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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wbtv on your side, wbtv news starts now with breaking news. some families bracing for a cold night after crews cut a gas line. we have a update. good evening, good friday night i'm molly grantham. i'm paul cameron. let's go to eric thomas live in the first alert weather and it is cold. are you talking snow. >> and believe it or not. it will be cold and snow moving in. president's weekend underway and
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and for everyone it will be hazardous, moving back in. the advisories being reissued across at gainny and this for tonight and tomorrow. wind chills below zero. the wind chill is 7 degrees in boone. outside of the mountains, we're around 30. the temperatures overnight you will see the single digits up at the slopes you will see into the low 20s here in the piedmont. we'll add vance it one hour to 8:00. really cold. 23 degrees. that's the way it is now. and the big storm on monday. more on that in the first alert forecast. back to the breaking news. crews are trying to fix a gas line cut by fiber contractors in a neighborhood. that left families without heat.
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highland creek neighborhood. he has a update. >> reporter: paul, i'm told the crews will be here to get the heat back. the gas line should be repaired soon and reactivatingselves will not be a quick process. i'm told by a representative that the gas line was cut by subcontractors working for google fiber tonight. they have been here trying to fix the problem. and can you smell the gas in the area close to where it happened. and when the crews have to go to the home and make sure the gas service is shut off, i'm cold that will take time. and the people out here said they're in for a chilly night ahead of them. >> bundle up and hopefully whatever they're doing, it fixes it, i'm hopeful that the gas company will get the gas back on. my family and the neighbors will have heat. >> and it is cold.
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what very to get this done will be wrapped up in plankets tonight. piedmont natural gas said they are sending in crews from charlotte to help the homes experience possible. >> thank you. >> we have live pictures in boone a chilly evening into the single digits. this is a live wicket they will have a hard time warming up. a lot of people were up in the mountains getting in skiing t is great for the slopes despite being cold for everyone else. we found a few slick spots. tonight the dot crews are on stand by across the area ready to brine the streets at a moment's notice. charlotte had crews out yesterday taking care of privileges and overpasses. the nc dot alerted some of the independent contractors. >> we're in a critical situation
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how the storms will move in. >> the nc dot will see the situation before it sends out trucks. make sure you have down loaded the weather app. can you plan ahead of any winter weather. video of a brawl at basketball game. look at the people. and this is salisbury high. and it started as a fight between the players then fans got involved. the game had to be stopped and the teams were taken to the locker rooms. no one could leave until they were loaded on to the buses. officials are meeting to discuss what this could mean for the post season for both of the teams. all new at 11. a business owner caught several robbers on camera. he called us august calling cmpd. they smashed their way through
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they had already hit up other shops nearby. it was a minute before the alarm sounded. >> and the last chance was here. he went like this and he liened like he is looking. >> lets go. they went out. >> if you recognize the men and call crime stoppers. a man is arrested for robberies in our area. police gave us the photos of the robber this week from the first citizens brashch. they say -- branch. they say it is lewis fight. he robbed a bank about a month ago. he is in jail now on $80,000 bond. we're on your side investigating a proposal to expand the huntersville jurisdiction.
