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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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friday!!!! january friday!!!! january 20th!ááááad lib pizza giveawayááá giveawayáááááááad lib pizza ááááad lib pizza giveawayááá3
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3 3 firstton fox... a special needs student is attacked at a bus stop... it's all caught on tape...the video is tough for any parent to watch... buu it has already gone viral. viral. (show kid yelling on video "come on") on")itthappened in cecil county, tuesday afternoon. 11 year old kaleb kula...who has autism... got off the school bus and that's when he was punched... pushed.. and punched again.another student the ain from the punch was not as hurtful as he fact the video was then posted online. (kaleb) "i think that the part that was on line was the woost part cause everyone saw it and its name was ssssy fight.. which was
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very embarrassing. i just think it was called..sissy fight because i didn't fighh ba" back" elkkon police have reviewed the ideotape and say assault charges are pending. meanwhile school officials are also investigating the case. the video wasstaken off youtube last night. also first on fox... a man who died years ago... somehow gets a speeding ticket in baltimore... leaving his family questioning... how? how?this is josephine keith... she received her son's 40 dollar citation in the mail.. to the ticket, michael keith was driving a pickup truck on sinclair lane when a speed camera captured him going 43-miles-an-hour in a 30-mile an hour zone.well, keith had already passed away at that time... and neither the truck nor theetag belonged to him. still, a ticket was snapped and sent.his mother called police. "we really were concerned about identity theft. we thought maybb someone was using his name and it was an
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the police officers ran the tag, they said it's not even a valid tag." tag."we alled the city's department of transportation.a spokesperson says it seems a key-stroke error is the blame. they assured us the family will not have to pay that ticket. an 85 year old woman no ponger has a 166thousand dollar water bill... thanks to's a follow up to a story you also saw first on fox. fox.evelyn foster called fox45 asking for help after receiving that huge bill.after the city saw our story.. they investigated and realized work was done on foster's property several years ago, creatinn a water main leak. foster... has been geeting billed for using 5 thousand gallons a day for the last three years.. fix the leak and fostee owee l nothing. a big change could be coming to getting an autism diagnosis. diagnosis. pannl of psychiatric expprrs is reassessing the definitiin of
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"autism."proposed changes would narrow the criteria for autism and related disorders... such as asperger's syndrome.this could dramatically reduce the number of autism diagnoses... which have skyrocketed in recent could also mean... many children with developmental problems could be denied health... education and social services. 3 3 what time is it? 3 game ttme!!! or close enough for ravens fans starting the playoff weekend a llttle early today. today. joel d. smith is live at alonso's in north baltimore for the rrvens caravan and playoff party. good morning joel d. good morning 3
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3 pf you're starting to feel the winter blues... it may be time away!t away!!- we say "go vacation"! we are giving away a trip for two to anywhere southwest airlines flies.. courtesy of namco bandai games. today is our last day to enter. here's how... today's code word is "trip". o to our facebook page... facebook dot enter the codeword on the "inside fox45" tab.on monday we will draw a qualifier.
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that persoo gets a "go vacation" game for the wii.. and will be entered for tte grand prize drawing... big boats... nd good fun. fun.a sneak peek at the boat ssow... plus your chance to win tickets to the event next in our hometown hotspot. first ... some more of your purple pride... look at this little guy... showing off his purple pride... this is llttle michael... adorable. adorable. you're 3
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--the progressive insurance baltimore boat show is at the baltimore convention center, an opportunity to compare and shop hundreds of different boats while enjoying a day of fun withhtons of family- friendly activities--gary benfield is live with the details n this morning's hometown hotspot--this year, the show is going ravens... what's promotion?
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promotion? the baltimore boat show is at the convention center through sunday.for more baltimore dot com slash morning. we want to get you into the the 10th caller right now at 410-481-4545 wins a pair of tickets. it's not your average cat resc. rescue.firefighters take a tiger from a hotel roof... the
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hilarious reason this one didn't fight back... next. you're talk about an unusual
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emergency.firefighters in houston used a hookkto rescue a stuffed tiger from the roof of an abandoned hotel. &photellthey apparently were getting calls about an animal up there.theefirefighters had tt take it down because it was a safety hazard.drivers kept stopping to look at it. afterwards... firefighters posed for pictures with their big catch. & 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3- foo more information about the
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foxbbltimore dot com slashh morning. feed the football fans in your . family.your chance to win a papa johns pizza party right after the break. breaa.and later... the buzz website... to come away with - the best ideas. ideas.first... some more of your purple pride... look at lil' joe ready to go!thank you to jessica for sending in this picture. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3))
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it's purple friday around here and we're gettinn ready... with a papa john's ravens playoff pizza arty.
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party.papa john's broughttin these pizzas into ourrstudios this morning... ((ááááad libáááá)) &p you can join the party too.
