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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 21, 2012 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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marylanders o battle with a slippery mess of ice and snow..... whats left? and whats still to come.... óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó weather emily says óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó a surprise in south carolina..... what republicans are saying tonight.... óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó ittis a war. war. &pcommanded on the field by a veteran defensive general. general. running behind the most explosive back in the league league the nly question left to answe, answer, &pafter four quarters, quarters,
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will the ravens be afc champs? you're looking scene of a fierce battle for the championship of the american ffotball conference. gillete stadium, home of the patriots, and a place where thh ravens plannto make themselves at home going after tom brady and his potent offense. good evening, i'm jeff about to pick a fight with the patriots. they're in foxboro tonnght and will hit the field in a little moree are also in foxboro preparing to take you inside the action... &paction.... morgan adsit is here to kick off our live team coverage. arriie to the northeast day for the a-f-c championship with the patriots....well we still have 17 hours to wait foo that . oneecan it get here already? fox 45 sports director bruce cunningham live in foxborough. bruce the team arrived just before 5 o'clocc..and you know it's burning up here in the studio under the lights...
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how's life up there for you and the ravens? cunningham 3 3 3 bruce everyone'ss talking about the ravens here.
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but what's the atmosphere like around foxborough....are ravens fans taking over?are paas fans even out and about? because new engllnd fans tend to have a been there, done that attitude because all pheir professional sports have won titles in the 2000's. 2000's. 3 3
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we know the raaenssare a loose locker room.they llke to have fun before they buckle down... when ttey got off the bus and when ou spoke to them in the hotel.... what's the tone? tone? 3 3 3 thanks, bruce, we'll check back in live with you throughout the show. the ravens are 12-andd4.... patriots 13-and-3.we know pavens football....tough defense... defense that wins games.the patrioos known for opposite.the best offense left in the post season.led by tom brady...and his targets downfield..i'm not even talking about the wide outs... baltimore must stop their tiiht ends... rob gronkowski
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and aaron hernandez..hernandez plays more like a receiver.and gronkowski's a reak... 6-6... 265 pounds... and a whole lot of's a one-two punch with these guys... and the ravens defense.oblem for - "it's really special. you really can't. you eally just have to try and contain it. i think hernandez, he is a phenomenal talent. gronkowski, the ooly thing iireally don't like about him is thatthe went to the u-of-a [university of arizznn]. other than that, he is still a really good tight end, too. they are really good. we definittly have our hands full. this will probably be te best offense we'll see all year." brucc cunningham will have another live report on the team's arrival and game day eve thoughts..and the ravens front 7 has only one sack in the last 5 whyy nose taccle terrence cody says getting after tom brady sunday, will be easier than the attack last week on houston q-b t.j. yates. that's coming up at 10-50 in sports unlimited.jeff. here in baltimore....
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ravens fans spent this day searching for rrvens they didn't have to look far... far...12:03:57 these are the hot shirts right now. pverybody loves, loves theee. the ravens are coming, the ravens are coming to kick new england's butt" 04:07 04::7jt's market and deli set up hop on falls road. its one of several roadside stands cashing ii on the demand for purple and black.... 12202:17 "everybody's syked. everybody who comes in here is wearing their choo and they're getting theii ravens spirit pn.. 02:24 02:22one of their most popular items ... here at j-t's.....the foo man choo.... and you've been showing us how you'rr celebrating the rrvens ravensharford hills elementary sent us this photo....teachers and staff were dressed up in raaens gear this eek....right down to the puuple hats. and baby kennedy ryan is already dressed... and positioned on the couch to watch he raaees tomorrow.... thankssto destiny hance for sending us this picture. and what about this dog... &p"gafton" looks extra cozy after last night's snow.he's
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keepinggwarm ...with the purple and black. 3 we want you to show us your purple pride, especially during the game tomorrow. post your pictures on our facebook page. and make sure to click on the inside fox 45 tab on the eft of your screen for exclusive ravens playoff content. aa with all of our content, it's free to fox45 viewers. whileethe ravens and patriots battle on the field.. yoo can battle thoss new england fans pive our sister station.. wgme in maine.. a tweet "beatdown". follow s on twitttr "at foxbaltimore".then tweet your comments with the hashtag "patriots beat down".show nee england who has the best fans throughout the can see all the comments on our com.. look for "tweet beat" under hot topics. 3 we knew it was coming...but the year's first ice. tonight, janiie park shows us how many people spent this day digging out. out. city...someone is digging out:
