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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 7, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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wherever you go you represent your company. as a young person, every young person out there, everything you post on social media will follow you your entire career. you have to realize that. >> i don't know how old this woman is. oh, she's 22 years old. your working life is over because i would have fired you right away also. and furthermore, attached to her resumé from now on when she applies for job. >> she's a total whackadoo. they need to get rid of her. you can't make decisions on my job when you don't think something like that is in poor taste. >> that's all i'm saying. exactly. poor taste. let's move onto the other offensive costumes that are fire worthy. trayvon martin and george zimmerman in fulllac face with that one also. >> what are people thinking? >> i have no idea. >> if you want to dress up like trayvon martin, don't get mad if someone treats you like he was treated and gets away with
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murder. >> have you seen the twin towers? look at these girls? >> they're missing a chip. they won the halloween costume contest at that bar, by the way. >> oh really? >> yeah. someone had to tell them, like, no, this isn't a right thing to do. this i very insensitive. >> and it's not just halloween. if people are going to be stupid they're going to be spid. halloween seems to magnify the stupidity i say they cancel it. >> why not? >> what happened to the good old days when you dressed up as fred or wilma or something innocent? >> i thought i was fly in my adidas track suit calling myself ll cool jawn. >> thank you all for being here. up next we're going to play a really fun game in our audience. keep it here! [ cheering ] it's getting cold out there so let's heat things up.
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it's hot monday. with a full hour of your favorite hot topics. plus real housewives and real life hot topic porsha swart stops by to tell me about all the the drama brewing in atlanta. it's going to be good. it's an all new "wendy" monday.
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>> thanksgiving is a time to be together and i want to spend it with you. >> enter for you and a friend to win a once in a lifetime trip to new york city. tickets to wendy williams show and a lavish dinner with wendy. >> go to my facebook page to enter. we're saving a seat for you. i love the game that we play here. we haven't done it in a while so i'm really excited. this is where we put two audience members to the test to
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see who different things. you guess which one is older. i'll explain as we go along. let's meet our first contestant. how you doin'. >> how you doin'? >> what's your name? >> randi. >> where you from? >> savannah, georgia. >> i'm going to give up my mike for one second. all right give it back, give it back, give it back. which is older? denzel washington or instant coffee. don't help her. don't help her. it's a good game, i told you. >> instant coffee. i think my grandma was making instant coffee. >> yes, you're right! >> denzel is 58 and instant coffee is 123. okay. which is older, blue ivy or the cronut? the cronut is that cross hibernation between the doughnut
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and crossaint. which is older? >> blue i vy. >> i have never heard of that. >> because you're not from here. blue ivy is 21 months and the cronut is delicious. which is older. lindsay lohan or the g pps. i know this one. maybe i don't. lindsay lohan. i don't know. >> no. the gps! did you realize that gps had been around for 40 years. i know. lindsay is 27. okay. so now let's go to our next contestant. thank you you did okay. how you doin'? where you from sf. >> i'm lorain from new jersey. >> very nice. jersey girl. lorain, which is older?
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britney spears or cheetos? >> well, i remember eating cheetos so i'm going to say cheetos. >> let's see if she's right. you are correct. cheetos are 55. britney is 31. which is older, jennifer aniston or the chia pet? >> jennifer aniston or the chia pet. i'm going to go with nnifer. >> let's see if she's right. jennifer is 44 and the chia pet is 36. okay, here's your final question, which is older, me, i'm 49, or the remote control? you know, for the tv? >> i know that. let's see. i don't know. well i'm your favorite fan, so the remote control. >> you're right! the remote control is 63. yeah.
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well, did you like that game? . did you learn something? >> it's one of my favorite games ever. and everybody is going home a winner. here. take a wen di t-shirt and pass one down. congratulations to both of thank you for being here. "ask wendy" is up next.