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that are policed by cmpd. coleen harry went to find out at 11. >> reporter: the huntersville police responds to calls in the area. and there is 20 square miles that's not in the limits t is the extra territorial jurisdiction. right now mecklenburg county pays charlotte police to handle the calls. and it was a small town. >> the town is growing, that's ad go thing. >> times are different and officials believe that the police response needs to be different also. >> just in the interest of serving residents the best the right time to start to movie in that correction direction, look at that map the areas outlined are town limits where the police are responsible for police calls. and charlotte mecklenburg police respond to the area. this intersection is in huntersville f there is an emergency it is the huntersville
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in this subdivision are in the extra territory. they would have wait for cmpd. >> our police drive by residents to get to our residents. >> and the town commissioner and other leaders want the huntersville police to respond to the other but only the county can make that change. >> you have a better response time from the town to the areas outside of the limits from downtown charlotte. >> mecklenburg commissioner believes that the police should be handling calls in the area. >> i think it will save millions. >> huntersville solve officials say it is not paid their officers are already responding to the extra territory. >> if there are calls. if they are close they will respond. we'll not leave people hanging and waiting. >> officials say the discussion
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officials have been notified. new at 11 the stage is set for the debate. and candidates are vying to steal the spotlight from donald trump. the billionaire businessman is threatening to sue one of his opponents. donald trump and the others kill debate in south carolina. he was throwing jabs tweeting if ted cruz does not stop doing negative ak he -- ad he will sue florida florida marlins for not being a natural ized citizen. hedonald trump is says he is not eligible for the presidency. >> reporter: he is angry about ads like this ahead of the primary. >> there is a little irony
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and on skinties that come out of his mouth. >> donald trump has a lead in the polls. his opponents tried to woe voters. hillary clinton continued the attack against bernie sanders during the debate. she said he made false claims about the president. >> he called the president weak a disappointment, he called the comment as low below. she finished second in the new hampshire primary. she and sanders face off in two weeks in the polls in south carolina. the first in the south republican primary is a week away from tomorrow on february 20th. the democratic primary will be the 23rd. we're on your side with coverage. join us on new at 11 a football superstar makes a surprise appears in charlotte bringing joy to some special kids. take a look. tim tebow showed up at elevation
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night to shine prom an event that helps kids with special needs, lots of joy from them. there were several of the events across the area tonight. and david wisnet walked the red carpet. they got their shoes shined -- shined and enjoyed a part in the gym that was transformed into a dance hall. >> we have 165 participates. each has a buddy for the evening. they are volunteers from the church. >> the event had, look that the a suite for care givers. those who take care of them. massages, snacks and they had a lot of fun a very special evening for everyone. and david said i he have never seen such joy, salisbury firefighters walking the kids, i didn't know that, that's special. well.
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tomorrow night you need more than a heavy coat. and eric thomas is live in the first alert weather center tracking it all. the low 20s. mild to what you deal with on valentine's morning and the president's day mess. part of the forecast. next at 11. kids develop rashes after using the restroom at a school. >> she was in pain. , we're asking school leaders what happened and make sure more kids are not injured. cam newton post as photo of
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back to breaking news where google finer -- google fiber contractors cut a line. and hundreds of families are left without heat. this is in the highland creek neighborhood. the line has been fixed but these are live pictures that are you seeing. crews have to go house to house to reset everyone's lines and that, as can you imagine, wild take time. we'll update you when things are back to normal. >> we want to show you video of the deep freeze hitting the northeast. this is scranton, pennsylvania. it shot water 20 feet in the air. the freezing temperatures and water you know what happened. >> and huge ice cycles hanging from lines and homes. they could be it that way for a while. temperatures will not get above freezing until tuesday. >> and a local school is explaining what happened after dozens of kids went home with rashes after using the restroom. 32 children at harrisburg
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burping. many went to the nurses on thursday. parents said they got a personal phone call from the principal; >> it is concerning but i think the school handled it well. you know they made notifications and gave us the information on the chemical. >> they the contractors cleaned with the wrong chemical on the toils -- toilets and did not dilute it. they are working with the crew to make sure it does not happen again. >> affidavit officer involved shoot something called tragic. they responded to a man barry barricaded in a bathroom on old park road. and officers say that he had a knife and covered in blood. jackson slashed the officers and they shot and killed him. friends say they tried to get help for jackson. they said that jackson had mental mental health issues.
