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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 23, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 fire rips througg a perry hall
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apartment complex.this morning 12 people are homeless.megan gilliland is here now with a look at the extensive damage and what's next for these families. good morning patrice,the two alarm fire broke out on the balcony of this apartment building along arlen road. can see the extensive damage to the building as crews work to clear the heavy smoke billowing from the roof top.crews arrived here just after 7 o'clock last night. inside... several famililes scrambled to get out. 38:41approx 24 people in both units fire fighters made ood attire. confined fire to one side 12 may be able to go back provided we get electric by bge bgeunfortunately the other 12 people are homeless thii morning.we're told they are getting help from the red cross still this morning. fortunately, no one was hurt.
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still no word on what caused the fire at the hour.we'll keep you updated on in peery hall this morning, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a towson priest is stripped of his duties.... after being arrested for indecent exposure. exposure.police say they found father mark stewart bullock naked from the waist down at an abingdon adult store last week.he was arrested... and charged with indecent exposure. bullock was aa associate pastor at the church of the immaculate conception.the baltimore archdiocese says he can no longer serve as a priest, while the incident ii investigated. a maryland woman... who survived thh italy cruise ship wreck... is now speaking out about the incident. incident.silver springs ressdent anna figueredo was on the cruise with her daughter at the time.she says the incident was so ttrrifying... she thought they were going o die.figueredo blames the ship's captain... for abandoning the ship. my daughter sent a text to the family saying, "the ship is sinking. we love you."-butt to-
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when he knew nothing can be fixed, he left, he left. left. the wreck left 13 people dead... with at least 20 others still missing. 3 3 we were so close...but it for the ravens to make it to the superbowl. the last few minutes of the game were heartbreaking ...but ray lewis said it best... it wasn't one play that lost the game.and lose it... the ravens did against the new england started our promising... but ended up... being a heartbreaker. the 4th quarter...ravens are leading 20-16...patriots have the ball .... it's 4th and goal ... tom brady dives into the end zone... getting hit hard by ray lewis in the process .,.. but the play still puts the pats up 23-20.joe flacco and the offense have a chance to win the game on the final
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drive...flacco hits anquan boldin for 13 yards ... he goes to him again .. this time for a 29 yard gain.the ravens are well into field goal range now ... but flacco goes for the touch down ... it looks like we have it .. until lee evans drops the ball.hard to watch .. but here's another look..evans doesn't get his 2nd foot down before sterling moore knocks it loose...that's why it wasn't ruled a t-d. flacco tries for one more game winning touchdown .. butt it's broken up out comes billy cundiff for the game-tying 32 yard field goal...but amazingly ... this one never had a chance.. it went wide left... taking with it the ravens shot at the super can see in the players faces .... their disbelief as their season comes to a devestating end... patriots win 23-20...even with the loss on sunday...ray lewis says.. he's stickign with his team... and there's no retirment in sight.
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ray lewis. 1:50 'm hungry again. is this my last time as a raven, ? absolutely not. let asks me the question. omeone - absolutely not. there's just too much. life offers tto much. this is the 5th trip to the super bowl for tom brady and bill belichick... most of the players say they are reedy to move on.... but what about the fans? joel d. smith is live in towson on this black monday to see how long this pain is going tt last. good morning joel d. good morning pptrice. let's go over the
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3 3 coming up on the early edition... congresswoman gabrielle giffords is leaving office to focus on her health.her heartfelt message to her supporters... and the one thing she wants to ccmplete.. .before she leaves. leaaes. ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 congresswoman... gabby giffords says goodbye.... goodbye....when she's leaving office...and where'' she's expected to appear... on tuesday. ((break 2))
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3 for the past year, we've watched arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords make astounding steps toward recovery.the recovery comes after an assassin's bullet nearly ended her life in a rampage that left six athena jones reports, giffordd is now resigning from congress to focus on getting etter. better. --reporter pkg-as follows --i will step down this a tt resign from congress, sion - arizona representative gabby giffoods had a simple message for her supporters.thank you for your prayers and for giving me time to ecover. giffords said she has more work to do on that recovery --
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a year after being shot in he head during a rampage that left six people dead."i don't remembee much." giffords was hosting a meet nd greet outside a tucson supermarket on january 8th 2011 when prosscutors say jared lee loughner pened fire. authoritiis believe he targeted the congresswoman.nats after months of intensive rehabilitation, giffords was greeted by a standing ovation when she returned to the house chamber ii august for the debt ceiling vote. but whether she would come back full-time remained uncertain.natsearlier this month, as tucson marked the anniversary of the shooting, giffords' chief of staff described giffords' thinking on the matter.i think for her it's a personal decision about whether she feels she can do the job up to the standards she holds herself to.before she leaves office giffords plans to finish the event the gunman interrupted, holding a private gathering with some of the
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people who were there. she'll also attend theepresident's state of the union address on a statement, president obama said: "gabby and her husband mark have taught us the true meaning of hope in the face of despair, determination in the face of incredible odds, anddnow - even after she's come so far - gabby to be selfless."i'm getting better every day. my spirit is high. i work together for arizona athena jones, cnn, washington. cnn..cript----- coming up... it all came down to this... billy cuudiff would give anything to have this kick back...what he had to say to his teammates and the fans... ((break 3)) you know what's exciting, graduation. when into my student's faces, i see pride.
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o'clock hour... thouands of kia cars are under recall... because of faiiing airbags.the mmdels affected... and how much it will cost you to fix it.
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