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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 13, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 friday the 13th... 3
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we havv a couple of school closings to pass along to you this morning.garrett county schools are closed. closed.havre de grace elementary school in harford county is closed because of pipeerepairs. 3 3 3 3
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3 3- your help fightiig bacc.need -
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they're working around the clock to catch an arsoniit in essex before he strikes again.'s a fire sparked in
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an aaley in essex that police believe was no accident.the fire broke out early wednesday morning in the 7-hundred block of mansfield road. investigators say someone set fire to a large pile of trash day before. after that - 7 - more arsons ere reported - involving sheds, cars and dumpsters. 35:00 this is a very dangerous situationnthese were not a lot of damaaes that were done however sheds may contain phemicals. vehicles also have gasoline in them it's a danggr to anyone in the community particularly where trash was set on fire close to an occupied home15 home15police say tte carr and sheds targeted were all unlocked.allowing the arsonist to set fire far... investigators have no suspects or leads. flags are flying at half-staff today... in memory of a maryland soldier killee in afghanistan. governor martin o'malley orderrd the flags be lowered from sunrise to sunset... in &premembrance of army specialis
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ronald wildrick junior... of woodsboro. the 30-year-old soldier was killed last month... by a roadside bomm. wildrick's remains will be burred today... at arlington national cemetery. a handi-capped man... is recovering this morning... at home... after getting stuck under a moving city subway train. the -t-a saas cameras show albert jagd waiting in his wheeechair wednesday on the platform at the lexington market subway station... he then feel asleep... losing control of his ccair and falling off the platform... pight as a train rolled by. investigators say he managed to fall in tte perfect place.. between himself and the bottom of the train. riot nats patsshoppers got a little rowdy at an apple store in beijing when the long- awaited release of the i-phone 4-s was halted.unhappy people pelted the store with eggs.. rocks aad other debris. witnessee say police officers were
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called in to chase the rioters away.apppe said it is sttpping the sales of its neww4-s in beijing aad shanghai for the time being ... for the safety of its customers. 3 3 friday is finally here... which means the purple pride is reaching a fever pitch. pitch. joel . smith is live at alonso's, where a ravens caravan is kicking offfthiss morning... and it won't stop until 9:00 tonight. good morning joel d. how mann llcations are they going to today? 3 3 3
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3 thhre are a lot of little girls vyinggto be the next american girl. girl.where to go... and what it takes... to be an american girl... next in our ometown ho. hotspot.plls... if you're hosting the parry for sunday's ravens game... stay with us... your chance to win a pizza party for the big game. off our urple pride... with - some little ravens! ravens!this issmadison, jordon sunday.;; you're watching ffx 45 good day baltimore.
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favorite american girl fashion show to come to baltimore in march--jessie benson ii live with the details on this morning's hometown hotspot --you're invited to the upcoming model search to palk first-hand with girls from our community and uild excitement abouttan event that will benefit many ick children throughout maryland --full of fun, fashion, and
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aaerican girl dolls---eeefits university of maryland childrenns hospital &pand cool kids campaign--what is the criteria to be a model? your daughter has to be size 6x or 10... 10... the american girl doll fashion saturday at hite marsh mall from 12pm to saturday at the mall in columbia, and the followinn saturday at towson town center. for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.
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the holidaas are over... summer is still months away.. wouudn't it be nice to sneak away for a quick vacation? vacation? we say "go vacation"! p we are giving away a trip for airlinee ffies.. courtesy of taking entties for another now week! watch fox45 morning news for each day's codeword. nter the correet codeword on our facebookkpage. each day... we'll draw a name. thattperson the wii.. and will be entered for the grand prize drawing. yourrhouse cculd be the hotspot for this sunday'' ig g. game.because e're delivering a papa johns pizza party.stay pin! you're wwtching fox 45 ood day baltimore. ((break 2))
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his life of crime led him to prison. woke up in the morning, it is hate and rage and violence. fear led to desperation and
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desperation led him to his knees. today i am a new person because of jesus and the bloodshed. i can't find the words to express the love and gratitude i have for saving a wretch like me itts pprple friday around here
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and it's purple friday &paround here and we're getting ready... with a papa john's ravvns playoff pizza party. party.papa john's brrught in these pizzas into our studios this morning... and you can join the party too. too.we're giving away six pizzas just in time for the playoffs...courtesy of papa joh. john' the 10th caller at 410-481-4545 right now and papa joon's will deliver to your house anywhere in the greater baltimore area in time for this sunday's raven's playoff game.
