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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  March 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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assooiation to distribute to kids who are most affected bb hair loss. 33 new developments.... georgg zzmmerman../ ááminutesáá after... he shot... and killed... trayvon martiin..//. ááhelloáá , i'm jeff bar. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. despite claims that traavon phattered zimmerran's nose just before the shooting, critics saa there's not a drop clothes in the police s - surveillance video from that night. phil keatinggis in florida tonight to explain how this new evidence will impact the case. case. this explosive, sanford, tape shows a handcuffed george zimmerman walking from the patrol car and intt the station for his inntial questioning by investigators. he was not under arrest--just in custody, more than aa hour after the deadly shooting of uunrmed, 17 year old trayvon martinn whom zimmerman claims was punching him over and over again to the face.. crump says: "it is clear that this pplice report claiming that he had aabrooen nose and blood on
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&pthe back of his head and his clothes messed up ii clearly a fabricatioo, and i believe in my heart of hearts that they are going to arrest george zimmerman aater this evidence." according to the initial incident report, sanford paramedics oo theescene of that gated community a mmnthh ago treated zimmerran there for bloody cuts and scrapes on r. zimmeeman says: "trayvon martin walked up to him asked proolem? george said no i don't hhve a problem. and started to reach for his ell phoon. at that point he was punched in the nose his nose was broken and he was knocked to the concrete."in his first t-v iiterview--the father of george zimmermannddfends his son, who remains in iding. zimmerman claims self--efense under florida's "stand your grounn" law and has not beenn &pcharged wiih a crime. "the must be stopped now" spurred by the treyvon martin case, members of congress, the n- double-a---p and urban leegue rallied in d-c,,demanding
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florida and about two dozzn other states roll back what they call "kill at will" laws. "person heard on 911 tape the scream of his son, rob s zimmerman says, in this case, tte law worrs.r. zimmerman says: ""e continued to beat george and at some point george pulled his pistol and did what he did." but trayvon martin's parents those screams for help were from thhir son not zimmerman. the special prosecutor in this case noo indicating she's less a grand jjry but will instead - make the uutimate decision herself -- that being whether george zimmerman gets ccarged with any crime. in miami florida, phil keating, fox news. 3 george zzmmerman is under police protection and not allowed to leave the home where he is taying because of threats to his llfe.
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a 5 ear old girl from virginii was ffrced intoo prostitution for six months... pntil she was rescued by federal authoritiis from a hotel in college park... kathleen cairns is here with the story of who's facing char. 33arges....- p, opening statements.../
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were given.../ in... the trial.../ involving.../ two brothers.../ ááchargedáá... with buuning a pit---ull...///. pit--bull...///. the... majorrty... of... potential jurors.../ admitted.../ they... had prior knowleede ...of this case..... áátraversáá and... tremayne johnson ...had a mistrial.../ the... first go--around...//. ááináá opening statements áábotháá sides ..../ revealed... how they -planne out ...their ase...////. the twins... were recorded.../ running p..from the sccne..../ áátheáá defense saying.../ they... didn't do it...// it...// testimony resumes .../ tom'w. commutes the sentence of a in baltimore man convicted oo murder.... aren arks is live at the courthouse downtown and says......mark grant wroteemanyyletters claiming his innocence .and now he's finally being hea. pxoneration or a pardon..... for the first time during his tenure......governor omalley
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commutes the sentence of a baltimore man serving a life sentence for murder....... mark farley grant was convicteddhere at age 15 in the fatal shooting of anotherr teenager during a west paltimore street robbery in pears ago the prosecutor inned 3 information that witnesses had blamed te wrrng person. 3governor o'mmlley did not act on any clemency equests for his first few years in office and he eventually denied 57 ca. cases. but in a statement reeeassd today the governor's offiie confirmed that hh has signed executive orders settles...a hyattsville woman who received a much longer sentence than her boyfrrend in aa19-85 murder case.thh parole commission will now develop a transstion plan for both grant &pand settles. grant is now 42 years old.....what this means for him......freedom after almost
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300yearr in prison....i ssoke with his attorney today....renee hutchins who one lawmaker says he's unhappy with the way the new superintendent in baltimore county was chosen. chosen.the school board ood dallas dance will be the r new leader of baltimore county schools. by laa the chooll board choses the superintendent.. but state senator jim brochin says there wwsn't enough community input in this very important decision: "no innut, o clue, normally there's 3-4 candidates, and you get to meet them, it was like here's who we chose, i policy" we contacted the baltimore county chool board today...and have yet to hear back from them. a new reporttby the c-d-c shows the ummer of children being diagnooed with auuism in maryland is growing at an alarming rate! the report shows every one in
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80-children in maryland are diagnosed with aatism.that's aatually a 35-percent jump from just three years ago. doctors t kennedy krieger institute in baltimore - say the spike in numbers could be linked to several factors. 1:10 well, certainly we know that we''r findinn more &pchildren with autism, and so we don't whhther that's because we'reegetting better at diagnosis or there are are contributing to children's development moving into autism 25 or cure for autism, but doctors say the key to treating the disorder is early diignoois. mmre... mega-millions manii..../.ááaáá record high jackpot.../ grros ...even biggge.../ ááwitháá a... payout .../ worth... 550-million dollars. dollars. megaamillions have been bbisk./ áá.lotteryáá officials... say.../ they're... selling... neaaly... 5-thousand dollars wortt ...of tickets... ppr minute...//. ááthis áá &p mmrning, .../ raised... the jackpot million.../ to... $540-
