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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 10, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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he was gunned down by fellow one year after officer william torbit was killed... find out the change city council members are calling for. 15:14:07"potentially it could shut us down" doww" smokers... forced to pay up. tobacco products being n the - targeeed. and ... he broke the record for fastest scoring overtime in his game against the steelers.but find out the other record tim tebow broke that very same day.. off the 3 3 - inner harbor today is tuesday, january 10th.
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maps-fiier-maps a fatal fire rips through a home in essex... killing two people...and this morning-- there's still no word on a caus. cause.thh fire broke out on arncliffe road around 7:30, last caa see smoke billowing out of the home.when fire crews rrived on the were already banging on the s
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doors in the front and back oo the home to try and alert their neighbors.two women were pulled out of the home and pronounced dead.earller in the day ... the two victims were invooved in a car accident near their home. i've seen them briefly walking my dog... i come through this neighborhood a lot. oc: i saw the accident coming home from work. officials say the home did have clutter... that stopped them rom putting out the fire faster. in east baltimore ... a woman is shot in theehead... after a bullet goes through her window. you can see police on the scene outside her home along pinewood avenue around 6630, monday word on the 21 year old's condition... this morning. it was this time last yeaa... that baltimore city police officer william torbit was shot more than 20 times by his fellow one year later... city council memberss are trying to prevent a
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similar tragedy from ever happening again.megan gilliland is here with more on the change they're calling for. good morning patrice,yesterday marked one year since officer torbit waa fatally shot.on the anniversary... a city council member announced... he wants an investigation into how city police officers are trained... that this never happens again.this is police ssrveillance video that captures officer torbit's final was a chaotic scene... torbit was in plainclothes when his ffllow officers opened fire on him during a disturbance at at the select lounge. now, councilman brandon scott is introducing legislation... to investigate the training of city officers. making sure police are properly trained in areas such as crowd control. torbit's famiiy tells us they're glad to hear this... but really they just want accountability. "we want the truthh this incident took place on paca street a year ago, two families still not
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understanding why they're loved ones was taken, we want the truth that's it" it"while the city's state's attorney found no wrong doing on the part of the four uniformed officers... an independent review board did find that police had a lack of overall management that night.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. baltimore is hoping to get more voter turnout... by changing the timing of city elections. the baltimore change coalition wants to bring the city's elections in line with he statewide cycle to boost turnout and save millions of dollars. the city currently holds its local elections in the year after statewide elections and before presidential elections. the group says their plan would increass voter turnout. 09:31:22 "the turnout was the worst ever. and we're hoping turnout if we have it at the same time s other jurisdictions. 31:31 31:31only about 22 percent of voters cast ballots in last
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year's primary and turnout fell to 13 percent in the generaa election.coaltion leaders say they're in talks with the city's general assembly delegation about sponsoring the bill. 3 while you were sleeping... a handful of voters in new hampshire were at the greg black eeplains... the first ballots primary were cast at midnighh. midnighh. "the results are as such..." dixville notch has spoken.just after the stroke of midnight, the tiny town delivered the first results of new hampshire's primary.mitt romney and jon huntsman tied for first place with two votes each.ron paul and newt gingrich ggt one vote a piece, while rick santorum and rick perry didn't get any. since 19-68, the town has always pickee the eventual republican presidential nominee.and while there was no clear winner there today, romney is hoping that won't be the case when the rest of new hampshire weighs in."right now
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what i am worried about is winning in new hampshire and hopefully having a margin larger than ioww. i don't think iican handle another night like that "romney beat rick antorum by just eight votes in the iowa caucuses. --nats of paper counting--but recent polls show him the clear frontrunner in new hampshire.santorum is hoping to catch up with a last-minute surge of support-- like the pind he got in iowa.but even if that doesn't happen, he says new hampshire won't have the last word in the race. "over time, it's not going to be this primary or the next but we'll have several races doww the road. this field will narrow. it'll be a one-on-one race. it'll be mitt romney agaanst rick race."the other candidates might have somethinn to say about that after today....depending on who comes out ahead.i'm greg black, reporting. besides the early voting towns of "hart's llcation" and "dixville notch"... polling staaions in the rest of new hampshire open at 6 a-m.they close as late as 8 o'clock tonight. stay tuned to fox45 morning
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news or continuing coverage of this ssory.we're taking you live to new hampshire... for the kick-off of the republican primary.that's cominggup in our 6 o'clock hour. you can read all our stories about the race for the white house.just go to fox baltimore dot com... and click on the "vote 2012" logo in the "news features" always... all the stories on our website are free. bill daley has announced he's stepping the white expected to staa on the job through the end of the ponth... and then serve as a co-chair of president ooama's re-election campaign.budget director jack lew will fill the position. more trouble for snoop dogg... the hip hop star was arrested in texas... for trying to bring drugs over the border to mexico.agents found three prescription bottles &pfilled with marijuana cigarettes.and sources say... he freely admitted they were his.the rapper is expected to appear in court later this month.
