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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that is giving us king street in boone. the streets were not treated they are so cold, nothing will melt in the mountains today. it will be plowed or blown away but not melted. 23 in charlotte, 21 belmont, 21 arboretum, 20 weddington, 13 in boone, 24 morganton, 21 monroe and 19 in rock hill. today in charlotte, lots of sunshine, windy and cold, high temperature, only gets back to about 40. that's it. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. still showing a malfunctioning traffic signal wt harris boulevard at robinson church road. may find delays if wt harris is part of the morning commute. inbound independence picking up running along smoothly, most of the major highways are accident free, as we swing in center city, the john belk, the
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good coming off independence on 277. matthews inbound, 13 minutes, 49 miles an hour. providence road from the arboretum area, 17 minute commute. concord to center city, 20 minutes at 68-miles-per-hour. that is a check of the morning traffic, christine, over to you. >> christine: this morning, we know charlotte-mecklenburg school superintendent ann clark will remain in that position through june of next year. amid a heated debate the school board voted to extend her contract and begin a search for the next superintendent immediately. wbtv's ashton pellom is live in charlotte with more on what was a divisive vote, ashton, explain explain. >> reporter: good morning, christine. the debate turned heated and personal but the school board voted 6-3 to keep ann clark in her current position through june of 2017. before the vote, principals in cms wore red in solidarity, each stood up and called ann clark their hero and praised her for
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school district. that in hopes to keep clark on the job longer and apparently it worked. there was an initial motion to extend clark's contract for three months but five board members wanted to extend the contract for a year. board members were divided on the issue and one by one, each expressed their concerns over the vote. >> it is time to turn the page and boldly step in the future with new leadership. that new leadership needs to be ready to embark on this trip with us leading the way. >> i almost feel guilty asking ann clark to stay another year with us because she has put her personal career on hold and made sacrifices for the sake of cms. >> reporter: now, the board agreed to start the search for a new superintendent soon and a specific time line will be approved in two weeks at the next board meeting. reporting live in uptown charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side.
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being a close one, 6-3 in favor of the extension we wanted to look at the break down. who voted yay or nay. eric day davis and dashew voted for it. >> john: a myers park high school student will appear in court. investigators charged montez smallwood with having a handgun at the school. an alert was sent out to parents letting know the student was disciplined. they have not said why he had a gun at the school. >> christine: a rock hill teen breaks down in court after entering a plea in the death of his baby brother. >> he was my best f fend, to kill him would be killing a piece of myself. >> investigators say joy cab morgan admitted to lighting tea
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trailer home went up in flames which killed his brother. a judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison. >> john: a road construction project is on hold, the contractor responsible for widening independence boulevard in east charlotte is off the job due to a contract disput with the state. mark davenport joins us live in charlotte this morning with much more on this story and mark, this project was supposed to be done in the fall so, what is the state now saying? >> reporter: john, no time line on when the project is going to be done but we heard from nc-dot overnight in an email, they tell us they are trying to get workers back on the project by friday by the end of the week. trying to get the project back mid-march. that is the goal. right now workers aren't on this project, they haven't been out here for the past week, walked off the project last week at some point, have not returned. we have some video showing you up and down independence boulevard, no workers in sight
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orange cones they have been out here the last few years they have been widening the road, been a project, progress, too, they have made some and a lot of people worked on the sides of independence boulevard have said they have seen progress being made, this is getting to a point they believe it is almost done now the workers aren't out here and a disagreement made them walk off last week. nc-dot trying to get the workers back out here, but in the meantime the people on the side of independence boulevard they are struggling, the business owners. here what is they told us yesterday. >> we're just making it by the skin of our teeth. >> i think the way it is now that some people even being leery about coming in, might not even want to be on the road until it is completely done. >> reporter: it has been a struggle for them and once we get word when the workers will be back out we'll let you know first on wbtv. reporting off independence boulevard, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: the carolina panthers have officially entered the off season.