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&pjackpot ...ever. 33 "but now, we'reedealing withh maaing sure the retailer have so ww can distribute papee quickly nouuh to our retailers that they can issue enough tickett thattare being b" bought..." offiicals say... the odds of winning... the mega millions.../ are... 176-million to one...//. áátomorrowáá night's... tte next drawing. &p3 a good daa for a motorcyle rider... whose driving skills saved his life. happened on a teeas highway.....take a can see the car that ssins out of control came juss inches away rommhitting a motorcccle. whatts not sooeasy to seeeis how he driver oo the biie responded so uiccll.hh didn't panic, he saw what was
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happening and accelerated. amazingly, averting disaster. bad day for people in philadelphia, who had their caas vandalized.tiress someone's even putting sugar in gas tanks. at least seventeee cars were hit in one neighborhood... so now residents are putting up surveillance cameras. mos::"it's nonsense, it's nonsense they ccme and ruin your property what are they getting out of thha."moo: "if &pyou get caught, god forbid if yoo get caught you have people out here that's going to do som" something."people in that philadelphia worried about what will happen if people ii thh neighboohood catch the vandals, beeoreethe cops do. bad ddy for candyyit's called lollipipe, and it's a sugary treat that you canneat. but is this nnw product just ddrg paraphernalia disguised s cand? candy?according to the company ffuctioning ssoking pipe that can beeeaten after use. it comee in 12 flavorssincludinn peach and cherry. the site doesn't make any suggestions about what to put in the
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cannabis leaf logoo i've said it many tiiee before and i'll keep saying itt another beautiful spring da. day. is this mmryland or ma? maui? let's go to chief meteerooogist vytas reid ffr a look at what's happening now. 3 30-- bleep it's right there 34 344 trapped inssde a deaady wildfire. he
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disturbing video from onn family's race to survive. 3 trying to ease the pain at the pump. why pepublicans saa president ooama's energy policy will actuallyyraise gas prices even more. and a uniqqe way to protect yyur property.. why onn man is turning to beess &p with xfinity,
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and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ oiil ompanies are pitting us twice -- once at wwen they get billions of dolllrs in gas subsidies. ed henry says that's tte message that resident obama had today -- as oil prices drooped two dollars yet gas prices went up a ppnny. pennn. just weeks after owing hh'd never sspport policy that election year, president obama did just that today ....obama says: "exxxn pocketed nearly $4.7 million dollars every hour..."using the rooe garden
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to channee his campaign theme of everyone deserviig a fair shake ... to demand congress pass legiilatioo ending four billion dollars ii tax breaks for he oil and gassinduutry .... even though he voted for over two biilion dollars of "what i cannttll you ed is s: non-partisan congressional 2." research service says the move "would make oil and natural gas more expensive for u.s. consumers and llkely increase foreign dependdnce."obama sayss "one analysii shows that every time gas goes up by a peeny, these ompanies usually pocket another $200 million dollars in quarterlyyprofitss meanwhile, thess companies pay a lower tax rateethan most otthr companies on their investmenns."the oil industry sharply disputes thht -- effective tax rate of 41 percent on their profits. &pseveral democrats sided with
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the industry over the presiddntt-- and stopped the bill by joining forces with most senate republicans. mcconnell says..."somehow ttee sst up some kkid of a political win for them, which frankly i don't understand. i mean, i can'ttimagine anybody giving them any high-fives for not lowerinn gas prices."the preeiddnt's spokesman fired back there's no magic wand -- and charged again republicans areebeenn dishonestcarnny says :"an election year so is to go out and promise if only you were leeted or only your plan was passee that suddenly thhe price of gasswould drop, which years ago it was candiddte r obama making ssuh promises. obama says: "" want o invest thattmoney in clean, affordable, renewable sources pf energy like wind ower, and solar power, and biofuels, so that we're not here talking abbut high gas prices next summer, or the summer after that, or the summer after --3t not just patch things up to pet thru an election."aides note that in 2205 ssnator obama backed thaa energy billl in part becaaue it had money
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for alternative fuels, something he's pusshd forras president as the white house, ed henrr, fox news. want to find the best gas prices innyour area? fox 44'' pump patrol is save you thousands of dollars. head to our website and cheek out our pumm patrol application. as with all our content, it's totally free to fox 45 viewers. a father.../ gets hhs family.../ out off.. harms way...// ááwitháá &p strapped the &pback seat....// áátheáá &p family was trapped .../ those deadly.../ - colorado...ffres.... wwth the camera rolling... as they madeea dashhfrom danger. 7 aady, we're going to maae it,,where's mom oc: it's okay, we;re out we're out 36 36 you can hear the kids, screaming.../
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as... ttey... drive by the massive fire. this wildfire, starred intentiinally... by spread out of control, .../ and destroying 20 homes. 3 3
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can a guard dog allo give yyu hooey? why guard pees are the futtre of home
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prrtection or one man. some fireworks for airport security in phiiadelppia. why common sense could haveesaved one guy from handcuffs. p3 3 3 3 [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals.
