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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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really easy. >> wendy: if you don't mind, a i'll going to take a little taste. >> and i brought you a little hot sauce because i heard you like hot sauce. >> wendy: exactly. is it true your dad gave you a cookbook from your grandmother? >> he did right as i sold the concept of my book. anyone who sees the book, you see a picture of aally re old book in the first couple of pages. it's the actual book from my great great grandmother. let's get to the waffles. the waffles are to die for. >> wendy: i can't believe hollywood is making ham. hollywood does not eat ham. >> you know what i love about this kind? i buy -- >> wendy: keep going. >> i buy the jeanio ham. they do great options. i feel like it's better if you can cut out the sodium, cheddar cheese in there and i love black pepper. that was like the grandma big push.
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>> wendy: where are you from in the south? >> houston and san antonio. >> wendy: bless your heart. >> so you throw this into literally a store bought batter. whatever kind you like. >> wendy: okay. >> fold it right in. this is super easy. just open this up. and you literally pour it right into there. >> wendy: isn't this a great idea? >> and another thing you can do that's also really fancy, bacon across tle. >> wendy: hello, hollywood. >> i like thbacon. >> wendy: they've got the tofu out there. >> i'm good on that. >> wendy: do you have a little boyfriend? >> i do have a boyfriend. enough time to think about marriage and kids of your own? >> what are you doing to me? >> wendy: just asking. let's talk about this. >> okay. this is actually one of my boyfriend's favorite desserts in the book. i cannot bake, so this is my favorite no-bake dessert. it's a crescent roll store bought.
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>> wendy: oh, wow. >> so good. apple pie with an apple in the middle and brown sugar and it's literally as simple as rolling it up. >> wendy: a no-brainer. >> i have a second recipe that has asparagus. it's like a savory and a sweet. put it in the oven, i think because we're fancy they come out just like that. [ applause ] >> wendy: and a fork. and a mimosa. thank you for coming by, it's haylie duff, everybody. go to for these recipes. her cookbook is in bookstores now. up next, it's time for "ask wendy."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: welcome ba, everyone. it's time for "ask wendy." how you doin'? >> hi, wendy, how you doin'? my name is lana. >> wendy: hi, lana. >> i've been having ex-boyfriend problems. me and my boyfriend broke up on thursday. on friday -- >> wendy: sorry to hear about that? >> a little bit. whatever, it's fine. >> and then on friday, i was at work he moved some of his stuff out, especially my tv, which i'm really upset about and messed up everything all over the floor, like threw everything out all over the floor. >> wendy: okay. >> i got my keys back which is a great thing. but i'm really, really nervous because he knows everybody and he warned me i better not date
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anybody. that he knows -- >> wendy: so there's two components. the first one is better not date, i would take that as a serious threat. i'm not going to say as far as go to the police now, but if you have brothers, neighbors, a doorman. no, i'm very serious. when a man says something crazy like that, you take that for real. >> yeah. >> wendy: that's the first thing. and then the second thing is, why was he in your apartment when you were at work? >> well, we broke up and he still had my keys. i didn't know he was moving anything out and i got a text message saying i'm moving your stuff and i'm stepping all over everything. >> wendy: you don't blame him, do you? because that's how people react when they break up and when they see a weak link. and the weak link was he knew you were at work. >> and it's my birthday weekend and my dad was in the hospital. >> wendy: he's soulless but he did what angry, immature guys do. >> yeah. >> wendy: you're not going to get your tv back. change your locks. >> no, and that's the next thing. >> wendy: and warn your neighbors, okay. >> i already did that. >> wendy: good luck.
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good luck. [ applause ] hi. >> hi, wendy, my name is vandi, how you doing? >> wendy: how can i help? >> i have a 9-year-old that's obsessed with watching make-up tutorials on youtube. i want to know, is she growing up too fast? or do i have a budding make-up artist? >> wendy: you have a budding something or other sounds very successful. she's smart enough to know not to wear it outside the house. maybe get her a little -- like we got when we were her age. but no, let her play on you. >> yeah, she does. >> wendy: yeah. >> she did. >> wendy: she did a great job. nurture that talent. as long as it's on anybody but her. >> correct. >> wendy: all right, evybody. we've got to take a quick break. what to do if you suspect your 10-year-old is dating. we'll answer that next on more "ask wendy."
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>> wendy: the fun doesn't stop when the show ends, go to wenshowom, check out the after show and enter to win amazing free stuff. visit today. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: shout it out. welcome back, everybody. we're still doing "ask wendy." you're the mom we teased about before the break. your 10-year-old, you think, has a girlfriend. >> yes, wendy.