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3 for more information about the spca go
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to our website foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. &pfriday means it's time to sho our friday means it's friday purple pride!meeto show our - pride!((we are, we are the ravens nation.)) nation.)) get pumped ffr sunday's ig game ...with a live performance of áravens nationá... right here in our studio still ahead. ahead.and ladies... are you ssme fashionable ideas for showing off your ravens pride next. you're watching
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fox 45 good day bbltimore. sport your purple pride,
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$34.95 forrmore information about nfl women's apparel.. just go tt our website foxbaltimoreedot commslash morning. morning.stay tuned... ecause purple pride apparel a little - later in our ssow. you're wearing your purple... now ssow it off! off!((we are,,we are thh ravens nation.)) &pnation.)) we re getting you pumped with
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a ive performance of áravens pattoná coming up. here's a friendly reminder.
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hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006 purple pride in baltimore where joel is... not to be outdone... we have studio too. so let'sssee... who has ore purple pride? us... or them?((áááad libááá))
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fiber map 3
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3 3
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we've waited for two weeks to see tte ravens play again... and it's been 5 years since we've had a home playoff ! game! is it any wonder the town is abbut to explode with purple pride? pride? joel d. smith is llve in north baltimore where the purple caravan issrallying fans all day long. good morring joel d.
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3 they're showing their purple pride... and you can too! too! upload photos and videos to us through purple - at -fox baltimore -dot- coo. and you can sse those pictures onnour "see it shoot ittsend it" page at ccm. or you can go
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to oor facebbok age.. facebook dot com slaah on "inside fox45" on the leff side of thh screen. hey texans... you're coming to ravens territory ... re you ready for the weather? weather?meteorologist steve fertig is back itt the game day forecast. forecast..his is little annie of westminster.born the first weekend of the 2011 season and a huge ravens fan just llke everyone in her family.thank you kallie for sending ttis in. in.and here's kristine andd jordan ready for the game! game! you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 the ravens. where purple
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it's time to caption this! this!today on our facebook
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page we posted picture of gone the extra mmle to show of you captioned it.john says, "the smurfs kickeddus out. will you take us?" us?"anita says, "hunka, hunka, purple love!" love!"sabbina says, "hey every time we go purple, they win!" if you wwnt to play along... join us on our facebook page t facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. &p((ad lib weather)) meteorologist)) 3
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mobideals on your smartphone. ssartphone. mobideals issa product of our parent coopann.. sinclairr the bets are down and &psomeone's hair is coming off. 92-q d-j erica &pkane... is here to tell us about her hair-rrising bet made with a texas station... we'll also talk to the guys from that texas statton... to let them know their texans don't stand a chaace come sunda. sunday.right ow ... we're bear creek loves the ravens! ravenn!check them out... standing there with purppe pride sselling out the ravens. ravens. you're waaching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((breaa 6))
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wwat's a ravens trash talk?we've got erica le -
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kane and konan from 92-q in our studios his morning... and "the chile" from theirr sister station k-b-x-x "the box" in houston is on the phone.they've made a littleeside bet.good morning. morning.good morning. morning. 3 good morning. morning.little side bet.good mo. morning.
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if you're not already pumped us.((we are, we are the rrvens nation!)) 3 nation!))we are the ravens nati! nation!!!stick with us for a live performance from the menn behind the music. &ppurple pride?christina of - perry hall sent in this piccureeof her daughter jayden. she says her daughter equals ravens biggest fan!! you're watching fox 45 good day baltimorr. ((break 7))
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3 3 3 3 p3 3 3 3 3
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3 esman?
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passion is going 3
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you can win the shirts rightt off ouu backs! backs! we areehelping you show off your purple pride ii styye with ... this great ravens gear for the ladies. ladies.the 11th caller right entire collection f ladies n-f-l ravens gear... courtesy of nflshop dot commthht includes three t-shirts.. a watch and stackaale rings. 3 ((bbeak 8)) 3 3
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