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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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it will feel below the freezing mark. and below 0, actual 0 into the overnight period. cold temperatures day and night and your snow chances are coming up in a little bit. >> we are hearing from the teenager who pleaded guilty in a fire that killed his stepbrother. jacob morgan learned he will spend the next 15 years in prison. he set his mobile home on fire last year which killed his baby 14-month-old stepbrother. morgan tried to disguise the fire as accidental. morgan has shown emotion in court. you see video here. he fell on the floor his face is covered in tears. michael clark was there when he pleaded guilty. michael how did he react? >> well, he was visibly upset when he pled in front of friends and family members who support
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>> i love my brother. >> this day last year, joshua hill was 13 months old in march he died in a fire that his brother jacob morgan was adieused of setting. >> my best friend. >> at tuesday's plea hearing prosecutors told a judge that fire had two points of origin one in the bedroom and the other in the living room. according to investigators morgan admitted to lighting tea candles before the home went up in flames. >> whether he intended to kill his brother or not and may be up for debate. but he set the fire that killed his brother. >> prosecutors say morgan had a cellphone but never use to do to call for help despite the evidence against the brother, loved ones continue to stand behind him after the death of their toddler. >> i will never get over losing my little boy. i will never get over my other son being accused of the loss of our little boy. >> more began pleaded guilty to
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unlawful conduct towards a child as part of the plea. he maintains his innocence in the arson entering a plea to the third degree charge admitted the state likely had enough evidence. >> we have always believed in his innocence. we know our son we know that evidence against him was horrible. >> prosecutor say they are pleased with the deal but morgan's family feels like they are losing another son. >> i wish i could have gotten to him in time. >> morgan was indicted on murder homicide by child abuse and charged with first degree arson he will go to jail for 15 years and will have five years of probation and could go back for 15 years if he violates the terms. michael clark wbtv on your side. >> cam newton airing out his thoughts on all the controversy that has come his way. earlier on wbtv we heard him talk about leaving that postgame news could be fence and now we
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he drew a lot of criticism for not diving on the loose ball. somebody recover it. the broncos would score. and that sealed the deal in super bowl 50. wbtv's ashley stroehlein is in studio now. what did he have to say about it? >> cam was open today and that fumble was one of the first questions asked. all year long we have seen a super effort from cam jumping over the line to get the touchdown, reaching for the extra yard and fighting through defenses and staying in bounds to grind out extra yards. that is why that fumble was puzzling. cam said that nobody should question his effort and said an injury risk played into the decision. >> i do not dive on one fumble because the way my leg was, it could have been torqued. and my effort? i did not dive down.
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game wasn't built off of we didn't lose that game because of that fumble i can tell you that. >> delano little will have more at 6:00. back to you. >> all right thank you. right now let's get an update on the commute. tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. a check on gaston county the roads i-85 southbound cramerton, lowell an accident exit 22. wilkinson boulevard is a great alternate route. a lot of congestion on hive southbound at the time. typically we have it at the mecklenberg county-gaston county state line but we are looking at at least four miles of area. check on the mapping system for the most part things are not bad with the exception of 85 south and 77 southbound. back to you. >> all right thank you. right now, tell you about this. this is a key piece of evidence that you see. 77. the person who committed the accident drove away. the purple pieces of a vehicle were left behind and while authorities try to piece
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is wondering who killed their loved one. david whisenant has the latest on where the investigation stands right now. >> troopers with the highway patrol hope these broken bumper pieces will lead them to a hit-and-run driver. today i spoke with a veteran truck driver he has been on the road for 30 years and tells me that the truck involved should be easy t to find. >> i think so, because you can see it. you know, and parts fell off of it. >> the crash happened monday morning in chester county on northbound i-77. the truck now missing the pieces slammed into the rear of a ford explorer causing it to overturn. a woman died. the explorer's driver was taken to the hospital and two puppies were rescued. those who responded to help say it was a sad scene. >> it's always hard to drive up
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their loved ones that there is not much that you can do to help them. >> ray says one of the things that could pose for problem for investigators is that color. since it is an unusual color it may be owned by a private operator who could take that truck off the road. >> you know, with a broken truck. probably be like an owner operator. >> we spoke to members of the family today in salisbury but they did not want to discuss this accident. aways weiss wbtv on your side. >> such a sad story. anyone with information about the collision or the vehicle involved is asked to contact highway patrol. >> next, the owners of an animal hospital in north carolina are facing drug trafficking charges. >> and a man went 30 years without knowing he had a daughter.
