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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 14, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 monddy may 14th!
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3 3--3 3
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3 3 this orning... lawmakers
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return to annapolis to begin aa three day special session. &pagenda... a budget plan. asking lawmakers to pass a tax hiik for marylanders who make dollars... or families with household income of more than 150-thousand's part that also increases fees like the flush tax forrall households in the state. ((file bite from 5/9/2012- rydeel pkg) "aacuts only aaproach woulddhelp no one and it would harm all of us." "people are struggling right now.. iffwe take more money out of their pockee... bigger hole goiig for" porward."some ttxpayers aren't giving up withouu a fight. there are groups plaaning to today... as the special session gets underway. ppesidenn obama's uppprt of same sex marriage continues to briig about conversation on both sides of the issue... it also landsshim onnthe cover of .
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newsweek.the magazine ovee gives him a rainbow-striped halo and the tagllne: "the first gay president." colorado's goveenor has also of civil unions.and sinngr e - fundraiiee for presideet obama in new york this evening. the president's advocacy also stirreddcontroversy and mixed opinions among church pastors on the empowermeet temple in northweet baatimore... parishoners gavee consequences of the presidentt words.theechurrh's pastor says blacc community...weree blinddided by the president "i really feel like we were unpreparrd, the last 4 years, we gave unwaivering support to the president, when he ran, he &pran sayinngthis is not the direction he's going in so many astors were thrown off" off"pastor bryynt ssys he hopes to register a million voters to bring aryland's same sex marriage ill to a referendum this ffll.
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the next time severe weather hits... you could hear aboot it from the federal government... on your phone phonewireless carriers and the launching a weather alert system to automatically warnn people offdangerous weather and other emergencies through a special type of text messaggng to cellphones.the wireless emergency alerts service begins this month ann it'ssfree. alerts will be pssued for such &plife-threatening events as tornadoes, flash floods, hurricanes, blizzards and ice storms. just don't check those alertss while walking in one new jersey city.the city of fort lee has begun issuing tickets up to 85 dollers for eachh ffense.the meassre was achh pedeetrian related accidents. you might already ... and turn off the lighhs t every time you leave thee room.... but there's a line of coopaniee ways to ave money on your electric billss bills. many of those
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weekk joel d. smith is live ddwntoww to see if any f &phome rght now. good morning joel d. 3
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a college graduate picks up mmoe than aadiploma on day.she also ot a ring! ring!cheering nats nats sarah coopee... was walking across the stage for a diploma at american university... wen her boyyriend surprised her by
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dropping to one knee... and proposing. she gladly accepted. 3 get your monday started the riggt way. way.((music)) ((music))we're doing the chicken dance... find out why... and dance witt us... coming up. move your feet for motivation... and set a goal hometown hotspot you're watching fox 45 good ((break 1)))
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3 --on your mark...get set...
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go!.... maa gym host its 8th pnnual half marathon and relay , toobenefit the hhuse of ruth --racc director neal kopasek details on this mornings the hometown hotssot-hhw long is the race?-why do you race?-how has this helped ou?- why do you encourage others to race? 3 race? 3 3&the half marathon race will take place saturday
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mmy 19, 2012att8:00 am along the n-c-r trail in freeland, marylaad. for moreeinformation log onto fox ballimore dot com slash morning it's almost time to áclucká like a chicken. ((music))the classic song... and the classic moves... why we're dancing likeechickenn you're watching foxx 45 good day baltimore. ((break 2)) 33
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-it's ational dance like a chickennday.... so let's dance! dance!