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america stadium to clean out lockers yesterday. after losing to the broncos in super bowl 50 they talked to the media one final time. cam newton took the chance to clear the air about his post-game news conference. >> i've seen so much blown out of proportion. but at the end of the day, when you invest so much time and sacrifice so much and things don't go as planned, i think emotions take over. >> newton gave the seasoned super bowl his all. the team will report back in the spring. >> christine: greg olsen no longer has his beard. still plenty ahead. >> john: kristen miranda live in the alert center. >> kristen: i was watching live pictures out of taiwan. we turned around video, they are still trying to rescue people from the rubble of that earthquake, i'll show you some
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rescue coming up from the alert center. >> john: live in the patterson studio credit counseling experts standing by to take calls free all morning long, 866-625-0143. now a quick check of the first alert weather, it is cold out there, bitter cold in some areas. just to let you know below 32 degrees in charlotte by a long shot, 23 up in the mountain, colder. here is a live look at i-77 at clanton, things are moving very smoothly. remember, you're never more than
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and tr on your side right now, you're watching wbtv news this morning. >> john: we have several all-new stories to bring you in the 6:30 half hour. at 6:32 as the presidential
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to south carolina, one candidate will do soul-searching. the zika virus getting closer to home at 6:42, where health officials say they found a confirmed case. right now, get over to kristen miranda. >> christine: live in the alert center watching live images out of taiwan, you have been able to turn around more video of what is going on there. >> kristen: i want to get to thei want to get to the video, following that earthquake that struck but i want to you look here and see what these rescuers are pulling out from the rubble, a dog was rescued from the rubble in taiwan today, that rescue four days after the quake hit the city, killing 44 people. you see the rescuer holding the white dolling. imagine the people that are going to get that dog back. they have no idea four days later they would find their dog. 100 people are still believed to
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and this morning, three taiwanese construction company executives have been detained on professional negligence resulting in death following the collapse of the apartment building you're seeing here. dozens of people killed in that apartment building. most of the 320 people rescued were saved in the hours immediately after the quake. they did find some folks a few folks in the days that followed but for the most part, most of the survivors were found right away. amazing to see the dog pulled from the rubble this morning. >> christine: thank you, kristen. state lawmakers are appealing to the u.s. supreme court for a stay on a ruling requiring them to redraw congressional districts. friday, the u.s. circuit court struck down the maps of two congressional districts here in north carolina including one that covers parts of charlotte. lawmakers requested a stay on the ruling but that was denied. a panel of judges says the current lines relied heavily on race. the immediate concern is thousand could affect the
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month away. >> john: the supreme court delivers a set back to the president's efforts to stop climate change. temporarily blocked the plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. states would be required to meet specific carbon emission reduction standards. it has been criticized by republicans. two dozen states have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the plan. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. , here is meteorologist al conklin helping you get out the or. >> al: ing a very slow go up in the mountains this morning. this is king street in boone. we can see cars and trucks traveling here, snow continues to fall, good three to five inches of snow that fell overnight around boone area. you can see it is coming down. the roads have been plowed but not treated, temperatures are so cold at certain points you don't do anything with the ice here, it doesn't work when you put the salt down, they are trying to plow them and stay ahead of it.
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continues until 7:00 tomorrow morning. windchill advisory for the same counties until noon. then it kicks back in at 7:00 tonight as the winds continue to howl up there. for today, basically go nowhere. 13 in boone, may be off a degree or so. windy cold, snow showers continue, west to northwest breezes at 20-miles-per-hour, 13 in boone, 24 morganton, 21 hickory, gastonia, 19 rock hill, 21 in monroe and 23 in charlotte. windchill factors are lower. windchill is 17 in charlotte right now. we start at 25, we don't get above freezing until about mid-day and late this afternoon, we'll be fortunate to get back to 40 degrees but the wind will be blowing stiffly all day. mountain snow showers, cold air will stick around through the weekend and we are concerned about a presidents day storm around here, our seven day forecast looks beyond the upcoming weekend and talk about that in detail, 6:15, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by
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we'll take you down to carowinds boulevard and highway 21 where a disabled vehicle is causing delays there. the ramp from intersection of 21 and carowinds boulevard coming off i-77. looking at 77 from clanton road, volume of traffic there picking up running along smoothly, you can see a majority of our highways are running in the green this morning. maybe seeing a few slow downs there on highway 51 in and around the arboretum area. as we come in center city, looks good on the john belk and brookshire. that is a check of traffic, christine. >> christine: eat right and sleep tight. >> john: before you turn in later tonight hear from a sleep pet on how different foods can impact your level of sleep, that is later on "cbs this morning" at 7:00. i spoke an interesting story. next at 6:00, show you a live look in our patterson studio, this is happening right now, where we're on your side getting you financial advice, credit counseling experts are standing by taking your calls now.