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it's comin the owners of ab animal hospital charged with drug trafficking. police say barrett and patrice welch turned them in. the couple trafficking heroin or opium. they served a search warrant did not say if they found anything. >> over to alex giles live in the alert center. cent gas. where is that? >> at the north carolina-south and here it is. this is the mike's food store in blacksburg, south carolina on east cherokee street off i-85 at exit 106.
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cheap at 2:00 p.m. and plan on selling it that cheap until at least 7:00 p.m. you have time to get out there and that is the place you are looking for. mike's food store at the south carolina-north carolina line and they have a line of cars backed up. the employee says she would not be surprised if there were 50 people out there. >> i believe it. and a shout-out to jason the viewer that sent that through facebook to us. >> i filled up at $1.77 i thought it was a heck of a deal. >> it is good. i bet there are 50 cars in line. >> imagine going your life without knowing your real father and getting to meet him? >> that is what happened to his woman and one decision changed her life forever. the great story is coming up. >> and chilly temperatures and they are going to get colder.
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back in 2012 we showed you this robbery in salisbury. the opener was killed that night the owner was killed. two men have already admitted guilt in this case. but the last man maurice wanted to go to trial. prosecutors did not say how long the case would last. >> you probably connect strongly with your ancestry your race, ethnicity those things make us who we are. imagine not knowing your background no matter how hard
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wbtv anchor kristen miranda met a woman who spent years trying to solve her mystery. watch the needle in the hay stack way she found her dad. [ ] >> growing up was not easy for winter olympic games jamie. >> i had my first solo when i was eight. >> like her talent for music there were other things she could not explain. i am a mixed kid go growing up in a white family no nobody knows who my father is. and it was hard not knowing. i always wanted to feel like i belonged somewhere. >> but technology stepped in to help her search. she took an ancestry dna test. >> i felt like i was going to get one step closer to the answer but i did not feel like i was going to get the answer. >> the test showed she is of african decent but here is the cool part. it also matches you with other people who have taken it to see
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with your similar genetic makeup. she did. and reached out three times to a woman who she thought could be the right age to be her aunt and she heard back. >> she did not know what to think. >> first they messaged and then a phone call. >> we stayed up for hours but she was not convinced that i was her niece. she felt like we could have been sisters, we might have been cousins. >> long story short this woman called her brother. >> the first thing he said was that he was in the same city at the same time as my mom. >> he did not know about jamie or her mother had been pregnant. >> it shows the power in which dna testing can do for the individual. and really can unlock the story that we want to find out for ourselves. it's so priceless in the sense that you don't know what you can find out until you take the test and start on the path. >> a nearly 30-year mystery
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think about that time line. in september jamie took the test. in november she tracked down the man she now says she knows is her dad and in december, they met. this is that moment. >> first thing he said was i'm trying not to knock overall these people because he wanted to leap across and give me a hug. and then the next thing he said look at you. and i said look at you. >> they only spent a short time together less than a day. her mom helped to fly him to texas from washington state while jamie was visiting. >> we have talked everyday. >> this might be the only picture she will ever have with her parents. >> i see i am a combination of the two. >> a feeling she worried she would never have. >> i did not feel like my story was done. i had strong instincts there was something more to the story and there was. so i'm glad i did not give up. >> she did not want a life feeling unwanted, rejected, unloved.