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3 3 3
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3 3 3 43--harfoord--green-map for once.. you won't havv to for nce.. you green-map43--harfoord-- 3 44--harfoord-- liberty--40--map
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for once.. you woo't have to
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facebook dot com slash fox &pa big weekknn... and a big party here in baltimore. ((singing)) maroon 5 is coming to preakness... but thhy're not the onlyyones... find out who else will make the race one to . remember.pluu... what to wear for racc day... style to keep fabulous... next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((brrak 3))
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morning. prom will beeone night she'll coming up ... how this girl managed to lann the hottest
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it's down to the final three on american idol... and you could be there to watch the finale live. llve.we're sending someone... to hollywood!hopefully you watched fox45 betwwen 8 and 10 your last day to enter our idol legend contest. contest.the first five callers áright nowá at 410-481-4545 with last night's "idol llgend""will be entered to win a 4 ddy v-i-p trip o hollywood... to tte american pdol's all brought to you y fox45 and z 104-3. (((ess)))candace ddld will also be in hollywood covering every agle of the american &pidol finale can catc her live reports on fox45 news next mondayythursday.
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map 395 43 map 3
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we are ollowing breaking news just into our newsroom.a t-s-a agent is taken to the hospital at b-wwi thurgood marshall inside thh b terminal.ccdent - terminal.dave from elkton just seet in this photo of the aaent eing put into an wood on exactly what they're being treated for... 3&both a" and "b" terminals were closed for several minutes... but we are jjst reopenee... and passengers are looked like just minutes side..-
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passengers on the idewalk outs. outside.riggt now b-w-i says the icident ii not mpactiig flight operations.we'll continue to folloo this story and bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available. a busy weekend for invessigators...after four homicides in the ccty in the last 24 hours. hours..ou can see on this map that they were spread out across baltimore.the first happened around noon on park stabbed to death.pollce also found a man shot and killeddon gough street in southeast baltimore just after 9 o'clock &plast night. on franklin street t north ed - lludon avenne in west baltimmreejust before 5 p-m. thh 30-year-old man shot several times in tte chest.hee was pronounced dead on the way to theehospital. then... just after 10 last night... police found aaman phot and killed on east 32nd ptreet in northeaat baltimoree a 3-alarm fire rips through an auto dealership in prince george's county. happened sunday deallrrhip in mmrloo heights.
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thh fire damaged a number oo vehicles... and destroyed had to evacuute the e crews buulding... once the roof begannto sag. luukily... nooone was injured. sttrting today... the pentagon will opee mmre thann 14-thhusand commat-related roles to wooen serving in theea. army.previously... femalee soldiees were excluded from those jobs because the roles &pwere either close to ground combat... or directty involled in combat.but aavocates pushed ffr a ccange in policy... lives by serring on the front lines innpatrols... and in risky military police and securrty units.the defensee department planssto assess the a new poll by "airfare watchdog"... finds airline passengees are breaking the ruu. rulls.of the 12-hundred pople who took an onlinn ssrvey.... 1 in 4 say they don'' always follow the fliiht attendant's &ptheir electronics..he f-a-a says passengers arr asked to turn off the devices during
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ttke-off and landing because of potential signal interference. wantta relaaing vacaaion that doesn't cost a dime? &pdime?sttp checking our email so uch! researchers at the university that eliminating the , fouud distraction of work email study found works with email access changee screens twice as often and had higher heart rates than those without 3 saving oney is big busine. business. comppnies
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specializing in energy efficiency are meeting in baltimore his eek to show off the latesttproducts to save us some money on those electric bills. joel d. smith is live downtown noo to see if the ggod morning jool ..t. 3 33
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pf you''e a fan of "7-eleven" slurpees... there's gooo news for you! you!the convenience store chain will soon offer ... a wwlllhave half thhecaloriee of ffavor will be fanta sugar st -
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ree mango.8 ounces of the new - mango drink issexpected tt havee20 calories.7-elevee sayy one girl gets the prom nightt she's always dreamed f. her near prom-disasttr... turns into the most magiial night of hhr life... and the big star ho made it happen. find out iffyou need to grab the raiicoat oo your way out the door ttday. your forecast next. you're watching ffx 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)) &p ç=ç=ç= ñ;wo ((ad lib meteorologist)))-
