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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 9, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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monday, january 9th. 3 3 maps-fiber-back to maps 3
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the fate of a man accused of raping a young girl at a baltimore county skating rink is now in the hands of a jury. jury.this morning... they'll have to decide if 26-year old devon peery is responsible for gang raping a 12-year ld girl... back in 010.during closing arguments friday... the state showed surveillance video of the night in shows perry entering the es it
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storage area at skateworkss where the young girl says... three men raped her.but perry's attorney argues that police only found d-n-a from the two other suspects... not his client. the other suspects are 19- year-old kadeem santiful, who pleaded guilty to a second degree sex offense.and 15-year-old tracey hankins who was tried as a juvenile.all three worked occasionally at the roller rink, which closed shortly after the incident. a maryland man is recovering this morning... after accidentally being shot by aa companion... during a group hunting trip.the men were apparentlyyhunting áillegallyá on state-owned property near d- c.the group is now facing charges... including hunting without permission. a montgomery county police officer will be rewarded for his bravery during a hostage situation at the discovery communications bbilding in silver spring.officerredward paden junior will receive the congressional badge of bravery today. police say paden was off-duty on septembee first...
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2010... when he learned about a man ith a gun at the discovery building. he went inside... helping the hostages and prrviding details to other officers at the scene. the shot by police before he could detonate explosives. remembering a hometoon hero.... the tight-knit community of westminster is mourning theedeath of an airman this morning. morning.airman first class matthew seidler died thursday...when his vehicle pas hit by a roadside bomb in ssuthern afghanistan.thh 4 year old joined the air force in 2009... and signed on to one of the most dangerous jobs... diffussnggbombs. frieeds say seidler had (("it's horrible news, i'm ago.- sure the family is devastated stated, it's a brand new year what a horrible thing to happen it's justta tragedy")) tragedy"))in a stattment... seidler's lieutenant colonel ppoke of his vital role....saying they will never forget matt's sacrifice and dedication to his critical...
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yet dangerous mission. several bottles of excedrin and bufferin are being pulled off shelves today... following complaints f mislabeeed pills.the pharmmceutical company "novartis" says there have been no health issues associated with the problem. consumers are now being asked to either destroy or return unused prrducts... that are part of the recall. kids who exerciseemore.... do better in school.that's according to a new study... out of holland.researchers find there's a strong link school kids get... and how ise - well they do in class.they say it's because physical activity increases blood-flow to the brain... which helps kids stay sharp.the findings were published in the "archives of pediatrics and adolescent medicine." a new year's eve bungee jump over a raging...crocodile- infested river goes horribly wrong.... and itts all caught on camera. camera.((right now. ooh! oh ()
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(bleep)))this is the experience of a lifetime that almost killed erin langwwrthy in zimbabwe.her bungee cord snapped... sending her plummeting head-first into the river..rin then had to fight to survive... as the river sucked her towards the raging rapids... and her trailing bungee cord snagged on rocks... dragging her under. &pshe finally made it to rocks pear the riverbank... and waited for rescue. ((when i was first pulled out of the water, they put me on my back, and so all the water that i'd inhaled, um, meant that i couldn't breathe, so, um, i met-- made them roll me on to my side, and that's when p started coughing out water and blood.)) blood.))the 22-year-oll spent a week in hospital... covered in bruises. doctors were amazed she suffered no major injuries.
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3 the holiday season is not truly over for many until they take doon the christmas lights... most people can do that in an afternoon, or two... but for one man in columbia, it will take weeks. joel d. smith is live at the home now, that was a national finalist for christmas decorations.good morning joel d. good morning patrice...
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the holidays are over... summer is still months away.. wouldn't it be nice to sneak
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away for a quick vacation? we say "go vacation"! - we aae giving away a trii for two to anywhere southwest airlines flies.. courtesy of namco bandai games. watch fox45 morning news for each day's codeword. enter the correct codeworr on our facebook page. page. each day... we'll draw a name. that person gets a "go and will be entered for the grand prize drawing. it's one of the hottest valentine's concerts in baltimore... a preview of the big event... and your chance to win tiikets to he show... next in your hometown hotspot. ((music nats)) plus... this girl can hostta concert using just her eyebrows... her unique talent just ahead. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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((music nats)) nats)) it's all in eyebrows.... 14 year old girl from sydney australiadid the eyebrow dancc after seeing a áfakeá one done for a t-v ad. video has more than thirteen million views on youtube. she has now set up a facebook page where she takes songg requests.
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if you have the same ol' makeup routine... it's time to throw it out the window. window.we've got the hottest trends ii makeup for 20-12 .... stay tuned for a fress new llok. look.and llttr... short on time? we've got a way o help you get the bodd you want with a workout that's just fifteen minutes long. you're watching fox 45 good day ballimore. ((break 2))
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--valentines for veterans concert: a veterans appreciation and welcome home appreciation and welcome home celebratton--ddctor maatin garcia-bunuel , is live with the details on this morning's hometown hotspot--the temptations review featuring dennis
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edwards, at the joseph meyerhoff --held as part of national salute to week --tickets are available today todaythe valenttne's for veterans concert is at the
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joseph meyerhoff symphony hall on february 18th at 2pm.for more inffrmation, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. and we want to get you inside the show.just be the 10th caller right now at 410-481-4545 to win a pair of tickets to the valentines for veterans concert. a new year... a new you... coming up... a lesson in tte hottest trends in make up this yearr you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3))
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i didn't miss a single day of skateboarding." a skateboarder leaves behind his wild ways to answer a deeper calling... "it's not one bit about, you know, what am i going to do in this world, it's what am i going to do that the lord is calling me to do today." "it's good news! are we scared of sharing good news? hey! 'i don't want to tell anybody that i got' -- you know, really? like, share good news! if it's good to you, if it's good to me, it's good to them." 3
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we're back with spa in the valley and spa on the avenue. during our 8 o'clock hour, they showed us some of the top hair trends for, of the hottest makeup looks. make up artists david beatty and beth mchugh join us with more.--makeup trends for 2012--eyes, lips, skin,
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anything else? else?