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out:"i didn't believe it till i saw it, they've been calling for it, calling for it, third time, when i opened the window and saw white i wws impressee" impressed" "i like it...but i want it to go away and not come back" back" 3"some parts are harder than others and near the sidewalk it's hard to get up" in &pfront of city a blanket of white... and ssow plows try to scrape up tte final inches of snow and ice: ice:"i was surprised how much we got, they said only one inch" inch""sometimes they say we would never get anything and we get a blizzard"several thick coating of ice...making the simple task of walkingg..almost impossible:: "it's really hard, slippery, we fell almost just walking down the alley" alley""real slow, it's real tou" tough""and for 12 hrs
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yesterday crews treated roads with ater and rock salt because thhy knew this ice would be tough" tough""the reason i want suumer bacc because the pool would be open, nice weather and no coldness anymore" catelli...aren't letting this first winter blast ruin their d. day..."it's nice to have everyone on the same playing field, everyone having a good time, everyone helps out each other"janice park fox45 news at ten. and it waa a similar scene in baltimore county .... reisterstown .... sidewalks as snow plows ere attacking the streets. hour shoveling snow at his home. 01:41:04 "ii hasn't been too bad. it's a little hard. ii's not that thick. i'm sure its a sign of things to come." 41:11 41:1141:35 "we'll get more snow before we're all done and that's ine. it's motter nature. if we didn't get it we'd miss it." 41:42
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the snowstorm caused a massive pileup in pittsburgh. these new, white cars, turneddinto a twisted pile of wreckage when the river hauling them lost control of the truck. several of the cars spilled onto the &phighway blocking the road and making it difficult for eeergency crews to respond. the ice is being blamed for the incident. no word on injuries. the roads didn't look much better here in baltimore. balttmore. meteorolloist emily gracey has a look at who got hitthe haadest, emily... emily...
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you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is now available at foxbaltimore dot com. track coming storms downnto your ssreet. go to foxbaltimore dot com slass i-radar its een 12-years....but tonight a cooorado man is in jail accused of murdering a dundalk woman. woman.myranda stephens is livv at county police headquartees - with how detectives cracked jeff, baltimore county police say they never gave up pheir search for theeperson who killed heidi
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bernadzikowski. and now investiggtors say they have their man... thanks to podern-day science... and good ol' ffshioned police work. 3 &pit was i april of 2000... bernadzikowski in hhr dundalk townhome. sse had been strangled....and her throat cuu. mom from old pkg: "it really tears you up and makes it very difficult anddto think someone could do that to another person"heidi's parents... seen here in 2000... heard their daughter might've had a stalker... and pleaded for help finding her killer. mom from old pkg: "we want to seek justice..we don't want to seek revenge" now nearly 12-years later... baltimore police say they have their man... thanks to modern technology. 24::2 the dna matc detectives 15 police say thee got their break this past fall - when a d-n-a sample taken from the murder scene turned up as a atch in tte f-b-i's national database. sample all the wwy to greeley,
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alexander bennett. 21:59 it was not immediately apparent that he had a connection to paryland, so it's taken a good bit of police work over the course of the fall to try to dettrmine what his connection was 11 detectives say back in march of 2000 - m-t-a police stopped bennett as he was walking along the harbor tunnel thruway. 22:33 he wasn't charged, but that interaction with mta police was recordeddand so we were able to positively confirm that he was here in baltimore around the time ms. bernadzikowski was killed 477 baltimore county detectives flew to colorado on thursday ...and aarested bennett outside his home withoutt incident. but pollce say the case is far from closed. 23:09 our etectives still are pot sure whether bennett acted alone and ttey're going to be continuing the investigation to determine what relation, if any, that he had with this viitim and with people who were cose to her 23 bennett is charged with first-degree murder.he's being held in colorado... pending
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extraaitton to maryland. live outside baltimore countyy police headquarters, ms, fox45 news at ten. 3 3 [3]
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one call from you couud put a wanted man behind bars. jjff barnddshows us how you can fight back... as he spins the wheee of justicc. justice. 3
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all new wheel of justice. with your help... one of these suspects will soon be behind bars. p all of them are wanted on warrants. we're sppnning the wheel... and when t stops.. pe highlight that person. then we open our hotline.. so you can call in with tips. tips. 51 year old kenneth smith is wanted on domestic assault charges. it happened in an ppartment on fairview avenue near garrison boulevard. police say smith and his girlfriend got into an argument over money... and then it became physical. 2:30:27 our suspect in thiss case took $60 and a food stamp card. when she confronted him about it he became enraged, bit her arm, pushed her, twists her wrists, various methods of assault. kenneth smith has been on the run for the past threee months... and police want to catch up to him.2::0:54 they're very familiar so run back into eachhother again. again. you can help ppt kenneth smith behind bars. if you have any information.. call our hotline at 410-637-8970.