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what a coincidence. >> yeah. no it's not. there's no denying that god was in this. the timing of it, the instincts that i had like i'm completely convinced that was god whispering to me. >> there was a family mom and dad for her. kristen miranda wbtv on your side. >> quite a story. jamie got two brothers and a large extended family out of the deal and her dad got four new granddaughters. her dad has not taken an official paternity test yet and he will but she has no doubts. for more on the dna test and see what happened when our education reporter dedrick russell took one go right now to >> that was touching. can you imagine never knowing where you come from and who your father is? and then suddenly three months
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>> the puzzle fits. >> beautiful. >> weather live picture here. a little bit of sun peeking through at times but it's not warm. >> no, it's cold and leigh brock is live in the first alert weather center. >> we have seen the sun today it has done nothing to warm us up. a little shakey because we have the breeze blowing and the temperatures are falling. your sunset now is 5:59 and the temperatures are falling mid-to upper 30s. one, 40 in wadesboro and 18 in boone. wind-chills we have a breeze blowing from 5-15-miles-per-hour feels like 30 in charlotte. 21 in statesville. 21 in morganton and 4 in boone for now. we have snow showers showing up advisory. that is in avery county from
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hours tomorrow as cold as -10 to -15 for you when you factor in the temperature and also the wind. are. we have had those waves of shower activity moving through. the heavy snow we have is in south carolina. typically where we see it. this is chester county and all the snow shower activity on 321. and over to sandy river, richburg, 77 as well you will two. and farther to the north in south carolina this is rock hill, york county, again right along 77. and pushing over to union county in north carolina. right along the border there, there is a batch of snow. and pull up into the mountains and you have snow shower activity in avery county. the same place that we have that wind-chill advisory. newland, pineola you have see the snow showers for a couple of hours. avery, ash, watauga you have a winter weather advisory from now
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because of this low pressure system way up to the north of us. but it continues to wrap around and pull in cool temperatures and also the snow showers you will be seeing in our higher elevations. this is not going to happen at once this is over several days through thursday but you have the possibility of 2-4 inches of snow. and let's look at it. this is off and on snow showers into the night and through tomorrow we have more possible snow showers. mainly for the mountains and the rest of us cold, cold temperatures. 38 your high temperature on wednesday. 39 on thursday. and not exactly warm on friday and saturday but we make it back to the low 40s. 18 on thursday morning. and then heading into next week on monday we have a possibility of a winter mix. maybe the rest of us could see snow. a winter mix and we will talk about that as we get closer. it's cold what you need to know. back to you. >> and your first alert traffic
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as we check on i-77 really slow-moving traffic in pockets in the area as we check in here at woodlawn and tyvola. there is an accident 77 northbound on tyvola road. i was unable to find it on the d.o.t. camera. south boulevard is a great alternate route but red on south boulevard and i-77 north and southbound slow-moving traffic traffic on tyvola from exit 5 back to arrowood which is exit 2 and 3. about three miles of stop-and-go traffic. and southbound once we get around 485 and westinghouse boulevard more slow-moving traffic on behind southbound. back to you. >> thank you. we are on your side helping with you financial questions. tomorrow we are holding a phone bank if you have credit questions. representatives from clear point credit counseling solutions will be here at wbtv to take questions between 5:00 a.m.-9:00
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the number is on the screen... call us it's free and he we want to hear froro you. >> coming up new at 6:00... >> it's gone from concept to construction and now the widening project along 74 is solved and in a state of default.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... >> the city of deposit verb is celebrating the win at the super bowl 50. thousands of people lined up today to show their team pride. they are having fun. the short parade went through the city leading to a massive rally in the downtown on the steps of the capitol. not what you want to see in charlotte but you know what? congratulations to denver and their fans and hopefully we'll see it again next year. >> i liked that. >> the city of denver, whatever. >> blah, blah, blah. >> carolina panthers are looking ahead to next season. >> hear what players and coach ron rivera have to say about this year's super bowl team and their hopes for next year. wbtv news (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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taxpayer a crucial decision for charlotte-mecklenburg schools. we are there as leaders discuss if they will keep ann clark as superintendent. >> temperatures are about to tumble. >> and a defiant cam newton. >> you show me a good loser i will show you a loserment. >> the panthers talk about moving forward from their super bowl 50 defeat. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> we are in the middle of a cold streak. look at these temperatures they are below average and these could last a while. nice to have you with us i'm maureen o'boyle i'm paul cameron in the first alert weather center with eric thomas and we see the 30s did we get out of the 30s?
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but we spent most of the day in the 30s. and get used to it. there is more of this to come. >> it's chilly. >> a lot of times we tell you there's changes in the forecast. and this time we will tell you there are not any changes in the forecast and that is not good news because it's all about cold and snow and this is going to be repeated. here it is that large system you saw all the snowplowing,across the ohio valley. now that is going to start working back into the north carolina mountains again. we have had one to three inches reported there and another one to three is a good bet through the overnight hours. the map is quiet across most of the viewing area into the overnight hours but that snow still in and out of the high country. you will see especially around the peeks look for 2-4 inches that way. 1-3 on average in the blue ridge up through avery, watauga and ashe county. closer to charlotte it's about the cold air. 33 at 9:00 p.m. and below
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it gets colder more snow in the
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