9:24 am can join the party tooo too.we're giving aaay six pizzas just in time for the john' the 10th caller at 410-481-4545 right now and
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papa john's will deeiver to your house anywhere in the greater baltimore area in time for this sunday's raven's playoff game. playoff game. while we're enjoying our pizza... ahead of sunday's big game ... we want to reeind you purple pride. pride.our sister station has the audacity to think tte patrrots will beat the ravens. so you want to get back at them... here what you do.go to facebook dot com... slash w- g-m-e 13... to lettthose mainers know... what'ss oming on ssnday.'s what some of youu are sayiig to them thiss morning...((ááááad libbááá))
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it's the place where great ideas are sharedd shared.from wedding planning to fashion tips... the excitement over pinterest... and howwyou can get an invite all.((hmm can you sing something else)) else)) plus... its audition how it all turned out for hallie day coming up. up. you're 3
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3 3 3 3 purple friday is off to a loud and crazy start in north baltimore. the fans are amped up for the conference championship game his weekend, and some will feel like winners even before the game sunday. joel d. smith is live at alonso's where thh ravens caravaa begins today. good morning joel d. good morning patrice.
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3 3- p woman from maryland is in the national spotlight.
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spotliggt. hallie day made her debut on american idol last night. candace is here to talk about &pher journey.. which started here in baltimore american idol hosted auditions in pittsburgh last last contestant featuree on the show.listen in... 3 nats: at first i was afraid i was petriefied.. i didnt thinn i could live without you by my side side -3 we all think she is talented.. listen to what they said after she belted it out. steven-hmm can you sing haven't madeeup your mind that she waa amazing? because i likeewatching her when she 3 okay.. so we get the idea here thaa the judges are impressed.. but then.. j lo ssid know this is obviius.. but bbondie??as jennifer was walking away to wrap up the
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win the whole thing!ááie could - hallie is heading to hollywood... which is a long way from where it all began hhre in maryland. maryland.hallie actually won our fox45 baltimoreeidol last year.we sent her to the pittsburgh audition where she was able to cut the line of thousands of people for the her hallie is on the road to fame you think you can dance" is looking for tallnted dancers
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to audition for the show. tryouts for season nine will pe held in manhattan monday... show.for directions to the auditions....go to fox baltimore dot com slaah morning. 3 effect for parts of maryland. maryland.what areas could be effected by sleet aad snow... meteorologist steve fertig tracks the storm next. it's purple of your pride... this is more - piggy.... sporting his fu- man-shu.piggy's owner ... erinn.. says they wwsh the ravens the very best! best! you're watching ((break 5))
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this!today on our facebook page we posted aapicture a kittee between two chicks. here's what ssme of you captioned it.michael says, "chicks dig me!" me!"jessica says, "just me and my peeps." peepp."paula says "you quackk me up!" up!" here's some of your other captions...((áááad libááá)) if you want to play 3 along... join us on our facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meeeorologiit))
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3 3 3 it's our mobideal of the week! every week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which prooides coupons directly tt phone!this week's deal comes from... carson's creekside.get one free appetizer with any entree. just go to my-mobideals- dot-com to get started.. or look for obideals on your smar. mobideals is a product of our parent commany.. sinclair broadcast group. ffnding an idee for your next party just got easier. ideas get posted .. aad how you can be invited to become a part of the craze. plus... restaurant week starts incredible meal ... at a great deal. you're watccing fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 6))
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jgpnñ?oao3xtxx ñ /ñ you've probably heard about
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it... but if you're still not quite sure about pinterest... help.((áááad libááá)) this morning karen caifa... pakee a look at the big interess ... in pinterest. pinterest. ((beth silverberg is a designnr by trade, visual by nature.i come across an iimge on a style blog, and i want to capture it, and remember it. i'm lways going back and referring to lookbooks that i immgery is one reason social media site pinttrest caught her eye. pinterest has allowed me to connect with friends through more of an &partistic ssde, versus just what's oing on in our lives. pinterest launched in 2010, but only recently exploddd in traffic and online buzz.the
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premise is similar to tte old cork bbard. users create virtual collections of stuff they like by uploading "pins," various images from around the "followers." like facebook, e - users can "like" images or re-pin someone else's item n their own board. unlike otherr social networking sites, it's more about curating connent, than creating. and whht users sse, than say.therr's an opportunity to collaborate about different ideas, and different concepts too. there may be a stickiness there that might be a little bit different. pinterest has become particularll popular among women, ideal for wedding planning, oo sharing fashion pinterest is innitation nly, but users can request an invite, orrget one from a one down.i'm karin caifa, and you're now, clicked in.. )) 3
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3 3 some couples take a year or more to plan their wedding.butt we're doing it in just one week.'s our wwdding in a week contest.. and you can pnter to win n all- expensee- paid wedding... on us. us..o enter.. tell ussin a hundred words or less why you should win. win.ssnd your entry to "wedding in a week".. 2000 west 41st street in
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onto foxbaltimore dot com to - enter... you can also read the official rules.rrmember to include a photo with your &pentry! and it's all brought to you by the baltimore bridal show at the baltimore conventiin cenner february 4th and 5th. make it a date night tonighh. tonight.look at that delicious meal ... commng up... why now is the time to score a good deal on some of the city's best food. food.right now... more of your purppe pride... the schisler family from rosedale says, "fear the 'stache!" 'stache!" you're waaching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7)) week!today is the official
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kick off in he citt.this morning, we have tte prime rib in our studio..eneral manager david derewicz and chef ames minarik join us with more. --making imperial crab--whht are your rrstaurant week deals?--menu?
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for more information on baltimore restaurant week, log on to foxxbaltimore dot com slash morning.there, you'll also find a recipe for the prime rib's imperial crab. rain... sleet... or snow... where the weather could effect youu weekeed plans... meteorologiss steve fertig has the forecast... next. next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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when you eat out.the easy way to
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