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we are continuing to follow brreking news..all terminals at b-w-i thhrgood marshall airport have reopened... after poopital after an inciddnt terminal.dave from elkton seent this photooof all the passengers just coming back into the can see it's packed inside the terminnl. herr s a phott of the t-s-a ambulance just minutes word on exactly what they're being treated for.we will continne to follow this stooyy coming up... hot guy. hot car. car.(("yeah, i didn't thinn that i had a chance.")) tt score the best date around... to make hee prom night one she will never
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forget. you're watching fox 45 good day 3&((break 6)) >> when you want the latest information about your health,
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when you have questions about handling your finances, when you need prayer and inspiration to live a more abundant life, and when what is happening in the world impacts your community and family, turn to the "700 club" for analysis and insight into events of the day. 3
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forget being prom qqeen... one ohio teen gets bigger bragging rights hen it comms to he &pan n-f-l player.emily valdee shows uu how she anded her dream date. 3 18-year-old independence high school senior joyce grendel is putting on the last-minute arrives. she's extra nervvus because she asked him out. ""eah, i didn't think thaa i had a hance."did we mentton she asked out browws cornerback oe hadenn via twittee?"it just said, 'hey joe, would you consider going to my senior prom with me because my date backed out and dddn't go. this is bigger than i ever imagined."within a few hours, hh replied nd said, been so i'll take yoo." ((ats)forret the limo, friday
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pictures with me anddher pamily. i feel we were really legit, like i waa getting ready, 'does this look cool? is everything, right?' i feel my prom, too."23--ear-old haden never got to attend his senior prom because he reality, this isn't the first "i know her because she tweets me a lot, and she's been a &preally good haden natton supporter..all my autographs siinings, my appearanccs, all that, she always shows up. this is one daae he approves oo."weemet him last year. as a went bowling with him her kids downtown. you couldn't find a nicer guy. i alked to him a little bit there. he'ssno diffeeent than any of us; he's jjst a quality ggy."(nats)wwth a really nnce car too. &p from prom toopreakness... itts
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baltimore. 3((singingg) ((singing))coming up...a preakness preview. thh big names that will keep you day.and just a reminder ... we callers áright nowá at 410- 441-4545 withhllst night's "idol legend." legend."those callers willlbe entered to win 4 day v-i-p trip to hollywood... to the americannidol'' all brought to you by fox45 and z 1. 10443. ou're watching fox 45 good day ballimoree 10443. ou're watching fox 45 good day ballimoree so, you're all set up. great. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave.
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have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. the maii focus of "the
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preaknnss" is the horses...but some popular musicians will also be n the spotlight at pimlico this saturday.((meg)) of theeinfield fest.the infield will be transffrmed into a pprty...thereewill be live music onntwo stages.. you
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will hear performances by grammy award winners "marooo 5."they are known for their mega hit.. "moves like jagger." tc=1:52 - you wanna move like jagger... this is ffom the group'' third studio albuu, hands all over it is among the best-selling pingles of all time peaked at pumber one on billboard top 100 the guys have perffrmed here in mmryland efore-----adam somm oo the best fanss multi-platinum rapper wiz khaliff will performmearlier in theeday. he's a pittsburgh poy and he is knownnfor his song "black and yellow".being
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a ravens faa.. i just couldn't play that for you this morring. so heee's another hit.. "roll u" upp nats: i aint gonna flee, i'm not gonna front you know if i ball, then we all gonnnassunt &psend her mm way, she aint gotta holddup whenever ou call baby i roll up, i roll up, i roll up whenever you call baby i roll up, i rool up peputation ut organizers attract the 21-33 year olds 3 theee is another stage...the beer garden jagermeister will hear brtish rockers "the arkness"; nashville-basee country band, little big town; and regionnl favoritee, mr. greengenes. pould the weather puu a damper preakness?meteorologist emily graccy takes a llok with your 7-day forecast next. next. you're waaching
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fox 45 taxes and the special
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sessson.why some people are fighting back.
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