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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 7, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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abu anas al libi: one of the world's most wanted terrorists and an al qaeda operative, according to the pentagon. his wife says a group of men in libya's capital of tripolo ambushed al libi as he retd home from morning prayers on saturday. "they say there were ten people,ut i more than ten. ie couldn't count them, because there were many of them." she says al libi left al qaeda in '96 and had no connection to the twin bombings of u-s embassies in kenya and tanzania in 1998. a federal grand jury in new york determined otherwise, nd others believed to be linked to the attacks. a u-s official says commandos from the u-s army's "delta force" captured al libi, who was then taken to a navy warship. al libi will be interrogated while still in milary custody. c-n-n has learned the oba administration has activated theghl interrogation group" -- a team from several intelligence agencies led by the f-b-i. it's not clear when he might arrive in new
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york to face fedal charges. al-libi's capture coincided with a weekend raid in somalia, tageting a commanr of al-shabaab -- the group that claimed esiby for last month's siege on a shopping mall in nairobi, kenya, that killed 67 people. navy seals ran into heavy fire and had to pull out of the operation, not knowing whether their target was dead or alive. i'm andrew spencer reporting. the man suspected of carrying out the deadly shooting rampage inside a colorado movie theater will be back in court today. james holmes is charged with killing 12 people... and has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. for the next two weeks, he's expected to sit in court while a judge decides what evidence prosecutors can use again him. a couple pieces profiles holmes set up on two dating websites. prosecutors say in the profiles he asked "will you visit me in prison?" holmes' trial is set r next year. one of the motorcyclists beating of an s-
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u-v driver... appears in a new york courtroom. reginald chance is facing charges including gang assault and criminal mischief. during yesterday's arraignment... a judge set his bail at 150-thousand dollars. prosecutors say chance took part in the beating of alexian lien. after sshin his helmeti ww lien's s-u-v.. he has admitted to breaking the... but insists he didn't participate in the attack. the first tropical storm to threaten the gulfcoast this season,s e kanweakened to a depression yesterday morning and then completely dissipated by the end of the day. hurricane officials say bits and pieces of the storm are now moving eastward, and will pass by the dip of louisiana. residents say they're thankful theye dodged what was thought to be powerful storm. "the storm that never was? well it gave us a good run for preparing for actual storms that actually will happen." "we felt like it was going o be at most a
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tropical storm and so we were going to go forward with it unless mething else happens." there still a chance of rain for many coastal towns in alabama and florida over the next day or so. clean up and salvage operations continue this morning in wayne, nebska after a destructive tornado left this behind. theational ather service says an ef-four touched dwn e town fiday night... damagng om flattening airport hangars, and causing significant damage to an industrial park. yesterday, nebraska's governor got a first-hand look at theamage. even though there's a lot of recovering to do, he says the city of wayne is strong. e zen community are resilient. they are determined. and i know they're going to rebuild this community. peak winds from friday's tornado reached 170 miles per hour. the ravens are
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back atop the a- f-c north after beating the dolphins in miami sunday. paul gessler is live at panera in towson... where he awaits talking to ravens nation. ul-- glimpes of ravens football came to the surface agan sunday. dolphins quarterback ryan tannehill was facing heat from the ravens 'd' all afternoon. justin tucker kicked four field goals... incuding what would be theame winner. ray rice h a season- high 74 yards rushing... ...scored two touchdowns. no takeaways.... but, timely defensive plays... including an elvis dumervil sack to push the
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dolphins game- tyi field goal attempt back to 57 yards away. of course... it was wide left. john harbaugh... on the thousands of ravens fans in south florida... john harbaugh: "it seemed like half the stadium... i'm so proud of the baltimore ravens fans. thank you. thank you. our players went over and sai sothig to em after t ga. they were amazing. they were loud the whole game. just couldn't be more proud to be the cach of the ravens after that experience." hard to quantify how many ravens fans were actually at the game. let's just say half the stadium looked pure. are you our biggest fan?
