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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  June 16, 2013 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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grieved. we have gone through many different faucets of it. today we are going to draw your heart upon this. i want to show you what the loving holy spirit does for the believer. loving holy spirit does something specifically. our text was romans 15:30. i besiege you, brethren for the love of the spirit. i underlined it. that you strive together with me and your prayer to god for me. he was saying in the name of the lord jesus christ for his sake and love of the spirit. holy spirit of god does many wonderful things. i am looking out at a congregation of men and women today that i assume for the most part know the lord, jesus. you have been born of the spirit of god.
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you really, truly know him. you don't know what that does to a preacher when he gets up to preach. wonderful to know there are men and women with you on the same page, same desire, same design. to make their life forgotten. with that in mind, i am here to remind you of something, holy spirit of god, third person of the trinity does something very special for believers. i have needed it, you need this, the comfort of the holy spirit of god. the world has no comfort at all.
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all of them are seeking to help you, nothing will help you like the wonderful holy spirit of god. as you are introduced. do you realize much of the heart ache you have and liked. much of the pains you experience through daily experiences, god never intended for you to be hurt. if you need comfort as a believer, i want to give you scripture. bible says, then, have the church rest, throughout all of judeo, galilee and samaria,
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walking in the comfort of the holy ghost where multiplied. the church had rest. we want to stop there for a moment. there is a rest, promise to the children of god. this week, some of you have gone through real heart break. some of you have had things happen to you you were not ready for you didn't expect that. my god is the god that knows everything and nothing unexpected. because of your being in christ, because of the gift of the spirit of god that took the place of christ on earth who is our agent here today. he dwells within you and promised every child of god a rest. there is a rest promise to the children of god. go home, take your bibles, go to
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the fourth chapter of the book of hebrews and rest of the rest, rest, rest you have in jesus christ. throughout all of the land, we were walking in the fear of the lord. this is good for you to do. realize i am a child of god, i am under his control. i need to fear god with a rez rent shl fear of the lord, secondly he says in the comfort of the holy ghost. that is the holy spirit of god. were multiplied. think of this. church have our beginning and god says we were comforted by the holy spirit, early church suffered, my friend, for their faith in christ. early church persecuted for their love in jesus christ. yet, they were able to say they
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found something. they found comfort in the holy spirit. i have red this again, i looked at it again and reminded how many times i failed to be comforted. god offers that comfort. it is a living reality. he gives it to you here and now. not tomorrow, but today in this very place. romans 14:17. bible says this. turn over there, please, we need to see this word of god. the kingdom of god -- but righteousness and piece and joy in the holy ghost. here again god not only promises you his peace, his comfort, you also can have the joy in the holy spirit. do you know what it is to have
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joy in the holy spirit? let me kind of explain it to you. you are going through, let's say a physical problem. that physical problem put you down flat on your back. while you are flat on your back, you are not able to think right. while you are there, you realize you need help. people come along, pray with you, that is wonderful. people come along and encourage you, that is marvelous. then when the lights are out and you are all alone and in the hospital room, and your mind is going all over and trust it is on christ. it is at that time no human being is there that you have an access to god. you can go and say god, i need you. i have had help around me, i
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need you, i need your strength, i need your power, your might, i need you now. god do something in my life. god will never, god will never forsake that kind of prayer. you have experienced it to know what i am saying. then there is a calmness that defines description. you realize you are being carried by god. he is taking you through that heart break, that physical ailment you are going through. god put us in here to remind you are not alone, you have something the world does not have, you have access to god. you have the dwelling power of the holy spirit of god. there should be joy in the holy
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spirit. no matter what is taking place within your life. it is a beautiful thing to walk in the spirit. he also sets a song in your heart. i remember when i was first saved as a young soldier boy. christian said earl johnson, do you have a song in your heart? i don't know what they are talking about. i lied, sure. you'd do the same thing. i didn't know what they were talking about. you know what i discovered as i have grown in the lord, god does put a song in your heart and it is in your mind, do you realize, this is why i sing hymns. if you want to do the songs, forget it! if you want to sing the praises
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when you are in deep depression, sing the hymns again and again. he gives you a song in your heart even though you are going through the deepest trial in your life. isn't that amazing? holy spirit of god does that. ephesian 5:18, be not drunk with wine access or total loss but filled with the spirit! how am i filled with the spirit? i want to have a song in my heart. i want to have a peace of god, joy of god. i am in a dark world. i need something that will carry
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me through every trial of my life. god says i need a comforter. be not drunk with wine. there is a command, be fill ed with spirit! men under authority give commands. they expect it to be adhered and done and follow. then he says here is what is going to happen. you ready? no. 1 speaking to yourselves. my wife is great at this. honey, are you talking to me or yourself this time? i get good answers, so go on, honey, keep talking to yourself.