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of the screen, after the break
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>> john: 20 minutes after 6:00, remind you about several closures this morning. alleghany, ashe, avery, mitchell, watauga and yancey county schools are all closed. we're on your side with credit counselors to answer your questionses on variety of financial topics. >> christine: kristen miranda is in the patterson studio where the phone bank is happening live, kristen, tell us more about this. >> kristen: i have been listening in, the folks are already very very busy answering people's phone calls, 866-625-0143. take a look at our phone bank here.
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credit counseling solutions were here last year, got so many calls from people, record number of calls from people who just had financial questions about just about anything. you can call and ask about what to do with your tax refunds or what you should do about paying for college or what to do about medical debt, that is a huge thing. they have advice for you if they can't answer your question right away, they will find a way to get that question answered for you. so they will be here until 9:00 this morning. we'll keep checking in with them and we want to you take advantage of that opportunity again, 866-625-0143. back to you. >> john: big news out of nascar, official have announced dramatic overhaul to the business model. the spored will make 36 charters available to organizations that field sprint cup car in every race since 2013. a charter guarantees revenue and position in what will be a 40 car sprint cup field, down from
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every organization will be allowed up to four charters. the new charter ownership system is intend to provide value and financial stability to teams and employees. >> christine: scary moments on the hardwood for unc head coach roy williams. during the game at boston college last night, he collapsed during the timeout. you see it there. a spokesman for the team said he was taken to the locker room and is doing okay. he had dizziness. the tarheels won the game 68-65. the tarheels did pull it out. >> john: they said he was feeling better. it is mighty cold. >> al: will stay that way, we may throw a wrinkle in the pattern toward the upcoming weekend. get you out there right now, first off look at the temperatures, started off in the 60s last week, then over the weekend we fell down in the 40s, 50, that was a little bit of a shock. yesterday, 42 degrees, and we
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area, even outside the mountains, snow will continue in the mountains, a big plunge of cold air in no hurry to be leaving our area. let's tack take a look at it stags, dry conditions, outside of the mountains, we'll have a lot of sunshine, sun will be up in an hour or so, clear right now and 23, a bit of a breeze, windchill factor in charlotte is 17 degrees. other number, minus 3 is the windchill in boone. 21 gastonia, 17 salisbury, statesville, 13 in monroe, 12 in rock hill, bundle up, the straight temperatures for you, 21 hickory, 19 right now in lincolnton, 25 in concord, and 19 degrees down around rock hill, south carolina. snow showers in the mountains, your temperatures will be in the teens today, not much of a warm-up at all. at least you should get in the 30s across the foothills today with mostly sunny skies, lenoir, 35, taylorsville, 34. no chance for anything more than maybe a stray flurry.
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35 hickory, 40 shelby, monroe, 42 wadesboro. plenty of sunshine, lots of sunshine across south carolina. 40 in lancaster and rock hill, 41 in chester. now this is looking ahead to monday. monday morning we have a huge area of high pressure dominating across the north, low pressure out of texas across the deep south, right now the set-up we could start with snow all across the viewing area late sunday night, transitioning to perhaps a prolonged period of ice here during the day monday, before it tapers down on tuesday. again, outside of the mountains, we will be dry all through sunday, but sunday night into monday i'm very concerned about, we will keep you posted. there is variations in the models but sort of settling in on the storm system. 40 today, sunshine, 18 for tonight, 42 tomorrow, 41 friday, another front comes in friday, and that will bring us colder weather going in saturday and sunday, but dry here for
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monday, different story, 35 degrees, potential for major storm around here. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. chris: al, thank you, traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start here with a live look at i-77, this is inbound at the rest area, volume of traffic picking up here and there you go, that is actually a northbound and southbound lanes there, here at 6:25, if you're coming in from lake norman, 16 minutes, 61 miles an hour, that is the current drive time, you generally have a green light, a few slow downs up toward sam furr, highway 73 as you come inbound on 77. looking at the overall charlotte area, still primarily in the green here, down to the south, leaving rock hill, this is your rock hill drive time, rock hill to fort mill, in to center city, 20 minutes, average speed of 68-miles-per-hour. and we are seeing heavy arboretum traffic, especially along highway 51, as you make
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that is traffic, christine. >> christine: the court martial of bowe bergdahl is on hold. >> john: after the break, what a judge is waiting on before moving forward with the case. you're watching wbtv news this
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we'll be right back. >> christine: votes have been counted, one presidential candidate is questioning the future of his campaign. we have the results of the new hampshire primary. >> john: a frigid, cold morning across the charlotte viewing area, a live look at current temperatures and they are well below freezing. those cold temperatures and light snow in the mountains forced several school districts to close. alleghany, ashe, avery,
6:24 am
county schools are all closed. good morning, thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning, now 6:30, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow get you caught up on the forecast, get updates throughout the morning for you. meteorologist al conklin has the latest details you should know. >> al: snow showers confined in the mountains. a lot of sunshine today, this is our camera in belmont, main street right now, it is dry, not too much traffic there just yet. 23 degrees here in charlotte, windchill factor is 17. 18 in belmont, 17 tega cay, 19 in weddington, 21 around oakdale and coulwood. 23 morganton, 21 in monroe and 19 as we speak in rock hill. at the bus stop, bundle up, 25, westerly breeze and this afternoon the breeze will be howling, so while it will feel colder than the actual temperature, we should get back to about 40 degrees chris, but that is not saying much considering the average high is close to 55 now.