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then you can become.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll pick one of our viewe from our facebook page... and feature them on fox45 news at 5. to become a fan justo to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash xbmore. coming up on the early edition... government furloughs... cause safety concerns. why aviation experts worry that lives could be risk... if inspectors are off the job much longer. ((break 1))
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way toochi. the torch landed in moscow, russia yesterday... after taking off from greece. it's slated to travel or23 more than 40- thousand miles... before arriving in sochi in february. it will be the longest journey in the history of the winter games. besides being carried by runners... he torch will travel via dog sled, air-balloon and a spacecraft that will stop at the internatial space station. ((2-shot toss to atr)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) ((traffic reporter ad
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fox45 is committed to inging you stories that are meaningful and impact your liv. that's why we're asing for
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r help i shaping the type of newscast you'd like to see. we want you to know that you have a voice and we'll listen to your feedback. go to our website and take our news survey. there you'll be able give us your thoughts on eleve different itnoer tool for us to bring you the most comprehensive newscasts in baltimore. to get started go to foxbaltimore dot com slash survey.... or click on "news survey" under hot topics on foxbaltimore dotom. still to come. getting erans. to gn up for health insurance. the creative commerals that are popping up in states across the country. "they basically told us to go home and we will call you when we need you back." f-a-a safety
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inspectors... in limbo. the constantly- increasing risk... associated with extended furloughs. ((break 2))
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among the 800- thousand federal employees furloughed in the government shutdown. nearly all of the agency's 12- hundred certification staff and inspectors were told to take the forced unpaid time off. now, as margaret conley reports, there's conce about how at will impact airlines. aviation safety inspector stephen ferrara got an email the morning of the government shutdown telling him his job -- inspecting safety systems for planes and pilots - has been furloughed until further notice. "they basically told us tgo home an we will call you when we need you back. ran federal aviation administration employees have been furloughed, a third of the faa's
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workforce. this includes almo 3,000 air safety inspectors who are not reporting to work and not getting paid for w. loretta alkalay was an ttorney for the faa who w teaches fwit30 plus years at the agency, she's been through shutdowns before. "i was shocked that they would furlough inspectors... didn't believe it. i had to chec with somebody in my office because it was so unheard of to consider inspectors notessential. it's llke hg e inspectors, product quality inspectors. it's really really very surprising that the government allowed that to happen." ferrara warns this leaves no oversight of the air safety system in the country. "bseare t rking e sstem is going to start to break down and it's going to happen exponentially." some industry analysts say a short term shutdownould just be an annoyance but longer term it could become increasingly difficult. "if they're out for 3 weeks they m be 6 weeks away fr
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fetyurvillnc tasks and that has to concern all of us at least a little." an faa spokeswoman declined our request for an terview, but in a stement said that "safey is their top ts oeity and if tha a ew days, we will incrementally begin to recall specific employees back." but for ferrara, that doesn't add any comfort. "there's a certain amount of fear and and just you don't know what what the next step is straighahead... competing for attenion with spoofs... and songs. song nats what these ads... meant to spread the word about health care reform measures... are purposefully aving out. ((k
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president obama's affordable care act... new tv ads use simple, creative a to h rts wd. christine romans takes a look. coming up...
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a horrific accident takes place during the grand prix of housn. crash nats, screaming the popular driver who ended up in the hospital.. and how he's doing this mornng.
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a lake that turns living creatures to stone as soon as they touch it. what causes this petrifying reaction...
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thusands of mourning
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families and firefighters we in ek paying tribute to fallen commrads. "nats bagpipes" the sound of bagpipes filled the air in emmitsburg for the annual cereony at the fallen firefighters memorial. officials added 81 names to the site... all but eightf th din e duty across the u-s last year. two names in particular caused a stir in the bleachers... the men killed while responding to a fire in new york on christmas eve last year. they didt die because of the flames, but because of gunfire. e'on to here to honor them and to represent them and to pay respects for what they did for us, and for the community." this year's service was a little diffent. the federal shuown forced firefighters and loved ones off the fema site, where the actual memorial stands. instead, they gathered down the road unt saint ry's niversity. roughly


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