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speaking to yourselves, what am i going to say to myself? i am talking to me. all right. speak to yourselves in psalms. in songs, hymns and spiritual songs. you want your radio on christian music and television on christian programming, cd's with christian music. word of god is always being held. a lady came to my house one day, daughter believer, she was not. she walked in my home. i had a christian radio on. we had it on. i greeted this lady, she said will you shut that thing off. i looked at her, my first
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thought, i won't tell you. i shut it down for her. i said to myself: ma'am, you don't know what you are missing. you are missing the blessings of god. of course she is foreign. christians should have much music in their life. read the psalms, try singing them. they were sung at the beginning anyhow. sing the hymns sing into the glory and praise of god. i was in the hospital once. they moved me from one room to the other. i do this all the time. i was singing. i don't know the song i was singing. i was in this room. they put me in there. didn't even turn the lights on yet. i was singing whatever it was. i heard a voice, it was a nurse. can i turn the lights on?
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there were three nurses standing there. i said what can i do for you, ladies. they say we just love to hear you sing. so i sang. had a great time. in songs in my heart, spiritual songs, these are songs that should be in your heart. here is the next step, singing and making med di in your hearts to the lord, amen. you are singing for the glory of god. you are making melody in your heart until you became a believer, you may have sang different songs. have you learned how to sing the praises of god? you don't have to sing them out loud.
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there is an old testament promise from the comforter, isaiah 66. a verse i am going to read to you. very strange verse. it is this love i am talking of as one his mother comforter so will i comfort you and you shall be comforted in jerusalem. he is talking to the isrealites. he is talking to you as one who him mother comforted. you cannot describe the comfort that children derive from their mother. father can say honey it is okay. all the mother has to do is hug and kiss him. it is all better at that time. there is a mother, did you know
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that there is a theological statement that says there is a god comfort a mother comfort of god. that is beautiful? that is language we can understand. identify with the love of a mother for her children. mother love of god within her heart has comfort. this is done by the holy spirit, intimate, personal, affectionate. it consoles the heart. as a mother comforted, so will he comfort you. you need comfort? you come to god. our mothers are gone for the most part a lot of us. god is the one that brings comfort. look at this word, comforter. john 15:26. please turn in your bible. i want you to see the word of god. john 3:15 says this.
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he is talking about the comforter. when the comforter has come, christ is speaking whom i will send you from the father. he is going to send somebody to take his place on earth even, notice this, the spirit of what? truth which proceeded from the father, he shall testify or teach of me. look at that verse carefully. when the comforter has come, what is a comforter? one that is beside you. could be a translated monitor, teacher, frequently, though, we say he is a comfort. he is an advocate, john 15:26. when the comforter has come, whom i will send, look up for a moment. do you realize the holy spirit
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of god has already been sent? when you were saved you received the holy spirit of god. not only were you sealed by the spirit of god, you were invited, holy spirit lives within you. takes and teaches your mind. he does everything on the incite to make you a man or woman of god you wanted to be. god says to us throughout word of god. i will send them to you. he is going to come from the father directly from heaven, even from the spirit of truth which proceeded, he shall teach me. when i open the bible, i have the hope of the holy spirit. he explains scripture through
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illumination? if this room were dark, i say turn the lights on. one christmas eve, we had a candlelight service. all the lights were out. there was a young rowdy youngster here, my grandson. about five at that time. when they turned all the lights out, he yelled out in that dark quiet room, turn the lights on! her daughter, her son. not mine. we turned the lights on with candles. when you received the holy spirit, the holy spirit turned your lights on. only by the illumination -- god turn today lights on. you sing i saw the light, you did. the light of the gospel.