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how you doin'? my name is sonia from delaware. and my son every time i come into his room he's on the phone. and i'm like you're on the phone, he hangs up, he's only 10 and i'm seriously thinking he has a girlfriend. i'm just not sure if he does and what i should do about that. >> wendy: well, you realize at 10 that if he's calling somebody a girlfriend it's nothing more than they might sit together at lunch. they're not actually going out on dates. you know that, you're his mom. >> i think. i know. i hope. >> wendy: but does this girl come over your house? >> no, not that i know of. >> wendy: what do you mean? >> i go to work. >> wendy: okay. where is he at your work? >> i hope he has school. i don't know, wendy. >> wendy: is dad in the houe? >> yeah. >> wendy: and siblings in the house? >> yeah. >> wendy: you know realistically your boy is not dating. this little girl you suspect on the telephone, we're still early in the school year. have a talk with one of his teachers or main teacher as he
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switches classes. find out what his relationship is with this girl. and let the school know you want a handle on it. and the other thing is, most kids hang up the phone quickly when their parents walk in the room or they throw it under the bed and act like they're not on the phone. as a mom, you realize you could go to your cell provider and look at every single record of every single call and that's what you'll do and find out what this is and politely call the mother. don't do anything creepy behind your son's back because he'll start to pull back from you and you want conversations open and fluid at this particular age, okay. >> yes. >> wendy: there is no girlfriend, mom. >> okay. thank you. >> wendy: up next, everybody, another brave cancer survivor gets a fabulous head to toe makeover. don't miss it.
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>> wendy: so welcome back. i'm here with our fashion expert lilliana vazquez. and all month long, we've been giving head to toe makeovers for women who have bravely battled breast cancer. today, we're making over a very special woman, her name is patricia. patricia is currently going
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through chemotherapy and the side effects have left her feeling, well, less confident than usual. take a look. >> hi, wendy, my name is patricia. how you doin'? back in the middle of this year, i was diagnosed with breast cancer. right now i'm going through my chemo treatments. but my greatest support has been my three beautiful children, my husband for 35 years. they are taking a trip to miami to celebrate my birthday and my wedding anniversary. as you can see, i have no hair, i don't feel pretty, i don't feel beautiful. i know you can help me. i know i will look beautiful with a makeover. can you help spice up my look for miami. thank you. >> wendy: patricia's husband fabio is here so are her three children. hi, guys. okay. you ready to see your mom? come on out, patricia [ cheers and applause ]
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wow! lilliana, beautiful dress for miami or wherever. >> yeah, so she wanted a spicy look for miami. not just her birthday, it's her annersary. she wanted to heat things up so i gave her a sexy maxi dress, a little bit of a waist definition. showing it off in all the right ways, great arms, and simple accessories like a rose gold clutch, bangles, earrings and i love the dress. >> wendy: yes, beautiful. and now -- regarding her hair, this is a wig from my wig line called wendy williams hair world. this one's called the page. how do you feel, patricia? >> i feel beautiful. >> wendy: terrific. terrific. another great job. all my wigs can be found at
5:49 pm and i'm also making a donation to the wig program. to find out how you can help fight breast cancer, go to special thanks to our friend lilliana vazquez, her new book is called "the cheap chica's guide to style." keep it here because we'll be right back.
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and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. >> wendy: welcome back. you know, there is a story behind this blouse and i'm going to tell it on my after shower. i know as a larger woman sometimes we get a lot of blouses that don't fit us correctly, but i'm going to share some information, go to for today's after show and we'll talk about that. i want to thank my guests today, laz alonzo, haylie duff, and
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lilliana vazquez, patricia, you look beautiful, enjoy miami. and my co-host, my stylish studio audience. thank you for being here. tomorrow on theshow from tyler perry for better or for worse the always enjoyable tasha smith is here plus the lovely meghan mccain stops by and i'll see you next time on "wendy." bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
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(basketball game on tv) (crowd cheering, whistle blows) it seems to me that it would be more fair
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if everybody on both basketball teams was the same height. that's how it seems to you, huh? yeah, like in boxing. heavyweights fight heavyweights, lightweights fight lightweights. so, in your world, everybody on a basketball team would be, say, 6'5", and they'd only play other teams that were 6'5". exactly. that way, no one would have an unfair advantage. huh. that's very interesting. you really think so? no, but it's less likely to start a fight than, "that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard." and yet you said it anyway. okay, "dumb" was a poor choice of words. it's not about that. (mutes tv) i've got to go to a funeral this weekend. oh, man, i'm sorry. who died? my ex-mother-in-law. that couldn't wait till halftime? charlie... i'm just saying, she'll still be dead at halftime.
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i was very close to her and i want to pay my respects, so i'm going to santa barbara, and i'll be spending the weekend with my ex-husband. oh, okay. well, everyone's staying at his parents' house. all right... well, do you want me to come with you? no. great. why not? do you want to come? hell, no. that's what i figured. look, i just want to be up-front with you. i was married to alex for eight years, and i just don't want you to get the wrong idea. i wouldn't have had any idea if you hadn't felt the need to tell me. yeah, well, i don't want us to have any secrets from each other. we definitely should not have secrets. right. you know, from this point forward.
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what kind of guy is this alex? he's a good guy. we just got married too young and wanted different things. he wanted something different than your things? 'cause your things are terrific. thank you. announcer: a golden opportunity to score... he didn't go gay on you, did he? no. are you jealous? no, no. of course not. i mean, maybe a little, you know, in the sense that his mother's dead.
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it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. i don't smoke. i miss you, too, honey. how was the funeral? yeah, i guess they're all pretty sad. probably why they don't call them fun-erals. (chuckling) so, where are you now, at the house? and where is your ex-husband? and where is his room in relationship to yours? hey, hey, it's got nothing to do with jealousy. i just know based on a lifetime of experience that penises do not observe a traditional mourning period. forget it, you are not driving my car until you get a learner's permit. not even in the driveway? not anywhere. what if you have a heart attack? no, call an ambulance. fine. if they don't get here in time, can i have your car?


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