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looking fabulous is just a click away. how you shopping? [ cheering ] >> we're back. it's time for "ask wendy." actually we've been doing -- no, we played the game. how you doin'? >> how you doin'? i have a question. so i've been dating a guy for a few months, and a few weeks ago was his birthday and his ex-girlfriend called him. should i be worried or concerned that there is something going on? >> um, i wouldn't be worried, but i would be concerned. i categorized a few as three. how many have you been dating? >> a few months. like three. >> i would be concerned. also have a direct conversation with him without seeming jealous, but concerned. you know, can we stop this behavior? i don't chec on my exes when their birthdays come around. it's not fair. >> no, it's not.
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>> good luck. >> thanks. hi, how you doin'? >> hey, wendy. my name is yolanda. how you doin'? >> how can i help? >> my best friend is dating a guy of af and on. he's texting me how are you? >> she's still dating him. >> yes. she's jealous of our relationship. >> of her relationship. well, she's very jealous of the relationship. so how do i tell her that he's been contacting me? >> well, you just did it on tv. and i trust that you're a good friend and have never kissed him, anything about him. >> no, i ignore him. >> how long has this been going on? >> you do save the texts, don't you? >> yes. >> how many texts has he been sending you over a couple of months?
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>> i would say five or six. >> that's five or six too many. >> what kinds of things does he say to you? >> let's meet up. what are you doing tonight? stuff like that. >> how old are you, yolanda? >> i'm 31. >> how old is your friend? >> s's 31. >> she's invested the last five year of her life. she's thinking she's going to get married and have babies. this relationship is so over. you seem like -- i like her demeanor. i think that you're doing the right thing by wanting to tell her. you couldn't live with yourself because you're the best friend. when you get married you realize you would be a bridesmaid. >> he's a cheater. >> but this is the nail in the coffin. there's cheating and then there's best friend cheating. really? >> right. >> break that up now. >> thanks, wendy. i have time for one more question. how you doin'? >> hi, western di. how you doin'? >> very well. thanks.
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this past august my best friend asked me to babysit her dog for her. one day while i was walking her dog, he was hit and killed by a car. i lied and told my best friend her dog ran away. my conscious has been eating me up. what should i do? >> well, by the time you get home she'll be calling you because you do kn that you're on tv. >> i know. >> oh god. i get it. it's a little white lie. sometimes we tell those to protect somebody. how long did she have the dog? >> over five years. she slept with it and everything every night. >> can i say something, and i don't mean to be cruel to animal people. but if you care so much about your pets, then put them in the pet motel or something like this? some place where they're taken care of and you can at least sue if there's anything wrong. you're a good friend for doing that. but that's a lot of responsibility. oh my god. i like her demeanor also. don't you? >> i know it's expensive.
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but i feel bad. >> she doesn't need an expensive dog. she needs to go to the pound to the shelter. >> what should i tell her? >> have this conversation with her and be beautiful and thoughtful just like you are. >> thank you. >> you're very welcome. >> all right. ke
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[ cheering ] >> okay. we're back and it's time to reveal our eye candy of the day. if you take a look at my studio audience every day, they're the fliest people on tv. [ cheering ] >> it's very difficult to decide who it will be. but i only have one how you doin' diva fan. so i'm going to give it to, oh, yes. drum roll, please. timey ortiz! uh-huh! yeah! . here's your diva fan. >> thank you. how you doin'? >> how you doin'? come out here so we can see your head to t look. >> tell me about your sweater or
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necklace. >> so it's all well under $50. i paid 20 something bucks for the sweater at forever 21. $15 for the pants and $15 for the shoes. >> really? >> yeah. no lie. >> what about the necklace? >> this was 12. >> and i love your very simple earrings. and your makeup is flawless. >> thank you. >> are you a makeup artist? >> yes, i am. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> keep it here. we'll bt back.
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tomorrow from the new movie "best man holiday" the lovely regina hall will be here and more juicy, juicy hot topics. i love you for being here today, and i'll see you next time. bye! [ cheers and applause ]
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