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who is the spirit of light? holy spirit of god. when you heard the word of god, he opens up your mind. do you realize, even know while i am teaching you the word of god. the holy spirit is doing what i cannot do. he is taking truth and illuminating your minds. opening your mind, expanding them and i trust they are being expanded with the truth of the word of god that you have a presence, comforter and advocate right here and right now. he is the one who will illuminate your mind. teach you and listen carefully. did you ever have a problem and couldn't solve it in the bible? you turned in that good old trust commentary. he didn't have the answer,
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either. you see, they are not unfallible. holy spirit of god is. he will teach you things in this book that will stay in your mind and heart all of your life. it will never leave you, that is beautiful. when you learn biblical techniques, resting in christ, claiming promises of christ. when you have gotten all these things together. he illuminates that mind. he is my comforter. i understand that. it is a reality. i can claim his comfort at all times. some of you, yesterday, last night, laid on your pillows and wept. some of you are very, very
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lonely. very, very distressed. some of you are very unhappy in the situation you are in right now. i want to tell you this, it is the greatest truth you could ever hear. god promised you, he will let you know he is the comforter. he is your advocate and he is fighting for you. and as you expose yourself to the word of god holy spirit will do what you cannot do, he'll illuminate your mind and take your burdens and carry them for you. he is the great burden carrier. he is the authority article i can count on the holy spirit. another word is a word called
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advocate. christ is called wonderful counselor, mighty god. you are familiar with that. now the holy spirit is called the advocate. he is as a lawyer, pleads against the enemies of the cross. you take paul, he was so amazing in his speech, almost -- to be a christian. how did he come to that place? the holy spirit of good loosened the mind and tongue of a man of god. have you ever said something you don't know where you got it from to help somebody? i have. it is because the spirit of god is within you. he will bring to mind something from the word of god, that person needs right then and there. that is why you can comfort others where you yourself have been comforted. he is my advocate.
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we have the holy spirit of god as our comforter. besides this, he is not only an advocate that gives you words, he is the advocate, hear this carefully, of my heart. my heart. i am glad i have got one. as you know i have a renewed heart. i can say amen to that, you don't have to. i remember a sermon i preached one time. i discovered this article by a cardiovascular doctor. he made a study and said the physical heart is very much like the brain. i love you with all my heart, he said that. he says actually, they have found this to be a reality,
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there are sensors in the heart as in the brain, not of complicated, feelings are coming from the heart. we got to the heart of the subject. it is the heart we believe on him with all of our heart. the holy spirit of god i believe, not only touches your mind, but he touches that sensibility within your heart. where you can love god. he can show you his love by indwelling your heart. do you ever think of that when you begin to understand how complex you are, our advocate is the holy spirit of god. our advocate of heaven is god himself. we do it with groanings that cannot be uttered.
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did you ever have a heart break? you absolutely run out of words, god, i don't know what else to say? god, i just don't know? i had times like that. i remember praying for somebody one time that, that person would come to christ. i remember praying the entire night. i ran out of words, out of voice, i can remember, oh god, oh god, do something! want to know something, god dissomething. he never failed and never will. >> that ends another service here at grace bible baptist church. for those of you listen for the first time, we want you to know this program is bought with a caring heart. we care about you. we want you to know the heart of
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god. come visit us 1518 north rolling road catonsville, maryland. god bless you, i am looking forward to seeing you every sunday. ♪ [captioning provided by u.s. captioning company] >> announcer: the following is
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