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your child's lunchbox will never be the same."hostess" could be going bankrupt. according to the wall street journall.. the maker of twinkies and wonderbread could file for chapter 11 pankrupty... as early as this week.the newspaper is reporting that hostess is facing high labor costs andd risinggprices for ingredients... such s sugar and is also carrying a lot of debt. too racy for pubbicatioo? that's what a high school yearbook committee in colorado is saying about these photos... submitteddby an 18-yeaa old ssows sydney spies ii a short skirt and revealing top... which if you look closely.. you can see is just a scarf.the teen's mom argues... her daughter should be able to express herself however she wants.but the committee doesn't agreeeunless she submits a more appropriate photo... sheewon't appear in the school's yearbook. coming up on the early edition... jurors find a baltimore county man not
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guilty in the gang rape of a 12 year old girl. we knew davon was innocent. we knew justice would prevail find out the key eice of evidence áboth sidesá used... and why jurors... were ánotá aalowed to consider the most serious charge against him. him. ♪
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3 as the ravens prepare for sunday's playoff game against the ttxans, they are looking for every edge possible. that includes any inspiration they might receive from the team's youngest fans. joel d. smith is live at giant in towson where the cheerleaders are rounding up letters from children to their favorite players. good morning joel d. 3
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still to come... a man accused in the gang rape of a 12 ear old girl at a roller rink ... is found not guilty. guilty.we've bben praying for really happy put find out why thh man charged... is still in jail. jail.and later... lookkng for a car?the top rated ones ... ((bump out)) ((brea
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less drama, more fun! jjrors find a 26 year old baltimore county man not guilty in the gang rape of a 12 year old girl. the attacc happened at a roller rink back in 2010. crime and justice reporter joy lepola tells about the key peice of evidence both sidesá used... and why jurors... were ánotá allowed to consider the moss seeious charge... against davon perry. 3 &p((pkg))family members of 26
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year old davon perry emerged from baltimore county circuit court relieved.10:09:54 we knew avvn was innocent. we knew justice would prevail and we've been praying for a long time we're just really really happy :02 in august 2010... a 12 year old girl.... told police that perry and two teens gang raped her after they forced hee into a storage room here at skateworks in woodlawn. a piece of evidence that peaked the in that video it shows in excess of a hundred people coming out of that same area :29 then came the testimony of a d-n-a expert who told jurors.... there was no trace of perry's d-n-a found on the victim's ody or her clothing. lepola/stand up... 10:43:38 before the jury began deliberating the judge threw out several charges against perry citing a lack of evidence. among them was the most seriouss.. frist degree rape. :49(little brother/no super) 10:09:29 the state should have been dropped the case they know they don't have
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nothing.that's why they threw out 27 of the 29 counts(brown) 9:48:03 the standard of guilt is beyond a reasonable doubt and the state did not meet that burden. last may however 19 year old kadeem santiful pleaded guilty for his role as did tracey hankins who was 15 at the time and faced charges in juvenile court. unlike perry... dna linked them to the crime. as for the remaining charges, jurors remaaned quote... hopelessly deadlocked.10:10:30 i'm hoping they're dismissed were hoping. hopefully everything wiil work out. in towson joy lepolaa fox 45 news at ten. perry remains in jail.he still faces two sex offense charges... and each carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. straight ahead... a new york women is out of a job ... accused of faking her daughter'ssdeath. but you'll never believe the reason... she told such a drastic lie! lie!but first...find out the car claiming to get 100 miles per gallon. ((break 3))
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ford unveils a new car it claims gets 100 miles per gallon.and elizabeth corridan has new information on a major drug-maker ... recalling some popular drugs that could be in your medicine cabinet. cabinet. --reporter pkg-as follows --stocks kicked off the week with a smmll gain, as immending rush of earnings reports.the dow gained 32 points.the nasdaq and the s & p 500 both clossd 2 points higher.this year's north amerrcan international auto show kicked off in detroit monday.a korean vehicle beat out its american competitors to be named "car of the year." top honors -- one of the judges called it "sporty yet sensible" and "luxurioos yet affordable."and the range rover evoque won truck of the year, for its performance and fuel the auto show ford unveiled what it's
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calling the most fuel- efficient mid-sized car in the world.the fusion energi is ford's first plug-in hybrid's expected to get the equivalent of 100 miles per chevy volt and the prius plug-in.the car goes on sale later this year.calling it a "precautionary measure", drug- maker novartis is voluntarily recalling popular over-the-counter medicines, including excedrin, nodoz, gas-x, and bufferin.there's concern that broken and mislabeled pills were mixed in. the swiss company is adamant that no one has become sick from the products in question. a complett list of recalled iiemm can be found on novartis' website.for business brief, i'm elizabeth corridan. -----end-----cnn.script----- coming up... nothing says " i love you"... like legos... 3music musica film maker uses a creative method to ask his
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out how long this labor of love... took him. him.he was gunned down by after officer william torbit - waa killed... city council members are trying to prevent megan gililland, the change - they're calling for. for. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. take a moment to ponder tender cuts of pastrami, piled sky high atop your favorite freshly baked bread with spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. okay, enough imagining how this fresh toasted number would tantalize your taste buds -- it's time to actually experience the subway big hot pastrami melt, built by the sandwich experts the way you love -- to per-fec-tion. subway. eat fresh. vitamii that can help improve
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