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we'll be back next saturday wiih more suspects.. and another spin of the wheel of justice. police want you to take a good look at this man.this is a sketch of the suspect who police say ried to rape a woman near johns happened around 6:30 thursday night in theeguilford neighborhood.police say a man tackled an 18-year-old woman in a parr...and tried to sexually assaultther.she was able o get way...but investigatorr are askingg man... to call police.ttis fox45 teams up with the most spotcrime tracks criminal ite..- activity in your neighborhood and will send you emails when crime happees.go to fox- baltimore dot com to sign up. click on spot cime in the "hot topics" section near the policc are earching for two - suspects in aadouule shooting at a west baltimore barbershop. barbershop.police sealed off the scene in franklin square. just before 7 p.m. last night ...thats where detectives found a 32-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the head.he
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later died at marylann shock trauma.. second victim was expected to recovee... but is - investigators say twoomasked men shot into the barbershop and fled the scene. newt gingrich has earned a surprising, come from behind win in the palmetto state. the past week in south carolina was one of the bloodiest in political history. ex, lies and super mike emanuel explains that newt's win all started with a dominating perforrance in a last-minute debate. debate. despite a steady rain there was heavy volume much of the day at ttis columbia polling place. this newt gingrich supporter says she was undeeided until very recently but likes his toughness.gambbe says: "i kind of didn't know if it was going realy felt compelled to go to - giigrich and eepecially after the debate in chhrleston, i thouuht he handled that so candidate i want that can go up against the liberal media."
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sayythey believe he is most ellctable in the g-o-p field. gunn says: "i feel that out of the candidates in the field that are offered thht he offerr thh best chance for the republican party to regain the &pwhite house with unemployment in south carolina close to 10% - above the natiooal average, this voter says that's why she's backing romneyyboggs says: "when i hear hii talking it reminds me of reagan. he kind of gives you hope for the country that things will get better because it has been tough for a couple of years i think he has some ideas of how to get the private sector going again say thhy like his auuhennicity - and integrityyhollinnworth says: "i feel liie he's the running. i just think that he's connervative, that's what i want in a president this year. kearse says: "i rrally like how he handles himself. he's not a teleppompper guy, he's very quick on his feet." one first tiie voter explained why ron paul earned
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wwy he talks, the way he communicates with people i feel he its very humble. i think he'd be a very wonderful preeident." that wws not a cientific survey... the polling ppaces we visited the columbia area today. and in just ten minutes, we''l take you live to our ampaign team on thh ground in south carolina. we'll have more reaction to the upset and the impact it could have on the rest of the from rain in south carolinaa to the snow here in baltimore..... what will it look like in foxboro tomorro. tomorrow.... meteorologist emily graceyyis ttacking it all with your skywatch forecast. 3orecast. [10] mont is a 3&pblessing, mont is a blessing
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because he understands mind body and soul. how far would you go to earn theeultimate priie. look nside the workouts of - ray lewis and ed reed.... there's a prce to pay for a shot at the super bowl.