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he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. a... pennsylvania
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man.../ is... ccused of.../ trying... to... &pbring firewooks.../ on.. a... cross-country flight. fliiht. 29--year old .../ joseph picklo... has been arrested...///. ááheáá... had... m--800s...// in... hiss backpack -- / at... a... security checkpoint.../// ááitáá happened at... philadelphia.../ international irport.../ this morning .../ ááasáá picklo... tried.../ bound for... san &pfranccsco.. áátheáá... incident... remains under... sullivannsays: . thhevvry plert tsa screener pulled the screening. it was looked at y agaan and it was quickly determined that there is a dangerrus device inside the backpack the philadelphia police airport police were notified along with the philadelphia police bomb disposal techniciaas that are assigned here at philadelphia
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inteenational airport. airportt an... airport ssokesman ...// says.../ the... checkpoint....was briefly ccosed,.../ áá butáá no flights... were delayed..../ áápick-loáá said...// gorgot...// that... m--80's...// are pllegal...// in a post-9--11... world...// everyyhing's... bigger in texas,.../ ááincludingáá the bbes...//. áááusáá pa-wara,.../ a... vegetableefarmer ...says.../ his dogs... weren't keepiig.../ peoplee.. off... his farm, .../ swwtch....// ááhe'sáá bringing in... dozens of hives... to buildd.. an... army of guard bees..../ ááunfortunately áá gus... didn't think... his... guard beeesconcept.../ all the way.../ thru...// ááheáá was... recently stung....57 times.../ while... 33 p a soldier in afghanistan watched his wwfe give birth in
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the middle of a warzone. 3
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wow. this is new. yep, i'm sending the dancing chicken to every store in the franchise to get the word out. that could work. or you could use every door direct mail
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stiil get really sad and happy at the same timee sad that i can't be theee. but so fortunate and happy that i have such a beautiful son now." howland says he hopes toomeet his son in person soon. see. let's gooto vytas s 3 with the exttnded forecast. 3 "'cause if ou ain't pissed
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off for greatness, hat means you're ok with being meeiocre." mediocrr."ray lewis ggves a passionate speech to the championship their trying mooivational talk worked... &pnext innsports nlimited... that'ssall for the
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late editiin,.../ buu... it's a great day for baseball. i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert, unlimited. ith sports unlimi. time is running short for the orioles in florida...opening dayyis a wwek from tomorrow at camden yardss..tonight, they began ameeagainst the y- top of he 4th...matt wiiters batting 2-93 this spring... crushes it to the wall...strolls ii for the mmn up... mark reynolds laser shot to right...wieters scores... reynolds heads to 2nddfor the double....o's lead 2-1...jason
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hammel with a solid start... runs... strikeouts...3-18 e-r-a this of the 7th...nick johnson rips it makes the awkward catcch..take &panothhr look...reaches backkt rob johnson of extra basess.. but it'ssthe o's that take phis one...4-3 the final... the orioles hhve designated dana eveeand for pssignmmnt...this 24 hours 6 hits in four inningssof s on - via trade from the dodgers in tripl,e a norfolk if he lears waivers, assuming the orioles &pstill want him...he was 1-- innnngs this spring...n 13 caps desperate for a win against boston....this goes to a shootout...matt hendricks ddkes out tim thomas... pantastic mmve...easy goal.. capp take an early lead....4th
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round...if brooks laich scores caps win...backhander beat thomas...caps with a much needed victory...they tie buffalo for th in th eaat with only 4 games left in the season... pt'' now timeeto announce the winner of high school game of the week contest...brought to you by varsity sports neework dot com... com... 63 percent of the vooe goes to jjhn carroll at notre daae thanks tt everyone ho voted this week...tune in tomorroww night on ports unlimited for the highlights... ray lewissis never shy abouu showing his passion...we see him fire p his ravens teammates every sunday...on square gaaren for the men's nii semifinaas...he gave the stanffrd caadiial a pre-game speecc that they willlprobably never forget... forgett.. 33 the speeeh worked... stanford beat umass
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to advance to tonight's n-i-t championship game whereethey defeated minnesota to win the title...that'll do it for thiss iim bruce cunninghamm..goodnigh. goodnight. turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it.
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