6:25 am
13 in boone. cold this morning. starting to see a few problems for your wednesday morning commute. first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. here is a live look at i-85, this is i-85 at bruton smith, there is the inbound traffic coming toward charlotte this morning. beginning to pick up but we're still in the green, concord, kannapolis, 485, coming inbound, again, a few delays as you work your way up toward sam furr road. overall charlotte commute looking good, we have seen slow downs around the arboretum area and we do have a new accident being shown on central avenue at rosehaven drive, before you make your way up toward north sharon amity. that is a check of the morning travels, guys, back to you. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. we have breaking news that is just in to our newsroom, want to are with you now, troopers in south carolina are invesesgating a deadly crash, happened on sutton springs road in york county last night.
6:26 am
back of another car and ran off the road in a tree. that driver died at the scene, no one else was hurt we're working to learn the identity of the victim. >> john: campaign 2016 now shifts focus to south carolina this morning. voters in new hampshire made choices in the primary elections handing the republican victory to donald trump with ohio governor john kasich finishing in second place. on the democratic side, bernie sanders defeating hillary clinton becoming the first jewish candidate to ever win a presidential primary. with new hamp hire in the books, most candidates are on their way to south carolina except for chris christie. after a sixth place finish in the granite state, he announced he has soul-ser doing this do. will whitson has more all new in this half hour. >> a rough night for chris christie whose changed
6:27 am
jersey today in order to get an idea of what is going to happen next in his campaign. he addressed his followers here in nashua, very e emotional and deflated, his message reached people but not enough. he said it wouldn't be enough to go to south carolina but he needed to reevaluate his campaign. >> we'll move down the food from here based upon the results tonight in what is best in this order, for my family, for my state, and for my country. and i thank you all very much. >> reporter: the big winners were bernie sanders and donald trump, each taking the top prize in the race. you also had a strong showing by john kasich, who took second place and jeb bush, who came in to secure fourth place. having a fairly good night. marco rubio came in fifth, which
6:28 am
the republican debate a few nights ago. of course all of the candidates that are coming to south carolina to campaign for the first primary because the delegate counts are so low that is very relevant. >> john: top remaining republican candidates will have a town hall tomorrow at winthrop university tomorrow. free and open to the public. you can register and get tickets online. we posted a link at under web extras. vice president joe biden will visit duke university in durham to talk about the work week done to eliminate cancer. the president called the effort a new national moonshot. it was a highlight of the state of the union address. he announced biden will lead the effort, a cause that is personal to biden, his son, beau, lost his battle with brain cancer in may.