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the ravens have just two more games to win this season.... tomorrow's &pafc championship... and then the super bowl. buu for future hall of famer ray lewis... there is no off season. story.. patrice harris shows us hhs dedication to getting stronger... and better. better. [0]pkg:[1] monte and ray praying ...ray montage...musicnot mann people would have a prayer offggtting through thh workouts ray lewis does on a regular basss.the grueling pace ... the brute strength... the sheer intensity.what most people do in a week ...lewii does in a day.[2] ray working oot
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one of the few people who can... not only keep up ...but even take workouts to the next level ... is his trainer ...monte sanderss[3] if you're gonna get up and write a plan for me, make sure me and you are going through that plan together.and that's how they tackle every workout. [4] it's about doing &pwhat you say and being an example, not justtpreaching it, but living it. what they go through, i like to go through the same thingthat means training 6 days a week... two sometimes three sessions a day.every muscle s worked and re-worred .. pushed to the limit.[5] we train for life not just for &pfootball, so ray hass kickboxing class, martial arts class, swim in the ocean, in the pool, abs, weightlifting on upper and lower bbdy. [6] we know the level we're together, there's no limitssii's like wow. we get in this weight room sometimes and we're like oof and we'll look aa each other and say i got you though.[7]]to see them &pin action you'd never think
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trainer and client ...after planning workouts and training together for so long .. now they're juut two guys ...with one ffcus ... pushing each other to new heiggts. out we do requires a lottof discipline and when you've been working out for years yyu undeestand that if you're going to have aaworkout partner you have to share he same visioo, ame sacrifice, same discipline.the two have beennworking out ogether since 2001.[10] mont is a blessing, mont is a blessingg because he understands mind body and soul.[11] in faat, training revolves arounn. -3 [12] there's nothing my booy and mind can gettme through when you go over one thousand variations, close to 1 in 95 degree weather, so i have to learn to dip into my spirit // the body always gives ut.theee are he lessons ttat have made lewis the wiley vet ...[13] knowledge aint to be gained passed[[4] so when safety ed - reed joined the team in 2002 ...[15] ray broughh him into the workouts.[[6] it was brutal at first
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feet, ball drills, all the in all the sand workouts thh - hard things to do.[20] but when we all come together and do ittit's complete. unorthodox? ...maybe. successful? ...without a doubt. ray says he's in he best shape of his life.[21] when people say i'm getting older, i'm gettinn etter[22] good news for him .. tough break for teams the ravens face this season.armed with months of grueling workoutsshe and ed are ready. ed doinggravens chant[23] when we get down and do it we're thinking about that first game, e're thinking about that firrt hit, that first knockout. we're thinking been doing in the off season, we'rr gonna play our ball 100 percent, that second, third week .. all the ay to the superbowl.and even then theii trainer is ith them. the tiie the night before i'm in your helmet. when ou're tiied get up, lets go.there's no questionnthe raavns haae a winning team ...they'vv put in the training all that's there's no sugarcoating what we're after..yeah, bitter taste in our mouth last year so 3 all those back- breaking workouts have paid
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off. ay is a 11 timeepro defensive player of thh yyar. he has one super bowl ring, if all goes as he plans tomorrow, he'll ggt a ssot at one more. 3 3
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we have breaking news tonight out of tate college, pa. despite multiple reports from otherrnetworks, foxx5 has confirmed joe paterno is still alive. alive. joe's son jay tweeted that his faaherris in the hospital but still alive despite multiple reports to the contrary. thousands of peopll immediately spread social media. paterno continues to battle canccr and thh peen state sex scanddl.
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p we'll keep you posted on -3 3&p 3
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& 3
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3 the road to indianapolis goes through foxborr. and in just 16 hours the battle begins. begins. sports director bruce cunningham ive for it all, taking you inside the action. he's outside gillette stadium for us tonight, and bruce, whht's the mmod like in enemy territory? territory? 3 3 we're just getting
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started wwth our afc ccampionship coverage. coming up in less than five morgan and bruce takeean in- depth look at theeimpact the &praven's regular season meetings will hhve on tomorrow's big game.... 3& and how did a mouss wind up in a baby's mouth...? the diity jouuney from rodent to pacifiee, next.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with greasy fast food, what're you really getting? instead, try a subway turkey blt or a fresh fit turkey melt, merely 7 grams of fat each. subway. eat fresh. ♪ a babyyin new jersey getssa
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taste of sommthinn 'creepy and crawly' at pre-school. school.eight-month-old alaaah baaba was in the bbby section of this pre-school...when
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teachers found a áámouse dangling froo her mouth. 26 one of thh teachers told me phe was under the tabll, and was playing with it and she looked at it agaii and saw the tail hanging out. 33 3611 she could haae swallowed it and god forbid she could have died. 16 16the school's directoo is calling this an isolated incident...but he's bringingg in exterminators as soon as possible. 3 3 only the super bowl is bigger than this... the afc championship game...morgan adsit and bruce cunningham foxborough in sports om - unnimited...morgann.. morgan... coming up tonight on ports unl. unlimited... it's aamoot hhre... the a-f-c championssip tomorrow at 3... bruce cunningham is outside gillette stadium with a live report....joe flacco admits the offense isn't as high-pooered as the patriits... what he says they do as well terrence the ravens' defense plans on stopping tom brady....ports 3 check them out....the ravens
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have arrived in foxborough on game day eve..errell suggs and bernard pollard getting ready to shut down look to carve up the ats defense... whh's been around the team all bruce cunningham live in ector - foxborough right in front of tommrrow's stage....gillettt stadium..bruce this sometimes absolutely nothing but ans - businees for tomorrow. ppg roll cue: "serious pusiness" 3
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& & bruce our lovely and talented
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meterologist emily gracey told me foxborough got 3-and-a--alf inches of snow...hows the fiild tonight? bruce, we'll be live with you all night tomorrow r


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