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for more informmtionnon spa in the valley and spa on the &pavenue, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. from your hhir to your body. to lose weight with just a fifteen minute workout. up ágleeksá... we now know what the future holds foo some of youu favorite stars on the show. and beyonce's baby is here... so what's with the name?we've
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got the details on the significance behind áblue ivy carter.á you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 4)) here's a friendly reminder.
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3- 3 3apssfiier-back to maps p3 today it's back to business for the ravens. ravens.they're back on the practice field... gearing up
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to go against the houston texan. texans.houston advanced wiih a victorr over the cincinnati bengals,...and will face the ravens m & t bank stadium... where the ravens went undefeated this of the victims was this same 29-14 back in october.but none phis is the playoffs, the second season...and everything starts over. get things rolling rollingthe ravenn and teeans face oof at m&t bank stadium... sunday at one o'clock. gotta get the 40.. to the 30.. overtime!... broncos win in ove- and... one eam the ravens
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won't be facing in the playoffs anymore... the pittsburgh steelers.tim tebow and his denver broncos did us a favor.. denver broncos tim &ptebow and his denver broncos did us a favor.. knocking them out on the first play in score... 29-23 the broncos ill face the new england patriots next week. whhn it's the hhliday season, one home in columbia seems to have enough lights to brighten up a football stadium. stadium. there's more than a quarter million of them. so wwat happens when the holidays are over? over? joel d. smith is live in columbia, where a champion decorater is starting the long clean-up process . good morning joel d. good morning patrice...
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3 beyonce's new baby has a 3&comiig up... the scoop on hy her and jay-z named the baby áblue ivy carter.á carter.áplus... get the workout you need in just 15 minutes... tips thht will have you burning calories in no time at all. enjoy the warmer weather while you can... because meteorologist steve fertig has details on a big chill headed our way.... nnxt. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5))
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it's time to caption this! this!today on our facebook page we posted a picture of a cat curled p on a's what some of you captioned it. tara says, "i'll be your blanke" blankey."doug says, "cat on a hot dog roof" roof"tim says, "don't worry, i got your back!" back!" heee's some of your other captions...((áááaddlibááá))if you want to play along... join us on our facebook page at facebook dot
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com sllsh fox page at faaebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weather)) 3
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meteorologist)) 3 itts our mobideal of the week! every week.. ww'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone!this week's deal comes from... massage heightt.get jjst go to - my-mobideals-dot-com to get started.. or look for mobideels on your smartphone. pmartphone. mobideals is a product of ourr parent company.. sinclair broaddast group. beyonce and jay-z are the proud parents of a baby ggrl named ábluu ivy ccrter.á carter.ásoois it just another strange hollywood name?... some say áno wayy... the significance behind blue ivy ne. will they stay or will they go? we've got the
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of your favorite ágleeá stars. good day baltimore. ing foo 45 - ((break 6)) 3
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beyonce and jay-z are waking up the prood parents... of a brand new baby girl. girl.the couple welcomed the birthhof their first child... &pwho they named "blue ivy carter"... overr he weekend. stars are taking tootwitter... to send their congratulations to the new parents.rhianna tweeted - "welcome to the world princess carter!!... and music mogul diddy said: "congrats to jay and b! god bless." so what's behind the name &páblue ive carrerá? carterá?well, carter of courre... is art offjay-z's real name... shawn for blue....on the web this morning... some are saying that áblueá is jay-z's favorite color. color.the name áivyá.... some
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believe comes from the significance of the number "4" with the couple.the roman to be ái -v.ábeyonce was born september 4th... jay-z was born on december 4th... and they were married on april 4th. beyoncees latest album s also entitled four. 3 there's good news ... and bad news this morning for fans f the hit show áglee.áfor fans áglee.áfirst the bad news... there will be no áspin-offá sho. show.a spinnoff had bben planned for characters... rachel... finn... nd kurt...
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to kkep the charactees around following their t-v graduation.... but actor chris colfer... who plays kurt... toll reporters last night... that won't happen. for theegood news... the show's creator ryan murphh says theee is a plan to ápotentiallyá bring those characters back to áálee.áso far it has been &pcomfirmed that rachel... played by lea michele... and colfer... will be back for season 4. brad pitt and an angelina jolii look-a-like are also making entertainment news this mornnng. brad pitt was spotted with a cane at weekend awards ceremony.according to people magazine... pitt says he hurt his a-c-l when he fell carrying his daughter down a hill.the 48-year old does not expect to need surgery but it could be a while before he can walk without the cane.
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((:06 my name is lina sands... and ou look like?... i look like angelina jolie :13)) :13))and have you seen this? this video is taking the iiternet by storm... the girl in the video is spanish actress lina sands... who bears a huge resemblance to angelina jolie.ssnds says she would like to get work as jolie's double. get the body you want with just a á15á minute wwrkout. workout.we've got the experts to show you how to build muscle ... and lose weight whee you're short on time... ne. neet. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7))
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tsááá)) you're
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watching foxx45 good day baltimorr. fighting breast cancer. the
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there's nothing quite as sweet as your first romance. romance. that's what happens oofreddie highmore in the film "the art of getting by". highmore stars as a slacker who's ife is turned upside down by a girl he meets. 20th century fox sent us copies of "the art of getting by" to give away. copies of "the art of getting by" to give away. away. you can win the film on dvd now if you're the 4th or 5th caller at 410-481-4545.
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