6:29 am
charlotte-mecklenburg school superintendent ann clark, the school board can now move forward with the discussion about student assignment. >> john: parents got a chance to voice opinions to the school board and a lot of division. wbtv's ashton pellom joins us now live in charlotte with more on what they had to say, good morning, ashton. >> reporter: things got heated, sometimes very passionate with parents saying they want the board to protect their neighborhood schools, others are saying they want change in diversity in their schools. take to you video the parents packed cms board meeting to assignment. 25 people spoke, some expressed concerns about cms busing students to schools to achieve diversity, but get this, busing is not something the board discussed. board members say there are other ways besides busing to create diversity in schools. we heard from parents on both sides of the issue, including one parent of a cms graduate who said reassignment shaped her
6:30 am
>> when she went to lenoir-rhyne, she suddenly realized she had been the white minority. she has since said it was her years at west charlotte that prepared her for the working world. >> dismantling successful schools within communities carefully chosen by parents will not fix the fundamental problems of failing schools. >> reporter: the board will vote on student assignment goals at the next board meeting and that plan could go in effect for the 2017-2018 school year. we'll keep you updated. reporting live in upopportunity uptown charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: get over to kristen miranda. >> christine: live in the alert center with much different picture in new orleans this morning from this time yesterday, at least. >> kristen: if you want to clear out the french quarter at the end of mardi gras, this is how you do it. pictures from overnight in new orleans as they were starting to
6:31 am
street cleaners as they are going through and trying to get everyone and everything out of the way. today is ash wednesday, the first day of the lenten season, this is a different picture, if you go to the french quarter to day, it will look like it never happened. crews started cleaning up all the trash and the city uses the amount of trash to estimate the size of the crowds. for mar >> christine: the court martial of bowe bergdahl is on hold. a judge issued a stay of proceedings in the case. the judge is waiting on an appeals court to make a decision whether classified evidence should be shared with bergdahl's defense team.
6:32 am
after his cap capture, was released in exchange for five taliban detainees. some of you are about to head out the door, a look at this stretch, volume has picked up, keep that in mind as you are commuting on the interstates or in the secondary roads. let's go to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: out there this morning, a lot of folks wondering we have the snow in the mountains what about the rest of us, you have the cold air in place, this is what you need, a big trough of low pressure and watch what happened you ask for, nothing big will happen the next couple days but down the road, that may be a different story, numale fishing forecast, 25 this morning, 36 lunch time, 40 this afternoon. look at the winds, will feel colder than that. don't plan on 40, plan like it feeling freezing. pam of mooresville sent in a picture of her son, rp on the right, his fishing buddy cole
6:33 am
students in the sixth grade in mooresville, they like to fish. they teamed up in the pond behind cole's home, they got a nice catfish. down the road, we're looking at potential for storm for presidents day. that could bring a real mess of weather here starting sunday night, we'll talk about that in the seven day forecast in a couple minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. morning. >> christine: a confirmed case of zika in the state of tennessee. what health officials are saying about how it was contracted. >> john: a live look from the patterson studio, call the number on the screen, we're getting you free financial advice from credit counseling experts, we'll get another live report from there after the break. but first, here's a look at what
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thank you for starting your day with wbtv news this morning. >> christine: a story pertaining to the zika virus, getting closer to home. the tennessee department of health says someone from the eastern part of the state tested positive for the virus. officials say the patient recently traveled to south america before returning to the area. due to privacy laws, they could not say where the person is from, the virus has been spreading through latin america, it causes a birth defect that causes abnormally small heads in babies. so far, no confirmed cases in north or south carolina be. there are 66 across the country. >> john: now on your side with consumer news.
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>> al: bring your amex. king street in boone, we have snow covered roads, the salt doesn't work when it gets down below 20 degrees, you're 13 right now in boone. snow covered roads and again most of the schools up there are closed. big area of high pressure, there is a trough in the upper layers that pushes in the episodes of cold air and snow showers and sometimes the radar doesn't do justice to the snow that is falling in the mountains, we know you had three to five inches of new snow around the boone area, snow continues to fall, winter weather advisory through tomorrow morning, periods where we have not much happening, other times where it will be snowing fairly heavily, another inch or two accumulation. wind chill advisory through noon, that also gets rehoisted tonight as the winds will howl. today, the winds in any mind never abate very much, 20 this afternoon, windy and cold, back to 16 degrees with additional snow showers. looking ahead to 8:00, 13 boone,
6:38 am
hickory and shelby, let's go to noon, above freezing in charlotte, 36, 35 in rock hill, 31 around morganton and hickory, going in the afternoon you barely get above freezing around the foothills, charlotte gets back to the upper 30s to 40 degrees today. it will stay cold here a while, the average high is 55 degrees, we don't get near that until perhaps the middle part of next week. set that in mind. cold air will be in place. bring potential storm system around sunday night into monday, while we're dry between now and then, oh, boy, 70% confident there will be a storm system and this is what it will look like. presidents day, a lot of fine tuning, this is a long way off, low pressure cutting across the south, high pressure to the north means we probably would start as snow late sunday night into monday morning, transition to ice, there could be quite a storm around here going in monday. let's back up a hair, valentine's day, no issues,
6:39 am
if you're heading out during the day and that evening unless things change, but beyond that, a different story. monday, all bets are off. 40 today, mostly sunny, 18 point, mostly sunny tomorrow, 42, partly sunny friday, reinforcing shot of cold air and then that sets the stage for something coming our way on presidents day. 35 might be generous, we'll watch that situation. 6:47, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. mullleity-vehicle accident involving possible injuries gilead road in front of novant health off i-77, huntersville fire department responding to the scene. saying they do have multiple crews responding there. looking live at i-77 at woodlawn, you see northbound traffic at woodlawn heading toward the city, southbound a little bit lighter there. overall commute has been running
6:40 am
problems over in east charlotte, let's go over to independence expressway, with an accident on the ramp from the expressway on to briar creek, that is creating a few back ups and delays. also an accident on central avenue at rosehaven drive, between north sharon amity there and norland road, that is traffic, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: now this morning we're on your side where w credit counselors on hand to answer questionses on topics. >> christine: kristen miranda has move over to the patterson studio. what are people asking, what is happening on the phone bank now? >> kristen: it is staffed by representatives from clearpoint credit counseling solutions, they have been very busy this morning, people calling in asking about credit cards, loans, take a look as they continue to do all their hard work.
