turn the tide toward peace." peace."sot - ccain says: "....for three years, the president has been haavesting the suucesses of the very & strategy that he consistentty dismissed as a failure. i lost on a fee of our roops at - fort bragg today." today..the president set 3 a december 31st deadline... to & withdraa all troops from iraq.
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3 annair force staff sergeant from afghanisttn months earlier than expected.ann hat gave him a chance to giie his little boy quite a ssrprise. lloking confusedhugging nats natsmatthew mccarter 3 tooo he mic and began singing at his son's school assembly. it took a minute for little -3 landon to realize whattwas going on... but when he the crowd of parents finishee the song with his dad. matthew says he was simply overwwelmed when he saww his little boy. 3 don't cry. ttat was a & piffiiult one right there, it was hard to hold it in. 3 i'm very shhcked.
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3wwat's next for the father- son duo?celebrating chhistmass together. 3 the mmst famous ssng from &pbaltimore... is coming to a wallet ear yoo.the u-s mint is unveiling two new coins 3 anniversary of the writing of - the "star spangled banner.. theedesigns depict the battle of baltimore duringgthe war of p812.. which inspired frrncis - scott key to write the anthhm at fort mchenry. the coinss will go on sale ii march and will be sold onlyyin 2012. 33 coming up on the early edition... 3 p new stuuy finds teens are &pdrinking less these days.but -3 what else they might be 3 dangerous to their health. 3 ((break 1)) 3 ((bump ii)) 3& ((break 1)) 3 ((bumm in))
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merriam-webstee to pickkits 2011 word ofthe year, tss - editorr decided hey needed to be pragmatic. soothat's what they chose... pragmatic. the adjectiiee.. whhch means practical and logiccl... was lookkd upso ofttn t merriam-webster's online -3&pdictionary that thepublisher
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says it was the right choice. 33 ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((addlib 3& meteorrlogist)) 3 3 ((trrffic reportee
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3 ad liis))map fiber map 32 map
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3 3 3 3 3 3 still to come... -3
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3 the good teens are drinkiiggless alcohol than ever before.the bad news.... after the break. 3 ((bumm out)) ((break 2))
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teens are smoking pot and -33 using synthetic drugs... but 10th and 12th graders. crime and jjstice reporter joy lepola found out what...... may be driving kids o these drugs. drugs. & ((pkg)) k2 .... spice.... bath salts.... all mimic the effects of illicit drugs.... and all can be easily acquired by teeeagers.14:27:22 these kids are buyinn theee synthenic drugss o the & inteenet mmke gimbel is an expert on drug abuse... he arrn't surprised to hear thaa liquur has lost its luster -3 among teens along with tobacco. bbth are at their lowest levels of use since 1975. it appears that whill kids see 3 dangerous.... they don't see marijuana thha waa. some blame the legalization of
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medical marijuana as influencing chiilren'ss iews.. 3 picked up that message and they areenow smoking pot 3 whether it's synthetic or real marijana use among teens is at its higheet rate in 30 years iwthh synthenic drug use nnt faa behind. imbel fears this trend will continuee.... & leading to a ggneration that -3 is eventually burned out. joy &plepola fox 45 nnws at ten. 3 one out of every nine high schoollseniors who took part in he nattonwide survey &preported using synethtic marijuana vee the past 12 monnhs. 3 straight ahead... the housing slump is worse --3 than we ttought.thh reason beeind a major over-reporting sales.and next... going home for the holiiays?how maay mmllions of americans will be time as you. ((break 3)) 3
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3 if you thouggt thh u-s housing maaket couldn't get muuh worse,,think agaii. again.the nationall ssociation of realtors says far fewer -3 homes have een sold over the past five years than previoosly estimated.the real &pestate agency ays it's lowering its estiiates of used home sales all the way back too 2007 ---and will release the revised igures ii a repprt on variety offfactors led the agency to overccunt exiiting home saless including double-counting in nearby cities aad the use of outdated data. 33 the euro hits an 11 month plw... and expect crowds if john lisk as those storiess and ore in today's bbsiness brief..- brief. 3 ssocks tumble as theeeuropean debt crisis ccnttnues to weigh points to close at 11,823.the nasdaq aad s and p 500 both
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closed lower.selling pressures push the euro to its lowest level againsttthe ollar since mid-january. the euro dropped - below the key $1.30 markk wednesday and there are &pconcerns it could fall furthee. the decline cooos pntthsiasm thht eropean & leaders had found a way to solve he debt problems.china announcee plans to slap duties engines. the actton comes as trade tensions between the u-s and chiia are rising. it also comes after theeunited ssates ppaced a tariff on chinese tires. expprts don't expect the move by china to eaa a signnficant blow to u-s aatommkers because many oo the -3 autos solddin china, are made there.if you plan to travvl ooee the holiddys ---you'll havv plenty offcompany. despitt the sagging economm, nearly 92-million americans - will travel attleast 50 miles from home during tte holiday ssason, according to triple-a. ttat'ssabout a one-and-a-haaf percenttincrease from last year. 91--ercent of hem will pit hit the higghayy -- abbut five-and-a-hall million &pamericans will travel by air. &pfor business brief, i'm john
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lisk. coming up... in trouble .. for not pecycling... her kitty litter. time gettinggout of the inee. - finess 3
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qwráa÷a÷3 school day in the city.


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