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police officer. and it was at 2:00 this afternoon. the deputy shot a man in the hand after he pointed a shotgun at the deputy. he was serving a warned and not hit. he is okay. and now in custody. >> a major step in removing toxic coal ash stored near charlotte. the state has issued a permit to train a pond. it apply as a steam station in hunt holly of. efforts started there in the bring. and the removal of coal ash will be a model for removing it at 13 other sites in north carolina. efforts tonight to reopen commercial air travel to cuba for the first time in 50 years. the mayor and now the transportation secretary anthony fox heading to cuba to reopen the airwaves. once it is signed it could lead
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cam newton has a message for fans. he posted this picture this morning. he is posing in front of a picture of ali and shirt says i win my way. in the message he wrote he thinks all the fans for an incredible journey. he said he is not perfect and make mistakes but work on improving each day, and we are seeing the pictures of his son. chosen. the knit newton is between his mvp and defensive player of the year trophies. he said i'm missing the one i wanted most referring to the super bowl mvp but get the middle will do for now. >> do you remember this. that's what charlotte looked like two years ago today. people took a chance coming into work. it saw 8 niches of snow. we saw flurries some flakes hell
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here is one of the producers shooting a steady stream of flakes not enough to pile up. as the weather moves in. share your photos with us. snow wbtv, we expect that on monday. >> and what we can see. he is live in the first alert weather center. >> and taking and into the high country. coming along very, very cold air again you see the blue colors leading into purple. and below freezing, teens we head down to zero or flew. this is what it looks like and
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set the stage for the storm that's coming in. 23 and 31 at noon. and only 35, that's all we can manage by later tomorrow afternoon. all right. and if you think those are cold. this is not a wind chill. 6 degrees. and only an occasional snow shower and are you lower on the blue ridge. and into the piedmont we go on the northern end and late afternoon otherwise and north carolina and south carolina and upper 30s. >> and wouldn't you know at this time. here it is the system across the
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shing up by late sunday night. let's take knew monday morning. there it is. look at the air drilling down into the carolinas. and you see the blue areas. this is subfreezing air. we could start the day off with snow. you will see this area of subfreezing temperatures contract and that's going to bring the rain in during the afternoon hours. turn it and it hangs on. this looks like it will unfold throughout the afternoon hours. here is why again. it is freezing. surface 2500 feet 56,789,000 you have the snow. then the warm nose of air comes in and wouldn't you know it.
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as it expands it cannot refreeze. and that's what we call freezing rain. that the warm air expands all the way to the surface. we have plain rain. the mountains you will get the most. and could get snow here in the early hours. 1 to 3 north of charlotte and less than an inch south. the probabilities even. do we get an inch. less to an inch we don't think we'll see more than two inches. the forecast, boy. cold on saturday. look at the low. 35 is the high . pgh there is the monday storm. the high of 38. all of a sudden after the rain gets through we clear out. and it is delightful. we'll be digging out. back to the studio.
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morning for an up to the minute weekend. i want to go back to the breaking news in charlotte where google fiber contractors cuts heat. if you heard that's a problem tonight. brook drive. the line has been fixed but piedmont natural gas is bringing in crews to go house to house to reset everyone's lines. that's going to take a long timing. a very cold night but house to house close to midnight here to make sure the lines are reset. they will be up waiting.
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sports next. the nfl has fined the defensive back for grabbing and pulling the face mask of philly brown and taunting the panthers in the summer bowl. this is the play he grabbed the face mask and pulled to keep him from scoring.
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should have been ejected in the post game interviews he admitted to pulling it. the league ruled he will not be suspended. nix year the weekend here for the annual event. toronto is in the spotlight of what can you expect. and the oncourt activities team u.s. and team canada tonight. that's the former hornet's player. he has it. looking good. >> and that game was followed by the rising stars challenge. this cept rising star game. and u.s.a. won pitting the best rookie and sophomore against the world's best. there are no hornets players. they play tomorrow night the skills challenge with the nba legends and current nba players. no players taking part this year
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and sunday the all-star game. no hornet players in that event coming up sunday. maybe when the action is here in the queen city. can you watch the third and final round play of the pebble pro am. there is a popular name headed to the weekend. a phil mickleson sighting. one of the best of the say. 6 under 65 to move into the hunt for the title this weekend the four-time champion is tied for third. and one shot behind the coleaders. you know where to go. the wbtv harley davidson sports app. it has the informations from course, hardwood and the track at daytona with the sprint unlimited on tap. and we'll have the all of the
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at here we go. cold over the weekend. look at that low. 15 on sunday morning. you have been hearing about the storm coming in. it is more rain for the charlotte area. more ice perhaps around the valley. and then of course look out snow in the mountains, 3 to 6 there. the rain is continuing tuesday for a while. look what happens next week. you rail like this one the temperature, this is the nice line graph, rook how we are jumping up there. it shoulden great. and delano little saw something before sports.
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