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asking about medical billing and medical financial issues. clearpoint gave us numbers 1 in 3 households report difficult paying medical bills even if they have insurance, which is a trickietricky time of year. deductibles come out of pocket. you have to worry at the end of the year you didn't have to rory about. worry about. 866-625-0143, they are a non-profit, in this to help folks out. and that is what they are doing this morning. make sure you give them a call if you have any questions of your own, they will be here until 9:00 this morning. they will be back this afternoon as well.
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>> john: seven minutes before 7:00. charlotte-mecklenburg schools extended the contract of superintendent app clark through june of next year. >> christine: she will show her appreciation for school bus driver in this cold weather. mark davenport is live with more deis a on what is aboutdetails. >> reporter: they got out here early and got the buses warm. a cold one and the drivers make sure that your children are safe and warm this morning. it is school bus driver appreciation week, that is why superintendent ann clark will be out here today, i'm at shamrock gardens elementary school, she will be here in an hour's time, thanking the drivers that show up here this morning greeting all the children that get off school bus here, just thanking
6:44 am
done and continue to do for your children all year long during the school year, we'll be here showing you live pictures in less than an hour. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: the weather to blame for school closures, alleghany, ashe, avery, mitchell, watauga and yancey county schools are all closed this morning. >> john: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: it is not just the snow at has fallen or continues to ll in the mountains but also the windchill factor, which is below zero this morning as we have talked about. the last day or so it would be. this is king street in boone from, i've been watching the plows, they have done an excellent job on the primary roads. back streets are snow-covered. use caution if you will venture out. 12 degrees in boone, 21 hickory, shelby, gastonia, 22 charlotte and 19 right now in rock hill. lots of sunshine, may get back to 40 late this afternoon, but
6:45 am
again, mostly sunny skies but a lot of wind and cold weather, dry the next several days, very cold, but heading toward sunday night and monday, watching potential for big storm around here. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's start with an injury accident up on gilead road out to the west of i-77, this is right there in front of novant hospital, emergency crews responding to the scene there. overall charlotte commute beginning to see a few delays on i-77 northbound but over in east charlotte where we have a couple of accidents, one on the ramp to briar creek, the other one at eastway, that is creating inbound delays and then the other accident, central avenue at rosehaven before northham sharonnorth sharonamity. >> christine: kristen miranda has three big stories to watch. >> kristen: joe biden will be at
6:46 am
cancer, he is championing that cause. a vote discussed in the senate another attempt to punish north korea over nuclear weapons programs, japan announcing sanctions this morning. our call center open until 9:00 a.m. and again this afternoon from 4:00 until 6:30. a live look in our patterson studio, the folks from clearpoint credit counseling solutions are here, this is a non-profit, here to insurer answer your questions about student loans, credit card debt, tax refunds or payments that you might have to make. please, please, take advantage of this, 866-625-0143. here until 9:00 a.m. and back at 4:00. >> christine: join us on bounce tv we'll have more on the phone bank and you take that opportunity to get your questions answered.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump and bernie sanders slate landslide victories in new hampshire. hillary clinton loses among women. >> we will talk to john cagekasich and jeb bush and donald trump here in studio 57. >> is it proof that it even works? part two of a cbs news investigation. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. >> trump and sanders win big.
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